>The MC actually fuggs Casko in the Orchid Words Epilogue

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Source. I won't trust this until I see direct pictorial evidence.

The event apparently hasn't been posted on Youtube yet, but after you beat Sephyr and the credits roll, if you go back into Caster's story you get an event where she makes food. Then you get a choice where you either A) Pounce her or B) She reveals she spiked the food with godly amounts of aphrodisiacs. It then cuts to the bed and she says "Thank you for the food, or perhaps I should say please be gentle?" Then fades to black
If you can tell me how to upload videos to youtube from my ps4 I'll do it

I propose an alternative proof. Post your dick and we'll believe you it's cuck related provided all two and a half inches are erect.

I was a Nero fan before this game too

You sound upset.

Quit stalling and post the dick already.

this game looks like the average musoushit. are there really that many fatefags here that it gets more attention that the average musoushit?

Alternatively in the capture gallery there should be an option to upload directly to youtube or twitter. This shit holds your hand.

This is why Senkyo must not fall, lest SE.RA.PH be conquered by fags. All hail the eternal White Team

Alright thanks, I didn't usually like messing with the social media options

Where's the porn, faggot?
Better post some foxgrill tits.

If you want to clip the video up before uploading it should be in there too

Alright here they are if anyone wants to compress them to postable size
u.nya.is/ynhgzy.mp4 -Opening/Choice
u.nya.is/ojumht.mp4 -Strip/Aggressive
u.nya.is/jijmwb.mp4 -Tamamo's Choice/ Aphrodisiac

I don't understand. They clearly just slept to get rid of their fevers. Why else would they be so hot?

I'm not even playing it and I'm a Fatefag. I'm just waiting for Epic of Remnant.

I personally dislike musous but people from /fgog/ as well as other sources have told me that their is alot of lore that is elaborated on and enough text to be included in a rpg. I personally am going to pick it up when it is 20$ for the charechters and see the musou gameply as a compromise


Even Fate/Stay Night had one of those

You pathetic plebs

There's an optional scene where she's in bed with you DURING the arc and you can say

Then Casko goes berserk and you have sex off-screen.

Then in the Epilogue

Then again in a bath scene, if you choose the dialoague

Then again in another bath scene, if you choose the dialogue

Then Casko schoogirl roleplay
Then Casko breaks reality…again

Meanwhile, Attilla gets molested (by you)
Then you bully her by teasing her navel with your feet
Then you molest her again (forgot details)
Then she goes nurse and inspects your whole body

Nero comes close to being sexually intimate more than once but either falls asleep or gets cucked by Casko – just like how Rider cucks her in Rider's Side Story.

Matter of fact, there is

Add to this that Caster's arc route is technically canonical in a timeline double sort of way (though Nero gets top billing all day it seems)and yeah.

You can't have Nero, even though Nero is the one they shove in your face the most.

You can't have Attilla because plot and also Nasu turns her into a retarded midget version of herself so she becomes your sort-of daughter instead because flip Nasu

But you DO keep Tamomo. So, there's that I guess.


that's pretty good














You are wasting the thread's fuel

Why are you surprised?


Even Mark started doing the double spaces and now it's pissing me off. You have normal fucking paragraphs, I'm retarded but still remember what my fucking English teacher taught me I mean come on.

No but seriously I had started that reddit-tier spacing without realizing it so I'm glad you caught me. I almost went down a pathetic road.

As an Archerfag, is there any point in me getting this game? Note, that I would have to get a ps4 as well.

Already watched his side-story on youtube, for what its worth.

I guess, I wouldn't even call it Reddit spacing, I call it retard spacing. It has no reason to exist, you wouldn't do that if you were writing a letter. People seem to be either shills or idiots when they use that.

Fall off a cliff cocksucker.

this game is all about nero tamamo and atilla. everyone else gets sidelined HARD

So which Servant did you most want to have an entire leading role of her own with her own special room convos and special wedding ending and why is the objectively correct answer to this Rider?

Also, who do you think is the most fun to play of the whole cast?
If you say Archimedes I'm gonna slap you.



Yeah pretty much this. The upside is that they made Tamamo significantly more Ara~ which I very much like. The downside, of course, is that we end up with a great cast of potential with unique (somewhat) playstyles and ultimately we barely see any of them because Nasu needs to stroke Saber HARDER



I'm gonna find you one day you f

Gilgamesh. And Gilgamesh.

Waisted opportunity.


To be fair, like Archer, he really deserved it. He earned it in the previous game, too.
I like the fact that he's no longer the Gilgamesh we once knew but he's fully been absorbed into this nuclear retcon fest as a confusing jerk but a cool guy. He got even more story prevalence than Archer, though, which is criminal. Archer was there from the first game!

As for combat? Meh. It's fun visually but he's too slow for me. I like zipping around the map like crack demon, hence why I prefer Saber and Medusa. It reminds me so much of Samurai Warriors, this type of musou.

Your mother faggot.

She's a vampire, user. She needs a punch in her stupid smug anime loli face, not a one-day stand. GET IT?

Akiba's Trip anime. They punched that sucker to save the world. Also pantsed her. That was actually necessary to the plot.

Well, Archer did get to stomp Iskander+Gil+Saber in one mission, which has sweet trolling potential for the future, so that's something.

You seem perturbed.

I won't lie, that's the main reason he's my favorite. I haven't played as Medusa yet myself, I need to get around to that.

nothing a roofie can't fix.

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I'm really getting sick of this nameless bullshit, we all know who he is Nasu, and those that still don't know won't bother to find out the proper way. Even if you don't want to put his true name up on display in one of the /extra games you can still make a few more nods to his backstory without the need for it, you fagget.

