4 AM

Losing control?

Do you own any cool video game merch, collectors editions, or rare games?

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goodsmile.info/en/product/5825/Nendoroid Mumei.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/6010/Nendoroid Mega Man X Full Armor.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/6129/Nendoroid MegaMan EXE Super Movable Edition.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/6180/Nendoroid Megumin.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/4530/Nendoroid Solid Snake.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/5229/Nendoroid Venom Snake Sneaking Suit Ver.html



Still playing Yakuza 0, I prefer Kiryu's real estate over Majima's Cabaret Club but it's all good.

I used to do that shit for RPGs I loved, then ME3 happened.

Ritsu, how much of a fucking societal dropout are you that you make the threads precisely at 4AM? Even with a bot, you're still in need of a noose.

Fuck time.

You already asked this, though I do own a copy of Xenoblade for the Wii I picked up for $10


Morning everyone!

Went on a big shopping spree last night using my xmas gift cards. Finally bought that onahole I've been thinking about. Got a couple more k-on figs, 18 in total now! A few gamecube games. Plus some whip its purely for culinary uses.

Ayy yo famalam, what's gucci?
For collectors editions, I have Jojo ASB and SR4, with a steelbook for DMC4 I picked up secondhand for cheap.

How has your day been

I don't use a bot.

Do anything fun today user?

Aren't Steelbooks for PS3/X360 games typically worth little

Hey Phil how has your day been

That's the least of his problems. :^)

Is his biggest Problem the day of the Phil?

I used to have a couple of steelbook games but my ex took em all in the break up. Those things were neat to keep shit in.

What you up to today user?

And yeah I know but its hard to come up with new questions every night after 8 months doing this

My Nendoroid came in. Cleared off a spot on my bookshelf for him, but I'm going to have to move him to dust it. one of his ear things came off when I was trying to switch faceplates so I'll have to glue that back on later. It stays on when the figure's not being moved, at least.
Finished Oracle of Seasons and started Ages. Kind of like it better, so far. Anyway, here's 30 minutes of Nujabes. Been listening to this a lot the past few days. It hits a raw spot for some reason. Especially part 2. I get that pain in my chest, but it doesn't outright drive me to tears. Just kind of hurts. youtube.com/watch?v=wGfguhnvECc
No especially cool merch. Not really into Collector's Editions, but I do own the Fire Emblem Fates triple cart and a few first run editions of 3DS games, with the soundtracks included. I've got a few rare-ish games, like Fire Emblem 9&10, and Skies of Arcadia Legends. I guess "uncommon" is a better word.


slow day


Not too much, Mainly prepping for a 4 week Job trial starting next Wednesday that's a fair bit away

I'm actually not sure to be honest. I think I paid around $20 for that, Dishonored, and that ZoE HD Collection

Fucking wew, I can see why you've converted to the way of 2d. Even for just the aesthetic value, its cool as fuck to have around

This is why I hate nendos and am not buying another.

Which one is ages? The combat or puzzle one?

your slow

got sum metal case das2 when i ordered dat shit from amazon, not rly special tho. n tbh i ain't even rly get into it cuz iz pretty meh fam tbh monica

u mean me2? idk i still played 3 but 2 b wuz definitely a big step down from 1 tbh so seein it comin w/ 3 wasn't too hard fo me monica

ay budy

The puzzle one. I got the Nendo for pretty cheap and I told myself "Just this one" but now I have a bookmarks folder of other ones I want to buy.

I forgot I also have Skyward Sword with the collector's edition CD. Bought it off a woman for $5. Looks like it's barely ever been played.

Hmm whats that? You get a waifu or fig or something?

The chef one right?

Will I be apart of the Day of the Phil

If you spent half your autism on doing something productive with your life, it mihgt not be so shit you have to funpost here all night.



ME2 at least had decent characters. I agree about the gameplay, but for ME3 it's the story AND the gameplay that falls short.

Yeah thats how it starts. Then your desk is covered in them within a few months like mine is.

Nendos are cute and I do like that you can have a bunch of figs in a matching style but man so finicky. What else you looking at getting?

Playing video games is productive!

ayyyyyyyyyyyy what's up faggots

yo monica u beta watch yo self w/ dat word fam trip up say dat shit 2 da wrong mug monica u b cruisin fo sum brusins monica one

true true
rly wut made me luh me1 was dat initial jaunt just in da citadel and da faux open worldness of whippin round in da mako on ey planet fo a lil treasure chest or w/e monica. den w/ 2 u jus play dis lil nipple finder bull shit

quiet down pup

i own that piece of shit genesis boxset r-kive which nobody bought except me and it came with a steam code for the undertale beta

It was super cheap and I wanted to try it. Plus it was secondhand, so it's not like I was paying into Zemimax's pockets

Nah, just saying that after a breakup like that, it's no wonder you seem to be more into 2d than 3d.

