What's your favorite game?
What are you breeding?
What are your favorite pokemon?
What are the cool kid strats these days?

Feel free to exchange friend codes and pokemon, rant about what they did wrong this gen, or do lewd things

sun/moon is second only to bw2

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The guy you just posted, nigga.
Golurk is great, fuck the furshit.


Emerald /Platinum
currently Milotic :^)
Crobat with Weavile a close second

good taste

Pokemon with big hands are great tbh lad

Sun and Moon.
I'm breeding my Infernape and recently got a Chimchar.
Gardevoir of course

Not even close;

Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2 > HG/SS Golden edition >B2/W2 > HG/SS > Platinum > Emerald > Prism > XD >Colosseum > B/W > FR/LG > Crystal > Brown > OR/AS > R/S > G/S > Yellow > R/B/G > Pokemon Showdown > Broken Chinese bootlegs > D/P > Pokemon fetish flash "games" made by furries > X/Y = S/M

Nigga, that's good and all, but do you really expect me to take all that seriously? Blaze and Volt are great, don't get me wrong, but damn, you must not have thought this through.

For the mainline: BW2
Spin Off: SKY with Super as a close second
Overall: SKY

Nothing but I got my stuff from the bank and I trying to get Tapus with good natures

GEN 1: Charizard
GEN 2: Tyranitar and Feraligatr
GEN 4: Garchomp
GEN 5: Hydreigon
GEN 6: Pangoro
GEN 7: Drampa
Overall: Charizard

What are the cool kid strats these days?
This is the best at OU

This is what is most used in VGC/Doubles

fire red
im not that autistic

Also here is what is used at Worlds:

Not my fault the romhacks are better than most of the official releases and fixes many of the problems they have. And its not hard to be better game than X/Y & S/M.

Emerald; I already loved gen 3, and getting the Frontier for extra shit to do after the main game was great. Yellow comes close second.
Nothing at the moment
Gen 3 and 4 starter lines with Turtwig line as number one.
Cosmic power and Metronome Clefable, or Acupressure Drapion

Gotta get a team together in S&M if I want that Mawilite and I fucking do. Hopefully the megastone rewards aren't a one time thing only.

That's not necessarily what I meant, sorry. Thanks anyways.
I use the pokemon I like, and someone posted those prof shroomish charts earlier and I wanted something like that but wider-defined.

Of course it's not your fault, but I wasn't counting those to begin with, you supreme autist.
Please shitpost elsewhere

Okay that's fair enough S/M is worse than X/Y because it doesn't fix any of the fucking problems X/Y had and only adds more. It also signals the continual fall into mediocrity for the series since S/M sold a fuck load because pokemon go; now the series will forever pander to the mobile audience like what they started with in gen 6

My best friend has it and uses it every single fucking time we play, even if it makes no sense. We both love it.

And yes, we play the song when it happens.

That has been the problem, in one way or another, since Gen IV. Rather than simply retconning the changes they made (like they did in, what, Gen II and III), they just piled on new mechanics and unnecessary complexity.

We’ve had a Leaf Stone since Gen I, but Leafeon evolves by being near a fucking rock. Gen IV added sex-specific evolutions, but REFUSED to change older Pokémon to be sex-specific for their evolutions, etc.

Are you talking about the already-irreparable meta? Jesus fuck, you scared me for a sec. X/Y was a shit game on so many levels, but as far as the game itself and not the meta mechanics are concerned, S/M fixes a lot of X/Y and OR/AS's shortcomings and mistakes. Go into more depth if that's not what you mean.

I honestly can't agree with that. XY had nothing going for it. Gen 6 had no 3rd game to save it, same as they did with previous gens. I doubt that Gen 7 will get something like BW2 but hey, we can dream, no? Lets all sit down and list the issues that SM had:

I am not listing things that all pokemon suck at such as dificulty or lineraty since that is common flaw in every main line game so far. As for the amount of content, SM actualy has more to offer than XY. I liked S&M more than XY, I feel like they are trying to bring something new to the Pokemon formula but as usual, GF is shit.