Well, it's necessary for him to be a "proper" heroic spirit, since his own legend isn't enough. It's somewhat fitting with how he goes from "literally who" due to not being a real hero to being the "literally who" of real heroes.

Oh I played the (second) game and loved it, but never saw the show. Thanks I'll check the show out!

As much as he may be a Counter Guardian, his true name is still there in the original VN.
I was really fucking dissapointed with his side story ending, he fights Blue Saber and all you get are 2 shitty lines of dialogue from her and a conversation with Archimedes.

That's why you play Saber's side-story, too. He who controls the gourmet food, controls the Saber.


Keikaku fucking doori, right there.

Prepare for mediocrity and disappointment.

It adds jackshit to the story though.
I thought it was pretty cool.

Man are you going to be mad when you realize that the canon anime turned it into a generic harem

Archer (Nameless) =/= Archer (EMIYA)

Swords can be mass produced. Doubly so in settings where multiple world lines. They're similar persons from different world lines.

Compare the eventual fate of Emiya Shirou (Last Epilogue) and EMIYA (Archer). They're both the same person, and both go on to make pacts with the world. But while Shirou eventually reaches Avalon and reunites with Saber, EMIYA is forever a Counter Guardian - just one more at peace with himself in the end. The main visual key in this case is that they both have different "inner worlds" for their Reality Marble.

IIRC EMIYA is the product of Shiro's actions in a parallel universe in which he wasn't able to save Saber in the Fate route, Nameless should have similar circumstances. Arguably i haven't finished Fate/extra with Archer as my servant but both Nameless and EMIYA should be born from that point at the end of the Fate route.
Point being, EMIYA and Nameless most likely shared the same moments with Saber and the rest of the VN characters at least up to the end of that route.
I'm talking out of my ass for the most part, specially regarding the /extra universe.

It's also entirely possible that Nameless isn't even Shirou Emiya at all. Given the way the Throne of Heroes works he could be a completely separate person based on the records of the Moon Cell using the records of EMIYA being summoned as an Archer taken from the Throne of Heroes as something closer to a demi-servant. But that's just speculation.

Stop before you hurt yourself.

To clarify:

Emiya One version of Emiya Shirou who traded his soul/servitude to the Alaya/Counterforce in trade to stop a world-threatening disaster. He was blamed for the incident, executed, and spends eternity as little more than a cleanup man tasked with neutralizing any/all Extinction Agenda Events occuring throughout history.

Nameless - Template based on SERAPH's observations of the lifetime of a man (Emiya Shirou) who by and large went publicly uncredited for his feats of heroism, including the two or three times he actively saved the world.

The difference is Seraph observed Shirou's history/phenomena from humanity's standpoint, hence him being nameless. The equivalent of "Robin Hood", who is actually nameless himself. The important piece to help differentiate is that SERAPH observes phenomena from various timelines and cannot actually access the Akashic Records/Root/Throne of Heroes. All heroes generated by the Seraph are based on its & humanity's "observations".

So technically Nameless is Emiya, but EMIYA is not Nameless. Don't like it, blame Nasu. He insists on continuing to overwrite his own world setting.

why have nameless at all? he is just there to pander which is fine but why not have EMYIA which has even more potential for pandering

Nasu is a retard, but his retardation keeps things interesting for the most part.

Reminder Nasu didn't "write" Fate/Extra as much as permiss it to exist, then scrambled to fix what imageepoch got terribly, horribly wrong about Fate lore.

This is fucking retarded.

If you go back to a previously completed arc, you go back to that timeline where that particular servant came out on top.

These events:

Happen in a now-defunct timeline. Remember how Archimedes said he slipped through timelines at the end of the 3rd story? That was the second time he did it (since he got screwed in the flame poem arc) to try and manipulate Altera to go berserk, and call the umbral star so he could attain its knowledge.

It's all a huge "what if" scenario. You are still "the soul" of the protagonist too. So these didn't even happen.

And no, this isnt some mental gymnastics-tier reasoning, play the game if you dont believe me.

Source: I am currently working towards platinum on the game.

Even to a girl?

EMIYA to Nameless is what Fake Assassin(the person who actually lived) is to Sasaki Kojiro. So even though the first case actually existed and the other did not, they still identify as the second.

Nasu: He is the same Archer from "Fate". But in the game I made it so his name remains hidden. He is the representative of the nameless heroes that sacrificed their all for justice, but were not recognized by the people. This is the reason why Archer is referred to as nameless even though he used to have a name. It's not that he won't reveal it, he just doesn't have one. Not having a name is proof of his existence as a heroic spirit. To those who have played Fate I assumed that they would understand "Oh, he doesn't have a name, but Archer's true identity must be him after all". In the 5th week, he likens the invisible attacks of the enemy to invisible air, as if he knows Saber. And in the 6th battle vs Lancer he says "Let us be the last time we see each other" to which lancer replies "Hah, shut up! That's my line", as if they know eachother. If it were a different Archer than from Stay/Night, saying such a thing would be unthinkable

Especially to a girl
Reminder that if you play a girl in Extra she all but tells you she can give you a dick

nasu said that archer is of the same existence but not the same person as stay night and that made no sense but this makes sense

everything new from Type Moon is weapons grade garbage

I remain convinced that that particular translation is faulty, somehow.

I got this because i like musous and foxgirls, and a couple of my friends are into Fate. Holy fuck though is the dialogue usually this cringe worthy in Fate games? They shoved this red bitch down my throat way too hard, and this is coming from someone that usually likes waifu shit. Gameplay is pretty solid at least, i think it's one of the better musous i've played on the vita.

You're reading an English localization m8. Of course it's going to be absolute shit.

