Platinum Samurai Jack game when??

Platinum Samurai Jack game when??

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Was this one bad?


Watch it on TV and buy the DVDs if you want them to see there's potential for another game.
Hell, write Genndy a letter.

But i'm afraid if CN thinks there's too much interest in this, they'll milk it.
S5 is definitely endgame, best you can get is a game set before end of S4, or maybe one that bridges 4-5.

Also platinum made Kora so bad, that i don't know if they have enthusiasm for western cartoons at all.

Hey shut up. The Korra game was just as good as the show!

incredibly mediocre

does anyone have enthusiasm for western cartoons?


I want to see Grasshopper Manufacture to make one instead, if only for their visuals. Maybe they could team up with Platinum who would handle the gameplay.

It's not CN bringing it back, it's Adult Swim
They're technically the same thing, but AS has a habit of cancelling shows people like

depends on the cartoon. I still believe western cartoons can and have destroyed what the japs can produce, you just need the right people.

AS is staffed by different people and know reports earnings seperate. I just want another venture bros season.

I think this may have been the case 40, 50 years ago. Samurai Jack is the closest they've got since, but when you have 40 new shows a season with 4 seasons a year, where pretty much everything is on an entirely different echelon of quality from what is produced in the West, you're a bit of a lost hope.

World Peace was dangerously racist and pro drumpf, they had to cancel it to save their faces in front of other respectful media to not be condemned with other drumpf supporters, president of which will be impeached soon.

fixed that for you

rip The Big O

I've always had huge ideas for an open world action game with cuhrayzee combat for Samurai Jack.

A man can dream.

CN palmed it off to AS after Genndy wanted to have violence.

You can say western cartoons are just mass-produced garbage, but the same can be said for anime. I see my mates talking about all these new anime series that they love that get cancelled after a single season, and, though admittedly I don't like anime past the 90s, they all just look the same to me.
/a/ can tell me how intriguing each plot is, but the art looks so similar and the action as badly animated that it turns me off like every Adventure Time rip off.

Do you really want Mike "Follow God's wrath or feel Tesla's wrath" Pence as President?

It would have been shit and I would have cancelled my pre-order.

2/10, try again.

I can't see SJ as fully 3D. Most of it's charm is from the simplicity of shape and movement, making everything 3D models will take away from that and look ugly as sin, see: Cartoon Network FusionFreefall.

>Mike "Follow God's path or feel Tesla's wrath" Pence

I think a team could pull it off if they spent a lot of time on it. We can do some pretty impressive shit nowadays. Still, you're right in that it would provide a serious challenge in matching the art style exact.

If all else fails you could just make a Samurai Jack inspired game too, I guess.

Moral Orel was canceled because it was harshing Mike Lazzo's mellow

the few that there are, are. Very safe humor like rick and morty, or decent at best writing with a sense of cynical self awareness like venture bros.

I think the problem is you don't know any anime past what you remember seeing in the 90s and probably up to the mid 00's. You shouldn't act like you do.

On the flipside, Tim "I'm a cuck" Heidecker is gonna have to pay alimony and he fucked himself over by angering his fanbase, since there's a lot of overlap with MDE fans. Meanwhile MDE is popular than ever.

I need to kill myself.

go back to >>>Holla Forums
World Peace was great because it literally shoved all the shit you people spew on a daily basis right back in your face. Welcome to reality you fucking double niggers.

Reminder that Itsuno made DMC great and not Kamiya.

user, anime is the definition of mass produced garbage, for every gem there's ten lazy cash grabs pandering to recent trends
And that's aside from the fact that most anime are just advertisements for whatever they're adapting, and the ones that aren't have a 50/50 chance of being more literal advertisements for a toy brand

as someone who has been watching new shows every season for over 10 years - I know. I don't care. 4 great shows in a season of 40 shows is a great trade off for american shows, which haven't had something truly great since samurai jack 17 years ago.

Wasn't there supposed to be movie out last year, I remember promos for a continuation then silence.

watch the embed in the op, it's not looking too good

you cheeky bastard

Pull off some paperman-esque shiy

After the Platinum Kill la Kill, Panty and Stocking and Little Witch Academia games come out.