2 at least had some redeeming Qualities. Sure they fucked up a lot of things (ammo), but it still had its own merits. 3 on the other hand was mostly irredeemable garbage

Do you get to wear a silly hat?

How long did it take you to complete the album

Fair enough, I'm just shitposting

I don't think so but I think they give me a Jacket


I'm broke so I probably won't be getting any anytime soon, but here are a few I really want.
goodsmile.info/en/product/5825/Nendoroid Mumei.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/6010/Nendoroid Mega Man X Full Armor.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/6129/Nendoroid MegaMan EXE Super Movable Edition.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/6180/Nendoroid Megumin.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/4530/Nendoroid Solid Snake.html
goodsmile.info/en/product/5229/Nendoroid Venom Snake Sneaking Suit Ver.html


Same, my first was ME2, but then I played ME1 and that shit was great.

Not really. Got a few posters and artbooks, but that's about it.
No. Limited first print runs though, sure.
Yes, and a good chunk of them I got for half or less what they average now. I'd post an image of my shelves but it's a bit outdated now.

ye ye n add to all dat da whole oh btw yo choices thru out da past 3 games amount to NUFFFFFFIN

ayoo monnica i jus b tellin u how it b monica dun trip out on me fam im droppin troof bombs up in ch'yea monica

Ha oh. Yeah she messed me up for a long while after but I didn't start dating 2d on purpose or anything. Just happened to fall in love with an animu girl.


Do they have any megaman legends one?

And speaking of EXE I'm playing network transmission right now and just ordered a copy of it last night.

I'm no commie, I'm just against unrestricted capitalism


I bought a huge-ass Ultimate Doom poster a few weeks ago, but when I laid it down on the table to attach the mounting tape I accedintically scraped a bit of the ink off and now I can't enjoy it anymore because of autism. Also it was too heavy to stay on the wall with the mounting tape so I have it rolled up next to my TV.

like 4 hours tbh
the game beta had the entire soundtrack played on a synclavier and a prophet 10, pretty cool tbh

breh iz jus finna let u kno fam jus cuz nigga b out ch'yea wylin monica i ain't want u get up in sum drama n all dat cuz u runnin dat mouf like u ain't pay da water bill or nuffin monica

Whats your favorite ones in the collection?

Do anything fun today user?

Just gotta learn to accept that wabi sabi shit and move on fam

No Legends ones, no. They've got Mega Man, Mega Man (metal blade version), and the two I linked. Would love to get a nice shelf and order a bunch of these.

Yeah that'd be pretty comfy.

And that figures. I've looked into getting some old period legends figures before. Think theres a couple out there.

Thats called talent then.


what else did you get tho besides that and the figs?

no one piece shiz. a nenodroid shanks lyk dat would b sik monica fo'really tho

kid's a natural monica i tried to tell em he dun wanna listen nigga coulda been flyweight champ by now boxin or mma tbh monica

death to all plebs and cucks

I have to learn how to code a socket in python and write working code and a paper in less than a day. Wish me luck.


t-thanks user

Megaman network transmission and the lost kingdom games for gamecube.

And nothing sad about wanting to make wanking feel better.

Haven't read One Piece in a while, but that'd be neat.

I don't really know much about figures. I just know that I suddenly need more. I've opened Pandora's Box.


Spent night reading through yesterday's Salt Bowl thread on Holla Forums since I hadn't gotten around to it last night.
>Something about the uploader's avatar seems familiar to me.
I'm giving some honest thought to the idea some guys on Holla Forums have about "synchronicity" now.

Well, I'm certainly happy to have an actual copy of Tales of Eternia for the PS1. One of the few games I did pay a lot for since I wanted to be able to co-op it with a friend (which was really fun, no regrets) and am a fan of the series anyhow. Funny thing is that as far as complete copies go I still seem to have paid on the low end ($90 being "low"), especially for one in good shape as well, as I've seen it go for up to $120 locally.


wanking is nothing to be proud of ritsu

yo monica allz i'm sayn b dat it b sleazin season so all da nyckas out ch'yea grimy w/ it n will put da jux moves on nigguhz in deez streets lookin lyk sum mark ass tricks so jus check yo self monica cuz i ain't got da time to check u ryt nao aight monica 1

yooooo definitely start readin it again monica shiz is speedin up lyk crazy tbh w/u….if u want 2 dat is dmx aain't da type a nigga to jam sumn down yo throat


Since you can't afford nendos, like I was shilling last night to a couple people, check out banpresto's fig selection. Though they don't have megaman looks like

Oh that reminds me I almost bought this last year at one point. His design always stuck out at me for some reason.

