Is this game just not coming out? It's slowly falling apart like a giant sinking space ship...

Is this game just not coming out? It's slowly falling apart like a giant sinking space ship. They just knocked off VR off of their pledges.

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It's going to come out, they just need more money to crowdfund it. So make sure to donate if you can.

What would a space ship sink into?

It's the only hope for the genre. Please buy more ship concepts in order to make our dreams come true.

The endless void of not moving in space.

If I had something like that, I'd milk it as long as I could too. This is some of the most jewish shit I've seen in my lifetime. It's almost impressive.


Imagine the pressure the senior leads have every time they wake up in the morning. They wake up sweating, they go to work sweating, they ignore media and negative criticism. Easily worse than having EA as your publisher. That has got to be fucking rough.

This game did one thing right, and that was promise everyone an amazing space-sim game. They haven't delivered, and now there's tons of people who are starting to make their own ones that are smaller scale and promising.

Seems like that one other spaceship game that came out a while ago.
You know, the one with pure garbage controls that isn't fun.

Are there any other implausible promises that are likely to be removed? I want to prepare for future salt.

6/10, good effort but reads too much like a human being wrote it. Needs to sound more insane.

i'm ashamed to admit that that one gamescom or whatever where they showed that mission where the dudes flew in one guy's freelancer, stole a swoop bike, shot a bunch of dudes, landed on a planet and one guy rode the swoop bike in and shot some more dudes while the pilot hovered around and provided air support had me genuinely interested. then i realized it's like every single other "in-game" video released in the industry for the last like ten years, was staged as fuck, will likely never happen unless you specifically set out to do that one thing, and moved on

You can say the game is already out, in the demos. The rest is just to keep collecting money until the devs can find a way to hide forever.

They would have to finish the game and optimize it properly before even thinking about VR. The game gets more promising with each update but the endgame is still aways away.

I can already hear the fanboy screams, a thousand fold beyond that of No Man's Sky.

Is there r34 of the JPEGs?

Is she even selling it? Is she doing it for free?
Where the fuck even was this?

they peaked in hype like a year ago, the only place they're going is down, and they're going oh so very down.

A swamp, if that one popular culture movie has taught me anything.

Star Citizen fans will want to become Canadians soon.


I guarantee you that every SC community out there will have stickied threads with numbers to suicide hotlines when the whole thing begins to unravel.




Eh if the game sinks I will only have lost 35 bucks which is no big deal. I just wish the demos didn't run like shit.

God bless Battered Person Syndrome.

Jesus Christ

What possible reason made you think someone like Roberts could actually deliver on the promises?

Battered wife, they are bitches after all.

Is Star Citizen the Half Life 3 of video games?

They changed the clinical name for it from battered wife to battered person and I was trying to be factual

Why the fuck is it always goons?
Was them not getting blasted to the other side of the fucking galaxy in spreadsheet simulator not enough for them?
And why is it that when the niggers here start looking at who their enemies are, goons are regularly involved? i started browsing indonesian toenail painting posterboards just after chanology and i remember it being the same way then, too

I didn't? I paid 35 bucks for the demos since the arena commander was pretty fun to play even in a shitbucket and when the PU was stable it was fun as shit to steal people's ships at that one station.

As it currently is going Jonestown would actually be a positive direction for the community to take.

Because goons are to the internet what Jews are to reality.

How is it possible to kill 8 million Jews and yet it doesn't even put a dent in their power?

**them getting blasted

Super Spiral Space.

Did you forget why you fags were pushing the holocaust was a lie meme for a second?

Why? All you need to do is map the head axis to a gyroscope controller. VR is nothing special.


Why are all the space games failing like that

Fuck, I just think that humanity doesn't know how to make good games anymore


Because every dumb faggot that gets it into his head to make one really just wants to make an MMO instead.

Oh god this is amazing.

The salt of NMS combined with the current investment of future SC ultra-salt has the potential for genuine mass suicides. There is a god.

I can't wait.

Wasn't VR support supposed to be one of the main reasons to even shell out for this shit? I mean hell Elite Dangerous already has VR support doesn't it?

This trainwreck is going to end up putting shit like SWToR to shame at this rate.

Jesus christ the entire space-sim genre is like a self-sustaining cycle of pure disappointment and delusion. Soon we're going to reach levels of salt that could kill entire countries.

Was anybody surprised Star Shitizen failed? I mean we already got the best space sim games back in 1999 and 2000.
It's hard to topple the kings.

Been playing Vendetta Online since 2003 laughing hard af.

Anyone remember Jumpgate Evolution?

I kind of understand why both Elite and SC got the kind of support they did despite the developers obviously having no fucking idea what they were supposed to be doing.

I still don't understand why it's so hard to make a sandbox space sim when there's been plenty of games to rip off for the core mechanics. What is left to do is merely implement a functional and dynamic galaxy, maybe feature and interesting and branching plot, plenty of side content and presto, you have yourself a GOTY.

Did you seriously believe the game was real? Honest question; were you REALLY that fucking stupid? They were never making a game.

Were they making a trainwreck? Was Robert's plan to create a cult and harness their faith to meme his perfect game into existence and if all else failed initiate the suicide pact?


There is a lot more to it.
VR is not just strapping a monitor in your face.
You can't have 2D HUD, you need about 90fps with no drops, twice, in a huge resolution, you can't have cutscenes where your character moves on his own, …

Once they've burned through all their money its time to go back to getting tickled.

Goons are very insecure.

They likely couldn't make the game run on any kind of hardware their costumers are bound to have without suffering severe drops in performance, with the only fix being to wait for more potent hardware in years to come.

Either that or the game simply shat itself when they tried to implement VR.

