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taking request

Draw the necromancer playing vidya with some of his skellies

Requesting a slav version of your favorite video game character.

Draw a brown girl flying a f-22


Some tasty OC that is OP

Requesting a S.TA.L.K.ER by a creak

What the fuck do you think you're doing?

Samus and mega man armor swap, blowing shit up


Draw Tharja in your artstlye

What is something you've been struggling with in your art recently?

Maybe someone will make a request to help you practice/tackle that problem head-on?

Glorious spaniard drawfaggot here.
Taking lewd requests.

/vr/-tan and Holla Forums-tan playing SNES games together. I have no references for them, sorry, but you probably know what they look like.


portugal was here
spain is a loser

You have to go back

draw midna

Draw The Laughing Salesman but make him a Jew.

Curly Brace in a princess outfit from Shantae flirting with a shy Quote.

I already did that awhile ago, user
I know his head isn't exactly the right shape, but the reference I was given wasn't great.

Plz visit /vp/ drawthreads, we need someone to revive them.
You can answer requests here if ya want, I'm not ya boss.

The Plain Doll from Bloodborne but with a nice hat.

/r/ Reaper from Overwatch making the OVERTIME face

Based on the front base of /vp/, that looks like a bad idea.

draw a penis


anything lewd with double head-patting

I haven't played FE since genealogy of the holy war, when did all the semen demons start appearing


>draw benis


Funnily enough it happened after the spic appeared.
This is why Portugal is superior

Kill yourself

Since Awakening

Do lewds of Tesse from Waku Waku 7
There's literally no lewds of her, instead there's lewds of that shit rabbit girl

please do not support or encourage waifu thread posters

I cannot fucking draw the glans of a penis correctly, I usually just make them uncut.

I cant draw penises because ive never seen one

how is this vidya

penises are vidya


Requesting the scene from Escape from New York where Snake Plissken meets the Duke of New York for the first time, but instead with Duke Nukem and Solid Snake
I can't find the film to take screenshots from, but it's the scene were Isaac Hayes has his goons pin Kurt Russell against a train car, and puts out a cigar on Kurt Russell's shoulder

The rabbit is a slut, don't lewd the meidu.

Is that Terry?

yeah, and geese

Silly user, maids are for lewd!


is it more obvious now?

So no Plain Doll with a nice hat? I guess I have to wait my turn. That, or nobody wants to draw a character with such a complex design.


Yeah, now it is.

Explains all the porn dumps.

Breddy gud


Requesting literally any remotely feminist-oriented video game character or real life SJW of your choice as a happy traditional housewife and mother, as pic related suggests.
I'm not an Overwatch fag but it is ripe with grrrrl power targets for housewification. Tracer would be especially good, because of the gay Tracer "controversy." Draw her in a pure, loving relationship with a faceless white male patriarch (just realized there are barely any white men in this game) and the butthurt will be tremendous.

What's the difference between >>>/art/ and >>>/loomis/? They have almost identical activity and they seem to serve the same purpose.

I don't know.


Wait, what's wrong with this one?

To many faggots I assume

Drawfags are just upping their skills and aren't really interested in drawing when whoever is requesting doesn't really provide any real sources onto what they want drawn.
but draw fags like me, feel ashamed of their works and don't want to show their art until it looks good enough to hang on a wall

Dude I just drew a dick with arms and people found it funny, nobody's gonna care if your art isn't perfect as long as it isn't DA-tier.

I'll post something tomorrow right now i'm sleepy.
Don't expect anything good though, I cant even made it past sketching because I think it looks so shitty

making some progress

You will never get better if you don't finish drawings.
The hardest part to get through is the beginning where all your drawings are shit and you feel embarrassed over it, but that only takes like two or three months of drawing to get past.

Thought about something similar.

Gonna have to practice some more before I can deal with likeness of people so don't expect me to do it anytime soon, if ever.

Thread already started off with waifu requests and lewd offers, disheartening people right off the bat
I'd like to think my requests have been pretty okay so far, but once shitposters come in, they siphon all the attention

Maybe if you quit shitposting like an underaged faggot it would be better

Personally, I don't think people who aren't drawfags have any right to complain about the thread, they aren't the ones drawing.


did someone drill your ass during shia's gay little project, Mark?

you haven't quite grasped the "anonymous on the internet" thing yet, eh, user?

Have you considered not being a massive faggot?

