Why do normalfags still prefer to not a lot of vidya despite being casualized?

It's just a weird observation. Whenever I meet people in Uni, they usually say that they watch tv or movies instead of playing vidya. Even self-described "nerds" only talk about Harry Potter, Marvel or Star Wars but immediately short-circuit when you talk about vidya. Despite the casualization of vidya, why aren't these people playing vidya and why haven't devs realized this and start catering to people who actually care about vidya instead? I don't think lack of time is an issue since these people can marathon whatever movie or tv show you throw at them but hiss away when you tell them to play something like Fire Emblem or Doom. I know there are normalfags ruining vidya but what's the magic wall separating these kinds of normalfags from vidya?

Because it's easier to screw people over with shitty games and DLC than to lure in dedicated fans with a strong game franchise of a very high quality.

The kicker is that these normalfags or "nerds" wouldn't even touch CoD or Dota. They only stick to movies, books and tv. What's the reason for this?

No challenge. I don't understand, you're focusing on one entirely different group. There are still plenty of people who play shitty games.

This probably isn't related to your thread but I got my normalfag "friend" RE4 for the xbone. And what does he do? Not play it unless im there because "dude I have no idea how to play it and have no idea where to go".

They're even lower than casuals, lower breed of normalfags.

They can't be bothered to do anything and they choose medium that requires no input from consumer. They also probably choose what's hip and cool among peers. You don't need to be a "geek" to know star wars, it's entrylevel fantasy shit. They don't want to stand out and be different in any way from the others and their taste in entertainment is defined purely by behavior of others

I'm surprised that person even knows how to use the toilet.
Is the Xbone version any decent improvement over the original? I get the feeling it's not.

I dunno, I see a lot of people like this in my uni, and it feels weird to be disconnected from people that are supposed to be as socially-awkward as you. They'll give you a lecture on GoT and I think understanding the entire lore of a franchise is harder than shooting in a video game.

Which is why Resident Evil 7 is better!
What the fuck is with 7, why is circle strafing and crouching while meleeing nonstop considered more fun than actually shooting and going through a roulette of fun guns?

You don't need to git gud for enjoying them, that's why. Couldn't find the pic without the shitty watermark

Its the same thing with the bonus content but now it runs at a silky smooth 60fps.

Just leave him unsupervised with a plastic bag. Problem will solve itself.

This is a good point, really. Video Games are the only medium that tells you "you suck too much to continue learning the story"

For someone who hasnt touched a video game in ages appart form mobile shit, going straight to dota is very overwhelming. It's not something you train overnight.

But in the end, I think it's a matter of personal taste

Because traditional games are expensive and typically take more than an afternoon to complete. They'd rather pay $15 for a two hour movie and proceed directly to the part they care about, which is talking about it on their facebook/twitter.

Also this reminds me of getting him to try out QUAKE. Never again

It was fucking atrocious

Nah, I think it's a matter of peer pressure like mentionned. They don't want to be left out, so they latch onto the most popular thing at the moment.
How many times I showed a game to a normalfag that wasn't cod or fifa and they called it "weird". And I'm not talking about "Underage Pantsu Quest XVI", I'm talking stuff like Deus Ex, Vampire Bloodlines and Dungeon Keeper.

Yeah well, that person thinks it's not worth investing his/her time in that hobby.

There's some nice games that almost everyone can like, for exmaple the Civ series… but in general, if someone isn't already into vidya in their early teens, I find it very unlikely that person will suddenly start enjoying vidya later on in life

Because they bought a Macbook Air and think that their only option to play games would be buying an Xbone, and don't want to spend $400 just to play one game

I notice this too, any time I show someone (read: plebs) a game that is slightly off the beaten path, they seem to be possessed by some deep sense of existential dread that they can only dismiss with "humour" either by insinuating the game is for losers or trying to come up with some "witty" description for it.

Are people really this dumb? The Mac has decent games actually. Older Mac games are usually now freeware so money shouldn't be an issue.


Well lets be honest user. You didn't actually expect a 15 year old girl to be amazed by quake and play through the whole thing eh?

