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Talk about any and all Atlus games. I just finished pic related as my first SMT game, and loved it. Got a few questions to kick the thread off.

Go nuts

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you should probably play purseowner


Just stopping by to remind everyone that Persona is pure cancer

So, how about the first games? I read that Persona 2: Innocent Sin was good (though censored in the psp version) in one of the previous threads.

Seconding Persona 3/4/5 if this is how you really feel. Most people take around 70-80 hours for their first run of those games and I'd say at least 1/3 of that time is typically spent on fusions and doing sidequests to unlock more fusions. The Persona 2 duology is also regularly praised for its writing and not much else, I'd say it's worth at least one run for the story alone assuming you've never had it spoiled for you hanging around here.

Persona 1 is the best, persona 2 has good writing, but the combat is boring as fuck, persona 3 and 4, make of them what you will.


Persona 2: Innocent Sin has great character designs, music, an interesting story and just good writing overall, but the actual gameplay is abysmal. I don't regret playing through it at all, myself, but you need a lot of patience because the gameplay makes it a slog.

If you're going to play it, play the PSP version on the PPSSPP emulator. Enable the "skip battle animations" option in the menu and use PPSSPP's turbo mode to make battles go quicker and therefore less tedious.



Well the first two Persona games aren't cancer and they still retain that "SMT feel", but they're mediocre for sure.
Persona 3/4 are the games I was referring to.

I should clarify I didn't not like the dungeon crawling. I had a shit tonne of fun in most of the levels (especially Bootes, Eridanus and the second half of Horologium), just liked the side quests like the fairy village, Thoth riddles, Yggdrasil, Anthony quests etc better. Though honestly, I fucking hated Grus, was just recoloured arenas and rehashed music. I should also clarify I intend to play most of the SMT/Persona games, was just wondering if there was a specific recommendation for the next one.

2. Neutral for story and character, chaos for demons (muh edge)
3. Designs from SMT 4, I read too much mythology when I was little.
4. Devil survivor 1 and 2
6. SMT Nocturne

I don't know why these faggots keep recommending Persona. Play Nocturne and then play and only then play SMT IV (this game had so many quality of life improvements it makes it tough to go back to older installments).
No alignments in Persona
Not in Persona 3/4
Then Persona is definitely the game for you!

then and only then*

Reminder that if you side with Yamato or Ronaldo, you're basically saying "humanity can't be saved, just fuck human nature up fam."
Secondary reminder that Hinako is best Devil Survivor 2 girl, best DeSu girl, best SMT girl, and best Atlus girl. Why is she so perfect, Holla Forums? Fumi is great too, please don't have waifu wars over DeSu2 girls when they're all so great.

Holy fuck no. Last time I attempted to slog through that shitfest, I uninstalled in 5 minutes before going back to SMT 1. What's the best version of the SNES duology, by the way? I fucking love them even today but I hear that the PSX version is even better.

She is great. She breaks the game with Multi Strike. I wish that Yamato and Ronaldo didn't killed themselfs during Alcor's ending. I wish Ronaldo wasn't so poorly written. If you are not picting any side then the best is to pic Alcor. As much as I hate it, it is kind of cool that you can't save everyone.

Ronaldo is such wasted potential.
God when I saw that event, I had such high hopes for him, expecting him to go from "contrarian who just wants to fuck Yamato's shit up" to "cool guy who actually wants to save everyone." But him killing Makoto made me rage so fucking hard. Only time I went back on a choice.
Also, I know it's weird, but I'm glad that Anguished One's Al Saiduq, Alcor, Kaworu 2: Homolust Harder, whatever route wasn't ENTIRELY "lol we all made it brah, aren't you glad you don't have to choose a side."
Also also, tertiary reminder that Joe is best bro.

Alcor > Kowaru
The real homolust comes from Yamato though, he is really gay for the MC. What pisses me off more of Ronaldo is that all his death are retarded. The whole killing Makoto feels so out of place. The fate links don't affect anyone at all, that is retarded

So, if the Jap pricing for P5's DLCs were 7 dollars, roughly, for the costumes and 3 dollars, roughly, for the Personas. How much do you think Atlus USA is going to jack up these prices in order to jew us out?

