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Accept No Substitutes Edition


Cyber Dimension Neptune has officially released in Japan!
Re;Birth 2 & 3 are now available on GoG, joining Re;Birth 1, meaning the trilogy is now DRM-free!

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Re;Birth 3: Better than the original NISA translation in Victory but still quite a lot of cancer. Main game has been retranslated, translators still required to translate DLC content.
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So did any of you play the new games yet? Is it not shit like all the other games baring FFF?

new game. I mean the fantasy one.

Gonna have to wait a bit m8

It seems much better than other spin-offs. It has bigger dungeons with much more variety and verticality (even mountains) and also looks far better graphically due to it running on UE4. Gameplay seems better as well, but it's kind of wait and see on that one since many streamers are overleveled. Quality of the writing and story is unknown because it's in moon.

Overall I don't think it will be as good as V-II, but it will be far better than all the other spin-offs for certain.

And as usual, I want to have children and raise them with Nepgear. And to let her dominate Gamindustri with mechas

I want to eat pudding with Neptune and play videogames with her as we laugh at dumb, unfunny memes into the late hours of the night

And to come home to her naked body wrapped up in ribbon as my birthday present

I want to commit haram with Nepgear.

What? When I had a console (last one was PS3) I imported 80% of the time because burgers who liked to censor and put LGBT pandering in the game took 2 years go translate anything. I had a feeling a lot of people in these threads imported.

If they did import chances are they haven't received it yet. But there are nips streaming it if you know how to find them, and from their footage, it seems mostly positive

Dare I?

whoops, meant to also link

>not keeping your neps strictly halal

The localization for some of the games may be bad, but it's not like that at all. And I can't read moon


Because my fetish is handholding and cuddling and only having sex for procreative purposes.

Question is, how much?

your anus

About 13000 Japanese yen. Very expensive but damn that is a nice figure.

This year will be the year plutia is going gets her CD I'm sure of it!
and let's hope for the oracles, IF, Compa, Linda and Rei get thier CDs in a not so distant future!

The day we get any of these character's CDs is the day I die of a cute attack

I bet it's not that cheap.

Well, you can print a large picture of the figurine and hang it somewhere, you can learn how to work with resin and design your own figurine or you can blow your wallet to masturbate to an overpriced doll. So many options!
But yeah, it's awesome

But is she have pantsu?

I want Noire to motivate me to work hard everyday

She doesn't need them

Then why does she always take Nepgears when hers are dirty

I think you are confused. Nepgear doesn't wear pantsu. She just has a drawer of them so that Neptune has something to wear. All of Gear's pantsu are Nep's. That's why she got so upset when she thought someone stole them. She was just upset for her sister.

So that Nepgear doesn't have any either

Harsh. If Uni was added to the "Little Armory" series that would be the best.


You're gonna have to make your own daughterfus user. It's the only way.

I want to hug Rei


besides I can think on one or three reasons why rei should get her own daughters or sisters

I wonder if this will be the only Nep game we see this year.


I want to hug her



Why do the nips draw them so dark in the first place? They're not supposed to be that brown. Even the new Brave Witches doujin is a genuine interracial breeding ground.

It's to contrast with the skin tone of the women. Since she's brighter, she pops out more.


they haven't said anything about Nep vs SeHa Girls either, right? though if we go off other games, it should be coming around March…

Does IFI still accept marriage proposals or was Blancanon the sole exception?

there was once a guy who I think got acceptance for Neptune, but his case was either fake or not blown out to the same volume

I wonder why, unless IF only has a few neps that people have to fight over.



I remember someone emailing for Neptune but never got a reply, probably because Blancanon blew up on the image boards when he got a reply.

You could have asked if you wanted pics of 4GO merchandise

look at how happy she is

They really went all out with 4GO. Also a gift from the panda.

what a shame this artist is dead

Oh thanks, I forgot to post it here despite posting it everywhere else

Why are chaosneps so perfect?

look how happy she is

Pre ordered it so it should arrive soon

At least use the same IP, coward


If you meant NTR daughteru for lewd I'm gonna nail you to the cross

Because they are the same as regular neps but without any moral decency, which puts them in permanent bedroom mode. You should still marry them before lewding though, neps are not sextoys.

