A new AC game will probably be announced this year following last year's absence

A new AC game will probably be announced this year following last year's absence.
What are your expectations? Will it live up to Black Flag's standards?
AC thread I guess

best shanty in video related

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that's a good shanty


Asscreed is one of those series that I don't understand how it got so popular. Why do you like the games? I only played 1 and 2, but they were hand holding, anti-fun, overly easy and had terrible characters and a story I don't even remember

I expect the worst.

I'll almost be disappointed if it turns out to be ok, honestly.

asscreed games aren't even that good. I'd rather have no asscreed game than another one. Why do you care after boring cooking cutter game over and over again that never adds anything revolutionary to the brand, genre, or industry? There really is no point for these to be made.

Speaking as a fan of the series I can easily see where it loses its appeal. I recommend Black Flag and maybe Rogue. All else is expendable.

But isn't that why they took a year off? Not saying it's garanteed to turn out something good, but hey, they managed to turn Watch Dogs 2 into something less shit than it's predecessor so all hope may not be lost.



I don't want to dash your optimism, but let's be realistic here; jewbishit wants to turn all of their properties into franchises, with movies, books, video games, action figures, a clothing line, and who knows what manner of garbage they'd like to shove down your throat in the name of profit. This fact alone is indicative that they don't give a flying fuck about quality, they're just another cheeky corporate entity interested in lining their pockets.

the movie underperformed so I doubt you'll see anything with any kind of budget put into it.

It's going to be Project Osiris, set in Egypt and full-on KANGZ.

I started to marathon the series back in December to see what the "Ubisoft open world" thing was about & I'm playing through IV right now. As someone who only recently started playing the series the one thing I do like about the series is the whole exploring locations in a 3D environment usually only reserved for strategy & management games.
Other than that they all play the same until 3 when it adopted the Batman/Sleeping Dogs combat. I will give props to IV for at least letting you drive a Brig around while your sailors sing sea shanties in lieu of a radio. Though I'll probably stop my run of series after I finish IV.

Overall shallow series but Ass Creed IV is alright. It's no E.Y.E, Doom, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but if you don't have shit to play IV is worth a pirate

Templar were behind Brexit and Donald trump when?


my dad, he works for jewbisoft

I doubt they will make a good game anytime soon. Black Flag turned out well, but even that one could have been a lot better if it was made by some other dev.

Edward stopped being cool once he turned into a assassin.

people think the assassins look cool, and that the hidden blade is badass. It's the Boba Fett Syndrome, only applied to an entire franchise.

that would suck reaaaally hard, but I can see them pulling that shit.

No, Watchdogs 2 wasn't that good and with how bad the first game was they didn't deserve any sales on the second or for players who have a lot of options to return to check it out. I'm fairly sure you work for ubisoft at this point because you're giving them too much credit where a pc player's options are as wide as the sea is deep.

Isn't this like 10 years old? There was this screenshot and nothing more. No rumors, nothing.

wtf did you guys just say about wd? WD2 was utter trash, there is nothing good about it. WD was not a good game, but it had a decent story. It had a protagonist that was just out for revenge, no morals, no other bullshit. He didn't pretend to be a good guy. And I love wd for that.

What was good about Black Flag was not the Assassin's Creed parts. If you want to know what another AC game would look like, look at the fucking dire next-gen ones.

Not really. 80% of WD is Aidan running around being bitch boy for someone he hates and raging impotently about it. The fact that a bunch of different teams go make a bunch of missions and then they're slapped together into a 'plot' really shows.

They had him by the balls, he had to play along. But to be honest, he shouldn't oppose that one guy in the first place, it was not his fault his daughter got killed and he just wanted to be friends with him again. The thing is Aidan doesn't stop from anything to get what he wants. He breaks innocent people's phones if they try to call the cops, he hacks into bank accounts if he needs money, and he kills people. And he doesn't help anyone. All the criminals he stops, he only does it so he get the people's support and he comes to late on purpose so some random fucker gets hurt only so he can step in and be the hero. He was a pretty cool guy, kinda like Edward in AC4 before he turned into a assassin. A guy who does shit only to get rich, he has no weird moral standards or shit like.

I would even say that Aidan is a evil Batman.

I hope they bring back the present day story full force like in ac3 but keep it subtle and ominous like in ac4 and bring back cyphers/truth glyph puzzles

Watch Dogs 2 isn't that bad if you try to kill as many leftists (the entire population of SF) during every mission.
Shit, if you want a leftist shooter simulator to play, this is a lot more fun then Hatred or Postal.
Sure you might play with a nog, but you can give him a stahlhelm in literally the first clothing shop you come past.

Obviously never pay money for propaganda like that, but I had fun for a day or 3.
Worth a pirate if you like GTA style open worlds and killing fucktons of degenerates.

m8, one of the AC games, the one with the watch dogs tie in had pyramids and KANGZ shit.

