Most videogame related youtubers became SJW's, sell outs or stopped making content

Can we have a thread about some actually decent vidya content channels.
Before a newfag screams Eceleb I am just interested in the videos and channel itself.

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Saint, check him out.

That was far from one of his best videos. He kind of sucks at a lot of videogames. Helios and BipBop were better.

It's sad that a youtuber can't become popular if he uploads only once a month or two. Ross and MattewMetosis are the few exceptions to this.
As someone with a channel myself he's pretty motivating since he literally spends 60 to 70 hours a week just working on his videos even when he wasn't making money off of them. He also responds to pretty much any email a fan sends him.

Oh and here are a few youtubers I personally like.
Too bad all the best creators upload so rarely.


I wish Gather your Party (that vidya news site made by Holla Forums) was still going. I wanted to try to join it before it died but I wasn't confident enough in my skills as a content creator yet.

Hi Saint its cycle green
I've been getting back into MisterCaption and noah caldwell-gervais. I feel like Noah skirts the lines of being an SJW sometimes but hasn't gone full into it yet.

Well, post your best vid.

You too.

I've enjoyed some of Ghatlycrates vids, I guess he's alright.

Can we talk about ones we hate too, I hate Ahoy. Ahoy's videos sound like someone reading out the description of a game on the back of a box, no discussion, no itneresting insights, just boring mush, I guess they don't try to sound smart but come off as retarded like some people.

Well then post your content you old cuck.

He sounds like an SJW

I really hate Jesse Cox and Dodger/Crendor. I have no idea how any of that group got famous.

I'm not saying this is Eceleb bullshit, but this is eceleb bullshit.

Make your own content

I've considered it but I sound like a massive fucking faggot.

Just speed up your voice slightly so you can get that impressionable faggot child money.

You're joking, right?
Thats the same autistic faggot who call F.E.A.R 3 sexist and likes modern Call of Duty and Fallout 3/4 while being a pretensious cunt that drags his videos along with nothing but subjectivity.
What the fuck is wrong with you?

At least this autist isn't afraid of guns or work.

is right, say goodbye to the thread.

It ain't done yet but this is what I have been working on so far.

I do and it takes forever. It literally has taken 15 hours just to get 8 minutes of video done

Assuming you didn't just post your own video I wonder how long that 30 minute long video took to make since it is decently edited.

Dodger has vagina so that's understandable, Jesse Cox though, I have no fucking idea, he's not funny, he isn't good at any of the games he plays, he's not well informed when it comes to games, I don't know, it has to be an issue of perfect timing and nepotism, actually nepotism probably explains it sufficiently, kind of like Jontron making talentless unlikeable faggots like Peanutbutter Gamer and Projared relatively big channels able to self sustain. I don't like Jontron but he has entertainment value while those other fags don't, at all.

Esports are cancer, but Splatoon looks like it could have a good competitive ring. Nintendo will find a way to fuck up any potential for it though.

vid related.

I don't make game videos.

Matthewmatosis is still good
Joseph Anderson is still alright though he has kinda shitty taste
Ross's Game Dungeon is still good
Oneyplays is occasionally funny

if you want to watch 1000 videos on the same game, Northenlion is the youtuber, you want

He also hates Serious Sam for arbitrary reasons while in the same breath saying he likes Serious Sam. Really makes no sense.

I enjoy TweedVsWorld, especially for his Starbound reviews. I also like his somewhat pessimistic tone, especially on some of the early access failures that he backed like the idiot he was and probably still is. He also said that he just got a new mike and that he is going to to do new videos.

Ross is a fucking boss.

Part 2, now with an even worse resolution.
EA will keep trying. I can't imagine it ever picking up though.

yoshesque goes to 8/v/ and her videos are pretty good. It's just a bit sad she ONLY makes videos about bayonetta. Which is a game I like but there is only so much you can do.

Tweed needs to post more shit. He's the kind of almost depressed person I enjoy listening to.
He's probably the only actually reliable reviewer of starbound that not only stuck to it through the iterations but also gave it a fair look from both sides instead of "oh it's a good game with some bad things"

Is ReviewBrah video game related?

It's a big game, it will probably pick up because people are like that, but it seems fucking redundant, like if someone made a 3d chess e-sport

Kill yourself.

