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This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.



Archive of previous bread


Do the God Emperor proud and curb stomp filthy dumb antifa scum.


Let's start this thread with some:





Lady gaga will do a performance on the Super Bowl so you can expect some anti-Trump tirade that will only fan the flames even more

The Ladykiller in a Bind Writer has a special contact at Valve that probably helped the game release uncensored
AkaiRiot, a bretty gud lewd drawer is beta nodding hard fucking hell
And Kimochi, Nutaku's lewd games crowd funding service is absolutely filled with sjweebs and diversity

Does anyone have the vivian wan benis webm? I thought I saved it but I can't find it.



Reminder that Holla Forums commies shilled revolt and boycotts:




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Thank you user

Well I'll be damned, SJWs own email campaign is working. Fuckers.

But when we do it to Gawker and Polygon, suddenly we're "stifling free speech." Fuck these people.

Can't call it grassroots if they have a lot of connection to NGOs funded by Soros.

Boycotts mostly always work, I never unstand how GG got cucked out of doing them.

What a pile of clickbait. They just have 818 companies saying they're not going to advertise on Breitbart. They don't have 818 companies dropping their adverts from Breitbart. Most of those 818 companies probably don't even run adverts anywhere and are some one numan corporations created for statistics manipulation.

How to completely destroy your article in one single step.


Funny thing is, OPDisnod received its inspiration from them doing it to hurt Glenn Beck's advertisers long ago, if I recall. It was funny when we not only appropriated one of their own tactics against them, but named it after one of their betafags.

Already went through this a million times, nigger. Pulling advertisers=/=actual boycott

No problem.

>Editor Milo Yiannopoulos was due to speak at Berkeley but it was canceled amid protests
Wasn't it more like a riot carried out mostly by nonstudents?

I've been advocating boycotting EA for the past decade because of their shitty business practices. They're still doing it. Though, I will say this much, Dyson outright defending Gawker Media during the email campaign? Fuck 'em, I'm not buying vacuums from them.

And then later down in the article, the author justifies it with "THE ALT-RIGHT ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS, AND THEY READ BREITBART!" So I guess email campaigns are acceptable, so long as you have a "good" boogeyman to justify it.

Gotta use weasel wordings when you're trying to craft a narrative.

It definitely was. Riot including acts of violence and property damage against other people that might even have nothing to do about. But it was okay since it was Milo the homophobic racist sexist nazi scum.

Yep. And remember, the mayor of Berkeley said that the cops performed damage control "admirably" when they literally weren't there at all. In fact, there are reports that antifa are still roaming the campus attacking students just trying to get to class.

You have been visited by


Good luck on love, Good Luck on
Surgeries, Concentration, Smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic, faster Japanese learning and Salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words “FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE”

Remember to always be a big guy


Stop fucking replying to obvious shills. Even the ralph shill would call you an idiot.

it's far easier when it's against a single target

it's there to poke at breitbart and infowars since they are close to each other in that list


It's also easier when you have a fucking cult, not a bunch of self-reliant people who happen to have similar goals.

They do realize that kind of snark is what got them into this scenario, right?

"No bad tactics, only bad targets" t. Movieblob

Maybe if you'd stop namefagging first, frenchie. Besides, we've weathered through much worse than that. If anything, the shitposting at the beginning and end of most of these threads are more annoying.

It's the Independent, they've been shit for years and has been going after "fake news" and "alt right media and websites" after Trump won.



But they are effectively fake news themselves? Maybe they should just shut down to make a point on principles.

I'd love to see how people rate them.


Stop being a fag pussy and DO IT then you retard. You're as much a loser as those idiots crying on twitter that punching people is totally fine but would piss themselves if they faced a nazi.

Why does everyone on the net turn out to be a deviant?

Maybe I should just kill myself, due to this crippling autism.

What's exactly the issue ?

Stop leaderfagging Val. You've always been terrible with it anyway.

Is that genuine butthurt?

Also while I have people's attention read this. Christine Love, writer of Ladykiller, has their own contact in Valve. Normal people on Greenlight don't.

The comments are agonizing.

There are no real, proper trustable news sources anymore, assuming there ever was, because the press has been a private enterprise, and therefore subject to free market demand and corporate corruption.

The only difference now is the NDAA has simply said, yes the news is now straight up propaganda.

Not really. That user's been joking about me getting trucked for a few days and I find it amusing.

shoe has newly discovered her love for sex roleplay, "daddy & daughter" "Nazi & jewess" etc etc.

May she deport, kill, and bully your muslim ass. Last off topic post for this thread: Remember when we shitposted with #Pizzagate during the previous Superbowl? Funny how that turned out.


Caught this in the fire emblem thread, looks like NoA allowed headpetting in the new mobIle game.

never heard of the "nazi and jewess", but yeah she's a complete sub who enjoys getting roughed up a bit. Many women (if not arguably most of them) like that. She found a guy willing to do it with her and they're both happy. Assumedly it isn't like he's a cuck or she pegs him or whatever, user.

I still have zero idea how the "val is a muslim" joke came to be honestly.

So, how are the Goons taking the news?

Because if they were not deviants they would have a normal job for normal people.

The pictures from GGinParis show you dark skin tones and middle eastern features.

Is it really NOA that localized it though? It's a phone game.

No they don't. There is literally zero picture of my face. Moreover, even if it did show me with "dark skin tones and middle eastern features", how does that automatically make one muslim ? I'm not even circumcised.

she did dated a black guy

ah fuck replied to the shill, didn't pay proper attention

Daddy and daugther roleplay is perfectly natural and rational. Every daugther wants to get dicked by her father, the sexual tension between each other is a key element to maturity for women.

Some advertiser are generally against politics. For example this arab once made fun of Trump in one of his videos and his sponsors didn't like that either.

I'd say it's usually against Trump, but in some cases people just want to stay neutral.

It also teaches the daughter how to deal with the fact that she can't have every man she desires.

It does keep some of NOA's changes (Effie is Hulk with tits) but I believe DeNA themselves localized it.

No she a typical woman, if you read any of those shitty female romance novels the one thing you will see time and time again is the female character being turned into a cock sleeve by the alpha male of the story, plus rape fantasies are also one of the most popular kinks among women contrary to what those beta orbiters say women like being roughed up majority of the time.


Is it possible to review up another dis nod campaign against kotacos and friends for making articlesure about politics and for making reviews and stuff about trump?

Isn't Electroboom a pajeet?

May be worth a try.

I'm pretty sure 125cd3 is literally the ralph shill. Same as b03a01 last thread.

I was raised to respect Women and treat them as same as guys, so when Women suddenly want to be beaten, rape roleplay, treated like shit, told to shut up when they are being idiots, it just reminds me that I've been taught from a young age to repel Women.

So I wonder how many guys have been raised with a similar mindset, and come smack bang into the face of reality later on.

He's Iranian, which is terms of skin tone, is actually the whitest group of middle easterners I've ever interacted with.

I always wonder if playing things different with the Shah and the revolution would have led to our relationship with Iran mirroring that of our relationship with Saudi Arabia or whether things ever really could have worked out. I know a few Iranian families that emigrated to the US in the fifties and sixties and most of them were pretty much assimilated before they got off the plane.

Same here. Dad was always at work until after I went to bed, so got all my parenting from mom. She brainwashed me that touching women without their permission would result in me being an unlovable asshole who would die alone, and that women actually liked sensitive guys. Finally fully realized she was dead-wrong in my late 20's after five or six failed "relationships" that never got farther than a first date because I wouldn't make a move and the girl lost interest, and now it's too late for me.

I was literally never taught any of that.

Because my mother was at work all the time and me and my brother that's right, I fucking did that grammar again, gators were left to grow up without her teaching us anything.


It's made me lose interest in Women almost completely, because after a time, you simply find you are dating a grown up child, and like a child, they are happier and healthier after being "disciplined" regularly.

That amongst other societal revelations, means I've been misinformed my entire life about everything pretty much, starting with Santa Claus.

Frueds work makes sense if you apply it to jews, noone else.


You mean being more Jewish than Israel?


probably no, look at how Italy is doing

My mom didn't really teach me much about women other than treat the respectable ones with respect but don't be a bitch, pretty decent advice compared to a lot of other "advice" out there.

Freud was the Socrates of psych. He got the ball rolling and asked the right questions, but he had retarded answers.

The middle east wouldn't have been NEARLY as bad as it is now if not for the Saudis, the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and to a lesser degree shenanigans with Israel.

what even is that? for me all the brown people are the same.


The worst part is that I know the "right" way to do things now but still reject it on a deep subconscious level. I know that when I see a chad lead a girl that he just met around by placing his hand on the small of her back, he's doing it the right way. The way I should have learned, making her more comfortable with him via slight authority and physical contact. But I still think he's a presumptuous asshole for doing it. I can't bring myself to do it. And yeah, I pretty much hate 3D women for not being capable humans by themselves and requiring a man around at all times. My fetish forever has been tomboys, fit girls, insane female mercenaries. I want a male brain in a cute girl's body who would like me just because she likes me, not because I spend every spare moment thinking of ways to keep the relationship alive. No such thing exists. The closest thing usually turns out to be a lesbian, because having a brain that's wired like a guy's ends up that way.



does the winner get to be a paid porn star, acting as trump for parody pieces?

Yes, you are now basically wired wrong, and now all the typically natural male behaviours you have now you can't do because you've been taught a certain way. So you'll get called "too nice" or get confused when a girl acts out in the relationship, because what she actually wants is you to exercise dominance, when you just want to talk it out logically.

So basically you've been set up to fail.

Holy fuck I will now be downloading it.



Prove it!

Not all of them want to get roughed up to those extremes, but you need to be able take the lead, push a little even If they show some resistance. Silly shit like grabbing them by the back of the neck from time to time or holding her arms while fucking can make a difference.

Freud was reasonably on point given the time and lack of tools to properly observe the brain activity.

Most likely just picking whose face gets plastered over the site and not actually paying to do porn

Thing is, why would he be set up to fail? By his own mom, nonetheless? Setting your own children to be sexual failures means no grandkids.

It's xhamster so they will probably put the actor into an orgy with half a dozen mexican actors. They did blocked access to their site for states that weren't in favor of the genderless bathroom kerfuffle

Not really, anyone can think of a variant of his garbage at any given point. He was overhyped and retards latch still latch onto him because they unironically believe that his contributions required actual thought to be put into them.

