Denuvo email leaks

Denuvo email leaks from other publishers including big ones like Capcom
Very interesting

Mods if this is illegal delete it.

Other urls found in this thread: sprookjes/2006.htm

What ?

its illegal bro have fun handling the swat team lmao you got 5 mins

I have saved .log file in case they upgrade their security now
But yeah, their security had a hole in. Really stupid hole if you ask me.

Just scrolling through there's not much that's interesting thus far. Just a bunch of people either butthurt about how they can't crack it or butthurt because it managed to grenade their SSD.

Where do you think we are


I think it is scummy that you\'d make a new version of DRM in line of your previous failed SecuRom. I don\'t believe for a second that you have good intentions or that you know that you\'re only hurting the legal purchasers of the products you associate your product with. You also make a game for those pirates who you are stopping by allowing them to compete to see who cracks your "impossible" DRM first. A claim that is so far fetched that you\'re asking for it to be cracked day one.

I hope you learn that you don\'t deserve any respect from the consumers and that your clients are the most disconnected organizations in the world from their market.

I\'ll be watching as this company goes from profitable to bankrupt in the next few years. ',

Only gaming journalists can see those logs.

It's illegal for anyone else to even know about their existance.


Man, even in inquiry alone, they are complete faggots.


What the fuck is this?
sendmail 2015-09-20 14:21:33
array (
'name' => 'Vasya',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '02',
'message' => 'VMPRotect 2.13 == DENUVO
He sold you source codes?

VMProtect 2.13 - 1st instance

EntryPoint (EP): JB 2.13.vmp.7FEF02ED593
(!) PUSH 806D8D8F
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02F5ADA
(!) PUSH C8B500BA
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02FB70C
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02FA34E
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02FB8F6
(!) PUSH R11
(!) PUSH R15
(!) PUSH R8
ADC RSI,2864104C
(!) PUSH R12
(!) PUSH R13
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02FBF1F
ROR R13D,19
SBB R13D,62373016
(!) PUSH R14
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02FA260
(!) PUSH R9
ROR R13D,1
(!) PUSH R10
MOV R13W,602A
(!) SUB RSP,140
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02FA7F2
ADC EDI,A3D89045
(!) LEA R12,QWORD PTR DS:[7FEF02F8731]
(!) MOV RAX,100000000
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02FB7B8
(!) ADD RCX,R13
JPO 2.13.vmp.7FEF02F9E72
JMP 2.13.vmp.7FEF02F9580

Do not support these guys.

Too bad MGSV wasn't fully cracked, then again, it was a massive flop in my book.


this is pretty much

Pretty much this, nothing real major.



This looks like a log from a php mailer, like a contact page on the website.

Not really important emails.

It has been fully cracked already, m8. Not within the first two weeks, of course, but cracked non-the-less.

Quick! Some one contact Gerlof Wijma and tell him the bad news.

someone pastebin this shit

I ain't scrolling through spam for two hours looking for something juicy. Highlight these so-called publisher emails or fuck off.


Can I finally play the first and last missions without crashes or the need to copy and paste a save file to work around those crashes?

You can play the entire game without the stupid 3DM bypass bullshit, just look for the CPY version, its also the latest one

Yes, it works flawlessly with the new CPY crack, no crashes, modding works and DLC unlockables work, including the MGO bikinis.


There is also a pirated server by Revolt so you can play online with the pirated copy



That's fucking great.

This, stop reading right this instant

Are you



Thanks, I'll check it just for the sake of completion, and now I can play MGO without buying the game? that's better, although I heard the meta is very stale in that game.


and absolutely nothing of value was lost


Turkroaches gonna roach

Is there an effort to kill Denvuo from the inside? With that one game being leaked and this, it seems like Denuvo is killing itself.

We seriously should contact him, he might get pissed enough to sue them for their incompetent security.

Dutchfag here, anyone named Gerlof is a massive faggot and deserves everything bad happening to him. There are no exceptions

What are the chances all of this is fake and just leaked to create publicity (and shit on pirates)?

Can you help me find him? I tried but everything is in tulip ruins.


Much lower compared to the chances of a failed webmaster/sysadmin.

Very disappointing.

All the shit im finding has nothing to do with him and his google+ page 404's.

Thanks for trying user, I was just hoping we could kick off legal action against Denuvo over this.

I don't see how. The messages are pretty tame
>I can't play __ because of you!
Besides, why have legitimate customers in this if you want to make some fake shit? That would scare customers off if it is known Denuvo is willing to release its client's/potential client's emails because they are desperate.

It is a pretty weird name.

Maybe he found out already and shoah'd his entire internet footprint. Makes you wonder, who really was Gerfol Wijma.

Well, he is a 22/23 year old faggot who send in this drawing when he was twelve. Thats all I can find sprookjes/2006.htm


Nah we have the advantage for the first time in a long while so need to go big, get on the official forums and plebbit asking devs that have contacted Denuvo to not use it.
This will blow up so fast the gaymen "media" will cover it.

yea…just 2 weeks

Yeah this is fucking huge

Keep looking and make them yourself. You don't get to tell people to do shit you can do yourself, lazy nigger.

Feel like Dancin'
Remember to proxy if you're paranoid.

It's down, please tell me someone was smarter than me and archived it.


It literally is securom 2, they have same guys behind it


It's not down, ya dingus, it's just being hammered.
If ya snooze on clicking sketchy links you looze.


Weird, my load just finished and I have up until Jan. 24th-ish, but your archive ends at an earlier date.

Seriously though, what the fuck is this message / code all about?

yea but minus the rootkit and destroying optical drives, now the only complaint is "its drm"
[spoiler]when they even tell you on their website its anti-tamper, its applied over drm to protect the drm, not the game[spoiler]

Its to activate the russian sleeper cell

I don't know if this is the real CPY, but whoever it is sure likes to spam his message

It may be some 'kind' anons sending them bugs or proof-of-concept of how to fuck Denuvo up.
whiteknighting for a fucked up DRM scheme how low

Here's another one, which seems to more explicitly indicate it's an exploit sent to Denuvo's Team

'name' => 'anonymous',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '1-310-276-2251',
'message' => '#Denuvo_Exploit #Virus_Inject_Code_Section

JE batmanak.***** //if exist
JE batmanak.*****
JMP batmanak.*****
MOV DWORD PTR DS:[DENUVO.TLS_Execute_Complete],1
'captcha' => 'C9FTPB',


why are you crying, denuvo is cracked :^)

Doesn't Denuvo fuck up modding? M&B without modding would be completely shit

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are a low energy troll.

Crying? I'm overjoyed by the fact I won't put 1c in their account.

