Va-11 hall-a

So what do you guys think?
Indie game of the year?

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I'll be honest, I played about 4 hours then dropped it out of boredom. And I spend more time reading VNs than playing games nowadays.

I think it's pretty good, even though hardly a game.
I did have potential to become Papers Please-lite and use drinks as interesting plot-context puzzles which would lead to progression and different endings. For some reason, however, it went completely underutilized, and it's something I hope to see in a (probable?) sequel.
The VN itself is pretty good, one of the comfiest ones I played.
If you know something similar - pls recoomend, I can only think of Snatcher off the top of my head.


Where's rule 34 on this shit?

fuck off reddit

Like something bad, as long as its not spooked.

Yup totally pandering

unless you are going to post porn your thread sucks balls

Tbh, I prefer playing this gem.

Why can't games like this just do things the way Planescape Torment did? You're not confined to a single location, it's not all just linear conversation or routes like in a visual novel (though visual novels can still be good), and you get a chance to explore conversation in your own way.

The game is basically saying Hey, here's some cyberpunk with some cool dialogue. But you won't get to play around with any of the various things that make cyberpunk interesting or cool! We have to be different from that Blade Runner game that came out in the 90s after all.

Go shill someplace else.

Because it's a two-man team (one writer) from Hueland making shit on a shoestring budget.

go fuck yourself and die OP




shill threads do we need for this game?

I dont know if I'd call it indie game of the year, but I liked it. Even though its more of a VN its a nice game to play to sit back and relax with.

You had a publisher pick you up and spoonfeed you money within the first few weeks.

daily reminder that this game is made by sjw cucks and they are shilling the fuck out of their mediocre shitgame on Holla Forums

cases in point

Will Lewds work?

Policenauts, I suppose, if you haven't played that.
There's also Read Only Memories, but that's written by numales and has an option for you to make up your own pronouns.

no, fuck off

When did this become not ok to talk about?

this might seem like a harmless thread starter, but every thread that starts with 'what do you think Holla Forums' goes down the fucking shitter pretty fucking quickly and should be classified as a template thread

Though I really despise people like you

when the devs started shilling it in every fucking thread

too bad

How is talking about a game shilling when its been out for quite a while?

I have to agree with

I heard it talked about when it came out ans that was it.

I'd argue that any thread that has only two short sentences is either a template thread or of the same quality(or lack of).
If I were OP I would start the thread with one of the following:
>Hey guys I just played/finished this game. I think it's good/bad and here is why . What do you guys think?
>Is this game worth my time and/or money, I watched some gameplay footage and I generally like/dislike this genre, because of . What other games would you recommend me?
>Let's talk about this game and it's effect on the indie/vn scene. I think that indie/vn games usually are and this game is [no] different from the others. Here is what it brought new to the table . However it also has the drawbacks of other indie/vn games such as . Here is how I see the genre evolving, and what i would like it to evolve into .

Honestly these are all template threads, but at least they require a bit more effort from the OP, rather than now that the dust has settled threads.

When someone decided that some guy making a thread on the game must be the dev shilling rather than someone either wanting to bait people with a low effort post or discuss the game.

this shit is suddenly being posted in multiple threads

as soon as this thread 404s another one will be posted instantly, just watch.

this too, there was a thread on this shit last week that had almost exactly the same op. given how heavily they were shilling during launch, i wouldn't put it past the devs to come back and shill their shitty sjw not-game some more after the fact.

Fuck off with your garbage thread back to 4chan. Fag.

Game was shit by the way.

Bartending mechanic is pointless set dressing for the creator's cringey VN writing.

The artist clearly had fun, but this is not a bartending simulator and it's not an especially cyberpunky sort of game.

Because they said so.

if you want to discuss the game you can fuck off to the indieshit thread, this game doesn't deserve a thread of its own

It had a few threads about it when it was released before most of it was shutdown by claims of shilling and SJW brigades. Some good discussion was had for approximately three threads, then it pined for the fjords


The fact this game exists and I didn't make it pisses me off tbh. I got the idea for a dystopian bartender game after watching the animu bartender almost two years ago.
Only, I had a cool idea where you use telekinesis to mix drinks in minigames with this looper-esque subplot about telekenetics basically being the jews of that world and massively screwing over all the normalfags and cyborgs.
There was also going to be a taxi-driving minigame because I was obsessed with Yakuza around the time.
It was going to end with the feds closing your bar because the mundanes won, and be comically grim.

