Indieshit thread

Post smaller games that you recommend/find interesting here.

Shilling for this pixelshit right here that looks pretty good, Adult Swim is publishing it and the devs are actual Nips.
You can play their previous 2 games 4free here

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The Desolate Hope, it's free on Steam so you have no excuse not to try it. It was made by Scott Cawthon before he started churning out FNAF cancer. It's a great little game although the night section can be pretty tedious.

How does he use to create that crazy fucking art anyway?

i had fun playing a chess game on my phone recently, with the gimmick that pieces can all move at the same time, but they have a 3 second or so cooldown once they reach their destination
so you get a lot of situations where your opponent tricks you by baiting your pieces to attack him, he moves his piece away in the last moment, and while your now on cooldown piece is waiting, he can take it with another one
AI is pretty retarded though, only multiplayer is worth playing

Brigador is an isometric shooter with a great setting and backstory where you can fly hovertanks, drive tanks, giant tanks, motorbike tanks, pilot power armour/minimechs to full blow Giant Stomp Mechs that wouldn't look especially out of place in a Battletech universe.

It also has great gameplay, though it's fairly 'niche'. If you like older games like the Strike (Jungle, desert, ect) series, you'll love this like I did I expect. What's fun is you can destroy essentially everything you see, the buildings the trees, most of the walls, you can level the place and there's even equipment to do it. (One of the item's descriptions note that using it on a living creature is considered a war-crime)

It also has an amazing soundtrack.

Another one I recommend if you like the XCOM style game is Halcyon 6. The XCOM parallels are quite easy to see; you have a base you expand, people you recruit that are randomly generated, all with a time limit for Nasty Shit Coming breathing down your neck. Combat is turn based final fantasy style, and pretty fun. Most attacks inflict a condition (Hull Breech for ships, Bleeding for ground missions) which can be exploited by another attack for extra damage, encouraging you to mix up the fleet/ground team's composition. Quite funny too, without being lolrandum and there's fun nods to the blatant Star Trek influences. I have a science officer with the surname 'Cruncher' for example.

Came here to post this, you are quick shot, OP.

Have the Webms anyway.

I recently played through Environmental Station Alpha. I was initially not digging the extremely low sprite resolution for everything, but the sound is fucking excellent. The entire game feels very much like a combination of the original Metroid and Super Metroid from beginning through the final boss until you start hunting down the secrets of the station in the post game and end up getting into some cosmic horror shit. My biggest complaint with the game is that some of the secret easter eggs are just silly jokes or references to things that break the atmosphere of the game. My other big complaint concerns how you solve some of mysteries and thus would be a bit spoilery, but it mostly involves having to tediously search through a map you've already entirely explored to find several specific spots alluded to with vague hints.

Do you know that feel when you have an idea for a video game and you really want to make it but then you see someone else that did it/is doing it?

So another "inspired by Hotline Miami" game?

Be glad someone made it happen if it's good.

And if you're a bitter fuck just spread the game around to fuck with potential sales.

On topic though,

A platformer with focus on avoiding hazards while not being detected. It's literally impossible not to get an F on your first playthrough. Someone called it a precision platformer which is didn't know was a genre, so if that's your thing check it out.
Really good music too.

Well it's not completely exactly the same, and the aesthetic is different so I guess I'm not going to be a faggot. I'll make my own when I stop being a spastic retard.

The game looks cool, OP. I'll probably buy it on a sale.

The steamworld games are pretty good, dig is like a weird metroidvania type game and heist is worms with nucom cover mechanics and an objective

Thanks for the webbums

Assault Android Cactus is fucking great, imo. Main problem is the fact that the game is too forgiving, but going for S+ ranks fixes that.

Yes. It especially hurts when their vision of the idea is inferior to yours, because even if you do start realizing your idea it'll only be passed off as a ripoff of that inferior version, if it's ever noticed at all.

honestly i wouldnt mind playing the sequel if i didn't hate the band that made the music, i guess i can just mute it and put my own shit on and pirate it so they get nothing from it
fuck that band though. shame SWD gave them recognition



This is the only success out of early access and the only indie game that isn't trash in my opinion. Of course people can like Terraria but I don't. I haven't ever beaten the boss what is the black android but it still a fun game to go back and try to get a better rank now and then.

Nobody gives a shit about chiptune faggotry, the only thing that matters is how it plays.

One person posted music.