And the worst part? I'm 99% sure that he tried to spare Yamato on his route, if what I remember and read is accurate. I can't bring myself to do any route besides Alcor's now, so I can't be too sure. There isn't even the "lol FATE =/= canon except when it is" excuse for his shit, he's inconsistent unless you let him kill Makoto, THEN save the JP's agents with him. But then that brings the question of "WHY ARE YOU HANGING OUT WITH THIS COCKSUCKER?"
Fuck the writers for DeSu2 for fucking up the guy who could've been the best non-waifu of them all. How could they fuck up THAT badly?
On another note, how come there haven't been any *autistic screeching edits based off DeSu2? I have the mental image of MC and Alcor shaking hands while Yamato and Ronaldo are the screechers.

I think that is because he is the closest to a traditional LAW ending. Since, you know, SMT has a boner for CHAOS and loves shitting on LAW. Even though both Yamato and Ronaldo are LAW and Alcor is CHAOS

Threadly reminder that Dagda did nothing wrong

Being part of loreraping game is really wrong

So Daichi is Neutral, AKA best? Neat.

One thing wrong, user. Just one.

Persona 3 was a mistake.


Why does P5 have such great Christmas Cakes?

So, what are the main differences between mainline SMT and Strange Journey and are there any side quests similar to Anthony's demon chick courting quests?

I still have fond memories of shilling the girls in Persona 5 in a Christmas cake thread that got derailed for a bit. Even though the best girl isn't a cake.

Also, not sure how much Soul Hackers counts as mainline, but I clearly remember that I recruited a Pixie by telling her to kiss me.
I felt a little sad when I fused her.

No, most is better.

Neutral master race.

Imagine (R.I.P.)

This guy gets it.

Grinding for Demi-Fiend in DDS1.
Arahabakis are being douches and not showing up as frequently as I'd like.
Never have I been so traumatized by organ flares and the main riff from Hunting.

it depends on the game. In my opinion SMT1's music is superior to SMT2 and I don't care much for nocturne's battle themes. The last one is good but doesn't fit it's battle. DeSu1's music is excellent but DeSu2's music is shit because it borrowed from Persona's style.
Neutral since both chaos and law tend to go full retard. SMT2's law path has a nice ending but you miss out on much of the game's content because the path locks too early in the game and literally warps you closer to end game. Also Nocturne's ends don't really fall in those 3 categories so there's that.
I remember really liking Nekomata the first time I saw her on DeSu1. I prefer Nocturne's Thor over other versions. Haven't played 4 but I don't like the few demon redesigns I've seen so far.
I'd say if you don't like dungeon crawling in a dungeon crawler it's not really for you. Maybe you need simpler dungeons or another game altogether. You probably won't enjoy the first 2 games because everything is a dungeon. Even the malls where you need to do your shopping. 2's dungeons felt bigger than 1's. For simpler dungeons try Nocturne. For no dungeons at all try DeSu1.
Climbing the tower from Nocturne felt pretty nuts near the end from the sheer amount of floors it has. Made me wish you could just jump off and have a nice cutscene of the Demifiend breaking nearly his legs since he's not impervious to falls like Dante
Difficult question. I liked 1, 2, Nocturne, DeSu1 and SJ for different reasons. 1 Had the best music, 2 had a nice convoluted story, Nocturne had a pretty different setting handled well enough and I enjoyed the DeSu1's battle system as well as most of its music. I didn't care much for half its cast though. SJ's music was decent but pretty repetitive. I enjoyed the setting and it made me care about the law hero until it went full retard.

There's none of that in the games I played. I remember giving Anthony the negative comments throughout the whole quest line but it had no effect on him. They were all supposed to be 'elites' but the higher ups really screwed up the psychological profiling. I mean the members of his team are dying in every single sector and this guy can't do anything besides thinking 'I want to fuck pixie's pussy' all day long. I wish the strike team actually did useful stuff throughout the sector instead of having the MC conveniently being the first at everything.

Persona is cancer.
SMT4 is cancer.

