"Who needs skill when you can flank?"-edition

What do you think about this hopping thing? I hate the sound she makes. Not as OP as I expected.

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Nah fuck off.


It's pretty fun, guys. You should try it.

well shit, tf2 jumped the fucking shark, overwatch has a progressive cancerous fanbase, I might as well stick to Gang Garrison 2 only.

Is that a melee character? I don't think Paladins had any of the sort. How does she play?

Also, keep in mind there's a few Paladins players on Holla Forums, yes (people that tried it because they like the genre and hey, it's free) but not that many. The thread may end up being quite slow.
Except for the butthurt contrarians, of course.

It throws the knives and jumps alot.

Knife throwing
Jumping and Dashing
She bounces instead of going through like Genji.

Also can make an area shadow sphere which blocks vision.

I'm surprised that overwatch actually borrowed so much from global agenda. Down to the angel and dragon wings. Overwatchfags are essentially applefags.

I found it isn't worth discussing the game here, their are just better platforms to talk the game on that won't have a handful of retards chronically shit posting. Game is popular but not really enough to make constant threads about it, maybe once S1 hits and the card changes are put in place we'll see more activity.

As for topic on hand the new character has highest DPS in the game and is probably OP, but she is very easy to fuck up and just die. Probably one of the higher skill ceilings in the game and her combo damage might be nerfed slightly down the line. Hard to tell now. She has some nifty mechanics in her jumping that lets you change direction mid air when firing off knives.

Very few things are unique in modern games, I'm pretty sure the types who bitch about games copying each other are just literal children who don't know better. I just enjoy this kind of shooter and have wanted a payload focused game since TF2 brought that shit into light but even in that game it was the hardest mode to balance. Paladongs does a pretty good job of it. I don't care about OW so I have no opinion on it and TF2 is just shit now.

At least right now we have options in FPS games to play, even just a few years ago you had very slim pickings.


Stop that.



but then what would be an alternative besides suicide?

Mass shooting of gays then suicide?

Whenever I think the bastardization of a meme has reached its peak, someone always finds a way to outdo themselves and push it just a little bit further.

Praying for G-d to smite them. They've got it right in their company's name, they're asking for it.


How to effectively solo the current PvE mode:
1. Make a Bomb King card loadout that does not have Jolt.
2. Instalock Bomb King so none of your shitty BR teammates get him first.
3. Place a Poppy Bomb on the centre of the point and do not detonate it ever.
4. Hide on the opposing team's roof behind the crates. The flanking Fernando is, as far as I can tell, only coded to check on the right-hand roof, not the left-hand roof.
5. Win. You can throw Grumpy Bombs around and try to kill things if you want, but it doesn't matter. The AI is so scared of the Poppy Bomb that it will not try to cap the point while there's a Poppy Bomb on it, and it's not coded to attack the Poppy Bomb. As long as you keep a Poppy up on the point, the AI isn't able to cap it. Your teammates will eventually figure out how to stand on the point, and then you win.

That's honestly sadder. That's 40 dollars that could be used to by a fightstick.

All of you people must commit suicide immediately.

Almost like the purpose of the kawaii skinline is to trigger people who take memes far to seriously while taking money from morons.

Drogoz with spitfire and salvo spam is also effective.

i want them to un nerf fernando and make him the face of the game again

Fernando himself cucks them pretty hard too. So does Barik but to a lesser extent

this guy gets it

you could use that money for a nice dinner

your waifus are shit too.


Overwatch has literal shit for waifus

exactly, they're all shit, dumbass.

wats the best kind of waifu

Is Mad Thad out of prison yet?

He's been out for a while now


I don't know, is the GameLife autistic guy out of his house.

Don't know about that one

you faggots never learn

when they will ever learn?

He already told you, never.

People would be less unhappy with life you just played video games instead of complaining about them. Those who can't enjoy a kusoge every now and then lack a soul.
I love Trovald just for the fact you can run Barik with him and have easy wins, I haven't had a game not go 4/0 with the combo.