You act like people remember Kamiya for DMC and not every other project he's helmed

If they did it in the same art style of the new Guilty Gear game, it would work.
They're full 3D models that look very 2D. Don't know how well that would transfer over to an open world 3D games vs a fightan game though

Why would Platinum make games based off of shit anime?


anything but little witch academia. trigger is so terrible.

Show is shit but might be cool
Eh i don't know

will trigger ever make anything good

No, since they are an off shoot of Gainax, who was also shit

inferno cop

Little Witch Academia is fucking superb and all ya'll niggas need to kill yourselves.


its managed to have even less identity than the ovas

What happened with qt witches?

Not an argument. Also, what kind of retarded standard are you holding it up to? It's got more "identity" than run of the mill cute girls doing cute things with xyz gimmick, that's for damn sure.

When will Holla Forums wake up and smell the lingering stench of turd that emanates from Platinum games?
They make template games, like a filthy nigger makes template threads. Stop liking those cheap talentless hacks.

I'm comparing it to the ovas, you do know what those are, right? Why did they remove any personality diana had as a mean girl leader antagonist?

Reminder that Last Airbender started in 2005. It's funny how the 2 best western cartoons of the 21st century were interpretations of nip culture, though.

always felt like a cheap imitation, cyncial and didn't really get the things it knocked off from the 90s like the gag facial expressions.


I would agree with you if I only saw the first 10 episodes, but by halfway through season 2 it had its own identity and most of the gag faces are gone. It never felt like it was really trying to be anime to me, it was a very western story that used a similar artstyle to anime. It makes sense to use it because it allows for somewhat realistically proportioned characters while also having expressive faces and not falling into the uncanny valley.

yeah it is gimmicky, but because it's so short it doesn't overstay its welcome

it really turned me off. You're probably right and it's probably just a fine show, but I don't think it'll ever come back from that initial impression for me.

Both seasons' endings were fucking shit. They inched closer to actually revealing stuff about the mystery of the world, then pulled back at the last minute to break the fourth wall and engage in Gainax-tier masturbation.
There was a lot of good stuff in there outside the endings, though.

This is stupid. You are stupid. Her few appearances have been brief so far. And considering the vastly longer timeframe the TV version is running on they need to slowly establish character and, more importantly, her role in the story before they give her any sort of established character development and/or personality.

In short, they "removed" her personality because we're on episode 5, and she needs to be the stone-cold top-dog bitch for narrative purposes, you fucking idiot.

she needs to have no personality and the show needs to continue to rehash from the mediocre ovas.

Excellent non argument.

MDE crossed over with JoJo when?

just making sure we're on the same page here, I want to understand what you value about the show.

Define "template threads" because the rules page sure doesn't

The only thing I'm convinced of is that you want to understand the taste of my cock ramming down your mouth.

Fuck off, idiot.

OK, guy who only wants Holla Forums approved anime.



What would Sam's stand be?

The Hoppean Snake

Here's some examples:
Usually they start with a green text only.
The point here is that Platinum makes shitty. "hack and slash for dummies" type of games with retarded anime tier stories.

The fact that you dislike Platinum does not mean that all threads about Platinum are template threads.
Though I'll agree the OP was low-effort.

I swear if they inject SJW shit into this, me and sam hyde, in a legally defensible self-defense situation, will shoot up adult swim offices.

I get what you mean. This is not a joke, but I think you should try and come up with good threads of your own. Try to post a thread once a day that you think is quality, to go against these stale template threads.

Don't worry, it's Genndy. He hasn't failed us yet.

I agree, we must reclaim our homeland and make Holla Forums great again. The catalog must be stained with the blood of shitty template and Oyveywatch threads.

Sym Bionic Titan

Japs are good at making stills that barely animate, while westerners are much better at animation.

One's shit at animation, and the other's shit at art.

Generally the animes that have good animation tend to have the most budget as vanity projects. Same with western shit on the art deal.

It's really just a different focus on different aspects of making moving pictures.

