The Dreamcast Clock won't go past 2083


All Dreamcasts are designed to terminate themselves before then.

Well, without knowing what type of integer the Dreamcast stores time in nor the epoch the Dreamcast time is set to
1.) You can only store so many values in an int16 or int32
2.) SEGA probably set the epoch to something like 1981 or 1990

Will anything break on consoles if the date goes too high? Kind of like how if you set Windows to 2039 every 32bit program ceases to function properly or at all?

1.) Its 2038, not 2039
2.) Its mainly a UNIX/Linus problem, however, many Windows programs will break, Windows itself will not. 32-bit Linux installs are fucked, in fact, you can brick many older Android phones permanently just by setting the date to 2038

That's when all of the remaining Dreamcasts of the world will activate their hidden Sega Superchips and unite to become a giant robot replica of Segata Sanshiro.
Then, he will kill all of the greedy game devs and only hardcore gamers will remain in the new utopia.

And what causes that to happen? Seems like something that would be easy to fix.

Why not earlier? Most of us are going to either be dead or very old by then.

The meek shall inherit the earth.

Windows system date can't go below 01/01/1600 or go above year 9999

Well what the hell did people do for windows back in the 1500s then?

it ebin overflows

because what a meme



Holes, only the church had windows.

The most common technique was to make circular glass discs and mount them into frame to form a composite window. glass windows were highly valued at the time and the wealthy would have them stored when a house wasn't in use.

They used MS-DOS

You know what it means, OP.

Greetings from 2084 anons

So who won WWV?

It was you user. Tor saved us all.

You sir, are awesome.

I have the exact same one.

it's the 100th anniversary of Yu Suzuki joining Sega.

Can you imagine the level of tech that will be available in 2083? Will handheld toasters of that era be able to run PS3 emulators? Will we even see Xbox emulators by then?

Consoles are going to be slightly more powerful than today

All i know is i will never see it.


Unix time was stored as a 32-bit signed integer consisting of seconds since the Unix epoch in 1970. The number can range from -2^31 to 2^31-1. That number will max out and reset in 2038. If you use 64-bit integers like we do now (change that 31 to 63), you won't have to worry about that date within our lifetimes.

This is probably unrelated to the Dreamcast max date, which I think is in 2085.

Because that's when DC2 comes out.

speak for yourself fatass




not soon enough

Don't worry, we'll all be dead long before then.

Kill yourself. It's old.


Unless mind transfer technology becomes widespread you too will die in 66 years.

That sound funny as hell

This thread is fun, you guys can sometimes be alright.

except you, gb2 Leddit

The date when Singularity is achieved and all the Seaman from the Dreamcast come out of the TV like Sadako.

It's the Dreamcast 2 release date.

Sega probably just knew their console would become basically obsolete as time went on I hope

Game downloads, on the other hand will be over 100Exabytes in size, and still be downloaded over a 10mbps "High-Speed Internet" connection throughout most of the US.

Oh shit, I didn't make the connection, it makes sense.

I don't know, man, thats kinda close for comfort.

oh don't worry, we'll have much more pressing problems that pertain to us hitting the physical limits of our mediums.

When's third impact gonna happen, though?
We need that reset.

It was supposed to be New Year 2016. Anno is a false prophet and should be crucified

OH FUCK I just now noticed N64 has 3 arms. I lol'd.