He did

Holy shit, same here. I showed a screenshots of phantasy star online to my friend and whaddaya know?
"Eh it looks weird"
Funny since he actually is a FIFA fag

I don't know what I expected, I'm only 19 and I enjoyed it a lot when I first played it.

Perhaps the music was 2spook for her.

Way to go newfag

I swear these people have no brains. They are all mindless sheep that get the next big thing everyone is getting simply because everyone else has it.


Did he at least already play DmC 4, Forza, MCC, Raiden 5, RE 4, New Vegas and Bayonetta already?

There's several causes that lead to that.

For starters, when it comes to videogames, there is nothing to talk about. Casual videogames are extremely forgettable. Games like Call of Duty try to be as cinematic as they can be, but do they ever deliver anything in the form of a meaningful plot twist or grand reveal? Does it ever present like able characters? No, all those games have is explosions and a bunch of cool action sequences. Although fun to watch, they are not worth talking about, even to enthusiasts. It's like a Micheal Bay movie, it looks cool and people might watch it, but nobody will talk about it because there is nothing to talk about.

Secondly, despite the massive casualisation, huge push for gaming to become :B1: Cool :B1: and the "nerd" icon become more fashionable, videogames are still not seen in a positive light. It's one of those things that a lot of people do, so you don't really judge people for it. But beyond that, videogames are seen as nothing more than a toy. People who become parents often will look down on you for still playing with toys instead of getting kids yourself.

Lastly, the time investment in videogames is significantly higher, and there's much more "blockbuster" products on the market. There are way more AAA releases than there are big movie releases, and as a result a lot of people play different games. Combine this with the higher time investment, and you'll end up with a situation where casual players cannot find common ground.

That all aside, casualisation has more-so to do with the ever-growing apathy in society. Modern society lets you get very far with very little effort, so why would anyone bother putting effort into actually challenging themselves in videogames when they can just watch a movie instead?
If it became more "in" to put effort into getting better at stuff, you'd see games suddenly gain a lot more depth.

i heard board games are popular now

The big one they seem to like where I am is settlers of catan


There's definitely been a boom in board games. It's not a bad time to be a fa/tg/uy, really. But the normalfag boom in board games has been terrible shit like Superfight, Cards Against Humanity, and Exploding Kittens.

These are also known as "social lubricant" games because they give people with nothing to talk about something to do while having a few beers and pissing away their evening. Munchkin used to be the King of social lubricant, but that's apparently too hard for normalfags. However, the real problem is that these kinds of games is that they are designed like ass and often lack the kind of depth, strategy, and decision making that makes other games far more engaging.

Oddly enough, kikestarter has worked well for a lot of board games and RPGs because most people have to have a product ready to show to attract potential backers, instead of just flashing some concept art and promising that they'll get some big name bidya composer to do the soundtrack.

The game that breaks marriages?

Because vidya is still stigmatized on most forums, especially non-virtual ones.

But here's the issue- vidya can never be art.

I disagree, even casual games such as HearthStone and somewhat casual games such as LoL and Overwatch, can generate lots of conversations regarding the meta and the future of the game. My friends at Uni are what I would call casuals and they play these games, but they manage to talk for hours about how this card breaks the meta, or how useless this hero is, or how awesome Overwatch is. I even listened to two guys arguing on whether LoL was more hardcore than DOTA or not.

Because vidya isn't their main interest and there's many other things they can do to keep them busy. Also there's still plenty of normalfags who don't mind playing shit vidya, I mean just take a look at reddit if you think I'm wrong.

People here talk about skyrim, ASSFAGGOTS, overwatch, and pokemon all the time. The few friends i have that play RTS and good RPGs only socialize via tabletop and shit like that, so topics of vidya rarely come up.