It's clearly an "inspired by Viewtiful Joe" game

Va-11 Hall-a is a comfy VN with the best OST last year.

didn't thiss have a little bit too much of chan references?


I knew the developer's name was familiar, it's the guy who made Tower of Heaven. He hasn't done anything else besides that and another even shorter meme game, still looks like it could be good though.

If you want another reason to hate it, isn't it made by SJWs?

Pick two.

It's not subtle about it, thats for certain.

Nope, published by the same publisher as Yieck, but made by a bunch of Venezuelan weebs.

Hipster poly is getting pretty popular, isn't it?

I wonder why nobody tries making a ps1 lookalike instead of these flat-colored heavily shadered polygons.

It was made my spics in a commie country, which gets my respect points at least. I mean it must be hard devving between power outages and in relative poverty.

No, I don't have source, I heard someone saying it around here

One is 5 too many. I'm sick of chiptunes.

Its true, it's on the developer's twitter and site.

Considering countries in central and south america dont have the same conditions everywhere else, they deserve credit.

And here I was expecting good indieshit.
Wadjet Eye point & click adventures are good.

its true they have been "forcefully invited" by the Chavist to make Venezuelan videogames great again? ( a fate worst than death)

Primordia was their best game, but what got me interested in them was Emerald City Confidential and the Blackwell saga. I totally forgot about them until you mentioned it.

Now I'm moderately interested.

I've been meaning to purchase their cyberpunk adventure. Is it any good?

Have you fags ever played Hylics? It's an actually good RPG Maker game its one of the best really with one of the best art-styles in recent memory. Its for 3 bux on Steam and but alternatively you can use the magnet i posted below.


If you mean Gemini Rue, yes, it's very good

I've heard about this game, I remember it because some person I've been following recommended it however many streams ago. Is it easy to understand compared to what those gifs show?

Is that from halfchan?

What about Technobabylon?

The game is essentially, as you've noticed weird and yes, hard to understand, its nothing too obtuse since you can get your bearings on how things work by exploration and stuff. One of its features is that it uses random texts to convey character conversations with the locals of the crazy world you live in, added to make it even more crazy.

So I'd say yeah its easy to understand beneath the chaos and absurdity of it all

*meant to say hard to understand initially in the beginning there

I was at PAX South this year, and I played a few cool indie games:

Battlesloths was probably the most fun. It's a four player arena game where the goal is to collect pizza slices. Me and my buddies had a blast every time we played this, although I can see it getting old fast, and probably requires IRL friends.

Statik is a kickass looking puzzle game for PS4 VR. I had never used PSVR before and I was surprised how good it was (although I've only ever used a VR heaset once before). The game was very immersive, and was at this playable stage after only 14 months of development apparently. I visited this games booth daily for the three days, the dev's started recognizing me and my friends on sight.

Pizza Titan Ultra was also really fun, it's a game where you deliver pizzas as a gundam-robot. There are two parts to the game (that I saw), first you pilot the robot to the customers house (enemies attacking you all the while), then when you arrive you launch the rocket-fist holding the pizza through the wall into the house. All in all it was a lot of fun to play, I meant to tell the dev's they should add a pizza-cooking minigame but I forgot.

Tonight We Riot was cool, I think the bad guy is supposed to be Trump (which cost it some points in my book) but its basically a two player game where your flag-holding-guy gets a mob together to throw bricks and molotovs at riot cops. One of the enemies were the "Scoop" trucks from Soylent Green, which is pretty awesome.

Earthfall is basically a L4D rip-off featuring ayy lmao's instead of zombies. However it seems to have bigger, more open ended maps than the more linear L4D, and features some neat additions like weapon crafting stations and deployable barricades.

I can't rate sound and music for the games because most didn't feature headsets and the convention hall was loud as fuck. Also, nigger nigger kike nigger. Now you know I am not a shill.

I didn't like Gemini Rue or the Teleporter one.

Not even close.
Swing and a miss.
Your previous statement completely invalidates any credibility you may have had. Your opinions are shit and you're a nigger.

by the same publisher, Desync looks alright

Nice to see another PAX South go-er. Did you run into the couple that was wearing Nazi uniforms by the way? I wanted to stop them and get a picture, but they walked too fast. I also wanted to see if they would visit the Diversity Lounge with me.