Is there a mod to de-nigger the game yetz?
You better have pirated that shit, don't support the death of your hobby.

back in the ac2, brotherhood and revelations days I wanted it too, or even a full present day game, but honestly after ezios day I am not into that anymore.

You are right now nothing but a random fucker that does nothing but dick around. They honestly had to end the game at ac3 and release their other games as something different. Black Flag should not have been a assassin's creed game, or at least remove the current day crap.

Well, I did imply piracy in my post twice.
What studio isn't some leftist cumrag these days?

Opium war. Cool setting will be squandered by plot being nothing but how white men oppress the yellow people.

Reminder that the assassins (the heroes) are literally communists and anyone vaguely right wing/ conservative from Henry Ford to George W Bush are ebul Templar's.
Bioware and other studios may Current Year their shit up and virtue signal, but Assassins Creed is politburo tier leftist propaganda.

Atlus, Fromsoft, and the guy who made La Mulana.
that's honestly all I can think of, sad innit?
It has been from the start

It is set in egypt they are ditching historical accuracy and it has a freeform combat system. they want it to be the witcher 3.

Which is why AC Rogue might be the best of the series, you finally get to play a templar and fuck some assassin shit up.
Including killing the head negro from Black Flag even.
All while keeping the greatest feature of Assassins Creed, boats.

To be fair, Atlus and Fromsoft mostly just make shit for the japanese market that occasionally becomes a hit in western markets.
And unfortunately Atlus has published some pretty cucked titles like Game of Thrones.

To be fair the first game tried to be neutral in that all the templars that you killed, could actually be seen as good guys, in the end the crusaders and muslims stop fighting in order to stop a greater evil, your boss is actually the BBEG.

Revelations was way worse
>muh tzigani gypsies

It got popular because you don't have to do anything or think about anything. just press a single button and the game keeps going.
Actually, it got so bad not even normalfags want it anymore.

I liked one and two quite a bit, I was younger then, and they had really interesting settings and atmosphere. They were piss easy but charming up until the formula got really stale, and Ezio was a great protagonist at the time.

But things only got worse and worse as the series went on. Black Flag was pretty fun but only because it came closest to being that pirate game I always wanted, and even then, didn't really hit all the marks outside of ship combat

As for expectations? I expect it to be the same old Assassin's Creed shit we've always seen with a few tweaks and an Asian setting.

The game being easy and having good animation, one of the best of the time imo, made it a good powertrip for teenagers.

Also, I believe there's a little to do with the cliffhangers they pulled with each consecutive game, first one ended with some ancient aliens shit, the second one with more ancient alien shit, skipped brotherhood but I heard that the girls dies because you get possessed by some ancient alien shit and goes full coma after that because ancient reasons, Revelations *you escape from the coma and goes to the ebin temple of ancient alien shit* and finally the third you fucking die HAHAHA the cliffhanger is that a group of hackers gets on the animus to get some info and as you explore the map you get little audio logs of their progress, they don't see related to the assassins nor the templars, this could be a huge plot device but I really don't care because I stopped playing the series there, played in my old toaster in 5fps, looked fun, but I'm really lazy to get it again.

To be honest, Asscreed could be great stuff if it limited itself to be what the first one proposed: A medieval assassin simulator, it's that simple. The first actually managed to partially pull that off, but because forced you to get a minimum info on the target before getting bloody and, besides that, you had to visit an assassin hideout before and after the job, before to get a feather and after to show that same feather bathed with the target's blood to prove you done your shit. Seriously if they just polished the mechanics and made them more organic *like stop forcing you to look for info as a progression wall to finishing the mission, but by making info fundamental for your success and designing the combat to be hard, making you prefer stealth, but making it impossible leaving as a possibility to a really skilled player **

Oh boy

To be fair the actual Hashashins were mainly in conflict with the muslims, since they were from a different sect or some shit, the game even makes you kill some kebabs, and if I remember correctly all targets in damascus are muslims. BUT OF COURSEZ THEY WERE TEMPLARS ALL ALONG

I think it's Ubisoft's exceptional attention to detail as well as the multiplayer. AssCreed 1 was really fucking cool, but the gameplay was too limited. Outside some basic gameplay polishing, the game should have been designed closer to Hitman as in less brash, reactionary descisions and more awareness of your environment. It's why my favorite in the series happens to be one of the least popular ones, AssCreed 3. It tried to be a little more open in gameplay variety by introducing dual weapons selections with some actually being interactive with the environment and new tricks with Assassins you recruit which takes it in a more Hitman-ish direction along with some other neat stuff like a basic trade system, town management, hunting, and ships. Of course, all of these mechanics were functionally shit except for the ships, but I like the game in a conceptual sense rather than the actual physical product.