Youre doing it wrong, you need to ease them in.
For any given game, show it off mid-way, and give them something to relate it to. Or just play EDF splitscreen or lightgun games on a wii

I wouldnt want it any other way

Interest preferences. But the thing with normalfags is that they tend to play vidya, but besides LOL, fifa or CS they lack knowledge about the selection of other games. They choose the games that they could play with their friends, and not individually. Having social life probably results in them not wanting to invest in more story-based games.
And it goes the same for books. normalfags hate classic books that challenges them intellectually. Books, that have a deeper meaning and significance. They are not that easily understandable, and this factor discourages normalfags from reading. That is why they switch to easily readble and understandable books.

Dude why are you making me play these old-ass shit games? you know I don't old games(note older than last gen), because they have outdated graphics and mechanics. If you want me to play a game with bad graphics give me an indie game such as Minecraft. Plus if it plays just like Skyrim, why should I play this outdated game? There are plenty of new games that I want to play such as Dishonored 2, Bioshock Infinite, Overwatch and so on. I don't have time for those old games.
t. my roommate


Actual children are the ones who buy all this AAA shit that comes out, think about it

Because this game has a lot to offer that you haven't seen. Because you've already played Skyrim to death, haven't you? Just give it a chance.
Also, if theyre not willing to play a different game, you probably wont get very far. Dont phrase it as, "you need to play this game," but say, "ive been playing this game and it's really neat"

Don't bother, morrowalk was garbo when it released, it's garbo now.

Please go back to reddit. You aren't special snowflakes.

Every single man I meet nowadaya has shit to say about video games. What fucking university are you at and what is the most popular major there?

They don't know it's casualized because they don't play video games to start with. They are basically completely unaware of the pandering, because the few that do play video games buy on name only. They don't stop and look into the mechanics of a series and say "Ah yes the new Fire Emblem added a mode where my characters automagically resurrect every turn so all I have to do to never lose is just keep one guy out of enemy range. That sounds like a good time because all that permadeath stuff sounded way too hard."

I'm sure you like that game, and maybe it was good for it's time, but I just can't stand the graphics, also I didn't really like Skyrim, I thought it was boring, I liked Witcher 3 more, even though it was my first Witcher game, and right now I am having a blast with MGS5, which is also my first MGS game.
t. my roommate
Honestly, I gave up trying to recommend him games, since he only plays either new releases or games that his friends are also playing, especially if they have multiplayer. If no new game has been cracked, or his friends aren't playing any interesting games, he will check metacritic to see what are the top 20 games right now, then watch a trailer, then look at gameplay or ask his friends including me, then download it. The closest thing I managed to make him play an old game, was with Final fantasy VI on a GBA emulator, because he was nostalginc for FF V on the GBA. It's interesting he has no problems with old graphics if they are similar to the games from his childhood or if they are indie.
I have no problems with him, since I have accepted the idea that some people are best left to their own and let them define their own tastes. Though I also find it funny how he complains that his cousins(I think they are 6 or something like that) have shit tastes in games, and no matter how much he tried showing them good games, they still have shit tastes.

It's a Uni in where hotwheels lives. You guess.>>11889278

The only people I've met that had really deep and interesting things to say about vidya and weren't casuals were people that majored in things like philosophy, sociology, and creative writing. Kids in STEM majors were 9/10 times either normalfags or casuals.


Swap out 'entertainment'/'media' for 'art' in that image and it's the same.

You guys are still trying to convert normalfags?
Why? They only "try" it for your sake and when you are around or think of you as a freak.
They simply cannot appreciate the visuals, musik, characters, atmosphere or mechanics of a game becouse they are unwilling to learn something that only "wastes" their time Learning new things hurts them.

to not a lot what?



Bc casuals that dont play games but still buy them. Most of those faggots probably own portal.
Thats why these faggots pretend to like insanely difficult games (compared to todays standard) like NES mario games and the like, and then wont touch a game like rayman legends and instead play casual bullshit with low skill ceilings like mariokart.

these people pretend to play games, but in actual conversation they know more about new star wars and harry potter. its just "cool" right now to like this stuff. but if you ask them, people like us like it too much

i know right? these faggots probably dont even know what throat singing is, let alone how to play recordings from your minds eye.


