Are any of you sick of hearing this shit? Warhammer is actually serious and grimdark now and has been for a while. It's not Rouge Trader from 1987 anymore. It's not the mid 90s lore. Quit using scapegoats for bad games.

I just now played DOW III, and I'm mad. There's no cover system. There's no grouping. There's no innovation that fits the previous games. The art style is trash. The voiceovers are terrible and make it sound non-canon. It plays like a MOBA.

Normalfag posers are cancer and ruin LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

shithammer is a joke. gas yourself.

Yes, we know, it's terrible. Anything else?
We've had the same thread yesterday. sage.

Sorry .I won't talk about video games then


pls take this retarded tongue in cheek 90s cheesefest as serious sci-fi you guize ;_;

Kill yourself.

This sort of shit is like when secondary Fatefags complain about Prisma Illya for not taking itself seriously enough because they never actually read a Tiger Dojo.

Nothing wrong with something not taking itself seriously.

Dawn of War 3 is out?

Yeah and it's a waste of money. You could pirate it but it isnt worth your bandwidth

This a viper thread now

Learn to red text, fagget.
Drown yourself in acid.

Wait, is warhammer 40K a reverse TMNT?

OP is right even if he wrote this like clickbait.
Dawn of war did not deserve the joke/MOBA treatment. The abilities are taken straight out of HoN/Dota/LoL.

Thanks user

Must have really phoned it in, don't recall any coverage on normal sites sticking out at me.

Warhammer was last good 25 years ago.
Then they halved the figurines per blister pack and doubled the price while dropping the detail and design quality.

you play tabletop? wanna talk about it?

I rather not. It's depressing.

The image in my head of someone who played Warhammer in the 90s is some obese, greasy male with a ponytail who will give you an unsolicited opinion about nearly fucking anything.

Am I wrong?

Replace 'Warhammer' with 'Tabletop Games' and just cut out 'in the 90s' and you'll be on point.


Normalfags please go


well, why hasn't there been a freetard clone yet?

I'm not saying you shouldn't play tabletop games or that there's anything wrong with enjoying them. Like VNs, fighting games or ASSFAGGOTS/CRAPCUNTS, they aren't my personal cup of tea, but I totally understand people who are passionate about them.

But to say that your average tabletop fan doesn't fit the 'slovenly neckbeard' stereotype is a bit silly.

Fuck you buttertroll. The reason I quit MtG (so REEEEEE normalfag) was due to a rotting cottage cheese smell I'd come upon at my "FLGS".

Where the hell are you people whenever a general is posted?

Then go to a better FLGS, you baby

I didn't realize it was already available to play.

I think it was pretty obvious, from all of the footage and promotional material we've seen, that this was supposed to be a MOBA-esque game that didn't treat the source material with any respect.

Here's a tip: "reee normalfag" was actually created by normalfags who invaded /r9k/ in 2014.

preach brother

Try on this reasoning instead: Because the grimdarkness IS the joke, making the new games and art all colourful, soft-edged and cartoony is like telling that joke badly. Like sitcom humor badly.

Go look at the miniatures on sale right now at games workshop. They are bright and colorful, have cartoony proportions/poses and generally are everything you are complaining about. The early 2000s comics are literally the only things in the history of warhammer that have ever not been a saturday morning cartoon visually.

The joke is not just the grimdarkness, it is that such cartoony and bright colored things are attempting to claim they are grimdark. Nobody can do anything but giggle when an inquisitor, an imperial fist, a hive tyrant pretends its not a cartoon.

dawn of war =/= tabletop miniatures
Just stop with this dumb comparison, it makes you sound retarded.

He probably saw the new miniatures for familiars and concluded

I wasn't just talking about the miniatures, i was pointing to them as they are the core representation of the setting. All the comics, RPGs and most of the computer games follow this trend as well. Only the deathwatch and space hulk games have ever not done it in a cartoony fashion.

Dawn of War 1 was very cartoony and weightless and lacked the good cover system etc and yet people whined to have that shit back. Gameplay wise this game is shit and its because of dawn of war 1 fags, but aesthetically this is the same as everything that has come before it.

