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Destroy the Carthaginians, elephant war now

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I pop in from time to time. Although I personally see #GamerGate as a success and finished. More focused on calling out shitty localizations and wiping out the SJW heresy.

Keep up the good work tho.




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Good luck on love, Good Luck on Surgeries, Concentration, Smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic, faster Japanese learning and Salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words “FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE”

Remember to always be a big guy


OP only had 3 posts last thread

Have you every tried other kinds of cake? I'm no cake eater, but I've always had a soft spot for carrot and cassava cakes.

for her

Use the fixed image please.

Is there something wrong with the OP? I might be missing something but it seems fine

There's too much of the old cancer still in place for me to consider it done. That said, keep running he board the way you have and keep triggering D-list celebrities and this will continue to be a good place.

Of course. You'll be able to stay as long as you need to.

I guess the Filipino jewfat soap manufacturing website did something naughty again?

Raifus are roverly, and so are shotguns.

OP gave out a tentative title last bread, it was changed in the released bread but otherwise it seems to check out so far.

8/v/ is pretty comfy but I wish it wasn't so fucking slow

is anybody keeping track of the numbers? has there been any growth or decline?

Tumblr, Imgur, and Instagram. The Holy Trinity of the Listen and Believe cult.
Of course, photography itself is only a tool, and as a tool those who push against the SJW can use it just as well as the outrage peddlers.

I don't have this, thanks.

We did accomplish the objective of waking up normalfags to libshit shenanigans.
Now it's simply a matter of waiting for the faggots to kill themselves by doubling down on their faggotry.

Sometimes the line blurs between the two. I fond myself getting irrationally angry at SJWs. Always remember to take breaks from the internet.

Previous thread recap.
I've noticed a running theme with Gallagher in his interviews regarding the industry: Besides the usual "Broadening the demographic", he wants to get rid of those pesky stereotypes & make the industry look good in people's eyes along with other industries like movies. That is a weakness that will be their downfall.

Have some OC from shit in the Holla Forums thread

SumOfUS (SJWs) are trying to get Mark Zuckerberg fired from Facebook.
Of course they call him a racist first. archive.is/TsP3Y

Wikipedia says Milo is not allowed to be Jewish because it would conflict with the narrative.

Why are ESA trying to shove video games down people's throats for the false sense of diversity!!!!!

Good morning


Big Blue is very likely the "friend" she was whiteknighting, based on the fact that she's using the blockbot.

…can we go back to summoning the memeteor, but only on some locations?

For what? Not being more of a leftist dictator than he already is?

mite b good

Good luck with that.

who is this antipedo subhuman? is that a tor coder?

he'll have to accept that true privacy and anonimity is a double edged sword eventually.

I think the better question is why the push for Gamification? Sure it nets money because many kids go to school & its low effort skill doesn't require the industry to give the "Entitled Gamers" any bones, but if they're doing it to get more people a job in the industry, then I don't see it working because it has the same bullshit that Common Core has. Video Games shouldn't be used as educational tools or problem solvers, otherwise you'll wind up with more Wally Bear & the NO! gangs.

It's a landwhale i think that works on the TOR project, yes.

It's a SJW anarchist that contributes to Tor, that also happens to use Randi Harper's blockbot on Twitter

I'm more surprised no one has ever thought up of hooking up high explosives on drones and sending it over their targets' workplaces. Way easier than paying a horde of dindus to riot.

you can smell the jealousy from the other side of the computer.

Sounds much more traceable and deliberate though. The chaos a paid riot can achieve is the reason punishments haven't been more severe- they unfortunately have to be absolutely certain they aren't punishing someone that, while participating in the chaos, didn't commit any foul play.

It sucks. It really does.

Oh wikipedia


To add on Gamification, that quote by Gallagher in the Aspen talk unsettles me.
With how much controversy & deep shit EA has under their belt, I can't see this as anything other than malicious.


あなたの甘い小さいマンコは上俺の むすこ擦り付ける



Wanko tbh

What happened to harmful opinions ?


He got hacked and now has to start from scratch. Does he have a new youtube channel yet?

It was discussed in past bread but there's definitely a strong potential with that point. I'm just trying to work on wording it and strengthening it, maybe re-inforcing the idea of the pattern of incosistencies.
Basically the possible core point :
-The ESA and publishers loves to point out the fact that video games, an interactive medium have become larger than the movie industry.
-So why is it fixated to be seen the same way as the movie industry, a non interactive medium.

No wonder DICE went full-on revisionism on Battlefield 1 and "realistic" on Mass Effect: Andromeda. They really want to push their agendas forwards. That's it, exposing them on E3 would be an understatement, what's needed to be done is to destroy whatever "good reputation" they have "left" and burn them to the ground!

bindu got her revenge

Place your bets, will they change these articles?


he is using his backup, the cyber violence one.

The more I see videogames and education in the same sentence the more I want to home school my own children. This is no longer Zoombinis.


What did he mean by this?

Although this could be interpreted as simply changing her mind about Twitter being a worthwhile place, the fact that she adds "Weird Twitter" heavily suggests that she is a goon, especially with the Illuminati shit considering the obsession goons (especially Weird Twitter) have with dismissing every criticism by calling themselves "da ilerminati"

What did he mean by this?


That is a good core point. Business usually say "Money talks" and whoever produces the most of them would have the highest voice and the most likely to get talks or deals with other companies. So operating this from a business & logical perspective: Video Games have made a lot more money than their competitors, why should the industry downgrade itself to be like the other ones? Why shouldn't the other industries think twice about doing business when they've been talking shit about it? They need to work for respect & show maturity themselves, but all I've been seeing is continuous shit-talking. Very unprofessional.

Wikipedia administrators enjoy watching their wives have sex with other men.


I just watched the one new video on there. It…kind of sounds like he's going to stop making videos about this shit. I hope I misunderstood. He was one of the few good ones.


A lot of things suddenly make sense, like how all TOR posters in 8ch are full of shit.

Probably more upset that he doesn't have his own Wiki article, and was reduced to a footnote in his brother's page.

Isn't Milo half Romaniote aka Greek jew on his mum's side granted he is not a follower but is Greek orthodox

The leftypol D&C is getting real

Happy Gilda is best Gilda.

Wait, he actually attended at the presidential debate? I thought the account was just a shitposter that got Twitter to verify his account somehow

Milo is quite a piece of work. Gay Greek Jew Orthodox Christian Brit touring America.

That's Obongos better brother, he got all the good genes while the failed one got the recessive genes, he shitposts constantly on twitter.

Do a set of pictures where they're playing strip vidya.

Loli thighs

I've been sifting some of the ESA digs, and while there are more than a few parts during sifting and scanning ("thank you Nancy Pelosi") that made me go FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCK OFFF WITH THAT SHIT YOU FUCKING SPINELESS CUCKS, LEECHES AND PARASITES, GET THE FUCK OUT OF VIDYA REEEEEEEEEE. Ultimately it is not hotheads that wins meme wars, but strategic, and tactical thinking and laser precision.

This is the strategic and tactical approach worth pursuing imo. The redpill being worked on will not be a list wrapped in a white flag of baguettistan. Instead it will be crafted more like a customer talking to a business.

Move aisde Gilda, Kanna is the new GG toploli..

It says /a/ right there.

I'm fairly sure his father is Irish, his birth name is Hanrahan.

Before his twitter shenanigans, I know about him under his name "Roy Obama". I know I've seen that name dropped in international charities, so it's probably the same Obama. As Roy, he's a genuine humanitarian activist organizer (the real deal compared to most pay-for-play activists like Talcum X these days, sort of like how Based Mom is a genuine classical feminist compared to today's hypocrites) who got scammed by the Clintons back during the relief efforts in Haiti, so he has personal reasons to go after the DNC last year. Or at least that's how the story goes.

He's probably sticking with the "Malik" identity now since it's clear that he's having lots of fun interacting with people on all sides of the fence, especially with Trump winning.




So Irish-Greek? Now that's the genetics for an alcoholic.


I'd pat her cervix with my dickhead, if you know what I mean.

I am okay with this.


sorry, i don't follow



You can go first, then.

Wait, so is Obongo actually a real name?

Fine, but we will need supplies

Tor has been compromised for ages. This is nothing new.

Well, there's many questions that have to be asked because it's not just one decision that needs to be addressed, but a lot of them. Whether it's the push for Gamification being more harmful than good in terms of getting the next generation into the industry (or making them think differently via propaganda games), the inconsistency regarding what issues get talked about + what doesn't, or even downgrading themselves to the movie industry just so they could look "Respectful" to everyone's eyes, there's a lot on their plate that shouldn't be ignored because they said it themselves, the industry is a bigger moneymaker & it can make people think differently.
And you know what they say: Whoever controls literature, controls the future & way of thinking.

I would love to see that too, people forced to take their clothes off are hot.

Obama had multiple brothers though

There are weirder names out there

Wouldn't that make Milo the perfect example of a global citizen, the sort of person globalists aspire to? Not sure if this counts under paradox or just plain hilarious.

