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Let's talk about this game, post your favorite mods, screenshots from playthroughs, or mods that you use to improve your experience…

Mods that improve RPG experience:

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go back to your NV thread obsidicuck..


Cracks AND mods will fix it

Fallout 4 is the first bethesda game that cannot be fixed by mods.
And I'm one of those people that agrees that the mods for Skyrim completely fix it.


Either you're baiting or a casual or know of some super secret mods. Give me a mod that fixes the shit combat in Skyrim.

I pirate all bethesda games

I'd rather not

Reported for rule 8

Shit game shit thread shit OP

I made this thread to actually talk about it, you hiveminds can't even think for yourselves long enough to talk about the game either fuck off or don't even come in my thread.

I'm not leaving until the thread is nuked. Soon, I imagine

It needs at least another year of mods and an entire different campaign to be playable. So basically a comepletely different game, I'd rather play nv at that point

Another day, another newfag

Go back to goddamn reddit, you overgrown toddler.

You never even tried it, nor the mods I posted in the OP, you're too lazy to look for the mods too, you'd rather jerk off to skyrim.

user, you ever think about making a guide like folks at tesgeneral.com do?
last time I posted a fuckton of mods in a thread like this it was spammed so hard it must have been a whole class. No idea why tbh


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You just can't fix Bethesda games. There will always be imperfections that not even mods can fix.

It's like your asking for porn dump again, Todd.


FROST looks worth paying attention to.

I'm interested of anything that involves altering the story and quests of the main game, i.e. the worst part of Fallout 4.

I only posted 3 times with this post here, stop being a whiny faggot.


Guys, I figured it out. OP does not want to sincerely talk about FO4, otherwise he wouldn't have posted it on 8/v/.

This thread is a /leftyintlpol/ attempt at fucking up Holla Forums even further. He knows well derail the thread so he will report us for rule 8, resulting in a mass banning and this boards lower activity. If he pulls off enough stunts like this, he can kill Holla Forums.


I haven't tried FROST yet but I heard it's really good. Maybe I'll do a playthrough


We just have to hope the mods aren't traitorously retarded

Says who. Played it last summer to see if it was worth it with mods, with some of the mods you posted and others than did similar shit, like porting nv mechanics. I completed it for the sake of telling people it's boring as hell

You know we had ids here right

Frost suffers from EXTREME DIFFICULTY=Enemies kill you on power armor with one hit of a spiked club but you need at least 4 shots to kill them

Mods arent that retarded. I hope

NV isn't really that fun.
In order to make Bethesda games fun, you'd need to revamp the whole game and put it on an actually decent engine instead of the morrowwind engine, and basically be left with a whole entire different game.

OP clearly doesn't want to talk about his shitty game because he's replying to almost all of the posts calling it crap instead of actually discussing the game.

Nobody is even trying to discuss it though.

Anyway, the mods that actually improve the game noticeably are plentiful, it just takes a lot to find them.

Bullet time mod is a great alternative to VATS since it doesn't put the action on hold.

CROSS Jetpack gets you more vertical mobility, so I spent most of my time flying around from roof to roof. Was pleasantly surprised to see that Bethesda actually put shit on roofs and expected this to happen.

Live Dismemberment allows you to shoot a motherfucker's arm off while he is still alive. Makes shooting more satsfying.

Splinterz allows you to break wooden doors, a great addition.

I would post a lot more since I use a lot of them, but I already did it once way back and I don't want to keep doing it every time a thread appears. Maybe I should make a guide or something

Fam, Gamebryo isn't written in D.

I think you have other problems besides a fallout 4 thread to worry about.. you guys are laughable

Thanks for contributing, I also use Cross jetpack and Live dismemberment

Anons why have you been skipping out on your medication?

thanks doc

Replying to shitposts and people who don't want to discuss it clearly helps the thread then, right?

Time for digits

you could make a pastebin of recommended mods.
maybe vg is more lenient there since the anons here don't like without playing the game, yet I see why they have a purely disdain hatred for it.


and add my list to it