Hurr Durr I hate that the plebs in my country are getting cultured without paying the electric jew
How fucking cucked can a chinaman get

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Both went to shit and it's thanks to consolefags and Pcfags sucking themselves off trying to prove to each other buy buying more DRM contents.

Consoles dont have drm.

that's because the console are physical rights management

Hurr so are keyboard and mice and even hands
See i can be retarded too.

oh goodie, that means anyone can copy any disc at any time and it'll work on other consoles

This is illegal. You need to wait for CNN to interpret the leaks for you.

Give me a solid reason for Denuvo being shit other than there are no good games that use Denuvo

peripherals don't provide your games and make you pay yearly fees to use your own internet

More Pro-DRM whitehat cucks, they're not gonna give you a fucking job when you give them the solution for free, dumbass.

'message' => 'Security flaw
Please check your encryption again. Sorry for bad English. Easy crack, 64 bit encryption memory address can easily be traced.
Change your encryption or get hacked by hackers.',
'captcha' => 'TVLHSg',

denuvo will kill your ssd

it directly harms your computer especially if you're using SSD

You mean IGN and Kotaku.

mountain blade 2 flop confirmed

There isnt. It's just a strange 100% coincidence

[citation needed]

It's DRM. Do you need the implications of that explained to you? Is that an enema ball on her computer desk?

Cant mod denuvo games. Once denuvo servers go down your game is also gone

Prevents modding, since the encryption scheme watches over install files. This was proven on the recent crack for Conan Exiles which enabled private servers, mods, etc.

except thats a lie

I really wonder why you keep pushing that shit like it proves anything

So what's left on the PC other than emulating last gen console games?

DRM is anti-consumer as it stops you doing what you want with something you have paid for.
If I want to run a game from a USB stick then I should be able to, if I want to copy it onto my second computer that should work fine too. If the game is well made I should be able to install it to D:\, format and reinstall another compatible OS on C:\ and run the game from D:\ without any issues.

Well there are those Logitech mice with drm…or was that razer? I don't remember, pc gaming having a new problem is like a daily thing.

This was fixed the same week it was discovered.

Sure, if you have the media :^)


then i post a pic of a game you can fucking play offline.

then look at the warhammer total war workshop and see you can mod
thats a problem with file encryption and not denuvo

Fucking wew. I guess they hate being an indie darling with a lot of long-term sales.

Come on now, stop playing stupid

probably razer because they're made for idiots with more money than sense like you

'message' => 'Why do you exist? What motivated you to start this thing? Some people are too poor to affort $75 games (300 RON). You know, few poeple take knowledge of cracking and torrenting. Most people buy video games. They have money. We don\'t. I thought video games were supposed to be entertaining. And I thought entertainment is free and in the worst case cheap. We want to have fun like everybody else, we just don\'t have the money. Should we really continue our lives as boring and knowing we might never be able to play a new game again? Watching it on youtube is no fun. I seriously don\'t know what happened that made influenced you to create this. You probably won\'t even read this.',

settle down trump, you don't have to double down when you post anonymously. you can admit fault

Denuvo only effects mods that needs you to tamper with the .exe.
All they have to do is make modding tools that don't rely on .exe modification to put it in the game.

I'm pretty sure this was either patched or confirmed to be wrong.

Its not always online but it communicates with denuvo servers regularly. Disconnect your pc from internet with a denuvo game on it for few days and you wont be able to run it


Not him but I covered the inherent problem with DRM here

where are all the complaints about it? because i only see it from people who never play these supposedly always online games


This all circles back to whether you want to own software as an individual, or whether the purchase transaction is actually a lease wrapped up in bullshit legalese.

You have no idea how denuvo works

A denuvo game the game has 99.999999999% of the executable on your hard drive but is missing a key block of the program that allows it to run

This key block is generated by having your ID checked by uploading your system hardware config to the denuvo server, after which it verifies your game ID key as being unique it generates you a special file which is then uploaded to you, this special file completes the program and will only run on your PC since your PC has a specific configuration of hardware iD's, name, serial numbers etc etc, and will not run on another PC even if you copy it over

If the denuvo servers are missing and you can't get this file it's flat out fucking impossible to run the game

It's true that once you get the file you can run the game, but the file only has a life of one month and once that month has passed the key file is invalid and you have to download a new one from their service all over again

You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about and you're either a retard or you work for denuvo, in which case fuck off

What the fuck, this is Assembly code. Does Denuvo operate directly on Assembly code?

This was the only game that i was looking forward.

Making the game isn't fun.

I dont know where you lurk but those kinds of complains are all over the internet. Once denuvo bankrupts it will take all games with it.

On it! While I am pastebining it, I will post funny findings into the thread like the following one:

I wonder if death likes Sonic.




Holy shit, look for the email from Yones Azarniya

Everything runs on assembly code eventually user.

'message' => 'I\'m having a hard time believing that Denuvo Anti-Tamper isn\'t DRM, as you claim.

I play my Steam games from an external HDD, because I love being able to put the client into Offline Mode and bring the HDD to a different machine (my laptop, a friend\'s desktop, etc.). But the other night, when I tried to play my copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain offline on a friend\'s desktop, it wouldn\'t let me, because the Denuvo dbdata file in the game\'s userdata folder didn\'t match that desktop\'s hardware. Metal Gear Sold V: The Phantom Pain is hardware-specific, thanks to Denuvo Anti-Tamper.

Your FAQ claims that your product isn\'t actually DRM, and that it just protects the client and game from being pirated or modified. Well, I was trying to play my legally-purchased, unmodified copy of a game through my legally-downloaded, unmodified Steam setup, and it blocked me from doing so. My digital rights were being managed. That\'s DRM. That\'s DRM on top of DRM. I could understand the game not working if I tried to crack it or Steam itself, but I didn\'t modify anything; all I did was put the client into Offline Mode and move to a different machine, and I was locked out of my game.

Is this the way your product is supposed to work, or is this a mistake? Because as it is, Denuvo Anti-Tamper acts like a textbook example of DRM, blocking me from playing what I legally purchased, despite not a single modification being made.

Your website claims that "Anti-Tamper is completely transparent to legitimate game buyers and does not in any way impose activation limits, install drivers, or require a gamer to be \'always on.\'" In my experience with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Batman: Arkham Knight – two games which use your Anti-Tamper system – I find this statement to be completely false.

I switched from consoles to the PC because of how much more the PC has to offer, but stuff like this makes me want to switch right back. Is your product really supposed to work this way (i.e., DRM), or is this just a glitch?