Play everything else.
Nocturne is always good.

smdh fam

To be honest I don't hate it. Nor DeSu2's music. I just really liked DeSu1's musical style and was heavily dissapointed by DeSu2's musical selection. Nocturne has some nice themes but normal battle isn't one of those.

Yeah, I noticed the story kind of goes off the deep end with LAW which makes me really wanna replay the game later as neutral because both Zelanin and Jimenez are pretty unlikeable and it seemed like the neutral demons on the whole were cooler. Not to say I didn't like law demons, but you can't really beat 8-legged horses, Dionysus, snakes, fiends etc. I assume most games have the same demons for the most part, but they're just drawn/depicted differently?

Anyone happy that Persona 5 is confirmed not censored?

Yeah, that's good news. Can't wait for 2015 dumbass

Best modern Persona game coming through.

Fight me bro.

DDS and DDS have great soundtracks.


Gonna play this, what am i in for? Is the sequel worth playing?

Too bad all I can hear right now is THIS FUCKING TRACK.

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PS1 is best version but no English.

Cuckchan-tier post.

The memes are getting worse and worse.

DeSu 2 doesn't sound like any Persona game.


Nocturne gets pretty boring as you go on. I stopped playing a little but after the Manikin city, it all just felt like too much of a grind. The amount of EXP demons get being tied to the Demi-fiends level is also bullshit.

It's not even the best Arena game, son.



Q was better

That was your mistake, you are not supposed to keep them for long

You know if they increased the exp drop from enemies in SMTIII it would be a much better game, and lots more people would beat it.

I know that, I did fuse. I'm talking about how if you went to an area to get lower level demons, you couldn't go to another area and fight harder demons to quickly grind out the lower leveled guys abilities for fusion fodder.

I feel like you're implying something about "muh casuals".

You didn't actually reply my question, it doesn't seem like you are much different from what you like to complain about. Whatever, i already started the game and so far its fun, like Dragon Quest meets SMT.

Alright listen: If the dungeons were bigger or we got more exp per enemy the game would be much better. It would be held to a degree of like Grandia 2.

Who does this music? Is it Shoji Meguro or Kenichi Tsuchiya? I want to see if they have a regular album I could buy like some tracks off of like mitsuda.

I didn't sage for double post but even if I delete the post and repost with sage the damage is done because it was bumped.

Pretty sure DDS is Meguro.
Update: got all mantras mastered on everyone, Serph has 63/99 Vi
At this point, I'm saying fuck it and not grinding noise for Argilla


Thanks for reminding me you fuck.
What the hell is Gideon doing?

That reminds me though. I have been procrastinating on playing I and II for years now. Maybe 2017 will be the year I finally make it past the Red Bear.

I actually liked this aspect of combat but they needed to make moving while in combat more streamlined. It's an interesting idea for an RPG to have fixed sides but grid combat. Like a turn based Battle Network.


It's Meguro. His funkier soundtracks (The Raidous, DDSes and P5) are GOAT.


it's actually pretty gud tho maybe you should I dunno…play them?

best girl btw


what? will they cut anything out?

shit man im excite

Thanks. I want to just get a hold of his music and it doesn't have to be tied to any of the games. I love how funky the rock and roll is. From just a musical appreciation standpoint he's good and it gives the game more appeal.

Never ever.

Who is Lancarse? Maybe we should look at what projects they're on so as to see if they care about continuing the series.

to be honest, the censorship isnt all that, the character thats censored had his name changed, and he now sports some rad sunglasses so he can me smugger than 99% of all anime girls

He seems to be suffering from some some sort of brain damage, sadly.

Persona's tile-formation combat was a brilliant idea. While the execution was flawed, it made no sense to abandon the formula. No other Persona has had combat that good. Only PQ came close.

Q would have being hard if certain characters weren't broken or if magic wasn't objectively shit.

Dragon's Crown 2 when

Never mind

I've been doing a little digging on twitter, and apparently someone uploaded scans of an old Persona article that seems to contain an interview with Cozy Okada.

I don't know Japanese, but what I can usually do is identify the kanji one by one, then replicate all the sentences and run them through a translator. Sadly, the low resolution of these scans makes that impossible for me this time.