You'll learn the truths of life one day fam


Someone needs to do some photoshops of that "pull the trigger nigger" textbox for those "literally can't even" tier liberals and SJWs. Preferably with either the nervous or blank expression options highlighted.

I posted the thing from eugene

learning them isn't the hard part
its applying them

I just don't have money to spare for entertainment at all, it's not a price issue. I ordered the Nendo months ago.

You didn't get numbers :^)
So what have you been doing

So what is the neat trick

The bar shooting?

I've had a lot of those synchronicity moments lately. Worlds getting kinda fucky. Twisting in on itself.

Really though if you're going to be fapping anyway might as well make it the best fap possible. Unless you are one of those nofap fags.

Ahh yeah I know how that goes. I only ever get to order shit if I get giftcards really.


it's a lewd joke
porn sites have an ad with that line all the time


I would prefer to not fap tbh, but I've got no GF and a powerful libido even though I work
at least the projects are coming along at a decent pace

It was a great night.

Asriel Dreemurr = Isreal Murderer

happy belated tho tbh w/ it mayne

I still fapped even when living with my ex. Was a nice change of pace honestly.

How are you enjoying that white privilege racist?

If you were black you'd have been locked up for 10 years!

I think that's a case where the cops were just happen it was all a minor problem

u lived w/ yo lady monica?

Yeah for like 4 or 5 years or some shit.

Oh, and I'm also pretty damn happy to have the entire main series for Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms in English (have the full Twilight Venom set for the latter as well, as somehow they took the risk of bringing the anime overseas).
I still wager that I saved about $54+ on that set going by local prices.

The odd thing to me, is that looking through that guy's videos, he at least has a few music track uploads from the series his image is from. But, they're all from a solid eight years ago, and NONE from the particular entry the image was from too. Just feels odd. You find a video of a song you like from a completely, not even tangentially related series, and apparently the guy uploading it REALLY likes one of the same games or series you do.

so….u lyk infertile or sumn fam?

the genesis ending has gook and goatnigger both teaming up and removing the jew
its also revealed that the jews caused the war to exterminate the goyim and failed at it because they are dumb kikes

You were married?

You can't own me

I am only (gonna)


I still like that one that implies the viewer is a fucking retard for not being the guy in the advertisement image. Honestly not sure if that one is a legit one or a parody though.

I had that happen once where it was a Ritsu avatar and the vid I was watching was off my buddies waifu.

And that collection is pretty nice. Are you like me and buy doubles of games you really like? And import nip versions of them?

Nah she had an abortion once, posted bout that before

Don't mind me You just said numbers rather than continuing the conversation so I wanted to continue the convo
So how has your day been

Fair enough, though I do actually wonder what the clickbait actually does when you click it now

Years ago, I was going to buy that for about $50, but cancelled last minute I wasn't fully committed to buyfaggotry at the time. Now I never see it anywhere less than $110

Nah dated like 7 years though.

Hows your night been user?

Was hung over as fuck all night last night, barely got any sleep. It sucked ass.

Ended with that shopping spree so that made me feel a little better though.

It's been so long that just the thought of trying to catch up with it again tires me out.

Shiiiiiiiet I hate when that happens. I never preorder figs so I'm always stuck with that kind of crap.

i hate black "people" or niggers as i like to call them

I've got a few LEs, my latest two being the Asian English LE for Gravity Rush 2, and Atelier Shallie+ (I already had Escha and Logy+, thank god. That shit's $175+ now.) I've also got Ni no Kuni DS, while not an LE, is sure to become harder to find as time goes on.

So how is sex actually?


but did you do it?

Don't you get drunk most nights

i feel ya monica dat shit is a beast tbh…iz wut keepin me from readin dat hajime no ippo

ohhhh shit monica i ain't heard o dat

dont know it tbh

ad revenue tracking shit

bags of sand

I've been tempted to buy up rarer DS games and shit cause I figure the price should go up decently in the future. No money though.

Gross and dirty but feels really good so.

Like rabbits.

Naaah only if I have a job, then I'll go full drunkard. I've been drinking once a week lately because I like to really get into good anime while drinking/smoking etc. And I have one I really like right now.

Thanks monica

Yeah no don't be a nigger

They rolled out like they were fucking Transformers. It'd have been awesome if it weren't so intimidating.

The early Undertale threads were comfy

I don't know of anyone living with their lady who doesn't fap, honestly. I was married for a while and I was still beating off pretty regularly because I've got this little fucking voice in my head that's constantly screaming "BREED! FUCK HER! KNOCK HER UP! GODDAMMIT BREED WITH HER YOU IDIOT, BREED WITH HER!" and at least jerking off shuts it up for a few hours. Gotta make sure the lower head knows the upper one's in charge.