I did, but then I read the thread and adapted

How do I git gud at drawing, so far I can only draw 2D penises and I'm starting my undergraduate bachelor of Architectural design this month.

Did I come across as complaining? I'm sorry. I haven't been in many drawthreads lately, but I was in the last one, and it was regarded as an alright thread. I remember asking, "Have previous threads really been as bad as people are making them seen?", to which I got the response that both drawfags and requesters contribute the potential degredation of drawthreads - requesters for requesting garbage requests, and drawfags who validate and enable shitty requests. Somebody archived the thread, I'll see if I can find a link.

Have you been drawing everything or just buildings and maybe machines? Try to broaden your subject matter.

hope you got a fetish for math

choose medium, do basics, rinse repeat basics, learn values, learn colors, study life
these are just the tip of the goldberg, important is to do it every single day


this should be the first one from the current year +2

The one I'm referring to was from a few days ago.

Another good idea along that lines would be to draw MTF trannies as idealized versions of their former male selves. Show them what a man they could have been if they hadn't pussied out.

Maybe not leaning towards fetish, but I do enjoy it, I did Maths C and B in HS which are most difficult math subjects you can pick in Aus
I thought that would be the case, I might have to put off learning Nipponese for a while. I'll start practicing with the buildings from Fallout, they look easy enough to draw.

A trap cosplaying a mimic with a sign that says "Not a trap"

I don't even like traps I just think this is funny

that's the usual approach by beginners, the good ol copy paste
here's sound advice for a good start
do not bother to copy 100%, we got cameras for that
understand what you're drawing and how you have to draw it
really go inside the shapes and draw through them as well
in this case you'll also need perspective knowledge
happy gains, user

It is pretty funny.

OK hotshot, think you can unshit this for me? Shading, the chest bodysuit, whatever you can really.

Just put off browsing the Internet aimlessly instead.

Stop doing this shit, Mark. People can sage with a snide comment if they want, faggot.

Requesting Maho Hiyajo desperately reaching for a top shelf item that would be easy for someone of average height to reach.

She's only 140cm tall.

Requesting Astolfo wearing a frilly dress.


Your waifu is shit

Requesting Anita Sarkeesian wearing a Dirndlgwand, making a strudel.

Request of drawing Holla Forums as to slamming the door on someone that is usually hated here as the second pic but you could leave it blanked as it could be edited so anyone can have fun adding whatever they want there.

here you go


I just want art of short girls being short, is that so wrong?

/r/ing Rowlet participating in the Superb Owl

this just turned up in my tl

Well never mind then

Requesting a female Choir Hunter opening her mouth to vomit an obscene amount of tentacles and magical projectiles around her.


Still waiting for that Gaius image

Either draw Tracer or draw Chloe or Max from Life is Strange.

Stop bitching, last time the thread went to shit was because people couldn't stop bitching about a few requesters not making great requests and certain drawfags which i have yet to see who ''totally destroy drawthreads" even tho the thread was going pretty damn fine and so did the next thread.


requesting whatever comes to mind

requesting a Slugma that is wearing a hat like second pic

Requesting this scenario:

Rock/Mega Man and Roll are helping Dr Right/Light clean his house (Rock is vacuuming and Roll is dusting), when Roll (who happens to be behind Rock right then and there) trips over the cord of Rock’s vacuum cleaner, and as she falls, she instinctively reaches for the closest thing she can find, which just so happens to be the back of Rock’s shorts. So, as you might have guessed, Rock’s shorts are pulled down, revealing his tighty-whities (what, you thought those blue trunks that were part of his combat suit were his underwear?). Dr Light, upon seeing this, remarks, "And that's why almost no one uses a corded vacuum cleaner any more."

Guys does anyone have that template or an image of the comic where they are having a thread discussion then at the end of it the guys eyes are bleeding and he's covering his ears?

If you could color it we'd appreciate greatly

Also this

Also possibly, requesting Alex from Eternal Darkness complaining that the Ancients messed her christmas lights, possibly make the lights in the shape and color of the Ancient's language.

can I get a all characters around the camp fire please?

this is the only picture I can find where it shows every character please ignore the youtube cancer

I am fucking horrible at coloring, but I tried.
Also after looking at other images of him I realised how off he is, the reference I had originally made his face look more oval-shaped, but it's actually pudgy.
His mouth is also way too small. I tried to correct some of the mistakes but I probably made everything worse. I should have used more references when I was doing the original image.

good on ya brother

I've got a strange request.
Draw a lewd Armored Core

Requesting anything with the new necrodancer character

that thing is disgusting

Anyone else think of this when they saw the new Mario switch hat??

