Join video game discord group for Ragnarok Online

Why can't people in online groups be decent people?


Maybe you shouldnt be such a fag


I bet you are a gross autist, Bui-level or close.


They seemed nice at first

You sound like a faggot

Sounds like they have good sense.

haha just kidding OP I think all fetishes are good and welcome on our board! ;)

I myself want to be turned into an eggplant just like twilight haha, and I'm also secretly a furry haha rawr haha OwO haha

What is wrong with some foot loving?

why do you have to be such an insufferable blogposting faggot
maybe someone should revoke your Holla Forums access

We've raised over $30,000,000 from top VCs in the valley like Greylock, Benchmark, and Tencent. In other words, we’ll be around for a while.


Sounds like they were in this case

Ban OP.

Why would you join a service that harbors neo-nazis? They're literally a bunch of racists and Discord is a tool for the fascists, you shitlord.

what do you expect when you have autism?


Sounds like they didnt bully you hard enough degenerate

You deserve this OP, this is your punishment

Only total fucking faggots use it. Use Mumble and if you have to TeamSpeak.


your problem was humanizing anons, treat them as the meme spouting trash they are.