The miniatures is exactly what comes to mind when I see the models in DoW3 for you see the models in DoW3 are suspiciously too similar to the actual painted display miniatures on GW's own sight in their catalogs. And dawn of war had the "color your own army" feature, saw some eye bleeding stuff in multiplayer from time to time and color is definitely one of the things that multiplayer was not lacking.

The problem isn't its treatment of the source material, it is giving a lot of respect and fair treatment to that. Its how it is treating the fans of the dawn of war series that is the problem, because nobody likes the new gameplay.

Are you referring to cartoony as lacking proper human proportions or being overly colorful ?
While many of the games have colorful units, none of them are shiny like here.
Miniatures having heroic scale is no reason to redo that shit in game format. In fact in such a medium it only serves to harm the game. Hence why games with closeups like space marine had more normal proportions and would have looked outright stupid if it was in heroic scale.
The problem here is that the new cover system has less to offer than even the first iteration of the game. How is that lost on you ? When doctors cut off your leg do you want a prosthetic limb or a pencil put there???

What kind of reasoning is this ? You giggle at inquisitors and hive tyrants ? Maybe it's you who takes grimdark too seriously.

This is why I keep saying that tabletop fags are deluded. Some models just look like arse when animated, you don't have to copy all of them. It might look cool as a mini, but in motion models like the gorgutz one look like a bad joke. Devs don't have to copy everything the tabletop does.

But here comes a new problem: devs trying tof it in immediately start painting miniatures and playing tabletop.
You can see this with eternal crusade where every dev had lined up minis on his pc to make the fans feel welcome. That's a nice gesture at first but it always fails in the long run when they assume the tabletop mentality of *this is cool so let's roll with it*. Oh and by the way all of the devs just paint minis, they don't even play.


WArhammer 40k wouldn't be so terrible if the fucking boardgame wasn't so shit

wha a mess of fucking convulted rules and randomness for the sake of 'excitement'

fucking terrible game, the company needs to be burnt down and the IPs bought up and managed by someone competent

>Rouge Trader

Dude just use your imagination. You seem like a colorful lad.

Some of the books are fine, good even. The tabletop is what went to shit.

Old school metal cover like style != assfaggots cartoonish

DoW2 and battleflet had the perfect style, I'd say DoW1 (the best game) was too gray

it's actually just a redone of nemesis

Yeah. That one. It was a Judge Dredd in sphess. Even Dredd wasen't serious about it's own setting. Then GW realized how WH40K is profitable and decided to go full dark. That's why we don't have sqs anymore.

kek 40k fans deserve to be shat on
get fucked, fag

I didn't even know it came out hopefully those fucking leafs bomb. No reason why space hulk wasn't better though what a shame. Hopefully someone other than reeeeelic is making the space marine sequel and it is being made or else Sega wouldn't b paying to keep a site for a six year old game online but judging by the completely basic design it's probably RELIC making it.


Warhammer being a joke or not has nothing to do with the new DOW being shit either. That's just a natural progression of game devs being terrible and attempting to appeal to a "broader demographic" which always means "idiots and people who don't like our games." Thus alienating people who DO like their games.

Space hulk is 44% on steam for optimization issues. Meanwhile eternal crusade is 54% while being a placeholder multiplayer game with terrible lag.
People are morons.


you might as well post a furry in the pic, 0/10

I dont but you can read up on 1d4chan.

Basically, tabletop doesn't give a fuck about story or setting.
The game started out as a grimdark alternative to star trek and star wars with shit lore, got big, got great lore and writing, dumped that, got greedy, and today you have a company focused on selling "toys to children" (the CEO's words) so the fluff and the canon are mere accessories to increase sales.

I love it when faggots like you talk about shit they don't know anything about.


You're right about that. /tg/ willingly plays Pathfinder and Eclipse Phase and all the other trash despite all the developers openly talking about how much they despise their userbase.

When you point out 40k is getting steadily more pozzed with women and minorities cropping up at every turn they'll cuck out and say that 40k was always diverse and empowering for women.