The last I remember reading about it was, fuck, I think when they were fighting Crocodile? I was reading in a monthly magazine and I think they skipped a bunch of chapters in there somewhere.

How do you afford to get drunk even once a week

that's american cops for ya

good on ya

Thanks, but that's just images I took for those individual series. Done pretty well overall as far as vidya pickups if you ask me, though given much of what I play is older, I at least have the benefit of hearing what people thought of them years back when they were new, rather than buying shit blind, or worse, being the guinea pig for new releases that are more often mediocre/bad than actually good.
No, I usually don't buy duplicates or JP versions (provided the game is already in English) and if I somehow wind up with a duplicate, I tend to give it to a friend. Did for a while have both the 360 and PS3 versions of Vesperia though, as I wanted to actually see what the differences were like (PS3 version was easy enough to enjoy on the gameplay end without knowing moon too). Of course, now that the PS3 versions' fully fan translated, there's not all that much reason to keep the PS3 physical around, but it's a shame my PS3 can't be flashed back to a low enough firmware to use the patch, as you can't flash back to something it didn't have in the first place (3.55 or lower).

Its for the best really. I was born to be NEET, can't play that shit fam.

I've got small funds to keep up cigs and booze. Plus being a skinny manlet means a few shots can mess me up good.

breh dat was like 20 years ago almost real talk.

I guess that sounds about right.


Never gonna sell mine, though. It actually ended up being my favorite game on the system.

I gotta tell you though, anons, the Vita is a scalpers wet dream, even now. So many limited release physical copies of shit, and LRG aren't helping matters.

yeah i miss them too


Not in this fucking magazine I was reading. They were way behind, I guess.

Where do you get these small funds
Are you the son of a Multimillionaire?


i'm jus sayin monica u'd have like 600-700 chapters to read monica damn

Yeah probably an age thing really. If I were living with a girl now I wouldn't need to fap and have sex all the time. When I was a lad though? Hard all day every day.

Wheres the video games?

Yeah same. I rarely ever buy new stuff and just collect older ones. Been buying up NES and PS1 games mostly for a while.

I ain't got the patience for that. I can't even be fucked to catch up with Vinland Saga and I'm maybe 3 chapters behind on that, max.

Now wait one second you might think that 4am is not videogames but that is indeed not the truth seeing as 4am is centred around the character of Stu who is from Rugrats a series with many video games such as the following Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt for Nintendo 64; Rugrats: Search for Reptar and Rugrats: Studio Tour for PlayStation, Rugrats: Totally Angelica for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color; Rugrats: Time Travelers and The Rugrats Movie for Game Boy Color; Rugrats in Paris: The Movie for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and PC CD Rom; Rugrats: Royal Ransom for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube; Rugrats: Totally Angelica Boredom Busters, All Growed Up, Rugrats Activity Challenge, Rugrats Adventure Game, Rugrats Munchin Land, and The Rugrats Mystery Adventures for PC CD Rom; Rugrats Go Wild for PC CD Rom and Game Boy Advance; Rugrats: I Gotta Go Party, Rugrats: Castle Capers, and All Grown Up!: Express Yourself for Game Boy Advance; and Rugrats Food Fight for Mobile phone. Tommy and Angelica appear as guest characters in Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue. They appear again as playable characters in Nickelodeon Party Blast and Nicktoons Racing. Tommy later appears in Nicktoons Basketball in his All Grown Up! form. Rugrats characters make non-playable appearances in Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots and Nicktoons MLB.
With all these games of which is apart of the series Stu is in which is the patron chief of 4am, means that 4am is indeed videogames and unfortunately for you there is nothing you can do about it


No kidding. Maybe when I get my job I'll buy a couple up I think my double/triple in price then.

Sold some old collectables last year and have been sitting on a few hundred bucks for a while.

It basically says something like "This ugly motherfucker is getting sex all the time and basically, you are FUCKING STUPID".

Complete DS games have already shot up a good bit in price, thanks to Gamestop trashing tons of cases and manuals to make room for mobile trash. Especially the harder to find stuff like Avalon Code (really like this opening; embed related).

What's really surprised me was that Pokemon HGSS is so fucking much to get complete these days. I know that Pokemon tends to hold value (even BW and B2W2 are going back up locally) and is high demand, but HGSS are like $70 complete where I live now. And I mean "cart, case, manual, art" complete, not "all that plus the pokewalker and outer box", which is even more. I guess Gen IV mechanics/graphics/audio combined with Gen II nostalgia is a very powerful thing.

is vinland saga da baby version of berserk or is dat claymore? or is dat ubel blatt? all three dem shiz kinda rolled up in mah head tbh.