Anyways, of these games, I played Earthfall as well. One of my friends I played with was retarded and kept getting us killed, but the game seemed fairly decent and challenging. I liked that the maps seemed a bit more open than say Left 4 Dead, and the additions of the deployable barricade/turret was pretty cool. I asked the character artist if they intended to do something like Vermintide where you can get loot at the end of the rounds which I hate and he said they didn't have any plans to do that, but it's always up for debate. I personally hope they don't, because I just want a fun, solid game without having to worry about loot and shit. My only real gripe with the game so far is that it feels and looks stiff, but that can be ironed out with better animations/etc.

The next game I played was a neat little title called Graveball. Basically it's a 3v3 sport where you get the ball from one end of the court to the other. You can score by letting the ball sit in an end zone, being accurate and throwing the ball through a small hoop, or killing the whole enemy team at the same time. I thought that this game was really neat, because you could essentially commit suicide to spawn yourself as a ghost and make yourself move faster and be invisible to the enemy team with the trade-off that you can't touch the ball or anything else. It was pretty fun and hectic and I like that you could accidentally kill your teammated if you're not careful. I don't think it will get as big as fucking Rocket League, but it seems like a fun game that you could play with a group of friends and get drunk and laugh at.

I have a couple.

Hexen meets Binding of Isaac in a rogue-lite. Permadeath, magic weapons, randomly generated maps/rooms/powerups. Pretty fun.

Secret of Mana meets Phantasy Star in an SNES-era RPG. Gameplay is pretty good, the spritework and palette are beautiful, and it looks/feels/sounds/plays like a genuine SNES title. Yes it's in Early Access, but the game's coming out in May, and there's a playable demo up. (On Steam and in browser) Overall it's pretty good, and I really like it a lot.

I didn't see the nazis, but I wish I did. Speaking of the diversity lounge, did you go to 'Queering up Misconceptions in Gaming'? I didn't and I'm curious as to how much of a genetic catastrophe the LGBT+Pedo crowd was.

I played Graveball with a friend and was underwhelmed, but it was the end of last day and people to play against were thinning out.

I did not. I wanted to go to it and see how shitty they are, but my friends convinced me not to. Probably for the best.


Crosscode is something I've been watching for a long time but I'll be pirating it because it uses pixelgraphics and has chiptunes. We are far FAR past the point where that needs to be in your game, regardless of how good your pixelart is in cutscenes and backgrounds. I will be buying this though :3

Slime Rancher is fantastic, I love the shit out of that game. Only downfall is that it's still scant on content, but they recently put out the lab update which is pretty fun.

When I think of pixel graphics and chiptunes, I think of indieshit that misuses 8-bit graphics and chiptunes. I think CrossCode utilizes the 16 look/sound really well, so nothing feels out of place like a lot of shoehorned pixelshit does, and makes the whole experience seem genuine to me. Think late SNES/Early PSX.


That actually looks pretty fun. Music reminds me of hyperlight drifter.

This thread makes me depressed. Is this what the future of videogames looks like?

Its an anvenue of it. With some shitty game coming out from big names, you got to see if the little names have anything good.

This game is fan-fucking tastic.
You motherfuckers better buy it if you want to play it, it's an absolute masterpiece. I just wish it was longer.

in development, from Gunpoint dev

still liking the game so far

what am I looking at?

I've been playing Hard West for the past couple of days and it's definitely a nice surprise if you like the genre. It's pretty much entry-level stuff and re-uses the same formula of 2 "APs" from nuXCOM but the setting is something you don't see often and there's enough variation in skills/weapons that it has managed to keep me interested up until now.
I'd recommend it if you overdosed or JA2 or anything else. The campaign doesn't seem to be very long however (3hrs of game time, did 2 scenarios and I've got 6 left) and it seems there is very little replayability so if that scares you you can still pirate it.


To be fair with pixel art its probably because its cheaper than 3d models, and when its done right it looks great. Although when its done shittly it still works worse than games on the NES, or even most games on britbong home computers. From what I hear computers were popular in the UK with systems like the amiga and commodore, I dont know how true or not that is though.

t. someone who doesn't make games

Hard West was actually pretty fun, shame the devs dropped off the face of the earth
I just really want more western games

Yeah same. It's really a criminally underused setting, I thought that RDR would encourage making more games in this time period but I guess those epin cover based third person shooters aren't gonna make themselves :^).

this is bait

Hey now, flat low-poly is decent.
It's simple, informative and you can have as much detail as you need it. Though it's an absolute disgrace when the game still runs like a shit with such a simple aesthetic because devs are too retarded to make it work.