As real as "Barack" in Africa. "Barack" sounds a lot like "barako" (same pronounciation+the "o" at the end) the Filipino word for "wild boar". Kek.


He's the perfect storm, really. I'm sure they wouldn't be so violently against him if they didn't see what they're idealizing in front of them.

Vivian's just reaching in for a choke.

Like a real life BJ Blazkowicz, but coal powered.


Close enough.

Also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Sexwale

I fixed the clipping, here's the better version.

It's not even GG that stresses me out, it's literally just retards not shutting up about anime tiddies or whiteknighting mudshits or even doing both while calling everyone else shit. I have to use that as a weapon.



Why can't Africans ever do politics right, it's not president for life.


How do I sucessfully shill League for Gamers?

There definitely is. I'm trying to help in crafting it to be digestible enough and distilled to only the strongest points. But hot damn, lack of general material to sift through is not a problem with the dig so far.
Speaking of which those points recapped is a good preliminary starting list on the possible core points to go into the redpill, before I forget.
(The following is a general list reminder only at the moment, for details please refer to #6 in op text.)
-push for Gamification
-inconsistency regarding what issues get talked about + what doesn't,
-we're bigger than movies now. we want to be seen the same way as movies. Ruroh?
-we don't want to rush in and say something foolish before knowing all the facts, especially with something as controversial as gamergate. I'm not saying it's gamergate, but it's gamergate. (so have you seen, or willing to look at the more recent development of FBI report clearing gamergate?)
-will the lobbyist and politicians who says they play vidya and likes vidya, would they still defend vidya 1st amendment rights if it wasn't produced by a multi million (possibly billion?) industry, or a vidya that you personally may not even like.

Its inclusive if you're a clueless commie faggot

It's definitely billion. But yeah, those are pretty much the points that I want to see addressed. Wonder if asking the whole industry if they still uphold Scalia's words on video games having the same 1st amendment rights as other mediums is good idea considering the censorship that they do to their own games or wanting games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to not come to America.

The irony of this identity political war: The ones pushing for mandatory diversity are all of the same appearance, background, and ideology, while the ones pushing against forced diversity come from various places, and refused to be tied to a single defining label.

Like Common Core, this needs to be put under the spotlight and dissected. From my independent findings on the subject, there's two schools of thought on gamification, and the version the clique pushes does not quite match up with the version that's put together by actual mathematicians.

Forgot to add.
*considering the censorship that they do to their own games or wanting games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to not come to America and the fact that they make a big deal about defeating the evil people who want to censor games & paid tribute to him.

fucking disgusting

That's Little Witch.

Would it surprise you if I said that the only two mathematicians with maths degrees that aren't education degrees, that were part of the review team for Common Core prior to shipping, got pushed aside and ignored by the people that wrote it?


The Scalia stuff is definitely strong potential and for my 2 cents, I want that put into the redpill in one way or another. Because not only is it a strong point, but it's one the ESA cited themselves as you mentioned, and iirc from the dig and sift. Perhaps as a lead in or combo to the "would you defend vidya even if…" point.

Twitter all of a sudden down for anyone else?

no its not
little witch is good and not being spammed

this is kill le kill shit post everywhere tier

Now I finally remember why I once supported Communism. It was literally only because it seemed to simply be about everyone working equally for what they have and everything important the people own is the responsibility of the government.

No classes to divide and oppress those less fortunate. Why can't those retards just try and do that?

You sound like a hipster




Has the twitter shoah begun?

Are you aware you're at the same time appointing some "government" to 'redistribute' "everything important" too as well right?

are you aware you just gave some faggots even more power than a king while at the same time claiming you want no classes to divide and oppress people?

Probably the reason it is down now, since I see no other reason

Oh I saw, someone got banned for reporting anitfa'a account threatening to assault a child while the antifa account inquestion wasn't ban.
What an improvement bravo twitter enjoy being the next myspace.

Fantasy land sure sounds great, too bad it wont work in reality

I'm assuming this all won't apply to the swarm of shit nuggets that jumps on every trump tweet

how do you decide what is relevant and what isn't, twitter? Ever notice how Trump's tweets always have negative replies at the top? That's what they determine is relevant

Is that Sexual bullying?

Well that's progress! But I imagine if you ask the ESA the Scalia question, they might dodge it and say "We were doing that because California wanted to ban violent video games, we've been defending violent video games for years." (Or something along those lines) But that would put them in a interesting position because as Scalia said himself, "The basic principles of freedom of speech…do not vary' with a new and different communication and medium." and since violence isn't the hot button issue because it's sexism, racism, whatever, that calls for further questioning because Scalia never said it only applied to violent video games, it applies to all of them.

Aporogizu for the slight tangent, but that pattern would not surprise me at all. I remember just after I got graduated college the faculty had something of a battle and purge, due to "instructors now needs an official teaching degree to continue working in this college". The main battle was between profs who had one or was pursuing one, and profs who did not but can teach and know their shit. Unfortunately the purge happened to the teachers who can teach and know their stuff, but not necessarily have the fancy paper certificate of teaching. And it was absurd considering the previous policy was "we want teachers and instructors who are not just teaching full time, they must still be active in the field and industry. translation: we don't want theoretical only faggots, we want practical fuckers who are not afraid of hard work".

It will also confuse conversation by having the thread mixed up, wouldn't it?

Don't worry about it goy they have an (((expert))) team on it.

Twitters layout is already a mess, I don't see how they can fuck it up even more.
I still have yet to find a site with a better messaging system then imageboards.

Hmm, I gotta find the source again was it in one of the ESA newsletter where they cited and touted Scalia. Obviously I'm not writing to one individual but yeah you understand the analogy and model we're using for the redpill construction.

I'm thinking the scalia quote and showing it's from the ESA material itself as the opening sentence or lead in, just have to make sure and double check, and then constructing the point or paragraph of the point.

Again, this was long before any of this. I must not have realized any of that. I thought the most important things like electricity and water, appliances such as refrigerators and ovens would be personally insured by government for just doing the same menial work as everyone else.

Thank you for bullying. If I bring up shit like that even if I no longer think it, I want to be slapped accordingly.

Yeah. That user summed it up perfectly. It's frustratingly too easy to abuse and way too idealistic to ever work out.

They are probably taking the approach Google did with Youtube, which is to only show comments that agree with you through sorting by "relevancy". That way they can ensure automated hugboxes by sorting from what pages you visit and what accounts you follow, possibly even the language you use and who tries to report you. That means they can ensure that SJWs remain in a hugbox and non-SJWs have one of their own without realising it, thus drowning out a lot of interaction between both. And considering the propaganda that social media pushes, the hugboxes obviously won't be one-sided, the SJW ones will be heavily reinforced while the non-SJW ones are given a harder time spreading their views.

If I zoom out, that seems to be a re-occuring pattern with the usual suspects. It's not just a financial corruption, it's a corruption of ideas and concept. "Safe Space" was not a damn socjus invention, it was a valid therapy technique and practice from what my non medical understanding at least, before this socjus nonsense started to really get big. Same thing with the term cis and so on.


Communism always fails because people can't be like ants; human nature always wins out in the end

Human nature is a strawman.

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised in the least. It's their pattern that can be found anywhere they infest, an example in this thread would be the TOR SJWs.
I actually have met with one of the CC reviewers through a mutual acquaintance. Sadly he doesn't really want to talk about his time in CC these days.

I got the image off their Twitter.
Luckily, they have articles about him on their site.
ESA Welcomes Sweeping U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Constitutional Protections for Video Games
ESA Statement on the Passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
I found the quote itself from the first PDF. While they mostly talk about violence and violent media, Scalia still said that "Video games qualify for First Amendment protection. Like protected books, plays and movies, they communicate ideas through familiar literary devices and features distinctive to the medium. And the basic principles of freedom of speech…do not vary with a new and different communication medium."

Not when it comes to tits.


your mom's a strawman lmao


He also made a new channel where he is reuploading all of his old videos.



Because people aren't equal, and those that are better than you should have more power than you. You don't want someone with downs syndrome as your coworker, and I don't want you as mine.

This explains so many things.
Teachers are so bad at getting kids interested in Math (which explains why curriculum in schools are so shit), but the grad students I've seen teach a class in Uni were extremely passionate and very helpful.
I'm not sure if its because they're more invested or they're actively doing it than a teacher is, or if it's because they genuinely give a shit about the subject and want to share their knowledge for reasons other than pay.


Alright that's the gud shit right there, thanks.

I just realized something!
Most of you remember last year how many games that got brought over to America got butchered or other controversies happened such as the Mika butt slap or Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 not being brought over. Scalia also died last year as well!
Further questioning: Are you only going to use the 1st amendment protection when it happens to your own studio? Because if so, that is not logical!

Because while communism works great in theory, it crashes and burns hard when it comes in contact with the human element.

