Cringe compilations

Sharing the weakest, saltiest, and most pathetic vidya moments captured thus far. As a disclaimer, the bulk of these are going to be fighting game autists.

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Ryan did literally nothing wrong.


Lower your volume before opening this one, the first cunt is a howler.

Who's the jap girl in the first clip? she a qt and polite.



forgot sage


On a side note, just what is it about the FGC that attracts so much industrial level tism in the first place? Is it the amount of minute details to memorize, or a number of other factors?

Back to the r/the_cuckold

Except being a beta faggot bullied by nigs

How about some hilarious video game parodies?

Cringe compilations are often more cringy than their content because they're clickbait made for normalfags. Post webms or fuck off.

But the nigs bullied him not himself.

Give yourself a pat on the back user, you've shit your pants for all the board to see and the thread is only 16 posts in.



Man, I miss being a teenager. One can have lots of fun when they lack self awareness.

Regular sports has some genuinely autistic people, but they're pretty extroverted due to the nature of sports. Obsessive, but not socially crippled, so it's easier to watch them. FGC has the same kind of adrenaline fueled banter and peacocking attitudes, but they're channeled through awkward shut-ins that barely talk to a couple people a day, let alone being placed in front of a crowd. They're top-tier fighters and DSP-tier socializers, which really shows the minute they have to do anything outside of playing the game.

okay, time for something different.


Are you shitposting or is it really a dude?
Don't mess with a man's dick, user, pls.

Dude, there are no women in pro level comp games, it's all trannies.

Pongko used to be OK but he turned into such an unbearable arrogant autist.

of course there are. don't you know who the famous Lillian Chen is?

Cherry picking.

what if mario was racist?
What if Mario was mental?

What if Mario was Luigi?

""She"" is a tranny.

The video says Matsuri

I'd agree with you said that about Melee or SFV though.

fighting games are for fucking nerds tbh

I have a sexy vid of her for you user.

What if Sans was Ness?
What if Phil Collins was Sans?

That's a good analysis for the mental breakdowns and autistic whooping, but what I meant was what was the appeal for people on the spectrum in the first place.

I personally think it has to do with the rigid, inflexible sperg-thinking lining up well with tier-based gameplay, low levels of variables, and simplified characters boasting exaggerated expressions.
What if Luigi was Rosalina's father?

Jesus christ!

How do I stop that thing from breathing?

An old priest and a young priest.


Its been a year since ive seen it, but there was a video of some e sport bullshit. Right, and after one of the teams won a team member started shaking. Then he stood up and screamed something along the lines or "take that faggot". Everyone in the room was really uncomfortable. Anyone have any idea where it was from?

Never mind found it.

I can't ever watch this shit all the way through. I causes me physical pain.

I'd agree with that then. It's also more geared towards 1v1 fights, so there's even more laser focusing for them to do than other competitive games. Just keep track of what one guy is doing.

That's the perfect term to describe this level of autism, and the narrowing appeal of fighting games thanks to developers catering to this mindset. Thank you user.

These people should be beaten

How can you even rage at a multiplayer game like that or even get upset? I just laugh when I kill or get killed, its impossible for me to get angry over something so pointless.

Cringe is a compliment in 2017

He may be autistic for betting $90 he didn't want to lose but I feel pretty sad for the guy.

Call Of Duty is the best game ever made, you will never even disagree with me. Treyarch is the best company ever to be made in the video game

I hear he's a total douche in real life. Even if he wasn't, chill and enjoy the schadenfreude.

What a bunch of pussified millenials

What if mario was A NIGGER

For vids like this I typically pause every 5 to 10 seconds, because otherwise I would probably die

Looks like John Flynt has met his match.

Cosmo literally looks how I looked when I was living in my car and high on molly for a week straight.
Are tranny pills really just bad ecstasy?


I haven't laughed this hard in ages, thank you kindly user.