There's a lolibot who constantly talks about getting gangbanged, and there's even a guy who pays her once a year to pretend to be his daughter while he fucks her.
The premise of the game is that the government is made up of a white knights, and people go to a bar to escape from it all.
There's absolutely no way this game panders to SJW.

Go play Lisa The Pointless instead


What is sarcasm.

Something you can't pull off obviously.

its a visual novel not a game, so no you complete fucking faggot

I mean the dev guy is being sarcastic with their "Love this post," you fucking ding dong


but they aren't :^)

Too bad, the game must be SJW if the developers seem like SJWs and other SJWs dislike the game too.

Its not too late.

Its probably a case where its coming from people that havent even played the game.

You might enjoy Quarantine.

there were more a few weeks back. when it came out they were even shilling in the goymergate thread.

the dev is full-on sjw now, i'd find the tweet but i don't give enough of a fuck

did you read the archive you massive cocksucking faggot? here, i'll spoonfeed you, you lazy piece of shit.

Truly, a mature "game" for a mature audience. After all, cuckolding is the intellectual fetish.

c-can't they get sued for this shit?
also looks like one of those games that's trying to be lewd without actually showing lewd because real lewd would trigger the devs.

I doubt it, its just a reference. And you'd be sort of right, they explicitly talk about lewd shit but they never really show it.

How is that the case with the Lisa dev? Whats to say he just doesnt have different opinions?


Lisa The Pointless is a free fan game made by other guy, about the dev, he got his joy.

Yeah, fuck off.

I really don't see how this relates to anything the developers believe in

I really have to ask
Why does it matter to you so much about games you think are getting shilled?

I thought that was because Steam didn't allow any lewds, though this is the kind of VN where an ecchi focus would make it out to be in even worse taste than it already is. The artist said he'd draw some lewds if enough people bought the game, but the fucker never delivered.

Considering the dev is really blunt even during the one interview he had here I'm not too shocked.

Considering he never shoved that shit into his games I don't really care.

Why would he give an interview at the cathedral of misogyny?

That's kind of disappointing

big change came when his dad died last year.

Because he was a Cool Guy™

This makes no sense. I understand something like that could change a person but changing someone into THAT? Im stumped

Lisa the pointless is a fan game not by Dingaling

Fame gets the worse side of people

He was in a bad place due to his dad dying and got manipulated by SJW's. It's how cults operate, they fuck with people who show emotional weakness, then tell them that all their problems can be blamed on someone else.

It's a shame, but it is what it is.

There's truth in this, namely that the problems originate from Marxists and Jews not being pushed into ovens. It comes as no surprise that leftists try to nip this epiphany in the bud by using it against the people.

Ding-a-Ling has gone full Trump hating, white-guilting SJW. Lisa the Pointless is a fan game that has little to do with him, last I checked.

Because it got bundled with a Humble Bundle, so a lot of fags got it along with other games and gave it a try you dummy.

They're referring to the fact there's a lot of in jokes and attempts to appeal to a certain niche. A lot of /agdg/ devs made tumblr blogs to give each other visibility, especially with how bad cuck/agdg/ threads became for posting progress.

Sage because there's very little actual game to discuss and newfags have a tendency to parrot what they've heard about this game and hate to be corrected.

I even spoke to him when he was on this board, an image i made was used for the OP on that thread and he was so happy about it. Not only are his opinions a 180° of what they were, he used to speak in such a humble and dumb but endeading way. Less than a year has gone since it happened and now i cant recognize him.

Of course, but he changed so much in such a short time span. Everytime i hear someone talk about how he has changed i cant help but wonder "how the fuck?" even after hearing over and over about his father and such.

T-That was me.
Sorry, Holla Forums.

It's been about a year, right? People can change fast if something big happens in their life.

of courshe

I always thought images would be drawn by hand and then scanned into a PC98 where dithering would be applied to the art automatically, which makes me curious if there aren't any methods or filters which achieve the same results rather than dithering your art by hand which then ends up looking like the second picture

The AMA thread he did here was so much fun. He was near-illiterate but he was a humble and honest man.