Thank you for your time.',

same with steam, a-any day now steam will bankrupt

'message' => 'Hey Denuvo guys, first of all congrats on a nice and seemingly good working system. I do however strongly dissagree with the anti tamper mentality, its in our hearts to try and tamper with stuff, and this fundamental aspect of engineering is what helps to keep ict skills at a high point. Not everything has to make way for bigger corporate profits. Furthermore its adding needless weight to cpu loads and other stuff. I bet most of you guys got your skills by tampering. After all LEGO is also not much fun when glued toghether. With this kind of techniques I fear learning essential tech stuff is becoming to hard. Please reconsider your business, and try to be innovative as opposed to the opposite.

A worried soul',

I know, I'm a Computer Engineer in training. But what if they skipped the high-level language and went straight for the assembly?

Except you can pirate steam games that dont use denuvo if you bought them, at worst.


you can pirate games that use denuvo if you bought them at worst

Guess I needed a reminder why I'm here and not there.


'message' => 'Hello. My name is Michael. We develop a game called "Life is Hard". A few days before the game\'s release, we had the need to use protection against pirates. I remembered that there is a VERY GOOD protection DENUVO. Tell me how I can get the rights to Your protective film, and in General - how do I insert it in the game?',

I think you can use Assembly in some languages if you really wanted to? Probably in C.
But why, unless you're doing some register bullshittery.

No, there are still 27 games uncracked.

What game?

I'm pretty sure the people sending those emails aren't developers.
I'm even more certain that Denuvo does not release their source code.
Therefore, the author of that email has absolutely jack shit to do with their source code.

I'm struggling to understand what you're trying to say.

Theres are actually really sound arguements.
Although, my only question is if you care about owning the game as an individual, then why don't you just boycott digital releases in general.

Some of these companies man… I bet they do the whole 'use your unique MAC address to find you wherever you go' marketing bullshit.
Mobile MAC spoofers when, so I can become DEADBEEFBABE

'message' => 'Hi There,
I\'m James Taylor, Head of Future Technologies at Proxama and I\'m currently looking at anti tamper products that we might want to add to our mobile product (Written in C). I was wondering if you had any whitepapers or information about your anti-tamper products?',
'captcha' => '22pOUT',


Because there's no technical difference between the game files being on a separate disc or on your drive. It's all computer data, and, without drm, you can just burn the game data from a digital release to a disc if you want a physical backup.

sendmail 2015-03-21 19:14:07
array (
'name' => 'CHODUZOMBIE',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '9183848672',
'captcha' => 'YRWauy',

That's cuckchan for you.

Who the fuck pirates that!?

Because I'm a game fan? Just like I'm a music fan, I pirate a shitton, but I also buy a shitton. I want to throw money to the creators I really dig.
Going to the extreme to never buy anything digital ever is dumb, especially because it's not a guarantee against DRM which could be in the disc as well.

Denuvo is the only DRM I've seen invest in PR by paying shills to stir shit about it on boards and forums. I wouldn't be surprised if this story was part of that.

I assume he is talking about a specific version of unity.

Legit client emails are in there, though. If this was intentional, it's basically broadcasting to them "HEY, YOUR INFORMATION ISN'T SAFE WITH US."


So far it seems they're sticking to cuckchan which is nice.

Seems anime tiddies may not be safe for long! I knew this site from annoying popups, hope they fail horribly

'name' => 'Moe',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hi. We\'re looking for a DRM solution for our downloadable games on our website on What are your rates?',
'captcha' => 'amz3pr',

What? Are you stupid?

They deserve everything that happens to them.

Get uMatrix, block that shit right out.

'message' => 'Hi. I want to congratulate you for trying so hard to protect pc gaming! Your DRM is the only one that delays piracy on pc versions for weeks or even months. Keep it up! However i read some rumors about 3DM getting it cracked until weekend! It will be very sad if this happens but i have faith in you guys that sooon Denuvo will be so strong that will be impossible to get cracked!!',

Are these 'cheering on' emails legit? Or just advanced shitposting? I can't tell.

Yeah, they're all fucking javascript something or other. Thanks for the rec.

What I mean is, what if the Denuvo devs, instead of using high-level languages like C or even one of their own design, straight up coded their shit in assembly language just to make it harder to crack /decipher? Is it that hard to understand?

So since we now have warning that Bannerlord might be in danger, what do we do? Can we start a mass email campaign to get Taleworlds to remove Denuvo from Bannerlord?

I understand.
I think that's a dumb though, since it creates a large maintenance burden, and compiler-level obfuscation is pretty good.

We dont even know whether they can afford denuvo or if they came to an agreement with them.


'name' => 'Kevin',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'message' => 'Hi there, I\'m interested in using your product in the future and I\'m wondering what your pricing plan is?

Kevin Chandler ',

That'd be an enormous pain in the ass though. So what said.

C code compiles directly to assembly.
All compiled code is assembly already.

They'll just sidestep the requests most likely.

are you stupid? why would they write their product in a language that's hard to maintain, hard to find good devs for and unnecessary for obfuscation/optimization

sendmail 2017-01-24 12:09:59
array (
'name' => 'Oleh',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Good day! We are indie game development company 2Bytestudios. We are now creating Mars Citizen game and interested in protecting our product by anti-tamper software. Can you provide information about pricing and your services?
Best regards,
Oleg Polishevych.
'captcha' => 'c5uwDZ',

That's the game they want to protect with denuvo.

Vast knowledge in Assembly is only relevant for a few areas like Computing centers, robotics or embedded systems. The guys who have that are usually highly paid specialists, lab rats or professors in a lofty position lording over said labrats. Do you think they would leave their most awesome job in the world to work in vidya? Its a open secret that vidya doesn't make the engineers involved rich.

Even if they don't have Denuvo, sending the emails would help us confirm it if they deny it, and also dissuade them from using it anyways if they found out we knew they contacted them and if many people are against Denuvo in the game.

I´m Gerlof Wijma from the Netherlands (Don´t use my name in public and don´t use this email / message in public.)

It would help if we tell them that Denvuo cannot even protect its clients information, make them doubt about whether Denuvo would even work.

I don't know whether to be surprised or not. But even then

Oh shit it's actually a pretty good email
and why I'm against DRM from an archival point of view. If we end up on the darkest timeline with eternal copyright, where past works are exhumed, changed, and whored out, humanity will suffer. Archival can prevent that I believe.

'message' => 'Dear Denuvo.

I´m Gerlof Wijma from the Netherlands (Don´t use my name in public and don´t use this email / message in public.)
I´m a pc gamer with some questions for you.
First. I want to say that I´m happy that you guys are now against activation limits and always-online, so it has not negative impact on gamers, but I have still some questions for you.

Q1: Can the games we buy on steam, origin, uplay, etc. that are using denuvo, be preserved forever in our library as long as denuvo exists, so we can download the game now or over 5 years, 10, 15, 20……forever ?
Steam in these days is meant for the preservation of games, so I hope we can keep our games with denuvo. Should we worry or not?

