Sniper Elite 4 uses Denuvo

sendmail 2016-01-15 18:35:11
array (
'name' => 'Gary Cody',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+44(0)1865792201',
'message' => 'Hi. I work for publisher Rebellion interactive and I\'m Interested in finding out more about your anti-tamper solution. I\'m familiar with previous copy protection systems and keen to find out more.

they planned this for a year

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Only bad games use Denuvo, so does it really matter?


Why do shitty games have double drm?


It's nice to see I can continue the trend of getting them for free

why they keep making these games?

2 and 3 were fucking garbage, who the hell played that crap?

Denuvo isn't about stopping piracy, it's about stopping pirates from playing shit games.

All I care about is finding out whether Bannerlord uses it.

Give me one reason why I should give a shit about Sniper Elite 4?

also, wasn't Sniper Elite 2 marketed the shit on Youtube out of back in 2012? or maybe it's that same sensation that retards record a "let's play" on the hottest new trendy game for 3 weeks and then eventually neglect/drop it

They do it for you

And nothing of value was lost.

Who honestly cares? Why does it matter at all when the game will be cracked anyways?

Is there a Denuvo watch curator for Steam yet? I follow a few that point out censorship and the like, but this seems just as worthy a thing to be warning users of. Creates a quick list of games to avoid entirely without having to mark each one off individually.

Can you name a few?

My infinity engine RPGs and PS2 isos don't have denuvo, why should I give a fuck
Four seconds of Googling. Apply yourself.

what kind of name is that, a first name for last name. it's like "Ben John".

Cut-Content Police and Censorship Watch seem to pick up on things and offer links to fan/patches or mods to remove them (if available).

Good thing the search thing within Steam isnt a piece of ass and didn't show it or anything.

Thank you.

if not denuvo you'd come up with some other stupid reason. quit kidding yourself, you'd never buy a game


point proven

buying games with jew practices is jewish. fuck off defending anti-consumer practices