Fire Emblem Heroes

You got that waifu drop yet user?

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You can play the game with the nip voices as long you know japanese, just go and change the language of the game.

Moving to the questions

Remember you can pet your waifu/husbando in this game.

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You actually play this mobage?

Some people play Fate/GO and Granblue, what's the issue user?

mobage trash and its players should always be mocked

Well that gave me a laugh
TittyTiki for me is level 23 and only once got more than 1 stat up when levelling

Granblue gets by on the porn.
This is just reprehensibly pathetic.

it'll come to you motherfucker

One day I'll get Lyn. One day. Also if you want some pretty good phone wallpaper of the FE girls attacking like Lyn there, you can find more here:

Wanna say Lyn but my 5 star Kagero has been carrying me for awhile. Can slay mages and foot infantry with ease, good against archers and other assassins. Decent against flyers. Can even help against knights by lowering their defence if she can get a hit.

To be honest, haven't been using the guys alot. My team's pure girls. Laslow has been pretty good though.

Kagero, Selena, Clarine and Sharena

Lyn. Or Florina. Got an axe/sword/spear flyer team as a substitute that I'm wanting to test sometime.
Some people have had pretty bad luck rolling.

Kinda. Still want Lyn.

It makes perfect sense.

I bet your fun at parties, if you ever go to any.

Incidental the app has brought Nintendo almost $3 million in the first day. Also around 4 million downloads on the first day as well.

You will reach a point where the game is unplayable anymore unless you roll 5 stars.
Now I can't pass any Lunatic stage for more orbs and just have to wait for giveaways.
Pretty bad eventually.
It gave me a reason to play some older FEs I haven't played, I am playing Binding blade now.

Luckily haven't reached that point yet but I suspect I'll be there soon. There have been people who've spent hundreds of dollars on this the first day it came out just to get LV 5s.

Who do you think posts on the Granblue general?


*you are. One day I'll learn to check.


Hah, that's pretty much the intro song. Had that playing for awhile while trying to install the app, it gets on your nerves after the second verse.

>>>/trash/ tbh

It's late, what can I say.

Also hate Lance Knights. I've lost twice to just one rampaging and slaying a blocker unit.

Even by modern Fire Emblem standards, this is just fucking trash.

How are they anons?

Where the fuck do you think we are?

shit, play a real Fire Emblem game like Genealogy of the Holy War.

Here's your (you) as well as a reminder that sage is not a downvote, reddit.

Haven't personally tested many mages. But dragons I really don't like. Female Corin is a blue breath dragon, meaning she's effective against swords. Can pretty much clear the way for other units as well.
Tiki's pretty good, Robin's a blue mage as well, making him good against swords. Both good units if used effectively.

Please go back to fucking cuckchan, only cuckchanners do that shit.


This game is a piece of trash and you should be ashamed of yourself for liking and playing it.
Seriously, if want to play FE, play the goddamn FE games, not this boring shit Gasha-Mobage-Cashcow.
You're one of the reasons games have become so utterly bad: You consume them

They're the shittiest of games as well, but one get by due to Saber and the other because of the pretty Artwork.
Both of which you can have by just visiting their Wikis and downloading the image files.
Seriously, people who play those games should just drop dead, they're human waste and don't realize how they're contributing to the demise of the industry.

You really will play any godawful shit as long as it has her in it won't you? If you actually cared about her then you would be pissed that they put her in such a terrible money sucking casual game but you just use her as an excuse to circle jerk with a identity in a weekly thread instead. Kill yourself faggot.

Oh boy. You really want to make this a sticking point, don't you? And you care so much about it that you're willing to insult people on an imageboard about it. I'll lay this out in the biggest possible terms so it can get through that think skull of yours.


If you're determined to be an ass and stay in the thread, you're just proving to me how much this gets under your skin. And I find that extremely hilarious.

God hates us all.
I guess it still hates Fire Emblem fans too.

I'm just going to guess that post hit a giant bullseye on you tbh.