But all of these games are dead, especially the last one.

What did you mean by this?

pffft, discussion simulator is far more fun than any game.

id love to see this, but picking a tank means consigning myself to losing becuase my team can never pick up a kill or pressure the point or tank enough for him to let me leech his shield.
it just matches me with retards all day.
barik seems to work out for me, at least if i can get away with stacking nimble and shoving my gun down everyones throat, but i gotta wonder how that will work with nerfs to haven. even as barik i rarely get to sit on the point since no one else will get the basic idea of killing the enemies as they trickle in.


so is maeve like 14? she is tiny

top taste friend

Just post in the thread when you wanna play. People will hop in
Unless you're a Europoor, I don't know how they run their shit

I can also fight you if you want, but I dunno how much fun you'll have with that

are you sure maeve has the highest dps in the game? not having to reload might put her ahead of the pack, but her weapon kind of sucks in any fight that isnt an ambush.
i dont really see her as op by a long shot.
her burst is respectable, but it seems especially easy to fend her off if you know where shes coming from, while not being unpredictable enough that you wouldnt know where she is coming from.

so i notice dragon punch says it does 100% of the victims maximum health as damage, does that mean a torvald shield will prevent someones death if theyre missing less than 2000 health?

How is she so perfect?

did they ever put a way to skip top play or whatever? its never worth watching, i just want to get in to the next game

Looks like someone's salty cause he never gets the top plays.

even when i do, its shit i already saw. what do i want to see it again

I was generally curious to see if anyone would be autistic enough to go find it through the ID. Thanks for playing!

I was shit posting more then anything, Skye has actual highest DPS in the game, Mae isn't really OP its just a bloated kit that will likely be different once S1 hits. Long as you have some kind of CC and don't lose your shit once she starts double jumping across the map she is fairly easy to deal with. Talents/legendary cards are really going to mix up the game a significant amount.

I've read that perfect play Dragoz can be stopped with a quick shield but I haven't seen it actually done. But if you're going for that gimmick just run a Ying and clone wall the punch. Easier execution anyway.

It should be, its such a waste of time more often then not. Hopefully down the line.

Drogoz is fairly easy to gang up on. He doesn't have very good escape abilities in most situations. The jump and flight are more of a utility for finding good shooting angles. Also, his rockets are fairly easy to dodge at a medium distance if you are aware of him.

is her kit really bloated? everything she does comes with a huge downside.
double jumping is of course useful to get around but makes her a predictable target. less useful in a game with plentiful hitscan than say the scouts double jump in tf2 which could be used to help avoid explosive projectiles.
9 lives seems extremely powerful, but it effectively ccs her for a second and isnt as useful as it could be in combat becuase her dash makes her bounce off people leaving her extremely vulnerable.

what are talents and legendary cards? ive never heard of these before. is it something thats going to make it less attractive to make smurf accounts by getting more attached to one account?

thats hilarious. christ, ying is such a pain in the ass.

meave is kinda hot

'wow, much slips'

are you one of those lolicons i keep hearing about?

I suppose there's no way to play this game without having Easy Anti-Cheat ingrain itself?

Is Ying still the most OP character in this game?

Last I played it was almost impossible not to get a perfect set (Best Heal - Best DPS - Best Kills - Best Obj Time - etc) with her.

Specifically talking to the other user about Trovald ult stopping his ultimate. As for his mobility, wait for the legendary cards. If you played in earlier beta he used to have a bug that made him travel much faster and its coming back. Still an easy target but Dragoz is in a decent spot right now.

Not really, I just expect some of her key points being locked into the legendary card system. I've played enough at this point to see how predictable most players are and how easily counterable she is, "pros" aren't using her much yet but we'll see how her gameplay develops as people become more comfortable. She has generated a lot of salt since her release though from shitters, dispute only have a winrate of about 54% where Trovald is at like 63% but people don't care since they don't die to him.