Believe it or not, I managed to beat the game without ever accessing the town management minigame, to be honest I actually forgot that it existed.


AC3 really could have been a great game if the ideas were more realized. Also, revolutionary era America is comfy as fuck. I guess wasted potential is pretty much what AC is all about, though.


Couldn't agree more.

Totally forgot how Haytham is the only redeemable element of this mess, he literally wants to make America great, redpills Connor about the shady intentions of the founding fathers and how they are manipulating him and TURNS OUT HE WAS RIGHT. Connor is so mediocre that I'm left to wonder if it was done on purpose by the writers.

Watch Dogs.

people said the same about wd, but I doubt anyone working at ubisoft does shit on purpose. They probably don't realize how retarded their shit is.

Shit nigger, what are you doing?


I remember almost half of Connor's lines started with those words.

I never played any ASSCREED games prior to the third and playing as Haytham was my favorite part. How unfortunate that it only lasts for so little time.

AssCreed franchise is shit without Patrice Désilets. You could see his love for History throughout AC2. These days it's all about "assassin's are the good guys, people I don't like are templars" (see the wiki with every right wing politician who are always identified as either templars or templars' puppet).




Well I still don't understand why people like this series because there are better games that are more focused on those individual aspects but ok

Like skyrim

The gameplay isn't that and the stories are never more then adqueate, but they usually cover interesting time periods and locations that most other big budget games don't.

I enjoy the series, purely as a sort of template to apply cool settings to that would otherwise never show up outside of a niche indie title some mega history autist would make.

A Mesoamerican or southeast asian asscreed where you are exploring the Aztec captial or khmer/sukothai shit would be dank.

I expect it to be shit, of course. AC Syndicate's combat was basically the same as the Batman Arkham games. The graphics are nice and all, but the gameplay is repetitive and shallow. I'd rather the play first AC game. IIRC it had a better combat system than the latest once. Maybe I'm thinking of AC 2 though.

The combat since whatever that one in Paris was called (one before Syndicate) became a lot more clunky and difficult because they wanted to add in microtransactions and finishing missions in multiplayer.
I havn't actually played Syndicate though, that boatless one in Paris really soured me on the franchise tbh.

Pretty much, Unity tried to emulate the Batman Arkham system with parries and shit but wound up fucking the whole thing up by making it clunky and inaccurate as fuck. It went from making combat way too fucking easy to making it goddamn impossible, at least until you were upgraded all the way I assume. Of course, this was all done in the name of microtransactions, don't want to die a million times? Better fork over those shekels goy.

Black flag was shit. Just because you're fucking twelve in mental age and can't move past muh pirates doesn't make it any less of an abomination.

What's even funnier is that to balance this, in Unity you rarely have to fight more than two guards at a time, on of which, you will probably kill before he sees you, and when the other one sees you, he doesn't call his friends like in previous asscreeds, and if you look at Syndicate, it's a much, much faster combat than even 2, which makes it hilarious, how fast that guy is.

Commas are not periods.

Sorry, I'm extremely tired and need to sleep now.

This was my experience with this game to a tee.
And it was at that point that I understood who asscreed was made for, complete normalfags who just want to dick around in an incredibly shallow sandbox and think they're having fun getting tiny dopamine hits from jumping off shit or killing 20 dudes by mashing the same 4 buttons and figuring out the incredibly basic lock-on system.

wew that video really makes the game look shit.

I don't think anyone plays asscreed for the combat, not even the casuals.
In fact, the one thing that Black Flag did that got people hyped again was the boats bringing much needed variety to the same fucking tailing missions and shit that they'd been pushing for 5 games up to that point.

The settings and premises are good, its just AAA Ubisoft shit. A good open world stealth action game about assassination, planning, recon etc. would be very welcome, but we always get easy and boring stuff.

Unless they add depth and complexity to the core stealth elements and do proper mission design it's going to be shit.

You heard them guys
Armored Core thread

Yeah their philosophy seems to be that hard missions just need to be comprised of a fuckton of railroady sequences that arn't particularly difficult on their own.

The only thing that was fixed with Syndicate and Unity is that at least they made it a lot harder to just mass murder your way out of any situation, I'm not entirely sure to what extent this was making the MC worse or just make the AI a lot more likely to shoot your ass.

Actually after watching that Syndicate gameplay vid, clearly the AI can't shoot for shit, they try but it seems it get's blocked by other guards.
Maybe they where just compensating after people where complaining Unity started out too hard or something.

AC thread?
Okay, let's post best Animal Crossing villagers.

Let the IP rest, the AssCreed film bombed so fucking hard, they milked it to the point that it needs euthanasia.


You guys are dumb, OP is obviously talking about Ace Combat

No fucking shit it bombed, I enjoy Ass Greed games as 15€ bargain bin games but even I could tell from the trailers that the movie was going to be garbage. You would have had to pay me to go see it.