It might sound great for everyone to make what they're good at and have the government sort out where everything goes, but the workers are human, the government is human, and humans will break the rules to benefit themselves or those important to them. That's why every communist country collapsed into an authoritarian shithole ruled by either the party or the corrupt organizations that emerged.

kill la kill is the worst anime

Remember, they think rules apply to other people not them. They really need to learn that quote about protecting liberty for your enemies, because with the backswing in full effect, they may be looking at their games getting butchered to please a different group of people due to them setting up precedence for it.

Sounds pretty much like everywhere else. Only difference is the level of deception.

No, that's EVA.

Communism gives them full authority over private property though, so it's even worse than anywhere else can even get.
It's no wonder how they managed to commit the biggest genocides in human history by a fucking huge margins.


Hurts to realize.

Well then that only highlights the complete hypocrisy of Gallagher's statement.
If they, an industry, are really mature and want to talk about creating an environment where everyone is welcome, then they would defend the rights of certain video games under scrutiny, even if it's not their cup of tea. If they, a business, are that great at making video games and want to be competitive, then they would allow the game from overseas to compete with them. But by being silent on the issues, they are giving their consent on the bans & censorship of games, and that is unprofessional! Why would anyone do business with them when you have no guarantee that they will defend you if someone says that your game is the fault of society?
And they even preach about immigration being an issue! More like "Selective Immigration"

Bernie Sanders and Ted "Zodiac Killer" Cruz are gonna debate each-other regarding healthcare.

*At 21:00 EST

but I liked Kill le kill

I'll stick to my milsurp, thanks.


The moment they suspend the POTUS Twitter becomes Arabic+Japanese, because everyone else will leave the platform en masse. Sadly, it won't die just yet, but will essentially be irrelevant.


Bernie wants to stay relevant I guess.

Femanon here, will you go out with me?

I'll suck your dick


Post a pic of it first.

Isn't that usually how it is?

How would I post a picture of your dick user? Do you think I'm stalking you?



Reading one of my recaps in the hq thread reminds me of the now-deleted article from the ESA…
Like I said, being selective of what game gets the 1st amendment defense & being silent on games being banned is only going to be their downfall as a "Mature & respectful" industry.

Now I'm wondering if the missing piece of this inconsistent behavior that we're looking at is just simply an unspoken form of the padrino system.

Depending on how shit goes, get ready to blitz advertise alternatives.
Surprised they havn't gotten us before TBH.
They'd catch their own in the flames, but that never stopped them before.

This is a concern of mine.
I follow plenty of accounts that agree with what I think, but I have no idea if my shit gets out into Twitterverse.
I pick up followers here and there, but I think I've only ever had 2 neutrals ask me questions since this all started.
Hopefully I'm an exception and you all manage to redpill easier.

Looks like they sensed that there are watchful eyes on their agenda. Archive everything and help the digger to get all of it!

Truth be told, I haven't been taught or knew what the padrino system was. But it does sound like it much like doing business with Soros or the Rothschilds.

There's plenty of stuff they deleted, it's just a matter of finding out what the information is. (And I don't believe it's recently because the site layout is different)

So have SJWs achieved world domination yet?

Hey gg, just stopping by just to say there's a rampant autist going around shitposting board related drama like blaming /a/, Holla Forums or Holla Forums for stuff they're not really related too (Like in the pic which contained the posts from /pone/).

Though there was another image where the shitposter was posting his ban from /a/, I couldn't save it in time before a vol deleted it. He was spamming Holla Forums related content on /a/, /mai/ and a couple other boards, generally acting like a nuisance.

I hope there's no bad blood, just giving you guys a heads up and report this faggot when you see him he's been spamming Holla Forums for a while.
Also Val, fuck off your presence makes the situation worse

Missed one pic

its Holla Forums
they keep trying to start shit here also

Pretty much. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padrino_System
The wikipedia article isn't very accurate. It says there that the American equivalent is supposedly the Spoils system, but in practice its different since spoils give priority to those who have at least proven to be worth of the patronage ("dependable") while padrino is exclusively about equivalent exchange ("obligation") of patronage.

In essence:
Spoils = "I'll scratch your back, you'll scratch mine, but only because we're related and you're very good at scratching backs, and you're free to scratch my back at a later date."
Padrino "I'll scratch your back, you'll scratch mine, but only because we're related and I'm sure you won't back out when I want my back scratched, even if you're not very good at scratching backs."

Also feel free to replace "scratch back" with "suck dick". :^)

Disunity shilling attempts.

Follow the guides, spread em to other boards.

did he really just

I don't really watch her videos, except for the attached one, why do people like her?

They tried that shit in /a/ earlier, didn't go over very well (thread got deleted before the thread got juicy sperging, alas).

considering they're striking Holla Forums too and specifically going for Holla Forums vs /a/ bad blood, probably the powergirl autist.

feels bizarre to see this use my drawings

I honestly can't tell if you're being ironic.

It felt appropriate and gave more life to the pic, if you could make more/ better shill tans that would be neat.

Well that seems understandable.

Noticed that. Pretty Sad!

I agree on the archive part and helping out the dig (and sifting and analysis). But right now I get the impression it was not out of sensing anything like watchful eyes on them. It's likely closer to something like new site layout, let's just throw out the old version data and info.

If anything I get the sense most of the ESA is, I don't know the right word for it. It's not just hypocrisy but something like a mental blindspot. They grasp some things correctly in a way, such as trying to broaden or increase their market (not malicious in itself, nearly every business and industry wants this) but then seems to miss key things by a long mile. Broadening the market but at what cost? Was there any thought at all given to practical reality that vidya is not some panacea, or keeping existing customers happy vs let's just grow fast with no thought like a tumor? Creating a bubble burst scenario? Risking dilution of what makes the product appealing to customers in the first place? Alienating previously paying and happy customers to chase some phantom larger market or the popular trend of the day (social justice warrior serial complainers)?

The fixation on using vidya for some questionable social change? (Fucking how, how does vidya in any practical way fix the awful non regressive world with people who don't vote democratic party, and bring about the promised land of leftard utopia?)

I'm not
the guy that keeps trying to get people to think he is me is from Holla Forums
also revoltfags are Holla Forums and its revoltfags who start drama and throw shit about hurdur furfag

thus its Holla Forums

John Cleese and Penn went full on cuck who talk about why political correctness is good and why muslims need to be defended.


Video or article link or didn't happened.

Marche, thanks for the laughter.

John Cleese's one of the Monty Python and had become notable lately for being outspoken against PC culture despite people's outcry. Similarly to Seinfeld, but more notable.
Penn is an illusionist who you'll most likely know, as an imageboard user, as the guy who puts people in the trash.

So going back the ESA, I observed that their behavior matches the padrino system, since their narrative push and actions are inconsistent, but when taking into account the assumed goal it fits.

A hive of corruption masking as a moral authority.

>Some Egyptologists, (specifically Jan Bergman, Terence Duquesne or Richard H. Wilkinson) have stated that Geb was associated with a mythological divine creator goose who had laid a world egg from which the sun and/or the world had sprung. This theory is assumed to be incorrect and to be a result of confusing the divine name "Geb" with that of a Whitefronted Goose (Anser albifrons), also called originally gb(b): "lame one, stumbler".


He also ruined a pretty good Samurai Jack thread.
>>>Holla Forums783118

So Mister Politically Incorrect Comedian Only On Stage versus Mister "I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body" Stage Magician saber rattling for attention.

What a lovely timeline we're in.

Got archives/webms? Otherwise fuck off.


Penn from Penn and Teller talked with Randy the cuck about it and discussed why muslims need to be defended despite calling out muslims before as extremists.

This is John cleese talking about why the constitution totally protects illegal immigrants and muslims despite multiple judges approving the ban.

Who the hell would willingly impersonate you?

That's false. The BO was trolling, and you remember how revoltfags were always going on about "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK" and "why do you tolerate gays". Revolt was Holla Forums's short bus.

Being fair to the furfag, there IS someone impersonating him often. No idea why, maybe in hopes he'll stop posting Miranda by ruining mirandaposting for him.

Don't do this, Kek! I didn't mean to cast meme magic, I swear! …Okay, maybe a little.

The constitution does not apply to people who are not us citizens, why is this so fucking hard for people to get?

You ever get the feeling there is some kind of cosmic joke that you get glimpses of, but can't quite fully grasp?

That seems to be most of the groups that GG and Holla Forums are dealing with now.

I confess I didn't notice any difference.

Because globalism and unironic stupidity that american laws=the worlds laws somehow.

Verify before trusting, come on you of all people should know that, quad Satan.

The Rainmaker will now check these Satanic full house quads!

-Zodiac Killer

Bernie is a fucking idiot who has never managed anyone or any thing.

And kek to the little shit who thinks most of america is behid the shitty judge. most of america is apathetic and simply virtue signaling to either side and honestly do not care. The sides that are truly pro ban and anti ban are much smaller than most think, with pro ban still being more, though I hope they wish saudi arabia was on the ban list.

In fairness one of revolt's big namefags is a dickless furry from Toronto, the SJW hellhole of Canada.