God do I wish there was a venture brothers video game
it would be like a mix of all the old Hanna Barbera cartoons mixed together
have this isntead

I still jerk off 1-2 times most days, depending on how early I start drinking and how well I slept the night before. There have been times where I slept with a girl, stayed in bed chilling for a while after she left, got a boner after an hour or so, and just beat off. The little voice in my head is very loud, and is one of the main reasons I drink.

It's about a viking dude who's with mercenaries and they kill a bunch of dudes and that's pretty much as far as I can go without it getting into big spoilers.


This was a good game.

HGSS is the only one I ever play honestly. Its about as good as pokemon is ever going to get.

So what are you going to do when that money runs out

Just know that it gets really, really slow for a while. The violence drops off eventually and then it turns into "two dudes on a farm talking about farming" for a while. It's starting to ramp up again now.

oh right that one
funny shit

god damn

Nice digits there
How has your day been

dat sum greek mythology?

I have sweeties, no you can't have any


Dude that watch is neat as fuck.

And that could be neat. I haven't rewatched venture bros in a long time. Dunno if it'd hold up for me honestly.

Theres some weeks where I'll fap like once every 2-3 days then theres weeks where I fap 3 times a day. Dunno why that is.

That cow looks like he's going to fuck some shit up

Yeah, Namco kept dodging the question of "why?" until they could say "It doesn't matter anyhow; it's too late now, so look to future releases instead." Meanwhile, it's now the sole completely fan-translated PS3 game.

I'm not even sure I want to know what it's going for at this point. I'm just glad I don't have to pay it.

To be fair, how often does LRG actually put out a physical copy of a worthwhile game? I mean, I guess if you're trying to collect everything for whatever reason you're going to be deal with them, but it seems like they're usually prone to doing physicals for indie dreck like pic related.

not bad fam, got my VM transfered from backup up to my fresh install of windows 8.1 and hooked up the scanner, took care of some papers I've been meaning to get rid of, gonna do some more after work and then do mroe computer shit
just ordered a 64GB microSD too

how bout yourself?

Going to be getting a job in the next month or so, not looking forward to it.

It used to be I could hit 7 in a day pretty easily. Horny is pretty much my default state. That's why I have 3 kids before I'm out of my 30s. When my dad was my age he wasn't even married yet and my mom was just his roommate's sister.

try me fuck boy

I really like HG myself, but having played through it on the DS, it makes all the issues Gen II had more apparent (not that GSC was bad, but they did have issues), and some things I still think Platinum did better (gym leader rematches for example; also, VS Seeker > Pokegear phone calls). I honestly don't get how I invested so many hours in Crystal back in the day in retrospect.

Got any cute daughterus?

Whats someone your age doing here anyway?

Well good you got your computer shit sorted out, I take it you're it as a work computer
And for Me I'm getting ready for this 4 week job trial as an apprentice chef at a country club, should be good

Getting a job isn't something that happens in an instant, it takes months if not years of searching

Everything looks filthy, then again you're a filthy Heretic and not even the good kind like the Death Guard

Two of them are girls and they're pretty cute. The oldest one likes to start shit, though. She's got her mom's hair and innocent face but she's a little monster under that like her dad.
I'm not that old. I'm only 26. I'm just dumb.

What kind of issues?

And really for me the only thing I care about in pokemon is nostalgia so gen 1/2 pokes mostly. I hated that there was newer pokemon in the second area of HGSS so damn much.

Nah jobs are pretty abundant here. Usually get one within a few weeks of looking.

it's old as fuck from when I was a kid, may have it stashed still but I doubt it since I think it was broken or dead

early episodes are a little weak but shtis still great in later seasons

Wait I thought Tennesee has a lot of Niggers, wouldn't it be hard to find work

death guard is boring and so is you're face

it's just the 2ds I'm using it

yeah just fucking around mid payroll work
doesn't chef work pay well but demand you to be on your toes and moving all the time?
you got the energy for that?
you got the shoes and insoles for that?

You said 30s before so I figured 30s.

And thats nice, pretty jelly of that. I know if I had a daughter she'd end up a spoiled brat and a shit just like me.

Probably just needs fresh batteries really. Those don't tend to explode like bigger batteries I think.

Ha no. TN is the whitest state in the south besides Memphis which is on the entire other side of the state from me.

yeah but it's also 20 years old and it may have water damage
that's how long its been
I can't remember if it was a cereal box thing or a fast food thing

LRG has gotten good stuff in the past, hell they just announced that they're handling the NA physical for DariusBurst CS.

Do you use Drayano's mod when playing HGSS?

I remember getting games like that at some fast food place now but its killing my brain trying to remember what it was. Fuck this is going to kill me.

Maybe sonic games dunno where though.

Yeah, because I had them all before leaving my 30s. The oldest two's mom spoils them, though. They're still young, though. Oldest is only 4. Already a little shit disturber.

Nah whats that?

I just use a randomizer so the pokes are in different areas.