They haven't really revealed much yet but probably will at the end of this week/next at the latest for the beginning of season 1. Talent cards are going to be a "Pick one and only one" kind of deal that mix up the play styles. Only examples I can think of off the top of my head is the Dragoz mobility I mentioned above, BKs Grumpy bomb shattering shields and Makoa having his shell shield being placed on the ground allowing you to do other shit while its up. They haven't really revealed much and I'm not even 100% sure what I mentioned will be in the game outside the Dragoz one. A lot of key ability modifiers will probably be locked to these cards like Evies wormhole. The idea is to make playstyles a bit more specific compared to just nest cards are the best cards and not much variety in choice at the moment. Either way the game is going to change heavily on the S1 patch.

As far as i know they'll be replacing some of cards in the current loadouts and making them cost more compared to the current flat rate of 1200 for everything. Some will be cheaper and some will be more expensive, probably cost more overall since they've said "If you have all the cards now you'll win out in the end". Smurfing probably won't be as easy but I doubt they'll be reducing gold generation and they want more gold sinks to add to the game anyway so no need to cut it. You'll still get the handful of champions you want fast along with the required cards you need within a handful of games if you really wanted to smurf on a fresh account post Season 1 patch. That is my guess anyway. If you want to be prepared grind a secound account now so you don't have to worry about it.

Probably not, its not like the game is like Dead by Daylight where a portion of players are locked out of playing over nothing. Most of the complaints over ESA are unfounded bullshit that doesn't apply to the game, or maybe it searches your hard drive for your loli collection.

Mal'Damba is probably objectively stronger then her right now on the support side of things but not by much. Most broken champion right now is Sha Lin since he is completely brainless to play compared to the pain in the ass he is to kill due to 1k shots + easy stun. Overall game balance isn't to shabby right now as long as you're comfortable with all the champions.

Redpill me on Easy Anti-Cheat.

yings seen a few nerfs to illusions, the healing, duration and a card or two. she still has a pretty great hitscan weapon though.
ive never been fond of her play style, but maldamba has a decent capacity for in your face aggression while being able to shit out heals.
i dont know why i dont see him more often, honestly. maybe people dont like having to aim his heal.

I seriously hope you guys don't do this


Maeve is kinda retarded. Just keep spamming jump and spamming knives. See an enemy: knife -> dash -> fast -> knife -> heal/reset -> dash -> fast, everything is dead at this point so you can just fuck off to wait 15 secs for cooldown. Most people have hard time hitting the fucking thing.

Cherry picked. But fun to watch nonetheless.

well, i hope theres a talent card for evies ice block blink. i miss her being outright deadly instead of a hit and run harasser. i wouldnt mind taking that over wormhole. wormhole is for sissies.

the hi-rez authenticate and update service?
it works fine if you set it to not run during startup, and only manually launch it before playing paladindus. you can stop the service afterwards.
as for easy anti cheat it stops running when the game stops running as far as i can tell. if it doesnt im sure theres a similar workaround.

That's nice. I always liked playing Ying but also felt like I was cheating.

I don't understand the rareness of Mal'Damba either. One game I got on the Ice Fields ended with me holding off all five members of the enemy team from the objective while the rest of the party was respawning. They were literally dumber than the AI thought, so that's not saying much. I had a score about as high as the rest of the team combined. It was the definition of a hard carry.

Oh look a reason to reply! I post just for you baby~

When used on LAN tournaments for CS it takes screenshots of the desktop to make sure their isn't any fuckery going down. People took that as its the basically the eye of Sauron. Fear mongering.

Wouldn't surprise me, when they patched it out of the game people treated it like it killed the character when it was just complete cheese, but being a legendary card would be a great choice for it. If they're bringing back Dragoz jet booster bug they'll probably bring teleice back.