I use the term to describe people that avoid exploring things outside of what is teached or presented as normal. If you only listen to pop music, only watch blockbuster movies, read bestsellers and only play the most played games on a platform most people have anyway becouse you consider anything outside of the mainstream" abnormal" or "alien" i´d call you a normalfag becouse you are obsessed about being "normal".



Do you even know what a normalfag is? A normalfag is a person who not only conforms to societal standards, but also reviles and looks down upon others for thinking differently or doing activities that could be labeled "weird" and otherwise be looked down upon by society. Anything that's not considered "socially" acceptable is a big no-no to the normalfag. Any activity they do and every opinion they have will be tailored to what the masses deem acceptable, even to the point of completely changing "their" opinions as soon as the majority no longer deems them adequate. All under the pretense that he or she had a "change of heart." They're vapid, vain, extremely defensive and will always cower behind "societal norms" when confronted, to hide the fact that he has no identity of his own. This isn't me being "edgy and superior." This is a real thing that exists and it's a big problem in society at large. You can be "normal" and still play vidya, have other weird hobbies, or even play your fucking 3ds on the bus. Believe me, nobody actually fucking cares about what you're doing in your own time except for the aforementioned normalfags or people who are curious.


Nope, thats entry level fantasy.
This is already geeky enough to use as an insult.

What the fuck is a vegetable knife, and why is this britcuck carrying one around in the street?

Someone post the picture of the UK police confiscating the assault bike tire and assault butter knife.


Oh come on you're overestimating them, they saught the movies at best


A vegetable knife is for cutting vegetables. They range from shitty serrated things to pic related, and if they aren't serrated they're sharp. If you were a fucking idiot looking for a fight it would be an easy thing to grab.


How long until the UK bans hands as "assault weapons?"

books have a very low skill ceiling user. how the fuck can they hold your interest?

gas yourself faggot

This. I recently got two roommates in my apartment and they and their girlfriends are the definition of normalfags. The walls here are thin so I can hear them talking all the time.
They will refer to anything that doesn't fall exactly into pop culture as "weird." One of our roommates listens to mostly prog rock? That's weird. One of our other roommates decided to not get blackout drunk and quit when merely shitfaced? That guy doesn't like to have fun. They saw me playing a video game that wasn't CoD or FIFA for an hour? I'm addicted to video games. It seems like these kind of people are more common these days than they were even 5 years ago.

I think you might just be a casual or not wealthy enought to play with the big boys OP ;^)

Did you know they consider Pepper Spray a Firearm? :^)

They're called women, user. No need to mince words.
No, it's just that we've been allowing them to express their malformed, shit opinions in public for so long without ridicule, they've naturally grown more bold.

Video games require interaction.

Shit like this and second pic related makes me so fucking mad. I just want to

Since this seems to be normalfag general let me tell you an observation I've made.

Seriously, 99% of the people I interacted with in WoW have absolutely no clue about gaming. I thought things would be different when I tried Nostalrius but no, same shit. I tried talking about the Switch in a global chat (Mind you, this was at the latest presentation well after it was announced) and no one on the chat knew what the fuck I am talking about.

The times I tried talking about anything that's not entry-level shit are not even worth mentioning.

Come to think about it, they knew what DotA, LOL, Overwatch, Diablo and Starcraft were, but that's it.

I have these games already, and I can play them now.
And Last of Us was the best PS4 game too I bet.

Honestly that explains Overwatch. It's the ultimate "I play it because my friends refuse to play anything else" game. Sorry, that doesn't work for my anti-social ass, maybe the playerbase should work on being less self-destructive, or they can keep trying to fix the balancing issues. No rush though, the game's only been out for almost a year. I'm sure "It'l get better, just wait."

Are you acoustic?

mmos take up shitloads of your time. why did you expect different from one of the most popular normalfag games in existence?

Like the other anosn said, normal fags only saw the movies. Normalfags don't know and care about why the books are revered as they are by nerds and academics. They don't even know about The Silmarillion or The History of Middle-Earth.

