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Current Patch notes: version 3.51

Useful resources:
List of Commands (used for macros) - na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/win/text_command/
Gamer Escape - ffxiv.gamerescape.com/
Garland Tools Database - garlandtools.org/db/
XIV Database (It's good now)- xivdb.com/
FF logs - fflogs.com/
DPS and such tracker (but don't tell anyone you're using it or you'll get banned) - advancedcombattracker.com/
Ariyala (gear build simulator/hunt-&lighttracker) - ffxiv.ariyala.com/HuntTracker/Exodus
Mithrie's guides - youtube.com/watch?v=nFn3SxUnR_c&index=1&list=PLbE_CU9Jt_uc0MAfIOY8JqtN5PyPO83Q5
Player Population Information - ffxivcensus.com/

1. Do all of your Main Story Quests - REQUIRED TO GET HEAVENSWARD AREAS/JOBS
2. Do all of your class quests and get yourself a job, IRL you damn NEET - ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Category:Jobs
3. Attune to Chocobo Porters, Aetherytes & Aether currents ASAP - it will save you a lot of time & effort
4. Unlock your challenge log, gives great exp and some gil - ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Rising_to_the_Challenge
5. Do your daily roulettes - all of them are great until 60, especially guildhests, which is great until around 40-50
7. Cooking has an amazing crossclass skill at 37 you need to get for crafters.
8. Hit Tab to [I seem to have misplaced my keyboard]

Get yourself in a FC for the bonuses they give.
Report all FC drama on sight for derailment. It will not be tolerated.

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What is the SMUG discord?

BLU soon.

One can only hope. Also don't forget:

Tank - SAM
Melee Support DPS - DNC
Ranged/Melee Hybrid DPS - RDM
Healer - BLU

Genocide the faggots who abandon a rare FATE once one person dies

I hope SAM is a tank to piss off all the lazy fucks who played SAM in FFXI.

Did not get the chance to play FFXI, what is with all the lazy fucks and SAM back then?

Discord for 8ch XIV players (any FC or server):

SAM was meant to be a tank but NIN turned into a better tank and SAM ended up being DPS. Also I remember DRK when it was announced for XIV people were mad it wasn't a DPS class.

post catboys.

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

SAM was also the laziest Damage Dealer. other jobs like DRK and DRG had to farm, camp, and craft some of the best gear in the game to do top damage. However, because of SAM's WS mods being STR only they could throw on shit gear and easily out damage anyone else.

So the collector's edition figure is pretty obviously a Samurai and he's on the cover art. Are we doomed to more sword tanks?

Don't just post the discord for any shitlord user who doesn't even care about the game.

You have to actually play the game and get invited/accepted to the FC. Why would you even want it if you're not in SMUG?

Those digits deserve a cat.

Here's the part of the OP you conveniently deleted

Data Center: Primal
Server: Exodus
: An FC with new and older players, usually shitposting, but willing to assist if you can withstand the banter; you will be called names. PM Aurora Soulwood, Rab Bit, Claws Furalarm, or any other officer for an invite.

Data Center: Aether
Server: Gilgamesh
: An old FC with pure veteran players. They know the ins and outs of the game. A little elitist, they have no tolerance for you fucking up your rotation once you know what it is. Zero tolerance for fucking around in groups, they're there to win like your pathetic ass has never seen before. PM Malvarose for an invite. discord.gg/F5EVKmZ

==Data Center Primal
Server: Exodus
New Wheel Order
The original Exodus FC, two years old. For New Wheels order contact Quickscope Easybake, Mew T'kins, Mhih Wilzuu, Charr Modo, or Lyfon Yharnam in game. Remember to mention Holla Forums in tells and applications.

How does FFlogs work? Do they extract data directly from the game servers or did someone upload a file that had my name in it?
How do they score you? Is it dps compared to everyone or only vs others who played the same class?

feels bad, atleast I assume the higher the better.

Uses the act log file. Scoring is class specific if you're looking on your own or someone specific's profile, and overall if you're looking at toplists per fight.

Let's have some scenic screenshots in here


Did about 10 runs of Mog ex and Urth's fount yesterday. Failed them all because dps players didn't know the basic mechanics. One even gave me shit because I didn't want to explain the whole fight to him but told him to watch a guide. This is so fucking retarded, I can't find a group to clear those with. I don't understand how this people expect that they don't even have to watch guides at this point.

On the other hand, there's the group of people who will call you a retard because you pressed the wrong button. I wonder how many times dps players would be called retards if someone called them a retard every time they misclicked or missed their rotation. This double standard is bullshit, tanks get so much undeserved shit.

You can usually carry mog ex with appropriate marking and enough yelling. Urth's fount is just bad because it requires dodging.

Yeah but you can't if 3 dps don't even know about kill at 10% mechanic and don't seem to understand it even if someone tells them about it. In one run, a guy told a SMN to watch his egi so that mogs aren't killed but the dude completely ignored him and fucked up 3 runs. Yes, it's that bad, at least 2 dps players don't have a clue what to do. Tanks and healers know what to do 90% of the time but dps can't be bothered to learn a fight apparently.