Why just have a waifu instead?

Why not both?

nope famlan, I meant what I said


whats NBR? You shouldn't try to have two neps anyways, it's generally a bad idea. Even- Especially Neps get jealous.

It means non-blood related so they can justify lewding them in their depraved minds. Think of Woody Allen after he went off the deep end with his asian daughteru.

I can only wish that Rei becomes more than just a passing character one day

I can only wish she does not, because she's insane.

Never ever

So Woody Allen user wants to lewd one daughteru while being a parent to the other? Fucking degenerate

VAs stay in the business for a long time in Japan so they have plenty of time and opportunities to bring her back. And if they do, hopefully she won't be flanderized into a schizo screwball.

You're missing the whole part where you can impregnate the nbr daughter before impregnating your wife so that your legal grandaughter is actually older than your only blood related daughter. And when your br daughter comes of age, she can do lewd things with her nee-san/niece and they can eventually get lesbian married.

Probable ID change from due to computer change. Now I can nep.

She doesnt look too terrified to be honest. Just blushing a bit.

Rei, Linda, Nisa, and Gust are all in the same boat. They're never going to be seen again

In the Nep games. Gust has been in Nights of Azure as a minion and I'm pretty sure that NISA has been in the last few Disgaea games.

Nisa was in Disgaea games. She was outed as a boy. Thats why she had to leave the Neptunia franchise.

I'd still fuck "her"

pls stop user

wait what

There I fixed it.

Obviously only a guy could have such a concave chest. The Disgaea folks pointed that out. Therefore, Nisa is a boy. Still a cool superhero though.

Stronk Uni

Fix what, user? Is there something wrong with the eyes of the Neps?

Rei was seen in the 4GO forums, which means she's not yet forgotten.

She was asking if her old computer could run the game.

So NISA is a boy? Fug

Looks she has trouble holding that pen

So this is what CH said on their twitter(with shitty help from google translate)

【Four Goddesses Online】
It seems that it is in a state of shortage nationwide, very popular.
We are planning to ship additional additions today and will continue to produce and ship from time to time in the future so please do not worry if you are looking for package version.

Lel faget/


Degenerate weeaboo general: still no gf edition

hahag agaypenis poopioe


What is this heresy.

I seem to have found a…Slaanep.

Looks high as fuck. Have a wet Nep to help you come down.

No intentional typos allowed.

Just wondering if there is any news of Rebirth 2 retranslation's Vita port?

Sorry m8, as far as I know that's either not being done, or still WIP

At least it's not a Vergle.

I'm… not sure i wanna know.

Presumably it would look something like this.


By the Emperor…

Eyebleach, anyone?

that's cute, not eyebleach

That's the best Purple Heart I've seen in ages. I'm not sure ale and pudding are a good mix though.

That would do a good job of cleaning one's eyes after seeing something horrid, right?

Dang, thats great.





Somehow I feel surprised that the first Nep game with an actual budget and actually different for once is the mosf glitchiest.




Gear gotta go fast.

Can't stop the Top Blanc

These glitches look like they'd be fun to fuck around with.

Dakkagear and sanicblanc could totally break the game though.

On the bright side it looks like my wish for larger more varied environments came true.

Maximum kek. I wonder if they will bother to patch this. More importantly will they ever give us a playable character DLC? Absolutely no reason to have IF and Uzume sit out.

But they are already in the game user as npcs


I was so mad I fucked up the formatting.

You'll have to mod them in.

Curse your dubs by the way, that means it's gonna happen. I never got why Compa and Iffy were shafted in the spin-offs minus SeHa.

They're not as popular in Nippon it seems. I was surprised when IF got her own game but I'm not going to pick up a spin-off unless I'm convinced otherwise.

*And Geki Noire
Fixed it for you

Random midnight neps

Well I forgot about Hyperdevotion and someone needs to nuke japan after evacuating Tsunako. Two weren't enough.

I always forget about Hyperdevotion. Noire is super popular in Nippon so I guess that game could have been seen coming.

best girl that isn't my waifu coming through


Any good side character girl on girl doujins?


NBR means non blood related.

Always used derogatorily in the context of 2D siblings fugging. Though, personally, it's the only kind of mother and son I'm okay with because I'm a faggot with shameless double standards.