>responding to my original post

There's relatively less to discuss about vidya. Things that can lead to extensive discussions, such as game design philosophy, are something that normalfags are completely unread on, outside of maybe shit like Sequilitis/Extra Credits. And most normalfags know fuckall about such franchises outside of the movies.

Because they genuinely prefer doing other shit most of the time.

Because it's easier money to pander to them. They have much lower quality standards, so devs can get away with putting less effort into their games. Furthermore, casuals make up a higher portion of people who play vidya at all, and their money is every bit as valid as anyone else's. And as icing on the cake, casuals are usually the ones who fork out fuckloads of money on merchandise to boost their Nerd Cred™, so there's that factor (and that factor also is probably one of the reasons companies have pandered to SJWs as they have).

The magic wall is related to socialization. Remember, normalfags generally care more about socialization than the activity that socialization is based off of. Even during the Super Bowl, people at parties generally care about that more than the game itself.

Kill yourself.

I'd argue that failing to understand the meaning of a story or song creates a similar feeling to losing a game for me. When some authors use subtlety or rely a little on implications over declarations, it challenges the reader.

I guess the main thing vidya has going for it is that you can't really make it literally unchallenging without losing the entire medium. Either it's a game or it isn't.

PlayStation was a mistake.

Maybe you're the one who should go back, newfag

And then the whole bus got up and clapped

Board games generally always have a market in universities. And all that implies.

That pic made my heart skip for a moment, thanks

even casualized vidya requires effort while watching tv just needs you to sit your fat ass on the couch

Looks like one of the normans got triggered.


The movies, you mean? And even that is already too old for this generation of 18~20 years old to be mainstream.
People without an interest in fantasy to begin with would fall asleep when Tolkien start to describe what kind of trees grow around the Shire or the difference between sub-races of Hobbits.

It's quite sad I think when people just coast along in their lives. Never too deeply interested or passionate about anything, just watching whatever is on theater or listening whatever is treading.

We call them NPCs

Is this who I think it is

Don't get me wrong. Everyone has their high points. Finding a gf, marrying, having a son, buying a car, finding a job, etc… But I'm talking about the day to day life.
What they do after coming back from work? What TV until 11pm?
Sometimes I like to think that maybe everyone has something they are passionate about but just manage to hide their power level and we are the fools feeling smug about playing video games.

So how long are you fags going to pretend you're "deep" or "passionate" because you think shitposting about video games all day is any better than doing literally anything else?
Watching cartoons, movies, anime, listening to music, reading books, manga, playing video games. It's all entertainment, you pretentious cock. Don't get angry and REEEEEEEE whenever someone you know doesn't share your autism.
Don't buy into that shitty meme that "hurrrr watching tv rots your brain durrr" because there is literally no difference than downloading/streaming episodes of your favorite cartoon or anime straight on the internet.

It is a good 20-30 pages of descriptions at the beginning. I think of it as a filter.

This may be an observation that is not at all sound, but I think it may be the stigma attributed to video games by the MSM, which is that video games turn people who play them into potential school shooters
And these people, the sort you refer to, will believe anything the media portrays or tells them

There's a clear difference between watching whatever is on TV when you are at home and actively going out of your way to watch your favorite show.


You don't have to split hairs just because you forgot the latter was a real thing people do.

Read again user. Filter. not filler.

why does this happen?

it's not even rare or weebshit
it's stuff I thought was well known

I read lotr and harry potter when I was a child, I doubt they've done more than watch the movies.

Once in high school I was called a freak for knowing all the words of a song.
Sometimes normalfags are just contrarians

Because it draws in viewers. What would you rather watch: a train crash or a dog catching a tennis ball?

because video games are for children

well the train crash would obviously be more immediately concerning, but I wouldn't mind watching a dog catch a ball.

Depends, do they blame the train crash on video games? What if some video game playing boy threw the tennis ball?

You let your kids play Doom? Fucking kill yourself.

I'd let my kids play Sengoku Rance.

This, my future son is gonna be fucking awesome

why do you give a shit what normalfags do?
why do you even use the forced reddit term normalfag?


hey i dont care where youre from, but when in rome do as the romans do.