Does Norway have nukes? Maybe they could get a few and help their neighbouring country out with some cleansing nuclear fire.


I don't watch 3D porn anymore so I'm not aware of the politics of normalfag porn sites.


furfags are sick, sick people

we need to ban furryshit and legalize loli


You mean you can't just fucking enjoy each other's company for shared interests, ideas and personal comfortability like with whatever friend you've ever made when kids? You do realize things like that demonstrate compassion and selflessness, which is why they'd be so received well to make you think it's the only thing that matters?

Being a lesbian is just liking nice maintained tits and ass like us ebul shitlords do. Only dykes are the disgusting retards that gets buzzcuts or dyed hair and shit on men out of some kind of pathetic asshurt. No reason your ideal not-retarded feminazi musclegirl gf can't exist.

Still never touching relationships

Watching other men fuck desirable women is cuckold training anyway.

Define furfag. I just think cartoon anthros can be sexy.

This is a thing confined mainly to Western Culture thanks to Feminism. Feminism teaches Women are the same as Men, never emotional, never illogical, never Menstruating, never seeking approval, never seeking acceptance, never naturally submissive.

Which basically is entirely a load of horseshit, as brain scans, biochemistry, biology, anthropology and just basic human history.

As Lisa Simpson once said "Dad, this goes against every feminist bone in my body, but can't you control your woman?"

goddammit Marche

Am I supposed to be surprised?

I swear I literally thought feminism was exclusively about equal legal rights and career opportunities all my life.

I can, women can't. I'd be perfectly content just hanging out with my crush, not saying anything if we can't think of anything to say, enjoying movies or playing in the snow or going out for fast food at 2am because we can't sleep.
But women require constant stimulation. Excitement, drama, something to talk about. The guy has to be constantly figuring out ways to keep them interested so they don't become bored and cheat on him.

That's what they claim it's about when they get caught in a corner

Feminism has been total society destroying bullshit right from the very start

Been awhile, eh? I missed the absence. Isn't Ralph supposed to be in jail, still?

Fuck, I didn't want to get too off-topic but what was I expecting on Superbowl Sunday?


The march for equality or more special rights for your own, never stops there.

Speaking as someone who actually does read shitty female romance novels, you're exaggerating a fair bit.

The kind of man the protagonist ends up being interested in isn't necessarily a tough manly man (rather it is one of several major archetypes), and when it is the romantic emphasis is almost always on their physical and emotional reliability and the inevitable knight in shining armor scenario where she gets in deep shit and he does nigh impossible feats just to save her, cue loving sex that's perfect in every way yadda yadda.

Point is, it generally doesn't involve being used as a cock sleeve unless it's teen fiction or something deliberately invoking the dehumanization aspect, which is more niche (albeit with a strident fanbase).

The part about rape fantasies being popular is completely true though, and it pretty much constitutes the aforementioned niche.

Either entertained or "disciplined" just like a child, keep an eye on them, keep them entertained, and discipline them if you catch them acting out. Threaten that you'll leave them.

Then suddenly they aren't acting out anymore, suddenly they are trying to seek your approval instead of another guy. Giving too much affection makes them feel like they can do better. It's why you see "Nice Guys" get fucked over so often. The Women get put on a pedestal, they think they can hit above their weight now, so they move on.

For what purpose?

Figures. Thought to be fair it's not like men don't need some level of acceptance, albeit not as much as women do.

There was some elements of that originally (albeit radical feminism still existed even in first wave), but look up Brooker T. Washington's quote on "race problem solvers" to get an idea of what happened.

I'd say where all this fucking daddy/super sub shit came from is that women are deprived of a strong masculine figure and crave it, hence why they start turning to this extreme shit. Kind of how a man will go a bit nuts if he never gets any sexual release every now and again. If women had more masculine figures in their lives they wouldn't really be into the whole human cocksleeve thing as much as they are now. Also what said. Affection isn't bad but doing it too much and placing them on a pedestal is a bad idea. Gotta have a spine.


That part I'm not sure of. Students were caught being part of antifa and black block. Hell, TEACHERS were caught being part of that.

Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC
☑ Barbecued worst Korea
☑ Chasing topkek from kotaku
☑ Appropriated and augmented a group of racists
☑ De-funded paranormal investigators by linking them to a suicide group
☑ Channeled the powers of love and death into misogynistic flowers
☑ Komm Süßer Troll'd
☑ Surviving for 2 years
☑ Ejected a fascist nicktator and toppled his dishonest empire
☑ More effective than New York Media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood
☑ Being Gawker's biggest enemy
☑ Celebrating their daughter's birthday
☑ Continuing to be the #1 hate group online
☑ Forced aGGros to spend christmas and new years whinging alone
☑ Owned some bitch
☑ Caught the Arby's killer
☑ Became a verb
☑ Made Pepe great again
☑ Inspired Trump's campaign
☑ Seduced the Occulus Rift founder
☑ Hacked the DNC
☑ Forced Pepe into the American school curriculum
☑ Bought 4chan
☑ Defended Devin Faraci
☑ Forced the UN to gather 800 gigabytes of white supremacy frogs
☑ Marketing of Nintendo Switch
☑ Infiltrating the emoji selection committee
☑ Hiding millions of anti-Semitic tweets
☑ Virtually raping a woman under the name BigBro442
☑ Unintentionally prepared all of us for the 2016 election
☑ Made halfchan go bankrupt
☑ Bullying a comic writer off twitter
☑ Turning S.Korea into a chinese girl cartoon
☑ Using free speech to undermine the freedom of the press
☑ Triggering Blizzcon
☑ is actually the FBI
☑ Making alternate earth great forever
☑ Creating fake news
☑ Ordering pizza without pineapple
☑ Genesis of the alt-right
☑ Outliving Castro
☑ Corrupting communist mascots with glorious capitalism
☑ Laid the groundwork for online harassment and conspiracy
☑ Glorious Winged Faggot Extraordinaires
☑ Funded the most diverse game in history, eliminating racism, sexism, and the game/animation/whatever itself from existence
☑ Being associated with white supremacist groups
☑ Spent Christmas with Liru
☑ Actually had fun for Christmas
☑ Destroyed the alt-right
☑ Became meme warriors
☑ Toxic gamer culture
☑ Weaponized nostalgia
☑ Shutting down every woman who tried to even have a forum
☑ Causing Battleborn to flop
☑ Carrying meme associations with the presidential inaugural speech
☑ Made Antifa shoot itself in self defense
☑ Set a limo on fire
☑ Taught the right wing to collectively target sponsors
☑ Sent the head mod of Holla Forums to attack Chia The Beef
☑ Revealed their leader to be grand nazi Jonathan ARYAN Jafari
☑ Shitposted an ethnic minority into existence
☑ Propelled a gay immigrant to international fame and fortune


but anime trash is already legal. except in cucknada and ausfailia.

To be honest, who can be fucked with the whole powerplay politics in a relationship now that Feminism is added into the mix. I reckon the White Race will die off solely due to Feminism, rather than some immigration. Immigration will just hasten it, since the White Women will find the Masculine Figures that treat them like garbage that they are craving deep down.

so its just sound?

I got it from a bread here a week ago, I only just now got around to listening to it. It's …interesting.

also a firefighter


it is kinda silly but 27 minutes, aint nobody got time for dat shit also is it me or it sounds like nyanners?

there is more here >>>/wx/64008



source for teacher being involved?

How the fuck does someone like that get a job as firefighter? I dont think she would be able to carry me and im slightly underweight

To be fair puberty is hitting at younger and younger ages now, thanks to increased nutrients in food over the past few generations. I remember in the old days when I went to the anime club and a 12 yr old showed up and she smelled as if she'd been schlicking all morning to Yaoi before she got there.

Being able to lift 50lbs repeatedly is a requirement where I work, but we've got four girls who are under 5'3" and weigh 85-110 pounds, constantly asking men to do shit for them.


You know she's a SJW now right? and a coal burner
She stopped going to /a/ a long time ago, fell in with the tumblr crowd and drowned in the kool-aid.

this is what you get when you search for "rape" on xhamster

despite being one of the most common fantasies for women

i've also noticed other pornsites quietly removed all rape/forced tags as well


What's Mercedes' take on this?

That second image was fucking painful to read.

Of course shes a coal burner, all her regular white male fans probably treat her with respect and dignity.

Notice June moved from a Black guy to an Arab guy, same thing.

And now it's confirmed that Dina did actively try to fuck with the game.
Wonder what she'll say now that Ghazi is unironically saying that beating random people in the streets is good.


Wow, so a girl that feeds pedophiles on the internet loves ghazi? Why am I not surprised? Makes sense based on the second image, literally not a single coherent argument. Just autistic screeching. So embarrassing.

I've never heard of her until today. Is she always filled with hate?

She's one of those people who got their start pandering to Holla Forums, then decided "fuck my original fans, the SJWs will stroke my ego!"


Damn it. I can't find it on twitter anymore. Last night some guy wanted to show Buzzfeed how simple it was to get these things right, so he doxed one of the antifa guys, and it turned out to be a Berkley employee. I'll keep looking.

Whatever you say, you fucking nazi. Now I can beat your ass, right?

probably wouldnt ask, i'd imagine it's a sore point for her considering her friend (Cytherea) was gangraped by niggers
retu rnofkings.com/57034/why-are-feminists-ignoring-the-violent-gang-rape-of-porn-star-cytherea

I'm still fucking pissed the usual suspects shat all over her fundraiser just because Mercedes was vaguely pro-GG


Also, didn't that game flop horribly or get canceled or some shit? That whole tumblr post reads like asshurt. I also love the last sentence about a 4 inch uncut cock, sounds like the kind of sexual shaming that a feminist SJW should be against. But of course it's ok when they do it.

She's no one important, just some old attention whore who used to pander to Holla Forums and /a/ back in the day before going full cuckquean and jumping ship to tumblr.

>>>Holla Forums9129293

Whats this from?

I was wondering the same thing. This is moeshit done correctly


here's the image. here's the rage.

She currently has 206,304 subs. This made me feel sad till I realised that Shoe has over 600,000. We have better people. Suck it SJWs.


I do love that he was guilted into donating, but holy shit, how the SJW Hipster Clique didn't turn on him for shitting on a rape victim, I will never know. Especially considering that Wesley gets shit on every three months or so.