You mean yuri? Pls leaf
Seriously though, side girl characters always get shafted in terms of fanart and doujins.

I've ingeniously realized the best way to have yuri in a fanservice series marketed for men is to ignore absolutely every iconic character that sells merchandise and just use lesser seen characters constantly shown around each other in particular.

It's still being developed, no ETA for release.

Best daughterfu here to save the thread




Did you pop in just to say that or have you just been sitting out this thread?

Plus, if you weren't just meming, you would also know that Leltek is ==TRASH==

This looks actually fun.

Memtech's wandering zero has been quite a clusterfuck.



4GO should be good for reaction shots, that's for sure.

"With this blade, I will protect Onii-chan and this land he loves."

this is lewd

Very lewd unless it's just a dramatic way of saying she's barren.

Or, it could be CAVE's poor understanding of biology.

Had it not been for the laws of this land she would have slaughtered you.

In case you didn't know, that's Kotori from Date a Live next to Noire instead of Cave.


I think Samurai is what Rom was born to be

You think in future Nep games Rom will still be a Samurai?

I don't know how people can mix them up, Cave isn't that small.

Probably will revert to the heal mage type, but you never know as this one seems to be flying off the shelves locally right now.

I wouldn't object to the idea as long as we get adorable bits with Rom doing samurai things like painting, poetry, flower organizing and sword practice

Ram and Rom could work on my sword, if you know what I mean.

the twins are to be cuddled and protected not lewded



hes just a blacksmith

I would like to see Rom become a more independent character. If all the Candidates becine better characters, then maybe they could start appearing in their own stuff instead of always having to be grouped together as "Nepgear and the other three additions."

I think that would be a good idea. Sadly, CH is the embodiment of wasted potential.

In my experience, the popularity of a character is almost directly related to screen time in this series, less popular get less screen time and then that character disappears. Totally isn't what happened to the Makers I swear because CH keeps adding more and more characters and can't seem to make up their mind on who to keep.

Please don't bully Rei

I doubt the candidates will get popular enough to get their own game, the lowee candidates in particular

Well there's also the situation regarding Makers and company licensing. As it stands since they didn't (IIRC) directly mention the companies the Golden Third represented they wouldn't have a problem using them again, but Marvy or MAGES might be more troublesome.

Mainly the ones that seem to get screwed over specifically on popularity are the Oracles (sans Histy) and Linda Underling. Which is a shame as Kei and Mina certainly have more potential, and Chika's funny but more limited (I suppose you could have more scenes with her acting halfway normal maybe?).

All neps are for lewd and bully. Even Rei.

I want to make Rei happy

Who wouldn't?

>noire fans and almost all the CPUs really
There has to be a reason why they get all the third grader drawing tier porn right?


You know in retrospect there is a tendency to portray people who enthuse about specific console-producing companies or console lines as being somewhat unhinged.

Please save the lewds after marriage

Since I'm in a rather good mood, story time.


8:00pm. The alarm rang.

"Wait… Why did I sleep that much ?"

Barely collecting my thoughts, with a rush for a quick, warm shower doing nothing to help, I just went to pick some nice clothes I left on the chair, as to ready them for this day. I usually am not the kind to prepare myself some fancy clothes, but from time to time, it's nice to take care about oneself. Especially since I have on the back of my mind the feeling that there was something important. Or else I wouldn't have put an alarm that late.

As to confirm my suspicions, the doorbell took the alarm's role, and resonated through the house. Clean as I was, all I needed to do was to take my usual belongings and to get off, my coat under the arm. But my surprise was big when I saw what was in front of me. A lovely girl dressed in purple and white. A lovely girl I recognized immediately as the one who caught my heart years ago.

"So, are you ready, Onii-chan ?"
"I… Guess I am."
"Goodness, you're still half-asleep, aren't you ?"
"I admit. I guess it's always like that with me."
"No worries. Come on, I'll remind you of what's planned tonight."
"Wait a minute, I have to close the doors."

