Metroid Thread

With the Switch release around the corner, what do you think is the likelihood of a new Metroid game being announced this year? If it does happen, will it be a classic 2D game or a Prime game?

Who even cares, I still haven't finished AM2R.

They're aware people want a new Prime game, and a new 2D game
So meeting in the middle, chances are we're getting more nothing
Given the direction they're going with mario and zelda, if they do try to make a new game they'll probably go the prime route, but those fucking japs wouldn't know how to do that to save their lives

Federation Force didn't do well at all so it looks like people are just sick of Metroid. I guess Samus should just stick to Smash from here on out


New one inbound, no official announcement though, Retro studios were teasing it by showing pictures of prime steak when asked about it and then posting the word patience in scrabble tiles which all have prime numbers. In 4 days it would have been 3 years since Retro last released a video game.

I was unaware of this, even now there is hope for man.

There's also an Animal Crossing game coming out before the end of next year sometime, probably early next year, but Nintendo haven't announced that too, but we know it's coming based on Nintendo's mobile strategy.

Its going to be shit, the man who made the Prime series great doesn't work for them anymore, I think his name is Mark Pacini? I also don't think the art director is around anymore. While this team is fucking great at making 2D Donkey Kong games, I don't think they are going to make a good 3D prime game.

Basically Other M, but with the word Prime stuck on it somewhere

While I think from a gameplay standpoint it will still be on point (Tropical Dong is a masterclass of level design), I'm pretty sure most of the artists from Prime have gone off, I heard a bunch of them joined 343i. If it's shaping up to be good by release its the one game I'd happily drop $300 on a console for, Metroid is that important to me.

The only way AC will be good again if they remember what made the first game so chill

I thought New Leaf was pretty good. What did you not like about the later installments?

I don't think that's an issue at all, remember the man "responsible" for Metroid Primewas the director for the turd known as Recore, whatever talent is truly driving Retro is clearly still there. how does a company go from making an excellent first person adventure game to making an excellent 2d platformer, not just excellent but arguably the best 2d platformer. Retro clearly still have key level designers, key concept artists and key 3d artists.

Also this. That guy and the small team of other staff that left with him only have that shitty portable Arkham game to their names, so it's debatable how much of an impact he actually had.


The only thing they really need to improve on is the dialogue. If they had more lines, more personal touches, and more individuality between characters, it would be miles better. That and getting rid of fucking grass degradation. Whoever thought of that is a colossal faggot.

I can't shrink this fucker, but it's important to watch.

I just watched the Project Hammer video he talked about.
Holy shit Nintendo sucks.

Mark pls

what is this witch craft

Fuck you, Mark

I hope they outsource it to someone good who isn't platinum. I don't know Treasure or um…wait almost everyone AA studio has been bought up by AAA.

Im fucking crying

FF has such a negative reputation that the developer, Next Level Games doesn't even display the game on their website.
Even other games they have made with lower Metacritic ratings (Captain America: Super Solider, Ghost Recon Wii and Transformers: Cybertron Adventures) are still mentioned on their website in comparison.

Another Retro employee that should be mentioned is Mark Haigh-Hutchinson who helped develop the camera system for Prime games, he died in 2008 and even the Metroid Prime Trilogy credits have a dedication to him. He even had access to the first Wii Remote prototypes and helped make the "Metroid Prime 2 Revolution prototype" for 2005 after it was officially revealed.

IGN interviewed Retro Studios in 2009 and learned:
"Corruption's innovative Wii remote control scheme was born out of a technical demo at the Tokyo Game Show and a single talented programmer, Mark Haigh-Hutchinson. Nintendo needed a project to showcase at TGS that would successfully demonstrate to journalists the power of its new controller with regard to first-person games. Of course, it turned to Retro Studios to create the demo. About two months before TGS, a Revolution prototype arrived at the developer's Austin offices – "the thing was a circuit board with wires hanging off it; it was funny," says Walker – and it went immediately behind Hutchinson's locked door. "Mark locked himself literally in his office because he was not even allowed to show anybody else in the studio what he was working on at the time. And he was able to work his magic."

I ask how long it took him. "It was about two solid months and that was two hard months and a lot of late nights for him, but he loved every minute of it. He was such a dedicated and passionate developer. And when we first got our hands on what he had been doing, we were ecstatic because we knew, one, that we had a great demo for the Tokyo Game Show, but that the potential of the Wii controller for Metroid Prime 3 really was illuminated at that point," he says. The TGS demo was not an early build of Prime 3, but rather Prime 2. "We retrofitted – no pun intended – Echoes," elaborates Walker."

NEVER EVER. At best, they'll announce more Prime next year if we're lucky.

A fucking shame they worked on that pile of shit. NLG are competent when they work on games that rely on good character expressions, even if the rest of the graphics aren't that good; this game was doomed from the start.