Anyways, pic one is pretty nice, despite character standing out from environment due to being significantly more detailed and the odd scone shading on edges, Overland is great example of functional low-poly - informative and simple, and third is a godless abomination with those terrible shadows, chromatic aberration and that out of place t-shirt image on the hipsterbeard.

Came here to recommend CrossCode. Played the extended demo two years ago and I can't wait to purchase it.

I'll buy you a copy, user.

nice lying by omission you dishonest piece of shit

kill yourself

yes, pic and archives related

venezuelan sjweeb cancer

fuck off shills




















14/? -

&& -





The shameless self-promotion is shameless eh?
If the 'tism is so strong to get them programs then why not make a game yourself? It's not like you have anything else to do in life.

Apparently I'm a an oldfag. I don't agree with some games though but I guess that's expected. What's Project Zomboid doing there though ? The game has been in early access since 2011 and teased before that but the devs are shit tier at planning and seem to be composed mostly of idea guys.

What ?

If you liked Lisa or if you like normal people.

You're bad at making games.

Chiptunes and pixelart is cancer.

Uh mail a key to [email protected]

This was pretty much all I played for 5 years. I have only won like 5 times. I've gotten to the point where I know how dangerous almost every enemy is by heart.

He thinks you are trying to promote your youtube let's play channel

I mean the quoted's let's play channel. Check his first pic.

Here are a few I have played. Oblitus' weird gameplay may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Never heard about any of those, also isn't the second one cancelled?

this is the best game a i have played in a while, they have a demo up on their website, game is not done and they didnt do early access cancer.


It's like y'all faggot don't like archeology.

Yeah I noticed right after my post that the jewtube links were all to the same channel.

So much autism went into that game I wonder how the sequel is going to top it.
Posting best song btw :^)

tfw you will NEVER EVER play as ara americanese-chan and get lost in the masochistic dungeons of autism that is la mulana 2.


thanks mane, I'm def gonna check it out

It's either user has a really esoteric OS, or he wants to make a hacking game.

With the deluge of titles on Steam, it's fucking impossible to keep track of all the gems. Is there someone/some site trying to?

I made this thread for this purpose

Also, recommending Ring Runners

I shared some of my faves in the action platformer thread , but I'm always down to spread some niche love.
Of all the games that came out last year, mostly indie because I'm too cheap to see if Doom runs on my computer, there are three that I would consider my absolute favorites: Pharaoh Rebirth, ICEY, and Heart&Slash. Excuse the lack of pictures or videos, I'm on mobile.

Pharaoh Rebirth is a Castlevania-type platformer set in Egypt, with characters cursed to be in the form of furries. All of it is just fantastic, the maps, the items you collect, the writing, and it's all so much more challenging than any modern game.

ICEY, in contrast, is a sort of post-cyberpunk side scrolling spectacle fighter with combos and air juggles and the like. But the main draw of the game's story is the meta-commentary, as the whole game is narrated by an insert game developer who gets upset when you break the story sequence. It's like The Stanley Parable in that sense, except it has combat, the narrator isn't trying to be funny for funny's sake, and by finding all the possible plot deviations, you work your way towards unlocking the true ending.

Now, Heart&Slash is gonna be the hardest sell, because by all accounts it's not a great game. It's a character action roguelite, where you get your weapons and equipment from random item pools and fight through mazes of rooms you soon learn to know by heart no matter what order they're presented in. It's not particularly hard, there are only three levels, and a good portion of the items and rooms are just plain broken. But the music is just fantastic, and the combat is polished enough to feel great no matter what your weapons are (unless you only have weapons that enemies resist, then it's great polished combat that's also really tedious). Just give it a shot if you like spectacle fighters, it's great.

Fuck yeah I didn't know this came out. I love everything Akisoft has put out so far. Thanks OP

Oh, it isn't out yet. Fuck you OP.

Oh yeah, I remember that

Sorry to dissapoint user, the anouncement trailer was released and after watching it I felt like talking about decent indishit.

That is a hacking game that's already out; I believe the title is Mainlining.

Bleed: 2D run and gun, with a triple omni directional air dash, lots of weaponry and a DMC-like style meter.

Ronin: Action game very similar to what a turn based Gunpoint could be. See video. Fairly short, not replayable but incredibly fun none the less. Final level will fuck your shit up.[].exe

Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight : Metroidvania with great music, gameplay, bosses, challenge and the cutest silent protag and morph form you'll ever see

I'm starting to run out of places to find downloads for obscure-er or older indie games. Any recommendations?