Cal-Arts was a recent thing, and before they infected the animation community, western and eastern were on about the same level back when I was a kid.

are you pretending studio nigger isn't, especially in a platnium game about X thread

watch flip flappers if you think japs are bad at animation. You don't know anything.

I'm not saying that threads on Holla Forums about Platinum are all template threads, I'm saying that Platinum makes shitty template games!!!!

I do, but just as I go against template threads I also go against shitty template games like the ones platinum makes.

Oh wow, a single exception that proves that the majority, not the minority, are good at everything.

Watch Samurai Jack, The art may seem simple but the art direction and stylization make for exceedingly beautiful scenes.

That's one of our exceptions.

All their games are similar in some respects, though the moment-to-moment gameplay of, say, Vanquish and Bayonetta, differs pretty substantially. I wouldn't say they're "template games," just that their games have the same goal: to be a visually spectacular action game with a high skill ceiling that's still accessible to casuals.

I'm implying that you're a fucking retard, for way too many reasons to list at this point.

Also, I'm laughing pretty hard at you recommended Flip Flappers for good animation, when it was only decent at best.

I've seen it, and you still don't know what you're talking about. I remember being a kid on newgrounds and watching an anime parody video which mentioned the exact same rhetoric you bring up now as if it applies to everything rather than sakuga - which is what you're talking about.

you're a trigger nigger, you don't get to call anyone else a retard when you're a bottom of the barrel consumer.

Never. Fucking westaboos

Westaboos are bestaboos.

Well then, you're deluded and can't take it when someone proves you're wrong.

Japs also have their own cal-arts and that's the 3d animation craze they're going through, which basically prevented the new Berserk anime from being a good adaption due to the sheer horribleness of the anime's art as well as the animation.

You're arguing that anime is better, and i'm arguing that both have their flaws and do things better then eachother.

You respond with cherrypicking and when everyone calls you out for it for using an example that isn't even that good you respond with a childish rebuke about vauge shit on newgrounds.

Can you not accept that anime has it's own flaws? Must it be your alter to worship, you faggot? Seriously, who thinks like this?

How fucking dare you even address me, you piece of shit. You shouldn't even be taking your gaze off the floor when I am nearby. Where are you handlers? Who let you out of your cage? I demand you summon your keeper right this secondness and have them usher you back into your hovel.

Begone, filth!

Hello /a/


Should be good as long as they keep Suda51 the fuck away from the story and writing.


Have you learnt nothing?


have you like watched the show?

Don't forget the apegirl ninja tiddies

Since it was announced people thought this was going to be animated in fucking flash, user
There's plenty here to get excited about

The trailer shows him losing and running away with a dagger in his chest.


thet's borderline experimental

You know, they can just run it later at night on Toonami. They need to diversify their late night lineup in general or spin off Adult Swim as another channel. I'm sure what they have during the day isn't working in the long term, either. There's only so much CalArts tripe they can afford to push every season.

Jack doesn't kill women at first sight

He should. Last woman he didn't kill at first sight was Aku in disguise. He almost felt romantic for her.

If there's any game Platinum has to make, it's gotta be jack.
jack jack jack


Goddamit. Anyway, they'll probably make a game to millk the nostalgia, so pray it's good

>>>Holla Forums
Not much, really.

Thanks, now you gave me my dream Cuhrazy game. Also, Platinum made MadWorld, I want a game like it with more variety in the killings and a better score system. Fuck anarchy reign

I admit I only played Killer is Dead, but from my experience with that game and from what I heard about the stories of other Suda51 games, I'd say that he should stay as far away from the story as possible.

This episode was pretty heart wrenching, also the one where he climbs the tower with the fairy stuck to his hand, and the gladiator episode

The whole series had amazing episodes

So be it.

Really dissapointed theres no samurai jack episodes as webms.
Too large I guess?

That one was always hard to watch. You even see that Jack understood what happened at the end.

Unless you wanna squish them in a thumbnail sized resolution? Too large.