Normalfag came from imageboards, as we call everyone a faggot.
normalfag came from reddit, as they like to steal memes, and dislike the word fag.
Take your own advice.

normalfag came from reddit.*

N-ormie is filtered into normalfag

Thought as much, haven't been to Holla Forums in a while. Bully away.

Holla Forums is a strict no bullying allowed board

why yes it did. welcome newfag

But wouldn't it be easier to get a good reputation so that more people would recommend you?
I remember asking around for some decent medieval games and that's how I found Mount and Blade.

I don't want my kid to be a normalfag of course he's gonna play Doom

Is there anything more sad and pathetic than a self hating nerd? Normans aren't going to magically accept you because you defended their honor on an anonymous imageboard, they couldn't give any less of a fuck.

Tabletop gaming has a quite important factor of difficulty when it comes to popularization, and it's the fact that no normalfag will read a 200 page book or play a 4 hour average session just as a hobby, or worse, play enough of the game to propperly understand how to GM them.
Therefore the most simple of /tg/ shit are the most popular, things like CAH or Superfight are stuff that only require you to read a bunch of guidelines on the back of the box to understand it.

There have always been and will always be people who don't play video games, and no level of accessibility will make them want to play for the same reason that a version of baseball with babby rules wouldn't make me rush out to buy a bat, mitt, ball, bases, etc.
There's free everything, but some interest still has to be present for people to use it. I would guess that most people aren't interested because of one of the following:

The problem is that you're making a false dichotomy. There's a large crowd of game buyers with shit taste "who actually care" (if you define it by time/money spent, which devs do) and are distinct from people who don't ever play video games. I think the devs are pandering to them more than trying to make new players. It's no mystery that the developers of Hearthstone would rather develop for someone who will spend $100 on boosters and beg for more ways to spend money than someone who will spend $0 on anything and call the game shit

"normalfag" is the reddit corruption taken from shitty /r9k/ spam. Normalfag is what was used before reddit was even a bogeyman.

brb going to look up slow-mo videos of a dog catching a tennis ball

I hate wordfilters more than I hate that word. Fuck you Mark, you kike.

just goes to show how many lies are spread around

Doesn't even look like Potter. And since the article doesn't even mention if he has been called it in the past, it sounds like his first time.

You weren't here for all the spaghetti that was dropped before the filter.
Please don't bring it back, I like this place better without /r9k/ spaghetti stacked on top of the Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and native spaghetti.

pretty sure it was just bullying, user

It took "almost a year" for Blizzard to implement a server browser for OW. I'm pretty sure you can assume what's in store for the game.

WoW is basically

It's absolutely no surprise that the playerbase wouldn't venture outside of that loop.

They know about ASSFAGGOTS because e-sports and the festering cancer that is Twitch, and the latter three because they suck Blizzard's cock.

The local news a) caters to 40-50 somethings who probably don't know shit about games and will eat up anything they're told and b) sees those games as taking away from their potential audience (because God knows we need to hear about how Trump eats fried chicken with a fork and knife), so might as well demonize them.

normalfags only care about shit like faggotcrush nazibirds and other normalfag shit. tl;dr they're all on mobile now

I don't get this. I don't fucking get this. It's not even a GAME; there is ZERO skill, strategy, or intelligence involved. It's that motherfucking thing they made you do in first grade where they cut apart a comic strip and you have to assemble it in chronological order, except instead of a comic it's toilet humor. It's a bunch of drunk fuckers laughing over shit halfway between a Jay Leno monologue and "yo mamma" jokes.

Actually, I think I figured it out. The purpose of the game is to make your friends say cringy shit out loud. It's the same concept as charades, where the object of the game isn't to actually be any good, but to make a complete fucking idiot of yourself so everyone can laugh at them.

I just don't fucking understand this. Why is this sort of thing entertaining??

It's simple and nice to play with friends. Have you tried making your own set? It's not getting any deeper but fuck it, sometimes I just want to snap the whip all day.

Harry Potter 5 is long as fuck compared to the other books and has some legit gore and mindfucks, I can't imagine a normalfag going through it without dropping either by boredom or getting triggered.