Isn't that the pretentious cuck that said it's not okay for Call of Duty to take place in Brazilian favelas because the spics there are brown and poor but it's okay to stage a level in white suburbia because they are white and privileged?

Also, his droning is nauseating and he never says anything even remotely insightful.

Ross is just about the only vidya-related youtuber I'll watch, I doubt he'll ever get political in any significant way. He seems like he just likes video games too much to poison his videos with anything cringey. He's one of the few people who makes a living off of youtube content that I hope succeeds, because he seems like he works so damn hard. I hope that "movie" he's making works out for him.

how do you know?

The only good Jewtuber that I can remember are

Joseph Anderson
Chris O'Neill ( Oneyplays )
Two Best Friends Play ( Pat and Woolly LPs only )

And that's about it

rip never forget


I still go back to some Jon Grumps series from time to time.


Honorable mentions go to

His opinions on modern games are shit, but his videos on old games and hardware are neat, and his Tech Tales are interesting.

FPS review guy that lays the Australian a little too thick, but at least he's got thick enough skin for a YouTube fag.

Previously Recorded are decent. Jack can be pretentious af but he's very self-aware about it so it doesn't come across as annoying. I still think Yahtzee is the only funny gaming-related comedian around. Also bonus points for being one of the first people to wake me up to SJW bullshit.

Ross is a pretty cool dude.


You niggers really disappoint me sometimes.

He also said Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines was sexist because, according to him, all the female characters in the game only care about power or sex.


It's kinda funny how the old gamegrumps went in complete opposite directions politically.

I guess i'll post a video each of the Bonfire lit crew.

Vash the Shell Bullet
Perils of Pokey
Mr Sam Explains
Turbo Button

They're my favorite Game Analysis content creators.

They do the Bonfire Lit ComfyCast which has 37 episodes it about gaming news they're always hilarious and great for having on in the background when playing a game.

Mr Sam Explains is just a shitposter so I won't post one of his videos but he's on the cast allot an he's funny

This is VashTSB he's a really good DMC player he uploads infrequently but when he does it's some good shit.

Pokey also uploads infrequently but he's done some Great Reviews of Bayonetta 1&2,Final Fantasy 13 and Metal Gear Rising.

This is Pokey's old Channel Press X To Remorse that he doesn't use it anymore but he did a great 5 part hour and a half long DmC review.

The Gaming Brit Does has really good reviews of all the Devil May Cry games and also has some good Metroid videos.

Clemps has done Really good Analysis on all the Drakengard games and is almost done the final part of his Neir analysis
They're all great to watch if you want to know the back story before playing Neir: Automata with out having to track down and play each game.

HyperBitHero does a great Series called Devious Intent talking about Villains and he sold me completely on the Yakuza Series with this Fantastic video.

Turbo Button was already posted in the thread but anyway
He does videos an a variety of Video game topics.

mieDAX is a Kingdom Hearts Speedruner but he's got a few great videos as well

My nigga right here.
Also, gotta recommend BroTeamPill for when you need a giggle, whoisthisgit for when you want to watch vidya, he MIGHT be pozzed though, considering he bought Dishonored 2 and Every Frame A Painting when you accidentally add a T to Holla Forums.

Man his writing is on point.

Are there any vidya channels that provide both entertaining information, gameplay, or discussion on a game while also having a brand of comedy that isn't a LOLSORANDOM one?

Basically I just want to be entertained and somewhat educated on the behind the scenes of some vidya while I'm doing something that isn't playing vidya. Ross is fine and all but I'm not finding him terribly entertaining.


I love reviewers who also bring up random facts or cool shit about a game.

Though most of his reviews are for cartoons

How come no one ever talks about The Video Game Years?
It's very informative

I remember playing this game with my cousin years ago as a kid and it fucked me up.. I didn't realize this was the Drakenguard everyone talks about on Holla Forums.

So what makes them good?

Yoko Taro's batshit insane writing

Atmosphere mostly, it's like the only musou game that addresses how you're killing hundreds of people per level.

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Ckeck out Smudboy

I always figured JonTron and Egoraptor split because of some stupid argument with Egoraptors mongoloid wife.