Every day for 8 years with this bullshit.


boku no food loli

Didn't Harry beat him, I don't remember Hermione doing anything.

Well, considering that they're the type of people who think that actors don't exist and actually are the characters they portray, they would probably say that she went to the UN on behalf of women and house elves.

True, but she probably fucked him afterwards, so what they want is a nation fill of chicks that will fuck the Trump Assassin, y'know 72 virgins style.

Harry is a fucking white male, he just stole all credit from the real hero, the strong girl wizard Hermione!

I need that list of recommended gaming sites to follow

This was my favorite animé when it came out. Amaama to inazuma. It's fucking adorable and made me cry at roughly every episode.

Who is black btw, take that shitlords ;-)

I thought she was fucking the one one, the red head whoes name I forgot.

you just wanted the loli dick, truckdodger


Funny how the turning point was when halfchan's Holla ForumsGAs completely shat on Gone Home.

oh hey my Holla Forums ban wore off

Go get em slugger

His best friend's little sister?

I have been enjoying Idm@s lately


See this shit here? This shit is terrifying. She'd kill some innocent dude and not think twice about it because "he was a fucking nazi." This is a legit hysteria at this point and the media is only propagating it.

what's this

hot. translation when?

That's what this whole media hysteria is all about: Setting up the scene and atmosphere for hailing the assassination of Trump as an act of heroism instead of an assault on the democracy and sovereignty of the USA.

The retards will learn the hard way when the things fucking die in the process of trying that shit.

Alunya is antifa, just FYI.

Scary ass thread

Hermione did a lot of important shit on the intellectual side of things, but it was mostly Harry who was in the thick of the action with her and Ron backing him up.


fuck knows, but i 7zipped and uploaded it here

inb4 virus

I wish the artist uploaded work more often.

I was in that thread, just a few emails got leaked but there's nothing good, It's just people calling denuvo wankers, crackers sending them emails saying "Were totally not crackers tell us how you do it :^)" and shitty Indy devs.

Although given how worthless denuvo has been with the latest batch of games using it being cracked in days and now some of their emails have been leaked I expect even less developers will be using it.

The thread? A shit ton of emails leakedmsome even including phone numbers and a bunch of anons are thinking of exploiting this to fuck over Denuvo.

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Just save your hate and rage towards this scum like I am for the fucking second you become a ghost.


Fucking abomination.

Good, denuvo is cancer and deserves to be destroyed.


Those lolis are too clean and pure for you.

Stunning and brave

I can see some nipple

I'm just gonna advise not to affiliate with this in any way.

Denuvo while being shit isn't guilty of anything outright criminal or contemptible like the shit we have to call enemies.


post the video



Actually, never mind. This is a consumer revolt after all and balls need to fucking be busted once and for all.

What the fuck are you on?

I mean it's par for the course, honestly, considering Hermione turned into a SJW during Book 4, I think it was?



I need to shill League for Gamers already. It's literally the only chance I have of establishing the proper connection the industry needs with its actual consumers.

Can't we just drone this guy?


Holla Forums is always right.

Look at all this money being wasted on this worthless shit as more and more people get pissed off and fed up.

It's the same fucking company that put a drm on a game to check for the original disk and then repeatedly fails to detect the presence of exactly that original disk in the drive. Their shit fails on the fundamental purpose it was created for and yet, they still are allowed to exist and keep selling their fucking garbage.

Absolute cancer!

Superbowl soon. Leftist chimpout incoming.

thx mane

I'd rather live in a nation of Ginnys tbh

I get it.

I don't get it.

Trips confirm.

What is soon? I might need to stay up late to watch this shit go down

She's an otherkin, and thinks she's a cat.

The first two panels are all in the mind of the furry in the third panel.

So you're a man of culture too.

This, especially after what the digger found in the last thread, the ESA lobbied and help fund SOPA, PIPA and the TPP.

Oh shit it's more then some emails, Denuvo Product Activation Server also got leaked according to reddit and the Introduction.exe uses SecuROM.
Some "security" company they are.

That looks like a guy

Mitsuboshi colors is great and hasn't made me have a single lewd thought so far

Fuck, man, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, I'll take all of 'em.


The time for ruin is now!

I've been off for the last 3 days.

I know the concerns over IARC using the results of ESRBusted to push their own agenda isn't so bad, but how about the digging into that other group?
We were gonna plaster our digging results during E3?
Political, spokesperson for digital entertainment, Podesta connections.

But aren't the devs the ones getting fucked out of their money and not the consumer just to avoid piracy? They're just stuck with the dealbreaker of always being online and bombarded by ads just to play the fucking game on top of apparently a ton of crashes and bugs.

Though, you could just as easily refute me by saying "Then by extension you are getting fucked over as well and it absolutely is anti-consummerist bullshit, which by your own personal definition falls into GG territory, especially if any shitty usual retards pop up."

Even so, at worst they're just a shitty service that shows problems with the industry we already know about, but not outright a menace like the ESA or the bigger fish. Also, innocent people could get fucked over depending on what exactly gets out there.

Why is this doing me to

But you will forever be a neverfuck.

are they gay or something? Why are there so many guys around a single woman?

why would you need one in the first place? Why you need someone to tell you if a game is good or not? Can't you tell that shit yourself? Gaming journalism was imo always trash, just like let's plays and shit like that.

God fucking dammit


Depends, GDC is also next month, same shithole, San Francisco.

I do agree it's a good temporary solution.
Organizations have the same issue as leaders and official groups. They can have their character assassinated, they can be corrupted over time (years, generations)
LOG should teach the consumer to demand good consumer practices.

that's a thing? I thought that term was made up back then when all the wikileaks drama started.

I'm just suggesting to let whatever happens happen and not get distracted with something that isn't even related to the ESA or any big name thus far, especially if it could get a ton of innocent people doxxed just to prove his shit Denuvo is at just security.

You underestimate thirst.

There is no need to limit yourself to one activity at a time, especially when there is a one time opportunity like this leak.

IIRC, didn't GDC change their # when it was hijacked?
Or am I thinking of DiGRA?

In any case, GDC will be a great warm-up.
E3 will be tough (they won't change their #, but they may ask Twitter to be more thorough in filtering/banning- not to mention the sheer volume of on-topic tweets under that # means we will be harder to see).

We could practice starting all at the same time, so our content "spikes" quicker. And whether its better to carry on from that point, or hit it in "waves" (every X mins)- and if so at what times.


Discussed last bread, check the archive if you want but here's my take on it. Dug info needs to be sifted, checked and sorted, and debated and distilled into a red pill. The red pill is not a yuge info dump, at most it should be 1 page max, 3-4 for an expanded version. Questions not accusations. A key set of points and questions that are rock solid, from a customer to a business POV, and ones that can not be easily handwaived away.

I'm thinking some of the ESA digger recaps are pretty good to start distilling and debating some key points akshually. Gotta review those again myself.
I'm sifting and reviewing the ESA dig, and you can too if you want. It's on the OP text. And I'll say again IMO, the Podesta connection is not solid enough at this time. As much as I hate that scumbag fucks along with the Clinton machine, it still has enough plausible deniability and it can take away from the rest of the points. Sift for and debate and distill until only the strongest points remain.


I recall DiGRA adding an extra A when when of their tags was jacked, but I forget which one.


TL;DW: Candid reps have been trying to find ways to "get back" at HO for several months, and he shows the evidence to prove it (and hints at other shady shit, but revealing that evidence would put himself and his sources at serious risk). He'll return to streaming once his Twitch account is restored, but he's probably 'retiring' from his main video format.

English ASMR a shit

Yeah, ESA is them.

And have you put this info on HQ?
Sure it's slower, but it's a good repository for info to easily grab it for main threads.

Infographs are also key.

Wait, the skeptic community as in Armored, Shoe, and other people who shilled Candid?


You're shit's all retarded and you need to fix it.

Fine, but what is this supposed to accomplish?

I guess I'll try digging on Denuvo and see if doing this has a bonus, but in the long run this might just cause problems for people who reluctantly had their information put on their or didn't even know, I wouldn't put it past the average pissed off nihilistic and suicidal user on Holla Forums to find a leak and spread it just because they had an axe to grind against DRM.

Last I checked it was way out of date.

Nevermind, you already did it. You've been busy.

Might want to re-post what you said to them, if you haven't already (or anyone can. Superbowl is gonna keep us distracted)

Though I am interested in how exactly that much information would have leaked from their own site.

Someone most likely did it and maybe there's something juicy to dig up.

They put their emails on their public server on accident.


Freud does a fairly good job at describing the fucked up neuroses of the average jew. his shit's beyond useless for healthy human beings.
write what you know, i guess.

I suspected this had something to do with fucking candid.

tweet it at her

OP text:
6. Dig for info regarding the ESA, (also ECA, IARC)
Yes, whatever works, and can fall under the category of a red pill.
There is already quite a lot of info found in the dig. I think now is as good as time as any to start the sifting and debating distilling phase, so infographs and key points and questions can be crafted out of the data.

I don't use twitter you wanker.

From Denuvo thread a wild betacuck journalist appears.

So either some butthurt (((skeptic))) shill or candid hacked and shutdown his accounts because he called them out on their bullshit?
My bets are either Armoredsellout or Banana boy.

sendmail 2016-02-04 01:16:18
array (
'name' => 'Patrick Klepek',
'email' => '[email protected] (please use archive.is)m',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hi there,

I\'m a reporter over at Kotaku, one of the biggest gaming websites worldwide. I\'ve been looking into reports of piracy lately, and keep coming across comments from people about how effective Denuvo has been in recent game releases, notably Just Cause 3 and Rise of The Tomb Raider. So far as I know, neither has been cracked yet. I\'d love to chat with your company about its history in producing DRM as part of an upcoming feature.


patrick klepek
senior reporter, kotaku
[email protected] (please use archive.is)m',
'captcha' => 'mDg9ke',

what a pretentious fuck.


In what timeline?

Yeah, after the Superbowl, Valentine's Day, and fallout from Trump's election, I think the threads will have a focus of counteracting these giant entities with our own whilst generally dropping redpills ala

Revitalizing site morale and cooperation would do wonders in the next phase of pushing back against these lunatics. Something needs to be done to safeguard and rid this place from constant mod subversion and board raids.

Some good news.