One nice walk through the city. One nice walk together with the loved one. One delicious pleasure I'd indulge every day. And one delicious pleasure I'll enjoy the whole night, considering what's actually planned. A meal in a nice restaurant I've recommended her months ago. Some fun time at the fair. A meeting with her sister, who apparently wanted to meet me since quite some time. And then, it'll depend of the results.

"You're worried about the meeting with Onee-chan ?"
"A bit. It's important, after all."
"Indeed. But I think it'll happen without any troubles."
"You're sure trusting."
"I trust you. And I trust her as well."
"Then there's no reason to worry, is it ?"
"I'll try to, then. We have to enjoy the night before that, right ?"
"Yes !"

Her voice shined as she caught my arm a little too much, causing me to blush due to the pressure of her body on mine.

"…I still need to get used to this."
"To what ?"
"Physical contact."
"…You don't want me to hold you, Onii-chan ?"

I can't resist her puppy look. I have no reasons to do so, though.

"Of course I want it, I don't want to lose you among the people."
"Then… What is the problem ?"
"How to say it…"

Just saying that she's cute to the point I'd love to hug her, bring her back home and make babies with her all night would just cause her to blush like a mad girl and to become quiet the whole night, so it wouldn't work. Saying that I'm a pig who has mad feelings about love making for the whole purpose of procreation while holding hands and kissing would end with the same result. So I took a more decent approach.

"…I'm not used having such a cute girl pressing herself on me. And remember, I'm a man and I love you. This might bear consequences we have no control on."
"…Goodness. I see."

While still holding me, although a little less firmly, she lowered her head.

"…No need to be embarassed about it. It's part of what happens when people get in couples, after all."
"…You're sure, Onii-chan ?"
"I'd rather see you smile all the night."

She turned on me with a weird face and a long smile.


The surprise woke me up.

why live?


At least it isn't a BAD END, right ?

I wonder how Rei would be like

You know what to begin writing then.

No, it's perfect.

A reminder there's now weeb vidya to discuss games without normalfags >>>/wv/

…But why?

I want a place to discuss all vidya without normalfags

Always a classic.

That too.

Forks should not be done on small communities. Besides Holla Forums has nep threads and Vita threads, it's not weeb-averse.

What's the point? It''ll either die off or become as totalitarian as /a/. The only way we can get a better vidya board is if Mark is dethroned and non-jew with common sense becomes BO like that'll ever happen

I don't think Holla Forums mods want us gone yet so it doesn't really matter what the normalfags think. I'll go there if we get purged though.

I think the Holla Forums mods sorta like us? If I recall one of them is a Gearfag

yes and codemonkey is nepfag too

Admin approved



Does anyone have information or even footage on how 4GO's multiplayer works? We haven't seen much of that yet, and it seems pretty interesting to me.

From what little I've seen you can customize your characters like how you can do it in Megatag

Unnecessary at this point. We already have a board of our own and further more the mods are fine with us, last I heard.

Why are Nep and Vert so smug in 4GO?

She got her 5 minutes of fame


at least put it in spoiler, some people don't want to get spoiled on the CG's

They needed to develop a countermeasure for Noire's skeptical/incredulous face.

I really really like this picture.

What's there to spoil? Vert harasses Blanc all the time. It's for her own good.

I'm getting strong yuri vibes from this.

What is trumpudding?

it's a normal pudding but the top part is yellow and after you eat it you feel freedom inside your head :^)