>: An old FC with pure veteran players. They know the ins and outs of the game.




Oy vey, how dare you slander the lalafell people. Reparations will be needed!

Reminder that pic related is all lalas are good for.
needs to be drawn tbh

So I got an old key for the game from one squeenix humble bundle. Is it good for the full game or have there been paid expansions ?

There's currently one paid expac with another on the horizon, but they aren't needed until you have many hours in the game (it continues the main storyline)

fuck em, give em nut and then put them in the oven.

Make some pomme de terre avec remplissage de crème.

Just storyline continuation, no stuff like new classes ?

You have to complete the base game's story to access the new classes.

So am I understanding this correcly, the only challenging content such as Dun Scaith and Alex savage is something that most players only run once a week and then go back to farming easy peasy bullshit? That is very depressing if you ask me.

well, having a weekly loot lockout doesnt help. and people still wipe on ozma in wiping city, so there's that. about the only reason to run dun scaith more than once is if you want an item and didnt get a drop of it or win the roll on it for your weekly.

If you have a competent static that kills their a12s on tuesday then you are done for the whole week. Unless you want to play facebook games and grind recolored mounts.

And this is the average player on Mog ex. Fucking shitters, this is the 3rd day of me being unable to find a group to clear it with.

What server?

Shiva, europe.

Welp, I can do nothing for you. Best of luck, user.

I guess that's fair then, I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

That fight has mechanics?

I guess you can call kill at 10% and kill order and cancel the ultra strong attacks mechanics.

The unsync cancer would stop dead on it's face if they simply forced WT stamps to be done synced and also buffed the rewards. Then the only reason to run unsync shit at all would be farm parties but those are expected to know the fight inside out already so if they wipe shit disbands immediately

No one would touch those WT stamps at all then.

Also since when are unsync parties expected to know the fights?

lol just did an Urth's fount run and all 4 dps managed to die at once to that red circle aoe 2 times in a row. Holy fucking shit I'll never fucking clear it.

Oh wowzers, talk about anti-semitic. Eorzea is a realm of progression, anons. By the way, just to show how magnanimous I am, these lovely ladies will be your maids for tonight. Say something nice to them :3


They'd look nicer between two roe dicks I admit.

They would if they BUFFED the rewards.
Give cool shit instead of welfare tomes and gear, like anima components, primal tokens and chamber 6 aquapolis tier loot

You said better rewards not worse rewards.

I should've been a scumbag and bought accesories first to inflate ilvl rather than survivability. That's all pf cares about.

I mean the high tier ones, Seph and up, and obviously more than one at a time

Why do people like playing as Lala things? I'm actually genuinely interested. I personally hate them because it makes story events impossible to take serious, but I really do want to understand the appeal.

You have to experience its to have a true understanding.

That'd… be really questionable. You think kinna is a bad welfare indicator. Imagine if all EX primals were useless because you could just get tokens from the tails.

Probably because they're pedophiles.

My wife would kill me, but that does remind me… Does that potion they give you for a one time character change let you change race too? or if I want to try plying as another race I'd need to start a completely new character?

Yes, the fantasia will let you change everything about your character's looks. Up to, and including, race.

Being a tiny man going against giants is appealing to me. I also really like dwarfs and goblins in general so the choice seemed clear to me.

Also Deviljho is in this game, now its just a matter of time until that motherfucker Qurupeco comes.

Nice, thanks! Do you guys think we'll see anymore new races in the future? I thought it was kind of weird that there's no beast races like the Kalamari (?) those things from FFX or something.

I got Mog hard in the trial roulette yesterday, and people where whinging about the mechanics. On fucking Mog hard.
Some people are just retarded. Keep at it user.


go freelancer already!

Wowzers, talk about anti-semitic. Eorzea is a realm of progression, Anons. By the way, these lovely ladies will be your meidos tonight. Say something nice to them. Break the ice, as they say :^)

I wanna cum inside of them. especially the one dressed in green.

Well, one of them did mention in passing that they fancy Nordic Lalafell tanks.

But you'd need to beat primals on EXTREME SYNCED for any of it, which is a much harder challenge than just grinding shit with some farm party decked out on i275 gear

except that won't fix anything, and instead people will just queue with full parties to do the cycle and then fuck off.
I mean I level 130 is still more than you need for all of them.

Well I don't know then, but WT needs a heavy rework anyhow cause the current state of it is little more than an annoying chore

nice, any of them on the Odin server?

honestly even synced a lot of primals are easy as fuck. I mean people were skipping phases on zurvan day 1.

Yeah, no joke there. The entire system tries to make you do old content, but as it is the rewards aren't worth it and the "good" rewards are RNG based.

It's just that they don't have what it takes to be a big guy, so they choose to be a small potato because they know their place.

4 U

Why do we not have an FC?

Just join a reddit FC if you want memespewing autists so bad

There were two. One got ruined by a cuck FC leader with his control freak tumblrite wife. The other got ruined by furfags and goons. Now we just pretend they don't exist.

