Why would you ever play a game that doesn't have a cute female protagonist?

Why would you ever play a game that doesn't have a cute female protagonist?

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exhentai.org/tag/artist: mizuryu kei

All I'm seeing are sluts, OP. Post some actual cute girls next time.


Sure thing, libtard

Why would you ever make a template thread?

Since the two other threads was removed, I'll post my reply here >:I

TLDR; I'm a male, 9/11 I pick the girl.

Violent game ?
Female definitively. The moans and shrieks of pain rather turns me on.

Decent customization ?
Female. Spend hours modifying appearance & coming up with a name.

Same as above & during progression, my idea of the character changes/evolve so I switch appearance & hairstyle & way of playing. Depending on the game, I try to do the moral choices and pick play-style I think actual girls would choose. I watch Let's Play-s hosted by female gamers and take inspiration from their actions.

I can't say I'm particularly fond of the actual game-elemets of an MMO, its the quasi-social aspect that draws me.
Not necessarily a female character, however I pick a character/screen-name with subtle female associations and roleplay as a female playing the game. I've done this for almost 9 years now & become rather skilled. Main motive is drama, seeing as when a female enters a social circle of men-only (guild/party/group etc), shit flies out the window faster than you can say "white-knight". Many a circles & friendships have been disbanded due to my female alter-ego, and I'm rather proud of it. However, it works rather well for acquiring items & currency too (and social status), I can quickly snare the occasional beta around my sweaty pinky and sudo-whore myself out for stronk equips and gold. If I feel that its a particularly autistic/young/foolish guy, I can go a step further and take it beyond the actual game with forged Facebook profiles, having my younger sister VoIP with them (pretending to be "me") & sending them forged nudes, then (sometimes) getting dick-picks in return. Rare instances lead to blackmail on my behalf. When I feel especially down/suicidal, I accept a submissive role (instead of trying to stir up shitstorms) and pander to a specific individual i.e pocket heal-slutting & so forth.
However, it doesn't only work on men alone. I've been successful at infiltrating many girl-only circles and spent COUNTLESS hours mindlessly chatting with actual girls. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm strongly addicted to this, It's something with their ridiculously stupid conversations that I just can't give up. In addition, it grants me exclusive insight into the respective female individuals "mind" to better form a whole image of their way of thinking, behavior, speech-patterns, keeping a'jour with expressions & their lingo etc etc etc. I used to keep journals & logs of what's been said between individuals and notes on how their phrasing and behavior changed when you introduced other individuals. For any occasional gal that reads this, I've never seen such strong jealousy anywhere else :^)

Online competetive/on-MMO?
Female character, female-associated username.
Some men just become so goddamn upset when a "girl" beats them, OR if you shit up matches intentionally ("Oh I'm so so sorry DD: I'm not very good at this game"). I reverse-flame them into mildly cyber-bullying & throwing all sorts of sexist banter at me, only for me to giggle at like a little schoolgirl, screenshot/record then absorb their frustration and abuse to embrace as fuel for my journey (works especially well in shooters). It's truly amazing how much effort some people will go trough to tell others how bad they are. While doing this, I can't help but to smile when I think of that I'm a contributing to the female genders bad reputation in online games.

No game is perfect.

Because I want a cute boi.

Why would you ever play a game that doesn't have Todd Howard as protagonist?

what if there was a ranma game

There's like 2 or 3 for the SNES.

Fuckinh faggot.

Because I know how to find porn, and am not a weeb.

Because being an old guy with a hammer is fun.

gas yourself onii-chan

stop ruining the phrase weeb, reddit

Weebs are the only people who play a game just because it has animu grills.

cute boys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "cute" sluts

I wonder how a modern Ranma would play out.

imagine a western ranma reboot

It'd be disgustingly political yet annoyingly edgeless.

you don't know what a weeb is, reddit, time to go and kill yourself

So tell me what you think a weeb is.

There was an RPG and some fighting games. No idea how they'd make a modern Ranma game, but I'd love one because Ranma is my combination waifu-husbando

the definition hasn't changed, if you don't know what it is, you need to lurk more.

