Retarded motives

gordon freeman has literally grouped up with superficial rebel scum to stop "muh ebil scientist" from saving the species through transhumanist alien technology

maybe its just because im german

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The Question was of mankind's sovereignty. while humanity would have survived as the slaves of the covenant they would have lost the ability to rule over themselves to conquer the stars to expand past the horizons of earth free men. and gain a rat like existence as slaves mutilated and broken. truly a fate worse than extinction for the progeny of mankind.

Why fucking even leave it, I'd rather live out my days in a 2001 simulator than being in a cyber-hell for eternity.



This. Cypher did nothing wrong.

That'd be a massive weight off my back. I'd live the rest of my "life" jacking off and not giving a fuck.

other than being a TR80R?

if we are, there's no point thinking about it

Fucking this. Almost every day I get nostalgic for the way things were 15-20 years ago, I don't see a problem with reliving it electronically


I'm convinced that the Combine set up the rebellion themselves. It's obvious that the rebels were operating, they were doing it in broad daylight. The Combine did nothing about them, however.



What if I want humanity to burn

Do you know about cyberpunk? You know, the whole "high technology, low quality of life" stuff?
Well, transhumanism will benefit the 1% of humanity that can actually pay for it. I'm not saying it's bad per se, but the average dude won't be able to get any of it.
In fact, we're in a cyberpunk nightmare, the big corps already control everything and there is nothing we can do about it.


Make humanity discover magic

Make it happen.


To get humanity to burn you just have to be yourself, but on a global scale. That'll fuck everything up.

Pssh, no we're not. What gives you that idea apart from everything man?

No, Breen was dooming the human civilization to slavery so that he could get a nice lofty position in combine society.


No idea why'd you think we could be in a cyberpunk world.

These pics look like a puzzle game's walkthrough.


it's not dead though. the brain tissue is kept alive.

probably in immeasurable pain.

How do you think dreadnaughts work?
You get someone that is about to die, shove him in life support and entomb him in a badass machine of war.


It's frantically trying to figure out why it has not legs, tail, face, isn't warm, can't see correctly and I can no longer blink, has no mouth and cannot scream. It's literally OH GOD WHAT'S HAPPENING; The Device.

A dreadnought at least has a, more or less, whole person inside it. They can still feel things. Imagine waking up and seeing everything green, you can't unfocus on anything, you can't blink, and you have no skin or limbs anymore.

Plus a dreadnought has giant guns, making it somewhat worthwhile.

I recall reading that the Rat Brain Robot is not actually acting 1:1 with what the brain is trying to process, and instead the engineers who made it just pretty much guessed what brain response should be mapped to what robot response. We have no fucking idea what the rats brain is actually trying to do and if it can or not act through the robot. It could all be trying to interpret a bunch of misfiring neurons for all we know.

Maybe its that god damn music with the video and subtitles, but I've read and even scene lab rats go through some gruesome for the sake of science without batting an eye. Yet this video of a little cyborg car feels me with unnerving dread. Probably the fact it mentions it dies in three months.

At least he knows the emperor lives him. The emperor protects.

Three months of what ever the fuck the rat sees in its complete dark hell.

user, you need to experiment like that to go from panicked rat flailing around to badass, venerable dreadnoughts.

Most shooter games in general have you shooting people for really fucking dumb reasons if you stop to think about it.

i would say that was clever writing if i didn't think modern naughty dog was retarded. getting real tired of "rebels are always good guys" tropes because not only is it done to death they rarely present a reason to dislike the big bad authority

>Most shooter games in general have you shooting people for really fucking dumb reasons if you stop to think about it.

Imagine coming to the realization that your own brain is attached to nothing. Uh. I mean it's not even just like it sees nothing either, it has nothing to derive any senses from, it's like waking up and realizing that you're blind/deaf/mute, have all your nerve endings stop functioning, and you're no longer able to receive any input from your organs anymore telling you that you need to eat or pee or even move all at the same time. Uuuuh.


Shouldn't be surprised, though. Germans are one of the most cucked countries out there. Always have been, really. They love having someone's boots to lick.
Also, consider learning proper English some time, you shitbasket eurocuck.

This guy gets it, spot on.
What's the point of living, when all you get to do is stagnate, or worse, degrade for someone else?
Can we really say we are better than the animals below us, if we do not advance? If we do not struggle, strive for our own reasons?


You'd go insane very fast and pretty soon you'll degrade in odd ways. I say this as a student who works with neural networks a lot.
When you overtrain a network on a very limited dataset, the outputs go bad. The network starts focussing on minor details that aren't relevant when it has processed the training set, so the outputs degrade.
Sometimes those simulated brains scare me by just how human they are.

Delete you're accounts

Dubs of truth.
Either self-determination or death.
Life as a servant its not a life worth living.

What if its an eternal life of pleasure seeking?

Now your next problem is to figure out what free will is and if you actually have it.

It's awfully hollow, you ask me. Besides, those slaaneshii nutters are about excess, not exclusively pleasure. Though, I'd point out, that very nature means they're broken, innit.

Thats because it goes in circular logic and its hard to prove or disprove it without a time machine.
This also implies that nothing is truly random and there is no such thing as chaos. How would you actually prove that though. Also, even if you could travel back in time to a single point a few times where you made a yes or no decision and you ended up seeing yourself say no half the time, and yes the other half of the time, would that satisfy that something has "free will?"