Romero is streaming live right now. There might be some cringy moments. He already said that "Canada needs more taco trucks."
twitch /theromero

Who is that?

why wouldn't she just fucking turn off the computer? I don't understand these people

How it must feel from being a larger than life icon in a starting industry and millionaire at 20 to being some forgotten fat fuck growing your wife's child.

Romero is a spic

Try again.


I wonder how he feels about the various white supremacy mods of doom.

Considering he's a bitch I assume extremely butthurt.

I just don't get it. How do you get to a point where you want to marry a woman who has three children by two different men?

I'm glad I stopped giving a shit about that guy when he became a flaming brony faggot.

What if Mario was actually a product straight out of Seth Macfarlane's ass.

Bowser literally did nothing wrong

America needs more Tim Hortons tbh.

Not until they use their old coffee recipe again. Oh wait Mcdonald's bought it and now they're stuck with shit water forever

Wendy isn't even his daughter

she's the koopa family's cum dump

He isn't wrong.

Jesus Christ

Burger King, actually.

i remember this autist

Not sure if serious, but I have to admit, being a PC gamer I actually did have to google how to equip and use items the first time I played Dark Souls.
Now it might seem obvious, but back then not having a neat, compact backpack with mouse-controlled, labeled buttons open up in an RPG was a completely unintuitive thing to me. Not to mention the item list is unarguably a complete messl, showing items in a seemingly random order, not letting you properly reorganize them.
And sure, you have a box, but why would I leave my items behind if I can have all of them on me at all times in case I want to try one?

So sure, this guy might be sperging out, but if those points were raised by a well-spoken games critic, I think many would actually agree with him.

I really wish I could see the maximum autismo internet arguments that led to the creation of the videos.


This thing haunts my nightmares
How drunk, do you reckon, one has to be to wake up in the morning next to something like that.

I like to believe this guy is just pretending to be retarded.

No one can be this autistic

Jesus Christ, what a way to go. As if the poor bastard didn't have enough on his plate, dying of cancer and all.


Holy fuck I'm so happy. These people are getting more redpilled by the day.



Dota dragon is always my favorite. The fucking screen shot sound and the scream makes it sound like a bomb went off.

That is legitimately disturbing. Like that would be buffalo bill if his women suit was complete.





that whole thing was part of a setup for vid related. On an unrelated note, was Idubbbztv right about his point on racial slurs, Holla Forums?



What the fuck.
We're talking a game that came, what, 5 years ago?
Are you nineteen or something?
I don't feel any nostalgia for the 90s, but it's ridiculous we have come to a point where the definition of a "PC gamer" is a guy too dumb to figure out anything without Google.

do you have the 'tism?


What we do here is go back back back back

she is not his fucking daughter, guys

Yeah, I'm sure the people accusing him of being autistic are full of horseshit.

The rest of the anons here might not have noticed your redditard cant, but I like gold digging and I recognize it. Kill yourself.
I wish you could understand how fucking stupid you are, but by virtue of being so stupid you never will. There are messages and button prompts: only someone who had never seen an equipment screen or something like it in a video game before would have trouble with Dark Souls inventory management in the fucking Undead Asylum.
No, I wouldn't, because that critic would be retarded and I'd laugh at him as much as I'm laughing at you.

Faggot at 3:50
His mom (of course) comes in and more or less tells him "it's just a game bro, calm down you fucking idiot".
I can't really make it out but it sounds like he has some shit in school


Was there ever a recording of that match? He must have got destroyed if he cried.

They weren't bullying him, they were telling him to man up and stop crying in their own way.

Not drunk. Paralyzed.

And possibly bound.

And definitely mutilated.

I think her mouth fits at least 3 dicks

I'm fucking dying. I can't seem to find a YouTube channel for this guy - does anyone know what his name is?

I need more of this, user. Please tell me you have more webms.

Don't blame DSP in that video, his spoon is bugged.


The sun was in his eyes, too. Really unfortunate sequence of events.