I can't believe you guys didn't already know to avoid Holla Forums groups like the plague. Guess nobody here played EVE when Broski was around. Lessons were learned.

The Ronso like Kimahri? Is that what you mean?
I want Viera tbh Male Viera especially :^)

Someone didn't read the OP

~O hohoho!

Good times man, good times. Shame about Avertia being such a massive slut.

Remind me what's the leve with the chest to get potentially infinite ambers?

Everytime the FC add is posted, one of the FCs gets so assmad that they mass report the FC info until it gets deleted.


It'd be nice to have an ebin sekrit FC, but the result is always concentrated cancer and drama that end up shitting up the threads if there's a FC posted in the OP or anywhere in the thread constantly, and there will always be infiltrated goons, redditors and other kind of retards. That goes for almost everything that starts in Holla Forums.

In my opinion best thing to do is to choose a FC based on preferences and if there's nothing of your own liking then create one, put up rules, hope for the best, be heavy on moderation and let it grow. If it's really good eventually it'll become a sekrit club utopia.

Pretty much this. All it takes is one crazy, power hungry liberal to splinter and divide an entire FC while salting the earth so no-one else can try and form one.

Dance, Magic dance! is the name of it.

Fuuuck this crystal sand grind is ridiculous. The amber shit isn't worth it because the stupid chest barely ever pops up aaaaaaaa




these things are weird


Is it actually infinite or does have the same chance as the others? I didn't know there was a specific Leve that gave out more vilekin than others

You should try at it with the party finder. This goes for both if you want to unsync and if you want to do it legit. I'm on Shiva as well and would have been willing to help if I didn't have PTSD from Mog Ex myself. Tanking in that one is a god damn mess if you aren't in-sync with the second tank.

What's with all these 8 tank parties farming Garuda Ex?

tanking achievements

But why Garuda?

Chance to get a pony

because she's the easiest of the bunch

T4 is easier. Only reason you'd do garuda is for the pony drop

Does this go here?

Glad to see you guys have your priorities totally straight

its a video game not a homework project try being helpful to your fellow players and you wont have to complain that they dont learn stuff.

guides are a shit way to learn anyway, the only real way to learn is to experience and yes, wipe a lot

Where's your dick, faggot?

Based mods.



well we certainly know what kek has a fetish for.




only if it makes them add shoopuffs

RIIIDE ZE SHOOPUF for 158 gil?

Use an aetheryte ticket to travel for free?


I've posted it before and I'll post it again. Playable Bangaa when? They'd fit in perfectly in Ala'Migeria.

They're already in the game, but with different faces.

Was ff12 the first game to have Bangaa? They were great scumbags. Hopefully that ps4 remake is any good. They need to do something about the spellqueue system and remove Addle and Shear while they're at it.

"Potato" is not the preferred nomenclature.

Lalafell-Eorzean please.

takes like 3 minutes to do T4, only 1.5 minutes to kill garuda.

so exactly how are we supposed to find each other and play together if any and all guild information is considered "drama"

You aren't gay, are you?

Maybe try this? It's still up.

back to reddit with you

Most chan based guilds end up attracting goons, autistic memers and furfags and they generally make the experience awful. Some rando anons can be cool ass bros tho it really is just a roll of the dice. I am just fortunate to play on a server where my friends and their guild also play on.


what the fuck?
Im currently going through the process of reinstalling the game because everything ive tried has not fixed this

Because they're not babies who run to YouTube to solve their problems for them.

Another disembodied head brother? If you're on Exodus, we could team up to speed through the palace to get to 50 to grab the potsherd over and over. I only need three more, and I have two in progress saves, so I might not be able to team up with you to any meaningful extent.

Regardless of it, I wish you the best of luck in finding those potsherds even if you're just looking for some nice materia to use.

Also I love how this mount looks. It's certainly a more magical and arcane mount, but it's too angelic and holy looking to be too fitting for a Black Mage mount, and too demonic and off to be a White Mage mount. The duality of it along with the elegant, bizarre, magical look make it a perfect fit for a Red Mage, however. Red Mage has always been my favorite job in the FF series and I'm probably gonna start maining or at least playing around with him when it comes out, and I'm super hyped to have a rad mount to go along with the feeling and personality of the class/job.

Pretty much this. You are better off finding friends on the servers, or even better yet, play with your irl friends. On the side note, I wonder why is it that the guilds that advertise or recruit on webboards of any kind seems to be drama/faggots bait.

what's your favorite mount?
mine is the broom

The steel pegasus from pvp shit is pretty nice

Land mount?

Flying mount?
White lanner.

I fucking wish I had that broom but I wasn't playing when the event was going on.

I like my red Havana birb, but I equally like the broom.

How cute.


ok this show looks pretty badass

You don't. One of the older imageboard freecompanies got so mad when their guild started dying out and the newer one was getting all the members that they decided to salt the earth to ensure no-one can make an 8ch free company again.

