What games go right through you every time?

What games go right through you every time?

what does "going right through you" even mean?

Cum goes right through me.

Like, image shows, makes u feel regret, wish you could have done something. I don't know, this is a pretty shit thread

Dark Souls 2 at the moment. I'm trying to absorb the experience, but it's just passing through me. Like it's missing one vital thing to being great.

Any D&D video game adaptation.
I get it. You never played table-top games. You really enjoy having a little bit more freedom. But this bullshit is just a half-assed version of the real thing. Stop pretending these are great RPGs.

Honestly a lot of games seem to be just phasing through me at the moment. I think I am just depressed. Hopefully I can find that one thing to perk me up and get me out of this rut again, but at the moment even video games are having trouble engaging me.

The arcade beat-em-ups were pretty fun.
Baldurs Gate is also pretty enjoyable as an RPG.
and from what I hear Demons Stone is also pretty enjoyable.
What beef do you got with em?

FPS that are just

The Contra games. They felt longer when I was a kid but now I just breeze right through them.

Whenever i replay san andreas i feel some kind of cold empty in my stomach, knowing it's the last good gta and another good one isn't coming out.

Genocide simulators need to step it up.

this tbh

What was wrong with 4 and 5?

Still haven't heard a valid critique of GTA5 outside of the online mode's microtransactions.

I should use the steam disappear option for Borderlands 2, because that shit just keeps beckoning me to play through the dlcs, but the base game is such a fucking slog, even with krieg.

It's still a better game as a whole over 4, but it would be even better if they hadn't needlessly downgraded so many mechanics.

It's soulless. Everything is lifeless and blatantly scripted. Even the police run on an invisible timer;
When you first get stars (which happens whenever you do anything illegal, you will get stars even if there are no witnesses) a timer is set which grows larger if you get more stars
Until this invisible timer runs out, the police will rubberband like crazy, literally spawning on top of you if necessary to prevent you from escaping so that you have a "cinematic" chase
Once the invisible timer expires, the police immediately give up and slow down to a crawl so you can easily escape, again for that "cinematic" feel. As a result, every run-in with the police is exactly the same, and there's no fun to be had fucking with them. This kind of design permeates the entire game. It's a sandbox game with a shit sandbox.

that video shows off many of the other major downgrades they made

It's literally worse than every single other gta game, and most gta clones in every single aspect save for vehicle physics (gta 4 is worse) and graphics. If you had played the game you'd know that.

Also forgot to mention the fact that it's a THIRD PERSON COVER SHOOTER. All games, without exception that are THIRD PERSON COVER SHOOTERS are irredeemable garbage. Sure GTA has never been about gunplay, but it's a fucking THIRD PERSON COVER SHOOTER. And then you have the health regen which is just the fart icing on the ass cake

I thought this thread was going to be about feels

mfw I realize that these two screenshots work either way

Why don't you just delete them?

I'm more referencing Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, etc.

They're not bad necessarily, but they're highly overrated. They're not as fun in terms of gameplay as an ARPG would be, and honestly, even turn-based RPGs are more enjoyable to some degree. And they fall short of an actual tabletop session in every way.

Also I'm a contrarian.

3 years later and still no chapter 2

Any Fire Emblem game, holy mother of boredom.

Oh look, it's the tabletop autist, go back to the 80s, Jimbo.

Well, cant deny you got a solid-point there.
I don't think any game can really match the great feel of a true table-top experience.
And I will admit, baldurs gate really could use some polish, even if I think its a pretty solid RPG.

NieR had it's moments.

World in Conflict.

Bannon was a good man.

The feels never stop.

Every. Time.

On this note, let me put in a vote for apollo justice. It's shite compared to the trilogy.


The transition from modding to /agdg/. It feels like work, rather than autistically creating things for fun.

I'll always come back for you, Jackie.

Welcome to real life, faggot. The more you work(suffer) the more you get out of it, it's what that Jesus guy was trying to tell everyone a while back.
on topic pic related, something about Yorda gets me every time.