How often do you get to see them?

pretty sure we got another game besides the 2 starfox ones
not sure what it was tho

It's an apprentice roll so it's not exactly high paying but much better than nothings
And from what I've heard and done I should be able to cope, in fact I had another interview just after I got offered the 4 weeks that place did say the place I'm working at is at a slower pace than most kitchens and lets you branch out in a couple different specialisations if you want

That picture is making me feel nostalgic. Lucky star was one of the first animu I'd ever watched online.

very nice fam
what are you gonna do with the money tho?

I've never played any of the starfox games tbh

Not a fan of lucky star surprisngly.

Level pacing, mainly. I mean, it's cool that Johto wound up somewhat nonlinear after Ecruteak, but due to that, it screws up the the flow of what level wild Pokemon are at, which makes trying to easily raise anything you newly want to add to your team a bit of a pain, especially pre-Elite Four. And while some trainers can be refought for exp, it feels much more limited having to pester them on the phone, or wait for them to call you to be ready, compared to how readily you can get rematches with the VS Seeker in FRLG/DPPt. Hell, the level pacing even drags the Elite Four down as well, to the point Lance, who had been a cheating fuck prior (in that some of his Pokemon knew moves they couldn't actually learn), now has three Dragonites below their evolution level, because the pacing is so off that GameFreak couldn't expect the player to have Pokemon level 55-60 by that point. Hell, you look at the gap in things. Elite Four is like level 50 max with Lance, but up to that point the highest level wild Pokemon are like level 35 at best. Good luck training something from scratch if you need something new. Mt. Silver's at least a possibility in the post game, but still annoying that you have to wait that long since level pacing sucks.

Oh, and another, more minor gripe: new Pokemon that are only obtainable post elite four. Houndour and Murkrow, for example. Why were those Kanto only? At least HGSS tries to remedy that some with Houndour being obtainable in the Johto Safari Zone.

I was about to chastise you for being young
but instead just take a look at azumanga daioh

Weekends, mostly. I usually end up with all three on the weekends and holidays. Used to babysit though, so I'm decent at wrangling kids. Kinda tempted to get snipped so I don't end up with any more. These ones are enough of a handful.

It was hit and miss imo, but still kinda cute.

Really? I thought it pushed all of your buttons for cutesy SoL

Fair enough Though I'm in a pretty white area and there isn't many jobs

I played the one for 64, it was alright, really cool at the time
now though I'm not sure I would recommend it, does not age well
kinda like jet force gemini

That was another one of the first I'd watched. Much better than lucky star.

Pay for Rent and try and save as much as I can as I want to make a business somewhere along the line

Ahh yeah. Honestly pokemon games never really get leveling right for me. I always end up with too much OP shit no matter what.

Well thats good at least. How much is all that costing you?

The artstyle is great. Thats why I post it so much. The humor is meh though and its not as comfy as I like shows to be.

just because your primarch is dead doesn't mean you get to take it out on others

I'm glad you have better taste than SOME people here
what about daily lives of highschool boys?

sounds like a good plan man

Ramps up the difficulty, rebalances pokemon so that they all have some degree of viability, makes absolutely every pokemon available and adds a couple more events to the game.

I'm not real interested in Lucky Star, but the question of "why" on the prices has been bugging me. Are series fans just rabid enough to drop that level of money?

I suppose it's at least not the same level of prices I've seen there for FLCL and Gunbuster, which are a good $10 per episode, with each show being six episodes long if memory serves.

Nah I prefer my shows more on the comfy side. And it never quite got there.

Thats never really a concern for me. I play 90% older games. You gotta judge them compared to shit at the time.

Not a fan of rebalance mods that change pokes. Just feels like you aren't actually playing pokemon.

There's a version with vanilla pokemon stats in the link.

That's rich coming from a Word Bearer who if I recall has a Daemon Primarch

my tastes have changed too
I'm not desperate for vidia any more
starfox is good for a playthrough or two but lacks replayability
Gemini has a lot of content but after the first time you complete it there isn't much to it, it has co-op tho and versus I think

Haven't watched that yet, though I have seen some of the gags separately. If I get back into anime I'll watch that and nichijou at least though.

Just don't know whether or not opening a /tg/ shop is a good idea, same with a cafe or both

The cutesy weebshit is always really marked up it seems. Probably because its a small market and they have to have higher prices to make money. Or something like that.

Ahhh neat. I'll bookmark that for next time I want to play pokemon, thanks!

Pretty much nothing. My ex-wife's from a rich family anyway and I've technically got split custody with the chick I knocked up after her so there's no child support or anything. I pay half for stuff they need like school supplies.

Thats horrifyingly expensive for just 6 episodes. Maybe its like vintage toys or something.

Shiiiiiet living the life there then fammo. Except some other dude probably raising your kids.