Q2: I know the executable cannot be modified, cracked, reversed, but Can People still find some ways to fix the game for newer systems as long you keep the game inside the drm client? Again. Should we worry or not?

I´m a greatfull pc gamer. For both, old and new games and I´m strictly against piracy, so I´m not against if a game has drm or not, but I´m for the preservation of the videogames I own and I hope we gamers can keep the games forever in our library. I do like if a game is drm-free or does use client drm, only if a game can be preserved forever and if a game has no activation limits and can be played offline, so I hope the same is with denuvo.

If you guys of denuvo, can promise to give us pc gamers now a good future, then I will also support you.
Games should be seen as some art, that must exist for years and not some playable-code that will die after a short period.

If you guys are fair to costumers, then you can be a succes this time.
And if you are fair and make customers and companies happy, then more big games / ports will be come to pc.

I want to thank you for now and maybe we speak again in the future.
I hope you can answer these questions soon, but I will respect companies has limited time to answer things.

Best regards,

Gerlof Wijma.(Don´t use my name in public and don´t use this email / message in public.) ',

I agree, sending few emails couldnt hurt

Different machines have different assembly language. They all work relevantly similar though. Ether the electricity is there or not. When you compile your code it get converted to assembly so that the machine knows what to do. Since most computers are based on x86 people usually refer to that architecture when they say assembly. Cell phones are ARM chips that use a different architecture.

It makes me wonder how many devs contacted denuvo in private, found out it was too expensive for them, then turned around and tried to act like champions of anti-drm.

no, everything runs assembly but high level code is run on top of assembly.

the code is probably where the injection happened they are trying to find out where the flaw was and try to fix it.

I doubt they will listen if it's just us who sends the emails, we are too few in number. Perhaps it would be wise to go on the Taleworlds subreddit or forums to drum up support to give our demands more weight behind it.

C code is translated directly to assembly, so it would make no difference.

Oh hey, Roland shows up out of left field.
Because music creation software doesn't have enough bullshit hurdles to use already.

'message' => 'Hi. I\'m writing to you from Seattle, Washington State in the U.S. We\'re a partner company of Roland ( and I am curious if your anti-tampering tech could apply to something we\'re building. Having previously worked in games for many years I\'m impressed the game crackers are complaining so much about your tech. I find that encouraging. :)

Thank you.

if you are constantly having to check your files to confirm its not tampered it wears down your ssd.

This is the only ray of hope in that disgusting shitfest. It was the only game I was genuinely for 2017. I hope these fucking roaches are not gonna do it.

Isn't that the tennis tournament?

What baffles me is how many insignificant indie devs contacted denuvo,those delusional idiots.

Some Litteral CUCK is whightnighting and helping Denuvo patch their drm.

Roland still exists?


Are we looking at the same log files?
Interesting, apparently there are other files besides the emails.

Nope, it's the instrument & software company.
Music making software can reach massive levels of DRM retardation (some software needs literal dongles plugged in 24/7) so trying to check Denuvo out wouldn't surprise me.

Why wouldn't they? Even if they fuck up horribly, they could whore out the trademark and still make money from dumb jerks.


Probablt does it for reddit upboats too.

haha what?
What the FUCK???
Design your own language just to
Holy shit you're 5 years old.

Yes you're 5 years old.


These are lies. If you spread misinfo like this then the SSD myth will be the only thing that gets addressed by devs defending Denumale instead of the real issues here:

'name' => 'Keith Marsh',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+447765401810',
'message' => 'Do you plan an integration with UE4? We have two UE4 titles (Euro Fishing and another) and two others (Train Simulator + 1)we\'re interested in protecting.',
'captcha' => 'DWMBh5',

You guys really don't know what you're talking about

Got to have the goyim pay hundreds of dollars for that dlc

Serious question, why are so many devs interested in this shit ? Do they actually think its increasing their sales ? Who do they think pirates games ? Its the poorfags who cant afford games anyways and they wont magically start buying games anyway, so what gives?

Thats a simplified way of saying it, but its technically wrong yes.

Because the vast majority of developers are worthless sacks of shit that simultaneously suck Marxist and Jewish dick.

Either that or they're retards that believe the "piracy is costing us millions" meme.

You have your pick, they're either amoral dipshits or clueless imbeciles. I don't know which is worse.

Paranoia and they fell for the propaganda. Companies think that if they can magically kill piracy, then money will start flooding in like never before, as if profits are instantly half of what it can be because piracy.

It's amazing that not one of the games that use denuvo is any good.

If Bannerlord implements Denuvo it's dead on arrival since there will be minimal modding. Fuck the turkroaches.

It's just big business economics, it doesn't matter if something is profitable or not it only matters if it looks profitable on paper.

Let's say you are in charge of a major project at a huge publisher, you are going to get bonuses based not on actual sales but on key performance indicators one of which is going to be first week / month sales.

Now you can skip DRM, save the company money and get more sales over the life of the game or you can use DRM to increase week 1 sales and increase your personal bonus.

Because of and of

Low profits can't be because the game is average or even bad, nope, it's those filthy pirates. Very easy outside target to blame from a business perspective.
You can't tell your CEO "oh hey, we tampered with whatever little artistic integrity we had and our gameplay was always shit.". Instead you blame the pirates and promise the CEO oodles of cash rolling in.


Also forgot the text:

'message' => 'Hi,

I am a software product manager at Bigben Interactive, and we are currently looking for anti-piracy solutions for our future games.

We have recently launched WRC 5 on Steam and consoles, and are nearing the end of production for Frogwares\' upcoming game Sherlock Holmes: The Devil\'s Daughter.

Thanks for your help and best regards,

Thanks for explaining why literally ever huge game company is dying ATM by only focusing on short term and not long term

Why do so many people forget to be hot-blooded and high energy?

'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hopefully you\'ve seen this already and taken any necessary steps.

Your friends at Arxan',


Annoy implicated devs on social media about it to make sure they don't go through with it. Make sure to let them know that you're a good goy and not a filthy pirate too.

And how do you explain so many indie shits interested in it? They dont have any suits

I don't think the CEO gives a shit either way, they're always the first ones to jump ship and land on the soft pile of money they get as severance, on top of all the yearly bonuses and monthly pay they fleeced from the company.

They need to fool the shareholders so they don't come after their heads. Can't blame you own incompetence and general lack of talent so it's easier to pull the wool over their eyes and pretend a shadowy cabal of hackers on steroids is the reason their Call of Duty "killer" sold like ass.

Looking at the list of games that has it, the only titles I'd actually play on there are the God Eater games. Which got cracked, can be easily pirated on other systems before the crack and has better options available in the genre.

Most indie shits are retarded.