You wake up in a bed that's obviously a bit too small with you. Your feet are on the edge of said bed, yet it doesn't matter. What matters, though, is the heavy weight between your legs. That, and the fact you can't either move or see.
"Ah, he's waken up !"
"Hello, Onii-chan !"
"Girls, it's not that funny, let me off ! Rom ! Ram !"
It has been two years that you've been appointed to Lowee's Basilicom as the newest guardian for the twins. Twins who didn't accept you at first, and who were quick to pranking you, but after several talks and small incidents, the situation has been calmed down… Until recently.
Ram suddenly began throwing a fit and starting to prank both you and Rom, locking both of you in rooms, wardrobes and closets, throwing buckets of cold water at her and so on. However, this time, they seem to work together on the prank.
"…We're not playing anymore."
"What ?"
"Tell us, Onii-chan, what day is it ?"
"If I'm not wrong, it's both your birthday today, isn't it ?"
"I'll finally be able to free my closet a bit, since there are your presents in."
"Presents ?"
"Yeah, free me and I'll give them to you."
"Nice try, Onii-chan. But you're not getting away."
"Why ?"
"As you know, this is our birthday. Our eighteenth birthday, to be more precise."
"Eighteenth ? But you look like thirteen at best !"
"Thank our Share Crystals for that."
"Why ?"
"When you're chosen to be a Candidate or a CPU, you have a Share Crystal that comes with, and that determines which growth is ideal for your role. But since we were born at the same time, we also share the same Crystal, which means our physical growth is cut in half."
"Thanks for the information, Ram, but that doesn't explain why I'm all tied up."
"…You're my gift for Rom."
"Eh ?"
"You know I've spent my last months annoying both of you, right ?"
"Yes, and ?"
"It was just to create some situations… I'm her twin sister after all, so she can't hide anything to…"
"RAM ! Don't tell it !"
"…Fine, but you do it, then."
You felt part of the weight on your under body trembling a bit. Which makes you think that both twins are on it.
"…Onii-chan ?"
"Yes, Rom ?"
"…I love you. Since the first time I've met you here… I never stopped thinking about you since then…"
"I understand."
"…You don't love me, do you ?"
"…I honestly never thought about you this way, especially with the chance of hammer time should your big sister happen to know about it."
"And now that I give you the time to do so, what do you think about it ?"
"…I know you since two days now, and I've seen lots of things about you, both your good and bad sides. You have a serious tendency to not be able to refuse anything from a friend or your sister, but you also are kind and really cute. And I think I can't refuse these feelings that comes from you."
"…Really ?"

The weight moved, as you felt a planted kiss on your lips, with tears going on your face.
"Thank you, Onii-chan… I love you so much…"
"Well well, now that the declaration is done, what about you taking the main course ?"
"The… Main course ?"
"You're tied up and blinded up by two recently adult girls, including one who is madly in love with you, and you don't get what the main course is ?"
"Wait, don't tell me that…"
Slurp. One tongue running along your shaft, with a clear intent.
"…It actually is that."
"Sorry, Onii-chan, but… I've talked about it with Ram… And she suggested this… To make you tell the truth…"
"I've told the truth !"
"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we can't get some fun !"
Without any chance to answer, the tongue went wild on you, with another one quickly joining on the fun, each going its own way. The pressure quickly went up.
"Look, Rom, he's twitching. That means he enjoys it."
"…Onii-chan… He's big…"
"Yeah, I admit. But I told you everything I knew, you'll be fine."
"You… Told her ? Don't tell me…"
"Well, it's my first time too… But I don't regret anything. Since we're twins, we share everything after all, including feelings. And she knew it, even when she came at me for advice. So let me have some fun too."
Again, the tongues did their work on you. And quickly, the pent pressure went away in a big flow.
"Aaaah… It's too sticky…"
"You liked it… Onii-chan ?"
"Yeah… Yeah…"
"Take some breath, the main course hasn't even began."
"Yeah, I'm ready."
You took some time to recover, as both girls did untie and unblind you, not even taking care of the white load on their faces. Their birthday is about to be a long day, for the three of you.


bullying Blanc is a mainstay of the series at this point, I would hardly call Vert's chapterly interference "yuri"

Wonder what that image was with respect to.

It could be a million things, Noire is pretty incompetent on the inter-personal side of things. The best part is that Uni still loves her with all hert that hides heart under that tsundere shell

I have no idea what I was writing in that spoiler, I apologize heavily for that.

Uni loves Noire with all her heart that she hides under that tsundere shell

Well I was wondering since Men Don't Scream usually writes stories with his images. Finally found the source though:






I really like how the vast majority of Rei lewd/doujins are quite vanilla/loving.

Least she's less of a shit than her sister since she aint as much as a tsundere

People like christmas cakes and neps. Add them together, you got a winning combination

Loving Rei is a big investment you know, she's a very fragile but kind little lady. Anything more than vanilla would scar her and it takes quite a man to take that plunge. Weak men become degenerates who then project this trait onto their beloved hence why they attract weak neps which fall prey to their own infatuations

Can't say you're wrong with those trips either

All I want is for Rei to be in the games again, hopefully playable, and not just a passing reference

I'm making an educated guess that Neptune was lying or exaggerating something. The usual.


