Substantial Horrible Idiots Talkshow

It's the number one board-jew approved podcast.

This week we're doing Dungeon Crawler games, so if you have questions, want to call us faggots in real time or just shitpost, use the youtube chat or this thread. If you want to get in on this, let us know and we'll try and get some of you queers involved.

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literal eceleb cancer


For what it's worth, all adsense and other shit like that. We're doing this for the fuck of it, not to get e-famous.

All adsense shit is disabled, I mean.

I'm listenan in

I was wondering if this was worth getting, good to know it's atleast worth a pirate


Funfact: Roly polies/pillbugs can be dangerous for gardens with young plant and ground laying produce if their numbers get too high, but in smaller numbers they are beneficial
Also sowbugs look like their relatives the pillbugs but cannot roll up, the more you know

How about that?

oh jews, when will you ever learn

I'm on firefox nigger, just update.

i use palemoon because im not a cuck.

me too. youtube chat isnt working for me either


I'll have to try Etrian Odyssey, if it's so hard, that sounds fun

Omega Labyrinths dungeon areas look kinda like Recettears dungeons

By the way, since we keep saying we want anons involved, we've got a shitty discord if people want to not shit up Holla Forums by having a constantly faggoty podcast general thread around.

It's mostly shitposting, but we occasionally discuss what we'll talk about next week and who will be on the show.

Looks like any other low-quality 3D graphics dungeon crawler. Only thing that I find similar is the map.

/pone/ would still like to collaborate
love and tolerate, friendo




get a better acronym, nerds.

so what the fuck will it be next time

/pone/ no.

We tried deciding on something after we stopped streaming but didn't decide on anything

Gonna shamelessly shill this with a sage. Recording now

Still riding our coattails, huh?

get better mics and you're on it



Nigger, it better be ironic.

It is

can you guys add timestamps? I dont give a rat's ass what you niggers have played, only a discussion on the topic.

I see you guys are still copying /pone/.
How pathetic. Why would you copy a dying board?

Invite's expired.

fuckin pleb

Here's your next topic, atypical RTS, Majesty, Dungeon Keeper, Pikmin, that's all I can think of.

Bump this



And stay there.

I wouldnt mind an open discussion, I liked the going off topic to other subjects

Recettear is an action, and the game on the left you posted looks like usual Shiren the Wanderer clone. Also that's rogue like, not dungeon crawler.

That should be a never expiring link.
Discord is fucking retarded, though.

You're gonna listen to what we played and you're gonna like it faggot

Did you cunts ever decide on next week's topic?

How's RPG Maker MV?

stealth games

Yeah, we're doing Stealth Games for this Sunday's show. 5pm PST for an hour or so, as usual.

Suggest games for us to play, topics to discuss, or just call us faggoty e-celebs as usual. Join our faggoty queer-ass discord if you want to get involved or just shitpost.

Going to try and keep this thread alive until sunday to avoid more thread spam.


You fucks need to sync up with Hawaii time because I keep missing this shit.

you have itunes or rss download?

Haven't bothered with any of that shit. I tried uploading on some different sites, but all of them have obnoxious file size and runtime limits.

Podcast going live in about 2 hours.

Podcast going live shortly.

that was quite bad. it was like 70% Holla Forums talk + normalfag shit, with some stealth game names thrown around.

just make a podcast where you RP about killing everybody you don't like instead of pretending you want to talk videogames.

Shameless riding on your coattails shill post