They're basically BioWare fans, only that the whole hobby is like that instead of a tiny minority to tumblrtards still clinging to a moribund company.



Former CEO, actually, Kirby isn't in charge anymore. GW has actually gotten much better since they changed execs.

I was browsing w40k threads on 8/tg/ the past few days and some anons there were unironically calling for women space marines, women cultists, women chaos marines, women slaneeshi worshippers/daemonettes/cultists

Sure it has, and Jews will stop pretending the Holocaust is real any day now.

That's a bad analogy given the fact that a large chunk of Holla Forumsacks are self-hating Jews.

Why would that surprise anyone? Cucks gonna cuck.

Now just to wait for the usual /tg/ apologists to come crawling into the thread and start reassuring everyone how redpilled they are.

>just like I can scrape Jamal's cum out of my girlfriend's vagina with my tongue

How did you play a game that doesn't even have a release date yet?

You can play the first mission (2 now, one for sm one for eldar).
Go watch gameplay on youtube, they are both fully played there.

It sucks that 8/tg/ is that bad, but I should have seen it coming. It is just like how people here can still play video games when they've been cucked for decades now.

Wait, what? Are you saying I am not alone?

Holla Forums is at least 20% Jewish


No, it doesn't have to be. Not all of the time.

Especially if you count spin-off, non-canon things, legends and orky shenanigans

I go to GenCon every year and I can tell you with certainty that /tg/ hobbies are largely patronized by the greasy neckbeard spergs you describe, but a growing portion are those middle-aged LOL I'M SUCH A NERD I NAMED MY DOG STAR WARS type of faggots.

What unifies them is that they're all cucks ready to slurp Marxist pozz.

Unfortunately, /tg/ games require an ounce of meritocracy, because they can be more expensive and involved than vidya. So even though you'll run across the "strong gyrl gaymers" or "#Feminism the (not really an) RPG" type shit from time to time, no one is buying it or playing it, or even promoting it, because as we know, SJWs make shitty terrible games that even beta cuck faggots won't play with their Wife's son.

Basic story Dan>>11889287
There are exceptions to that rule, usually it's when /tg on either board takes a setting and Slightly corrupts it in one way or another, be it writefaggotry or a full blown setting. One of the well known pieces was the Love Can Bloom story for 40k, taking the grim dark setting and injecting just a tiny bit of love in a war zone.

Now for the more SJW setting that get converted, I'd like you to look a Kingdom of the Blue Rose, a roll 20 setting that takes a combination of $2 romance paperbacks and teenage girl daydreams

The entire Kingdom is run by magical guardian animals, the most important one is an infallible magical stag that chooses their leader by giving them a crown and scepter and everyone lives in relative safety and ease because they embrace magic and have plenty to eat. The odd thing is that it starts reading more like a communist dystopia once you find out how they handle criminals. The first thing they do is they use mind magic and psychology to see what is wrong with you on first offenses, whether you stole or murdered. If you stole to eat, they'd make you work on that person's farm as a repayment, but murder goes a lot further than that. At first they'll give you a magical helmet that will be enchanted to give you positive thoughts and limit how violent you are. If you still act out they will brand you as an exile enchant more shit on you and kick you out of the country. You read that right, literal medieval mind control. The book claims that they will do it near a safer area than the Strawman State, because they will just kill the guy once they see the brand and realize he's a danger to everyone, magic or not.

Now how did /tg/ subvert this setting? Simple, a group dropped slavs into it. It's probably one of /tg/a biggest redeeming factors, their ability to change stuff and usually with a bit of work not have it be shit. too bad 8/tg/ is dead and cuck/tg/ is full of quest threads



Generals actually discuss video games.

Oh boy, it's this autist again.

Hello new handle.

I was going to debate this, but then I realized that two of the players in my group really do meet this description pretty accurately.

It would probably be more if I wasn't in what's generally considered one of the top most attractive places in the US.

Stop the fucking presses! How could this be?!