Storywise, the only problem I have with Suda is the fact that he allowed NMH2 to happen, it fucking shouldn't. In that regard, what I like about his games is that he tends to end the story, NMH1 ended perfectly, but it became so popular that he just made a halfassed sequel Which marginally improved the gameplay while shitting on the previous ending. All his games go fucking crazy, and that's something I appreciate and like.
I doubt he would make a good Samurai Jack story at all, but he can just make something original, slap Jack on it and call it a day, it's not like the cartoon ever gave a shit about continuity.

Holla Forums tends to divide episodes either in 2 or 3 parts, they look good sometimes too.

It wasn't even that bad. Autists just complain that the story could have been more because of the civil war and all that, but the premise wasn't about the damn civil war.

To Genndy Tartakovsky


all Samurai Jack idiots:

He goes back to kicking ass as soon as he retrieves his sword.


You know what would be cool, if Jack could defeat Aku without the Sword. The sword turned Jack into the ultimate Mary Sue. Technically, anyone with the sword can fuck up Aku, but only the guy that become the most badass person in existence can use it well to defeat him.
Maybe something along the lines of using the sword to weaken Aku and then finishing him off.

That's probably my favorite episode, noir robot detectives are always kickass




Like when he got his ass handed to him repeatedly until he got saved by someone else in the episode where he fought the Anubis warriors?

Jack got fucked up and tricked all the time

How many times was Jack defeated?

I seem to recall 3 times at most.

When he fought the hunters early on, later on fighting the egyption minions creatures and had to call RA to save him, and finally The Guardian who gave him a good fight but ended up losing in the end.

he got his ass kicked by a bunch of robots until he got a huge mech arm but it ran out of power and then he had to call his ancestors for help

/r/ing that webm of RA coming to help and it has smite voice lines.

You forgot the sirens, but that was offscreen.

You could probably also count the well guardian archers.



Fuck me I'm conflicted.


lol nerd go back to your virtual reality and automated onahole

The trailer begs to differ. the animation looked ok, the writing we can't judge yet, and I didn't see any references. I think you're judging way too early.

That was just aku's voice, anyone can do that voice.

Why would you not stick your dick into a great game?

genndy is still involved, the last thing he did with cartoon network was symbiotic titan which was still pretty good despite ending up cancelled,so im optimistic

Makoto's replacement in avatar did a pretty good job

Jack is not meant to talk so much

I agree, I liked it better when he didn't talk, it made them rely on visuals to tell a story much more.


Didn't they cancel Symbiotic Titan because they couldn't come up with a toy line or some bullshit like that?

Yes you dumb nigger.

There are tons of people out there who fuck around and do cartoon character voice impersonations that fit to a T. It's not that hard to find someone else to do replacement voice work, especially if that voice was iconic.

rip in piece mako

It's not the same, faggot. Look at Sonic Boom Sonic SA and the precious Sonic SA. They're similar, but you notice the difference right away.
In your dreams.

Let's do some aku memes so the makers of the makers of the show know we wanted this.
Something with the intro like.

Land… laaaaaaaaaaaand


While I can agree that Aku's original VA can never be replaced, Genndy is doing the best he can with the replacement. Having him do something completely different wouldn't work out as well, because he wouldn't be Aku, at least this way we have it as close as we can get it.

That trailer got me pretty hyped, I'm really looking forward to the first episode. We've got blood, we've got ninja bitches, we've got Jack using bigass machineguns and riding motorcycles, we've got pretty good looking animation that matches the style of the original show.

It's looking to be the conclusion the show deserves.


You guys remember when Aku turned into a sexy lady? Did weird things to my penis as a kid.

Nice digits and taste there friendo.


I loved that episode, not because of the weird lady aku, but because of that awesome tune that plays when they go on a desert riding montage.





I can't understand anything between "blithering" and "milk-drinking".

Well, any episode with the Scotsman is automatically best.

Oh god what if they go full edge and don't bring back the scotsman because it would be too light-hearted
What if they kill him off

Shapeshift into some cool stuff and fight whatever you want, or just hang out in your fire cave and laugh at foolish samurai.