I'm fairly sure the fault for Afghanistan lies wih the people who armed fundie redneck psychopaths.


He likes to run his mouth a lot.

sendmail 2014-12-04 10:06:40
array (
'name' => 'Robert Purchese',
'email' => 'bert@please use archive.is',
'phone' => '07530099621',
'message' => 'Hello,

I\'m a journalist for large video games website Eurogamer. I\'m looking into reports that Denuvo DRM has been cracked - something it was apparently impervious to.

I\'d like to speak to someone about it. Please can you let me know you\'ve received this request?

Best regards,

'captcha' => 'AmAZDr',

these games journalists like saying huge a lot

also is that his real fucking phone number?

Wait sorry, said to who? The HQ thread right now is for info repost and sifting. It's still what I consider raw ore. It still has to be sifted and checked and processed further.

Again IMO it's not going to be tweeting at some ESA account 9 thousand pages of archives. It has to be carefully sifted and distilled first into an effective red pill. There might only be one chance, so it has to count for something.

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Thats a suspicious name


What am I supposed to be looking for?

I haven't found a single fucking name trying to dig. No connections or anything.

we aren't digging, just laughing at how pretentious they are in professional communications to others

also do you seriously not know who patrick topkek or robert purchese are?



They are so full of shit, arrogant, and shilling for DRM.


Reminder she made a sound file to add to duper deep throat.



I just know "Klepkek" is a faggot.

And I'm saying I was just trying to find something about Denuvo and I couldn't even find a single name to lead up on.

Maybe they will fall for it

Is he ready for the pill?

Literally who? Send him this anyway


Mirror: a.uguu.se/KHGoSywViafj_Reː''TheSkepticCommunity''.webm

Doesn't plague come here or something? Or is he still on halfchan?

since he's friend with Pat's girlfriend I highly doubt he needs one

I think we can assume Plague has always been decently redpilled. He lives on a creepy farm, after all.

well spotted

How'd you get banned to begin with?

It's Holla Forums, if you don't sing the praises of communism over there it's off to the gulag with you.

pic related



guys, which game has best weapons?

Juicy stuff here

Earth defence force 4.1

This video is AIDs and I have to share it

Send help, I'm panicking.
And I don't even live in europe.

How to give /k/ an orgasm.webm

Youtube has a history of pushing some very questionable content archive.is/Ma3yB

Someone please tell me how to point out how Andromeda will be shit to my normalfag dad. He's hyped as fuck.

oh god, it's so pretentious


You should say what exactly he is hyped about (gameplay, story, etc.)

All lore violations from the mere existence of the Andromeda ships going off on a ftl journey.
How all other Mass Effects are made retarded by saying reapers only did the cycles in that one galaxy, but not everywhere else in the universe, rendering their reasoning futile.

Just pirate it for him, dont let any money go their way if you can prevent it

that got far, far worse than i was expecting
most of that stuff isn't even allowed on real porn websites
fuck fucking hell
why did you do this to me?


Well, he's addicted to diablo 3. I think he'll defend the game, regardless of any flaws, as long as there enough things to do.
He pretended to like and defend Destiny, but quietly dropped it.

Give him alternatives then. For example replacing Diablo 3 with Path of Exile.

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told you lad its AIDs in video form

Give him the Louis pill.

44€ for that weird ass asian game?

If your dad still wants that shit after seeing those atrocious models he's a lost cause

What does your other dad think?

He's not turned off just by how it looks?

Hey, someone saved it! Cool.

who wants to send some dick pics to our old friend Ben?


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You can just pirate it, tripsman


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it's on sale for €9.99 on PS4.

That's not Ben Cuckhera, that's Kyle "I regret nothing' Orland's email account


Is he a sperg? Because maybe I can reach him on a sperg's level. Better yet, are you a sperg?

Looked up spoilers since I figured I'd never play (and still might not. PS5 + it'll have an inevitable remake at some point). But glad to see they're doing good.

I wouldn't say shill P5. But shill Censored Gaming reporting this fact.

Funny he asked is he spoke hebrew first.
Almost as if he'd say something different if he was (((kosher))).
That or they're paranoid "alt-right nazi reporters" would pretend to be jewish or "use minorities" for gotcha reporting.
Afterall, that's what the media has done for years.

Didn't someone reveal that if you type specific dates and innocuous words, it brought up a TON of home-security footage of kids, or outright cp?
And Youtube did jack-shit about it?

Wasn't Nathan Grayson the "I regret nothing" guy after the whole Zoe fiasco started?

Nah, I'm pretty sure that was Orland. Grayson, or rather, Totillo, was the "Kotaku investigated Kotaku and cleared Kotaku of any wrongdoing" guy.

Kyle Orland was the creator of the GJP email list.

archive.is/Ma3yB I linked it earlier before. Dont think anything ever came from it though

Skeptic is German, though.

My other dad left my mom before I was born, became an obese born again Christian, married an equally obese woman, and had a bunch of kids.

Has Milo been on Justice with Judge Jeanine, yet?

The Jihad Watch link at the end might put off normalfags.
Yes if they don't like that they're fucking SJW. But they change over time. Even a low-level/new SJW might RT a video of (((the oppressed people of Israel))) being harassed.
They have various "filters & triggers" in their heads to stop them functioning like real people. The fewer you trigger, the easier it is to get them to work for you.

If you think that's the case, download the video (you should anyway, Youtube are against us) and re-upload it. Maybe cut out the end credit reel to make it easier to share around via normalfags.

Have they messed with the script at all? I was more worried about that than visuals with Atlus.

why do you want the thread to be saged?

Oh no, he did it

You are probably thinking about digra australia which was using #digraa and morons though "OMG DIGRA IS TRYING TO HIDE THEIR HASHTAG BY PUTTING AN EXTRA A AT THE END LOL."

I fixed it

no first for benis fag is always here

Why did you add an extra floating "level" to left?



Oh for fuck sake now UK news outlets are paroting CBS bullshit and no they're not joking either.

>Pre-order bonuses and Special Editions somehow messier and worse than 2 and 3 (There are Special Editions that literally do not include the game itself).

Don't forget their resident street shitters twitter antics.



Fake News

It's a distraction tactic. Last time they said it was modeled after a man.

didn't they said it was modeled after a black woman too fairly recently?

Oh shit, oops.
That was a copy sample so I could rearrange the words, because I had to paste "entry" over level and thus wouldn't be able to copy it. Sec

germany wants to send refugees back to africa


Previous thread recap.



That would be massively ironic.

Things are getting interesting in Eurabia.


Citation Needed, you cuck faggot.

It's the fucking UK, what did you expect?

Don't forget one of the designers is a racist asshole
please use archive.is/culture-wars/mass-effect-designer-manveer-heir-hates-white-people-and-wants-the-world-to-know/

Desperate for votes. Remember, it's election year. Merkel is dropping, so the hype up Schulz, who will just do what Merkel did with anti-German, pro-Europe politics, only worse.

And if Schulz doesn't make it past Merkel for whatever reason, they'll just have her do another four years with the continuation of the big coalition.

Only hope is for SPD+CDU to drop below 50%, preferably far below that.

Military forces are historically conservative in pretty much any country they can be found. If they don't want war and the rest of the government pushes for war, you could end up with them finally snapping and overthrowing them. Expect a "sudden and unexpected occurrance" in Sweden fairly soon, since they will need an excuse for the general population to support it and an incentive for the military not to overthrow them.

I'm trying to use GIMP to have the Statue of Liberty kneel before a muslim judge whipping her for being out in public without her husband or male relative in accordance with sharia law. I am failing hard.

I hear she is doing poorly now I hope

What are you struggling with in particular?

They're just participating in the plot to heat up the cold war a little. Just because Trump got in the way of bringing America in doesn't mean they'll abort their plans. Just wait until a russian plant murders Trump and tries to blame it on left extremists but the security services foiled that plot and got the real perpetrator.

why not turn it into a webm if you love that video so much?

the Smithsonian didn't cared about sources either


My lack of GIMP knowledge in general. I was thinking of making the guy whipping lady liberty a statue as well. The idea of statues seems more "permanent" thus more startling than an obvious shoop.



A very interesting read regarding the thread of Gamification, there's 4 articles to it (And the ESA does get mentioned.)
Transforming Education Beyond Common Core: A Series of Articles about the Brave New World of Gaming in the Classroom
Part 1: Arne Duncan’s “Classroom of the Future”
>The classroom of the future, wrote Duncan, would involve the “digital revolution,” as he presented reasons quasi-syllogistically: “In the United States, education is meant to be the great equalizer. Technology has the potential to bridge gaps for those who have the least. Simply put, technology can be a powerful tool for equality as well.”
>Replacing our traditional ways of learning, through reading, writing, and study—contemplative and solitary activities—are the communal and hands-on activities promoted in Common Core and now digital learning. Both Common Core and digital learning serve to obscure a large part of the reason for the achievement gap: reading ability. Students who are poor readers lag in other subjects. To cover up this inability, Common Core emphasizes “speaking and listening skills,” (with points given for behavior and attitudes, such as the ability to work with “diverse” groups) and group work, where lagging students are coached along by others as they do “close readings” of short passages. This ensures that all students have mastered the same (minimal) level of knowledge. Similarly, games offer an opportunity to hide differences in ability. Information is delivered through images and sound, not words on a page, and at a pace that the student directs. Duncan writes that technology is “helping teachers to use their time and talents more effectively to personalize learning for students — tailoring the pace, approach, and context of the learning experience to students’ individual needs and interests.”

In this schema, little attention is paid to “recalling information”—or the acquirement of knowledge. Emphasis is placed on the ability to – through the wonders of technology – find information. (Of course with little concern about the ability to discern among the sources of information.)
>In Duncan’s estimation, technology is the great liberator, unleashing children’s creativity and natural ability to solve problems. It’s the ultimate instantiation of the progressive idea that students simply “discover” knowledge through their own creativity and curiosity – a theory which has time and again been disproven by the data, as Jeanne Chall and her student Sandra Stotsky have shown.