He isn't a terribly clever man but he makes up for it by being extremely pedantic and egotistic.

Reminds me of this guy for some reason.



this is mariotheplumber, isn't it?

you know i'm right



are we being raided by underaged beaners? because the fact this thread exists proves that underaged beaner mexicans are infesting this board with their reddit tier humor.

Uh who the fuck is Idub? Who the fuck is Tana Mong-goop? Why does she looks like a stupid kike bitch with a fucked up inflated lightbulb head whore? And what's with that gay idubster kid looking like some gay noodle neck kike kiddo?

Seriously, I don't get this. What is this even about? Two e-celebs trying to see who can kvetch the hardest? Ready, Set, Goyim!

We probably are, but you better watch yourself, there's a group of little beaner thought police running around trying to 'enforce' themselves as a presence and they'll bombard you screeching and crying how you're an ebil waycist!!! I honestly think we've been bombarded with beaners since like what, 2014, but now it's just full on spic city, thanks to the exodus and third worlders believing that Holla Forums is a safe place for them cause they wondered where all the white anons went off of 4cucks.

To be fair, I'd sniff her chair.

exactly, they always bombard you when you call out on them. like jumping cockroaches. yet if you shit on slavs or any other whites no one bats an eye.

Yeah, it's the fucking mexicans tell you what mang. Those damn fucking beaners and their cringe videos are killing our dang board.

He's right. There's been a fuck ton of hypocrites jumping the band wagon of censoring words just because they wanna get progressive bucks. If you look at the rest of this Tuna Mojo Jojo bitch's video, you'll see there's a fuck load of hyperbolized videos. Fucking. Cunt.

TO Gamer? PO Gamer? DO Gamer? None of these return anything. I'm starving here, user.

Eyy mang don' give him ideeeas now, mang

It's depressing, this shit wasn't happening a couple of years ago, where we could actually discuss video games, and have the little off-topic thread here and there and have a giggle.

Now it's just third world shitskins mucking up this board, namefagging/tripfagging, screeching about e-celebs, being reddit transplants trying to be funny by being autistic saying shit like, "whypipo!!!" and other weird autistic memes they've scrounged the floor for. Honestly, the beaners that come here don't contribute to anything but the spam as well as the spamming of CP which I don't know if you remember, but after the first little exodus, the one people didn't agree on, mexicans and the like flooded every fucking board with CP because they felt like they were being 'left out' and were angered we 'abandoned them'.

It was bad enough back on 4cuck when in 2010 was the boiling point when we literally had underage mexican beaner kids flooding the fucking board around the time of kojima's b-day bash, it was fucking embarrassing and truly the final nail in the coffin. Now it's happening again and I fear we can't do anything about it.

this jsut shows how much giving internet yo shitskins was a mistake.
remember our old memes and OC, it was nothing like what these shitskins had, it was all comfy white suberbs, not their shitty urban ghettos. and I swear wherever these spics go, the property values sink from zero to Nicaragua.

Holy fuck go back to >>>Holla Forums you goddamn niggers.

Shut up you fucking spic
>>>Holla Forums

fuck off, beaner. we're making Holla Forums great again.
See what I mean? they cannot dea with the truth and as such they attack with violence.

I can't wait until the Jews stop translating Japanese/English games into tacobender. They'll be forced to learn (kek'd), or be relegated to the history books.

They don't even or need translate games because spics don't even play video games beyond King of Fighter. because all those little spics need to do is spam their grubby little hands on shitty arcade machines.

but thre is. all we need to do is IP range ban all of Mexico and CAlifornia, then posting quality will increase tenfold. we should also range ban anywhere near schools, since most spics are underaged and replacing the population, we can't lt them replace us

Yup, I agree with you 200% man, I don't like to mention being an oldfag but I truly miss what we had going on around the net in the early 2000s, a far stretch to the late 1990s when it came to IRC and playing quake all day and hanging out playing n64, dream-cream cast and the usual suspects while rediscovering old favorites, and just basically realizing how wonderful video games as a hobby truly is, and how it transcends beyond just merely playing them.