The board with a constantly active Overwatch thread shouldn't cast stones. 40k fans were always cancer, same as pathfinder fags. The dumb cunts won't give up the time and money they invested in a shitty product from a shitty company and when asked why, they get defensive.

8/tg/ is largely fine, but if you dare to venture into any general threads, especially for shit made by the big companies (Games Workshop, Paizo, WotC), you're in for some low-to-moderate cancer.

Black people and women have HIV in games now?

Tell 'em brother. People who post in those should be banned

No surprise there. They practically tried to genocide macedonian bulgarians, justified by some mad lust for territory. To this day we keep finding wells full of dead bodies.
But noo le ebin kebab removal man is a cool guy :DDD
Serbshits should die.

Overwatch cucks at least admit they're faggots and have shit taste.

I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone living in the Balkans that doesn't hate Serbs with a passion, and much like Jews they love to live up to the "The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you" when they whine and play the victim.

Lurk more Otariinae

I'm sure most of those unsolicited opinions were on Israel, eh Ezra?

why dont we just attach this asanine phrase to every game? dynasty warriors plays like a moba

fuck off shill

Hero abilities are copy-pasted from dota, lol and hon. Even the fucking passives.

in total annihilation you can recycle destroyed enemies and use them to build more turrets, making it a tower defense game

why so much hate on wh40? the fanchise has some really good games as well as awful ones
And there is nothing wong with grimdark, not everything has to be "lol so cartoony" ala blizzard

Selling buildings in RTS is older than tower defenses as mods and as a genre.
Stuff like throwing axes that you can miss and pick up from the ground to restore cooldowns or hookshots that stun and pull you to the enemy directly originate from ASSFAGGOTS.

Cuckchan refugees and one persistent Holla Forums reject that shows up in every single 40k thread without fail to cry about how "pozzed" it is and how tabletop players ruin everything. He's buttblasted because he got laughed out of /tg/ for being such a sperg.

and assfaggots originated from rts. but you wouldnt say they play like an rts because they share a few elements.

I recall Holla Forums having at least one faggot who would regularly lose his shit about imaginary /tg/ threads that never existed somehow ruining /tg/ and how /tg/ posters are the cancer of the whole site, somehow.

Probably one of the salty Holla Forums faggots that tried to claim the board after they fucked it up, but didn't get his way.

It's one of the following:
He posted about 40k becoming pozzed a while back on /tg/ and essentially got laughed out. IIRC his sources were FFG's Only War art, which featured a few female guardswomen, as well as a female Maccabian Janissary (who, as expected of a soldier from a desert/middle eastern themed world, is not white).
Really, it's more likely FFG is pozzed than Geedubs (and by extension the greater 40k work) is.

I still marvel that you /tg/ faggots got so butthurt by some random currynigger troll that you have to mention it in every thread.

40k is pozzed, live with it and somehow come to grips with the obscene amounts of money you wasted on shitty models.

not very much is all that hated, including warhammer 40k. people may be annoyed by the fans however, given its strong presence on the internet. a trait shared with dozens of other "hated" things. and the op was more of a tantrum than an invitation for discussion.

I would directly say they play like a dumbed down RTS. Which was the common opinion on ASSFAGGOTS before the term moba even existed.
If you wanna play your RTS with hookshots, axe throws and pick ups, damage absorbtion with aimed returned damage skillshots, basic spammable skillshots, gap closers, flashy lights on basic swings and everything on low cooldowns then that is your choice.
But expecting of me to tolerate it when it's shoved into an older series is complete idiocy.

The thing is not the fact that they made it into an ASSFAGGOT, the thing is that it's obvious that they don't respect the series at all, so they do what they think will in the end bring them the most ammount of dosh.

What's not to hate about 40k these days?

GW and their kikery give Jews a run for their money, while steadily losing market share because the competition isn't run by actual idiots.

On the lore side of things you have the Grandmaster and his endless boner for the smurfs and a bunch leftist cuckolds writing for Black Library that keep introducing such awesome concepts as a "curvy" acrobat (that sounds suspiciously like the feminist wife of the author), prestigious G regiments led by not-pskyer women that have a proud tradition of fucking around (especially with their men), deaf IG female soldiers being so awesome, and a steadily increasing number of minorities and women at every turn.