Part 2: Getting the Word Out About Gaming for Social Change
>As recounted in my previous article, gaming, or the use of video games for classroom instruction, aligns with the goals of the current Department of Education and the Common Core initiative. Gaming helps to overcome the “achievement gap” by enabling students to proceed at their own pace. Poor readers have less need to improve their reading skills as they are given access to curricular materials through images and sound.
>The dangers of indoctrination become clearer when one considers the fact that the games being supported by the Department focus on “social change.”
>The Department of Education also used its resources to promote the event. An announcement was made by Chad Sansing, who “teaches technology and project-based learning at the BETA Academy in Staunton, Virginia,” and Antero Garcia, a “Teaching Ambassador Fellow at the U.S. Department of Education” and Assistant Professor at Colorado State University, at medium.com, where Secretary of Education Arne Duncan had promoted the event himself. Sansing and Garcia announced that The U.S. Department of Education and Games for Change, “with support from the Entertainment Software Association,” would be hosting “the Games for Learning Summit April 21 at the 2015 Games for Change (G4C) Festival.” Expected participants (over 250) included “nationally recognized educators, the designers of some of today’s most popular video games, and members of the U.S. Department of Education.”

>Sansing and Garcia recalled participating in the White House “Game Jam” with teams of game designers and some “amazing teachers” at the beginning of the school year. Sansing’s game-design project, they claimed, demonstrated the benefits of game-based learning: “media literacy, soft skills like collaboration, and technical skills like managing an online repository of A/V assets, to say nothing of the logic, math, reading, and writing skills . . . in navigating tutorials, communicating online, and building . . . games.” They added excitedly, “Students even discussed gender norms in character design and traditional gaming narratives.” They listed the same benefits of gaming as commonly ascribed to Common Core: “critical thinking, persistence, and problem-solving to master, critique, play, and make.”
>In spite of Sansing and Garcia’s claim that games would teach “logic, math, reading, and writing skills” most of the presentations at the four-day event involved lessons about tolerance of the Muslim “other,” global warming, sustainability, bullying, Native American culture, nuclear disarmament, and sexuality.

The judge who halted Trump's seven nation travel ban was the president of Seattle >Children's Home - a now shut down children's charity which was run in part by Dr David Scratchley who was arrested for raping a 10 year old boy. I wonder what his favorite kind of pizza is?



From what I've seen, the script looks pretty much like P3 and P4s. Obviously we've only seen bits and pieces.

Daily reminder

Part 3: Crony Capitalists Promote Gaming in the Classroom
>In New York City, the Games for Learning keynote speaker, Michael Gallagher, President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade association representing U.S. computer and video game publishers, acknowledged the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation, and the sponsorship of Glass Labs (Games, Learning, and Assessment Lab, which ESA co-founded). According to the company bio, since Gallagher joined the organization in 2007, “ESA has heightened awareness and appreciation of the value of video games as next-generation teaching tools.”
>Gallagher heralded the industry’s progress, as evidenced by 5,000 teachers using “[Common] Core curriculum-compliant games,” in over 10 million learning sessions. The technology will create the “workforce of tomorrow,” as kids, naturally drawn to video games, will be even more so as they learn about the $100,000 wages. The eight-billion-dollar textbook industry is sure to grow, as books are adapted to the game format.
>After his speech, Gallagher took questions with Rafranz Davis, an “instructional technologist and educator.” Davis attested to the wonders of gaming, and to those who might feel threatened said it is “our responsibility to change how we teach.” Teachers are “saying” that games are a better assessment tool than multiple choice questions. She suggested letting students be “advocates” to overcome parental resistance.
>A question about the lack of evidence for claims of educational attainment was met by Davis’s testimony about learning about football by playing the game Madden with her 15-year-old son. Gallagher disputed the negative claim, although he did not go into any detail.
>When a concern was expressed about supporting students of color, Gallagher replied that the industry-aligned ESA foundation awards 30 scholarships a year for young women and minorities, supports making games for “social purposes,” and gives challenge grants to teachers doing “pioneering things.”
>On Day Two, Gallagher continued his pitch, even though the official collaboration with the Department of Education was over. He noted that ESA represents 146,000 employees of an industry that has been growing at four times the rate of the U.S. economy. Located in Washington, D.C., ESA has access to policy leaders and opinion makers, such as Debbie Wasserman-Schulz. He encouraged audience members to apply for grants for “social impact” from ESA’s non-profit.

>This invitation for grant applications came on the heels of the first day’s to apply to the Small Business Innovation Program at: tech.ed.gov/developers/. For such things as demonstration prototypes, attendees were directed to: www.edprizes.com, a Department of Education site that offers a sign-up form for announcements about competitions for prizes for helping students compete in the “global economy.”
>One of the reasons for the widespread opposition to Common Core has been the cost of buying new Common Core-aligned textbooks. But the speakers enthused about replacing textbooks with games, and not only to teach such subjects as science, but also history and civics. Games would “transform” education, taking the idea of “flipped classrooms,” where students watch videos at home and do homework in class, to a whole new level. Virtual reality and augmented reality would produce amazing results.
>It is true: the technology can offer promising results in many applications, for example in medicine or flight simulation. But the overall thrust was that games provide advantages in “cultivating dispositions” – games for “social change,” as the name of the group and festival indicates. As for such subjects as history, one wonders: can we really go back in history, or just the history that the game designer decides to create for us? As proponents discuss taking “textbook educational content media” to the next level of “interdependent simulation,” one wonders about students’ reading skills and abilities to contemplate and think independently. Proponents, insist on the value of such technology-based learning even though the one controlled study by Kaplan showed that videos were less effective than text-based problems.

Devolver Digital is cucked.

Also, lots of devs kissing Zoe's ass. Worth a dig?

Ok I'm starting to sift more of this stuff and also spar the points for checking and distillation. Keep in mind that when any of us are sparring we should do so to in order to see which points can withstand scrutiny, are solid enough etc. If it can't survive in here, it won't stand a chance outside and I can bet that it can easily be dismissed. Remember that out there no one cares how much time was spent on digging, if a strong evidence was found in a 5 minute dig it it's still strong evidence. If a weak evidence was uncovered in 15 hours, those 15 hourse will never make it strong. So with that out of the way.

The VGVN stuff the way I see it is not strong enough of a connection right now. Circumstantial but not solid enough. Imo much better off to see if there TPP stuff is stronger or can be presented in a better way.

This might be very solid, maybe paired with the FBI FOI regarding GG. Though in the more polished stages I still say questions, not accusations.
This one is good, only needs more polish and distillation further. The key point is good though.
I'm not following on this one. Forget implying, just spell it out clearly. Because otherwise it just looks like trivia that has no solid connection.

The negative parallel with MPAA and RIAA needs to be spelt out more clearly. Otherwise it just looks incidental and can easily be dismissed away as "we at the ESA just wants to make vidya as acceptable and protected as other media, by showcasing it's popular characters".

This sounds more interesting, what is the detail so it can be checked if it has legs or circumstantial.

The rest of the stuff you recapped paints a circumstantial pattern, but it's just that IMO. The ESA office decor can easily be swatted away as "we want to have presentable and great space to show vidya in their best light figuratively and literally".

I think in previous recaps you had some stuff on the gamification front. That one I think has far stronger potential. The ESA has a boner at the thought of selling gamification for gov't or large institutions, while possibly ignoring previous customers "entitled gaymers" of vidya that bought and played for the fun of the game. Not for dubious social change through vidya (how? how the fuck can vidya accomplish the social changes ESA has a fixation for in any practical way?).


They're not children, those are the spawn of hellbeasts.

Part 4: Games for Muslim Appreciation, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity and Masterbation
>Games of challenge involving fighting, racing, or sports once offered young males a release valve to hours of stultifying political correctness and feminine modes of teaching in schools. Now educational games will impose politically correct lessons. As the Games for Change event revealed, game developers, with financial support from the Department of Education, are producing games that provide lessons on Muslim cultural appreciation, bullying, slavery, Native American culture–and masturbation.
>Such politically correct games are being promoted by politically connected people, such as the “powerhouse couple” of New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (as they were introduced). They produced the celebrity-studded PBS documentary (and accompanying game), Half the Sky, about women who hold up “half the sky” globally. Kristof claimed that such entertainment can change behavior by closing the “empathy gap,” which is at the root of racial and gender biases.
>Ken Weber, Executive Director of Zinga.org and a board member of Games for Change, then introduced Saudi Arabian prince, “HH Prince Fahad Al-Saud,” a technology entrepreneur. Weber noted that it was not often that he got to introduce a prince, whom he referred to repeatedly as “His Highness.”
>The Stanford-educated prince, who spoke without an accent and was dressed like a hip-hop mogul, displayed his familiarity with lessons in academe about the “other,” as he repeated the word in reference to how the West sees the Arab world.
>His games, he said, are intended to “build a celebratory narrative about diversity” and to end stereotypes about the Arab world: Osama bin Laden, Aladdin, the “evil and oppressive dictator of the day,” and especially the treatment of women. Claiming that 35 percent of tech entrepreneurs in North Africa and Arabia are women, he took the opportunity to point out gender inequalities in the U.S. While women might experience “movement restrictions” in Saudi Arabia, women in the United States earn less than men, he said. (He did not specify which “movement restrictions,” but presumably they involve driving a car.) According to Wikipedia, the prince has two wives, both princesses.



Didn't that account finally get deleted after several days of constant harassment of CassandraRules, or did Twitter reinstate it?


Also if anyone still has doubt about whether or not Common Core is shit

>One of his companies, Na3M Games, part of the Arabic Renaissance, aims to develop the “culturally sensitive individual.” It is operated out of Jordan and Denmark (the latter because it has the largest population of Arabs in the northern European countries).
>A 2013 Business Insider article praised Fahad Al-Saud for foregoing the “high life” of a Saudi prince for the life of a “tech entrepreneur and social media evangelist” who had an impact on the Arab Spring uprising. Most of his start-ups have focused on spreading Arabic culture through games, although he also developed a casino game. He was quoted as saying, “In 10 years I want to see countries in the Arab world in their rightful place as global leaders and contributors.” (Later, Rami Ismail, of Vlambeer, also made a pitch about appealing to an Arabic audience.)
>The session with Nordic LARP (Live Action Role Play), which originated in the Nordic countries in the late 1990s, continued the theme, as Bjarke Pedersen promoted emotionally “engaging stories” about racism, alienation, and oppression, and Cecilia Dolk likened their game, Celestra about fighting fascism in Europe, with familiar lessons in police violence and attacks on unions and workers rights. Martin Ericsson of the same group promoted Inside Hamlet as an educational game (in three acts) of the Shakespearean play that has been interpreted in multiple ways, including as a Marxist parable of power. The company is looking for a place in the U.S.
>Michael Gallager, President and CEO of The Entertainment Software Association, as previously described, made an appearance again and waxed enthusiastically about the potential of transforming classrooms.