I really wouldn't recommend this game to anyone that isn't a fan of at least Fate/extra. Saber's route won't do shit for you unless you played with her as your servant in /extra.

Xseed translations aren't great but they tend not to fuck things up too horribly.

Makes sense. Maybe i'd like it more if i played Extra, but as it is i can't take the story seriously at all.

I just finished Battle #4 in Nero's story and I got a few questions:

1: What is the maximum bond level?
2: Do you get an costume for reach max bond and/or finishing the story for each character?
3: Does Tamamo get any lewd outfits?

Half of it is xseed, half of it is plain old Nasu. As a writer he doesn't translate well, because he's crazy into purple prose, double meanings and puns using kanji. Like Noble Phantasm alos means "treasure tool", which is how its pronounced in Nip. I'm pretty sure that literally every concept in Type Moon has a double meaning.

None of Exella even matters to me since Rani is now canonly dead thanks to Tamamofags

Tamamo is by default best playable servant of Extra by virtue of being the most original
And even then she's basically a Fate Magical Girl Amber
Not that there's anything wrong with that

That's not going to fix anything, a major choice made by the player in the last game was retconned just for Tamamo to be in this game despite not being the canon servant for the MC.
They should have just made it so that the servant you chose to play here was the servant you used in the original fate/extra.
As for blonde Rin and Ranni they should have just picked one to live and be on here or maybe let you have second chance to save the one you didn't save. Either way the fact that they're both dead now makes the MC's struggle to live on /Extra a bit pointless because a huge motivator for them was the fact that they saved another human.

they both are dead? WUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT

We don't know yet, we have to wait for Fate Extra: Last Retcon
They removed Dracula/Arcueid

I agree, although the way I was thinking it was that Saber's Master would be the one from Extra while Caster's Master would be the one from CCC since apparently she gets a larger role there anyways.
I just want Caster to win for once

30, but you'll get all the personal scenes for them by Lv25
You get a costume for higher bond and finishing the story, I think, but the alt. costume comes from the personal events if I recall.
Yes, nothing like your pic. But she looks cute.

pls no

I'm assuming you haven't played Extella yet then?
Week 4 servant is Caster who gets abandoned during the battle to Main and Saber, but Main saves her and creates some sort of sub contract with Caster. Catfights ensue until just before the battle with Twice, Caster gets booted off the bridge to the final boss by Saber
Which of course is bullshit since only Caster meeting Twice has any emotional impact

Nasu really is a fucking moron and I hope the Tsukihime remake stays dead. But that won't really save shit, since Grand Order's already shitting on the non-fate side of the nasuverse anyways.


You mean ほうぐ/宝具. Or like Reality Marble/こゆうけっかい/固有結界/Innate Bounded Field, or the three entirely valid & very official arias for Archer & Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works. Nasu is a massive, MASSIVE chuuni who is just barely able to transmit basic sense into his writing. Granted that he fucks up a LOT, but he still tends to be coherent in his work.

Embed related is by and large directed at people like him.

This is your first TM rodeo, isn't it? Reminder the only reason Arturia/Saber is alive/not eternally suffering is because Takahashi BEGGED for that Realta Nua epilogue.

Someone always gets it in his followups. Hell, I openly expect Akiha or Kohaku to be dead and gone if the bastard ever really gets around to Tsuki 2.

Also, reminder that despite Prisma Illya's popularity that Illyasviel von Eiznbern is very, very dead in all renditions of the mainline canon and Zelretch is too busy destroying minds in Europe to hand out anymore trinkets of power to unsuspecting magi.

Reminder that Zouken survives two of them, thus Sakura's suffering extends a decade until El-Melloi 2nd and Tohsaka dismantle the Greater Grail in direct opposition to the Clock Tower.

Reminder that no matter the timeline, Shirou, much like Shiki, NEVER lives to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Hisui is dead.

why does shirou not live for his 30th birthday?

Heroes don't live long lives. Materials allude he doesn't live past his twenties.

that shouldnt be happening in ubw rin route and him dying young kind of lessens the impact of him supposed to be endless pursing saber

Only thing Rin may stop is the part where he contracts with the Counterforce. Otherwise, Shirou is Shirou.

Has very little to do with the circumstances, to say the least of Shirou "pursuing" Saber in ubw when he has Rin, or in HF route when he has Sakura and literally cannot recall Saber anymore.

What about the NOTES where he becomes Satsujinki or whatever?

rin keeps shirou in line so i say its bullshit and in heavns full true end he shouldnt die either

That's not Notes m8.
And he's still in his 20s in the Satsujinki scenario.

Hollow Ataraxia begs otherwise. It's more likely Rin ends up dropping the tsundere act and winds up pining over his dick constantly than it is that she keeps him in line.

Now this on the other hand is true. Shirou in HF True should live a very long and healthy life considering the path he chose to devote himself to. Even if his body from Touko is an imperfect one, acquiring a better one is a possibility, and it's the lifespan of the soul that matters more anyways.

Unless Rin does some real stupid shit they're set for a nice long life.

Ah man, that scene has god tier voice acting. As much as I like FSN, I really do agree with that, too. I like it for the themes and characters, not so much all the world building and concepts. In fact, I think I hate the TM world with a passion.

Nasu also originally wanted the HF Normal ending to be the true ending, as in Sakura gets to be forever alone, but he pussied out of that because the theme was supposed to be "the spring after the long winter" or something.

Arguably Shinji roflstomps Zouken in UBW with Gil; why else would he be in the basement with all the worms for that one scene which is both in the anime and in the visual novel.

Can you seriously think of a reasonable explanation for why Gil would go there otherwise? Iirc he even stomps on a worm, so I think that was a hint at what happened without Nasu ruining the HF reveal of Zouken and the Matous.