So you got a million in one deal
You're pretty lucky there user

why did you fall out of anime?

its not a good idea to open a /tg/ shop
imagine dealing with unfiltered spergs all day, normalfag tier spergs included
cafe sounds better but risky when competing with Israelsheckel

as far as /tg/, why not just run games out of your garage?



I don't think there is another dude, man. Like I go over to drop them off or go pick them up and as far as I can tell it's just her and them.

Yeah, I lucked out. Usually I get screwed over so this whole thing's been a nice change of pace. I just hope they don't grow up to be too much like me.

If you ask me, Platinum got it right. Highest main game enemy you fight is Cynthia's Garchomp at level 62 and while her team is tough on the whole, I found it manageable, and I think my main team was level 55 at least before going in to the Elite Four. And the post game isn't some ridiculous 15 level gap between you fresh from the Elite Four and standard post game trainers like in BW.

Not sure if it's that; one location seems to have some set of the first season of Shakugan no Shana for only $12. Granted, I've looked online and can't find jack shit about that particular print. If anything, the most expensive stuff I've seen at this chain have been stuff like Slayers, Yu-gi-oh! (full collection of the original series), and classics that never saw a reprint. Yu-gi-oh! takes the cake at like $140.

Well, at least FLCL has a same case print on Amazon that's like $20 or so last I checked, rather than dropping $10+ per volume on the original six volume release.

Eh fair enough, though I could have the occasional games night at the place
Also Starbucks doesn't exist where I live, the strongest competition is McDonalds

lets take this to a table and we'll see who's see

You gonna get back up on that?

To be fair yugioh is pretty huge at least.

I got sick of seeing the loner characters and the revolutionaries made out to be evil. The last episode of the second season of k was the proverbial straw, but my frustration had been building for awhile. It just doesn't portray people in a way I can relate with anymore.

every episode of Legend of The Galactic Heroes was released at a rate of 1 episode per VHS
you had to order it

Shit, that would of been expensive seeing as there is about 110 episodes

Well I guess if they're vhs that makes sense.

Probably not. I think I'd be pretty okay with not dating again.

Why that?

You of all people should know why

Yeah of course but was just wanting to learn about that user's life.

Yeah, I mean, the first run was, what, four, maybe five seasons? Not counting Season Zero either (not sure if that ever saw a print out here).

Reminds me, I was checking stuff and it seems like Baccano! had a two episodes per volume print line in Japan originally. And I'd thought it was bad that in NA we got a four episodes per DVD run of it, but to be fair, I'm not sure if in Japan it was as stupidly priced as here. Fucking Funi wanted a whopping $30 per volume, for a total of $120 if you bought it new. I feel glad I found a preowned complete boxed set for $16.

On a related note, it also reminds me of how fucking stupid the idea of putting anime and cartoons on GBA carts at a rate of two episodes per cart was.

I know fam, but dealing with trash is not worth it
noice, could be good then

watch my love story and akira

fair enough

whoops, forgot pics

So should I try and make it at the very least a /tg/ that has slightly less cancer than other ones, having 40k and not having Magic, DnD, Sigmar and other cancers



Just had enough of it, I guess. It's kind of nice being alone and I've sown my seed. Maybe I'll date again, maybe not. Chicks do dig single fathers, but the paradox of that is if you get with a chick you're no longer a single dad, because now you've made a girl help raise her husband's daughters

I'll check it out. Thanks user.

You don't remember these?

I'm not /tg/ enough to give you good advice but I can give you 2 points
First, a /tg/ shop is like a comic shop, and your business lives on its reputation one way or another
Second, the most important thing for a pen and paper game is the players, just find some chill people man

jesus no
by then I had discovered emulation, torrenting anime and was practically living NEET life

My little brother had a Spongebob one.

Fair enough, I'm honestly getting bogged down in hypotheticals that won't arise for another 4-6 years which by then I should know more on what to do

You should just get a waifu brah

no sweat
but if you need an anime with a dedicated bad guy, that isn't akira and isn't a loner loser, Gun X Sword is also great

I'm honestly not sure how much they went for each at retail, but it was two episodes per cart from various shows, and I don't think ANY show saw the full series released in that format. Certainly not Pokemon, which was up to Hoenn at that point and probably like 200+ episodes in (fuck was Johto's pacing in the anime trash).

Way ahead of you. Just waiting for waifubots with artificial wombs so I can spend my kids' college funds to make half-anime babies with my waifu.

one step at a time fam, good luck with

this is bad advice

I actually vaguely remember them now
what a truly terrible idea

show was bad tbh, only good part was rem

You posted in /mai/ for the first time the other day right?

I dunno what shes from but shes cute. Love bangs like that.