I recall a thread recently with people dicking around with that and coming to the conclusion that it was close but not exactly the same so I'd say devs relied on tools with some "by hand" tweaking.

indie western vn of the year

Wasn't there that one Russian VN by which was actually quite good?


op finally delivers

might as well contribute a little then

I think the prostitute robot is the best.

More like indie lame of the year.

She's not bad.

That's a good slut.

Gay Kaneda is unforgiveable.

Are people still trying to justify the retarded SJW faggots who made this game? Jesus christ, you are as blind as people who defend lab zero.

It was okay until it got heavy into the dyke shit. Played it all the way through but cringed through the last third of it.

The funny part is how asshurt he got when he lost most of his fans, and several got refunds. He got really asshurt when pewdiepie stopped following him after the spergout.

Even some of his ex friends called him out over how he is shitting on anime and games and random fans as being nazis for any disagreement.

Goddamn why. I want to delete the game and music, I even got a friend to do me figures of the main characters. Goddamn it. I don't want to, the game helped me, and the music still gets me emotional or pumped up.

What do? Ignore and continue appreciating the game? Judging by what anons have posted here, sounds like his dad's death affected him and the wrong kind of people lured him in to drink the Kool-Aid. It's quite the radical change from average man to I HATE BEING WHITE :c

Absolutely not.

The "game" is a bartending minigame to keep you occupied while you're forced to follow a linear story with zero agency. The story itself reads like cringy /a/ posters roleplaying with stutter-posts, complete with forced 4cuck memes for fanservice.

Total trash. I put it down after about two hours, and I've no interest in seeing the story through. Glad I didn't pay for it.

This, don't cut shit out of your life just because you disagree with someones politics. otherwise you're no better than an sjw.

You can hate the artist but still enjoy the art, you know. If the game and music have been good for you, then who really gives a shit about the life of the one who made it?

le enabling the people you hate faec

Even if ironic, you're right.

It was good but not,much of a game. Question was there any other indie games that came out this year that were good?


I just realized I never even played LISA. What's the refund policy?

I really didn't intend to seem ironic with the picture, I just like cats. I'm being completely serious with that post.

Is it really correct though? It might be useful to think of games like books in this case. There are plenty of good books that have stood the test of time and are talked about centuries after they were written. Hardly any author ever hit critical literary success with their first book. The more games overall that you encourage people to make, the more GOOD games there will be 15, 25, 50 years down the line. If you never support a game you like because you don't like the person, you're diminishing the overall potential of the creative pool. Is it the correct thing to do to make an assumption about the entirety of a person's future and career because you disagree with what they say on Twitter?

yes, dubsman

Astounding refutation, I clearly see and understand your logic now. You have greatly contributed to this discussion.

Think of it this way. Dingaling isnt a sjw, AUSTIN is. Dingaling is just dead.


he knows he's wrong but he's too stubborn to admit it. imageboards in a nutshell; you'll never get anywhere with anyone. it always surprised me how many people are willing to just shitpost instead of admitting their faults, debating and moving on in a conversation on anonymous imageboards. i figured it would be easier to admit one's shortcomings in arguments on an anonymous board since no one can ever hold it against you like in personal life but instead it seems to have an opposite effect

Should you be surprised?

not even a game

Maybe I should just never buy a western game again.

The game sucked. WORDS WORDS WORDS reddit/tumblr lovechild.

You are the company you keep.

The former. Granted, the way you view their work is going to be seen in a different light, but you can still appreciate the stuff that you enjoyed.

Dumb and disgusting. SLUT dyke sex. Wow, very funny and lewd. What kind of reprobate do you have to be to find shit like this engaging? I'm 95% certain you can't tell the patrons to fuck off or at least be blatantly rude to them, either.

From the thumbnail I thought that was a muslim girl or a feminine Kars.

Why are you so intent on sharing opinions about a game you never played? It's obvious you have nothing better to do since you're still posting here, so you might as well grab a magnet link of the GoG release to try out the game for yourself and come back with some opinions of merit.

Why would I play a >game which looks fucking terrible? I came into this thread to see what it was about without wasting hours of my time to see if I'd even like it or not. I'll post what I want, goofy.