So you don't have one, got it.

bye bye reddit

Women are shit that's why

But 2D > 3D

I just came in to say that you're retarded.

2d boys > 2d girls

How can one person be so wrong?

but boys dont have tits, user

opai is best pie

Also, to answer OP, it's because sometimes the class I want to play doesn't have a female version, or the equipment looks better.

But oppai loli is for normalfags that need tits on everything to feel fine with fapping to it.

A reminder there's weeb vidya now >>>/wv/ to discuss cute vidya waifus without normalfags.

Normalfags are the ones that don't get what weeaboos are.

Considering how odd the proportions look on average, I have my doubts with that sentiment.

Hopefully the recent shilling will help the board gain more traction.

Well, probably because I have a cute female protagonist as a girlfriend.

It's opperating through the logic of "if it has tits, it's not as taboo as fapping to loli." They could mentally pass it off as just being a busty midget or something.

I suppose that's true.

Is it true bloomers was open crotched?

you mean like this?

Because lust is for heretics.

how many times can you use the word rather in a fucking essay? It makes me rather pissed off.


Yes, just like that. What do we search for bloomers specifically like that? boorus

Yeah, but then you run into the same problem I have: gym bloomers. Shit clogs up the search results and makes finding good pictures a chore. Same for sadpanda. ESPECIALLY sadpanda.

because i'm not a girl or a pedophile

Because men get all the cool armor.

Look like assless chaps mixed with bloomers. No idea how that would be worded.

Crotchless bloomers seem pretty rare compared to the traditional kind. In boorus they get tagged as crotchless_panties most of the time, so you'd need to look for "crotchless_panties bloomers" to get what you want.
旧ドロワ seems to get plenty of hits on pixiv for them too.

It's a damn shame that there's no distinction on sadpanda. They're completely different; split them up already. Gym bloomers a shit.

Already did that way to many times, when are the nips going to make a widow detective game that needs to save the world while taking care of her qt daughter bonus points if you can remarry to a christmas cake or a MILF

Moe shit were ranma is a girl that transform into another girl?

An ara yuri game might be interesting.


You can never truly remarry, user. Once your wife is dead, she's dead forever. Your child will never have a mom again, some strange woman is no replacement for the woman that bore them, just a warm silhouette.

Here's hoping it doesn't die like all the other alternate Holla Forumss. I'm getting real sick of all the goons and normalfags on this board.

Took a bus yesterday and there was a lady with literally those tits, I thought that wasn't possible.


Google macromastia.

No idea that this is a rarity. Or is it because I have shit taste for sullying an innocent looking design? I want more of this.

Like these?

If you love and appreciate the design for its cuteness and innocence, that's fine. Cuteness/innocence is best fetish.
If you like it because you get off to to perverting/corrupting it, then there's a problem.

Not sure if it's related to corruption but I love the anti-corruption aka purifying play.

Christ what a shit thread, hang yourself OP. At least people are posting some porn.

Purification is great.

I I wish there were more things that had the reverse intent of mindbreak. Like taking a slut and 'taming' her so that she became a respectable housewife.

Because I'm not into waifus and I prefer playing as an average enough guy that isn't a faggot, a mute suit of armor or a creature that would be fun to fuck around with.

How's your first day?

The fact you don't know and spew it anyways only proves a retard like you needs to fuck off.

Kill yourself.

Stop shilling.

It's called I choose not to get a gf or even consider waifus.

It had some steam a while ago. Not sure what killed it since I'm seeing NTR rising up again at least the translated ones. The original has a lot of vanilla recently and sindol has one slut returning back to a normal mother

Is there a new download link, the last version I have was from over a year ago and I heard that some things were added.

A vast majority of the games I play are ones which allow me to be a cute little girl. The ones that are not are usually shitty western games, or simply one in which the MC is your run-of-the-mill Japanese high school boy with zany powers.

