Well looks like it's time to install linux again.

(there is no denuvo on linux btw)

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Save me from this hell, Stallman.

Based Feral


I don't think that's a bad thing to do to be honest.

Really wants to make you enter a world of assassination, huh?

Stop posting

Fuck, meant Interactive

Please don't actually do this, we get enough Linux shitposting / tech support threads on Holla Forums as it is.

Feral is on a roll. They've been porting games to Gahnoo/Leenacks left and right.

Although I'd recommend waiting for a crack and playing it on Windows still, because Linux graphics drivers are still a bit iffy.

Holla Forums beats Holla Forums for discussing anything technology related. Pretty much anything beats Holla Forums at discussing tech at this point

Its either that or Windows 10 in 3 years


An thats the only thing the artist draws

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Yes, the artist is indeed Japanese

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The nvidia proprietary driver are actually really good.


I like how people on Holla Forums will believe anything they read

Nigger you're about to receive a load of webms

Yeah you fucking wish. Keep telling yourself that to justify browsing this shitty board.
Holla Forums is still dumb as fuck and will always be, Linux discussion or not.

The bonus mission added on January 31st has you assassinating a boisterous billionaire political candidate described as a populist who owns a beauty pageant, you really think a reference like that is going to be a good thing in the long run? You think that reference will even make sense in a few years?

Hits on Cold War generals in Silent Assassin are timeless spy novel standards, this is just pandering

Just like Shadow Warrior 2 and XCOM2 right?

Or did you mean I should keep telling myself that it's better to wait for a crack and run it on Windows?

hitman should be called cuntman

Epic 😂👌👌

Even the open source AMD driver has gotten a lot better lately. Within a year, it could be good enough to compete with Nvidia's blob.

Too late.

If enough people start playing on it you can trust there will be.

How did the PC mustard race get so cucked?

pc master race is a meme created by hardware companies to sell you overpriced peripherals and make you upgrade every year

inb4 they port it to linux and you're shitter shattered

Denuvo would not be as trivial to port to Linux as you seem to think, user.

Who gives a shit

People who are discussing it in this thread

will this be using vulkan?


The comments on that tweet say something about OpenGL. Nothing is confirmed tho

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Why would you think anyone values your fucking opinion?
You're lower than Windows 10 scum and your hardware/software locked shitboxes have more privacy issues than Soviet Russia in the 60s.

Nigger, if I'm not dumb enough to waste money on Windows, I sure as hell didn't waste any on a console.

if I'm not dumb enough to waste money on Windows

why don't you just have a dual boot partition? are you saying you used to run linux but uninstalled it for windows? i smell bullshit

I am dual booting for a year now. I will never understand your frustration.


Fuck off Holla Forums


Aside from the shit UI, and the hack job I had to do to remove cortana and telemetry, it's a pretty good OS.


They're just capitalizing on the murder fantasies of libtards.

You're supposed to install Windows before you install Linux; that's the only way you can really dual-boot. Besides, you can just copy a Linux ISO to a USB drive and install Linux on a new partition after Windows overwrites GRUB. Are you retarded?

In lieu of starting a whole new thread for it, i'm looking to get a stack of tax shekels in a few weeks and my ASUCKS laptop has been shitting the bed hard lately.

Can anyone recommend a good gaming laptop?

inb4 hurr durr, gaming laptop. I like to lie down when I game or relax on the couch, not sit at a desk

Preferably 17" screen i7 but if it's one that's lower tier but still really good I might be willing to consider it.


Check em

How about you kill yourself faggot.

They're capitalizing on them by virtue signaling that they're in solidarity with libs and hating Trump and you fucking know it.

They could have sold the comedic angle to me if they had some kind of Hillary Clinton-like figure hire you to make the hit, but that mission coupled with the fact that some NPC dialogue in the Colorado map explicitly mentions Trump was a bridge too far to me, especially since they don't reference ANY other current real-world political events besides that

I'd still recommend Hitman Trademark to anyone interested in pirating, but I'm replaying the series now and yeah, it's considerably dumbed down


Cool. I know nuHitman has some serious flaws but it's off my do-not-fund list if the linux ver has no denuvo aids.

They'd need to contract denuvo again which I don't think they'll do but who knows.