Archer is supposed to have made his contract either in his late 20s or early 30s, so I think it would be a safer bet to say Shirou won't make it past 40.

I like to think it's EMIYA in Last Episode. Gives a whole new meaning to endlessly pursuing. I mean, he forgot all about Rin, but he never ever forgot about Saber. The intro scene in FSN, with the summoning of Saber, is not Shirou's but Archer's POV. Though Nasu doesn't like that and has been cockblocking it with some of his Q&A's.

Well, as Rin in UBW's last episode gives her opinion on that: As long as Shirou takes one more step, beyond where EMIYA died, then isn't it fine?

Besides, Rin needs to have her kids while she's still young and having Shirou around in her seventies when she's trying to be a respectable magus will just be a pain in the ass.

if you guys like fate then you should play fate another. fate another is a Korean war craft 3 mod based on the fate series with characters from stay/night, Zero and extra. The game have a very VERY high skill floor as well as a high skill ceiling. It has recently been translated so new players can have an easier time understanding the game.

the game is regularly hosted on clan ufw, us east every day



Holy shit, people are still making new WC3 maps?

yeah people still make games for wc3 and fate another is a very old map thats been updated a lot and looks much better then it was before. if you love fate then i recommend that you play fate another

oh and that link i gave you even has statistics on the servants games played, damage dealt, games won or lost and it even records players damage done and games won and pretty much everything they did in a match

Is it some kind of ASSFAGGOTS?

no. moba games have killing creeps and creep waves and ganking and all that which fate another doesnt have. the game is purely team fighting you get gold and exp from killing heros

oh yeah and there is no items you build like in moba games. all the items in the game are consumable things like potions, wards and many more

the game is broken up into rounds, the first team to win 12 rounds wins the game. each round can last up to 2:00 minutes

Critical characterization miss that everyone makes with Shirou. Shirou never wins a verbal exchange. He ALWAYS performs better in action than in words. Rin schools him in every argument, but she folds like a house of cards whenever he does something because he ends up either supplementing her plans, or outright saving her from a critical fail.

And you expect Rin to somehow stop Shirou from being Shirou, even when ufotable's director got permission to outright show he ditches the chance at a legit apprenticeship to go slumming in the war-torn middle east factions. Okay.

He devotes himself to absolving Sakura of her current troubles and works with her to help her cope with the issues she develops from them. But don't forget the reason fell in love with Shirou in the first place was because of his indominable spirit that just never quit when almost every other human would. She's not going to suddenly smother him entirely given the smoke's cleared and there's no immediate grail key/Angra Maniyu threat around the corner. If he happens to say to her "Yo, off to the oozarks to save people from avalanches", she's not likely to stop him. If anything, she'd just send Rider along to molest babysit him.

So HF might actually let him live just a bit longer if only thanks to Rider's presence.

Reminder: Fate/Stay Night is not a slice of life story, as the majority of Hollow Ataraxia's downpoints would have you believe. Adult Shirou is going to do things, no matter if it means his mortality is on the line. He's not chained as some househusband—his life stays dynamic right up to its abrupt end.

That would imply Shinji bores some hatred toward Zouken, but that's not the case. Instead, all the malicious intent he holds is for Sakura, who was specifically brought into his family because he himself is a magical dead-end and it was Zouken's intent for Shinji to help further the bloodline through Sakura. He wouldn't kill the old man for shits & giggles.

He was executed soon after accomplishing the feat he made the contract for. He never made it to see 30.

It's supposed to be, yes. Last Episode is actually far, far less about Shirou (whose character arc was complete in four different ways), and more about Saber, whose "good" ending until that point was bittersweet at best (Fate True End).

So basically nothing this Emiya guy does matters because he'll always die young right? Well that saves me a lot of time. There's too much Fate shit for me to want to get into it anyway.

You don't seem to understand Shirou very much.

The person called Emiya Shirou used to be a normal boy - or as normal as any ginger Jap could be - with a normal family destined to live a normal life. The fire that burned down his home should have by all means marked the end of that life. He became a blank slate of a person. Except when Kiritsugu found him in the fire, and implanted Avalon with its last fraction of magical energy from Saber into him, that added something a bit different - the aspect of itself. In that moment he ceased being a person and became a weapon, with the alignment and origin of sword.

Because of the influence of Kiritsugu, Shirou decided he would become a hero of justice. He devoted all of himself and his entire life to that ideal, because of how beautiful it seemed. Because the look he saw in the eyes of Kiritsugu when he was rescued from the fire, was the same feeling that he wanted to feel himself.

Just like Kirei, Shirou is a broken person. He is a faker - nothing about him is real. Not his ideal, not his will to live, not the power that he possesses inside of him. In the Fate route he never acknowledges this. He manages to "save" Saber, but he can never save himself. All he can do is continue on his path until the day that he dies at a premature age. The UBW route differs in that Archer forces him to acknowledge this. But in the end, he still persists on his path. Rin intends to do what she can to help him avoid this, of course, but there's only so much she can do.

But Heaven's Feel is different. The Shirou of Heaven's Feel isn't the one who persists on becoming a hero of justice - that decision is the Mind of Steel bad end. By deciding that he is going to save Sakura, Shirou violates his ideal. That's the reason why he's incompatible with Archer's arm - his inner world, Unlimited Blade Works, is incompatible with the one that Archer possesses, and incompatible with the ones he uses in other routes. The person [Emiya Shirou] in HF is a different person - one who has decided to give up on being a hero of justice.

You're correct that if Shirou were to say "let's save people from avalanches" that Sakura wouldn't stop him. But that's not what the Shirou of HF would say. The Shirou of HF would look at the TV report of "people getting fucked by avalanches" and feel bad, but he wouldn't make that his problem. If something were happening in Fuyuki, or to the people he cared about, he would act. But the rest of the world isn't his problem anymore.