There's no reason to think they don't just project. Put their behaviour in context and read the following sentence:

They behaved almost exactly the way SJWs stereotyped #GG to behave.


What do you expect from an idiot who never held a job in 40 years until he became a career politician?

Which dickhead said that, because I am certian they just admitted to breaking the law.

Hmm? leaf here, might need an explainin

Life as a whole is a fucking joke, I guess that was the divine joke.

Closest I can think of is shortcoming or walking further on the downward spiral.

That doesn't give me good vibes, but it does seem to match the system. I do wonder how many people would take kindly to that…

Well at least most of them stick out like a sore thumb, so I'm sure anons will be able to tell who's genuinely want to talk and who's trying to stir pointless shit up.

Why didn't we get this shitposting, side-killing version of Ted "Zodiac Killer" Cruz back when he was running?

Trump plant, clearly.

The jew really reveals itself.

They're building a memorial plaque at UC Berkeley to commemorate their "victory against bigotry" and yes, they're referring to the riots.



Will these fuckers ever learn?

I hope someone scratches in "violence" and that the uni gets defunded.

not if they keep destroying their own universities.

Actually, they might. Destroying what was rotting their minds may free some of them from the groupthink.

The memetics in this timeline is dizzying sometimes.

Probably zodiac

I could believe they're SJW deep trolls, tho Holla Forums doesn't have SJWs.

Not the first time it happened.

the best kind of bullying.

Canada already disowned him.
…Rereading that sentence, there's no way I can rewrite it and not make ZK sound even more pathetic.

hm. that seems naïvely optimistic.

Wew. Vid related has fresher bait, m8.

CNN planting questions again

top kek


Seriously, SJWs hate the place for not buying into idpol. They say it's "brocialist" and "manarchist".

What am I supposed to see on the card?

What hole do you live in?

Cruz always admitted he was born in Canada. He just contended that because he got his citizenship from birth (thanks to an American parent), it didn't matter where he was born. The "natural born" part predates the 14th amendment.

So, my impressions on #CNNDebateNight
ZK: facts, facts, statistics, HEALTH CARE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY, facts–

…When did Ted Cruz study GG tactics?

The subject line is "Your Question", CNN planned the questions again

Sad really.

You don't have to sell me on that side, man, I'm from there too. I mean it's naïve to think, especially after the whole warring with reddit over catgirls, that there's no SJW shills in there much like there's SJW shills here.

Uh huh. So it's an argument of whether it's called catsup or ketchup. No need to fight over who gets dibs on the helicopter rides, pretty sure there's ample room for both socjus and commies. :^)


I want what those fags are smoking.

That even look like a human being jesus christ.

Can we get Joe Biden to debate Dan Quayle? I'd genuinely pay money to see it happen.

Oh, I'm sure there's shills. I meant there are no open SJW posters because their bullshit doesn't fly.

Yet another "translator" revealing their ignorance and socjus leanings.
And another TL I'm unfollowing, pity.

Nigger please.

The memes, Jack!


This doesn't look to necessarily be SJW.

Do you hate freedom or something?

I liked Caliphate Networking Nimrods.

A translator. Check their timeline.

Biden and Quayle at least made it to vp. Not saying that's a good thing necessarily, but they got that on their scorecard at least. I'd rather see guac bowl vs gary johnson, and Killary vs a bunch of FBI agents arresting her.

wtf im a #cruzmissle now

Where was all this high energy last year???
So close to naming (((them))).

Of what?

But Biden and Quayle are hilarious speakers (for all the wrong reasons). That they've both been VP makes it even more fun.

Looks like the translators got tits, I see Guro & Torture.

Did anyone ever find a decent source of news in English for the mess in South Korea? I have the feeling big media are silent on it precisely because Park was pretty much Hillary Beta Version and a perfect neoliberal shill.

I confess I forgot about her, sorry.

Well true enough I guess. And I wonder how long I can last watching before I tap out due to cringe factor with guac vs here comes dat gary.


This tweet is the best endorsement of Sessions I've ever read.


Mangagamer/Sekai Project releases. See
One of the translators who kvetched online at JAST releasing Littlewitch Romanesque's uncensored patch, while didn't bat an eye when Sekai does the same to their projects. It's totally not because they're competition, I swear. :^)

Don't know why I've followed them for this long, their tweets have no value whatsoever.

Beats me. That pinned tweet though is cringe.

I can't unsee that padrino system being used on the front page of the ESA's Nite to Unite event.

Laugh with me.

It was the idiot above. Thats what I was scratching my head over.

And you can blame that on their handlers.

b-b-b-but it's the awful right wing goobergators who like in their mother's basement. SVU told me

But I thought we were the bad guys living in the basement

They truly project their shit


Why has Holla Forums largely ignored this? Why is the GG thread of all things ignoring this? Am I the last gaymer alive that believes once you buy something you should have complete freedom over how you use it?

Make a belivable link with all the needed info and the next baker will do it, it's because there are to many links

Feels good man.


So every German that virtue signals on twitter is likely a NEET or a Turk.




I have no real beef with you acid but your taste in waifus will always be shit.


Did you forget what Draiman tried to do to us? After we gave him a big outpouring of support for his initial acceptance of #GG?

He demanded we go after a comedian who made a joke about Jews, and turned on us when we wouldn't support censorship for him. So we became "antisemitic" for not being his personal army.**

/a/ has always been a shithole and always will be no matter where its hosted.


I was around for the 2 treads that got over 400 posts and the one that was locked after 12, I haven't seen anything since which is surprising given how much ammo they provided.

At least I have a waifu, nerd.

I am laughing with you.


It's been years, but I'm still left wondering what made David Draiman flip out over Gamergate when he was so supportive before the sperg. Yes, I know the (((answer))), but I wanted to explore other possibilities than the obvious.

Improved your fix.

There's your answer.

Mombot talked to him shortly after, or so I hear,d and he understood the whole "not your army" thing, but went his own way.

Because he is an emotional faggot who cannot laugh at himself. or realize that holocaust jokes are probably more hurtful towards germans than jews at this point.

I think it was pretty obvious by the timing.

Pretty clear he only backed us because he thought he could make use of Le Giant Angry Internet Mob, I think.

Oh, user. The ESA has profesionals. Professionals!
Working, typing, schmoozing, etc…
But in the end, you know what the secret shoe-stone is for all of them?
They work for fucking Vidyo Games!
They're professionals allright, but not for MSF, not for Red Cross, etc. etc.
Fucking Vidyo Games!
And what do they do when thoughts of their dead dreams catch up to them?
Why, virtue signal with other people's money! Certainly would make me feel better when every other high-powered contact I made in my life is actually changing the world, while I work for Vidyo Games!

So you won't dig through something if you don't like the group that archived it first?

At least check the link user. Its a forum for a game called REVOLT. Nothing to do with the Cancerfags.

That's not it.
Since the Denuvo stuff's already dug and there's already an organized op for that, most of our efforts have shifted to ESA digging. That's all there is to it.

As a rule of thumb, people who use their real identity on social medias are scum.

If it's already been dug where is the mailing list of devs to contact asking them to reconsider using DRM?

Don't feel bad about it, be extra smug that they've given gamers like me challenges. They want to be like the movie industry? They want to talk about the industry being more mature while censoring and virtue signalling? They want gamers like me to show maturity and create an environment where everyone is welcome while the media & other industries shit talk about us? They think their digital army that doesn't follow their own principals have a leg to stand on while other issues are fucking them over? I accept it. These guys think final bosses don't have multiple formations, but they clearly didn't play enough challenging games to learn that.

Publishers. Developers don't have a say in the matter, unless they're self-funded. And besides denuvo has only been implemented in AA and AAA so far, and that's publisher country.


If you bother to read the ajax.log you will see a shitload of smaller and indie devs have contacted them.
I'm currently removing all the shit and making a .txt of just developers requesting quotes / technical info, I'll make a pastebin once it's done.
Has GG really fallen so far no one cares about actually doing anything anymore?

Denuvo probably needs the loads-o-dosh ammounts from publishers for things like insurance, contracts, etc.
Pretty sure they paid one way or the other for RE7, and dealing with indies wouldn't help them.
HOWEVER, there's a difference between "plz denuvo my rpg maker gaem" and "Hello, we're from Japan and we've come to take over weeb's wallets."

If there is one major theme or keystone point in all the dig and sift so far, imo it's the inconsistency of the ESA and in many ways the publishers it reflects and represents. Not all of it is necessarily malicious, though some it does not seem benign at all either. But the group definitely seems inconsistent post 2007 era.
And that. It's not as overt as the game journo fucks. But there seems to be a similar inferiority complex in there at least in some parts.

In the end, Trevor Noah is a huge faggot though.

a true faggot


This is a strange universe we have been memed into.

It happened a few weeks later acid. And if I am not mistaken, he is old and probably not the most internet literate. plus your thing implys that he knew of the snl sketch early on. He is a jew, but jews jew eachother.


He really is.