S&M is a 6.5
XY is a 6
Passing grades but still mediocre

-Inability to change Ride Pager Pokemon to ones you have in your PC box.
-Lack of clothing options.
XY had more variety.
No Hawaiian shirts.
No sun dresses.
-No means to preview hairstyles without buying them first.
-No fish anywhere functionality. No one likes needing to fish rocks.
-Most of the new Pokemon are really really slow.
Venusaur is faster than Decidueye.
-No horde encounters
-No triple battles
-Lag on old 3DS systems and even reports of lag on n3DSs
Battles lag when more than 3 pokemon are on screen
Lag during totem battles
-Lag in Festival Plaza when moving around
Delay when guests load in
-Slow transitions
Loading the game
Opening Pokemon window
Opening bag window
Moving between areas
-Slowness when Pokemon are losing health.
-No means to check your rankings in the Festival Plaza.
-No improvements to speeding up Wonder trading
-Lack of Player Character expressions during story.
-The marking colors turn blue when first pressed, which represents low according to the stat colors that represent nature stat increases and decreases. It should start at red instead to symbolize max IVs because more often than not, that's why you would be using the markers.
-2 minute intro before you pick your starter and can see if it's shiny.
-B button doesn't automatically select the option to keep all moves when a pokemon is trying to learn a new move.

Anyone want to add to my list?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky and Pokemon Emerald

Im trying to get an adamant Beedrill

Lopunny, Muk, Feraligatr and Jolteon

I heve seen people use Alolan Golem with Galvanize and Passimian then they use explosion and protect

Also, do any of you guys want a shiny Togedemaru? It has 3ivs in SpAtk, Attack and speed. I don't really want it since I already have a 5ivs one


Every pokemon game that has had trainer customization has done an absolutely rotten job of it. Even Battle Revolution. That being said, it's poor execution does NOT earn it any points above other games.

It's called Google. Bad design, but anyone with half a brain will know the answer to this. That being said, their slacking isn't that excusable in this field.

Boo hoo hoo, fishing pokemon are fucking shit. Blame the lack of chain fishing if anything.

Actually valid concern, although I for one enjoy all the balkmons they've added.

lol what

How is this a bad thing? It was clearly a low-effort hook to reel people in. They did not take the FPS into account, and pokemon with large sizes and complex animations weren't possible because the game might run out of memory.

Another valid concern. Triple battles were bretty ok, and my friend and I used to engage in them all the time without strategy for fun.

You're the one who misses horde battles, nerd.

What kind of toasters are most 3DS nowadays if they can't handle that? I had no issues. As for festival plaza, the guests appearing so slowly is actually a design choice, and a fucking shitty one at that. PSS was better in almost every conceivable way.

Pokemon G6 had this, but nowhere near as bad. It's because they didn't put as much effort into overworld graphics.

Blame Gamefreak. They've always made everything as cumbersome as possible. Expressions were never a thing, you only notice their absence now that there is a medium to include them in. That being said, why not go all the way?

Less messages to skip through, no argument

how retarded can people be

I got a few to add to this.
-No more coin trick, or even acceptable stretch of land near the nursery
-Still no GTS improvements
-Still no fucking Fairy types

I'm glad I have access to a decent Garchomp for breeding, but this worries me.
Why the shift?

Celesteela and Marowak looked cool as shit and won a lot of favorites. They did not stand up to the test of time, however.

This is how incompetent GameFreak actually is.

Today is Mewtwo's birthday.

Sapphire, if only for getting my first shiny there
Nothing thus far
Good old Starmie

Also, where are the Gen 7 mods ?

Hey can anyone give me some tips on this team.
It's not meant to be competetive, just for my friends. My biggest obsticle is their fucking Ribombees.