What else can you expect? Not like he can actually defend this horrible game, so he just has to resort to smug posting.

How about lurking a bit more next time, shill!

God damn why do I keep responding to bait? I really can't help it. You can be snide all you want, still don't change your opinion any.

That's actually a thing? First time I've heard of it.
Those are good dubs though.

Anyone know what the rankings mean? I'm tier 2 apparently.

Reminder that this game randomizes stats on pull so the 5* you pulled might be worse than the same 5* someone else pulled and there's fuck all you can do about it.

If you need to play mobile games, don't support bullshit like this.

Is this about the Nintendo mobile game?
If so I heard its a cash grab from a retard, no better way to confirm that

Are you a retard user? The game gives you a lot of orbs to roll for free. Only a faggot would give money to nintendo.

Anyway here's my main team so far.

And did you hear, user? It's a shit "game".

Careful with that edge there.

Is this what it feels like to be a Metroid fan?


And every game is a shit game according to Holla Forums's standards so I don't see the problem.

Way to out yourself, reddit


Even awakening was more fun than this. At least that didn't have 3 minutes of dialogue for 2 minutes of battle then 2 minutes of dialogue again. This thread shouldn't be made, at least granblue has tiddy monsters. This has nothing.

Prove me wrong user :^)

Piss off and fucking die, faggot. I hope your balls get cancer and you can't cum to your waifu anymore. You ruined one of my favorite series.

That's not how you try to prove me wrong but whatever.

Btw I don't really have a waifu in this game

if you want to discuss this "game" this is where you go. 250+ replies and nearly top of the catalog. have fun. don't come back

You're on Holla Forums and you have a different opinion than me.

Do you not know how to read IDs?

But this is the fun Holla Forums where people get mad over anything :^(

My bad didn't notice.

He's some mouthbreathing bottomfeeder waifufag, it's a wonder that he manages to wipe his own ass.


Anything includes bad games, like this one. Face it, it's a Fire Emblem-lite for secondaries who only got into the franchise because of Awakening and Fates, and who only know about Marth, Ike, and Roy from Smash. I guarantee you that a majority of FE Heroes players have even played the GBA games. There is no weapon selection, so the weapon triangle is defined only by the characters. The maps are small and objectives are boring. The animations and graphics are the worst in the series, somehow worse than the DS games' pre-rendered 3D. Is there even any permadeath? Furthermore the entire idea is a rip-off of Kamen Rider Decade.


It's ok, it needs dual audio and before battle placement though.


Something that only exists in Awakening and Fates, the worst games of the franchise.

This is leading the franchise to become a fucking waifu simulator, and the player is focusing more and more on himself, and not on the romance of the other characters. Literally disgusting.



Voice Acting per se is the cringiest thing ever. It should be banned from gaming. Just by listening those "songs" in the recent FEs made me want to turn off the volume immediately.

Did you finish reading the damn post

This game is better than awakening

I barely know anything besides kana and I can play in moonrunes just fine.

Pic related is my team. Triple Hero weapons are pretty strong.
I want Florina and Adult Tiki.
At least Clarine is pretty good.

This thread is most likely overrun b angry anons but I came so say Commander Anna a cute

New mystery says high.
The irony of this statement is palpable.

Honestly got surprised by her appearance, especially as a heavy mounted unit instead of a thief or a merchant. Now you can have a decent troop of Annas.

That being said, the game has several problems IMO.
Outside of this, it's standard mobage, although more generous with the paying currency.

Cordelia's pretty good. Brave lance with Astra means swords better watch out. Haven't got Tharja but I've heard she's not bad. That Lilina is 4 stars I think? She's a bit fragile but she's good as well.

Seen a few Camilia's around as well. Earned her first on one of my rolls then just stopped. She's a pretty good unit if you can initiate an attack with her.

Nice. The teams I've seen usually have Clarine as a healer simply because she's mounted. Can't say they're wrong in that regard.

Isn't that cute.

This is more fun than granblue but I can't play it at all. 803-3001

Just keep trying. Servers were overloaded the first day I tried it as well.