Also, talking about normalfags and books, pic related literally ends with normalfags being slaughtered because they are normalfags, the irony couldn't be bigger now that the thing became a cartoony netflix series.

Hence why it is regarded as "social lubricant" and not widely discussed for it's high brow humor and razor wit-powered social commentary.

Max Temkin has the personality of the 9gag website and the personal ideology of a feminist spinster's tumblr blog.

The Netflix series actually has Lemony Snickett's backing and input so it's pretty good. They are also, or so a friend tells me, including the "Unofficial Biography of Lemony Snickett" Which changes up the story a bit with more illuminati type stuff. Like the series ends after the miserable mill and they are going into the austere academy where we get a brief cameo of the next season which features the whatever twins. I don't recall them in the books having a secret decoder telescope but in the Netflix show they do. I also never read the unofficial biography either. I would recommend not reading the unofficial biography and watch the show if you just read the books.

Pinoys are fucking plebeians when it comes to vidya. Pokemon, dota, lol are the only topics for flips, there will be occasionsl skyrim, ragnarok, or new AAA gaem topics but those are the top 3 vidya topics for flips

Thought i made a friend when a coworker asked me for help building a pc. So i listed the best specs and recommended some top tier pc games for him to play.
I felt betrayed

They are as much as a scourge as hues in the games they infect. Dragon nest for example

I once tried to discuss Marathon, Quake 3 and Battlefront 2 with the people who "like" vidya in my uni and they give me a dumb look. I also tried to apply for the gaming org in my uni and when I asked if they played Doom, only a few people said they already did, let alone know the game.

Kek normalfags are fucking gullible sometimes that i'd be nice enough to actually just nod and smile

Never actually got that response but if I did, I would do my best to end the convo asap.

Who are you talking to? Literally everyone I speak with plays video games. My manager plays fucking WoW, and whines about casuals ruining the grind. At least six guys are playing FIFA, and another four or five play Infinite Warfare. They're all playing shit games, by all means, but they do play them.
Maybe universities are different, but given the age group, I really doubt it.

I can't possibly imagine what would lead anyone to ever say that videogames aren't a form of art.


In my experience the age group that goes to college/uni/whatever plays LoL and overwatch, even the girls.

Well I'm stuck with millenials in uni. The most common games I've heard are dota, lol, cs:go and the sims. I would estimate only about 1/4 of all the people I've encountered in uni play video games. Meanwhile, the capeshit/tumblr/anime/tv/movie only "nerds" are around 80% of the people I've met.

I dunno, man. After the past few years we've had, and seeing more and more of what colleges present as "art" I'm entirely fine with vidya not being considered art and thus co-opted by pretentious hipsters and post-modernist marxists… Because that's exactly the kind of shit SJWs tried to do before GamerGate took a collective shit in their cheerios.

Honestly one of the reasons I dropped out of college. I can't stand being around those people. Shit's only gotten worse with millennials and Overwatch. The very definition of a game you play because your friends play it, and refuse to play anything else.

don't let them redefine words that have had a proper definition for thousands of years.

Videogames are a conglomerate of graphic art, music, writing, not to mention the art of developing a game as a sum of all these.

Videogames are one of THE most complex forms of art. There's no excuse to saying that they aren't.

I was playing Witcher 3 yesterday, and looking at how wonderfully Ciri's ass was shaped only reassured me of the fact.

I wouldn't say that normalfags and women entering your hobby are a harbinger of good times tbh

Speaking of which; I'm starting to get into /tg/ more and more. I'm the kind of autist that would read 40 pages of flavortext and want to sit trough hours of looking at a table. Can anyone recommend any expansive tabletops? Anything I can print out would be great.

D&D or GURPS. /tg/ should have some pdfs somewhere, if not they're pretty easy to find


I guess it isn't long before dicks will be considered illegal weapons

Go talk with /tg/, because there's a lot of shit to pick from and simply want an "expansive tabletop" is too broad a categorization to make a good recommendation.