Not particularly, no.

Just as bad of an idea as Gone Home. Yeah, they're SJW honeypots, but bad subjects for housewification.

Said i was gonna draw something last night night so I'm doing request. Critique please.

have a nigger

I'm currently not sure what he's actually doing, also it looks like his arm is a bit too high up on his shoulder.

I don't know what i'm looking at but if you are gonna do my request then ok i guess

Man I need to read up on more books. I might or might not finish the picture.

here, just for you

Looks like a drawing you'd see on 2008-era Newgrounds.

please draw terry bogard, I'll draw something for you in return.

later, maybe


Lex Luthor wearing robes and a mortarboard, captioned "Summa Cum Kek"

Am I witnessing something glorious?
It kinda of feels like it but I'm not sure

I kinda like softcore cock teasing like this.

Lewd but very very good lewd

fuck it, I can't get it to look like him. maybe next time.

Are you going to trash it or add to it?

Now we are talking OP!

How could a AC even be lewd?

By fucking a tank, a helicopter or a plane?


It's a shitty necro, but here

can't you do that in your containment thread tomorrow?



Looks pretty awesome!
user, you have workers nail. Respect for that!


can anyone please draw Goro Majima in this situation?



I made an hd version of the autistic screaming guy the other day, I don't know if I can post pdn files here though.

What a shit taste in fish. Fucking pleb.


Requesting Sgt. Cortez from TimeSplitters and Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza having a disco dance battle.

Does he take krokodill?

Bumping with some old (and somewhat new) stuff i cooked.

You heartless animal

you want Cortez in a disco outfit or just as is?

Good job, drawfag.

This doing it in pencil, the progresso is slow cause im trying to get some loot Crates in overwatch and im drawing
when im dead

Gotta нора fast

I think his regular outfit is just fine, since he was dancing in it in the credits for Future Perfect.

Oh my god, he's doing it, the absolute madman.

I spent a good hour on this until I remembered that I can't do facial features or hands and left it for dead. Posting for attention

An attempt was made.

hands and faces are easy for me, its proportions that screw me up.

Progress so far, I feel like im getting more forsaken by god with each line

That's how you know you're on the right track

I don't get it

The legs are looking a bit weird, but god bless.



He looks like a crocodile

krokodil is a popular drug on russia right now

dill as in dill pickles

Requesting a Gill version of Switchie.

But that's mildly gay and mildly furry.

It's a shitty coloring but here

Thats pretty nice.

This. A Gill version of switch-tan would be thoroughly better.

No matter how much you push this awful tan the doggo is still superior and will get the art over it

that fucking thing isnt even cute or appealing compared to other tans, fuck even Oya has something going for it
thats just trying way too hard


Furry is never superior, user.

Its not furry though

end your fucking life holy shit

Altho the switch-dog may be a clever tan, i personally don't like it at all and altho the loli/ara tan may be generic, its still better then a dumb dog thats gets suspiciously drawn as lewd way too many times.

Its a dog. Its atleast partially a furry thing.


It looks like fucking shit dude

I dunno, I don't like the loli jacket but the ara design doesn't seem half bad. Dog version just seems kinda retarded looking

This furry goon meme needs to end

This is the third time I've posted in this thread, but is anyone willing to draw the Plain Doll?

What the fuck are you on about, user?
Can we just drop this here? This fucking dog has derailed too many threads and this draw thread has been going alright so far.

Worst part is that instead of actually using the switch-dog for some normal, nice OC, its constantly used as a lewd dog which is just dumb and obvious furry bait.

You're right, but so is that user. This dog thing sucks.

You're a furfag and your entire bloodline looks like fucking shit by default as a result.

More? You have the mega link?


Actually, i take it back, the loli/ara thing IS a clever idea and is more clever then most console tans. The dog thing might be a bit clever too but its nothing more then shitty furry bait. I wouldn't mind the dog if it wasn't just shitty furry images and if there wasn't a better idea already made before it.

that was fast.

switch is cartoony, easy to draw fast. also the linework, if you'll see, is shit and rubbish and sketchy and crap. I just used a ton of multiply layers to make it look fancier than it is. if I can master this, might be monetisable.