I thought that was just the tera guild moving to ffxiv as a group


I've seen a lot of shit in this game but this fucking takes the cake
I mean fuck me, level 50+

New guild started shit, old guild responded, thread banned both, now shut up.

Why are people so fucking bad? This keeps happening on Soph always too

And who made that decision, exactly? Last I checked, you weren't the board owner.

Fuck off with the drama shit.

That is all.

toppest kek possible

In case you weren't here for the past couple of threads:
People wanted the guild drama to stop, faggots refused to listen until Mark showed up to say any further guild drama was to be reported.
Pressing the issue of why it was removed is retarded. Nobody wants that shit. There are other places better suited to discuss that crap.

Do people not know NIN and DRG can tank now? I thought it was super common knowledge after both tanked Alexander fights. The current build of the jobs combined with skills like shadeshift, featherfoot, internal release, keen flurry and stuff like second wind, invigorate and off gdc moves like jump and mug/dream within a dream makes it pretty easy if you keep moving which is why MNK can't pull it off.

Are there anons that DON'T know about the NIN/DRG tanking shit? feels like its common enough to worry about losing my defensive cooldowns in 4.0 to 'muh trinity' horseshit.
But for a time its nice to be reminded of NIN/RDM tanking in XI

Thank you senpai.

You're alright.

Magitek armour.
I'm a simple FFVI fanboy. Having it play Terra's theme is perfect. I hope we get the classic magitek armour we see in Baelsar's wall as a mount. It's also perfect.

4 months till SB goyim, just wait to finish the 4.0 story quest.


tanking is doable but limited since DRG doesn't have a whole lot going for defensive cooldowns other than keen flurry and a few niche crossclass defensive cooldowns. It does help that DRG armor has slightly more defense stats than other dps armor as far as I know

I rarely see a greenleaf now that is new, often its a player rerolling on a new server nowadays in my experience.
Which is better than all the WoWfags with charcters named after arthas and sylvanas shitting up dungeons in 3.0

Probably also helps deep dungeon showers you in HQ max potions so people aren't reacting like vid related about them anymore like stingy fucks.

I want to beat the everloving fucking shit out of this chink yet I want to fuck his brains out.

The alpha gook is rare and confusing to our western senses.

Stay healthy my man

I like the voice he has when he has a moustache.

Lalas are pure you oceanic jungle monkey.

It's near the end of the expac. This is exactly how it was in arr. It'll generally remain pretty dead until 4.0 drops and then the servers will crash with all of the players.

Look what happened to the old /vg/ fc. It became a magnet for degeneracy and extreme autism. You don't want that. Just join a regular fc and be happy. Also, beware of fc drama. It doesn't matter which fc you join, but you'll inevitably encounter those fucks who try to start shit with everyone.

They're all chance based. You can go 0 for 40 or 40 for 40 depending on your luck. The drop rate isn't that high, but it's still a good source for getting vilekin.

I wish it didn't have the limbs.


It's only meant to be a chore. It gets players back into clearing older content so that newer players can get their clears and move on.

At least I got a new piece of gear on my first run, fuck those faggots.

Now you get to wait a week and do it all over again!

All I need is the chest piece and I have the full set for fending. I don't even care if it's irrelevant gear in a few months, it's badass.

Every time.

These people should be gassed. Uncreative glams trigger me to no end

Jesus christ what is the fastest way to get this step over with?


user please ;_;


tfw such despair I cant even red text

bitches got to learn

As a WoW player, convince me why I should bother playing this game, considering it has a 3 second global cooldown. I'm a person who prioritizes gameplay

We have enough of you retards. Stay away.

Don't, we already have enough cancerous retards

I don't play Legion, but I liked the game until WOTLK until it became exceedingly casual. Although I did enjoy Cata and Mop in different ways.

I don't get it. I'm not the one ERPing in Idleshire with catboys and taking overly-serious storylines seriously.

Why do WoW players have a bad rep? or are you just upset WoW has a faster paced gameplay.

Back to farming your shit legendaries.

I'd stop there tbh.

It's 2.5 base gcd and at level 50-60 you get enough ogcds that it doesn't even feel like that. Not to mention Skill Speed and Spell Speed modifies how quick your gcd resets and NIN has a 2 second gcd just by keeping up their maintenance buff.

tl;dr: Quit being a bitch and having people tell you why they like the game and go try it yourself.

I'm genuinely curious why people play this over WoW, which has better and faster-paced gameplay. I'm not here to shitpost. Your thread is already doing a great job doing that.

I don't play Legion. Do you even read? Nice projection.

You guys sound exceedingly upset that I'm comparing your 3 second global cooldown to WoW. I was just expecting some positive reasons why people prefer this game but this thread just proves FFXIV is just furfaggotry/ERP/story over gameplay

Ironically you play this game whose grinding is substantially worse than Legion's legendary drops.

Finally a decent answer. Still though
That's horribly slow.

Good now fuck off and stay out. Blizzcucks ruin everything they touch.

Does anyone need a cleaning service?