Look at all the shitty 'OC' they come up with now, half of it doesn't make sense, the rest of it is like they tried way too hard to come up with something funny, but due to living in a third world shithole they shit they find funny was never funny to begin with. It's depressing that the internet is just dying more and more shitskins, and shitlibs, commies and the like keep fucking flooding it. 2007 was that time where the transition of our hobby, our domain as the internet as we knew it was in danger, some people knew and felt it like I have and I'm sure you have, but some people didn't even notice or care, it was a real transtional age that year, and it angers me knowing that the simple joys I once had are being perverted and raped beyond recognition by third world shitskins whether they're in America or whatever hell hole they crawled out of where thier government prioritized giving free wifi and US government funded laptops to their nation's finest turds this side of the septic tank, which oddly enough that went full effect in beaner shitholes around 2009/2010, and then the same with Asia and the like, more specifically shitholes like China and Indonesia trying to spread their little commie/mudshit agenda with the rest of the sand-niggers.

The only nigger here is you, fuck off back to whatever little cuck cave you fucking crawled out of, no matter what year it is, no matter how much the internet will change, it belongs to US and only US.

You shitskins only consume, consume and consume and never give back, and never will, always ready to take something over and pervert it to destroy whatever it originally was just to get you fee-fees in order, you dumb beaners, sand-niggers, nigger niggers, and the like ruined comics, ruined the internet to a point where we have to fucking hide from you worthless shitskins, but then even when we separate ourselves from you, you FORCE yourselves to be among us, like you are right now. There's a reason we left 4cuck, you beaners fucking flooded it spamming "Mexican Generals" which devloved into obese little nigger nose mexi-memers posting your little micro-dicks and posting each other's mothers trying to jerk off with one another on kikebook, and don't get me started on the other shitskins that led to the true exodus from 4cuck where we either stayed away from this side of the web, or regressed back into our smaller groups either devising a new glimmer of hope, or holding out for one while you and your kind were busy showing ech other your fucking micro-dicks and posting mammy mami es meme pictures trying to gay it up with unfunny spic memer trash.

t. totally fitting in
you have to go back

I hope Spain fucking gets nuked my fellow aryan brother.

Yeah, I wanted to do that for the longest, this is something I pleaded with back on 4cuck in 08 when we had to deal with the first chinese/arabic/indonesian/kike spammers. The only response I got was, "You don't understand whats going on right now, no one will, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry."

It was infuriating. It's also depressing that dumb niggers and spics flood into fight games and the like, I remember back in the day where fighting games were equal in skill and stratgey like AoE and CS 1.5, None of those dumb shitskins have any skill, know nothing about the true skill required to be good at fighting games, where they make up all these shitty autsitic 'rulesets' to help push handicapped autistic garbage while spreading nigger lingo and the like into a community that was already as fringe as twitch shooters were back in the late 90s, where I remember not one nigger or spic were interested in fighting games cause it's 'too hard', 'too slow', 'too fast, too many buttons', too many white people, etc. All they do is spam shitty baby supers, or dial a combo garbage, and then chant nigger unga bunga lingo till they feel satisfied before getting curb-stomped and then threatening violence and the like because you didn't play by their 'rules'.

What's worse, they're spreading into shit like CS and fucking Quake nowadays too, with pings reaching fuckin 900, I'm not fucking kidding either. If we started IP range banning the entirety of "Latin"/South America and California and other third world shitholes like Saudis, India/Pakiworld, etc then we'd see an increase in post quality and less fucking shills.

I just wanted to play and talk about video games, not have to fucking hold back shitskins with a fucking pike and a .45 because they're screaming and doing gay literal homosexual degeneracy and the like under the guise of 'it's vidya, mami es meme!'.