I don't know, I don't visit twitter myself. I just report shit I find in "other places".

The "Pitch"
>The other judges were Ron Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Kognito, a technology company serving state and federal agencies, and colleges and universities; Carl Robichaud, Program Officer in International Peace and Security at the Carnegie Corporation, focusing on “strengthening nuclear governance”; and Weber, of Zynga.org, a nonprofit that promotes “the use of social games for social impact.” According to the website, from 2005 to 2011, Weber had been COO of The ONE Campaign, “a global grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization founded by Bono, Bob Geldof, Bobby Shriver and others” that worked “in partnership” with the Gates Foundation (the major funder of Common Core) and international development NGOs for “poverty alleviation and global health issues, particularly in Africa.”
>Never Alone took away most of the prizes, but Happy Playtime, which has been banned by the Apple App Store, won the $10,000 dollar surprise prize from Schell Games. Happy Playtime principal Tina Gong told the judges that she wanted girls ages 10 to 16 to know that women’s bodies “belong to themselves.” She described in sexually explicit terms how points are awarded, and claimed that this game would produce good body image, less unwanted pregnancy, less abuse, and better sex. Her plans include a multi-player format with data-gathering.
End of the article.


why does a ton of beta fucking orbiters surround her? I don't get what they see in her

Easy, if they don't kiss her ass, then she'll use her Goon connections and useful idiots to make their lives hell. This has been long-since proven.

you are allowed to record shit in cinema like that?

Oh boy I cant wait to click all those links


These look interesting. Still needs a doublecheck just in case. But looks very promising in the gamification point, and possibly subsidizing questionable gamification.

Remember what happened when that woman came out of nowhere to start her own anti-bullying network.

Zoe already sent a Journo to interview her, get her likely backers. Then the Journo released an article saying she was crazy, while the goons made harassing phonecalls to the backers.

She was sunk overnight.

Probably not worth digging, but I would appreciate a list of names.

Because borderline.


well obviously not, my point is how did that mofo get away with it.

Right, it would be good because the FBI declared Gamergate to be innocent, so it needs questioning.
So basically "Michael Gallagher was the advisor to George W. Bush and that by the time he replaced Lowenstein as CEO of the ESA in 2007, Bush still had 2 years left in office."?
So like "The MPAA has a problem with cutting down artistic freedom because they feel the movie wouldn't make a lot of money if it was rated R & the ESA faces this problem too."?
That's fair, the questions that need to be asked are ones that they can't just handwave away.
I hope you like that recent founding.

I'm gonna report this. I'm not sure for what exactly, but I'm sure there is something wrong.

Fuck you, I'm taking a nap.

I can tell you right now trying to make everything propaganda is only goin to piss off the people that actually buy games even if casual for a worthless market that can't be sustained on.

But let's make sure it doesn't even come to that.

That journo being Jesse "virtue" Singal. And he insists that he did nothing wrong, to this very day, being one of her personal goons. And don't forget that Chelsea and Methwhale tried using KiA as CON's personal army to try and sink Social Autopsy, as well.

Oh, and back on the subject of the FBI reports, let's look at the contents, shall we? What do we have? A shitload of stuff from Wu, a lot of Goon connections on what was there, but… Hm… What about Anita and Chelsea? Oh, an obvious false flag on Anita's end. Oh, and Chelsea reported NOTHING. And she has the BALLS to say that they didn't take her "harassment" seriously, when they had no reports from her, no effort to make her shit known, but we have a shitload of evidence that she actively taunted and trolled for the responses she got.


Devolver has been cucked for a long time. The only ones who are not cucked are croteam. Devolver pushes trannies, Jim sterling, and even retweeted Jim cumming on his own face.

Wait- so was the travel ban actually lifted?
Is it back in?
Did anyone get in during that time?

It got lifted but it's back in now.

There's a lot of videos regarding Games for Learning Summit on Youtube! I'm gonna look into them and webm them in case it disappears.

Sorry, still not following. I'm not saying that sarcastically, what am I missing from that. Something like a political cronyism? A plum position from govt to lobbyist showcasing the overly cosy relationship between the two? I need it spelt out to me with that one.
Hmm, I have to think about that one further, I was actually thinking back to the point of ESA going full retard with the archiving of older games, the same way RIAA and MPAA does with piracy. I mean yes piracy exists, it's a valid enough concern for the industry, but not justified in going full retard over it the way the MPAA RIA and ESA did.

That I do, still needs checking to be sure because I want it to be 100% damn solid, can't wiggle out of it, especially if there is undeniable proof that shit has any kind of subsidy behind it. (Archive.is being fucky again, could not load it up at the moment so just reading the posted version you gave.

This one in particular.

It's a big world, there's always someone who manages to stealth it. Or is friends with the staff, I guess.

Also be sure to pay attention to their wording whenever peripheral equipment is involved like using sensors to detect posture or webcameras to gauge attentiveness. Although that shit got scrapped after it pissed people off when Common Core was still being implemented, I wouldn't put it past them to try that shit again.


Shit, how long for?

We have a common core thread on HQ, add it to there.



it's you did it.

It's not permanent yet, never was. It's supposed to be for 90 days so we can have better vetting so we can properly see if someone coming in shouldn't be, instead of just saying "fuck it".


aww yis

Why is the Department of Education funding this stuff and isn't it illegal for them to promote a religion?

Saudis again?

Jesus fucking Christ. The first fourty seconds were funny and I was expecting something like vid related,… and then it became German porn. Youtube has been removing videos for less than that.

More importantly why are they pushing Islam of all fucking things?

That is actually a pretty smart move, since I doubt they will be as organised as last time.

Oh shit, are we going to have the mayor of Berkeley making an ass of himself saying Milo has no place in his community again?


You're welcome.

or some such dogshit, apparently mudslimes are on the bottom of the totem pole, and the fact that they're well known for destroying any knowledge that isn't the motherfuckin' Koh-Ran ought to be proof enough that they deserve to be left in the fucking desert to suffer for eternity.


Islam is a death cult
t. byzantium

Seriously, when even fucking Buddhists become avatars of Death Metal, setting the fucking sandniggers on fire because they destroyed a multi-millennia old Buddhist document, you know something's goddamn wrong.
Doesn't help the fact that they torched the motherfucking Library of Alexandria either.


this account got shoah'd
i guess somebody got butthurt
any twitterfags know what happened?

Any leftist spergout at the superbowl?

Oh no. That guy was hillarious.

Those comics are all originals, that's why the account was b&.

Fuck's sake, Twitter, this isn't how you make money on the internet.


saving some of those. The one where they destroyed that limo was funny. I bet most of those antifa people are poor losers, the kind who vote for bernie.

They suck at life and therefore want to make rich peoples life harder.

these are fucking great

I wish the nazis back then actually wanted to kill all jews

I'm surprised that Buddhists didn't act sooner. They used to be fairly big in the Middle East and Asia prior to the creation of Islam and now they are the majority of the population in only four countries in the world.

This is good shit. Damn shame it's gone now.

Ok, any way of solidly proving it as something that does not pass the smell test even to a random joe and jane q public. I loathe the revolving door system of lobbyist and govt 9 times out of 11. But is there a solid connection because as it is right now, it seems it can be sidestepped with "I always liked video games even when I was serving in public office, and now I bring that administrative experience to vidya trade group", and most people would not bat an eye.

Weren't there Buddhist crusades against Islam? Or was that just infighting?

The artist will be back eventually. His previous account was twitter.com/hehesilly which was also suspended.

They have a recap of the Games for Learning Summit, try watching it and tell me you got a Authoritarian vibe from it.

It's an Army, hell the word Islam literally means submission.
They're end goal is made perfectly clear in their unholy book, to exterminate all non mudshits.

Infact Muslims are so fucking dogmatic they even set off bloody Buddhist in Myanmar, you know a cults dangerous when you make Buddhist monks want you dead, and like clockwork the media defends the invading cockroachs.

Why not both?


You don't need to convince me, Constantinople is a great example of the shit that Islam is capable of. When will we nuke the cube?

There was most certainly Jihad against Buddhists that was beginning to expand into China and they did fight back but I really have no clue beyond that. And now that I think about it, I wonder how Hitler would have seen Islam considering the fact that "Aryan" is a culture that arose from Tibet and northern parts of India.

last one i could find

Unfortunately, I have not found anything solid on the connections. He donated money to both Bush & Kerry during the elections, but it's not solid.

Good morning, faggots!

Good thing I saved my favorite comic from them

Oh and let's not forget sheiks, they HATE Muslims quite possibly more then anyone else, muzzies are responsible for murdering a number of their gurus.

Is there any religion Muslims haven't pissed off?

Native American Religions, but that's only from lack of contact.

Kek, I think you mean sikhs

Superbowl just ran a #WeAccept commercial. Pozzed.

what about the antifas? Any cracked skull yet?

Something that also never occurred to me while I was doing the digging is the fact that there's many Mike Gallaghers.
I might be overthinking things, but this sounds like one of those "John Smith" names.

Where? Like at the fucking stadium? Dude, do you know how tight security is there? There are ex-presidents and fucking Pence in attendants. Any antifa getting in there is a fucking pipe dream. The only people doing stupid shit are gonna be celebs (look for Lady GaGa to fuck up the halftime show with political shit) and commercials. One political one so far.

"Is there any religion Muslims haven't tried to exterminate?"

Then yeah, I say put it on the circumstantial pile. The stuff is good find, now just needs sifting and checking. What publishers\studios were or are interested in it, (EA iirc in past bread mentions?). And something I want to find out but I doubt I would find it because chances are it's locked as fort knox.

Has there been any purchase of the gamified edutaining "vidya" by large institutions and any gov't so far and how much profit did it bring. Because I thought in one of the annual reports it mentioned that the publishers knows most crappy edutainment games don't sell with gamers in the market. But, if the customers are govt and institutions, well that might be different, and might be worth pursuing over entitled gaymers. That is speculation and suspicion out of my own ass right now, and I would love to be proven wrong on that one. Because that gamification video reeks of 'people who don't have a clue what they're doing telling others what and how they should be learning' cancer.