Goodra (F) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Sap Sipper
EVs: 240 HP / 252 SpA / 16 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dragon Pulse
- Fire Blast
- Sludge Bomb
- Muddy Water

Bewear @ Leftovers
Ability: Fluffy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
IVs: 0 SpA
- Shadow Claw
- Hammer Arm
- Bulk Up
- Thunder Punch

Weavile @ Life Orb
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Ice Shard
- Night Slash
- Iron Tail

Gardevoir @ Choice Specs
Ability: Trace
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 16 HP / 8 Def / 232 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Psyshock
- Energy Ball
- Focus Blast

Gengar @ Gengarite
Ability: Cursed Body
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Destiny Bond
- Shadow Ball
- Protect
- Sludge Wave

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs: 244 HP / 8 Def / 200 SpD / 56 Spe
Impish Nature
IVs: 0 SpA
- Knock Off
- Swords Dance
- Roost
- Earthquake

I'm getting wrecked in Uber and OU (Black Sludge in place of Gengarite)

Today I spent about an hour leveling up my Shaymin in Brick Bronze.

Give _anything_ Rock-Slide or Poison Jab. Maybe even Smart Strike or Iron Head.

You also have some common weaknesses.
If I have a steel type (for Weavile and Gardevoir)- who do you switch to that resists it?

Try and build a "core" of 3 (or even 2) Pokemon that fill in for each-other's weaknesses.

Sun/Moon. Fuck the Plaza though, PSS is much better. I played a lot of Black 2, then forgot to save and lost a load of progress. I can't work up the drive to play it again.
Gothitelle. I love a lot of the new designs though. Lurantis and Tsareena are too good, and it's hard for me to say which one is cooler
>Cool kid strats
I fucking suck, but I'm decent enough to put a nice team together. I found out how fun Triage is, so I've been running Comfey with Synthesis, Protect, Aromatherapy and Draining Kiss, while it holds a Big Root. It outpriorities everything, and heals the damage it does. I don't think I'd want to run into Tapu Lele with this, but everyone I play with sucks worse than me so the chance of that happening is zero.

No argument
I'll stop that one there because you admitted to it being bad design.
No argument again? wew lad. Fishing has been a staple since Gen 1. Forcing it to one requirement with barely anything to catch from is shit by design.
This also isn't an argument. I suffered very little lag on a N3DS, but fuck you if you just have a regular 3DS. I bet it's near unplayable in most cases.
user, that's the point. Gamefreak are incompetent fucks who take the easy way out every time, but thanks to this new entry people can see for themselves their ineptitude.
How is that not an argument?
user, there are a fuck load of them in this gen and the problem is they can all be abused to cheese through the entire main game. Gamefreak still doesn't understand that they shouldn't have put the fairy type into their series where in most cases trainers will have pokemon that are weak to them.

I'm adding in painted on doors and areas that are blocked off that should be explorable such as the entirety of the hotels.

ride a Tauros over those ramps near the nursery a few times

Gen V as a whole is still probably my most favorite of the whole series, I could write endlessly about how right it got in so many areas, the animated sprites were impeccably well done, most of the new designs were really nice, and all though gameplay wise there wasn't any drastic shake-up in the meta, I thought overall the game was still fun and refreshing. Gen 7 is quickly becoming a close second though, I like a lot of the new mons and I really liked the story and characters for once, something I've never really given a shit about in past games.

Fuck the half-hearted "world building" they keep trying to attempt each gen post-game though, it's stupid and doesn't work, Looker is a dumb character that the keep using as a plot-device for the post-game shennanigans

Not an autist, I just gen in mons I want to use in online after I beat the game

Hard call, love these two and how much salt I harvest with them on showdown

Lillie is officially the new best pokegirl

My nigga. I've wanted to use Bewear competitvely for a while. Right now mine knows thunder punch, ice punch, hammer arm, and wide guard. everything except for hammer arm is an egg move however, and I don't know which moves I should sacrifice for double edge/return. Any suggestions?