Nigger, this isn't Cuckchan.

And greedy.

More pleading from third-worlders wanting their vidyo escapism.
Breaks ma heart boys

'message' => 'Hello I\'m Zeeshan From Pakistan!
I know Piracy is illegal But my country doesn\'t have any official Game stores Like Gamestop and others.
In my country people can only play pirated games even on PS3 and Xbox 360. We have to Buy pirated game at half price of real game and we don\'t have enough Internet speed to download latest games which are 30 to 40 GB. Please don\'t make it more than it already please don\'t increase the protection make it to last for 2 months or 3 till then Devs will make profit aswell so will you please try to understand not every one can buy game. Witcher 3 has no denuvo still it made so much profit in one week and won few of GOTY Awards if a game Deserve to be bought it will be bought. Please try to understand what I want to say Thinks about it If you were a Gamer and wanted to play you Fav game and you can\'t bcoz of some uncrackable software security how would Feel…..Do think about it……….
If you don\'t want to decrease you denuvo protection then convince my Country\'s Government to make an official Game store like Gamestop.
Thinks before you answer……..',


He should just want faster and better internet, then he could pirate shit faster.

fuck man

damn, there goes the first good pc exclusive in 8 years, right down the toilet.

That's why it's sad user…

gamestop is haram


So, is this leak good to make a list of developers to avoid as denuvo whores?

Only if TW actually implemented Denuvo. One hopes they aren't so monumentally stupid to not realize Denuvo means a moribund modding scene, and a moribund modding scene means Bannerlord is a financial failure.

The world would be a better place if all Pakis were dead.

Fucking lol, every Journalist hack I've seen in the logs is always referring to already published articles, what a fucking joke.

sendmail 2016-01-11 14:14:05
array (
'name' => 'Luke Graham',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '07825350523',
'message' => 'Hi, my name is Luke Graham, I\'m a journalist with CNBC. I\'m writing an article about claims that Denuvo technology has prevented Just Cause 3 from being hacked by pirates ( Would Denuvo like to make a response? Many thanks',
'captcha' => 'AKNGW8',


sendmail 2016-01-11 15:24:11
array (
'name' => 'Lukas Schürmann',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+49 40 38080237',
'message' => 'Sehr geehrtes Denuvo-Team,
Liebes Denuvo-Team,

mein Name ist Lukas Schürmann, ich bin Online-Redakteur beim deutschen manager magazin.
Hätten jemand von Ihnen Zeit und Lust, mir im Rahmen eines Telefoninterviews ein paar Fragen zu Ihrem Unternehmen und Ihren Angeboten zu beantworten? Hintergrund ist (natürlich) die aktuelle Berichterstattung zum Eingeständnis der chinesischen Cracking-Gruppe 3DM, bislang keinen Weg gefunden zu haben, Fifa 16 und Just Cause 3 zu kopieren (etwa hier: Sollte es Ihnen helfen, sende ich Ihnen vor einem eventuellen Interview gern eine Liste meiner Fragen zu!

Vielen Dank,
beste Grüße aus Hamburg

Lukas Schürmann',
'captcha' => 'zvk8vug',

Thought crimes are bad to punish people on user.


Vidya industry doesn't deserve benefit of the doubt.

It's not a though crime anymore if they show business interest with plans on using the DRM.

Then who would India throw poo at?

The British.

'message' => '20th Century Fox would like to learn more about your licensing solutions. Please email me with contact information so we can setup a conference call. thx,',

But they tried to teach them to poo properly.

The Mount and Blade subplebbit is already cucking out:
reddit. com/r/mountandblade/comments/5s8s3v/mount_and_blade_2_likely_using_denuvo_a_form_of/

Complain about denuvo here where the developer will actually read it and DON'T bring up the SSD myth please:

These discussions are usually filled with DRMcucks (at least it was in the nudoom one) and Denuvo criticisms regarding SSDs that gets deflected by the devs.

That may be true but

they have yet to sign a contract.

They're leftist anti consumerist cunts.

Reddit is basically a training device to turn you into a kosher gentile.

**or do but want to be the best goys88

So a whore pimping herself out on the street isn't a whore until she got fucked?
Excuses, apologist.

This isn't an email.
This isn't an email at all.

Fucking lmao

Are you telling me there are people stupid enough to actually obey when CNN and the like tell them not to read wikileaks stuff because they're not (((journalists)))?

'message' => 'Hi,

I\'m the CIO at Paradox Interactive, and as such I\'d be interested in knowing more about your technology. We currently have a catalog of 200+ games and ebooks, working with an online entitlement system for some of them.

If you will be at GDC in March, it could be a good opportunity to meet as well.


John Hargelid
CIO, Paradox Interactive & subsidiaries',

The leak thread has already been pulled from plebbit because it contains "DOX".
I miss years past when even the most mainstream sites would plaster this shit everywhere.

sendmail 2016-01-08 18:41:58
array (
'name' => 'Jeffrey Grubb',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '6125478221',
'message' => 'I\'d like to talk to someone from Denuvo about its anti-piracy efforts in gaming for a story on',
'captcha' => 'Lez8Ym',

The thread on r/CrackWatch closed because muh doxxxxing too

So are the TW forums.

>This won't affect the game. I don't know why everyone is going crazy about it. We probably won't be able to get something like WSE in Bannerlord, if this is implemented, but I highly doubt that is even needed. People seem to think that this whole Denuvo deal will break the entire modding of the game, but this is not at all the case. In no way. Please understand that before you go all apeshit on TaleWorlds for considering Denuvo. Modding will be the same.

The amount of cognitive dissonance at play is astonishing.


Nothing wrong with that, in fact I'm impressed that they even bothered to make some effort researching their story.

It was fake news anyway, nothing to see here goyim.

'message' => 'Hello Denuvo Team,

I’m a product manager at Kalypso Media Group located in Germany. We develop and publish video games, with a primary focus on strategy and simulation.

We are intrigued by your protection system and would like to know more about the functionalities and possibilities of Denuvo.

Thus, I would like to ask, if you could provide us with additional product information regarding the following subjects:

- How exactly does Denuvo work?
- How exactly is Denuvo implemented? Since we already partner with an optical media replication company other than Sony DADC, will our partner be able to implement Denuvo?
- Does Denuvo work exclusively with Steam and Origin, or would it be possible to secure other DRM-software with it, e.g. our own inhouse game launcher?
- Can it be used to protect games distributed on (since GoG doesn’t use any DRM I’m not sure)?
- Can you provide us with an overview of your pricing model?
- Will Denuvo require any special maintenance after implementation?

I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

Uwe Roth',

Of course it would.


