Why is it just acceptable common practice to charge money for video games?

Why is it just acceptable common practice to charge money for video games?

What happened to hobbyists, passion projects, and donationware?

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Everything IS free.


Try saying that when you violate the NAP, commie.

Freedom ain't free.

Nigga fuck you luxury work is genuinely hard to even afford to do and you should cherish the people that actually can afford to give you free shit.

with the creation of software like Urho3D and Godot, F/OSS vidya is looking much brighter than it was before. or is the definition of hobby vidya solely based on creating your own spaghetti code engine, like a shitty replica of the Serious engine?

they still exist
they went from shitty fan mario/kirby/megaman games from flash/game maker to shitty 3D games done on unity
at least we still have RPG maker shitshows

Steam was released in 2003 buddy

Because video games fall into the category of goods and services, and currency can be exchanged for goods and services. Therefore, people who make vidya as their job, rather than as a hobby, charge for their vidya so they have currency to exchange for goods and services that are not video games.



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Being paid to make a game means you can work on it full time, which means the game gets made faster.

Free as in freedom software can be paid for if that is what you were implying.

Most free games are by people who understand games and have the passion for it which is why they can be unique or execute a gameplay concept well. They have no ulterior motive since there's no money involved with an unlimited schedule and they do it because it makes them happy.

Because people realized they could make a living off of the small games they used to give away as freeware. Why would you give away months or years of effort for free when you can sell it and potentially make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars?
The only free hobby projects you see these days are fangames which obviously can't be sold, and "free betas" where devs give away the early development builds as a form of marketing.

Runs pretty well on my 8350+RX 480 rig. Sometimes it drops fps, but never that badly.

I thought that they were improving the performance

ikr xDDDD everybody knows we can buy food and other daily needs with just our passion, they're so stupid amirite friend, upvote xDD

They added a new rendering engine that makes things look nicer. It does require more resources though.


It has local MP. But they need to hurry up with online support.

who cares about local mp if you can't shitpost at others while racing

remember all those old hobbyist videogames?

i don't, i don't miss all those simple as fuck shareware games in visual basic their pajeet authors wanted 30 bucks for them

Gotta make a living out of something.

Also the two main eras of freeware were shareware, where the entire point was to give away demos for marketing, and the late-90s/early-2000s freeware eras, where digital downloads as a business model had not yet been proven, and it was not yet clear (in the west, at least) that there was a real future for simpler 2D games.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

but seriously, i can't believe how retarded this is, you are so fucking entitled that you think you deserve everything to be free.
video game maker can easily spent hundreds if not thousand of hours to make a game, and that's not including the money that they spent to hire people, or to buy assets, or other miscellaneous. And somehow you think it's unacceptable to charge money? to actually make a living out of their passion?

Just go kill yourself, you waste of space.

And even then the commie that created Tetris was making money out of it (and still is)

He didnt make a single dime until like 20 years after the fact.

Nothing wrong with making money on open source games. Just look at TOME.


Only good ones are now in Japan, selling their stuff at Comiket and releasing it for free afterwards. Your average western person can't stand the idea of programming for free with someone for fun since "work is self-improvement" is not our mantra, for better or for worse.

I just wish our industry had stuff like in Japan. Right now, everyone just goes full "WE GOTTA GO THREE-DEE OR 2D PLATFORMER OR ANY OTHER ESTABLISHED ARCHETYPE" nowadays, no innovation whatsoever.



jrpgs are literally the most stagnant genre ever what the fuck are you talking about

user, do you need your ADHD prescription refilled?

The vidya industry is 6 times larger than the film industry.
Think about all the effort that goes into producing a film, and then multiply that by 6. Interns get heart attacks. Game devs work from 8 am to 11 pm regularly. The politics of publishing is beyond nightmarish.
I understand if you only want to pay for a game if it is good, but if your delivery driver drove 10 miles through a blizzard at midnight with Osama Bin Ladin in the backseat to give you a cold pizza, you better give him a fucking tip.