I'd rather all the characters die a horrible. tragic death at it being stolen by filthy kikes and made political and sjw ridden crap.
I hope the main voice of the show is redpilled nigger.

I think Genndy already said at SDCC or something that the Scotsman would come back.

Then it was garbage that can't follow the rules of the previously established lore?


Gen already confirmed he'd be back and 'in a big way'. He might go out with a badass sacrifice or something, but he's in there.

Where can I download the entire series?

You can watch the entire thing on Hulu, if you have that. Most of Cartoon Network's shit is on there.

The entire thing is on youtube just so you know

There has never been a slice of life as good as King of The Hill, A children's shounen as good as ATLA or a comedy anime as good as the first 3 seasons of spongebob.
Japs can't into variety

And I'm good quality too, no pitched up audio, zoomed in perspective, or overlay. I just finished watching Jack and the Scotsman.

I hate that spongebob kiddies post on imageboards now. That show was hot steaming shit compared to what came before.

You don't even have to look very far back either, ren and stimpy aired at the same time spongebob didn't it?


I think a lot of season 2/3 episodes have been flagged, unfortunately. But most of them are up.

Depends on what you're referring to when you say what came before.

Fuck off John K. You are useless and have been for nearly 20 years.

Sounds like you're just mad that something is more popular than the shitty show you liked.

Early spongebob was really great. If you liked rocko's modern world and didnt like spongebob maybe you're just a hipster.

Modern Life*


Only if you have /a/ levels of shit taste.

How so?


Could Jack defeat Gutts?

On half chan Holla Forums it is.
W101 is a bad game there because it didn't sell good and uncharted is good because it sold so well.

i guess that would depend on if jacks sword is breakable

I will never understand why anyone gives Uncharted the time of day.

Knowing guts, hed get the shit kicked out of him only to pull off a victory with a dirty trick or a one hit kill.

No shit

Because of cinematicfags who think paying $60 for what amounts to a playable blockbuster is worth it rather than going to a movie theater or torrenting an mkv.

Its a playable movie

Back when Hennig ran the the show, they were playable Indiana Jones movies with fun characters, meh puzzles and kind of fun combat.


They'd fight a long, equal fight until they would realize they're on the same side. It would probably be around the time Guts' JRPG party would show up when Jack would realize something's off and that Guts ain't no minion of Aku.


Isn't this supposed to be 80 years in the future after season 4 or something like that?

someone post the webm where Aku challenges Jack to a duel

I doubt he as pretty much any actor can afford to say anything even slightly out of the bounds of the groupthink if he wants to work ever again. So who the fuck knows.

Please tell me someone has the screencap of the scottish user explaining what each of those insults are supposed to mean. And yes, they are all real insults.

No, but I found one.

Explanations of the insults, if anyone wants to seek enlightenment:

Mr. Pajama-Wearing: Jack’s robes look like bathrobes or Hugh Hefner robes or something.
Basket-Face: Jack was wearing a basket-looking hat on his head.

Slipper-Wielding: The Scotsman’s usual weapon makes Jack’s lithe katana look like a harmless toy.

Clype-Dreep-Bauchle: “Inform; tell a tale”, “drip”, “shoe that is so worn-out and shitty it makes the wearer shamble; someone who shambles like they use one or is a ne’er-do-well”. I’m guessing he’s insulting Jack’s choice in wooden sandals by calling them unstealthy/loud, incapable of keeping the user dry, and generally awkward. Or Jack’s a dishonorable snitch and a criminal dripping with talltales? Not too sure.

Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw: “Gather”, “upping(?)”, “bleat; sheepish/timid”, “mouth”. I’m not sure. Poking fun at Jack’s stoic, unexpressive, and relatively-small mouth? Or maybe he’s calling Jack a shepherd, as in Jack has a mouth for yelling to gather up sheep, and a possible sheep-fucker implication from this?

Blethering: Blathering. Jack is being called a fool who talks a lot of stupid bullshit.

Gomeril: Fool.

Jessie: Slang for a girly, cowardly man.