The shame is that we never get to see HF Shirou use his Reality Marble, though Rin hints that he could learn how to in the ending. But given how the other variants have looked like, it's probably blue skies and sakura petals.

Stop being a faggot and read the VN.

Test it.

And then he was dead of traumatic magic fire. Though you're actually wrong here—it's a staple that no one person with Magice or psychic potential lives a normal life. Nasu repeatedly intones this as a foundation of his world and his stories—peculiar or otherworldly talented people will always have abnormal existences because they see/perceive things that normal people cannot, and often have zero coping mechanisms for that unless they're in a family of similar otherworldly people. Shirou was destined to be abnormal, tragedy of the 4th war or not.

I see what you're doing here and it's bad interpretation. That interview you're alluding to (Q: Why does Avalon not work anymore? A: blah blah grail particulars blah blah Avalon blah special circumstance) didn't imply Shirou was shaped by Avalon. The "door" to the newly-empty room didn't shape Shirou, the "person" that opened the door (Kiritsugu) did.

Entirely true.

Entirely false. PLENTY about Shirou is 100% real. It's just that his trauma runs deep, and can and has resulted in behavioral ticks as well as off-the-wall rationale and actions. This is why he spent a lot of his childhood Rider Kicking kids who didn't line up with his idea of "justice" (and yes, he did run about the neighborhood beating up misbehaving brats and helping old ladies and Taiga's yakuza granddad). Shirou likes to cook and has a twisted but very genuine sense of pride about it. Shirou likes archery for more than a few reasons, among which is the sense of zen/calming/Breathing (the last part being and actual combat staple see also Saber & Kuzuki). Shirou took up magic and kendo because he thought that was a way to become a hero and a magic user that could help others. Shirou genuinely likes other people and even girls. He gets hurt, he falls in love, he acts in pride/shame/embarrassment/etc. None of that is fake. You're focusing hard on the aspects of his robotic-like obsession with justice and less on what actually makes him very human. He's only openly peculiar to a handful of people, after all. Take away the various magic incidents that pop up around him and you wouldn't know Shirou was too hard of a weirdo unless you purposefully stuck around him.

Most of the major incidents that define his turblent life happen directly because people DO notice Shirou's peculiar nature, and seek to exploit it to some level of gain (Shinji, Rin, Taiga, Sakura, etc).

And of course Shirou wants to live. He says this himself and admits openly to the hypocrisy behind it when Toshaka corners him about it. He values his life quite dearly. But he instinctively (or in some cases stubbornly) throws that value away because he values others FAR MORE than himself. Such that it's barely a questionable state of being.

That's his mentality.

And his ideal is real. It's just a hypocrisy at its foundation that he willfully ignores at great cost in each instance. This in a sense is what makes Heaven's Feel so volatile and powerful, because he consciously goes against his own ideal for the sake of love. Instead of saving the people in the town, he opts to safeguard and protect the one person he knows is responsible for the killing. And he loses a fuckton of shit in the exchange. Does this mean he permanently changed and will no longer persist in being an ally of justice? No. The intention there was saving Sakura. Mission accomplished. Have a relationship, and proceed to the next mission when it happens. What is DOES mean is there's an open possibility that he'll make a similar decision into his future if presented. But he won't quit being an ally of justice.

Holy cow that's a lot of misinterpretation. This comment's running long, too.

more like a endless vapid meat moist cave full of worms

No thanks. There's way too much of it.


No, that's not the reason. Not even the sole reason.

Servant & Human. Core reason right there. He actively grafted magic poison to substitute for an arm—a similar fate awaited him should he have found a way to graph a unicorn's leg on his body, or a dragon's tail, or any other phantasmal beast, spirit, or elemental. The trick here is the miracle of being the same person was the only reason Shirou didn't die instantly.

Incompatability of Worlds. This had nothing to do with Heaven's Feel. It was displayed in UBW route that Shirou & Archer's personal worlds are violently different from one another. Top that with Shirou only just barely understanding his "world" and the dissonance becomes clear.

Unrealized potential - Just as an aside, HF Shirou was as capable of "realizing" his own world as the Shirou of the previous two routes. The Artificial Phantasm never gave him the chance, instead overriding what he was learning of himself to give him what "Archer" already knew. The experience became incompatable, so every single tracing cast from there became a threat of that knowledge (Soul/Mind/Body) overriding Shirou (Soul/Mind/Body). This was the real reason he was losing his memory. His mind couldn't take or withstand the shock of the invasion. He was either going to blank out (HF True End), burn out from prana/ether issues (Sparks Liner High), or outright skewer himself thanks to the sheer difference of scale (death by internal stabbings). And even with all that, his body was set to die regardless because the Spirit's prana was BOUND to eventually kill him, either 10 years from then (Kirei's guess) or within the week (Shirou's actions).

He'd say that, always, if he thought it was something he could genuinely do something about. Because that's Shirou's character, even with what he goes through in HF. Again, only the possibility that he might get into a situation that is, again, under his power to affect and opt NOT to do something (under duress circumstances, such as acting being a detriment to Sakura) is introduced. Nothing else changes about him.

He can't use it. He told you this in Nine Bullet Revolver. That was Archer's power he was borrowing. He hadn't even begun realizing his own Reality Marble at that point. He only ever realizes it in UBW route and that was with one hell of a cheat sheet (Archer). Fun point of note: Unlimited Blade Works is alluded in the Materials to be a posthumous discovery. As in the actual aria and casting wasn't learned until Emiya was already a Counterguardian. While he trained diligently in life, nothing pointed to him obtaining that level of power until his contract and death (the casting taking up a sizeable chunk of prana). This is, in essence, why UBW's chant sounds like a eulogy. Deliberate on Nasu's part.