No shit, Sherlock. Or, if I'm going with Windows at all, I could install Windows 7 and not have to deal with removing shit in the first place.

I would have stayed on Windows 7 as well, but finding out that the military and corporations would begin moving to Windows 10 prompted me to find out what edition they would get. I had a chance on getting the Enterprise copy which the Department of Defense is deploying and using their guides, I got my machine nice and locked down.

This game came with my graphics card and it's genuinely quite entertaining.
It's a lot like Blood Money only there's slightly less content with slightly more quality.
Also the ability to suspend one's disbelief is hindered by some of the more cinematic elements so it encourages a more reserved playstyle instead of BM's "lol fuck it I'm gonna snap this faggot's neck when he's taking a piss, dress up like him, then bomb the opera house :DDDD" intended mentality, so that's a drawback.
There are still the more whacky kills and some absolutely ridiculous opportunities for AI manipulation, and contextual awareness means you can off a guy in front of people downstairs and will be okay upstairs until one of them either manually spreads the info or radios in.
Also there's a mission where you kill a MOSSAD agent working with anonymoose, so my inner Holla Forumsack liked that.

I hate hate HATE linux sometimes. I have no clue if I'm supposed to update all my packages for fear of security risk and if I update them will I get an unstable system. Plus updating packages with sudo -apt get update doesn't update all the packages, I was trying to update qbittorrent specifically and I added it to the repository so it'll update BUT IT DIDN';T FUCKING UPDATE so I had to figure how to update it manually. Plus wine is hot garbage, managed to get a game running for it to be capped at 30hz with not available solution. I love the idea of freedom behind it but I wish reactos came out tomorrow.

Try manjaro. sudo pacman -Syyuu all you ever need for updates.

Anyway you don't need to be updating everything anyway. If you're not sure if you should update then just fucking don't. You're probably not missing anything. And avoid wine for gaming unless it's a must. I reboot to windows 7 for wangblows gaming. 90% of my linux gaming is native support.

If you want to do lots of gaming on linux then just accept your library is now limited by games with linux support.

I've been using WINE to runs loads of games, without problems. Though they are all older games (1998 to 2006).



If you're using the default repos you shouldn't have security risks from updating. Distro maintainers handle all that for you, and you don't have to worry about updates sneaking in stuff like with Windows. I assume you're using Ubuntu, Mint or Debian, since you're using apt-get. Those distros are made to just werk without having to fuck with them or worrying about whether an update breaks something.
Qbittorrent is in the main repos, so you don't need to add any repositories or anything. As for Wine you might have more luck with the experimental version, Wine Staging: wine-staging.com/

Also "sudo apt-get update" doesn't update packages. It looks at what is available to download from the repositories. "sudo apt-get upgrade" actually downloads and installs newer versions of software. Try using Synaptic Package Manager, it's a really good GUI-based way of handling software repos, and it doesn't try to hide how the repo system works. sudo apt-get install synaptic

manjaro ships with fucking catalyst which breaks some amd cards(you won't even be able to see tty). Install antergos instead which actually ships with mesa(and if you wan't proprietary you can install them too)

Sounds like someone didn't use amdconfig –initial

there's no reason for anything to come with deprecated proprietary drivers, it is just retarded

They still have better compatibility and performance than the open-source driver and AMDGPU-Pro isn't supported on older cards yet.

These days performance is a toss up between Mesa and AMD's blob (as far as OpenGL goes). Unless we're talking about very new "ports" from Feral or Aspire.

By this logic is killing Stranberg anti semitc?

Also who gives a shit? Other than this and those guys talking about Trump in Colorado there is no "shoved politics"

Excuse me while I go for a laugh

Do you want me to keep listing examples or do you want to keep playing dumb?

It's one mission that is not screaming "trump is bad goy" and two guys saying what they think about something happaning, not really shoving it in the game,

I didn't mean to sage, but if I hadn't I guess I would have missed out on the fact that you've kept this thread open in a tab for fourteen hours

It's one man saying that he thinks Trump's policies are incredibly well-researched and based in fact and then whining and walking away when his friend calls him an idiot. I didn't think they could spell it out more clearly, but I guess they need to

But where are the video games?