Clear the app data or delete deviceaccount.xml in /data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/shared_prefs.

What if you just crash every time the first batch of downloaded data is grabbed ?

You get that error a lot if you have your cellphone rooted, deleting your rooted app or this might solve your issue.

How do you people like this shit?

Why do they try to pretend that Tellius never happened so hard?

No Sacred Stones characters? Heh, Cipher, their card game doesn't have them either. Hell, the spin-off manga got cards before SS did.

Pretty sure they will release them in a month or two. With a mobile game you got to release new content at a steady pace to keep long term interest so they probably held them back to release them down the line. Plus Ike and Eirika are in the promo art so there defiantly coming. Honestly it's the FE 4/5 characters I am worried about not showing up.

Don't forget that the character art varies between decent and awful


Awful art is pic related, I assume?

That was exactly my point, hence ">>" instead of ">."

Meant to reference

It's one of the better ones, honestly. I mean, at least she's cute. Really, the different artists in this game just clash with each other too much for this game to be pleasing to the eye.

Yeah even though some of art is actually really nice they really don't mesh well at all with each other.


Jagen has some great art

I think im gunna start saving orbs till sacred stones characters are in the game. Or ike, or if hector becomes a focus character

Did they get the Shadow Dragon artist back for this shit? Jesus christ.

Are you serious? Those facial proportions alone are horrendous.



Youre not a real fan unless you can name all the regions

This game isn't KR Decade, it's a KR Taisen movie.

In the same boat here. Already got the single most broken cunt in the game,a good magic user and Lyn this morning. Should be able to beat the current content just fine with what I got.

Nice, so far ive hit a wall at lunatic 8-5, but with some better planning it should be possible

Takumi breaks the game. When you get the skill to counter at any point it becomes such a cake walk.


Hopefully most people, who would ever want a game to be bad

You can play the game now with a patch, user. Treehouse couldn't possibly fuck up the localization of a remake that they have full reign of fucking up, right?

Did you not actually look at her? Jesus Christ it's like the "better" side of deviantart tier where they try their damndest to copy an anime artstyle but fuck it up royally.

I mean, at least we only get a corpse rape every few years sometimes longer. Y'all niggas get that shit on the yearly now. Have fun.

Arthur's artwork is ironically the best artwork in the game solely because it does actually standout and isn't some generic animu style. Plus the western comic book look suits his character archetype and motif.

These two are great too. Who drew these?

Censorship was the least of Fates's problems.

How broken is Takumi?

I thought Lilina was broken with her skills.

Any good mods/hacks out for this pay2win stuff yet?

No way am I giving away my jew gold

Sure did, too bad she's not that great on her own. I spent a few hours running a reroll macro and finally got loli Tiki. Would have preferred 5* Nowi or even settled for Hector, but I just wanted to start playing. The game is stupidly shallow coming from Granblue, but I'm entertained for now. Probably going to drop it after I run out of f2p orbs unless I start rolling some good shit before then. So far the only other 5* I've got is Lyn and I really didn't want another red.

If they exist they'd get you banned in an instant anyway. That's the whole reason the kikes came up with this always online format, so they can constantly scan for cheating because they know how easy it is to crack their shitty mobile games wide open.

Only worthwhile pull i got was lucina. Been thinking about rerolling again but i'm not sure.

There's a way to reset at the start to make sure you get 2 - 3 5 stars but that's about it.

If you haven't finished the campaign yet it might be worth it. 4 stars are pretty good in their own right as well.

Dude hits like a truck and since he gets a skill that lets him counter at close range the only way to deal with him is to kill him in a single hit.

Guy was basically soloing the game for me for awhile.

Both were done by Yamada Akihiro.

This game is bad and you should feel bad for embracing it.
There's no reason to play this when you could be playing one of the old fire emblem games.
Oh wait, yes there is a reason. If you have a gambling addiction, like I do, then you can endure the shit gameplay to farm the free orbs and play the waifuroulette. But now I'm out of free orbs so there's no point in playing this anymore.