Oaf-Looking: Stupid-looking

Schooner: Schooners are small-but-fast ships. Either he’s calling Jack small, or he’s calling Jack “small”.

Nyaff: A stupid/irritating person of little significance.

Plookie: Pimply or acne-ridden. Not really fitting for Jack so it might just be an unfitting “you’re ugly”.

Shan: Three possible meanings. North England slang for Jack being unfair/harsh or being poor, or the Scotsman is calling Jack a random Asian ethnicity. The Shan are in Burma/Myanmar and some nearby countries, so the Japanese would likely take offense to being mistaken for a group they feel superior to.

Milk-Drinking: Unweaned babies drink milk. The Scotsman is calling Jack a baby.

Soy-Faced: Jack’s skin color.

Shilpit: Lanky/unmuscular.

Mim-Moothed: “Demure-mouthed”. Either referring to Jack’s stoic demeanor, or Jack’s mouth being tiny and dainty compared to the Scotsman’s macho maw of gum disease.

Sniveling: Crying/whining/sniffling

Worm-Eyed: Jack is Asian.

Hotten-Blaugh: “Heat up”, “pale/livid”. Maybe he’s saying Jack’s a Japanese hothead, or that he can see that Jack’s getting pissed off from the rest of the insults, so he is saying “u mad”?

Vile-Stooshie: A stooshie is a disruption caused by a disagreement. I guess Jack’s being called utterly disagreeable.

Cally-Breek-Tattie: Girl’s name, “pants/trousers”, “potato”. I’m guessing he’s saying Jack’s a fat girl or a fat man that wears girl clothing

Here's a second opinion.

Post lewd Femku


What if it is guts on his edgelord days?

That looks like the setup for a hardcore hatefucking if I ever saw one

how bout the in the comic series where leprechauns cursed jack and the Scotsman and turned them into women

Is that the IDW comic, or…?

It's like pottery

Jim Zub

Guts sacrificing his whole party to save Casca from insanity and end the Shonenshit when?

Technically the original was all cheap animation. You really think any of the original series was hard to animate?

Hey now, Transformers Devastation is definitely one of their best games, although I guess it's technically a franchise based off Japanese toys that Hasbro slapped a new franchise on, but when Takara brought it back to Japan it sold better than the original line so they just rolled with it. I guess what I'm saying is just let Platinum make a Go-Bots game, Hasbro can't do anything else with that license because of so much other retardation and Platinum seems to make the best licensed games when robots/cyborgs are involved (Transformers, MGR, Automata).

Platinum is overrated.

There was too much talking period.

Truly enlightening.

This needs to be animated so bad.

Your dick is overrated.



As much as I want to trigger you, there's not much more worth posting.

Does Femku keep her penis when shapeshifting?

they already showed old scotsman in that comic gendy made. he's just got gray hair and is acting practically like jacks general

I don't get the Samurai Jack meme

Every time something happened, it needed to happen mirrored.

I wanted to like it, but I only got through about 3 episodes and wondered if I had really even watched it when I was younger. Does it get better? I want to see cool alien worlds.

I don't know what kind of mental disorder this is


But autists like symmetry

No, I just felt that the fight scenes were padded out with that inane bullshit. It all felt extremely slow-going.

Sorry, I meant advanced autism.

It's building up to the payoff, you fucking retard. Goddamn millennials with no sense of tension or pacing.

I think I get it now.

Set up:
This enemy is sliced down and to the right

Pay off:
This other enemy is sliced down and to the left

It's like poetry; it rhymes

How the fuck is symmetrical or padded?

You're being too cynical. Nothings even come out yet.

ur a fegit

I'm pretty fucking sure he's saying "stauner" which is what you call a boner in scots. It doesn't sound at all like schooner to me.

Also relevant.

Because it is meant to be slow paced. If your ADD is too high to enjoy it then sorry.

Fuck you

It would be a lot like the fight with the Scotsman. The Scotsman even has a machine gun peg leg right?

Aye, it's definitely this; a double-insult where he's mocking Asian penises and Jack's height.

Why not both? Have a playable AKU game mode.

Nice dub dubs.