The fact they're obviously cutting corners should indicate they're starting to feel their funds dwindling, and with the game in the state it is now it will be a miracle if anything coherent ends up coming out Roberts anus.

I cant remember the last time a TOR poster wasnt a faggot

Its hard to feel bad for them when they're making millions because of ship jpgs.

The bigger issue is that you the person are static in VR while what you are seeing is moving very quickly which can trigger motion sickness quite easily. Its part of the reason why people tend to not play ED or WT in VR for long periods of time if at all.

I've been looking for the tickle vids, but I always come up empty. Source?

Yeah, although it's less of a problem for cockpit-based games than it is for FPS games for example.

At least I get to enjoy all the suicides that come from

hi sean

What if this somehow manages to just fizzle out and no shitstorm happens?

Now you are just being delusional user, there is no way people are going to forget they spend $15,000+ and got nothing for it.

Hopefully you're next.

Why? Because I backed this when it was meant to be just another space sim without all the bullshit I never wanted tacked on?
I spent less on this than I spend on GTA V so it's far from my worst mistake.

Really, just end your life. You're beyond salvation and 1 lss person making retarded decisions is a step closer to a good video game coming out again.

GTA V was the game that got me back into pirating everything before I buy, I have found salvation.
Seriously why remove crouch? It's not like they had trouble fitting it onto console controls in the past

That was the one fucking reason I was ever interested in this game. They said they were gonna make it compatible with Oculus Rift way back when Oculus had no competitors and they were still on Kikestarter. The whole thing was "you can do anything, in space, and it's all in first person so it'll work with VR"

Fucking done with these assholes. I was okay waiting an eternity as long as we eventually got it, but now it's not the product I want anymore.

Do you own a VR headset? Anything that involves walking is terrible and always will be, while cockpit play is great sooner of latter you are going to get out of the ship and into the most immersion breaking experience known to man.

Something like pic related is the only way walking is ever going to work and even them you need a wireless headset and extremely light sphere to limit inertia.

Yeah, no. Virtuix Omni, Cyberith Virtualizer and the KAT WALK to name a few.

I'm a higher evolved being capable of walking around in VR without vomiting

Same shit, you get the point that you need to actually take steps for it to feel anything but retarded.

Nothing to do with feeling sick, just the fact that everything is so convincing while you are stationary / in a cockpit but the instant you move the illusion is shattered.

Pic related is perfect for headset VR or will be once the res is high enough to actually read MDFs without pressing your face to them

Perfect? Not yet but soon.

Their first releases should have been a basic dogfighter then move onto larger battles and areas before jumping onto other projects. They basically built the roof of a structure before even trying to consider what the foundation is going to be made of.

Sure. Just pushing back against the idea that you need gigantic, overpriced spheres And I do mean overpriced, that piece of shit is around THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND SHEKELS for a viable movement solution, since we already have reasonably priced (few hundred bucks) stationary treadmills.

I would have to give it a shot but that looks like it would be ok for driving but shit for flying. I have done a bit of flying and a 60 deg. bank doesn't feel like a chair twisted 60 deg. because you have some gee loading that makes it feel like a much shallower bank.
It might be good for very tame flying but then why add the complexity and price that comes with that range of motion?

Because short of attaching that thing to something like a multi-million dollar g-force centrifuge, that's probably about as good as it's going to get for cockpit VR. Certainly with that size footprint.

I understand that and the training sims that actually produce gees are fucking huge, video related (4g for 1 second max).
My point is that if it doesn't add to the realism and just feels wrong why bother at all.
It would be fine for cars as a little pitch and roll would add to it without the missing gees detracting too much but for aircraft, especially anything more maneuverable than a 747 I can't see it adding much.

Because it does add to the realism in an imperfect manner, and most importantly, it's fun. If you're taking an all or nothing attitude in regards to VR realism here without making any concessions, you're never going to be satisfied. For example, there are no VR solutions that even come close to the real feeling of shooting a gun, and that's probably never going to happen. Does that mean we shouldn't progress as far down that avenue as possible to create a reasonable approximation of what it's like, to further one's immersion? No, of course not.

The more experienced you are with something, the more you're going to notice any flaws in attempting to replicate that experience, so while that cockpit sim may feel wrong for you, as you have actual flight hours logged, for most people they're going to have a fucking blast in that thing and not know the difference.

Fair point, I'll concede that imperfect imitation is better than nothing.

I will never understand furfags or goons.


Never try, because that way lays madness and despair.


Because it's closer to realism than nothing. Same reason why we have shit graphics instead of photorealism or complete darkness.

They probably think more about the money that keeps on rolliong in, knowing that when shtf it'll be all blalmed on Roberts anyway, while the ycan simply fuck off and never mention Scam Citizen again.

The plebs that actually make the game would make more money driving a garbage truck, they are there because it has a lot of cool TECHNOLGY in it and they are hoping to gain skills that are in high demand as these technologies spread.

The only ones getting rich will be Roberts friends / family that got the job via nepotism, I'm sure his wife is getting close to a million a year.




I have a fucking vive and its literally the opposite.
Locomotion in VR is not a problem anymore, people have adjusted to it and devs worked out the kinks.

There are reasons why locomotion games like Onward are popular now and even fast pasted stuff with jumping and dashing like Sairento VR is on the rise.

It's not really about people getting used to it as much as it is some niggers who wouldn't be able to identify themselves on the mirror wanting headset makers to fix them, not the headset. If they can't play VR shit with lots of motion they probably also get dizzy when listening to audio because almost every audio system on the planet is garbage at positional audio, even the ones made for positional audio.

pic related, it's them soon

To me warping around the place is most immersion breaking possible, maybe they have gotten better now as I haven't looked into it for awhile.

Successive dubs confirmed, not even millions of dollars because jpegs will save them.