You've got a lot of the more prominent basics, but I'll say again you've overlooked Shirou's genuine, human aspects. Give the VN a reread and see if you can pick them up.

Seriously, there's way too damn much of it. Not just that, but a lot of it will likely never be available in English. You'll always be missing out on something.

and of course a lot of the technicals were likely later thrown out the goddamned window because lolol phonegame retcons. Fucking Nasu.

Both Fate/stay night and Hollow Ataraxia have translations available and those are the only 2 mainline VNs, the rest are spin offs and most are translated anyway.
You are just a lazy nigra.

Oh and what about the little sidestories, Grand Order, and I'm sure there's a lot more. Reading is easy ass shit, I could speed reed the damned thing. I just don't want to get into something knowing that there will be parts I'll never understand solely because only the Japanese get them.

Novels in english. Manga in english. Movies subtitled and also dubbed iirc.

Game in english. Manga in english. Anime doesn't exist subbed/english. Kagetsu Tohya (fandisc sequel) translated. Melty Blood all translated, manga as well.

Game in English. Manga in english. Heaven's Feel manga currently being translated. UBW movie in english/dubbed. Both TV series subbed/dubbed. HF movies are a given when the arrive. Unlimited Codes (fighting game) in english. Hollow Ataraxia translated.

English. CCC is not translated (yet). Extella just released (lol thread). Anime is a given when it premieres.

Novels translated. Manga translated. Anime subbed/dubbed.

Not in english but the OVA was translated.

Novels translated. Anime is a given when it premieres.

April Fools gag turned real novel. Translated already.

OVA translated, Materials mostly translated, novels I believe also translated.

So it's just too big for you, then. That's actually fine.

What about that gag with Saber in the hat?

Let's not jump to conclusions here. Nobody knows her true identity.

But you get the idea right? Grand Order is shitting out new fate characters left and right. How the fuck are we supposed to know who they are?

Her identity is a cumdump that knows how to please men.

And yeah, most of the gag material around that was translated last I recall. Likewise, Takemoon, which is the manga form of Carnival Phantasm.

What are you talking about? It's a game and last I checked said game was never translated.

Shit that's translated:
Fate/Stay Night
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
Fate/Zero (LN)
Fate/Unlimited Codes
Shit that's not translated
Fate/Grand Order (in progress)
Fate/Extra CCC (in progress)
Fate/Apocrypha (in progress)

All GO does is retcon shit, it doesn't matter all that much.

I guess I'll give Fate/Stay Night a shot then. I don't really know what it is I'm worried about.

At the very least you'll be able to tell wether Fate is actually for you.

Well I do know that girls like Saber get my rocks off, but beyond that I don't know much. Guess we'll see.

Rin is better

Rin's body type doesn't seem as good to me.

It is. Slim and fuckable, the type that can barely take a dick at full power (hence that jackhammer scene. Nasu's cooky but he knew what he was doing with that scene full-stop and I salute him for it). Personality's mostly fun.

Prefer a Sakura. Saber not bad, either. All three are gems, really.

Isn't Saber even more slim? Sakura just seems plain and boring.

Saber is athletic.

Sakura is just fat.

Prisma Illya heavily implies otherwise. The most he could possibly have is a slight degree of autism.

Avalon did alter Shirou. It was what caused his Origin and Alignment to be fucked into "Sword". It's similar to how Sakura was fucked with by Makiri magic, except taken to a much more extreme level.

Origin does a lot to a person. Having the origin of [Emptiness] should have seen Shiki Ryougi never born, had it not been awakened; when it was, it led to her having the yin-yang personality split the Ryougi family wanted. Having the origin of [Consumption] is what fucked with Lio and gave him the ability to eat a man without having it awakened. Kiritsugu may have given Shirou a direction, but he was a weapon from the moment of the fire.

Everything you're describing is stuff that developed over time. It's been stated before that a major part of Shirou recovering as a person was from the influence of Sakura - and notice that those areas that he enjoys like archer and cooking are the ones he shared with her.

Hence the importance of his relationship with her in Heaven's Feel. When you put Shirou with Saber, of course he's going to stay true to his ideals and follow a doomed path. But him staying with Sakura and dropping his ideals? That's the sort of scenario that lets him stop living the life of a fake hero, and living the life of an actual person.

I never said that Shirou from the other routes didn't have a different internal world. In fact, all of the variants of him do - UBW Shirou, Miyuverse Shirou, Fate Shirou (judging by Last Episode), and EMIYA all have different internal worlds that were shaped by who they were.

You're principally focusing on things I didn't say rather than did say. Yes, the arm would kill him regardless. Yes, only Archer would have worked. But if you read this internal thoughts (I want to say from the Berserker fight in the forest with Nine Lives Blade Works?) the story itself acknowledges that the main issue with him using UBW is that it isn't his internal world. It's the internal world of Archer, and it's killing him ever time he uses it.

You caught it yourself:
Shirou fucking off and dying in an avalanche would be a bad thing for Sakura.

Reread the fight with Kirei. The only thing that matters to Shirou, the one thing that lets him keep going on, is that he made a promise to see Sakura again. The very last choice before the true ending, when Shirou is about to destroy the Grail, is wonder if there's any other way - and Illya providing it. He's not doing it to save the world, he's doing it so she can be happy.

Shirou at the end of HF is not the same person as Shirou at the end of UBW or Shirou at the end of Fate, and certainly not the same as EMIYA. He's a person on course for a completely different life - one that has been confirmed in outside materials and interviews to ensure that he will never make a pact with the world and die in such a ridiculous manner.