So, basically, you would be doing furry commissions.
Has anyone been having the ''Holla Forums could not submit your post" thing? It just happened to me now multiple times.

I doubt it.
Believe me, user, getting money from being a drawfag is hard, even if you're good.

Didn't mean specifically mastering drawing Switch-tans fast, just mastering drawing a decent final product fast.

I could be making a lot more money right now already by drawfagging, but instead tend to procrastinate and do things such as, well, what I did just now and draw for a drawthread for free

I'd recommend you never go near furries or weird fetishes.
The market it too crowded and you will not want to deal with these people, they're very finicky and very autistic.

Go to your image folder.
Press a random button on your keyboard three times.
Now either draw it to be lewd or edit it to be lewd if possible, if not then press another key three times, repeat.

That's actually pretty great! Thanks user.

Oh god

I feel conflicted

I meant more in the sense that there's shit I could be doing right now that'll pay me, but I'm not doing. eh

so long as I'm here on the thread talking, I dont sign my drawings for here out of it just feeling too attention-whory, but should I? Seems to make sense from a brand perspective, if I wish to call more attention to myself and potentially lead to commissions etc.

do it


don't you dare, /m/tan is pure


just post the link for a easy job well done

Can't argue with that

doubling down on it

I didn't want to do it anyway, it'd be weird.

Hope it rustles your jimmies the right way

I probably should have mentioned that I cant fucking draw but that should be pretty obvious at this point



I'm dying


I tried cleaning that up for you.



Taking video game gondola requests.

maybe a webm if the request is good enough

Don't STOP

Draw an Unteralterbach themed gondola.


Medieval gondola has yet to be done, user

Chibi-Robo serving Gondola tea.

Why would you think this, how would you think this. In what way would this apply to real life. Who would EVER think about putting a sloth between their dick, let along have someone agree to it. Not counting the fact where they got the sloth from, and insured it isn't diseased. At least you didn't give the dicks are much detail, so there's that.

You're on some next level shit.

Draw Gondola standing on top of a Yeoman (pic provided) with some hills or mountains in the background. Possibly with a bottle of XXX booze next to him. Kind like the 'concept art posted as well

The dubs demanded it

does he have an apple in his mouth

That is his mouth

Give it a cockpit

Why is his mouth an apple?

Also, I might as well try this.
It took me awhile to find a usable image, though. Most images were just text.
Also I can barely draw.

Pokemon Sun/Moon nonsense

That's actually pretty cool.

A shame he playe Overcuck

calm down faggot

To be fair, if he played less Overwatch, he could draw more robots with tits. But the same could be said of any game.

Draw your favorite (non-waifu) vidya character with cancer.


Here you go fam.

Requesting one of those squid head necromorph things taking over Ellie's body.

Sloth and Lust in one picture. Amazing.


I can't seem to find the full, unwatermarked version of this image.

Can someone composite the two and remove the shadow?

I owe you a lewd XJ9 picture.

I can't draw for shit.

He said "or edit"
If you're decent at editing, shop her a pair of tits.

Wow, that really brought it to life

not sure what you want composited but here's a png version of the second one

Still waiting for that Gaius image

Here you go user

Gondola inside the gesselschaft's cafeteria or the torture room in misadventures of tron bonne.

It looks like you just upscaled it.

I'll draw since I'm shit at editing as well.
I tried my best. All I need to do is a cleanup.

The tits are a bit messed up and the face is a bit pudgy, but you're honestly better at drawing than I am.

this is why I come to these threads, its beautiful, good work

For the sake of my life, I can't draw tits.
I'm procastinating hard on an ethics exam study, so this better make someone touch his dick tonight.


I we made this just for you, user.
Thank you for the motivation.

Phone images do that for some reason.

What am I witnessing here?

That looks like a fun time, nice man

Jenny chewing on a drawing tablet

Thanks. Where did you find it?

Oh can someone silhouette it but with the red and blue parts of the flag transparent (like pic related. I'm looking at options for engraving. They positive space will be white when engraved) while keeping an overall outline?

I thought it would be trivial to do on my on but it's being a bigger pain than I thought.

i want to hold her hands and fuck her face

Master work.

Damn, you actually made her kinda attractive. She looks even older in the drawings tho, like she is in her 50s.
Absolutely fantastic job, user.

i tried making her a little cute, thanks

This was almost enough to purify my shriveled, black heart.