That first pic. The artist watches Kids In the Hall, or at least liked this skit.

Oh hey, the Ralphshill is back. I had kinda started to miss the fat little welshnigger.

Wouldn the members of the ESA count as being interested in it since the organization is sponsoring the event and even if they say no, they're still part of the group and retain responsibility?

In a previous thread in one of their talks they claimed they also have contact with journalist but I couldn't find a single one listed on their site.

I would turn it into a webm, but it's 28 mins.

Give a tl;dr then.

He talks about trump and shit, I am 3 mins in right now.

The retaining responsibility part, I'm going to guess no. I say that because my guess is I think they lawyered up good and tight or have something in writing to make sure exactly what you described would not happen, at least in the legal sense. It needs to be explicit such as : Publisher-dev\member so&so, is proud to have been a sponsor for X event. Even the participants unless they say they are there as official representative, can say they are there on their own volition.

Microsoft people gave a lot to OUYA IIRC.
I think they're pushing to "soften" the image of games. To make investing in classroom games more palatable.

Games are also the only medium where you cannot progress if you don't do what you're supposed to.
If you have the confusing commoncore math- you have a kid getting doubly frustrated at math games.
If you have commoncore morality- you have kids only getting points/praise/grades if they oppress the right people (the "bad" ones)

Possible, but needs more evidence.

That;'s a lot of shit companies.
How many know what ESA do?
How many had to join ESA?

This is the one they talked to.

Though for just interest sake in terms of gamification, yeah easy guess from the things we've seen would be EA and Microsoft if I was a betting man. But that's a way too easy bet.

What's a good way to download youtube vids?
Preferably not one of those shitty browser add ons.

I use VDownloader and the free version works perfectly fine, although you might need to convert the resulting .mp4 files to webm, since they won't always work on fullchan.

The only ways I can think of are either 9xbuddy.com or keepvid.com. Be sure to use a script blocker like uMatrix for faster operation.

From this article archive.is/iB4Xc , it mentions Jack Tretton, the chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America saying "That's a sentiment that's been going around in the video game industry." in reply to Gallagher saying "Video games are not getting the type of recognition they deserve as an entertainment medium."
While it's not a complete confirmation and more evidence needs to be collected, I wouldn't put it past Sony to get their hands dirty.

Under Windows, I use YouTube Video Downloader, it's on sourceforge (https:// sourceforge.net/projects/yvd/); For Linux, there's youtube-dl.


A few left the ESA at some point, some came back. I would not jump at the conclusion that the ESA pressures publishers to join, since it appears to me that publishers wants a trade group or lobbying group to exist. Trade asssociations in itself is not the problem here.


Reminder that pat's girlfriend was a complete shitlord during the burger and fries days and was shitting all over Zoe & Quinn. If you scroll long enough on her tumblr you can see it. I hope Pat didn't cuck her since I always suspected him to be bluepilled.

I have YTD Video Downloader and 4k Video Downloader, both free.

JDownloader 2
Some other downloaders don't keep the original framerate.

Something to keep in mind is that those statements do echo legitimate, non-authoritarian sentiments among teachers.

Since students have been taking classes less and less seriously, and teachers' hands are increasingly tied on what they're allowed to do to discipline students or address low grades, something that would engage students' interests while teaching them is like the holy grail to educators.

The problem of course is the legitimate fear that certain interests will propagandize it like the textbook companies do, and unfortunately I can't really think of a viable solution to keep that from going the same way textbooks did.

I would not be too surprised either since the lure of big $$$ is definitely real with gamification, even if it's effectiveness is questionable.
I don't want to get lost in the weeds too much but I can't resist with this comment.
imo popularity and fame=/= respect. I can respect the level headed people who works in the movie biz, but I kinda had enough of the whole 'vidya needs to be respected the same way movies are'. Dammit let vidya be it's own thing. The same way movies became it's own thing, separate from plays and live theatre.

Anyway, the gamification point is a strong one, needs more work to get it even stronger. Is there any subsidy involved, how effective is it, exactly what kind of lesson is it even trying to teach etc.

I am using jdownloaded 2 as this user said and if I don't have it running I just use clipconverter.cc



The opposite. She mellowed him out. He almost never sounds bluepilled anymore. Just neutral.

Tweetsave is shit, archive.is doesn't save tweets and shit Trump said generally isn't enough to justify archive.org





I found more of Gallagher & Gamification, it's audio only but at least you can download it.
Surprising Synergies - Game Makers, Policymakers, and Educators: How the gamification of stubborn policy challenges — like budget, energy, and health care — can help engage and involve the public and, importantly, work to inform policymakers' decisions.
Well this is interesting…

We had a bunch of ID hoppers earlier too.

Ideas so good, they're mandatory :^)

They just won't stop, don't they?



for her

My internet was down since yesterday

why do you still suck that weird russian girls dick?


For now, indeed CANADA YES, but that civil rights lawyer may set up a simple "I did not mean it" legal shenanigan, which would lead to a CANADA NO scenario.

Have you contacted your ISP about the matter?

there's something wrong with that vagina

yeah, it was maintenance on the line

I put ss in front of the URL. (so www.ssyoutube.com/urlcodeshit) and it re-directs me to a website to download it.

Thank goodness that's just the case. I remember last year that we got no internet for a month because of "maintenance" of the lines as well. Fuck my ISP.

And looking theough some of the articles, I seriously hope the conservatives get in, and we do not get another harper clone.

Can we make a clone Nyanners that remains a proper shitlord?

Audi just did a wage gap commercial.

backless panty

Yeah, they released that a week early to try and earn social justice brownie points, and immediately got BTFO.

Of course they did, then again, regardless of the gap, only fucking rich people can afford their cars.

They self btfo'd making it even funnier.

I need to see Viv in that one

Shantae is nearly sex incarnate.

Now that the whole Ladykiller in a Bind business is over and done with, I thought I'd check in on SteamSpy to see what the game's sales are.

The game was moderately advertised by most of the major gaming websites for its original release back in October 2016, and then very heavily advertised by most major gaming websites for the Steam release this year. I'll be generous and take the highest sales number from January 28, which was 2558 sales. Quite the low number for a game that received such heavy promotion.

Meanwhile, here's Love Ribbon, another western yuri visual novel recently released on Steam. I consider myself a yuri fan, but I didn't know about Love Ribbon until it was released on Steam. The game seems to have received little to no marketing. And yet, it still managed to get three times the sales that Ladykiller got.

I guess all the clique shilling by Kotaku and Polygon doesn't count for much, sales-wise.

You're a bit late to the party, fam.

she's gonna lose that jewel

They then proceeded to meme on themselves on the twitter

This is what I'm wondering. I took last night and today off from gamergating to hang with friends.

There seems like no way GaGa didn't pull some shit or say something.

I wasn't around halfchan when Nyanners was a thing, but this is pretty cute. Shame I guess they went full socjus.

Who the fuck cares about the NFL these days? The only thing Super Bowl related I could care about is whether or not my square won any of the quarters, which I'll learn tomorrow anyways, and I don't need to watch some anti-patriotic bullshit for that anyways.


"So what you see there is the very powerful connection that can be made across the country with our target audience, with the audience being the creators, not just the consumers of the technology of the entertainment experience."
"Erik Huey is in the back room here, Erik was the leader of the ESA who came up with the idea and then worked with [???] Media."
"The 2nd thing that we're working on, we announced here last year is the glass lab (Game Leaning & Assessment laboratory) & that is the idea we could work with tremendously high-quality education partners, like funding partners of the Gates Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation put together with the institute of play which is a proven education innovator and have them run a lab to develop known video games that can teach using video game assets that are already known to your kids, the top names like The Sims and work with us and embed that with Electronic Arts, a leading video game company, to develop games that can go beyond the proof of that we see in these individual examples, can we bring this to scale?"


I didn't watch her show. Anyone see anything on twitter about it?

Still millions and millions of people, user, if ratings and game attendance is anything to go by.

Of course not, because that would mean that hipsters actually buy and play video games. But it's not like they'll ever admit that when cliquester after cliquester after cliquester can't drum up enough sales to justify further development.

Oh hey, you just reminded me of something.

I had a little free time the other day and was thinking about the so called "ant-fascist" protesters. Specifically a better, more memeworthy name to call them.

A couple came to mind, like a simple corruption to "anti-FACTist" but I stumbled onto this. "Anti-patriotism" is actually a real thing.


>Anti-patriotism is the ideology that opposes patriotism; it usually refers to those with cosmopolitan views and is usually of an anti-nationalist nature as well. Normally, anti-patriotism stems from the belief that patriotism is wrong since people born in a country, whether they like it or not and regardless of their individuality, are encouraged to love the country or sacrifice themselves for it; consequently, people who oppose patriotism may oppose its perceived authoritarianism, while others may believe that patriotism may lead to war because of geopolitical disputes, so it may be viewed from a pacifist or anti-militarist point of view. Usually, this term is used in a pejorative way by those who defend patriotism or nationalism, and terms such as cosmopolitanism or world citizenship may be used to avoid the bias that comes from the typical usage of the words anti-patriot or anti-patriotism.

And the actual definition of cosmopolitan, which I didn't know before this.

>Cosmopolitanism is the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community, based on a shared morality. A person who adheres to the idea of cosmopolitanism in any of its forms is called a cosmopolitan or cosmopolite. A cosmopolitan community might be based on an inclusive morality, a shared economic relationship, or a political structure that encompasses different nations.

>>>Holla Forums9172963



So globalist communism taht devolves into globalist tyrrany.


what the fuck is vault 7

The Bleeding Cool guy is personally shilling his articles on KIA.


I know Holla Forums hates him, and he was involved with Kukuruyo getting his ads pulled. Does anyone have any other examples of Bleeding Cool being unethical or generally shit so I can get the KIA mods to make it archive-only?

Black man tell it as it is.

All the missing american and canadians. If I am right, may god have mercy on us all.

Got any more of these?

W-What in God's name?

Report his account to the admins, self promotion is forbidden and grants you a nuked account and a blacklisted site



The only thing coming to mind is the collapse of WTC7 on 9/11. The building that wasn't hit by a plane.

I remember reading that it had some sort of vault under it for storing sensitive documents and foreign currency/gold reserves. So the info on the vault in WTC7 maybe?