And that's not even getting into the general idiocy of the Horus Heresy, or how GW is going to fuck up 40k like they did Fantasy by advancing the plot.

The spergs are actually the few pathetic sacks of shit that are still giving GW money and get bent out of turn when someone decides to remind them what complete and pathetic cucks they are.

abilities in rts have been around since long before assfaggots were a thing. even warcraft 2 had "skillshots" and im not just talking about catapults and ballistas. i think there are essential elements that have to be in place to really "play like an assfaggots" and sharing a few traits with something no matter how essential they are doesnt necessarily place it in that realm. i couldnt call it a moba until you got an endless stream of uncontrollable troops that mindlessly charge the enemy defenses that reward the enemy for killing them.

as for these things being shoved into an older series, it doesnt sound like that far of a step from dawn of war 2 honestly. that was a very hero focused game and didnt even have base building.
from the first game, dawn of war has attempted to focus more on the action with how resource collection is handled. so the transition into something like this isnt all that ridiculous. i think dow2 was them experimenting with that to the extreme. i suppose they felt replacing base building with more interactive units would emphasize what they imagined people liked about dow1?

very well. i should have mentioned that there are also disgruntled fans who dont like games workshop these days.

How is that a good thing? Does anyone here seriously think this turd will be able to compete with already established ASSFAGGOTS?

It's ridiculous to even call it experimenting, all they're doing is dumbing down the franchise some more thinking it will make them more money.

I think I got mega aids cancer in my anus

Don't go around comparing mines, sheep and death and decay to copying clockwork, draven and some hon passives onto a dow hero.
Supreme commander has active and passive abilities, yet none of them feel like a moba. They add to the RTS.
The opposite is the case here.

That is most likely true. Thus DoW2 is the beginning of the downfall. Especially given that most of the dev team was playing last stand.
Even so DoW2 didn't feel this much like a moba. DoW3 even has the timing and speed moba skills down. It's like it has completely morphed into something very far from rts.
dow2 - ork warboss runs at you, you can run away, fight or kite

Here is a very basic situation:

Do you see where the strategic thinking and positioning went ? It went down the toilet. These skills are fast moba skills. There is little time to react. Less so than in dow2, even if skills in dow2 were more devastating.

Would you look at that, complete with those "stunned" debuff visual effects, but "le it's not a le moba because le map xD" as some like to say.

Exactly this. Even the abilities in DoW2 are not "instant activation DPS/debuff" bullshit, some of them were, but for the most part you had to account for positioning and timing, as the enemy units would react to seeing you and attempt to mitigate the effects of your squads as best they could, using supplies and abilities of their own because enemy units and even individual squads in skirmish/multiplayer weren't just mindless minions/creeps for your hero unit to level up.

The abilities in DoW3 are straight up lifted from the ASSFAGGOTS design book, both mechanically and, as the webms have shown, audiovisually as well. Not only the style and weight of the previous games are gone but also the mechanics as well, since it's becoming painfully apparent that your "massive armies" as were promised will ammount to nothing more than mindless minions for your backflipping, thunderhammer throwing terminator hero to slaughter and gain levels for that sweet sweet moba experience that everybody here was totally and clearly hoping to see more of. Instead of army compositions choosing upgrades for both regular infantry/vehicles and commander units (that were powerful but certainly not game-breakers) to suit the battle at hand you are now babysitting a single powerful unit because fuck having to think about strategy in a fucking strategy game and we want the league of overwatch audience.

maybe they wouldnt have been so invested in last stand if the base game were a fun company of heroes in space rts instead of an exercise in cheese.

Holla Forums 40k threads are such shit

Don't fool yourself, they aren't that good on /tg/ either.

This is a discussion about video games, gas yourself.

40K has become too mainstream for its own good, now it attracts faggots and Holla Forums naziboos.

shitposting has become too mainstream. now it attracts 1/10s like you