Faster-paced != better. I'm not sure why that's supposed to be a selling point on a game. I'd also be interested in hearing how FFXIV is grindier than Legion. I'm ignoring the fact that you don't actually grind for legendaries

I already did as a matter of fact. Got to level 46 or something and Realized the story was complete and utter shit taking itself so seriously. The VA was cringe. The gameplay was slow. Never thought playing a black mage would be so boring. It's just a slow 3-second boomkin with a proc dot.

Was wondering if at least in end-game there was any substance. Watching my friend do savage content , the raid boss fights are just telegraphed, slow fights with overexxagerated particle effects. The boss fights can be like 10minutes long which is boring considering the fights themselves are at a 3second GCD, and on top of that the fight takes 10minutes for mechanics that are nothing to write home about.

I like the fact that theyre 4 man and 8man, but that's about it.


Stop acting like your shit game is better than this shit game. MMOs are trash and not played for the gameplay.

Okay… I've been at this three days and I still can't get this to work, please /XIVgen/, you're my last hope

I can't seem to download the game. Every time I try it crashes at 565 MB, and gives me the error, "Unable to download patch files." I can't get it through after restarting and turning off every firewall I have, has anyone ever come across this and fixed it?

Unrelated note: a friend of mine who played WoW for a very long time and continues to play Hearthstone all day every day dropped one of the SMT games because all the spells had 'weird names.'

You don't grind in Legion outside of AP. AP comes out of everything. Basically you don't grind it. It just comes naturally as you do content. You CAN put effort and seek it, but there's no point because eventually you'll hit 25 artifact knowledge and it will be easier with time. Moreover the cap is not hard to reach if you actually want to grind and you can grind it in an afternoon with mythic+

To answer your counter-argument. I agree. generally faster paced doesn't mean its better. but for the WoW MMO gameplay, a faster paced combat is better, considering its gameplay is nothing complex. Same with FFXIV by the fact alone that you can play on a controller. There's a boss in Legion called Chromatic Anomaly and every phase he speeds or slows time or it's normal. In the slow time phase. It feels like FFXIV with a 3 second GCD. It's incredibly boring to DPS. There's no satisfaction. Remember, the gameplay itself is a button smashing rotation with procs that add momentum and fight dead times. By making it faster paced, there's less dead times and more DPS. and more DPS IS more fun.

objectively wrong. WoW's gameplay has lots of potential, its just that celestalon is a fucking cuck developing the game for the casual audience and tablet users. WoW could easily be a thoroughly enjoyable game if they added complexity to it, both in substance and gameplaywise. Granted Legion is shit because the developers are heading in a casual direction. but even then its gameplay is better than 2.5 GCD

That's a good question though. Why are the devs FORCING you to do the story questline?

It's stupid. Let them level however they want.

Use a VPN. Squeenix is notorious for having absolute dogshit launchers, just ask around here for all the horror stories about the FFXI launcher

I believe that, but I'm more curious about where/when XIV requires grinding. And please don't cite tomes/pvp points because WoW is equally guilty of those.

Also I need to take a second to really admire those fucking numbers right there.

WoW doesn't do valor points or conquest points anymore. They dropped the currency system with Legion

Congratulations. Your Eastern game made by japs is more grindy than a western game made by casual-friendly devs. What a surprise


Yeah because they stole XIV's pvp system :^)

As of now, there's no "Holy angel" illidan. I don't know where you found that datamined model.

I never said WoW's story was good though. Let alone defend it. Metzen is a hack

And to be the devil's advocate even Illdan's retarded scooby-doo story is more interesting than FFXIV's cliche medieval soap opera. At least Blizzard keeps their terrible story short and to the point/ simple and clean

and this taste is why WoWfags are so hated. You don't even know you are plebs because you have been used to "i wasnt good enough to make comics but i can push my self insert power fantasy here!" trash for so long you actually think it has any merit or value at all.
Why would any other game welcome such people? when your default reaction is to cry to make things more like that crashing trashfire thats now trying to parasitise Overwatch with its new token bunkum to keep looking like its worth its production costs and upkeep in comparison.

I mean it's obvious you came in here to just stir shit up and have no real desire to play the game. Here's your (you). Don't spend it all in one place

I wouldn't be surprised if its the pandaren furry still butthurt his attempts at a legion general keep failing.

Ironically, Mists was an entirely decent expansion. It was also the last decent expansion.


That's a lot of projections in one single post.
I never said WoW's story was good. you're either slandering or stupid, considering I've posted right above the post that I agree the story is shit. You're not very bright are you?

Because they want money.
You're a giant faggot user

. I was just checking if the game was worth a try. user confirmed it is 2.5 and I said no thanks. you got upset someone doesn't like your MMO bluepill.

I play human because it is still the best racial for PvP. Again, nice presumptions. You guys are giving FFXIV players a bad name with the [autistic screeching] you're fermenting because one user dislikes a game you like, and plays a game you dislike.

You can prioritize gameplay in any game over other aspects.
And for the record, I play more games of other genres than MMORPGs. Again, just wanted to see if this game was worth a try
But I already tried it, and apparently it's the same thing.