Right, so that's the devs saying that? Sure its just not… the charecters saying what they think about what's happaning in the US, where they are

Alright, you had me fooled

Gentoo IS the video games

Wait, Shadow Warrior 2 had politics thrown into it?

More games than PS4

Define "game"

A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor.

also this
it's a great puzzler

yes just like those. haven't played shadow warrior 2 but i played xcom2 and there was nothing in there to get your panties in a twist about. i mean in hitman you can show people who make smart remarks who's boss

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux,
is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.
Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component
of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell
utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day,
without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU
which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are
not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a
part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system
that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run.
The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself;
it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is
normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system
is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux"
distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

No, Richard, it's 'Linux', not 'GNU/Linux'. The most important contributions that the FSF made to Linux were the creation of the GPL and the GCC compiler. Those are fine and inspired products. GCC is a monumental achievement and has earned you, RMS, and the Free Software Foundation countless kudos and much appreciation.

Following are some reasons for you to mull over, including some already answered in your FAQ.

One guy, Linus Torvalds, used GCC to make his operating system (yes, Linux is an OS ? more on this later). He named it 'Linux' with a little help from his friends. Why doesn't he call it GNU/Linux? Because he wrote it, with more help from his friends, not you. You named your stuff, I named my stuff ? including the software I wrote using GCC ? and Linus named his stuff. The proper name is Linux because Linus Torvalds says so. Linus has spoken. Accept his authority. To do otherwise is to become a nag. You don't want to be known as a nag, do you?

(An operating system) != (a distribution). Linux is an operating system. By my definition, an operating system is that software which provides and limits access to hardware resources on a computer. That definition applies whereever you see Linux in use. However, Linux is usually distributed with a collection of utilities and applications to make it easily configurable as a desktop system, a server, a development box, or a graphics workstation, or whatever the user needs. In such a configuration, we have a Linux (based) distribution. Therein lies your strongest argument for the unwieldy title 'GNU/Linux' (when said bundled software is largely from the FSF). Go bug the distribution makers on that one. Take your beef to Red Hat, Mandrake, and Slackware. At least there you have an argument. Linux alone is an operating system that can be used in various applications without any GNU software whatsoever. Embedded applications come to mind as an obvious example.

Next, even if we limit the GNU/Linux title to the GNU-based Linux distributions, we run into another obvious problem. XFree86 may well be more important to a particular Linux installation than the sum of all the GNU contributions. More properly, shouldn't the distribution be called XFree86/Linux? Or, at a minimum, XFree86/GNU/Linux? Of course, it would be rather arbitrary to draw the line there when many other fine contributions go unlisted. Yes, I know you've heard this one before. Get used to it. You'll keep hearing it until you can cleanly counter it.

You seem to like the lines-of-code metric. There are many lines of GNU code in a typical Linux distribution. You seem to suggest that (more LOC) == (more important). However, I submit to you that raw LOC numbers do not directly correlate with importance. I would suggest that clock cycles spent on code is a better metric. For example, if my system spends 90% of its time executing XFree86 code, XFree86 is probably the single most important collection of code on my system. Even if I loaded ten times as many lines of useless bloatware on my system and I never excuted that bloatware, it certainly isn't more important code than XFree86. Obviously, this metric isn't perfect either, but LOC really, really sucks. Please refrain from using it ever again in supporting any argument.

Last, I'd like to point out that we Linux and GNU users shouldn't be fighting among ourselves over naming other people's software. But what the heck, I'm in a bad mood now. I think I'm feeling sufficiently obnoxious to make the point that GCC is so very famous and, yes, so very useful only because Linux was developed. In a show of proper respect and gratitude, shouldn't you and everyone refer to GCC as 'the Linux compiler'? Or at least, 'Linux GCC'? Seriously, where would your masterpiece be without Linux? Languishing with the HURD?

If there is a moral buried in this rant, maybe it is this:

Be grateful for your abilities and your incredible success and your considerable fame. Continue to use that success and fame for good, not evil. Also, be especially grateful for Linux' huge contribution to that success. You, RMS, the Free Software Foundation, and GNU software have reached their current high profiles largely on the back of Linux. You have changed the world. Now, go forth and don't be a nag.

linux wins again

Look into Lenovo's high performance laptops. They're generally head and shoulders above most other brands even after having adopted shitty chiclet keyboards and the like.