I wonder how many right wing ones do. I know i'm one

Could be that I'm wrong then, especially if its true that Mombot talked to him.

I just really, really hate turncoats so I'm a little biased.

I don't care if an indie is told "fuck off poorper" I would still want to know they asked and email them about the removal of user rights via DRM.
Deleted ~20,000 lines from the log so far, they get a lot of rage spam

I dislike that he demanded an army. That is always shitty. But he has not really said anything about gg since by the looks of thing. So leave it for now as a mutual parting.


probably because the more false layers there are between reality and 'what works', the easier it becomes to get people to accept lies. Its sort of like a mental overlay that will prevent young minds from gleaning the truth. it isnt enough to just control the urban centers,




I wish I had the dedication to go to a SJW's concert, wait a few hours just to see her, only to tell her to say "Nigger" and get thrown out.

I see #GamerGate more as an adaptive topic - one that was founded on one or two specific issues, but expanded to cover all. Like an umbrella opening up, metaphorically. But yes, there's still much work to be done.

Nice digits. Speaking of Malik, this is probably my favourite tweet of his. It also works as a perfect response to all the idiots out there crying about "lack of diversity" in the gaming industry.

Literally who is this girl? Also i'm loving this new wave of jewtubers who try to be the edgiest possible.

Tana Mongeu, liar STORYTELLER extraordinaire. She came at iDubbbz, so he offended her.

I doubt anyone here knows her. There are a lot of youtubers out there, you can't know every single one of them. She is probably one of those girls with a fanbase of 10-14 year olds.

And here we have feminists trying to raise a stink against a developer:

KLK would have been great if they scrapped Ryuko all together and just made Satsuki the protagonist.

it was discussed a couple of breads ago, I heard not much of interest was found. Some excepts were posted here and we even had a dedicated thread for it.

Was there anything of interest? I didn't follow closely with it.

Kinda, but you learn to love satsuki because of the foil that is ryuko

it be a meme anime no matter who was MC
but satsuki was worse tbqh

I thought she was a pornstar at first, with the whole prostitute makeup and wearing nothing but underwear in public thing she got going on. Apparently she's just some random slut raised by failed parents who makes money off of showing some skin and being bitchy over advertisement-run streaming platforms.

I am really sick of the perpetual stone walling from the dems, their tantrum just won't fucking end



Well at least they're confirming the false flag.

Ryuko > Satsuki tbh fam


Opinion discarded

disagree, Ryuko accomplished nothing in 16(ish?) episodes and her fued with Satsuki was in vain and pointless.

except it wasnt pointless it was just satsuki being a fucking shit and egging her on despite knowing the truth

Seen this floating around, can someone explain this shit to me like I'm 5?

I uploaded those in the wrong order. Read the second one first.

I hate smartphone screenshots.

ex riot employee is a sex pest
its all on twitter go look for yourself

All I can find is that he flirted with some girl.

look harder retard
no wait you wanna be fucking spoon fed despite fucking getting it from the exact fucking source of the fucking spoon

here you go you stupid fucking idiot look at the feed the fucking entire thing is there
i aint fucking retard it for you also you fucking cum guzzling piece of shit
go back to fucking reddit and stop wasting my fucking time

read it to me daddy

If there has been a single instance if someone using that phrase, and what they said was actually important to voice, I'd be suprised.



Satsuki was making all the moves and prepping to fight the big bad, while Ryuko was struggling against her goons that ultimately got interrupted by the big bad anyway. Dunno, seemed pretty pointless to me and that Ryuko accomplished fuck all while her sister was the one actually making moves. Kind of took me out of the whole experience. Ryuko then becoming incredibly emo that one point certainly didn't help my opinion on her

As it's the only platform where DRM free games still exist I would say it's worth fighting for.
inb4 consoles don't have DRM, if that's true burn a game disk and stick it in an un-modded console

the fuck did you expect from gurren lagann without mechs

Be honest with me anons.

Embed related.

Are this 31 years old woman and the unseen protagonist flirting with each other with those double entendres?

Yea because so much good shit worth playing has come out in the past couple of years.

If its not shit console ports its fucking survival games or battleground garbage, there's nothing worth saving on that platform right now.

yeah you're right. It was still entertaining at the end of the day

There are plenty of great games if you care more about gameplay than budget.
Anyone having an opinion on a platfrom they don't play themselves is pointless, I won't claim consoles don't have good games as I have no idea. I will however claim that consoles are missing entire genres as that is objective fact

Nice quads



Then by all means waste your time on companies that don't care.


you like Huey Lewis And The News?


I don't really do dissertations, but I figured I'd write this since the topic came up earlier, about Jap attitudes towards our media and vice versa, and the odd dynamic of contempt indies have had for Jap games for so long.

SJW's hate Jap games, we all know that. But the current cesspool of Marxist pathos that is used to justify this hate that they, especially the media, have for these games isn't the seed of this juicy Piss Apple. The core of the reason, as it was observed as far back in the late 80's and 90's, is that Jap games sell like hot, tight, under-aged pussy in Hollywood. That means that when people aren't playing games falling under the AAA umbrella, they're usually playing a Jap game, not Indie Slideshow Simulator: Current Year: Reverse Labiaplasty Edition [Featuring Shaniqua the Somalian, Crippled, Jewish Lesbian]

These two fields of games fight each other on the market these days, and usually, it's the Indie games getting fucked harder than Mercedes at the Brachiovaginal Olympics. So, there were three things that happened following the Twine Revolution.

You network, you meet journalists who were eager to get into this thriving Indie scene, you have their faggot asses parrot your shit, and before you know it, you've got an armada of cucks who don't know the true consequences of what their doing, forming the illusion of a culture of exclusion and repudiation of Japanese games and their often violent or sexual nature, the things that consumers love in their Jap games.

It's not only the games themselves, but the work positions as well. This same thought was applied to the general, racial makeup of employees across the country. Again, most developers, as noted by Tracy Fullerton in 2007, are White/Asian and Male.

By encouraging companies to shoot for diversity hires at the expense of a White/Asian Male who would probably be more fit for the job (obviously not because of their race, though Holla Forums might disagree), they're getting an undeserved privilege and advantage, taking seats they don't deserve. Enough of this, and they'll probably convince enough people to stay away from Jap games, making selling them here fucking pointless even though it's just the press and their normalfag readers screaming over the larger consumer base. Not only that, but White/Asian/Male developers will take a backseat to Shaniqua the Somalian Crippled Jewish Lesbian for the great sin of being born the wrong color and race.

Boom, they're taking the jobs and have less competition on the shelves. Buy my half-assed Indie game please. And again, the reason why Japan doesn't stick their necks out about this is because it isn't really happening over there. It isn't happening to them because their Indie scenes aren't large enough to facilitate this kind of abuse. Corporations giving cascading ladders to better career positions for indie devs was a fucking mistake, just like Mark's conception.


This is what passes off as an LE EPIC BURN XD on twitter.

It also helps that most japanese "indie" devs are really relaxed.

I don't think you understand. I want them to put this shit on their games. Not because I have anything against pirates, being one myself, but because I want the too see their failures are due to their own shortcoming. I just wish this shit were available when the Crysis devs were crying foul of piracy.
Oh, and every denuvo'd game was shit. If they want to waste their money on it, fuck them.

that's probably pretty funny for anyone with a leftist sense of humor

So essentially: It's America's problem that only America can fix?

Someone posted Jordan Peterson last bread so I'll post this one. A "debate" on the Canadian law regarding gender identity. According to the description, no one who supported the law wanted a debate, so Professor Bruce Pardy had to devil's advocate the opposition.

Of course they don't. Its like the anti islamphobia law, they know in a honest debate they would lose, so they don't bother being honest.



Why is it such a hard fucking concept for retards to grasp that if you follow an account cause about dogs, or cats or games or whatever the fuck you follow it FOR THAT SPECIFICALLY.

Oh you think Trump is bad? I DON'T CARE, people follow that shit to get away from that garbage but this seems beyond most liberals.

I hate to invoke shoe's law here but muh mentions are a special breed of cancer after I said that dog rates account shouldn't be using it as a political soapbox.

So in conclusion the leftists are having their own birther scenario.

I will forever laugh at that one. Jafar as a genie scenario.

Reminds me of embed related

Bloody backpack cucks.

It's a Mobile game, nothing more to say other than it ain't Zoombinis or Math Blaster.
While it's funny to see that get mentioned, I don't like the "Take a familiar IP & turn it into a compelling education game" angle that Gallagher also said during the Aspen talk (Also, Mario is Missing sucked)
Now this is very good! Typing video games, I have no qualms with.
Well kids are into Minecraft, no surprises. Also, "Games are not hypodermic needles that inject players with content, they are spaces where players do things with each other. Minecraft demonstrates that what can happen inside a rich community of players is more important than what happens between one player and a game." excuse me?
Nothing to comment.
Nothing to comment.

Why would that be surprising when they're leftists?


Good post, good numbers.


Is IRL Baneposting Rakugo?