The real Bewear Set up is Swords dance, Brick Break, Thrash, and Rest or Protect, though you can really put whatever you want in there so long as you've got STAB with BB and Thrash

As for Items, really up to you, could go with a Lum Berry to compensate for thrash, could also run a Rocky Helmet or Sitrus Berry

I'd go Bewear, but I see what you mean.

I was using the Team Magma weakness calculator for XY, but I can't put Gen 7 on there so I kinda gave up.
Know any updated ones besides showdown?

I never said that, I said that it doesn't score any points over the others. They're just being lazy. Damn son

The ramps are better because the incline portions of them count as more steps than riding on flat ground, hatches most eggs insanely fast.

Not only are you lazy, you're also retarded.

Still hoping for an answer to

>S/M has no national pokedex, so there's no real reason for doing so aside from autism competitive play
>can't even view the pokemon's 3d models, so it actually has less features than the alola dex, despite not being limited by needing to fit on the cartridge alongside the rest of the game

Picked up SM after a 10 year hiatus.

I liked it I guess, not big into battling so I felt arlgith about my purcahse

It's amazing to note how they managed to ruin something as simple as the National Pokédex, which was actually enough post-game content for some people to spend HUNDREDS OF HOURS into the game, and which was actually in the games since Gen 3.

Congrats, Game Freak. You overdid yourselves.

Arcanine raped Celesteela

What are you talking about? Both A-Greninja and Protean Greninja are ranked super high in OU. A-Greninja is super strong, Protean might get banned again and AG will probably get banned once it has acces to tutor moves. I don't like that anime content got into the game and greninja having its own FUG tier mega evo is pure faggotry

This was a pretty big fuckup that makes no sense, did they not even feel like copy and pasting the Pokedex entries from the previous games for the National Dex? It could not have taken much more effort than just doing that for all of the ones missing from the aloha dex

Also whats the point of calling it the "aloha dex" if it's really the only dex

Gamefreak is exceptional at fucking up the simplest things

Tapu Fini came and boned Marowak, Celesteela was always shit it just was a meme for awhile

HGSS are only limited by some of Gen 4's problems, some of the original game's problems, and an awful change to the boxes. Gen 5 is probably second for not being a massive fuckup. Gen 7 sits at a distant third with non-RS Gen 3.
Nothing because I'm bad at video games
Typhlosion has been and will always be my dog. I've used Azumaril way too many times. Jynx needs more love not in a lewd way.
Fuck man I dunno, I've always been bad at Pokemon, I'm mostly in it because I've invested way too much fucking time in it and have caught them all. I've been working on getting as many ribbons as possible on a single Pokemon (Note: Claydol is not the best choice, but does very well in Gen 3 contests) but due to not having an older wireless connection, I can't even use the fanmade WFC replacement to get the World Ability ribbon. I substituted the challenge with something else WiFi related, the BW2 PWT download tournaments based off the VGC of that year (Fuck, was it 2012? It feels like it was 2012 and I don't want to check.). However, the problem comes in that I'm still bad at video games, have to deal with a meanie genie, and have to use a Claydol for autistic reasons. I would love for any help with this, but I don't expect any.

Garchomp, Aggron comes close

good taste

why doesn't this game get much recognition around here? It literally has the best multiplayer mode

Heart Gold/Soul Silver
I don't have the patents for that.

Quality taste in vidya and butts user.

Press A to pound.

Sableye is my absolute favorite.
What doesn't he have?

What do you mean by mods?
There's cheat plugins, but that's about it.

Mods will take ages. XY took 2 or 3 years before there was proper mods for it. And Sun Moon use a new engine, so it may be harder to mod than XY/ORAS.