Forgot to link Reverie.

IGG will reupload old shit if you ask

Didn't a sequel just release?

Know what, hell with it, lemme break out my good goy hat and find all the indie games I have that are recommendable. Feel free to call me whatever you like, I'm still doing my part. If I have time, maybe I'll even say what some of these games are about.

undertale :^)

Breddy gud list

I need to check some of these out.

Why has there been no good indie RPG?

Been waiting for ages for this to go on sale. May by time to hit the high seas

Legend of Grimrock?

I've got some more time now, so I can go into more detail on some of these games.

Indie JRPG, your primary enemies are Japanese spirits of household objects AKA Tsukumogami. Enemies start off as invulnerable clouds of obscuring fog, and regular attacks make them drop word or letter clues to what kind of spirit they are. You don't deal actual damage until you correctly guess their name.

Pretty basic puzzle game, about helping a sleepwalking guy get from A to B. You do this by picking up and dropping obstacles in his way to redirect him or get him across from gaps or monsters in the way; however, it all takes place inside his dreams, so the levels make use of fantastical obstacles and MC Escher level designs complete with staircases that let you walk onto walls.

A very basic sort of RTS, where each team builds caterpillars for their armies. Caterpillars are made up of different segments, some of which have extra weapons or armor or the like, so adding segments to a unit makes them stronger but also cost more resources.

A weird little horror adventure game, that kinda feels like the video game equivalent of an old Troma film. The visuals are extra gory and visceral, and it jumps between third and first person gameplay whenever it pleases, but it's filled with puzzles that at times feel like Silent Hill levels of convoluted. It's a great experience.

Indie Smash TV with 6-man multiplayer, a bunch of different characters with unique weapons, and a weapon leveling system.

A dungeon crawler with local multiplayer, you've probably heard of it at some point. The gimmick of the game is that one person plays as a warrior while the other players are ghosts, and they all possess traps and monsters in order to kill the human and take his place.

Side-scrolling puzzles about hitting switches to shift the layout of each room and make it to the exit. More in-depth than it sounds at first.

You know that NES game Crystalis? It's basically that, but you play as a villain.

Great little sci-fi adventure game, you play as the AI of a spacesuit belonging to an injured pilot, trying to guide your inhabitant to medical attention while holding to your robotic code, even at times finding loopholes to progress. One of the first puzzles you perform is to activate a camera-based security system, so that your subroutines unlock the ability to cloak. It's all about the extents and ethics that need to be bypassed, and it's great dark fiction.

It's an indie fighting game, and a Power Stone clone, two things that the world is in desperate need of.

Take Subspace Emmisary, and replace the Smash Bros characters with robots who have different options in special attacks based on what body parts they have equipped. As you may imagine, defeating more robots gets you new parts.

Arena style character action game, much in the vein of Devil May Cry right down to the combat controls, but with no platforming or anything, just the combat. And anime schoolgirls with short skirts.

Only two buttons: punch whatever's on your left, and punch whatever's on your right. All the rest is quick thinking as you practice tricks like grabbing weapons from the air, building up power to get even stronger, and memorizing the movement patterns of enemies who like to jump from one side to the other.

It's a simple metroidvania game, with an African-style art direction and Ikaruga's color-switching mechanic (turn blue to absorb blue bullets and damage red enemies, and vice versa).

The combat is made up of TTYD-style minigames, and you can guess what the general premise is just from the name.

A pretty simple roguelike with a fanciful art style and some fun different character classes. It's pretty clearly designed for mobile in terms of layout, but it's still challenging enough that it's not casualized. Same devs who made Caves of Qud.

Where The Fall was more of a traditional point-and-click type game, this one's a puzzle platformer involving the use of clones. And where The Fall raised philosophical questions about AI, The Swapper raises philosophical questions about cloning.


Bleed 2 is fun so far but it seems to have cut back a lot on the weapons. You start off with pistols, katana or a combo and you don't unlock anything until you finish the game.

I've never heard of anything past Oldfag level and I'll venture a guess and say that everything below Oldfag is broken unplayable garbage.

How new are you?

Very new I guess.
Didn't spot LSD and The Sentinel at first.
Quickly browsed Lostboy.exe
Like I said, garbage. I was none the poorer for not knowing about those "games".