Because I'm not sure what you have to contribute to this thread that other anons haven't said.

The only important thing to him is that he's the one saying it.

What's one more liter of piss in this cesspit of a thread?

If you're not going to hold yourself to any standards just because you perceive nobody else does either, then the most efficient solution for everyone is to not post at all. Just don't post if you have nothing to say.

There's a guy who's translating old PC-98 games, just for the fun of it. He's a college student and has a patreon but he seems cool.

Vallhalla (I ain't typing the numbers out) is just mediocre and a VN. Nothing to see here.

You're right, I'm a changed man. Won't say anything about a work of fiction unless I've consumed 100% of it. was the site before I forget.

The Peter Gaybriel of vidya

This pretty much. I really liked the demo where the protag was largely silent.

Once she started talking in the actual game it felt preachy. Shoulda just let the player self insert.

So pewdiepie is a secret natsoc?





Frog god confirms it


Fuck off Ritsu. You aren't, and will NEVER be part of this.


Boy it'd be really bad if someone dropped a mega link
Please don't do that!Cd9hyaqY!fIvbCSNfFyPmQUiAgVcZww

It's a good game. I enjoyed it.

I offer you these as thanks for your heroism

No thanks necessary, citizen.

SJW shit of the year.

The writing pushes the homosexual agenda too fucking hard. Hell lesbians are hot but it's completely in your face all the time.

Lost my shit and uninstalled it when that gay Akira delivery boy showed up. His only reason for existing is to make it clear he's gay. Other characters mention their sexual orientation at least a dozen times but at it's not central to their plot. Every appearance of the fag will revolve around "I'm gay but I want to be a tough biker". Also, did I say he was gay?

Writing is LGBT pandering shit, gameplay nonexistent and if you want to read the script just open the text files. The only good thing about it was the music.

I'm still disappointed that the actual bartending sucked. That's what I wanted most out of it.

I hate this shit more than anything else about characterization these days. It tells you NOTHING about who they are as a person other than what they're attracted to, and authors use that fucking quality as if it's some incredibly deep and profound characterization. Like "I enjoy fucking other guys" is some wonderful cornerstone of who the character is and their identity. No, all it tells you is their sexual orientation, it's like HEY THIS GUY HAS PURPLE HAIR and thinking that said purple hair defines who he is and what he's all about. It's just a shallow descriptor.

Fuck these hacks.


make a thread about a game im currently enjoying on Holla Forums

make the same thread on 4chan

when did Holla Forums Holla Forums become worse the 4chan Holla Forums?

You have to go back

thanks for the quality contribution


When too many rapefugees like you arrived here.

It's an above average, short VN that shows that squanders the notable potential of it's premise both in story and in gameplay. Most of its callbacks and references are subtle and appreciable, though there's more than a few ugly exceptions.
The writing, in both scenario and characters, varies from interesting and fun to cringey pandering depending on the player and specific segment (I personally couldn't stand the return of the talking dogs). The game is incredibly linear and shallow (There's only two endings), hinting relentlessly at stories and games far more interesting than the one you're in right now.
The bartending mechanic has enormous room for interesting story interaction and character exploration, but is scarcely used; which becomes especially painful when trying to discover the scattered impacts of specific drinks and different alcohol levels. This becomes a nightmare when you realize you get less save slots than actual save points.
The devs are kinda faggy and the MC is an unlikable cunt and her story overshadowing the second half of the game blows donkey balls, but the game does have a cozy atmosphere and artstyle, and waifus to make it all bearable during the worst of it.

You have to go back.

why don't you stay there instead of bitching?

You say like 4chan is better when it's exactly the same people shitting here and there in another threads, with another boogeyman.

This is not something that should be handwaved away. It's more or less worrying if the imageboard everyone's been deriding can have actual decent discussion about it rather than the 'superior' variant. Being able to hide behind memes sure is a comfortable thought, but it's merely running away from reality. If 4chan is such shit then those who deem it so should uphold themselves to some standards if they don't wish to look like hypocrites.

Everyone here has noticed the drop in posting quality and I'm sure games can be criticized without incessant unrelated shitflinging (as a few posts have done in this thread regardless of the shitty OP) and people who only seek to enforce their own standards of what they think Holla Forums should be like through backseat moderation, without even providing a positive example.