If you want to start with RPGs.. well, everyone starts with D&D, but I really don't suggest supporting D&D, Wizards of the Coast, or any of their cuck faggot designers who were mostly full blown #ImWithHer and championing feminism by hiring Wil Wheaton, Ashley Burch, and Chris Kluwe to promote their shitty cardboard crack game.

Paizo is more or less the same, except they actively force trannies and fags into their games. Games Workshop and Warhammer is hard to recommend because it's such a clusterfuck and they keep fucking shit up worse.

It's hard to point you in the right direction, either way, since there's a lot to pick from and a lot to avoid.

Snicket's shit is pretty good, but he also did a prequel series about a young detective Lemony that also helps explain some things, and by some I mean almost certainly one and I don't think anything else. Also in the last book Lemony feeds the villain to an eldritch abomination in front of the villain's daughter, which is pretty radical, as the kids say.

It won't be long until you need to have a license to be a man.

The board is slow and I don't wanna flood it with newfag trash that I know has been talked over many times. I did pick up 1d4chan and a couple of PDF, but those were just game manuals for games I don't have. I'm looking for D&D type games, but something a /tg/ veteran would play.

/tg/ is slow, but it's not going to get any faster and you're not going to get a better answer asking around on Holla Forums.

Just make a half decent thread and ask some good questions. Trust me, they're not as autistic as Holla Forums can be about asking questions.

Well alright. I hate to see good boards die, hell maybe I'll become a regular.

It allows people to make jokes that wouldn't normally be acceptable. It's mostly for people so unaccustomed to black humor and the like that simply hearing "the holocaust" as the punchline to a joke is hilarious. I've played it with friends before and when we did it we were trying to make the most cohesive joke with the best punchline. There were a group of us that were having more fun coming up with better punchlines than what was offered in-game, but we all also browsed fullchan so that's not surprising. We later tried D&D 5.0 and I found that it wasn't very rewarding since a monk is completely broken at the start, especially since I have the luckiest set of dice in the world.

Just beacuse society has accepted bad art as the standard doesn't mean art doesn't exist, or can never exist.

Allowing SJWs to redefine what art is and isnt is allowing them to win.


You're forgetting the most casual-friendly aspect of CaH: There is no objective scoring. Winning or losing is a matter of whatever the group thinks is funny.

You can't play Settlers of Catan, or Twilight Imperium and get by on pity points, or friendship. You have to understand the game mechanics and make intelligent forward-thinking decisions. Read your opponents, etc.

Cards is literally the participation medal ethos applied to video games.

/tg/ is far from dead, but it wouldn't hurt if someone gave it a small kick in the ass to wake it up.

This isn't about IQ or lack of technical knowledge. The machines/finance/office politics people operate at work are more complicated than any emulator or game.

normalfags simply lack agency and ambition.
They are only motivated to do things by hype or when they see other people doing it.

The passivity of normalfags is why most prefer watching TV over playing games.

Indeed, the most normalfag console, Wii, had its controller shaped like a remote to appeal to them.

This is also why as modern gaming has become larger and more socially accepted, games have become more "cinematic" requiring less player input and strategizing.

Gaming only blew up to rival Hollywood in size after the 6th gen when the graphics reached the point where it`s not required to use your imagination to fill in the blanks. The mindless drones which comprise 70% of society *have* no imagination.


Is this codechimp fuckery or just user being bad at formatting?

In any case, you've pretty much hit it.
Much of society simply cannot be bothered to care deeply for any medium of art, let alone one that demands so much from its patron to get what for other media is gained from just being in the same fucking room.

Start with the World games if you just want to get into it to test the waters, then decide if you want to roll dice or roleplay.
Dice Rolling is not the same as roleplaying, it can be fun but it's more intuitive as the rules generally tell you what to do, this is pretty much every d20 system that exists. Roleplaying involves you actually investing in your character for hours on end, these are pretty much everything that isn't a d20 system or the 40k roleplaying games. Fuck the 40k roleplaying games
If you want something different get into battlegames or card games. Now there you'll have to go and ask /tg/ because I'm not big into that.