Oh fuck off Asscreed isn't historical in the slightest and ubishit strawmans everyone they don't like as a Templar which is ironic seeing how the Templars are the good guys., if you want a good historical game go play Age of Empires.


Didn't they even make some of the old playabke characters "oh, by the way they were templars too"?

The hero's father in ACIII is a templar.


Good evening, faggots!

Holy shit




fat fuck does a funny le anonmoose mask picture
gets angry brietbart uses it

fuck I hate boogie

Imagine if we had to ask for permission for every meme involving a person.

Ignoring that example of the modern education system, wasn't he complaining about changes to obamacare a few months ago? Is that not political? Or is a masked picture of a satire character you created appearing on a news site you don't like more political than actual politics?


He was bitching about trump a fucking week ago


Candid repeatedly getting ripped a new one by Harmful.



so how did Haramful get that screencap?



Learn on what not to do because that's the vibe i'm getting, Sweden's government has committed cultural suicide in the name of "diversity".


Someone wants attention

Do you want to give Isabella Lovin?

nice numbers

season 2 when

Celia's hotter though. No offense.

Does she have shaggy butt hair?

No. But she got a perfect body though.

Why is she so healthy

That's not thick that's obese.

In the UK thick means stupid.

Stupid people dont know how to exercise or eat properly so they become obese.

Adding a disclaimer under the photo confirming that yes, this is Boogie, and we asked permission beforehand, might do more harm than good. :^)

Did the furry got bann?


If you thought it was shitting up the thread, why only delete one, mods?

Do we really want to pay homage to a goddess of whores? Not only do we process immigrants on the island, but don't people still pay to go inside her?

Something about that just strikes me as pathetic. At least have the balls to break it off, but on top of that "you own my body and cock?" What, are you her bitch or something?

Or any of the dub checkers.
What an odd ban and entire post history wiped.


If you use discord I hope you have alternatives in place because we all know how much tech companies just love bending over to the permanently offended.

I hope the ban was not permanent. Marche is still needed here.

just an hour


By the way, did you know that Liana "Gamers' Guide to Feminism" Kernzer got an AMA at KiA? She's gutless to get here and get rekt. I really find that amusing. So stunning and brave.

Does anyone here have this one kind of rare, I think, picture that represents the differences between the exoduses? I am pretty sure it used the factual falcon.



Goons will never be satisfied.

the whole site is so slow today, where's everyone

Hey anons.

If there are items that you're looking for, The Gaming Ground could have it for you. They need support for doing a good job on building a new and alternative video game journalistic website.

That you, Robin?

They cannot physically ruin discord, what, will they try and use that system twitch does mutes vods? And use that on the fucking fly to mute someone saying nigger? Fuck no.

Never underestimate the power of socjus coercion. If the software has to be rewritten from scratch to accomplish their goals, then by God they won't stop till it happens.


I was thinking other ways I could help that simply involve shitposting since I somehow still can't email properly enough for my standards and when I typed "proof Trump is not a racist" I got a fucking ''Huntington Post" article that both argued why and pointed out you can't be racist to mudslimes.

What are the odds they got fired after without any commotion?

Nah. Just want to reach out to people here since the founder of the website barely gets any revenue despite doing his best to shill for the website.




Stupid fucking autocorrect.




don't act like you're the no first for benis

It's all I can use anymore, you fucking frog.

I literally stated over the years I owned computers that died on me for bullshit and because of my financial situation that isn't fixable at the moment.


They made a piece that argued against one of the absolute biggest, if not the most, stigmas against Trump.

Even tons of people who are anti-socjus or even support GamerGate are not expected to be in favor of Trump with everything intimidating surrounding him. How is that not an immediate career assassinating feeding frenzy?

If someone used my likeness to describe a lefty I would be a bit annoyed as well.

In this case, obviously boogie was mocking lefties and so is Breitbart.
I dont think anyone would mistake boogie for a lefty in this instance but I can see why he was defensive.

So punch a jew hashtag when?

I have to say I've lately begun to really enjoy looking at pictures of polished, crisp looking guns lying snugly on soft fabric.

welcome to the world of /k/

That can't be helped, though. Obviously they went for the most insulting image possible and that would be wearing a Guy Fawkes mask with a fedora while being visibly fat.

Slow down there. The only way I'd even think about getting any other gun than a shotgun would be if it made a satisfying clicking sound. That doesn't seem to look like such.

I'm safe from any kind of waifus for another day.

Never, remember the 6 million.

since it's a slow bread at the moment, or cockmonkey is fucking up the site again.
No, you have to use whatever is remaining of your good mental health, to tear yourself away from staring at the abyss for too long like some fixated faggot stuck on turbo autist mode. Really, get this through your mental fog, no one is asking you to be batman, especially not in your condition.
I mean god damn, nigga. I don't even know if this will get through to your head, buttfuck it, I got 5 minutes before I have to go run errands.
You have to fix your own shit first, pronto. Your batcomputer sounds fucked and needs fixing, I don't even want to look at your batmobile, and your utility belt might not even be holding up your pants up properly. I'm not sure you can save a coupon, let alone gotham city right now.
Consider taking a break from the internet. Defuckulate and fix your own shit first. When that's done, GG in one way or another, will always be around for you to return at a more ready condition.

Imblying sage is the exclusive domain of no first for benis.
Benis blease, you're not the benis of me.

Don't worry. Sooner or later you will be brought down to the degree where you have sex with a gun. It's inevitable.

Brote implied that this "Discord is Nazis" smear is advertorial for a competing service.

/k/ truly is a magical place.

Will that beat Tile Fap user?

guys remember that discussion about internet speed we had a few weeks ago? I said Germany has worst internet and that basically started a circlejerk of people trying to one up each other on who really hast the worst internet.

Well, Germany really has one of the worst, it's somewhat confirmed now. This country is so backwards, legally emails don't count as letters we are still forced to use those old ass fax devices.

forgot archive. archive.is/r9mHJ

Seems gun is the least weird but I'm not sure

How did this happen?



This can't be real, my turk friend struggle just to get 50kb download speed and get 500ms ping everywhere

Yeah Im sure if you google image for fat fedora nerd you would probably get that image right near the top.
I dont blame Breitbart for using the image and I dont blame Boogie for being defensive about it and wanting to remind breitbart that most lefties hate his (ample) guts since Gamergate.

For Boogie, his job is putting on a parody character. You shouldnt get too defensive about your parody character being lampooned. Think of all the real people who became memes when they were being their real selves not acting.

fine, at least we'll get benis quicker

Someone pomfd a mosin nagant? I only have a 2 followup questions.
-did they use ballistol or froglube?
-is there any drawings of a nagant musu going kyaaa, no, operator san if you do that and so on, will you take responspibility and so forth.

Oh for fucks sake. How many cheap programmers do they think come out of Syria, Iran, and Yemen?

What the hell do these percentages relate to?

Why is Unity even wading into the virtue signalling bullshit. Does it employ a lot of cutrate pajeet coders or something, or a massive staff of afghan and camel code jockeys.

Look at that long list.

Why are they losing their shit about the immigration ban so much? Only because the media is telling them to?

Fucking faggots, have some story time.

I'm not trying to be. I just try to enjoy my existence since I see no grand meaning in it otherwise as I've stated countless times (pretty contradictory to Bats), which primarily comes from entertainment of all kinds, comfiness and tasty enough food. And after most of my life being distrusting of my fellow man and borderline sociopathic, I guess I've been overcompensating with how much I care about bullshit that isn't right.

I finally have hope again after literally years now after something truly unbelievable like Trump winning despite everything against him including corrupt elite Illuminati shits preserving their precious status quo and insane pursuit of the NWO who could literally rig voting if it came down to it. I just have to beat depression back even harder. I said I'm not a hothead anymore and I don't live emptily looking for a way to do some good in a hopeless world.

Trust me, I'll get help. My doctor already understands how much mudslimes stress me out and perfectly undersood me explaining GG as something in my life, I'll talk to him about even more and ask for better medication. I'm a person that doesn't have themselves defined by beliefs that wants to create for people to enjoy, not some mentally defective sacrificial lamb of sanity and peace of mind for victims' hate and defeating socjus.

You remember growing up and hearing about multiculturalism and how great it is? Thats all I remember growing up. We have a multicultural society, multiculturalism is great.

Except I live in a city where every ethnic group tends to segregate themselves, with their own schools, their own kindergardens, their own shopping malls.

Like people will be oh thats the Asian side of town, or thats where all the Africans live or somesuch.

But its just a temporary ban on 7 countries, this has been done countless of times all across the world.

Fuck no. That is funny, though.

Forcing a doe to orgasm for a lure or accidentally making napalm shotgun shells is better if you ask me.

This shit pisses me off to no end. Anybody remember Ramsam concepts, or something like that? /m/ guy making his own game, who came out in support of gg? Faced nothing but shit for making a game. Couldn't find investors, and his friends and family practically turned on him. Eventually had to cancel his game. And the game wasn't controversial or anything, it was just some mecha game. But the culture of the mideast was just so against games, he couldn't pull it off. And the guy is from Kuwait, one of wealthiest, and surprisingly peaceful countries in the region.