Stop being so pessimistic, user.

You're right.
My heart is actually full of hope in recent days, it's only everyone else who thinks it's shriveled and black

Happy to hear you are happy and hopeful, i am too. I have a feeling that this year will be glorious.

Damn, checked.
Last year was already glorious
Even if this year isn't, I at least have the memories.

Do you, by any chance, play… video games?

Good job.

Video games?! But of course i do, user! Do you? What do ya want to play?

I'm not sure what you got, but my Steam is steamcommunity.com/id/Brainal/

Draw your favorite video game character as gondola.

You haven't been playing many games, have you? Well, unfortunately, the only games i can play with you would be Borderlands 2, because i actually do have it, and Terraria but i've never tried anything more then singleplayer for either of those games.
I would be willing to try tho.
Do you maybe have some non-steam games to play? The only stuff from steam that i have been lately playing is CSGO because of the cash you can earn in it, otherwise my steam acc would rarely be visited.

Yes, but add me anyways, we should get a room instead of pushing towards bump limit

Can some please do a Liquid Snake gondola for me?
Sorry for some of them being rather low res, i couldn't find better.


If you don't want to use Steam to talk to me, I'm all ears for another solution.

Sorry for not responding, but thing is, i don't particularly like adding people because all end up being nothing more then numbers because i barely talk to them, that and i am not really a big fan of steam, but i will add you soon.
You will recognize me by the fact that my nickname has the word ''Cake" in it.

I owe you a Quote gondola.

I don't think the tits are the only thing you have to worry about son.

Now this is shit taste.

I just cleaned your second image
I made a few versions for this one, hope that's what you meant

whoops, just saw pic 4 had a couple black spots, here

Quickly someone draw a qt loli playing a vidya about at lolis playing vidya about qt lolis

Oh yeah here some references
This is totally not an excuse to post qt loli btw


Wanted 5 with the whole thing in black (engraving only has two colors), but I've already fixed that on my own.

You know what, i think it would just be better if we use a random dead board to communicate, at least for now.
Maybe we could use >>>test


Or Kiwi IRC #drawthread8

Start a thread if you care to, I'd just advise crowding this any longer than needed

I offer you my humblest traced and therefore completely pointless work from the CHERISHING thread over at Holla Forums.

Why tho? You could have just used the line tool.

I don't have a pad, I barely even have a grasp of layers and anything beyond that is still a mystery to me (just started using krita). TL;DR: I actually have no idea of what I am doing/

Of course, I also don't know how to draw.

this isn't the "I don't know how to draw thread", user

Stop using Shita, it's a meme and it's unstable. Pirate the latest version of photoshop then just go to jewtube and look at any old drawing tutorials from old guys like Anthony Jones or some other old fag, maybe Scott Robertson and if you're just starting out, forget pirating anything, just take out a notebook and go on jewtube and look for those old fags!!!
I swear, if you have windows 10, I will come over there and eat your limbs!

I'm using Linux, mate. Also photoshop is fucking huge, is there any other viable alternative?


Try an older version, try a "portable" version, try getting a better harddrive huehuehueheu


I need something that looks like RWBY art, with an arabic looking man who's weapon is a suicide vest.

I would explain but it's a long story

Just rip some MMD models and add the vest yourself. You know, just like the creators do.


Damn, thanks user. Thats pretty nice.

Nah, lets just use a random thread, i can't be bothered with that stuff.
Here: >>>/test/42953

I don't know if this has been done before, but Judge Dredd face-to-face with a space marine yelling that he will spend life in the cubes, while conversely the marine is yelling that Dredd shall be exterminated for heresy

7/10 could have taken it further.

Thanks dude! Got a site with more of your stuff?


This was a bretty gud draw thread all in all

requesting artistic interpretation

Polina and Holla Forumss catgirl pulling each others hair out? And then making sweet love together?

Commiecat is now mom.
Who the father tho.
Draw it.


Requesting Claire Redfield (and Jill Valentine if you like) infected by the T-Virus or G-Virus.

Wonderful work! Here is vidya-related one Holla Forums did on this theme.

yeah, sure thing

Bored on the train, here's a crappy depiction, just add message bubbles in photoshop

Nice, the image will be used for research purposes.

I really like this one, got any more images like this?

The Freeman would be proud, also random space marine I drew