But I never asked for any of that shit, I asked for a hot pizza and if I'm expected to be okay with a cold one I have twenty years of old but still perfectly good pizza in my fridge.

Because people pay money for video games

They still exist. If you really love this, why not make a passion project of your own? It's quite rewarding, and nobody is stopping you.

I was a bit amazed that when Hotline Miami was released people actually paid money for it. Small indie games used to be mostly freeware before that.

That doesnt automaticly mean they work 6 times harder, if anything it seems like they work less.

Why should I have to pay money for movies?
Why should I have to pay money for music?
Why should I have to pay money for games?
Why should I have to pay money for books?
There are people out there who honestly doesn't see the problem with this.

Personally, I realise piracy is a problem, but I do it anyaways because I don't really care.

.t economy university student


There's nothing magical about money, it's just a means to exchange goods and services for other goods and services with as little hassle as possible.

It's really weird how you "freedom" types fetichize money so much. Anyone who truly loves freedom shouldn't feel strongly one way or the other about money.

At least prove him wrong, instead of just calling him a faggot.


They got out of their mom's basement and realized you need money to survive.
Why haven't you?

Because making any of those costs money, and the creators have to make their money back to stay afloat?

If you knew how much work goes into a game you wouldn't ask such a dumb question. It's another thing if people charge something ridiculous like 60+ bucks for an intangible copy of a product, but 5-30$ depending on size and quality is perfectly reasonable.

If you're a good goy, that is.

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What fucking relation does that even bear towards the kikes? What, just because the kikes manipulate the economy we're suddenly not allowed to use money?

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Super tux kart has been in development for the longest time, with many more people working on it than mario kart yet it's still inferior to mario kart.
Get over it.

There are hundreds of free games out there, as well as mods that could be games themselves. Also on itch.io there are free games where you can donate if you feel generous

It's better than Mario Kart since its free and not locked to shitty consoles lmao.

Hobby games and passion projects are usually side projects. Most people working on them have jobs and can't devote as much time to game development as commercial devs, not to mention that most devs are creatively crippled by the modern leftist mindset and culture so even if they have time and money they can't actually make anything good.

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If you're good at something, don't do it for free. That's why. Your time is valuable, and if you use that time to create something other people want, you should charge money for it. The market will decide how much money is appropriate, but it should be more than nothing. Freeware and Shareware are the realm of students' first forays into the medium, glitch-filled mediocre games that were part of the learning process on the way to becoming a real developer.

Are you even going to try to prove me wrong, or are you just going to spew buzzwords in the hope that people will just listen and believe?

Maybe if you don't know shit about how capitalism works.
The fact that vidya remains at the price point once reserved for physical releases with printed manuals despite going fully digital is proof that the industry is fucked at the moment

Why do people still think the USSR was communist?


They would have prospered if they were actual fascists


Because people think they should be paid for everything, even their hobbies, these days.

Play video games? Upload Let's Plays to youtube and make money.
Draw porn? Sell it desperate furries for mad dosh.
Dabble in code? Make a kickstarter and raise funds for that game idea.
Making a webcomic? Start a patreon and rake in the dough.
Building a haunted house for halloween? Charge kids $5 apiece to see it.
Like watching sports? Start a fantasy league and make money winning bets.

There's no end to it.

The economy is in a fucking gutter, and it's only going to get worse. I'm glad I can do my part for the economy by committing copyright infringement almost every day.

Having to pay money for the game itself is the one thing that should be an acceptable common practice.

It's everything else, from charging money for cosmetic bullshit to charging money for beta tests which should never have become acceptable, you've got things backwards OP.

Nothing I said could be interpreted as political or relating to the United States of America.

I know how you feel, America voted for the chaos candidate, and now we are all going to pay the price

Oh boy, here we go.

You did a good job picking out actual examples of judaism, but there's still two in there that are actually capitalism, since drawing porn and building a haunted house take time and materials which have a cost associated with them, so if you draw porn or build haunted houses professionally, as opposed to as a hobby, you're perfectly within your rights to charge customers a price they're willing to pay.

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