You should have cleaned the plates hombre

Holy shit the newfag makes these walls of text right on the cringe thread, at least he's the only one on topic. I don't know why I read all of it but this is grade A autism. Look at all of these fucking buzzwords.

no matter how much you try to deny it, you know it to be true.
you have to go back, Paco.

newfag? How is replying to more than one person being a newfag you stupid fucking beaner? Is there something wrong with discussing in detail the events as to why Holla Forums is becoming another lump of shit like 4cuck Holla Forums because of disgusting worthless non-whites such as yourself?

You need to fucking go back to 4cuck, it's your home now Lil' Chico, you made your bed now lay in it instead of trying to come over here and act like you're one of us when you clearly aren't and just another upset half nigger, half beaner abomination upset that you thought Holla Forums would be a new hugbox/safe space after getting banned from neogaf or whatever shithole you crawled out of.

You can always go back to cuckchan, user

pls, just go back to reddit. (you) and your samefag proxy at
this isn't the good kind of autism

Are you stupid? Or just iliterate? Why in the world would I go back to 4cuck when it's literally beaner central, this is my home, I was oone of the few who came here first, and I enjoyed how the atmosphere was like how it was many years ago, and now it's back at that boiling point, that teetering point where it either spills over and it becomes another 4cuck cucktastrophe, or we as a community do what is right to start caring for out own, weeding out the trash, the avatarfags, the shitskins/third worlders and other unmentionables from our midst, ensuring we never have this issue again. You can cry muh secret club, but it's not about being a faggot sekret kool kid klub, it's about fucking integrity and identity, something of which we're at the verge of losing if we continue to let these third world retards come here and let them act like they own the fucking place. I came here years ago under the pretense that things will be different and I'd be able to enjoy the community that me and other anons truly thought was dead and forgotten. But now we're about to die out from the same disease that infected 4cuck, and the only people praising it and the like are autistic shitskins who think they're little memesters and think they're making a big funny little mami mammy meme without understanding this is the sole reason why people view non-whites as toddlers with downs, not to mention that spics in question suffer from legitimate autism that they all have and carry genetically.

Oh hey look, it's one of those unfunny shitskinned produced macro memes. How quaint, you even posted with broken English too, wew. Let me guess, you just got your computer 3 years ago and now you think you're a little internet superstar right?

feelingo scaredio paco?
well thats bueno because you need to go back.

Report them you faggot
You can make a vidya board with the "only white, anons" rule, user
And if you dont remember, at the start when the site was getting to much trafic and spam, they decided to use a ban list of countries that have dynamic IP thingy, of course a lot of anons couldnt post anymore, so hotwheels made a compromise using the 24 hour captcha to let those anons post and thanked him for it

and where is the weak cripple of a goblin now?
most likely in a ditch after oil drilling spic Filipinos, this was but a consequence of his sins of miscegenation. We need to bring back the dynamic IP ban.

nobody is this autistic, this is either a falseflag pushing too far or underage being ironic

we're just spreading these hard truths that have to be heard. the days of sugar coating are coming to an end.
We will make Holla Forums great again


user he's the reason people like that guy are on this website, did you forget the time he literally invited reddit in?

No shit I report them nigger, but you know damn well they don't abide by the rules and always come back ready and raring to go, and as you know, some of them are mods/volunteers and purposely allow themselves to shitpost and never get caught. I don't know if you're new, or you truly believe the mods aren't compromised and co-opted, which I hate to break it to you, they are.