If a guy there can't make a game due to the culture in the region, do they SERIOUSLY expect me to believe there are a bunch of game devs sitting in the middle of war torn Yemen, just trying to make a game, and trump's travel ban is the worst thing that can happen to them?



You people gonna shill this! This documentary will expose all of the can of worms stored by the EU govt. to destroy Europe for the sake of diversity, political correctness, feminism and multiculturalism! Share it, NOW!

There is a name I haven't seen in a long time.

She probably went under the radar to get this documentary set up. That's the only explanation.

90 days, that's it that's literally it libshits can't handle a fucking 90 day ban.
Oh and didn't Obongo do a similar ban on Muslim immigrants?


he did, and it was twice as long

Are you ready for the Nu Male Effect?

/k/ommando and his hunting buddy hogtie a deer and to even a 4chan user's disbelief he uses his wife's vibrator to force out sex to lure bigger male deer.

Thread immediately devolves into whyboners and talking about cucking bucks leaving them sex starved and crazy by fucking all their females.


You can't make the comparison to Shepard up. You just can't.

fiber availability I guess. Or rather how much of the internet access people have is fiber.


Those are some of the ugliest things i'v seen, and why is his head so comically large?



That 3rd pic is too good. From bald gruff space marine to manicured hipster space manlet.


We literally went from strong stature hardened, but levelheaded soldier to numale.

2nd pic. So Andy Warhol is an NPC or is he playable character?


Not just a ban on those trying to get in but deport those who already have.

Shit, the old fart had to shitcan his game?

That fucking sucks, man. Dude was just about the only /m/ tripfag that was tolerable. dorkly chair is a namefag and had the best imagedumps, unless he had to take up a trip on cuckchan these days or something

Never stops being hilarious.

Yeah, he talked about it on twitter a while back. It's a shame.

Just got back from the hospital for my sis, and on my birthday, too. I could really go for some cake right now.

That blows. Hope We Shall Wake will turn out well, at least.


This reads like badly written propaganda.

Rauner looks like a dick tho.


Really soon if the

Choose one and only one.

I think it's worse since Detroit's becoming a ghost town rapidly.

It reads just like one of the letters an extremely autistic and paranoiac bum that I know of writes, except it's less painful to read, I might admit.

I thought it was just Cheong gamedropping when I saw the Heat Street one but by the similarity of text I guess that this list comes from a official press release.

GamerGate best villain?



And they wonder why people dislike public school boards.

I don't think I've seen a fax machine in over a decade.

Nutaku has opened up its own kickstarter-type site, specifically for adult games. A few of those have already been funded.
Apparently the difference is that it's "non-profit".



No one even is this shit industry is lazy enough to make a Not.

Care giving some context you faggot ?

The only context I got from Twitter is that antifa are retards

I don't even understand what's going on in the webm. Why would antifa, as retarded as they are, call a guy with a jew hat a nazi ?

You underestimate their retardation.

I think you answered your own question here Val

THing is, I have no idea if the subs are real, and EVEN with how fucking nuts these people are, I cannot possibly imagine that's actually what they said. It HAS to be a mistranslation or something like this.
Maybe I'm myself still too naive, but no fucking way is it possible.

This sounds great.

Could help as a platform for porn games in general and better connect with the Japanese. Maybe get someone trustworthy to make an inline translator from English to Japanese and vice versa so we can communicate perfectly in the name of dick,unity.

… that's actually not a bad idea. Offering translating services for each funded game or something like that could be a swell idea.

What happened to trust but verify
Neither of you niggers actually clicked the fucking link

We need to keep an eye on this Denuvo situation. Browsing through the leaked emails here:
We can see lots of devs, indie and AAA, looking into using Denuvo for upcoming games. A DisNod style operation to politely remind them that DRM is stupid and has never worked, and that Denuvo is being cracked faster, would be a perfect fit for GG.
There's also phone numbers for some game journos in there.

4e6d01 I hope you deliver at some point.


As a person that understands danish.
It's not a mistranslation.

Reincarnation better fucking exist because every time I look at Digimon's cyberspace in Our War Game or EDEN from Cyber Sleuth along with listening to Collision Chaos Good Future I fucking pang inside.

I need that beautiful eternity.

Fuck's sake

Honestly, considering how retarded antifa are, I'm not the least bit surprised.

people in general are pretty dumb. These days people are so busy on their phone being told what to think they don't even bother thinking for themselves anymore.

I can confidently say that antifa all over the world is around this level of stupid.

There were Jewish Nazi's, Emil Maurice for example was half jew and an SS member, Hitler himself even stood up for Emil when Himmler tried to have him expelled telling Himmler to fuck off.
There were others i'm sure Holla Forums could name.

But this is Antifa, in their mind literally every single person on the planet who isnt also antifa is the second coming on Hitler in their eyes.

is that loss?

By the way, it's this version I'm talking about.

Tell me this wouldn't make you want to immortalize your mind and ideal body in a sprawling neon future of anime tiddies and monsterbros.

Antifa is pure, distilled "useful idiot".

I would compare them to sabbat shock troops.

How hyped are you?



Article available in a week or 2

What's the bet they call 3rd party trolls gamergaters?

What's the bet the harassment they talk about are the over 9000 death threats made against Scooby Wu?

That first cuck is getting a glorious roasting in there, goddamn

shit meme

The fuck is CyberSafety?

why should I archive, when you fucks are going to do it for me?

First guy is an ass and looks like a goon and the second one is probably just doing this to get his name out there "safely".


The opposite of cyber-violence?

Because there have been multiple instances of screencaps with original links being posted only for the tweet to get deleted half a minute afterwards. Something everyone wants to avoid.

I'm sure it was, pic related

Seeing SJWs claw at one another never gets boring

These tweets are several hours old, they're not going to get deleted 30 seconds after I post them here.

I remember that art style
Drew a shit webcomic called Chugworth Academy.

Is that scribblekid?

Their logic isn't any less solid.

"Tale" as in "work of fiction".

Wonderful. Attack the complete bullshit as hard as possible.

inb4 "resistance to this is proof that things need to change." You know, because God forbid that we go a day without some moral authoritarian grandstanding after poking a hornet's nest.

pic related, it's who he's arguing with
in jim's defense she's fucking mad,
like, genuine mental illness
she was also an sjw way back in 2011
back before jim drowned in bluepills
if anybody wants her twitter, it's twitter.com/poopdoggyballs
she's good friends with a lot of the journo clique, including Anna Anthropy

What the h*ck is that?

Remember "moral authoritarian", "delusion" and "pretentious" are the most vicious words to turn normalfags against the retards as well as crushingly win confrontations.


Its petit's brother.

Daily reminder that you have escaped.





Now I'm even more confused

And cucks saying it's been better since the Jap conman took the place.

I hear this is the only time Hiroshima outright fired a mod.

That was niggerwood.

Didn't that dude try to get /r9k/ to raid us for "being misogynists" at one point?


TotalCancer sperged out about Trump's immigration ban on his podcast. The guy who made the video who really likes WH40k asked him to debate him on sargon's stream. Sargon is down for it, but I'm not sure about TB.


Just once, I wish people would stop and think.

You seem to have shit reading comprehension, so let me rewrite my post.

The person in the picture is a minor SJW lolcow called Daphny. Back in 2011, Jim Sterling had a shitfight on twitter about her SJWness - this was before he became an SJW himself. Over the years she has integrated herself into the pretentious queer games community, and she rubs shoulders with a lot of the indie games clique with fellow tranny Anna Anthropy.

I was playing along with the benis meme user.
Different id because out right now

Isn't Nutaku the Canada based porn game site that has to ban Loli because of Canada's laws, but allows furshit and bestiality? Fairly sure they're pozzed and them having a Kickstarter-like thing is only a bad sign.

Let's not forget the fact that half/k/ bans any discussion on gun control because they claim it has nothing to do with weapons, they even had a sticky announcing it when they decided to ban discussion.


o-oh is that fruitcake thats apart of the Patreon circlejerk


It is most likely an attempt by SJWs to get rid of the heavy anti-regulation sentiment by making it ban-worthy to discuss it. That way they can push the board into becoming a collective of pro-gun-control fudds.

Someone send the warhammer guy all the info on obamas 6 month iran ban and how its obamas list.


is this real life

I suddenly feel thankful to Mark.

Then we'll make our own. Just tell me what I need to do to help get that going.

Making a site dedicated to producing and distributing lewd games would be a perfect "Fuck you" to make a public, but still anonymous base of operations to lead a charge for lewd culture.

Rubin released a very important new video
He mentions us at the beginning as one of the first examples of the fight against the problem

The way I recall it, the mod was announced fired, but nobody can actually prove that. So he probably just lied.

While were on the topic of cuckhcan, does someone have the pic of the purple haired landwhale hotpocket?


Temporary Title: This War Continues Edition

How about we make the title the same as that "research paper" accepted by cybersafety?