Oh no, we might look bad to a blizzdrone! oh no, how can we go on!

slower gcd, more mechanics and more moving
wow is faster gcd with less to do

also wow removed like 90% of the fucking abilities


Oy vey.


Your thing is still pretty meh tier. But hey, not a bikini. So you've got that going for you.

You should have listened

Let me say this again because apparently you didn't hear it the first 5 times.

No one wants you here

You have terrible taste and as an added bonus are a massive cunt. You claim you want to try it and then go on to say you made it to 46. Fuck off faggot, stay in your cancerous cesspool and try not to contaminate others with your SJW garbage MMO.

Kill yourself.

What is she looking at?

Fucking kill me.

That's bait

its gyazo you nerd.

Exactly what>>>11886764 he said.

Take your SJW garbage MMO, and literally shove it up your ass. Seriously, Shove it up your ass you trash,

Please explain why you're adding parry


Don't Paladins need Parry or some shit? I just started adding points because I'm only gonna use the 270 for glamour.

large d elicious c akes

user, I….

I don't really care, it's going to be irrelevant once Stormblood comes out. I only want it for glamour.

It's okay, paladin isn't supposed to do damage anyway.

I went for a "dirty pile of laundry" look.

this thread needs more catgirls
other cute girls are also acceptable, but no elezens


Did you say more catgirls?

yes actually i did

jesus christ thats cute

pig disgusting

where are the catboys

In hell with the rest of the gays

Away with you. Please take the cats with you. They fill the air with the stench of cheap perfume. No doubt they're employees of that one pillow house near the Adventurer's hall.

Lolorito owns all the businesses in that district

Right here tbh

Yes indeed. However, my people have been quite busy weeding out interlopers. I haven't the time to clear out the back-alley filth.

I'll indulge your lust for cats one last time.

Thanks. I used to be an Au Ra but the damn horns clip with some of the head pieces for the filibuster set, its especially bad on the casting and healing hoods. I was so ass ravaged that I switched to a cat.

Catboi's belong in the bog with all the potato's.

there's nothing back alley about the ruby road exchange

Guys is it harder to play a DRK or MCH?

MCH if only because rng unrelated to skill, you can't git gud at rng.

Don't know about DRK. But MCH is a royal pain. On top of the RNG and the tunnel vision, you have to time your cooldowns right for the wildfire combo. And if you wildfire then the boss changes phase or get invul somehow, then you just tank your party DPS hard. Basically, you have to know every fight and good at it as well on top of playing MCH right.

DRK solely because everytime anyone fucks up, the tank will get all the blame for it

I have a WAR at 55 but I want to tank with DRK. But I've been seeing people shitting on tanking because it's supposedly easy so I want to see if dps is really harder. But leveling lancer and archer for MHC cross skills is such a pain in the but.

Yeah, I know. If you press the wrong button, it's vote dismiss. If a dps presses the wrong button, no one even notices.



Your average wowdrone blending in seamlessly.

failure to integrate aside why would he think it was for glamouring? I dont know if dun scaith gear is better than shire gear but if you dont have a 260 ILVL gear of course your gonna need.
On a related note, is the demon jacket of fending better than the shire custodian armour of fending`? got the chest piece from dun scaith last week and I dont know which one I should wear.


Which one of you faggots did this


upgraded shire gear is 270
non upgraded is 260

however ive been pissing off nins in Fun Scaith for getting gear over them sometimes when both rolling greed. i still need to gear out my nin. it's pretty under geared compared to my mnk

also if THATS pissing him off god damn good luck on roulettes. classes need all the time when they dont need it for company seals and such for moonstones to get crystal sands for their anima weapon

oh, well nevermind then I suck dick, I dont know how my mind managed to interpret that as dun scaith.

yeah but to get upgraded i would have to do void ark again. I really dont want to do void ark.

what? shit's EASY

you can also do centurio seal hunts to buy legendary mark logs from the forgotten knight bar. 4 of them can buy you a gobcoat, and 6 of em get you a gobtwine. they cost 500 seals a piece though

Exactly, First day shit was so fucking easy, it was the most boring fucking thing I have ever done. I could probably just smash my head on the keyboard and still get though void ark.

Worst raid 3.x.

Cute as hell. Might try to replicate her.

Can someone explain this bullshit? I'd just raise the third stat but it means sacrificing another stat because of this fucking retarded limit they put on the training.

the lvl 20 mission NEED to have all stats requirements met. You probably have to grind your squad and pick the right composition and synergy to make it. Just wait till lvl 40 that give you shit like pic related

Some missions (I think those flagged missions are the ones) are special in that you have to have all 3 requirements matched.

You get to your promotion and never touch it again, thats your guide.

That's what you get, user. You should of known better than to disregard her wisdom.

I got this game yesterday and I'm level 20. Should I hold off all trade skills until I'm max level?

Crafting classes are a time/gold sink but if you feel like it try a gathering class, they are just a time sink.


You're not a real Lalafel, are you?

What's the difference between tumblr noses and doll/button ones? Thought tumblr ones were very pointed.