Shirou never used his RM in Fate, so he would never be able to access it. The Shirou in UBW did learn how to use it, and with enough prana, could access it while still alive. The Shirou in HF employs aspects of it, enough so that Rin, in the epilogue, states that she believes he can be trained how to use it over time.

Further, other materials state that Shirou does have the potential to become a specialist magi, and within that field of expertise, be incredibly proficient. Said magic being Gradation Air/Unlimited Blade Works. Hell, even without Rin or anyone providing backup, he's able to use it perfectly in Hollow (complications aside).

Not sure what edgeboner is making you so obsessed with completely rejecting the entire message of the Heaven's Feel route m8.

Wait what? I leave BL for a few months and they finished? Link?

user that's really old news.

Apparently BL was doing literally fucking nothing for years until a seigi no mikata came around and released his own machine translated 100% patch which forced BL to finish their own before everyone downloaded the bad one.

They're currently working on a voice patch.

As expected of a well-educated prostitute.

Not official, m8. Parody series that got a thumbs up approval but is largely still parody and not directly tied to canon.

Origin =!= affinity. Sakura's affinities were added to (Makiri affinity of "water" to her "imaginary numbers"). Shirou's "origin" was wiped entirely by the fire and "sword" was placed within by Avalon. The drive to heroism STILL came from Kiritsugu, however.

Origins can blueprint some actions and perhaps ultimate fate choice. Shirou's original was wiped clean & replaced. Now, I can follow your own logic to its conclusion and that conclusion would be "he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword."

Reminder that Sakura had a year and a half tops with Shirou. He socialized more with Shinji until high school when Sakura was sent to spy on the Emiya household. Shirou was still a functional person long before then. The thing she helped him with was recovery after Kiritsugu's death.

He also enjoys tinkering and electronics, a byproduct of practicing magic and seeking to make himself useful to others. His life existed before the fatal pole jump, user.

You're entire point was proving I knew all of jack about Emiya Shirou. You then shaped your argument by and large around his technical abilities and the cliff's notes of the heavy morals learned from UBW route with pepperings from Heaven's Feel without actually delving into his personality. You claimed every aspect of him was fake when the Visual Novel decidedly proves in every instance that is 'not the case. Every reply has been geared to correct your own exposition and then present what you failed to mention—enough of a stance to prove I'm not merely running from the skimming of a wiki article.

I went over this in a three-point detail. I'll go even further to state Kirei directly alludes to this after operating on Shirou using the dying Archer's arm. The reader understands from that instant that Shirou's mortality is now severely limited and death is the foregone conclusion. The "how" of Shirou's demise isn't expressed until he toys with the Shroud of St. Martin binding the arm, days prior to Nine Bullet Revolver. It's a potent scene because it's the first time in the VN Shirou expresses genuine, paralyzing fear that he can't instantly overcome (real fear, not fake).

He promised actually to destroy the binds that held her down, actually. That was the whole reason for the turning point of (quite frankly) the most awesome fucking scene in the entire VN (Which is actually saying a lot). And I quote from the MM translation:

Kirei in that moment was the mortal threat to Shirou, but not his ultimate goal. The whole reason for the fight was likewise: Shirou was Kirei's mortal threat, but not his ultimate goal. Pro-choice versus Pro-life.

And all of that doesn't absolve the fact that circumstances still have to prove AS dire to Shirou/Sakura in order for HF!Shirou to make any similar cutting moral choices. An avalanche threat isn't going to cut it, per say. Thinking Nasu-wise, the threat would be more Sakura receiving a Sealing Designation and the Clocktower wanting to cash in on it. In which case Shirou would act as an enforcer to assure Sakura's existence outside of a petridish.

Notice how immediately personal that gets—it's not some generic danger such as Man vs Nature. It's Man vs Man. That makes all the difference in the world, speaking literature-wise. I don't see a HF!Shirou hesitating to help others in the conflict that is former. But the conflict that is later, I can certainly imagine him having to make similar difficult choices as he did in HF, this time risking people around him including Rin and even Taiga.

Can't use what he didn't properly understand. And, again, UBW route he was provided with a cheat sheet (Archer) and then "literally" had the understanding to the aria beaten into him during the initial exchange with Gilgamesh. As you said yourself, given time we can be lead to accept that Shirou will come up with UBW allowed time to understand and study his own nature.

As for Gradation Air, it's paltry. The VN expresses this, the initial Materials nails it home. Shirou's description as a "specialist" is not in a positive manner in the slightest. He's classified as a "Magic User", not even a magus. A magus would have the capacity to learn and adapt to other various schools while reinforcing their own line. Shirou can't operate magecraft outside of his own RM byproducts (which are Gradation Air: variant "Tracing", and Reinforcement). Archer himself knows some orthodox basics but it's never noted to what extent. Shirou at best is a combat specialist, therefore a supreme weirdo in any facet of Magus society (Sea of Astray, Clocktower, or Atlas). Once he actually understands the basics, Tracing becomes a simple matter for him, yes. Reinforcement is the more complicated of his skills (though it's still paltry by magi standards). He's broken in all the odd ways that makes for an excellent action protagonist in the Nasuverse and an excellent outcast of society in the Nasuverse.

installer is still being worked on I don't reject it. I simply see and side with what Nasu more often execute in his various works. The man is no Urobutcher, but he doesn't excel in the standard fair happy ending. This in a sense is what makes HF Normal End so much more potent than the quizzically upbeat True End. There is more finesse and flow, to me. While I don't contest the ending actions of True End and in fact don't even hate it (it's a hammy, but neat little bow to wrap up the story of FSN), it still rings as just a bit overly optimistic considering Heaven's Feel on the whole was Nasu's attempt to depict its hero and heroine as having "realistic" conflicts. Shirou not only struggles with himself, but with serious concepts of love—instead of being handed a fleeting but passionate fantasy (Saber), or indulging in a hot and cold comic book romance (Rin), Shirou has to work pretty damned hard to discover, find, keep, and protect his bonds with Sakura. And even when he "wins", in either case neither he nor Sakura is promised a happy ending. The best you're left with is a moment of calm where they're both allowed to start building free of some past severe baggage. More remains, but they're both confident they can work through it. I don't hate that at all.

