What are some good build your own character games? Lewd ones especially

Here are a few I've enjoyed so far:
I'm sure there's other too, if I remember I'll post them in the thread.

Pic related is from Saints Row 4.

Other urls found in this thread:


Dancer's armor not enough for you ?

Black Desert.


I am but a penniless NEET. I cannot afford a PC to run such games.


Whatever wwe game that's out atm

Cheers user, after your post this thread can only improve.

God Eater 2 has some lewd clothing.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 and 2 especially modded.
Most MMO's. But ignore Black Desert as from what I seen the last time I played all the lewd clothing was behind the cash shop and character armor customization is zero. As in you can't see every piece or armor you get and the only available clothing is whatever your class starts with and gets a bit a visual upgrade as you play. So you can't really customize anything bout your character other than the face and hair, the rest is behind a paywall.
GTA Online and Metal Gear Online.

Pretty much all from the top of my head.

you're posting ironic examples, right?

GTA Online is a good one. I spent a lot of time getting my waifu a nice house, clothes and cars. That's a shame about Black Desert. Is the game itself any good though? It looks interesting.

SR 2 has the best customization as a whole but SR 3/4 has lewder options with sex appeal and so on. Also mods can make the boob slider go bananas.


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Anything that adds clothes or hairstyles? All I'm seeing so far are "Legendary SSGSS Black Rose Gogeta Broly fusion!!!" OC donut steels.

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Yea, there are new hairstyles, including some that alter when you go ss2-3, well I only found one that does that and certain retextured clothes with some replacements. But the problem is whoever made that website is a fucking retard and finding shit in that website is a pain in the ass since you can't search properly with filters meaning you have too dredge through the OC donuts to find what you're looking for since they all bunched up together.


This is one of them.

I wouldn't bother, it's another p2w korean grinding MMO.

PSO2 has a fantastic character creator. You can also buy some semi-lewd clothing and animations with in game currency too.

enjoy grinding for meseta, or shilling out dosh


you're welcome

which HoneySelect is the best version/should I get first ??>>11894982


Man you weren't kidding. That site's a mess. I'll have a look though. Thanks.

What does that even mean? It's not like there's multiple versions of it.
Just get the game, download all the updates/DLC, apply translation and add some mods.

where's the lewd?

what is that abomination and why did you create it.

Desert Sorceress set soon fellow ashen one

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I'm somewhat familiar.

Mega download:

Pic related for an installation guide. Ignore the Daemon tools part, just skip to Step 3.

amazon Signorine Weaver is pretty cute

I've made about 6 attempts to install this game last year so I gave up a while ago. I'm not great with computers, but there should be an all in 1 installer already. This game isn't exactly fresh off the shelves. The same could be said with a lot of ero games really.

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What? All I can think of is megaupload but that shit's been dead for a while.

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it is for about a week, then the grind reveals its true form and you realize that you will never, ever be able to reach the goals you set for yourself unless you pay real shekels for cash shop shit, either that or leave the game running for literally days or weeks at a time. i honestly suspect it's a fucking bitcoin miner with how much they flat-out encourage you to AFK

No I'm legitimately confused.

megaupload is back. fuckin use google

You're legitimately new.

Nailed it

In regards to being new, why does this image exist . This is literally piracy for retards, even obfuscating install orders in Japanese ero games, which this doesn't have, don't even need a chart anymore, so who made this for whom to use.

probably the same person who thinks daemon or utorrent are good tools to use for anything

They might as well call that shit satan.

If you read through it, a lot of what you're trying to install isn't even English.


Looking at the post it has on the screencap and all kinds of useless info and the fact that they are using daemon tools and utorrent, 100 bucks it was made by halfchan for halfchan. half/vg/.

How fucking old is this chart? uTorrent has been botnet since like 2011, use Deluge or qBittorrent instead. Daemon Tools has been botnet forever, use WinCDEmu. There's also the Hongfire all-in-one installer so all of this is wasted words.

Also there are mods that add lewd clothes. Most of them are bad but I liked a few of them



Clearly i am not in the know.
How is it botnet?
For the record, i have been using a older version of DT Lite.

Sims 3 especially with mods.

Dragon's Dogshit has a good waifu builder. Too bad the game is absolute dogshit

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I guess Black Desert Online has APB levels of character customization, but of course have the same problems APB have, which are FUCKING PAY 2 WIN MONEY MILKING.

Go back to Wizchan.

wasn't that shut down by a bunch of shrieking harpies?

Its back.

The very old versions of DT lite are alright the new ones are filled with nothing but intrusive adware. WinCDemu is the new hotness and far better than DT even the old versions.

It was easily one of the greatest games to come out within the last 10 years.

only if you like incredibly repetitive combat. It's pretty bad.

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