Hotline Miami Thread



Too little, too late

Pirate the Steam version and use that editor.

Such as?

These features seem to be lacking on both versions
As cool stuff I mean content like the meth labs, the unique enemies and so forth

The 'smashes a pipe like a negro' guy, the akimbo SWAT guy, and the Fans animal forms, is that what you meant? But i saw workshop campaigns featuring these and they are all suspiciously made by the same guy
Fuck that shit, it always kills you but not the other fucks most of the time? Good riddance
actually i think this one is exclusive to the editor since i never saw one in the campaign, also they're glitched and will always set off regardless what you carry, not that it matters
still nowhere, but you can circumvent this by having the npc shoot in a cutscene

Honestly, all of this shit is not really important to gameplay but WHERE THE FUCK ARE THESE DENNATON?

Could Hotline Miami work in any perspective than top down third person?

They were in Assault in HM. Don't remember them in HM2 though.

As for those things you can't normally obtain but some guy did, I'd chalk that up to him manually editing the map file, not using the editor client.

Probably not. If you go first or third-person, you nullify the ability to see enemies around corners and cheese them for kills through doors.
Isometric is the only other choice, and that's just a fancy way of doing top-down.

The Meth Lab is the only good feature I can think of

Babby's first WOAH

I wish someone more talented than me made a Doom mod.

There was a Hotline Miami wad, but it's been discontinued since years ago i think
There's the webm of it but i didn't save it

Yeah, i think that is how he did it as well

Some guy is working on one right now. Doesn't look very good, but it's the thought of it I guess.

Deepest lore

okay then

Maybe in isometric in POSTAL style, otherwise I don't think so

I have the webms saved

Theres also this, which is a lot better than whats out there.

The lack of melee weapons really makes it feel like an Hotline Miami 2 custom campaign :^)



This is gonna be a tough fucking week.

wipe it and install linux

It was a trick. Kill him.

What's your favorite mask in the first Hotline Miami game?
Mine is the tiger mask that makes you better at unarmed combat (tony).

If it was possible i'd probably play through the entire game with nothing but my fists.
But it isn't possible because of some black people who can only be hurt by bullets and not melee.

Horse mask was a favorite for a fun game for a while. Can't remember if it kills the giganiggas or not.

He's the same as Tony only you can throw your fist.

I fucking dont like it and there is so much of it. Somehow there are more guys than it seems like there should be. Fat, nimble black men bodyslam through doors, unpack themselves from shelves, shimmy through air ducts, yearning to punch me in the face. My bugeyed fuckup hero cant harm them with a machete but can somehow pick out the only empty shotgun from a pile of gore-soaked shotguns. This is someone's fantasy, but not mine. A thug with severely limited powers of object permanence whips around and performs a sick 180 noscope headshot on me through many panes of glass. The background music has looped four times already.

I click post and the page refreshes itself and eats my post, yet the thread updates. The board log says nothing about this, so I'm going to try using the same image and see if it's just in the limbo between submitted and visible.

1 had virtually none of these problems. i hated 2 so fucking much, it really plays like they thought "welp, time to make some retarded bullshit story and plow through another one because we're committed now, might as well make another gorillion million dollars"

This fucking peopleā€¦

I'm just going to delete the first one and hope that solve it and assume it was just in some weird post hell.

How long ago did he do that?
Uusally you can revert to W7 by going to Settings > Updates > Revert to W7.

You only have a week to do it, though.


what did i just watch

I don't know it myself
What kills me is that it is as shitty looking as any other lolsorandom campaign and has the kind of lore of a dark and serious Jacket's a reel human bean one, but the levels themselves have some sort of strategy to go around them. It reminds me of Holla Forums.wad.

>The nuclear bomb at the end caused a cloud of radiation, gas and dust