Demo discs

ITT: We discuss our favorite demo discs from back in the day, share our collections, and try and remember that one disc that had the demo for a game that you don't remember the name of.

That being said, I've been trying to remember this one demo disc that I had back when I was a kid. It was on PC, and had demos for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and a Tomb Raider game (not sure which). There was also some kind of space shooter where you could pilot a fighter, and it also had some sort of RTS-style mode. There were portals that you could fly through to enter different areas of space, and I can't really remember much else, except that I'm fairly certain that the game had the word "Alliance" in the title. If you can tell me the disc that had these demos, or even the name of that last game, I'll suck your dick through the internet.

I had a demo disk for playstation that had a demo of tomba 2 and medievil 2. I played the medievil 2 one so much.

I think I had the same demo disk, dude. Played the shit out of Tomba 2. I also had a Legend of Dragoon demo disk that I played the shit out of. Both of those games I have yet to play fully.

Who else here /eurodemo/?


Not demo discs, but does anyone know of an archive of PC game compilations? You know those shitty shareware discs that had like 200-1000 games on 'em?

also this demo confused me as a kid

Came with my PSX.

Had playable Ridge Racer, 2Xtreme, Blast Chamber, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 2 and some others.

Think I enjoyed watching the game trailers it had more than anything elseā€¦ the trailers for Twisted Metal 2 and Jet Moto used to get me hype.

I had one of those as a kid called " top 100" or something like that, can't find anything about it online though.

try and textfiles

I don't think anything tops the Pizza Hut demo discs for ps1.
Considering you could use gameshark fuckery to get into beta content in ALL of them.
>BIN files of these nevers
>all that beta content lost forever

Wait like full versions of the games?
Shit I think my bro left one with THPS4 on it.

good times.

Nevermind I got overexcited and didn't read shit

I forget the demo disc that had Armored Core on it but that disc defined my taste in games forever.

Probably the first disc I got for my PS1 when I was a child
wish I kept it along with all of my other shit

My man. Loved the Playstation demo discs.

they had some odd videos on em that's for sure



For years, I had been trying to find about this demo disk, but now I fucking remember it all, holy shit. I became so desperate for demo disks that I started buying demo disks for PS2 and PS1 to attempt to find that demo of Tail Concerto


I don't have any ps1 demo discs, but I do have a ps2 one with maximo on it, shit is so played out it won't register as a disc anymore, but I keep it as an heirloom, and have used it to teach my children what to strive for when they get a new game.

I would rather have help buy a game that they love than to buy 100 games that they wouldn't give the time of day.

I believe it was from Playstation Magazine but it was the one that introduced me to this lovely gem. So much satisfaction when I finally beat it after figuring out how the controls work.

Forget if it was OPSM or Jampack, but I got so good at the Rage Racer demo that I came in first place and the demo fucked up because there was no audio file for a first place finish.

Also in one of the Jampack discs, the one that has Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (fuck you, Capcom), if you press start on both controllers at the same time, you can play a single round versus match between Ken and Felicia.

I've got like 50 og xbox demo disks, one thing I miss from demos is exclusive content. Games like Age of empires and Starcraft had missions that weren't in the main release.

Those were the days, nowadays games are sold on marketing alone, they don't release demos anymore because they know they are so shitty no one would buy them

I still have a bunch of euro demo disks from the OPSM, but sadly I lost a few of them, including one of my favorite discs. Those were the times, I miss it so fucking much. Found lots of hidden gems thanks to those demos.

I remember when I was 8 and the ps4 came out it had this demo disco of this game called "metal gear solid: group zeros" and it had great graphics and all and the protagonist was very cool, I miss those times

My nigga. I used to play the shit out of the games that were in there, especially deathdrome.

while it's true that GZ is a paid demo I fail to see the point of this post. It's embarrassingly unfunny

Holy shit I loved that fucking demo. A spooky setting collectathon with puzzles. Another game I never played the full version of because poor ass family

Why would you do that? You can download the complete NTSC-U PSX collection which includes every single demo disk. I have that shit on one of my extra HDDs right now.