'name' => 'CPY',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Deuvo is cracked. Reset that timer plz',
'captcha' => 'B9etsg',

Looks like I won't be buying video games anymore. They put denuvo in, they lose me as a customer. Not paying for drm shit to be put on my computer. It does nothing for me, yet, I am the one that has to pay for it. Nope. not doing it. Fuck you!


How long did Denuvo last for these guys again?

'message' => 'Hi,

Would it be possible to get some information on your anti-tampering solution, both from a tech perspective as well as cost perspective?

We are considering options for protection for our next PC title.

Best regards,

Fred Richardson - CTO at Funcom

sendmail 2014-11-15 22:02:48
array (
'name' => 'death',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Fuck you basterds your country theif all the world and your team make anti theif who is real theif we our usa and fucking isreal an zionist motherfuckers',

Lol poorfags are fucking pathetic.

At least he got the ZOG part right.

Try to get a new set of talking points, rotemonkey.

im downloading this log just incase.


i downloaded and 7zipped this shit

why didn't any of you fucking niggers do this

5000+ emails from the same guy.

You want control over the software you brought? Stop being so entitled!

Thanks, the site wasn't loading for me.

If only there was a way for the goyim's eyeballs to explode while viewing our glorious moving content! Oy!

'message' => 'Greetings

My name is Lucas Smaga and I am the owner of a 3D studio called Illusion Ray. We are a small team developing 3D short movies for 3D cinemas. I read about you protection for films. I was wondering if this can prevent from capturing the monitor/window by using softwares like Camtasia,OBS, Fraps etc. Also is it possible to check if a Capture Card/device is hooked up? We want to start selling our movies independently but we are searching for some very good protecions.
Also could you provide me with some rought pricing for such protection software? We are a small company and we are looking for some affordable solutions.

Lucas Smaga',
'message' => 'Greetings

My name is Lucas Smaga and I am the owner of a 3D studio called Illusion Ray. We are a small team developing 3D short movies for 3D cinemas. I read about you protection for films. I was wondering if this can prevent from capturing the monitor/window by using softwares like Camtasia,OBS, Fraps etc. Also is it possible to check if a Capture Card/device is hooked up? We want to start selling our movies independently but we are searching for some very good protecions.
Also could you provide me with some rought pricing for such protection software? We are a small company and we are looking for some affordable solutions.

Lucas Smaga',

You can't post anime on Holla Forums.

just the log? I'm trying to rip the whole site but pages like fileadmin/libs/secureimage/database wont load



House of Saud berry interested in DRM as well.

'name' => 'Ahmad Jadallah',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '00966550726691',
'message' => 'Dear all,

We would like to ask about licensing Denuvo for an upcoming survival game set for release on Steam Early Access shorty.',

sendmail 2016-01-11 20:21:12
array (
'name' => 'Som Yau',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+16048016577',
'message' => 'Hello!

My name is Som Yau and I\'m the lead server programmer at Relic Entertainment. I was wondering if I can get more info in regards to your anti-tamper solution? Also would it be useful in protecting against map hacks in a game that is deterministic?

'captcha' => 'WTCtnF',

Dawn of War III is going to be deterministic like SC 2 and may use Denuvo. Fun!

Well at least we now know beyond any doubts denuvo isn't secure.

goddamn these fucking bastards are really pissing me off.

you can smell the horseshit from these companies out in the open from the backdoors.
oy vey!! you want to take a screenshot of our game?! then you have to pay!!!!
oy vey!! you want to record your gameplay of the game you bought?! YOU HAVE TO PAY!!
oy vey!! you want to watch a movie you paid for? YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA!!!

Yes Ahmad, it's the pirates that are keeping your sales down….


'name' => 'SHREDDER',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hil! As a fanatic PC gamer i wan to congratulate you!! For protecting pc gaming from the threat of piracy!!! Pirates gave up on just cause 3 because of DENUVO!! Keep up the good work!!! Now you must make deal to include it in all future AAA games from all developers!!!
Cucks believe this.

Not that it matters since CPY cracks it quickly so pirates can have a better game then the one people buy, which is sad that pirates get a better product now then those who pay.

It wasn't even cracked, but someone released a drm free version.

sendmail 2016-12-28 23:04:32
array (
'name' => 'gaydn',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hello, you\'re great at protecting games and I noticed that, you also protect other media, I am looking forward to upload a book, can you tell me how can I hire you? I do not want it to be pirated as pdf or screens. I want your protection, how much does it cost and are there specific sites to upload to book to? Thanks!',
'captcha' => 'fuE2mc',

Sometimes crackin' gets tough

'message' => 'I don\'t know how you are doing it Mr. Robert Yates, but you keep detecting my single-stepping in SecuROM 8.10 quite easily with no apparent push ss or pop ss.

I am sure it has to do with the EFLAGS but I am not quite sure what just yet.

You're not just paying for a worse product, you're paying to get your product made worse. Your money goes to the same company that is shitting on your cake. Fuck that!

Holy shit is that what I think it is? A prototype of Denuvo's main, unobfuscated program?

This this mean what I think it means?

'name' => 'user',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '111111111',
'message' => 'aaron swartz doesn\'t love you',

Who? I'm not against piracy, I just find it funny that some third world shitskin sent Denumale an email whining because they can't pirate AAA trash anymore.

This can't be real

What's wrong with you nigga.

Download everything, Denuvo is going to shut it down soon.

sendmail 2016-12-31 02:34:18
array (
'name' => 'Yones Azarniya',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '00989379792684',
'message' => 'Hello to all Denuvo Staff

My name is Yones,I am Webmaster and I live in Kurdistan of Iran.
In here for Denuvo game I sold sharing game to play Offline mode in my site.

After a years, I seen too many website, use this way to play Denuvo game .

I see or Iranian site that sold the offline active to low price, that I surprised about the low price, Because I bought the game and divided 60$ by 10 gamers, means each players should pay 6$.

I sold offline Denuvo game,So I know many ways to close this way and I can guarantee if you close the way, sell Denuvo games will increase.

This is my method for close this weak.
1.If Denuvo games install only in 10 PC without limit active for this 10 PC,this method will be death!
“but in this case, my means 10 PC not 10 Active, and if I change my graphic cards you should give me 10 PC because I have that CPU and motherboard with ram!”

2. Every month Denuvo Games only install in 10 PC without limit active for this 10 PC!

"look they sold game with only 2$! why? Because they sold every days! If they sold only 10 Active for a month, Really they sold with 2$?okey! if they sold with more price, What happened? Pirates look at price and told himself,why I should pay this high price while I can, buy game with a little more? “

3-Every 15 days Denuvo Games only install in 10 PC without limit active for this 10 PC!

*** 1.Meybe you should says ,if we do this, What players say about our Anti-Tamper technology?
I says in the answer, who change his PC in a month for 10 times? Does anyone other than pirates?Nope!
you want stop pirates right? So do it!