Male Lalafell are exempt from certain courtesies.

Are all the NA servers shit? I did my research and I came to the conclusion that all the servers with decent population have noticeable concentrated cancer, like huge LGBT communities, lots of brazilians, broken economy, casuals, reddit, goons, halfchan. It seems to me that Excalibur could be the only one playable, but it's still risking it.

However, EU servers Odin and Cerberus look pretty decent, but I have a little delay on those.

Help me anons, what should I do?

jp or any eu the fr have abandoned.

Is it just balmung that has all the trannies?

your going to encounter absolute cancer regardless of server, especially now the datacenter PF is now a thing

the super large servers with famous raiders get saturated with tryhards who take themselves far to seriously to notice they are shit at the game
servers on the US datacenters are prone to encounter massive amounts of faggots, unfortunately they are usually better then your average shitter
EU servers will generally have a fair share of players who absolutely refuse to communicate with anyone outside their native language, also highest proportion of literal cuckolds and antifa screechers
JP servers have xenophobic nips who dont do any content that isnt DFable and when content is DFable they are fucking terrible at it, this does however mean when they do eventually learn the fights you are extremely likely to beat content in DF
they are also the most likely to report you for simply not speaking japanese and have apparently made hundreds of petitions to remove all the Australians from the tonberry server, not sure how true this last statement is but i do find it funny

i should also mention if you have a solid FC who can clear content you don't need to worry about 90% of these shitters, so these problems become a minor nuisance
i would recommend picking a free company in a data center you can play on without lag then actually picking a server, because if the FC is any good they will be on a server with an active economy anyway
get used to not talking to anyone outside your FC or LS unless its shitposting or absolutely necessary

oh and never play on balmung, thats the only server thats a 100% no, people have been getting kicked from PFs for simply being in balmung

Oh god I completely forgot about this is this why my roulette luck has been absolute shit lately? I'm on Behemoth and I've only occasionally gotten a slow or ineffective tank. Lately though I've just gotten a hard shit show of incompetence in every role. Also a lot more people quitting and just being generally rude.

Smug Catte

Only yaoi loving landwhales play those user. You won't find them here I hope

if you want to clear dungeons as fast as possible without having to rely on other players then PLAY FUCKING WARRIOR
it has the highest dps of all the tanks and can pull some extreme numbers with simple berserk/overpower spam, its the only class i would consider a carry class in most casual to midcore content

though ideally you want a good healer and good aoe dps classes which you will get if you join a decent FC


The guy I normally play with is a warrior always have good time with him unless we get an exceptionally shit healer. This is just running daily roulettes for tomestones though. Maxing out Warrior is also pointless since it's only class my friend even has at 60.

right, take advantage of his excellent taste and go BLM for AoE and nin for single target since hes already putting a slashing debuff up
also means he can sprint around if you keep goading him

Listen to this user. I play Nin and that shit is fun as fuck. Slamming mudra combos in and stabbing motherfuckers in the back all fuckin' day!

the only issue with nin is its still not very latency tolerant, however this is subject to change in stormblood if the rumors about the GCD are true

NIN life motherfucker.


i personally don't know how fucked up balmung is since im on a separate datacenter, i have however browsed the cuckchan general and its not pretty

As someone who is on Balmung I haven't experienced even a fraction of the shit I've heard thrown at it.

But then I also have a really chill FC and don't spend much time in the major cities. Occasionally I see fags with the RP tag sitting on eachother, but that's any mmo.

It's not as bad as everyone implies actually. There is some spectacular cancer in some areas that makes up basically all the screenshots you might have seen, but these are largely contained to one location (ul'dah inn) and everywhere else is more or less decent. Turning off shout chat certainly helps too.
still there's way too fucking many catfaggots in shit slut glam and that is my number one complaint here

right, as i mentioned before if your FC is solid most of the issues with the games playerbase go away

theres nothing wrong with cute outfits for your catgirl, as long as you dont go around looking to textfuck people, also glamour is the only thing left to do when you beat everything

c@bois are love
c@bois are life

We also have this

that looks like shitposting, which doesnt shock me considering how oversensitive roleplayers can be

kind of like that guy who got triggered by the lala who was "roleplaying as a table cloth"

Being a manderville man must be godlike.

Never forget


the revolver of the wanderer is bearkiller huge and has custom animations


What's more efficient for lores assuming a flawless run evertime, Gubal hard or ARF?

ARF, though to be honest with frontline freelancer being a thing i think its more worthwhile to spam that, wolfmarks can be turned in for items that you can convert into GC seals

Nigger I want lores, thousands upon thousands of lores

Fuck me I just want to clear this shit.

check to see the stuff you want can be bought with GC seals, otherwise just ARF

Put up a PF for a clear party, bring some known good friends.


If you're not on Primal, I can't help you.

I always thought it referred to the coloration of the entire nose in a reddish or brownish contour.


You must send them tells user it's the only way I managed to get rid of my bonus. Keep insisting you do 2k+ dps and that if you even make 1 mistake he is allowed to kick you.

does anyone know how many people are in each data center?
cause looking at pf it's about the same and I'm wondering where to make an alt to raid

a weapon to surpass metal gear?!