I suppose I guess the reason why I'm pondering the hypothetical as it's what comes after this apprentice thing
Hell I might want to run for office by then

Truth be told I prefer it when they're like baccano or durarara, having no designated villain at all.

Re:zero. She has a twin sister, too.

best girl tbh

I thought you only post on 4am

Yeah, I think even the PSP's TV sets managed to do at least a bit better. Shit as UMDs are, they had MUCH more room than GBA carts. I think at least a few series might have seen full releases (obviously not the 200 episode ones, but like 26 episode series; think Samurai Champloo was one to see that treatment), but I could be wrong


shadilay tbh


she really is

Thats weird. You playin me for a baka?

decent anime
I liked bebop trigun and outlaw star way more tho

Nope. I only really post on Holla Forums. I read /tech, /k/, and /cow/, but that's it.

Gotta bring on the waifu age one way or another.

not until we have artificial wombs and AI fam

The plot didn't drive home the point that so and so is evil. True there were villains, but the story was told from their perspective too so you got to see them as humans, and very rarely did anyone truly lose so much as simply not win.

Theres gotta be a market for those to be created.

Ahhh someone else recently posted there talking about her.

Well I probably at the very least should try and become as good as I can get

I better catch a few hours of sleep while I can. Later.

She's pretty popular.

A market feminists, liberals, and kikes would probably deny the west.

if you say so fam, that's a rather niche taste and I'm havign a hard time coming up with recomendations
I would have to say DUAL if I remember correctly
and now that thats in mind El Hazard too

skip em if you don't like harem shit tho I like harem shit tho

pls play table top 40k with me


They can't fight capitalism.

Another good example was scry-ed. Both opposing sides were equally valid there. I loved the whole rivalry thing.

there already is
chinese came out with a blowjob machine

good at what?

that speech cinched her as best girl


corp boss was bad guy tho

table top sim?

Well yeah, but the plot focused more of ryuho and kazuma. He was kinda forgettable to me.

But they can outright ban something and make having it in your country contraband. look at what NZ did over Gal*Gun. I'm pretty sure no one there is allowed to own, let alone play it now.

let me see if I have it

well then Noein
watch Noein, its high end alternate realty anime
I watched either shrimp or shinsen of that

Good at life I suppose

I actually already watched that one. Was pretty good.

That just reminds of that old single panel cartoon about some mechanic fixing up a malfunctioning blowjob machine that was covered in blood.

kek wills it tbh fam

did you watch the sub with the shitload of translators notes?
thats the one I watched I really liked how the detective dealt with that guy on the ship


I did not get a lot of tls. I also like ones with straight up villainous protagonists like black butler.


Would you really trust your dick to a Chinese Blowjob Machine


Rename thread to "4 neet" or "4 AA" (4 alcoholics anonymous).



lets just hope that the mods for it are more better then they were

Oy vey da Nazis are saying that the Holocaust is a lie

Reminds me of this screencap.

ah well
Desert Punk

don't thank me, thank your dubs

I wouldn't even use an onahole


don't you have to pay for them?



there are at least 5 mods for existing games you have to pay for

also watched, one of my favorites. Kinda felt bad for the id in noein when he started getting cucked by his older self.

you mean yuu?

Would you use an American or Japanese onahole


yes, him. Its been years since I've seen it can't remember any of the names. Seemed odd to me that even knowing that yuu would eventually grow into that guy she'd still seem to prefer the old man.

none unless were talking full on waifu bot

its porn

is the mod for 40K free?

come on now

Fair enough

Its just that him becoming the old man was inevitable. If she were cunning, she would have invested in her relationship with yuu knowing that it would pay off more when that day came.

no sense in accepting anything less than the best

I think you need to rewatch the show

probably, it has been years. I'll bet I could rewatch most of them and it would be like seeing a brand new show.


doesn't seem like it

Well it's going to be interesting

its been years for me too, but some shows just age well and are worth rewatching

space empire soon

sorry fam, I don't have it, cant get it today either

True. I'd imagine I could do the same with my vidya. I wish I had more time to devote.

I used to do that, back when my backlog was smaller
I have yet to get around to playing Saga Frontier 1 red storyline

you seen that one?

you know what, I actually haven't. I think I almost watched it once but then I never really did for some reason.


blue gender was o.k ish

well give it a shot
I especially like the mechs with the talon arms

rip rip
it had some good moments

will do
like bird claws?

like an arm with a big long scyth on it

wait, whats the mod name?

sounds badass

there's lots of them, mostly just models

yeah, and the mechs usually try to deal with the bugs in long range combat with assault rifles because the bugs are killer in close range

BOOOO spider

anyway I gotta bug out, later

Ah yes, I think I remember reading something about bugs in the plot synopsis

you were leaving anyways

Does Gore still get triggered when I call him retarded?