I predict that Spire will be GOTY 2017, at least if it actually comes out this year. It's pretty hard to find information on it since the devs haven't even made an official trailer but it's the guys that did Dustforce and it's a roguelike FPS.

webm related is 2 years old now and it's the closest thing to actual gameplay they've shown outside of streams that noone saved.

This looks pretty rad, I'll keep it on my radar

Where do you get that gameplay footage?

A good question but don't judge me for the answer I've gone through every social media page for each of the devs to look for cool stuff and that one came from the Spire subleddit. I think it was just a post Lexie made about getting the AI working.
Even watched an hour long interview with him linked by another user here that is also strangely obsessed with these devs.

That doesn't look like GOTY to me, you need to list more features.

I understand that, user.
Spire looks like it has a lot of potential and Dustforce is my favorite 2D platformer.

it has minimalist art and its first person with no actual hand made levels. As far as indie games actually worth giving a shit about, look no farther than comiket. Twice a year every year tons of fascinating looking games are shown off, often running on the latest technology with support for upcoming hardware peripherals. The only problem is actually getting a hold of the games which may or may not be distributed online at some point.
(embedded trailer compilation with links to developers sites and game names)

The most easily accessible games I'd say are Astebreed and ace of Seafood, which are both excellent games as well.

those are a few years old now.

I'm not really the biggest fan of comiket(out of not really being able to keep up and not out of hating it) so I wouldn't really know much besides bits and pieces.
Say, you seem like you know your shit with Comiket, can you recommend a good TPS from the games shown or are those rare/nonexistent?

pafuhana1213 showed off a UE4 VR/TPS game that looked very good.

Ok sure, here's just about everything I know:

I just fucking love Dustforce even though I don't like platformers or speedrunning, but what I love more than anything else are shooters, immersive sims (Dark Messiah), and roguelikes which is exactly what this is going for.

Dungeon Crawl and Cataclysm: DDA are great.


Indieshit I've actually played recently:
It's Smash Bros but better. Somebody bought and redirected it to the game's homepage and the dev had a laugh about it.
Surprisingly, nobody I talk to has ever heard of it. I thought it was more popular. It's a 2d shooter where you play as 80s action heroes and it has a lot of potential environment damage, so you can take some cool approaches.
A solid brawler with heavy aerial movement and some neat ideas.
Pretty good shmup with awesome music and visuals. Pretty fun game to sit back with.
Roguelite space shooter, I guess. It's structured like an old mecha anime, where you have to play 5 "episodes" without dying to finish the "season" and move on with the story. You have a little jet that can turn into a mecha with a laser sword. It can also grab enemies and throw them into hazards or use them as shields.
Heavily based on 70s anime, it's an easy horizontal shmup but it's really fun. Music's great and it's even got those classic yellow subtitles.
I don't know what to call it. It's billed as a roguelite but I don't think it's even that. In early access, but the premise is you have to steal various vehicles and try to outrun an alien that's out to eat you. The further you get, the further the time period advances. You start in the 1950s and vehicles will get more advanced the further you go. It's pretty fun, especially when you get a car with a grapple.
Plays like an old Ninja Gaiden or Shatter Hand, and the aesthetic is kind of MD Geist-ish. Really nice soundtrack and for being pixelshit, it's pretty good looking. Made by a small BR team.
By the same guys as Oniken, but based on classic Castlevanias. Definitely a Berserk influence on the aesthetic, and I would say the soundtrack and art are even better than Oniken's.
A really well-made Metroidvania that's almost a beat 'em up in terms of combat. Has multiple playable characters.
I don't know if it's indie but it's obscure enough I'm bringing it up. It's a brawler where you play as cute magical girls. One of the two DLC characters is Kurisu from Steins;Gate and the other is Frau Koujiro. I usually just play the animu girl who has the hammer. For some reason the hammer's head is shaped like a bullet, but I can dig it.

Straight in the trash it goes.


that needs to be way darker and have like these machines that glow either, red or blue or green or maybe purple
to make them look ancient futuristic

die tonyjew

Is anyone else playing this?
It's what Afterbirth was always supposed to be, I didn't have this much fun since the original flash based Isaac.

Too busy playing Enter the gungeon, which is better than BoI

Something about not being able to break the game for fun just doesn't sit right for me.
The challenge is good, don't get me wrong, but it's like the devs of Enter the Gungeon didn't have fun making the game.