Now, important question:
What is the title for the DP remakes?
I can't think of a word duo that goes in front of it well. Apart from shitty stuff like "shining" or "brilliant".

a mouth

S/M and BW2
Not an autist, I am using pkhex to perfect my collection.
Cool kids don't exist

lmao that retard

You mean the ones where oppenent trainers use water sport and leer for no reason but to let babies win no matter what?
S/M has true AI depending on trainer class and good luck fighting with type disadvantage or overleveling your starter thanks to the new experience formula.
Fucking nostalgiafags ruin everything

The ability to add to a healthy metagame, the ability to do anything after being taunted and a non cancerous fanbase.


This is bait.

I think you should stop huffing solvents because that shit is really affecting your brain

t. literal babies
The frontier alone cannot salvage a shitty unoriginal and piss easy on purpose game

Sun and Moon didn't have the Battle Frontier, user.

It was great on everything else and innovated, same with BW2

All pokemon threads on Holla Forums are, this board is dying retards

Well yeah it was great and innovated, but it was relatively easy outside of a few battles, not that Pokemon hasn't always been relatively easy but SM were a bit too easy. I don't hate any Pokemon game, though. All of them are good.

Unless you abuse the exp share, use items in battle or play on switch (in which case kys anyway) the game is pretty fine and challenging.
It's unfortunate all the retards whining about the difficulty will either abuse the above or just overlevel their starter (which isn't possible anymore thankfully)
The pokemon fandom is so bigoted it hurts a bit to be part of it

To be honest I just try to rush through the main game so I can start team building for VGC.

Top fucking kek
The only challenge is trying to not drop the game.

Got me to reply.

it did in the gamecube games and in the tgc

I just want something as nice as Blaze Black / Volt White for Sun and Moon, taking care of the problems the plot has while greatly enhancing the gameplay and making every poke viable and accessible.

As for your question, it doesn't matter because Game Freak will ruin them. Enjoy your Primal Dialga and Palkia, with 50% boost to all stats.

That sounds cool, though. Maybe they'll finally be usable.

Nah, they've given up on Megas. That was Gen 6 gimmick.
Gen 7 is Z-Moves, so now you get to dance to make Palkia and Dialga do stupid things.
Imagine the cheese.

And thank fuck for that. I understand that they felt they needed something fresh and there was some merit to the idea but holy fuck did they execute it in the worst way possible.

Is the mawilite still available to get or is there a certain date we have to battle one of the competitions to get it?
Cuase I want that and the lopbunny stone, because one of my teams use either of those in em.

You have to battle at least 3 matches in the upcoming online competition this month, though you might want to double check the number of matches to be sure.

dropping a few pokemon templates.

Why introduce an endgame mode this early in the game and set it up as if it's something I can enjoy immediately?

Except they're still in the game

You're an idiot.


They are? I've seen zero mention of them so far, and I'm currently at the elite four.

Vikavolt, I feel, was a Pokemon that Game Freak made with its flavor text and background first and then got to making stats for it and had to make concessions since it could only have one ability. Clearly they wanted to somehow work in the "it uses Charjabugs as batteries" while keeping Levitate as an ability so they just gave it a slow speed stat to emulate it carrying a Charjabug.

Yes, you slowpoke.

You only see them post game.
Sina and Dexio are talked to and give you a mega bracelet after you battle one of them, then you can buy them from the Battle Tree, so the other user isn't up to it yet.

God, I fucking hate Shittia and Dixio. I hate how they had to bring out the shitty X/Y characters into this game. Just leave me the fuck alone, I don't need your shitty kalos residue, just let me enjoy the new region in peace without that awful battle theme and your awful mons and your awful megas!!! Fuck!


What are some good pokemon romhacks/fan games? I dont mind if they fakemons as long as they aren't retarded and look good like Pokemon Sage which by the way, have there been any updates?

So far I've played Liquid Crystal and some other ones I can't remember

No, faggot. It's anger and irritability. You're the autistic one for not understand these social cues. You could have called me a 'sperg' and gone home scott-free. Eat shit and die.