Get this shit out of here, the continued rape of the fire emblem series is making me feel depressed

Looks like his gamble didn't pay off. But yeah, it does get depressing after awhile.

Encountered a 5 star Linde once. Wouldn't think much of it except she had 37 god damn attack at level 25. Kagero once again saved my ass.

That explains it. Too bad they had to waste his fucking talents on a mobile game.

No one said anything about Fates. We were talking about echoes. If you read my post youd know that.

Fate/GO has a story you know.

Stopped playing this after day 2. The slow acquisition of orbs gives me cancer and the 4v4 1min long missions gets old & repetitive fast. I might give it another try when Ike gets inevitably added.

eyes seem low

It will be a return to form, right? There won't be self inserts and waifuism, right?

Ahahahahah, do you really believe that?

I had to root my phone after I got the error for the first time, and honestly, it's been happening a lot. Whenever I delete deviceaccount.xml, I have to delete my bookmark if I'm in the middle of even right at the end of a fight.

Are you fucking stupid?

Oh wow my favorite Nintendo TM characters surely make this gacha grindshit p2w piece of puke more interesting

Of course, user! Nintendo isn't interested in money. They are sure to respect the old fans and focus on making the best game they could possibly make. All these mobile games won't have any effect on Nintendo's console or handheld hardware and software.

Olivia. Having an exotic shy dancer who lets my units move twice is such a godsend.
OP is a raging homosexual
Olivia, Azama, Flornia, and Bartre
Literally any 5 star drop. Preferably Camilla "Thundertits" Nohr
Yes. It's a simple time waster for me and a simple strategy game to play inbetween breaks.

Well then, this just happened…

Poll results for anyone interested. Ike will probably be added later and the top two winners are getting costumes.

Also full list of results if you want to find a specific character.

I had my cellphone rooted before installing and always got the error user, after taking out the root I never got the error again.



God damn man, you're borked.

Fucking Ike fangirls, I swear.

This is retarded. As if awakening and fates garbage didn't have enough of an advantage already. Mia would've ended up top 10 had her votes been combined. Fuck this shit.

It was fucking evil, the dragon cunt would pull them backwards just out of my range if I tried to bait them out with Nowi. I'm going to drop the fucking game if I don't get 5* Robin in my last few free rolls because there's just no other way to counter this garbage.

Get a good ninja up. My Kagero comes with a poisoned blade with is effective against infantry, that includes asassins, archers, dragons, myrmidons and spell-casters.
Dragons are kinda bullshit though. Wish I had one.


I'm glad that Hector at least made the 3rd place spot. Hector and Lyn would have made a great combo, though…

Try as you might, you will never fit in.

Like clockwork happens everytime.

Just started this trash and got 5* lucina and camillia , 4* nowi and another 4* dragon rider whore. After playing disidda final fantasy this scummy game is bullshit with it's stamina system. There is no stamina in dissidda but both are boring.

Should I buy her veggies Holla Forums?

You cant yell on the internet, friend

When will they add my boy gheb

Give her your cucumber.

Corrin takes after Camilla.

Nobody cares about your nuFire Emblem blog posting, faggot. Kill yourself but first check em.

And here's the toned down American Camilla.
I believe her JP version mentioned loving the player forever. Which is odd for them to do before the promised "Friendship" events.

Last textbox because it didn't fit.

Jesus Camilla calm your tits.

what a qt




How does my free account look?


Wish I had your luck.

Lyn is and Ogma look great but that speed on that hawkeye is pretty shit. Cain will also be pretty good at murdering Takumis in the arena thanks to his high movement and his brave weapon. Could have pulled a more balanced team but your doing alright user.

I got Lucina as my second drop, friend who got me to play it in the first place might quit because of it.
Other than that, shit game.

Is 4 res normal for Ogma? Every time I see it I can't help but feel I got a lucky min/max build.