This is a Reddit post from /r/conspiracy, wikileaks hasn't said anything about 9/11.



It's pretty inconsistently enforced. Some people have been banned for violating the supposed 9/10 rule (only 1 in 10 posts should be shilling yourself) but others get away with worse.

also his site has plenty pieces namedropping gg, I already asked the mods to make his site archive-only but unfortunately KiA has this habit of always turning the other face. Since he's always there engaging with people they consider it a positive thing in his favor

Don't Panic.

Fucking idiots

Isn't BC essentially Pakman-tier?

Don't forget they got a few whole pages fellating the game in GayInformer.

soryy I forgot to add

this is what I assume , they didn't actually replied that

I might just search up a list of articles mentioning GG tomorrow and hope they're bad enough but I was hoping for something besides that, especially if they're just biased/distorted instead of outright lies. When he's posting himself I'd like something better.

Given his reputation in comics and other behavior I'm guessing there's some clearcut unethical shit or at least persistent pattern of clickbait. I know comics has weird witchhunts calling people rapists and stuff a lot, maybe he did something involving those? I was hoping someone more familiar with Holla Forums stuff would remember some dirt to use though.


Definitive proof African Americans are only held back by shit community, education and enablers.

So was Wikileaks being taken-over during a raid true? Or was that in itself a lie to discredit wikileaks?

Not even reddit likes him but it don't stops him from shilling his shit



did he killed himself yet?

I don't think, they do a lot of cryptic shit. Maybe to test how specific people will react?

only a actual retard would draw something like that lol.

Oh, come the fuck on, that's just petty.

Found pic related at >>>Holla Forums1336708 while looking for cancer.

nigga that's old as hell and is from tumblr.

that picture is old as fuck

That picture is 2 years old you nigger.

I should have saved the Holla Forums edit where he's screwing her.

Reminder to completely trash any retard that spews that non-transhit unironically.

Please post some proper girl on girl Viv to cleanse.



They can't even copy a character without making it look retarded.

This was dealt with literal years ago, user.

Its a bait picture you retard, and you took it hook, line and sinker

Knuckles confirmed for meme magic practitioner.

Ignorance isn't retardation.

was it? I remember it being from a crazy tumblrite.

The building had a fire in its heating oil distribution system caused by the energy of stuff falling from the other towers. That's the conventional story, at least.

I heard it was the city's command center for counterterrorism.


I know it's bait, but I thought tumblr actually drew it.

We'd better fucking get a full fledged Knuckles game in 2029.

No its not retard
its from an actual SJW tumblr
I'm the one who posted it here first when I saw it

99% sure that was originally from tumblr.

Fine, doesn't have to be her.

Atleast most strawman comics try to make sense.

Vivian only has one true love.

video games

Spoiler for off topic
So I heard Trump tried to issue a travel ban on several countries infamous for terrorism. I also heard that, coincidentally, several other countries infamous for terrorism who actually had terrorists go to the US were not included in the ban, and these countries just happen to have business ties with some large corporations and/or Trump. This feels awfully similar to how he struck down the TPP while appointing someone who is anti-Net Neutrality to head of the FCC. It's doing something to look good publicly while doing something else that goes against the first action and just happens to benefit big business. Anybody have the list of banned countries vs the list of countries most known for terrorist organizations?


the linework looks like inkerton is trying really hard to not look like inkerton

Firing up oven ready at 700 or page 14
title: The Ninja Warriors Edition
vid embed:
Published on Oct 31, 2013
On standby here so no need to shitpost to 700 just yet.

>Something in your mind
I need doujins that contain literal mindfucking now.

who that



oculus-chan, a creation of dobson created to mock GG. It was then used in OC by us for a while.


Just post some Danielle and Freya. Don't leave any excuse.

I'm honestly kind of surprised there wasn't more art of Occu-Lass. Though, I guess it would be canon that her creepy dad would lock her in the basement for making friends.


It's not Gallagher but this infuriates me.
So besides propaganda via famous IPs like The Sims, they want more games to be like Wally Bear and the NO! gang + Takeshi's Challenge…

I found Vivian's favorite game franchise.

That how 4D chess works. The newest one right now is postponing Sessions' confirmation of his appointment to make sure Betsy DeVos (anti-Common Core and Eric Prince's sister) gets her seat as education secretary.

it wasn't that long after that that sjws made lillian, so she became the default sjw take on vivian that people wanted to corrupt and use.



Have you ever wanted to fuck the personification of a grassroots movement?

So you're saying that he planned to covertly go against what's saying he's doing, to do the right thing in the end how?

Like the 4th pic, but her dad would never let her be a lesbian. She'd also reject the thought.

Thanks, though. Love this delicious sistercest. Also haven't seen the second and third before.

Takashi's Challenge was meant to be a joke, not a serious game. Why can't these "experts" do anything right?

You underestimate their ability to corrupt.

Aaaah… Wally Bear, truly a diamond of its time.

If I recall correctly, Takeshi Kitano made a statement with "Takeshi's Challenge". He was telling gamers that they were wasting their time.

lul this guy has a lot of credibility


That was the user's example, not an expert.

That's how you got played, along with the mainstream media that you still listen and believe in..

Only in 2D, user.

Just one of many things that makes yuri perfect.


So was Takeshi's Challenge the first pretentious art game?

Where did I imply I believe the MSM? Can you point it out to me?

wtf that's not the pic I uploaded

I find it funny that he plays a role in Yakuza 6, now.

From Fallout: Nuka Break:
Which one of you meme'd this?

Considering that rumors of Assange's death is still, on, it's still up in the air if Wikileaks is now controlled opposition. If so, who's controlling them?

Last time I checked, Takeshi "Beat" Kitano wasn't one to huff his own farts.

Even replicants and eccentric movie directors need to eat.

And there's a yuuge problem there already. It's one thing to say things like pilot sim, or virtual training machines or software (those fancypants CPR dummy, a virtual medical cadaver) can and already have a history of teaching and training people to do things. But the stuff you're describing sounds pretty much like propaganda. It doesn't even sound like good propaganda tbqh fam. And what public policy are they talking about, now I'm really curious.


Nice. Nothing definitive yet but thanks for looking.

8-4 Lumber's super bowl commercial promoted illegal immigration.

more lewds pls

Earlier in the bread, someone posted that Christine Love maybe has a contact in Valve. Maybe that should dug into as well?

I'm still listening to it, but these "Experts" sound worse than me.
>"That's a great [question?]. Everyone I've seen play this game changes their mind and I'll give you one quick example: We did a roll out in LA at a local university [???] and at that rollout was the president of the LA chamber of commerce. [???] I guess was a cosponsor of the thing. So he's playing the game and then he came up to me afterwards and he said 'You know what?' this was last year 'We have to let the Bush tax cuts expire.' Oh that happens to be my personal view, but aren't you a Republican? 'Yes.' Aren't you the president of the chamber of commerce? 'Yes.' well how did you get to this point of view? 'Well I didn't come in with it, but after I looked at this, it's so hard to make anything happen. These tax cuts are too expensive, we gotta cancel all of them!' And I said would you say that to this group? and not only did he say that, but he put it on the chamber website. So there's a guy who changed his mind in the course of just playing the game once.
[???] means I don't know what they were saying.


To 700 we go


Shitposting time?

/sp/, you're off your game.

I'll easy mode it.
Valve's employee page: archive.is/Rukgz (taken today)
Looked for "liaison" (whoever's the contact person between game developers/companies and Steam), didn't get a hit, but the closest match to the position is a "Sean Jenkins".

For comparison, same page taken 3 years ago archive.is/KRgpU
He's not in that list.




There's still room remaining for non shitposting.

If you check his submissions and filter by controversial ones you'll see most people call him out for clickbait stuff and making shit up here and there


I wonder if they'll say what game it was they were talking about.

ESA Foundation is launching the 2017-2018 Scholarship program, the requirements are still bullshit.
>The ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Scholarship Program is administered by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS).

Didn't see it, oh well

They said it had to do with Obama & Romney, so it's an election game.

Diversity through division, AGAIN. Great job, ESA, great fucking job.

i know i know!

I didn't knew that like me, the media had Contrarian Mememagic

Hmm, I wonder if it's ever released to the public or strictly for that event only. Probably the latter but I kinda want to see it for myself.

If it wasn't for that first line requirement, I would not even quibble with it too much. Why not try meritocracy, instead of some half assed feel good but make things worse, Harrison Bergeron approach. Why are these 'a better world through social change via tech' faggots always seem to treat things as a zero sum game. If someone is doing well in something, it must mean it is at the expense of someone else.

I'm going to bed now, but I'll check out if there's anything useful tomorrow.





isis on the verge of defeat my ass.

Oh great I already know what's goi-


But the earth hasn't been flooded

did you crawl out of your mothers ass or something? no screenshot, no archive, linking to twitter. Man you are a gigantic faggot.



Already on it.

Nuke California. It's nothing more than a wasteland.


There are a bunch of really great escape rooms near my house. But like, it's just a little puzzle room.

I don't know why they have to make a big deal about not being disconnected to the internet or genuinely telling their friends that they value their opinions. Maybe they should play some more videogames instead of just writing about them.

If they could play videogames, they'd be writing somewhere better than The Verge.

They're away from twitter and the social media umbilical cord. It's a scary experience for them perhaps.

Why is Orbit cinnamon gun so delicious?

I start with one piece and I'm noming on the whole pack within a few minutes.



What the hell is up with HRT Shinji's pubes, it looks like berber carpet, or brown maggots.

I shall trigger an Aussie.




Bake the bread already




please do not end breads with forceful shitposting



I have recently come across a collection of scalies, but shitposters like you who prematurely end threads don't deserve them

No. No bread for you.

Please tell me how I can repent for my sins.

find out at the end of next thread

Don't do it user, there are no scalies there
He'll just split your butt.

I asked him to stop teasing me a few threads ago anyways

wait GG is left now?
where the "alt-right" went to?

What a fucking lies. She used to stream on Livestream under the name nyannerz. Her fucking account is still there, untouched from the last time she streamed. She used to play all kinds of lolicon and hentai eroge on stream, she drew all kinds of fucked up lolicon and hentai pictures. It's not even like it was a brief thing either.

Someone fucked her up and freaked her out, of that I won't deny, but she's as much a feminist as my dick is a flag pole.