He grew up,any thoughts on this video?

He grew up,any thoughts on this video?

VIDEO GAMES????????????????????????

he's dead inside

He is a man that has pretended to be mentally retarded for 7 years and now uses his massive platform to shitpost at people and rant about the jews
Whether that's what he originally intended to do or has been totally broken down mentally by the experience remains to be seen

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I wonder what his endgame with this is?

I watched some of his videos recently, it's interesting to see what happened to him and he is being honest.

what a time to be alive
someone post the webm, you know the one

It's weird, you'd think he would have end up the most pozzed faggot out there, but he actually turned out alright.

I'd heard rumours and saw some videos circling around, but this is even better than I thought.
Its like Notch 2.0


Nope. Nothing. Sorry.

You're right and this thread shouldn't exist, but its still fascinating how far we've come

To be fair, Notch spent a lot of time on halfchan before he sold out, so that wasn't very surprising

I would have never imagined to see this with my own two eyes.
What a time to be alive.

I'm pretty sure this Swede did the same of not some other non normalfag forums.
Where do you think he got all the obscure games?

He is proof that wealth doesn't being happiness and I can get behind this

in this one he pretty much confesses that he was acting to give people what they want and you can't feel mad about it really
He is just doing his job and doing it right

Sounds like happiness to me
His problem is that he only recently realized that he had made "fuck you" money and didn't have to be a slave to his stage persona anymore

reminder to report eceleb shit

That's not how proofs work.

Pretty much, he gets 1Mil in a few hours
But people hated him for that exact same reason, overreacting to shit which has become a staple of Jewtube, one which he os very aware of how cancerous it is.


Well, you know what they say: birds of a feather flock together. Now if I could only figure out why hard men who do manual labor on farms for a living support him.

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