Excuse my autism, but I have some issues with your post. First off, what did you intend to achieve with your reply, and how did you expect others to reply to you?
Secondly, do you think that your post will actually achieve your intended goals, or did you feel like you just had to post something?
Thirdly, do you believe you are actually contributing to the board and upholding its quality?

shit threads get shit posts.

And get bumped.

It certainly started out badly, but that doesn't mean shit threads can go into some interesting directions. Though I really don't see why you have to just leave a post behind. Why not just not post?

Imagine how it feels to make a post for the sake of baiting or putting in a lot of effort in a post, only for nobody ever to reply to you. The fact that not even shitposters are willing to entertain your shit, yet not even well-meaning posters think your post is interesting enough to be worth replying to. After all, would you keep posting knowingly that nobody would ever reply to you? Sometimes the one thing that hurts the most is being completely ignored, than trying to one-up someone with your original insults 'which will completely show them' .

There's six.

I just wanna fuck the protagonist girl.

we all do

When you arrived.

Alright, I'll humor you. This game is garbage as a story, and worse as a game. If you're going to direct your focus more towards dialogue and story than gameplay, you better have some damn good dialgue. Argentinian Weeaboos does not have good dialogue. It isn't convincing to have a character ask the sexuality of their conversational partner out of nowhere, and it felt like the writers were trying to shoehorn discussions about sex into every conversation. Not to mention, they made THE WORST error you can possibly make as a writer, and that is, forcing drama that the audience has no reason to care for. The writers gave me no reason to care about Jill's girlfriend - all they did was tell us that she was an ex, and give us a picture before she died. When she died, I just didn't give a flying fuck, because I knew nothing about her. I just couldn't empathize with Jill through her heartbreak. I kept thinking, "At least if they told me that she died in the Bank heist, that would have at least brought things full circle", but no, they just told me that I had to feel sorry now because Jill was going through heartbreak.
There's so many other things I can talk about, from the stupid references (they had Jim fucking Sterling play a cameo) to the awful 4chan jokes (A Costanza clone said "I seriously hope you guys don't do this"), but I think I've gotten my point across that the game is basura.

Jill is an unrelatable, unlikable cunt without any sense of direction. She's an adult and needs to start acting like one.


also i agree that it could have been better executed but i still enjoyed it. i thought the characters were relatable to a fault and that the dialogue while simple was passable

pretty sure that's the whole point.

Fun fact, this game was made in a socialist country.

ROM was fun

No really. It's alright, but strictly average. Though I haven't gotten too far in and am pretty worried I'll get slapped onto the indie, 2deep4u bullshit. I really hope it doesn't get bad, because games about pubs/bars are rare enough already.

also the story doesn't really do much to suck you in.

That robot is cute and seems suitable for porn.

Game is shit. It is substandard in all aspects.
Rabi Ribi is indie GOTY.
Azurea Juncture is OELVN-OTY.


Fuck off and die

Do you think what you said in your post matches up with what I said here ?

Fuck off and die.

clintrump normalfag detected

I'm not sure what you're getting at. Can you elaborate?

Fuck off and die.

I'm trying to have a decent discussion here, and I don't really get what makes you post the way you do. Sorry, but is there a certain point you're trying to get across? Because I can't really see it.

Fuck off and die.

I'm sure there is some nerve I must have accidentally ticked, but it's not something I can figure out on my own, and I don't think any of us can come to an understanding if you aren't willing to cooperate.

Fuck off and die.


Well, yeah, that has already been said several times in this thread and agreed with. Can you say something new?

Phew, I was seriously interested in getting it despite the art style practically SCREAMING tumblr.

Thanks for saving me user, there's still a good number of other VNs without politics I can play.

what makes you think this thread deserves trying
if you do lazy shit expect other people to be lazy with you

This kinda brings me back to the original point of why you would even bother with posting lazy shit rather than posting nothing at all. Seems like the latter would be the 'lazier' option.

user, it's not worth the effort trying to make something useful when the moderation welcomes all the fucking rapefugees, just let fags fling the shit like most of halfchan does as ignoring the thread and posting in threads you enjoy isn't as satisfying as shitflinging to certain people.