Serious Sam vulkan update

Is gaining Vulkan support for Serious Sam HD and BFE and other fixes worth losing the Direct3D 9 renderer? There's still the OpenGL 2 renderer targeting the same hardware with similar performance but there's not many people still stuck with DX9 cards these days.

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The fuck is a vulkan?

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I just want Serious Sam 4.


The VR announcement pissed me off so much.
I really wanted 4
I heard its one of the better games on VR right now though.

They better announce it this year, its been 6 years since SS3 and 2 years since Talos Princicple.
They need to shows us something.

Stop. I can't take all these updates to 8 year old games.


I think they said they'll work on SS4 soon.

They're working on it the whole time. Why do you think we get all these updates? Just because they're kind? No, they're beta testing features developed for SS4 by adding them to old games.

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I don't get why you think it's bad. These features will be great, but it's also beneficial to them because they can iron out any problems this way.

Wasn't there a good overhaul mod for BFE?

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You are one confused faggot. Developers are giving you performance-boosting updates and you're crying because they're probably backported from a new game.

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So why would anyone want Directx12 over Vulkan?

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Wanting to validate the Windows 10 ''upgrade".

Because they're being paid by Microsoft. Croteam has no plans to add DX12

But won't Vulkan be available on W10 as well?

Yeah, but it mostly helps Radeon cards, the Nvidia cards don't get a great boost.

Yes, it will. No, it already is. Only depends on graphics card drivers. Croteam is banking on Vulkan blowing DX12 the fuck out in the longterm. They're even in some Vulkan committee. Hopefully, if what they're all aiming to do happens, Vulkan will become a unified API for all platforms, both PC and console, even mobile.

A vulkin, you know, like spock

Vulkan better win, i don't want the Windows 10 exclusive DX12 to win.

Overhaul in general? There's a ton of compilation mods, collections of certain mods, in the Steam Workshop that add tons of new enemies and other things.

This is not just because AMD invested more into it, it's because Nvidia has terrible problems with some kind of multitasking, which is utilized in Vulkan. Don't know the details.


Vulkan already works on everything that isn't an Apple product, and unlike DX12 there's a tangible performance boost in everything that uses it so far (even if it mostly benefits AMD cards and people with shit CPUs). You can also use it to play Quake at ridiculous resolution and framerates with accurate software rendering effects and that's pretty neat.

This is actually pretty awesome.

I think he's thinking about BFE Extended by Solais.

Has anyone else's opinion about BFE rise throughout the years? Mine did. People bitch about the first 5 levels, but they're basically 2 hours of a 7 hours long campaign, 10 with the dlc. You can always skip them, too.
While I would never want running and reloading in my classic Sam, I do think both features fit into 3 great and when I've had enough of one type of game, I just switch and it's refreshing enough. I wouldn't give BFE for anything. The environments are just so comfy to battle in.

Mine's stayed about the same, but it was never that low to begin with. I do think it ranks the lowest among the non-2 entries, mostly due to some of the enemies.

Vulkan is fucking amazing. Most games I ran on Linux ran at shit tier frame rates and then the Vulkan update for Dota 2 came. It runs at like 50-60FPS. Magical. Also my friend's onboard intel graphics card can run it at a decent frame rate in Windows too.

Only things I'd change would be hitscan zombies into a faster projectile version of purple guys and rid Witch-brides of invournability, just make them bullet sponges with weapon specific staggering.

You wouldn't change the technopolyps? Because I sure as hell would change the technopolyps, if not remove them entirely.

Oh fuck, I blacked those from memory. I'd take out the whole "that" level and 15 of them from the rest of the game. Nothing would change, really, except being less annoying. I'm thankful they appear 4 times in total, I think. They're quickly over with.


Yeah I know. I'm talking about a TECHNICAL standpoint. You can't say that isn't an amazing outcome.

It's absolutely in everybody's best interest if Vulkan catches on. Mr. big fat freetard has a point. PC gamers mostly run windows because games mostly rely on directx, but Microsoft hardly has your best interests at heart. Better to at least have a compelling option to tell them to climb a wall of dicks and go install Gentoo.

Helps that it's a fine API on windows too.

I think the new Doom is a better example of that. The gains on that with Vulkan are huge.



I don't know what Techno Sorcery Vulkan does, something about reducing graphic driver overheads or something, but I'm liking what it does.

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That's precisely the point. DX12 chains you to Windows 10. Vulkan gives the same sort of benefits as DX12, except it runs everywhere.

Vulkan will work on your fucking calculator at this rate.

The reason why most devs are pushing for it.
Like they should

Vulkan is also a sneaky way to push for Linux. It's very easy to port games with it, free drivers will (are?) possible with it because something something open source data about its inner workings. We need Holla Forums to give more details. But yeah, year of Linux desktop may never come, but Vulkan is another attempt.

Vulkan is an open standard API. Like OpenGL, if you're autistic enough you can read through the specs and implement your own driver (the RADV team is already doing that for Mesa's open source Radeon drivers). The main difference with Vulkan is that it leaves shit like memory management and other low-level work to the engine developer instead of the driver devs, meaning the driver developer's work is much easier and the engine developer has much more freedom to optimize (while also giving him a much larger workload). There's other architectural differences from OpenGL that can also give large performance boosts if taken advantage of, but it's been a while since I've read through the papers and presentations describing them.
tl;dr vulkan is less work for driver devs and more for game devs, but if you know what you're doing it gives you more freedom to optimize the fuck out of your shit

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Not at all, should have clarified that it's mostly more work for engine developers. For most game devs using pre-existing engines like Unity, Unreal 4, CryEngine, or any of the freetard engines implementing Vulkan, it's basically a free performance boost with no extra work needed. For people writing their own games from scratch, once they get the boilerplate code running Vulkan can be less work to optimize because they have exact control and don't have to worry about drivers being "helpful" and fucking up performance by making wrong assumptions about what the game is doing.

Hopefully more devs use it
DX12 has had the advantage of being released for a bigger period of time and being actively shilled by Microsoft.
I'm also seeing some devs actively supporting DX12 but not Vulkan.
Hopefully that changes, especially considering that freetard engines used by many are actively supporting it natively.

Almost all the games using DX12 now are running DX11 in an emulation layer and gain fucking nothing from it, even losing performance in many cases and suffering from stuttering problems. The closest Vulkan has to one of those is The Talos Principle, where the Vulkan backend was based off the DX11 backend and still gained a decent performance boost even though it's nowhere nearly as optimized as it could be.

Whoa, but where's the serious sam 4?


if you want more serious sam you can just replay the same games since there's no difference between any of them

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HOLY SHIT FUCK YES. Vulkan is amazing, now I have an excuse to replay those games.

DirectX 12 can eat shit, I'm not getting Windows 10.

Some nerd shit that you are supposed to know about.

I remember watching this video some time ago.
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BFE extended by solais is dogshit, and so is everything else solais makes
the BFE overhaul mod that was at least decent was BFE enhanced by another guy
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