Not only that, I shouldn't need to make a new board with such a rule when such a thing was already there, it was what 4cuck Holla Forums was, and it was what was here is like an unspoken rule, due to the fact shitskins/third worlders either have their own shitty boards or even their own little cuckzones krautchan comes to mind, and that shitty BR one that apparently none of them go to cause they hate being reminded about how desolate and autistic they are, hence why they come here. The compromise memewheels made was a shitty forced compromised because of the whole vocal minority situation where the third worlders/shitskins were upset they couldn't spam CP and overall use their little autistic scripts and the like. Even now with captcha, doesn't really deter against scripts cause we were getting bombarded by at least two different script kiddies at once not that long ago. Those anons shouldn't have been allowed to post, purely for the fact they're panhandling towards the unwanted minority of which they even know as self-loathing third worlders that if we bother to let them post, they know damn well it'll end up with more of those obnoxious underage meme beans, and lo and behold, it's what's happening now. Not only that, memewheels is nothing but a distant memory, he basically blew his load too early, went the kikemuut route before getting shipped via cargo to the Philippines to live out the rest of his baby days. He had good intentions, but he gave too many people the benefit of doubt when he definately knew better, the new guy we're dealing with who owns 8ch seems like some shekel sucker if you ask me, it's like Adminstrators are always either power hunger/fame lusting kikes, or people who are just so damned down-trodden they mistake third worlders/shitskins as fellow 'outcasts' when they're not from the same stock and certainly aren't cut from the same cloth of 'outcast' the average user is from. I'm sure you get what I mean by this, but it feels things must be done by us and relying upon mods all the time makes anons develope a lethargic reaction to shitposting and shitskin-posting to the point no one bothers to do anything about it until it's too late, and then they're the first ones who'll start spamming the new site everywhere wondering where did everyone go, and attract the same cancer we tried leaving behind, which some are now here and are even in positions we were told they would never be given. Too many fucking lies and broken promises on memewheels' end, but I don't know whether to blame him, or the people who basically groomed him.

It's hilarious when they post soundless webms and then try acting like they're sincerely from around these neck of the woods, they always get so violent when you call them out, to the point they'll start screaming about muh buzzwords, muh racism, etc, but not once will actually defend themselves, and of course when outnumbered, they'll start to slowly and surely regress back trying to act like they're 'one of the good beaners', whining about muh good boy syndrome.

Fucking hell, I forgot that little shit did that, he did it for the fame like I stated before, he wanted to be a little mini-moot, then he fucking hops ship once he realized he fucked up, couldn't handle the guilt and decided to flee to a third world shithole where the woman he lays around with look like bottom feeders in an already shitty brothel nation. It's embarrassing. Like I said before, why does this keep fucking happening, is there no damned user who actually cares for video games? for the integrity and identity of Holla Forums that's been around even before that dumb kike moot made 4cuck? Like come on now.

lmao, this fucking guy is legitimately retarded.
like i know he tries to "over exaggerate" at times, but when he is fucking up over and over again its because his IQ is in the single digits.
i think there is a video of him fucking up cooking bacon and eggs, this guy cant do anything right, its truly quite amazing.

user no bully pls, when i put it on the pan and wait until it's done, by the time i put out the fire and take the bacon out it's already coal and if i do it early it's raw.

pro tip here, do bacon in the microwave, paper towel over it for intervals of 2 minutes give or take depending on your microwave, it works like a charm

nigger, it's just bacon, you just flip it until it's not too crispy and soft.
god fucking damn you people need to go back

a9f53f and 0fc623 are most likely the same user behind a proxy, holy walls of text, batman.

When you think it's raw, it's actually done. The color and consistency will change when it cools to the bacon you're expecting to see.
When frying, as soon as it starts to curl up, flip it over. Then when it starts to curl again, take it out.



its actually probably better for you in the microwave, comes out less greasy and im pretty sure the microwave was invented by a white person, like 99% of all other inventions

yeah, thats actually another really good way, on broil works good


/fit/ here, fat is good for you. Low-fat is literally a meme created when the FDA and food industry didn't properly understand that sugar (carbs) was what made people fat, and campaigned against dietary fat because it had the same name.

This thread is full of fucking wetbacks

You're trying a bit too hard, newfriend.

Fresh TLGamer

More like the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to shift the blame to fat.

absolutely haram

quiet, go back to your autistic screech anthem

Wonderful. Thank you.

you first, Paco

Sandniggers first, muhammad tumblrina.