Regardless though that argument gets really too abstract, yes you do have free will, the definition was always if a decision could be made. The decision being influenced by other sources wouldn't change the fact you made a "decision". It just becomes word play at that point.
Chaos did nothing wrong.

Why does it matter?
Never understood these 'existential crisis' items. Most the time, it falls right under "why does it matter".

Let's say we don't have free will: Everything is pre-ordained, and you'll continue to do exactly what you were destined to do.
What does that mean?
The knowledge of this wouldn't change that it is pre-ordained, nor would deciding not to bother, or anything else you do. After all, it was all going to happen anyway.
So, then what?
What does it matter?
You can't do anything about it, so why worry?

An example of a more nuanced issue is questioning whether free will is the ability to act within the constraints a person has, or whether it is simply freedom regardless of individual circumstances. For example, if two people react to the same situation, but one, by virtue of having access to more information, can make a better decision, do they have more freedom than the other? We could take this to its extreme, where someone who knew everything could always act in their best interests and take almost any course of action that is feasible in a given situation, whereas someone with an extremely small amount of information could perhaps see only one or even no beneficial solution to a situation.

Does the individual who knows everything have more freedom of will than the individual with little to know knowledge? I would say they do, as where a slave is constrained by his master a fool is constrained by his ignorance.

I would make the case that it's more about the choice being made. Sure, one guy might make it with better information, and sure, that'll be a better choice, but the free will is making the choice in the first place.
By all means, lack of knowledge is bad, typically, but that doesn't mean that you lack free will just because you don't know everything. Frankly, the idea is a bit silly to me.

If this is an-all purpose shieet motives thread then I present Siege of Orgrimmar.

What happens?

>The Alliance aids the Horde rebels

If the Horde was gone, what reason would the alliance have to exist? They are a reason for peace. Or, something like that, anyway. The Alliance helps the rebels, because they know the rebels can't win, but they can hurt the Horde.

*tips fedora*

They can do that by shipping some cash to the rebels without deploying troops. And either impose terms on the rebels if they win or smash Garrosh if he wins.

They don't want the rebels to win. They want them to be a thorn in the side of the Horde. Likewise, using actual troops who follow alliance orders is better than money, in this way, as they can be told not to help on a key battle that might tip the scales.
Again, just spitballing reasons, though.

*tips confirmation name*

The idea is that the rat brain will eventually map itself to the robot. We really don't have much of an idea of how exactly brains really work, but fortunately it seems that you can pretty much pick a part of a brain that seems to be responsible for a given function and just jam some electrodes in there, and it'll work itself out pretty quickly.

Just jamming a grid of electrodes into a human visual cortex, and wiring that shit to a video camera is enough to give a completely blind person some semblance of sight. It's really quite remarkable.

Interestingly, you can also put the electrodes on a semi-functioning retina, optic nerve, or even the fucking tongue and it'll work eventually.

it's a pretty safe bet that to at least some degree, the rat brain will have adjusted to the robot body, and is probably scurring around in the robot body, much like any normal, albiet likely insane and traumatized, rat.

The wording on that ratbot video is pretty fucking vague so I looked into it.

So the god news at least is that it's not an actual rat brain. At this point it's just biological components being used for their mechanical functions, it never was a sentient rat.



Does it have "free will" is a binary. "Yes or no".
"Has more freedom, how much freedom, is this enough freedom to be free will?" is a completely different question. I get what you are trying to say though.
Even if someone lived an entire life without ever needing to make a decision, that would not illustrate the existence or lack there of free will.
Intelligence, experience, and metal retardation would not change the ability to make a decision. It would just effect the "quality" of the decision and what that decision actually is, which is again a different question. Arguably on that last one because you would need to define how retarded and what its actually doing.


This guy has a point. If there's ever a time when mankind is ready for transhumanism: it won't be now while the Rothschilds control the world.

I'm all for technology enriching our lives, making them better. But yes, we need to be free first otherwise all this tech is just a new form of chains around our necks. When the world is purely digital, our police and military robots and our leaders/owners in hyper security facilities and digitized for immortality, we're done. Pray for a solar flare to crash it all.

The game basically states that Dr. Breen let the rebellion continue because his spy was handing over the perfect teleportation machine as the rebels figured it out, which is why one was in Nova Prospekt. So the rebels were allowed enough supplies and researchers to finish it and then they were to be crushed; after Breen saw Gordon the crushing began, which you see happen in game. Gordon got brought in to fuck this all up and make humanity a legit threat that'd horrify the combine into overreacting.


That's only true if the rat brain gets some form of feedback from the robot body. If the robot body us just reading signals from the brain without sending anything back, it can't adapt istelf to anything.

Did you take a big hit to the head recently?

When and if the shit hits the fan either all at once or a slow degradation of society I'm sure you could cobble together a rag tag group of disenfranchised street urchins to violently storm a 1%'er household, kill their rent-a-cops and take their technology for your own.

Storming castles is passe. I'm waiting for 3D printed surface to air missiles personally.

All adds up. Poor Deutschland.

Sage for Jews about to be kicked out of the 110th country to have been foolish enough to have taken them in

Can people just make up a new movement every few months?
How can I possible keep up with all these shitty smiley faces with different paint jobs?
Mind you, I had lots of fun making these on Holla Forums for the big two.

Seems about right considering how Germans seem to lack any real empathy or morals and also have an undying need to look for a big daddy chad to take care of them.