Lot of players probably avoiding him because of Mae being in every game along with her destroying him if he misses the snek stun, easier to just play Grover for the cripple or Ghronk for the M2 slow/high dps.

i would only see jumanji once every 50 games before oliver twist was added to the game anyways. hell i dont remember him being that popular when he was released either, though he was a bit weak at the time.
is he really that odd to people? maybe he just clicks with me because i have a hardon for area denial.


Did they balance anything or they just added a new broken hero?

The game's alright but the issues are too big to ignore on most matches. Just play dirty bomb

well, skye has less health these days, and damage falloff on her ult. but she also has more ammo.

any flanker is the last thing i would call overpowered though. theyve been nerfed so much theyre more suited to harassment and distraction than actually picking anyone off. and the way they changed gold distribution is also geared against them.

everyone gains gold by doing anything, but a bonus for 'filling their role'. front liners for contesting objectives, supports for healing, offense for damage, and flankers have to earn "flanking kills" which both assumes they can kill someone on their own and relies on some strange detection. leaving them further in the dust.

i think that shifts the class dynamic in favor of offense. which i tend to like, but i think the game is "less balanced" because of it. in the sense that i dont really want any characters or roles to feel less useful.

of course this is all coming from my shitter tier experience with games where i absolutely have to do everything, so dont just take my word for it. but i dont imagine it being that much different at higher levels, aside from some semblance of cooperation and initiative between english speaking brazilians.

ideally, there would be opportunities for flankers to swoop in and land the finishing blows. but i dont see how thats much more useful than stacking more damage and absolutely shattering their front line, while making it more of a challenge for any of their flankers to get anything done because there are more people watching each others backs.

Same can be said of almost any game on Holla Forums. For video game fans, most of the people here really hate games.

is this the lucky charms of porn.

am i correct in my observation that nimbleness doesnt stack with some other move speed bonuses? which ones does it not stack with?

Only the highest move speed bonus applies. No move speed bonuses stack.

wait shit i was wrong
Passive increases stack, temporary increases don't. So Nimble is always on and stacks with +x% after ability cards, but +x% after ability cards don't stack with each other.

would out of combat bonuses count as passive?

no idea

Sha Lin is most broken, gonna be nerfed with S1 patch. Cassie is also strong and will be changed with patch. Skye isn't in meta at all right now. Damba hardly op.

Whatever is the highest move speed effect takes priority, does not stack.

is that so? i coulda sworn it stacked with wyrm jets on drogoz.

The game is going P2W with season one, so either buy all the cards on your main accounts or suffer greatly. Its gonna be bad since you will no longer be able to buy cards with gold and the most significant ones are going to need about 45k worth of gold.

Pretty brilliant by hirez really, they'll make a shit ton of money off whales but the integrity of the game will be pretty much gone. I'll probably stop playing if its as bad as the PTR and patch notes are saying. New players are gonna be shit outta luck.

well, this could put an end to my 15 account bullshit unless heroes remain cheap and the standard loadouts have workable cards in them.
it looks like its still going to be "in beta" though, so as long as theres plenty of negative feedback they may be forced to change course. but why would that ever happen? shitters like dont have a case, all i could say is that its too hard for new players to get in to, but what isnt? and the ones really attached to the game are likely enthused with the idea because they could buy chests with the gold theyve horded over the alpha and beta.

but whatever, maybe ill be surprised


Every time.

If you want those PVE bux you need to roll with a Kinessa, several Frontlines and a Healer.

Get the Kinessa to mine and run onto the outside of that frog statue thing, and the bucks will jump off the ledge trying to get her. Until then, use your healer (we found Grohk works best) and Frontlines (we used Barik, Ruckus and Makoa, though Torvald would probably be great) to survive on point for as long as possible while the Buck's slowly get aggro'd

Unfortunately this actually requires everyone to do their job, so a random Tyra or Victor drawing aggro back to the point will lose you the match

wow a mario party ripoff

Kill yourselves, everybody knows you actively market your shovelware on imageboards.

dude bro i tanked my aspd while Ganking my KS while nerfing and also LOM

Yeah, Mobafags deserve to be ovened