I see what you mean, and that's exactly why I find EtG gameplay better than BoI.
I'm kinda tired of restarting a run over and over until I get a overpowered item that will carry me through the run without any effort.
Of course there are strong items in EtG too, but due to the ammo system they are not a garantue for a easy run guarantee

If you really wanted a challenge out of TBoI you could easily roll with whatever items you get and only restart if you die.
Having the ability to "resetscum" for an OP start doesn't mean you should.
I should really play Enter the Gungeon more tough, is it easier with a controller or is the keyboard still the best option?

Really depends on what you are more comfortable with, personally I prefer mouse and keyboard.

On a related subject, thoughts on this?
I really wanna like it but i feel like puking when playing it, who tought centering the webcam on your aim cross was a good idea?

Don't like it, mainly due to the level design.
Every stage is just one big chaotic boring room. Also it lacks depth in general, every run just feels more or less the same and you can't make a whole lot strategic choices







this shit is my teenage years. also
well shit would you look at that

Pixel shit has to look good at 640x480 or they fucked up.

It's really just because it's the Dustforce devs. It's hard to think it won't be really well done.

Not gonna make a thread for this because I'll just get accused of being the dev, but Hollow Knight is coming out in a few weeks. It was Kickstarted a little over 2 years ago.

seconding Diadra Empty. Also,

Minarai Mahou Tsukai Fuwaru no Bouken
Fantasy Explorer Nitroid
Lethal Crisis + Proto Sphere
Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils
Asakura P!
Majin Shoujo 2

Fortune Summoners
Touhou Soujinengi / Genius of Sappheiros

Lethal Application
Alltynex 2nd


That game is a horrendously coded turd. In all the full versions and demo versions I have tried I have never been successful in getting it to not crash instantly or after the first stage.

I was interested by the moment they announced it. The gore looks flashy enough and it seems to be filled with good old action

I loved this game. The art is really eyestrain inducing thought. I didn't mind the hunt for the postgame thought

Is there any other game where you play as a spoopy skeleton ?

reminds me of fract ost but it seems an actual game.


Already finished all of them, even that PSP one. Shame the series is dead but on the other hand in the current year industry it's probably for the best.

I agree.
I also think it's a shame how badly the psp version turned out.

Deadbolt lets you play a skeleton. You're in hell or purgatory or something and you're trying to stop the local undead from rising up against your boss.

Not only that, they cram in stupid Reddit-tier memes like "le normalfag get out REEEEEEEEE xDDDD" in the dialog.


That doesnt make any sense

I guess the fact that it's obscure enough that I'm only learning about it now means I still have a chance to pass it off as my own idea

Fix your computer then. Game is flawless.


I want to play a game with progression, like a Dark Souls or FTL thing maybe.
Something where you die, get xp/gold/whatever to spend and acquire new skills, stats, items and try to go again until you beat the game.

I know indie games are known for this stuff, so please help me.

Great soundtrack and more polished than I expected it to be. Thank you, my dude.

Can't get it to run on Windows 7. The Steam message board is full of people with the same problem.

Theres shitton of games like that nigger, theres even a whole name for those called rouguelikes.

Butcher is pretty fuckin fun

someone i know told me it was great and encouraged me to play it.

i couldn't fucking stand it because of the graphics. The pixel art is horrendous, in that everything is so incredibly blocky that you can't make anything out definitively. It looks like you're playing a 100x100 game blown up.

This isn't too big of a deal for stuff that's just background or decoration, but it's shit for things that are moving, like the enemies. Or look at the thing that's created when you blow an enemy in half, one half of them lands on the floor and is literally nothing but a heaving red blob of pixels. If you didn't know what it was by virtue of how it gets there, there would be no way to tell.

What you're describing sounds like Rogue Legacy. Or to a different extent, Coin Crypt. Probably others I'm not thinking of, but like said, go look up roguelikes on steam.

Has anyone played Hellenica? is it a good TBS or does it suck?

I just did a quick search myself. Go look at Darkest Dungeon, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Enter the Gungeon, Super House of Dead Ninjas, Death Road to Canada, Ziggurat, Hand of Fate, Captain Forever, Cavern Kings, Heart&Slash, Dungeon Souls, Our Darker Purpose, or A Wizard's Lizard. Or some others I'm not thinking of now.

LakeFepard's Spark the Electric Jester is due for April. Anyone enjoyed the new demo?