Really activates the almonds…

normalfags and reddit

this is congruent with my experience.

t. femroe

Au Ra was the right choice, Xaela for life.

most Hyur males are probably bots though. Remember to gas the chinks.

the gold selling bots that spam URL addresses are, but most if not all farming bots are potatoes because they're hard as fuck to click on to report when they travel at lightspeed.

why do they always make the one 'beaner' stereotype looking mexican hyur with the little shitstache?

Wew they really are exactly like jews

Every time I see that Hyur configuration, it reminds me of a mexican dude that I worked with in the military.

Since when is this a thing? why would cloud of darkness drop a legendary card thats not herself?

can confirm, most "farming bots" are lalafells. saw a group of them once, all with similar spelled nonsense names, teleporting en masse (there were about a dozen of them near as i could tell) and it was nearly impossible to click on one of them in order to keep the name available while i sent out a report.

yea i saw them in ul'dah in the inn, and it was like a group of 7 fucking potatoes, ALL potatoes, all fucked up names. just randomly appeared out of the ether and then just as fast fucked off back into it, if i ever find the picture ill post it.


catgirls are not furry!
but catboys are yaoi fujobait, though most of the Americans playing catboys are incompetent edgelords

All I want for next patch is voice acting for old primals, Vault HM and The Minstrel's Ballad: Warriors of Darkness

male aura always look the most retarded though

Is alchemist worth it besides fixing music rolls?

found the picture, god i took a lot of random shit pictures as well.

nope DD made the potionmaker redundant. worst job of all 23. really needs an overhaul in SB.

Holy shit how the hell dcayou people gring POTD? I've been doing it for 2 days I'm out of my fucking mind.. I want to do a dps class because people shit on tanking because it's supposedly easy. But shit me, this potd stuff is just unbearable. I need 2 jobs to lvl 30 and then go 50-60, I think I'll just stick to fucking tanking.

yeah if you wanna make 4 star potions for max level raiders, any crafter is going to be useless on its own though so if you're going to make an alchemist level all the otehr crafters to 60 as well.

Just run dungeons you nigger

per data center, not region
or did you mean for me to count them manually?

Why do people do this? too lazy to check the listings or what?

Nigger, you asked for info and I gave it, don't fucking sass at me when you can't even bother to find info for yourself

ok I counted and theres a 5% difference in players, is that worth it if I want to raid?

i fucking love you, user

If you're concerned with raiding on a US data center, just go with Aether, if for the one server "Gilgamesh". Doesn't really matter which server you go to, given everything is cross server, aside from FATEs and hunts, but I do recommend Gilga. Lot's of shitters and try hards, but also the most raid groups and some of the best players you'll find.

*5% more players on primal than on aether

Big servers are like Walmart. Sure it's big and has lots of shit, but it's fucking soulless and doesn't give two shits about you. You'll get a better community in any of the smaller servers than gilga.

why the FUCK does this happen?

is he a tank? i had someone like that in a farm party once, pissed everyone the fuck off

Yep a fucking PLD too that kept provoking the boss off the real tank

Is this how easy its gotten? have i missed bird farming out of fear of difficulty when thats it? and people expect to need a guide for "stand under the one near your linked buddy, look away from new add and avoid all these moves other bosses used on you already"?

I thought he was meant to be the toughest?

son of a bitch, do you remember his name?

he's really easy but ive heard horror stories of parties fucking it up over and over again

I can imagine southern cross without a stack would fuck people over if they are shitkings but honestly compared to Odin or even Garuda HM when it was current it was a surprising let down.

Phoenix something I think

Zurvex isn't hard, it's just that soar fucks everyone up because it's a weird mechanic until you fully understand it, but that's pretty much the only dangerous mechanic in the whole thing.
Sephex is still a lot harder

Isn't soar just ifrits charge?

It's kinda like Ifrit charge combined with Ravana's prelude and something else. It's a mess at first but once you get the gist it's doable but no one gets the gist because people are fucking idiots

I would say how i fail to see how 'get out of shit and pop a cooldown for the stack after' is hard but then people are retards.

How do i level in potd properly? Do I just spam the first 20 floors or what?

If you want the weapon just use both slots and go up to 100. If you just want to level then do 1-50 and then keep repeating 51-60 until your desired level.

spam 51-60 or 50-100

Ya no

ok, not the same tank.



being immortal flames is suffering, freelancer never gives me udders or wailstrom since they are full. udders are pvpers and mealstrom are the goon faction.

Just change GC and then switch back when you have your shit


Is there a mod to restore the 1.0 butts?

Look mom i did it!


Not when your grand company is trash

Why does immortal flames pull in so many retarded people?


Nanamo's gonna clean it up, you'll see. Its gonna be great, just great.

Just great.


Top kek everytime

the meshes are different so no

The nude mod buffs the butts though

DF has always been datacenter based, not world based

Page 13 already? Time for new bread.