You're holding out on us here


Shit thats adorable.

god damn

Turns out it's not only the age of the waifu that is upon us. It's also the age of the daughteru.

Who's watching?


probly another player

>people are already using modern technology to become the neps

well there is already technology for waifu simulator but difficulty would be in either include/not include VA and need better headpat technology. Also VR itself needs time to 1.refine the code 2. cost effective production and 3. Either more physics motor for vr or more refine to current engines sameway in 1.

This is adorable

Protect @ all costs

If only this world was one where that could go without saying.

Is this how the begining of the waifu age looks like?

What a time to be alive.

Got any favorites?

IS there even ONE

Nep nep nep nep nep.

I stepped in nep. What do I do?

ask apology. They are fragile

If you were suddenly transported to gameindustri but your nep didn't exist in this version of gameindustri how upset would you be?
and how ambitious would you be to do dimension hopping in hopes to find her one day?

yes but after i destroyed those who would hurt neps

but I like all the neps

Then I would wait until she did exist, no matter how long that takes.

But it wouldn't be so bad because I'd get to be friends with all the other neps in the meantime.

I'll need to befriend everyone else, for help and information, or somehow find a way to get through the dimensions alone, I'd probably need a way to stop aging somehow, this won't be easy. I'd need atleast some proof that she exists somewhere though.

Even though I would like to continue ng that there's some esoteric reasoning behind it, really it's probably because Rei's VA is expensive.

She's voiced some pretty big characters hasn't she? Didn't realize she voiced Ms Smith…

Isn't Plutia's VA expensive as well?

Aren't ALL their VAs expensive? How much is it to actualy hire these people?

I would burn that dimension to the ground and then hop over to the Hyperdimension like nothing ever happened. Ultradimension a shit.

My answer to this question is: too much. Who the fuck needs voice talent? I don't need voices in my game, only normalfags really "require" voices, those of us who actually play games for the games don't give a shit about voices. Dark Souls isn't diminished one bit if there are no voices (and I would know, I play with voices turned off).

While you're probably a copypasta because I swear I've seen that pic and text before, I would assume that its because you haven't had a game where the VAs put effort into their characters. Games that are good enough to not have voices are all over, but for those that require characterization quality voices are wonderful.

Not pasta, no. And don't be a smarmy prick and just assume things. I just don't care about VAs regardless of language. I'd rather associate my own attributes to a character, including the way that voices are. When you gratify the user with every possible facet of the character, it removes the mystique of that character quite a bit.

I'll give an example… Let's say Umaro from Final Fantasy VI. Yes the game has no voices, and that's why I'm using this example. How would you associate the way Umaro communicates? Do you think it's a deep craggy voice? Or perhaps a raspy sharp voice? What if it's like a frenzied animal? You don't really know. But then let's say the company decides to voice that character, and instead of going with some kind of logical way that character would sound, you get some faggot who does this singsong voice and it's like "not only is it wrong for this type of character, it ruins the character."

I've played thousands of games in my life, heard plenty of game character voices. I never heard a voice in a game that made me think "this couldn't have been cast better." Also you make this generalization WITHOUT EVEN PROVIDING EXAMPLES. What game are you going to point to? Do you have an example?

Your argument would be valid if we thought of English, VAs, but JP seiyuu are leagues above them

I would assume all the budget goes into hiring the VAs for the most part. It seems like the more well known VAs you got the better your game does in Japan.

We Vert now.

Apparently a good many of the VAs are into the Nep franchise itself so that might drive the costs down a bit. Rie I think has Neptune as her Twatter avatar and has even cosplayed as her, and IF's actress worked for pretty much nothing on the first game if they made her a Vert devotee to reflect her IRL platform preferences. Also they seem to work together fairly often in other things as well.

Happy Commercial Jewing Day, everyone. Be sure to spend the day with your favorite nep.

Is this what pride feels like?


I wonder which of them like the Nep franchise

IF's VA apparently wanted a Nep MMO and likes vidya, dunno about the rest


IF and CH are the biggest monsters ever

What will you give your Nep for Valentine's Day.