I'm going to sadly laugh if they wind up relegating her to assist trophy or something. I swear, some companies go out of their way to create justification for their beliefs. Don't like bringing a series over because you don't think it will do well? Fuck up the translation and/or market it like shit, and then you won't have to again. Think developing a particular series is a waste of time compared to your more popular offerings? Fuck up the next game and then act like no one wants more of the series when people get mad about it.

i am here for metroid porn


Considering Captain Falcon is still in as well as Ness and Ice Climbers Lucas that probably won't happen.
Nintendo certainly seems to be doing that with Metroid, but do you have any other examples?

Whenever I see stuff like this I want someone to leak whatever they made for it.

- EA getting old their franchises and then bringing them back as shell of their former selves, Eg: Simcity 5 "always online" fiasco, Syndicate FPS reboot.
- Any company that brings back an old forgotten franchise for mobile only with shitty pay 2 win mechanics (this would also include EA with that cruddy Dungeon Keeper mobile version).

Fairly high but it'll be 3d-Primeshit so I could care less.
As for a real Metroid game? Never ever, 2d Metroid is dead and buried - probably why Nintendo got so triggered by AM2R.


Wow this thread is as dead as this franchise.

What build do you have? Can you share it? I have one but it's a demo I downloaded back in 2015.

This franchise is dead. I remember back when beating Super Metroid was some sort of family challenge or something. There were this sort of milestones for us, like beating Torizo, Kraid, getting the Gravity Suit, killing Draygoon (this was pre-internet so we didn't know about the grapple beam trick) and making it to Tourian. One of my teenage wishes was having money to buy a Gamecube exclusively to play Metroid Prime. The franchise went along strong with the Prime series. I remember back when a cousin got a Wii and had Metroid Prime 3 on it and I played it nonstop for like 2 hours in a family reunion. Then Other M happened and strangely, for the time, people were saying that it wasn't good. I though "Wow, that's pretty odd. I mean, Metroid wasn't the most popular franchise to get this kind of attention, but even the weakest Metroid is decent at the very least." Then I saw Super Best Friends Watch Metroid: Other M and my skin fucking crawled. Not only does this contradict the more or less pragmatic attitude Samus displayed in previous games ("Metroids are dangerous, I'll kill them all"; "The X is dangerous, I'll blow up the station, even with me, to stop them"; "I lost my suit, I'll sneak my way into a Space Pirate base to get to the lost Chozo ruins below"; etc), not only did it dumb down the visual design (Zero Suit high heels instead of the original boots, Samus being slightly buff) but it painted a seasoned, iconic, videogame warrior as a fucking crying pathetic slut yearning for the attention of some cunt who clearly does not care for her. I'm not pissed that the franchise died. Half-life died and I'm not pissed about that. Metroid died and was humiliated.
There's talk about a new one being made by Retro, but I'll just Saint Thomas this one by saying "Pics or it didn't happen".

Even "3d primeshit" is way better than "3d franchiseabortion".

Sounds like a legend. I wish I could tell him how much I loved Prime's camera system. Rest in peace, Mark.

Even the prime games were critically well received, but didn't make that much money.

It's not hard to find AM2R, da fuck.


post tubes

Not 2d, that's for sure.

As if that will ever happen. Judging by their reaction, I doubt any Metroid project is in the works. At best you might get a Metroid themed mini game in some other Nintendo shitfest akin to Nintendo Land on the Wii U. I think the egoism of its directors and project leads is what is killing Nintendo. Look at Metroid and Sakamoto, Miyamoto and Paper Mario, Sakurai and Smash Brothers. They all did things to exclude other people who did a better job than them from working on those franchises. I have a sneaking suspicion we will never see another F-Zero game simply because Sega did a better job at that than Nintendo with F-Zero GX. They have already relegated Captain Falcon into being the Smash Brothers mascot.

user, there was supposedly two Metroid games in the pipes, one for handheld and one for the Wii U for the entirety of the Wii U's lifespan, and those rumors died when FF came out and killed the franchise.
I loved Metroid, but Other M followed up by Federation Force has crushed whatever hope I have for another Metroid game to come out within the next twenty years.
t. Kid Icarus fan that's still waiting for another sequel to Uprising

This demonstrates not only do they listen to their audience and what's left of their fans, but that they are actively in contempt of what they want.
Fuck Nintendo.

Is this Battletoads?


I already made peace with the fact that we won't ever have a decent official metroid game and limited myself to play fan games, ripoffs and romhacks.

So I have to ask, did anyone here play Metroid Prime Pinball?

He even wrote a book about (video game) camera systems called Real-Time Cameras.

Heh, haven't seen that last picture before. Some nice detail on the Miiverse description text, icons and avatar emotions.

Remember, Nintendo is killing Miiverse for the Switch.


Why doesn't Nintendo make a fuckin first party Metroid game? Why is it always farmed out to other studios? reee.

Only one game has been "farmed out" (Other M), I wouldn't count NGL and Retro as farming out since they're both owned by Nintendo.