But I know that no matter many I play, I'll never be the little girl in real life ;_;

It's called being a gigantic literal faggot. I can tolerate gay men, but please fucking purge outrighy faggots.

It's also impossible to find now because that version's been posted too many times. No one's happy.


dang. I was going to search for it, too. I mean that looked pretty promising.

Yeah. And I keep getting locked into a cycle of seeing one out-of-context page or frame, sometimes an entire comic, sourcing it back and finding to someone that does NTR. Wouldn't be that bad if they didn't have great art on top of it.

It's not hard to find at all, that artist has that work and many other of his stories, posted on sadpanda.

I have to play this some day. I want to give her a nose____.

So, about on the same level as this guy exhentai.org/tag/artist:moaja

About like this, actually exhentai.org/tag/artist: mizuryu kei

Are the nips incapable of understanding love?

Mizuryu Kei is the biggest degenerate on this planet, he loves sluts.

Well, you shitposting nigger, cute isn't everything. Besides, I can just use my web browser to gain instant access to an endless supply of cute animu grills whenever I want.

I may be a faggot but unlike you I'm not a whiny little bitch :^)
Take your own advice and kill yourself lad.

There's nothing gay about wanting to be a big muscular man who wrestles with other big muscly men, shirtless, on top of very large phallic structures.

Translation Patch: mega.nz/#F!D9cj3ISb!buOlZ6hIqVIzZmoaYiJKLA

I wish I could rip off my shirt and jacket in a single motion, without ruining them.

Great thinking, you shit taste fag.

Why don't developers make games with loli versions of adult characters?

because the game is good?

Literally no point or appeal.

Because sometimes good games don't have cute female protagonists even if they'd be made better still by having cute female protagonists.

Why is Tron Bonne so lewd?

Are you gay? Or into used goods?

Because she really, REALLY wants Megaman's D. Like, holy shit does she want it.

Maybe he's just not into fetishizing cute things.

Is that why she has a chasity plate installed?

Why doesnt she just build a robot that looks like megaman?

Yes. There can only be one.

It's not the same, user. It's just not the same.

Hey, keep your mind out of the gutter. No one sexualizes the loli.

normalfags get out

Weep for them father for they know not the joys of cute girls and the justice of flatness is forever denied them.

I'd never have sex with a loli but I'd love to raise her into a cherished member of society in a healthy two parent household

The only game I'd play with a cute female protagonist is a rape h-game.

Fuck outta here thotty

Please leave. Shitran Kagayra is a fucking retarded video game series that only appeals to idiots who don't mind shallow gameplay and shit story and characters as long as they get their sameface, sameboobed, different colored anime girls. Not to mention this shit is only shilled here by XSeed marketing monkeys and you eat it up brainlessly.



Can't deal with the truth, cunt?

Also, since nobody else pointed it out

don't like fun or something?

I know why people like Pokemon.

You'd probably have more of a point if you didn't come in flinging buzzwords around.

I'm pretty sure they're one of those gays.


Every time, without fail.

Go to your Christcuck circlejerk on Holla Forums and remember that your attempts to infiltrate our culture have failed.

What buzzwords? Do you have an actual argument?


How's your first day?

Go back to wherever you came from.


Nice try Schlomo. Your D&C tricks won't work.

I came from imageboards, so I guess I get to say.

Sure thing buddy.

Holla Forums is a Jewish run outlet that uses useful idiot Christcucks to carry out their demands and subvert imageboard culture, and has been like this for many years. It all started with le funny fedora maymay and people who would never think of coming here started acting high and mighty against everyone else.

This tread is shit and I'm going to do us all a favor and post anime titties, and you're going to like it.

You may be retarded, but at least you're posting some pretty good anime tiddies.

I speak the truth user. I only want the best for our way of life. We need to go after Christfags just as much as we need to go after commies, Jews, Mudslimes, globalists and the like. I have good reason to believe groups similar to the JIDF and CTR have been trying to subvert us for a long time, and they are coming here either as Christians or under the guise of Christians. The solution is to post anime titties in all crevices possible.

Step up, senpai.

This man speaks the truth.