You missed the most important part: the ban is on half/pol/ of all places

Link me to it then, mr doubledubs


Got it

Fresh memes, incoming!



… did you quote the wrong person ?..

No, just some asshurt shills on the twatter feed

Oh ! my bad, hadn't read the replies.



Social Justice,


Okay you're getting pretty creative

I'm going to hell for chuckling at this. Oh well.
We need to bring guns back.


Ban high-capacity assault vehicles!

fug, meant for


FBI-kun, you better do your goddamn job this time around instead of being terrorized by the Clintons.




Why not just in general, their entire group should be officially labelled for what they are, fucking terrorists.

These quotes are from 2010
Public School in Chileppo really have been doing a great job

“It’s a well-known fact that the far right infiltrates social justice movements and events…"

thats most of canada too, pre muslim


Berkeleyside Inc. is proud to be a Benefit Corporation (or B Corp), defined as “a type of for-profit corporate entity that includes positive impact on society, workers the community and the environment.”
First I heard of a B Corp.


CNN didn't fly so good

Marxists get fucked.

That explains why they are hammering the "muh right wing agitators" angle so hard.

I'm still reading what it is exactly. But so far the impression I'm getting is "no we're totally not communists. really, not communists at all. I mean we'r for profit amirite, unlike those dirty commies heh. so no commies here no sir."


That picture is more accurate than you realize.

I do not have the tm symbol, but here is the © if you want it.



How the fuck do you trademark the planet?


You know on further reading, maybe they are not commies after all. Heh, my mistake. BECAUSE THEY SOUND A LOT CLOSER TO GODDAMN GLOBALISTS, SAME SHIT JUST DIFFERENT DAY

How? You do it, with the best of intentions, of course. :^)

on a phone so no alt here. And was just trying to help.


Also from a few days ago on the Trump "Ban"
How Game Developers, Publishers Are Responding to President Trump’s Immigration Ban

And no one was surprised, at all.

Since the travel ban, which has been in some cases referred to as a "Muslim ban" because the countries listed in the executive order have populations with a Muslim majority, several game developers and publishers have spoken out in response to the bans.
What is this? It looks like objective journalism, am I losing my mind?

If you check the date for the ban, you may notice that it has certain significance. The screencap is from not too long after moot decided to crack down on GG using Holla Forums to avoid being censored, you would be surprised how many people left simply upon banning people saying the word "nigger".

Thats the 2nd time I fucked up greentext, what the fuck


Best Grill.

What the fuck is the Cybersafety workshop? I never got how we are some huge malevolent force that is somehow the minority yet able to win everything and threaten life in the universe. I am a volunteer at a homeless shelter, yet now I am apparently a huge force of evil.

Prepare to be bullied nerd.




The only one I am surprised about on that list is bethesda, mainly since the usually shut up as a company about politics. The rest are pretty cancerous. It is funny to consider how many people who work for Microsoft though that hate PC shit according to xbro. Devolver digital has been SJW for a long time and the only valuable asset they have is croteam.

What the hell happened to him anyway? after the Transformers movies he turned into a fucking wreck.

He got arrested.

Advanced, Uncurable Cancer
Sounds like a band of fags
fucking retroshit
When cancer somehow manages to take over a host and keep it alive
Haven't made anything good in forever
RIP Ratchet & Clank
See EA
See EA and Microsoft
RIP in Piss, Rami


Sorry if the image conveyed denial, just thought it was stupid that it had come down to that. "You said a nasty word? BANU"
And besides, I needed an excuse to post it

Child stars, not even once.

Probably a typical famous person meltdown or something. I guess him getting raped at one of his "performance art" things didn't contribute to his mental health either.

Also, it looks like Tom of X-Seed had a meltdown over Trump's election.

Seems that Brexit got through the House of Commons lads


We already knew this. Tom is a retard outside of shitting on censorship. MOst of the other xseed staff are a lot worse and full on want to censor their games despite their fans buying their games since their not censored.

Lol, what a fag

Guy that wanted to not "localize" (censor) the games Xseed was bringing over. Things like loli or the like. He was respected in that sense, but as puts it.
There were a couple of screenshots around but I don't have any.

Apparently GamerGate cost Gawker either 1 or 7 million USD. Some journos are having a slapfight about it.

He was the localizer for X-Seed who forced a NO CENSORSHIP stance for Senran Kagura, despite everybody else wanting changes.

Teehee. That had to have pissed off some people too bad they will do shady shit behind the scenes regardless. They just are going along with it to look good



Localizer of X-Seed, the guys who brought Senran Kagura, Akiba Strip, the Ys games, etc. uncensored

They are pulling this shit right now here in the netherlands with the ukraine refarendum.

I hope they eat eachother alive.

This. Hes a leftist closer to the mid classical sense classical sense means leftis versions of Holla Forums except unironically more racist.

Actually the EU is mad as hell with the UK and wants them out right now. Same with May, she wants out too. Everyone's getting sick of brexit taking fifty years.

Give some sources, fam. We need all the ammunition we can get.

Don't buy into this bullshit, they most definitely want to keep everyone in, like when they threatened to kick Greece out of the EU when it was clear to everyone that they aren't going to.

Sources are in dutch nos.nl/artikel/2135606-nee-stem-in-oekraine-referendum-blijft-zonder-gevolgen.html Basically it comes down to them not liking the results and crying in brussels. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_Ukraine–European_Union_Association_Agreement_referendum,_2016

Forgot to add that you should look at the results part of the wiki

Can you get some in English or at least put a few into Google Translate that you think people can get without needing context?

Actually it was HUGELY about to happen, Merkel DEMANDED they get shafted, but France and a few countries kinda forced their hand to accept compromises.

Wiki is in english

It's been known Tom was a libtard for a while. Know why I don't care? He doesn't let it affect his work. You can believe the most cock and bull shit you want as long as you don't let it seep into your work, and XSeed doesn't. That's why I still support them. Hell I even admire them. They are exactly what a localization company should be: faithfully adapting a work regardless of or even in spite of your own beliefs.

These people's very existence are reason for being, they provide such delight in not being them.

Youtube currently has a glitch affecting subscriber counts, thought you guys would like to know.
>>>Holla Forums9206750

This, I couldn't care less what he thinks hell he can call Trump Hitler for all I give a fuck as long as XSEED don't censor or butcher their translations i'm happy.

A lot of it is just drama and acting to push for what they want. There were plenty of pro-EU politicians that were more than happy to criticise Greece and proclaim that they should be thrown out, but then quickly turned around when they got what they wanted, since the whole act was just so they could have more bargaining power over the Greek government. For example the Greek vote as a whole was a complete joke that the EU knew perfectly well would give them what they wanted, but they still put on a show for everyone, despite knowing in advance that there was no way the "Oxi" vote would have any effect whatsoever due to Greek law preventing referrendums from taking place that would influence monetary policy.

Wikipedia isn't exactly the most reliable source and people aren't going to be too eager to accept a link to it as an answer.

Ok, though I was talking about the berkeleyside paper and B Corporations. Unless you want to include them in to what you're talking about libtards not letting ideology seep into their work. Which does not apply when they have gems such as
which is a crock and projection of the leftards.

This is the first I've heard of this.

Interesting after the dirt that's been uncovered on them…

Because I cant find articles in english, wikipedia has some listed as sources but most are dutch.

It might just be coincidence. Without the brackets. How well is the industry in general right now anyway, maybe they need to generate buzz, or draw in more $$$ aside from membership dues. Would be good if there is someone that can go in without spilling spaghetti and just record stuff.

If UK really wanted out they would've gotten out, the simple fact is, they are putting on the song and dance to stretch out "Brexit" for eternity.

It's a well known fact. Just like the Statue of Liberty is actually depicting a muslim woman, researchers say. :^)

Hahahahaha I fucking told you journos would reach Rami for comment on the ban.



Not seeing any problems despite all the kike practices and other bullshit.
Well the Switch will be out for 3 months during that time, so thats expected.
That too.

Why mmo? that's not a gaming platform it's a genre plus consoles, handhelds and mobiles have them too.

Has this thread become more right-wing since I last in it years ago?

How that fucker can still show his stupid face in this industry after somehow sending EA into a death spiral with this "three year plan" that never came to fruition, I will never know.




Feels like it.


The way I see it, it's more that people who hold classically liberal values aren't willing to put up with complete retards who don't give a shit about anything that doesn't instantly cater to them.



Shut up, Sargon. Admit to wanting the NatSoc dream already.

Very nice trips, off to a good start
First 100 replies will be memes though

That said you still seem to suck e-celeb dick.

Like who? Outside of the Jontron drama I don't see any e-celeb stuff. These breads seems to have a positive opinion of Harmful Opinions but he's rarely talked about here

Dubs checking trips. Pretty gud.

Well someone was fast enough to put a new Dave "The Middle Man With No Opinions" Rubin video and call it super important.

Probably because it was relevant as it mentioned gamergate, though I agree with you on that. But remember: the poster was Val.