90s game reboots people actually want

Now that Power Rangers and soon Captain Planet got/will get dark & edgy reboots. How do we reboot Street sharks and extreme dinosaurs in video game forms?

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By ignoring that shit & making a Mummies Alive beat em up.

I've been trying to watch Extreme Dinosaurs, me and my friends were watching some episodes yesterday and couldn't get past two. It's alot of nothing fucking happening. It does have a really catchy theme song.

If they were to do some reboot for it then it would most likely be a beat'em up.

Those cartoons suck, Matt.

Reboot Reboot. That shit was awesome.

reboot f-zero

how the fuck will that even work?

Trump is the main bad guy, all of the energy companies’ CEOs are his henchmen, etc.

I won't be surprised if that's the actual story.

Street Sharks was trash though. Might as well bring back Biker Mice from Mars, or Beetleborgs if we're resurrecting fag shit.
You aren't old enough to be romanticizing the shitty past.

Why not a Platinum Games 90's/80's cartoon crossover game?

The sequel can have main-stream anime like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z

dude already comes pre-packaged with green hair. it will sell itself.

Better jump on that now before that's the plot of like 1/3 of all video games to come out in the next decade.

Beatleborgs probably be made apart of Saban cinematic universe



Make a Swat Kats arcade flight game.

They fought Hitler once already


Captain Planet is now a woman who dresses in a "YES, THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE" t-shirt and has an undercut. All of the planeteers are various nonwhites who wear masks and antifa armbands. In one episode they team up with doppelgangers of Quinn and Sarkeesian to fight misogyny and destroy the walls separating Europe from the third world. All of the bad guys are caricatures of people like Milo Yiannpolous or Nigel Farage.

isn't that pretty much exactly the same as it was?

Step up senpai

Jets > Motorcycles

Biker Mice from Mars > Swat Cats

That's all fine.
Cause I was talking about Swat Kats.

Came here to post this

Sailor Moon as a persona 4 like game?

Pat, when's Liam coming back.

you are my niggas