… But I won't deny I far prefer Normal End.

good fucking times. Those elitist faggots are the exact reason if I ever get to translating, I'll just unleash the script to the wild and go about my business. Fuck epeen bullshit.

u wot m8

Nasu: We've already spent all of our Extella profits on cocaine and sports cars. What we need is another cash cow or else I'll be forced to work on Tsukihime. Any ideas?

Takeuchi: What if Saber was a Sith Lord?

I re-watched the scene; Shinji is surprised that Gil is in the basement actually. But given Gil, it's still entirely possible.
Q: Around what age did Archer (Emiya Shirou) form a contract with the World as a Guardian?
A: From his late twenties to early thirties.
So if he's in his early thirties, then he must have seen his 30th birthday.

That's interesting and fits with the whole "he arrived at this place after his whole life" theme. Funny thing is, that Fate Shirou got just enough of a push to reach it on his own, it seems. Nasu said in some Q&A that Shirou needs about another 10 years to get basics down and another 10 to be able to use UBW.

No fire, no Avalon, no real warping has occurred. At most he's got 27 sleeping circuits, but that's fuck all in terms of mystical mojo since he's a first gen. What you get without the fire is a "Shirou" that is so shallow and boring that even an avowed Emiyafag like me finds himself disgusted.
Fuck Prisma's regular Shirou.

Mostly Taiga, actually. Sakura is too shy to really draw out Shirou, but Fuji-nee is so crazy that Shirou automatically goes from automaton-training-to-become-hero to internal snarking and exasperation whenever she shows up.

The funny thing is, in Fate, if either Shirou or Saber had decided that they wanted to back out, they both would have acceded to the others wishes. They love each other so much they would throw away their ideals, but in practice they just bounce off of each other like resonance and get 120% Ideals instead.

He still gets it, Nasu implies. In about 20 years. Or 12, if his 8 years of practice so far counts into it.

UBWs Answer scene had that, too. The realization of where he was headed, the fact that Archer might be right, that everything he had been doing was fake, was paralyzing him with fear. Of course, as you say, Shirou just goes deeper into IMMA BE A HERO FUCK YOU instead of worrying about himself.

HF Normal end is better, I think. I was happy and iirc even cried when I saw Shirou in True, but the Shirou's death was so powerful in the Normal that I can't help but love it. The whole "even a machine" line gave me chills.

…I fucking hate FGO with a fucking passion.

You're not the only one. A lot of what made Shirou's connection to the other girls (and other people) work is tossed out the window. And I'm not saying he needs that tragedy. But what IS needed is that strong, unbreakable character the tragedy helped him to develop. Prisma's original Shirou (Illya's brother) is incredibly out of place.

This is what I mean when I say it's a fanwork and not the original. I don't think Nasu would treat a single one of his characters like that unless it was pure joke. People constantly overlook that Nasu didn't originally approve of that book, nor was it any kind of Type-Moon original that was done by internal staff. iirc, it was a contest entry winner and got TM approval to run, and became a sensation because the book's 80% loli hijinks.

And because that writer couldn't DO anything with that Shirou who's little more than a harem object, he had to go and devise a badass variant from an alter timeline to balance his story. And honestly, that's why I don't regard Prisma Illya highly. It started with a goofy but fun idea, then tried to take it as serious as possible the instant "Nasu-senpai" noticed, and lost itself in the process. Illya's magic girl adventures were fine. Throwing Gil, evil priests, the Clocktower in serious capacity, alter badass Shirou, and all the rest of that tripe in just ruined a fun story.

Neither Shirou in that story is honestly good. The first is flat and nothing more than an object, and the second is there to offset any misgivings you feel about Miyu without allowing you to experience any sense of progression or growth with either Miyu or her brother.

I kind of enjoyed the flashback part, but it's pretty superficial, too. Aside from the somewhat cool fights and the "oh hey, proper Shirou-length internal monologues in the middle of high-speed battles, how I've missed you" factor when he shows up, he's pretty flat as well.

Without the build up of something like Fate and UBW were for HF, the whole "choose Miyu" option doesn't have nearly as much impact.

I'm out.
fug dis.

The people who hate this are the same people who hate Tiger Dojos in F/SN.

It's answered in Extra CCC, Nameless is basically a Shirou that is contracted to the moon instead of Alaya and the moon cell uses Counter Gaurdian EMIYA as the template when making him into a servent that embodies nameless heroes instead of justice. That's why Nameless likes and collects guns.

He also saved a boatload of people from a nuclear reactor meltdown on his own power, and he was scouted by the moon as a result.

I like Tiger Dojo, so you're wrong. It's literally a Saberclone cashing in on the star wars hype.

Nameless had a gun in his flashback and his outfits are shared by flashback-Archer in UBW. I think it's safe to assume he got that habit of using guns from his life.


What's the backstory on this one?

does nasu not like happy endings? is this why nasu and gen the butcher are such good friends? he likes demon souls which also is a bleak not too positive game

Probably not no

This needed a better postgame.

It was way too easy for me to faceroll with Jeanne by doing a defense 4-link.

Jeanne best girl by the way