***2.Why I said” I can guarantee if you close the way, sell Denuvo games will increase.”
Look pirates want game with a little money! they want play offline of games! Right?so they can play games with a low price! Why they should buy games with a high price?
100% they choose play games with low price and don’t care about full games…

Hope you got what I say. believe me if you prevent this method, sell Denuvo games will increase.
I told you before, I selling sharing games in my country ”Kurdistan of Iran”.I know too many players Don’t buy full games because they play games with this way! Whether in countries like, Brazil, Russia. China, and … use this way!
Do you thinks pirates of these countries come to buy Denuvo games? nope, is not it?
Oh look voiski,Sold Denuvo games with this way!

May you says,Instead, what I want?!
Okey,I am selling denuvo games In my country,if you do this”hope you do”
Please remove limit active and PC for my accounts.

My accounts
Origin 1
[email protected]
Origin 2
[email protected]
Steam 1
E-Mail= [email protected]
contact email [email protected]
[email protected]
Steam 3
Email:[email protected]
[email protected]

So, who wants to take a bullet and download this?

if you think I want to eliminate my competition. I\'m honest with you and answer is yes, one of my reason is that! I want it but it isn’t a one reason.
My second reason! I hate pirates and never want pirates have evidence against you”denuvo” especially in sales! I\'m sure If you close the method sales will increase!”(if you have any doubt,just do it for some games then compare!)”

but why you should help me?First I says I am Kurdish not Iranian!look the Iran, Which company has respect for him?Origin blocked Iran! Steam don’t allow Iranian active Cd-key! No company does not account current sales !So if you help me, nothing you have to lost, Only you help me.

Discussion sales revenue, so I congrats to you for keep many games form pirates! And games have a great sales because of you!
games like:F1 2016, Total War: Warhammer and …every time I use F1 2016 and Total War: Warhammer for destroy pirate :D Really I love it!

I know,I am bother you to much,but if you can please told what games God d..n CPY can’t cracked?
I know they can’t destroy Denuvo But I don’t know,what games they can’t cracked?
I think FIFA 17 and games that were released after Fifa 17,like WRC6,WD2, Dishonored 2 and more…that is true? I want to know for destroy pirate without referring to You.

I have a suggestion, please contact Digital Foundry to show pirate, Denuvo have no effect in optimization games!if you do,I will contact them too!
for fight with pirates you should close any way of pirate!

And my last request  Please give me the last games that use Denuvo in this games and will us it!

in the end,I am so sorry if I bother you and hope you close the method and help me,I know you will do , because only good man work on Denuvo!

oh! Happy new year 2017.3 successful years in the fight against pirates that I love it
in hope,in 2017 no see cracked for new build Denuvo and pirates died!

I am waiting for your response"in [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank you for reading my massage and sorry If I talk too much
With respect


sendmail 2016-12-14 17:18:14 array ( 'name' => 'Nicolas Sérouart', 'email' => '[email protected]', 'phone' => '', 'message' => 'Hi,

I\'m the Technical Director at Dontnod Entertainment, and we may consider using Denuvo protection for one of our games with our publisher.

I would have some technical questions regarding the integration process of the protection, and the time and effort it takes to efficiently implement it. Would it be possible to get some information or documentation on Denuvo ? In particular, if we release a demo of our game, would it need to be protected as well ? Thanks.

Best Regards, -Nicolas', 'captcha' => 'UKeGpt', )

Just fuck my shit up 3 is a terrible game, though.

I'm trying dammit it only goes at 15 kb/s max.

I hope, it would mean more groups other then CPY could get in and uncrack shit.

Are we talking about a whore as in the profession, or whore as in a morally repugnant?
If she doesn't fuck you she is a lair and a cheat. So she broke contract. So she never did the job.
She would have been a whore from the start since she is a lier and a cheat, but this metaphor breaks apart because that not equivalent comparison. A more accurate comparison would be if the whore asked other whores how the whore life is, and if pimping yourself is easy. Also the whore would be Denuvo in that comparison, while the game companies would be the customer for Denuvo. Since Denuvo is the one doing the the actual whore service.

If we wanted to compare the game company using Denuvo to the whore. Putting on whore clothes and going to a street corner with the intent to whore would be selling a game that will give you and STD called Deunvo in it.

That describes most advertisers, too.

Maybe it's a trap. Be careful with whatever's inside. Size might also be padded to give them time to track you down.

speed is slow as shit, probably something useless and if its anything like Denuvo_Introduction.exe then its protected

Someone download this shit before they shut it down.


'name' => 'EA Games',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '9082873912',
'message' => 'You\'re fired for being cracked you god damn bloody wankers. Tomb Raider sales have plummeted! The development of the game itself was worth Denuvos networth! Go F*&@#^ Yourself you bunch of Austrian wankers. ',
'captcha' => 'CWLaA3',

Fucking EA called them a bunch of Wankers kek.

Did you mean to reply to ?

OP is an absolute retard.

You can leave everything to me.

Okay yeah that has to be fake.

With any luck it would mean a 3rd party program you run that perminantly cracks all Denuvo games you have installed.

Also you're fired wew

You think?

fucking kill me please in the most painful way is better then live in a planet with people like this

Please reassure us you guys aren't using spy merchant browsers and are using VPNs. And check the files thoroughly, this is either incompetence to the highest level and someone is going to get fired or a fucking trap.

And goddamn it, just to be on the safe side, we gotta compile the list of games and their publishers wanting to fuck over their customers just to thwart pirates.

use download manager.


seems to be an application specific tool.
The executable contains six files (FoxitReader, SecuROM stuff and DenuvoIntro.spdf), the latter being the encrypted PDF (2mb large, header 'SDFA')

can you archive an entire database? neat

>'captcha' => 'SrTZpu',

Guess why I'm not watching TV anymore. They cut up and down a movie so they can shit adverts all over it. No thanks.

Some of these are pretty funny

'name' => 'Ya\'ll motherfuckers need some ethics.',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '0800-FUCK-YOU',
'message' => 'Well well well assholes, your anti-human DRM "solution" was cracked. How\'s that? Now stick it back into the asshole you pulled it out from and never come back. This is fucking SecuRom Reloaded - Literally the Hitler of DRM.

Now go learn something from Steam.',
'captcha' => 'GRDLVz',

Those fucking retards

Some forums and plebbit are getting "Shut it down!" messages, we better fucking hurry before they close the hole.


'name' => 'FUCK YOU',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'FUCK YOU ASSHOLES


'captcha' => 'Amt2DG',

Good eye by this kind guy on the logs.