Do you get a 5 star unit guaranteed when you summon 5 heroes? Or do the chances go up with each summoning? I've only done 9 summonings and have 2 5 stars. Sakura and Tiki. I need green guys though. Only pulled one green mage out of all the summonings and shes turning out pretty meh.

The percentage value only goes up on the number of initial summons, not the number of heroes summoned. So if you spend 20 orbs and summon 4 different times, the percentage to get a 5 star hero goes up 1%. Likewise if you spend 20 orbs on one summon and get 5 heroes, the percentage only goes up 0.25%

That's why they want you to buy more orbs, so you have more chances of summoning.

Two 5 stars is significantly above average, and I'm pretty sure both of those are meta picks. After not getting a 5 star five times in a row, your chances go up marginally after each successive miss.

0.25% each summons, starting at 3% I think. Nintendo have said that if you go 120 summons without a 5 star hero, you're guaranteed one.

Not until they release Path of Radiance or Sacred Stones. I'm not rolling a gacha full of literally whos from Fates and Awakening.

I've got a really dumb idea revolved around bringing Cecilia to 5 stars for her colorless counter and mounted ranged attack. Are all 5 stars created equally? Probably not, right?

I haven't spent an orb either, but I did waste a bunch of feathers on the main characters and Matthew. I'm waiting for Ike and Ephraim.

Waifu: Lucina/Fae (tied)
Husbando: Takumi
Team: Lucina, Fae, Takumi, Cordelia (all 5*)
Rolling for: Roy (Our boy!)
Enjoying the game: Yes, but still want Roy.

I'm doing the same thing beacuse I want to kill all of the Takumi's running around, but I'm not sure how well it will work. The horse units seem to have a lot of trouble on arena maps because of all of the impassable terrain scattered around.

In a sense they are, its seems like it is more of the abilities that are horribly unbalanced. All of the characters that get "multi range counter" seem to be meta picks. With that said, Hector gets ridiculously high base stats AND the range 2 counter, which is why everyone wants him.

Granted I haven't come across Takumi yet but I'll be ready when that happens.

I refuse to play this after what Fire Emblem became with Fates, in both Japan and the west. It's a shame because I really did enjoy Fire Emblem before now.

I really need to level up my characters or roll for a damn Takumi.

Is Nintendo trying to tell me something here?


Just got 3 star Corrin and 4 star Chorm on my latest rolls. Not gonna get enough orbs for another one before the focuses end in a few days.

Better than getting zero 5 stars

Some of these match ups at higher levels are bullshit man.

Ara achieved.

Now all I need is a Takumi and I'm golden.

I'm hurting for green units. Been using a 3 star Cecilia but she kind of sucks. I need either a Camilla or a Hector. Hector would probably be better as everyone is running Takumi right now.


Here's your (you) yet again, and a reminder that Sage isn't a downvote, Reddit.

Please go back to cuckchan where you belong

We've already done this song and dance, faggot. If you don't like it, you can piss back off to Reddit where you can have all the upvotes your little faggot heart desires.

You have to go back

I downvoted your post.


Stop fucking replying to obvious bait.

I can't help it. I'm bored at work.

Rate my team bee

Like Overwatch?

Solid team but if an Assassin takes out Corrin or Lilina you'd be in trouble.

Garbage, no one can agree on anything because they usually devolve into "I own x character so x is S tier".
I run a team with Camilla and Leo and they are arguably the worst members of my team, in some situations outshone by A and even B tier characters. Both are unbearably squishy and fail to kill anything of a similar level, even if the target is weak against them.
In addition to this Camilla's movement range is pathetic and can easily be chased down by anything.

Whereas on this list he's an S rank, originally people had placed Robin as B rank. Robin is my far the strongest player on my team, with an insane health pool, generous attack and speed alongside the ability to take a beating.
His bonus to colourless and red, in addition to his 2 range attack net him hit exact same tier as Camilla? Fuck no.


No, like Battleborn.

I feel ya. I need to remake my team as well, get in the next generation of units that are level 10 - 15 right now.

If/when I get Nino, I'll level her up to 40.

Too be added soon as well.