Reminder that she almost got stabbed at the Nepcon

i bet it was yurifags

Well people like Ram's or Noire's VA are definetly willing to work with them, given how Ram voiced Tiara in FFF(btw it's coming out today on steam) and Noire voiced someone in Trillion iirc

You can't stab someone with a crowbar, can you?

Actually it was an otaku mad that she got married


My love and tons of pleasure.

The otaku was a yurifag that thinks that a woman getting married to a man ruins her purity but a woman fucking another woman is perfectly fine.

So yurifags are part of why the Japanese are dying out.

Add fujos into the mix and there you have why not even the perverts breed.

Forced breeding when?

If that happens, I'd feel nothing but deep sympathy for a man that get paired up with a fujoshi

I didn't specifically mention pairing up with them, but I suppose the message I replied to implied it.

Yurifags + Fujos jammed into a room together would be funny

I would give her a homemade hot chocolate that I made myself and a poem expressing my love to her that may or may not be corny as hell

Sing for her

Plenty of sweets, cuddling and to top it all off, a cute date where I get to see her try on all sorts of clothes

In case you nigs are interested, Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force is out now with a 25% launch discount.



there has been so many valentine neps this year, feels good and sad

Well, play asia fucked me over. I preordered the famitsu edition of Cyberdimension and when release came, they neglected to tell me that somehow my preorder didn't go through, so I got pulled around for 3 days and missed out on getting it elsewhere cause they fucking suck. Which blows cause the NP LE's are so damn much better.

Oh fuck, sorry to hear that user, that edition looked fantastic

The worst part was I had a chance to get it on nin-nin, but they couldn't even tell me if i had the preorder and had to wait to find out, cause of weekends. IT was buy there and risk double charge. The worst part was they offered to sub the regular LE which was cheaper on NinNin anyway.

hope you'll find a way to get your hands on the goodies anyway

Lol well if there were means than I'm unaware of it, never buying play asia again, which sucks cause I got 2 figs preordered from them and 1. I despise giving them money now, 2. Now I have to worry they'll fuck this up as well.

Why buy figs from them? I was under the impression that they were more expensive than other retailers.

Sometimes, I really don't buy figs often, and I had used Play-asia before and trusted them a bit to do a good job.


Delicious Neps do whatever you want when you beat them at PvP

You know what to do.

>for a day has to be my girlfried and not wear the hat so I can headpat her

How is Neptune so developed and smooth in the left picture?

Hisasi magic

That shouldn't make me want to cover Neptune's naked body with her favourite pudding and lick her spotless.

you wot m8

She's too adorable / cuddly for dirty things done to her.



And the more slutty a nep acts, the more they deserve to be fucked hard until your entire seed is pumped into her.

That's something I don't want to do.

Does Fairy Fencer F have shitty localization with memes?


Rolling for a phone call


Rolling for whoever

Ah so close

Rolling for ploot!

best roll I had in a while


You can FULLY rotate them now?!

Time for a roll


The lack of Live2D is really weird… It feels wrong.




Ooh, stripy!

Rolling to get into Gear's panties.

The movement of her skirt is mesmerizing. It's like watching some kind of majestic deep sea jellyfish.

Oh man, you're right. The animations are looking great.

so where can I get cheap nep games: PP, U and R;3 for psvita?

i just got godess online, anyone wanna play?

Well if you want hard copies, I'd just search online for a good price. Sort of depends where you live, though.

why is her gap so perfect?

Gimme a Nep! Preferably Uni, IF or Compa

I'll take a Histy

Of course not. They fired that guy a longass time ago.

A baby.


Rei let's go on a date together

I guess she just wants to stay in the room tonight

That's totally fine with me

Noire, let's make babies

plutia, let's sleep and cuddle together tonight!

Because she's mature.

mature as Arfoire since both of them are same

Nepgear, if I make it to Gamindustri, will you go questing with me?

Oh… o-okay. Guess I'll find a Nep that actually aprreciates what I have to offer. Any takers?

Uzume, IF, what about either of you?

Nepgya, will you be smiling in my dreams tonight?

We'll form the coolest party ever and make Nepgear jealous that she's not in it.


nu bred

Ha ha ha, I like to eat pussy.