Reborn, Prism, Volt Black/Blaze White, Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire.
Maybe Neo X, but that's pushing it.


autism infinity.

Which Pokemon would you _hug?
I would hug these five Pokemon

There's a clear difference between forcing more unwanted megas into the game dragging them along into then current gen because they banked too hard on them and don't want to look like pussies for instantly removing them.

You literally could not be any more of a basic pleb.

What's your favorite game?
Gold/Silver/Crystal and the remakes
What are you breeding?
I'm not that autistic
What are your favorite pokemon?
Ampharos, Lilligant coming at a close 2nd

Mawile doesn't have tits

My nigga

How do i git gud

Flygon and Aggron.

Female Machop for the fugging

Female Machop line. Goddamn it.

Am I the only one who used Ampharos to Thunderpunch his way past the Elite 4? By the end of it, my Ampharos was a clear ten levels higher than my Ferraligator

Close tie between Diamond and Soul Silver
Zangoose, hoping for another shiny
Zangoose, Trevenant, Archeops

The second evil team admin is being voted on right now, pic related has been narrowed down as the base design concept, all that's left on it is minor changes and shit. Also here are 2 webms of the city with the second gym and the town with the third gym. No, the eurobeat will sadly not be the actual bike theme.

Doesn't reborn have like, the most stereotypical edgy fangame story possible though?

Who is your main?

Also here's this

Trying Sceptile and Chandelure

I'm a weavile main so I can't help you out that much unless you are newish to the game you don't know basic foundational or intermediate level stuff, but pretty much the entire pokken community uses this discord channel: discord.gg/0TQ9ljNl7rpCe2OZ There's also character specific ones you can get to by entering !(charactername)disc from there.

There's the Pokken Arena fourms (pokkenarena.boards.net/forum , which is the old ones, and the current pokkenarena.com/) but they unfortunately don't get much usage currently. The community needs to step their shit up and put their resources there instead of just disscusing it on the discord channels.

It seems quicker just to not use it in the first place.

I agree, I assume it's not final, but i'll ask around about that.

It's a toss up between the gen 1 and 2 remakes.
Maybe even the original Blue, if only for happy memories.
I don't possess that level of autism.

It is just another online tournament. What makes it interesting is that 2 of the Missing Mega Stones will be distributed as Entry Gifts, all you need to is battle 3 times.

Coro is going to distribute a Charizard, it seems it comes from a poll they made. Nothing else is known about it. I don't think it will have any good event move, it will have Hold Hands or Happy Hour at best

Dugtrio is the glue holding Stall teams together as is the only way they have to deal with stallbreakers sort as Hoopa-U and Tapu Lele. Dugtrio also makes Stall super consistent. Will the Mole be banned to Ubers

I rather just grind and git gud than use those

well, good luck user.

Asked about it, it seems it's the default bike speed in Pokemon Essentials, and it'll get changed

Why? It is such an odd choice?

I wish I knew myself, I think it's a major factor in why the larger fighting game community thinks Pokken is dead.

When everybody is on a discord channel, there's no easily viewable, public resource/place of disscusion to either look up info or see that people talk about the game.

Also does anybody have any other questions about what's going on with Sage currently? Also, here's the base for what's being worked on for the city with the 4th gym.


Got a few

I'm still waiting for a rip of that game.

I agre with you, user. I suppose Discord is a great tool and everything but it is too selfcontained. They need a public face, a forum, a twitter, a tumblr, something the average user can find.

My fucking nigger. Too bad me and my one friend who had it only played it like twice. Got halfway through fire temple.
Game also has a baller soundtrack

You can't fuck Pokemon, they don't have genitals.

these, plus jirachi and clefable

these sluts


Tell me about it.


I just inject now. It's faaster and easier.

Charizard. Generic I know.

Landorus-T, Tapus, and UBs (except Guzzlord) everywhere. There are even fewer good pokemon this gen than last gen.