'message' => 'Hello ,i was just wandering since i saw this in the recent Far Cry EULA from ubisoft:




i would like to know as a mear consumer what are those files and what this means for me and for my computer.

Thank you in advance for the answer',

downloading right now ETA 4 hours
lets hope they don't shut it down



They spy on you.

What's the actual address to the site there? I can't seem to get to


sendmail 2016-01-12 05:00:44
array (
'name' => 'Sergey Milaev',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+79234444227',
'message' => 'Sorry, Translated by Google.

Welcome DENUVO!

Your idea is to protect the world from hackers very close to me.

My son is constantly complaining about cheaters in their online games.

Surface learned reviews about your technology. Complaints lot.

I want to share my thoughts on this subject.

The essence of the solution is simple.
The main executable file (be it a game or other software) in the form of downloaded software distribution
It must be stored in encrypted form on the disk of the client. For protection from the debug process.
Download and decrypt it is directly in the memory should be the initial load module.
Which will be launched immediately after the successful authorization of the client to the server
and then have to download and decrypt the main executable file.

To avoid interception traffic between the server and the software manufacturer,
it can be transmitted in the simplest encrypted.

Accordingly, the inability to open the main executable program
eliminate the possibility of intercepting traffic and decrypt it.

According to my observations in games like Warface (Crytek), Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter Strike,
(the list is very long) cheaters appear in 1.5 - 2 hours after an update.

Developers protecting their products are not quite the right way by embedding security algorithms that
trying to figure cheater. From this severely affected the productive capacity of the servers. For example
Russian division Crytek is so loaded server such algorithms that during the game, even in the
very productive a PC with a delay of 5-7 ms (in Moscow) often appear any kind of delay of game
process. And in the American or European servers this is not just the amount of protective nablyudaetsya.Skoree
mechanisms at much less. And the cheaters more.

And finally the most glavnoe.O load module.

Ideally, it would be possible to take the source code of the program Skype, remove polzovatelsky interface
VOIP module and make universal boot application software vendors.
This "black box" nobody has been able to open.

But greedy Microsoft has bought up everything. And my proposal is not responding.

I would in your place contacted Ahti Heinla (father of Skype). Already half a year can not find any contact with him.

Nobody canceled proprietary software, the use of anti-debugging tricks
and obfuscated code.

In general, the prospects are enormous.

Would do well to get a comment on that. Thank you.

Schematic diagram of the pick here',
'captcha' => 'C8amht',

God dang it, Russia.

Thanks, now with IDM it goes at 50 kb/s. Now it's gonna take 3 hours instead of 9.

Denuvo Product Activation Server 1:

They shit up your computer with malware and you have to pay them for it.

Here is another one

'name' => 'shan',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '077-3266540 ',
'message' => 'Hi im from srilanka. We don\'t have to enough cash to buy a video games( 60$ =7000 rupees). Then how can I buy the video games. Because our salary are not enough to buy a video game. Please don\'t do this For my type of people. Please suggest the solutions for any way to play rise of tombraider. ',
'captcha' => 'bvbv4w',


uGet, not IDM.
but it's slow as fuck

I meant for the file_prot files from
everything seems to be archived here


Might want to start a new thread and ask for a sticky.

The greatest find so far


We need to sort out a basic action plan before making a sticky thread.
I propose hitting up everyone that has contacted Denuvo and asking them to drop it and support customer rights.

I meant when you pay for marketing, most of the time you're just paying to piss off the customer, and everyone is doing it because they fell for the meme. Just like DRM, it's a racket built on bad memes.

Think about it, all those third world shitholes are actually shielded from shit taste thanks to Denuvo.

Well that's cool, but it hasn't archived the files themselves.

It has some but not all, I suspect it's still downloading.

introduction files protections

Yeah, that. Marketing is diseased. Especially cancerous when they interfere with game design or fuck up presentation of the game with having no fucking clue what they're doing.


Why the fuck are we all downloading straight from Denuvo's servers again?

Poor pedro, although I'd blame lack of regional pricing models by game companies rather than Denuvo itself.

'name' => 'Pedro',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hello, I know you live in Austria where money flows, but we here in south america cant afoord to buy games since they are priced in dolars making them luxury items.

Your making an earning on the suffering off poor people over the world, witch is quite normal for companys all over the world i get that.

Just wanted you to know that I hate you and hope you end up in hell for what your doing. Making a profit of the sadnes of young kids in the south hemisfere.

I knew I'd miss something by scrolling like a retard

sendmail 2017-01-24 12:10:00
array (
'name' => 'Oleh',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Good day! We are indie game development company 2Bytestudios. We are now creating Mars Citizen game and interested in protecting our product by anti-tamper software. Can you provide information about pricing and your services?
Best regards,
Oleg Polishevych.
'captcha' => 'c5uwDZ',

So, the sneaking suspicion of them using old DRM (fuck you EA and goddamn it Spore) was pretty much right on the money for people back then.

Also, I'm starting to think everyone and their grandmas want to DRM everything. FUCK

'message' => 'Initial enquiry into the suitability of your solution for Codemaster’s products – Functionality, costs etc.',
'captcha' => 'M3NRWe',

Soon friends.

Insider is also protected by SecuROM, contains a lot of flash files
also Denuvo Android vertification serb:

Patrick "El Patricio" Keplek makes an appearance

sendmail 2016-02-04 01:16:18
array (
'name' => 'Patrick Klepek',
'email' => '[email protected] (please use',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hi there,

I\'m a reporter over at Kotaku, one of the biggest gaming websites worldwide. I\'ve been looking into reports of piracy lately, and keep coming across comments from people about how effective Denuvo has been in recent game releases, notably Just Cause 3 and Rise of The Tomb Raider. So far as I know, neither has been cracked yet. I\'d love to chat with your company about its history in producing DRM as part of an upcoming feature.


patrick klepek
senior reporter, kotaku
[email protected] (please use',
'captcha' => 'mDg9ke',

Now it destroys SSDs, which is much better, right?

For whoever that isn't autistic to wait for the fucking log to load here's a download of the e-mail log.!O9MUlKzL!Zqt43N5fe8f4lASnKCNJITyaqtm8VD_eZgHwCC0fY3c

It's obvious every indie dev is in it for the money and not for the sake of making good vidya games.

That's my reason for not buying or playing indie games. Not a single one.

sendmail 2016-09-20 10:55:18
array (
'name' => 'Matt Nava',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Hello, I am the developer of ABZU game, thanks to your Anti-tamper system that prevented our game from getting cracked as of now. We have started working on another great game, and we plan to use Denuvo on that game as well. However, in our development process, we have come at a situation that we need our ABZU game\'s original executable files since our new game is based on that, could you send us the original executables of our game that we sent to you for implementing Denuvo? ',
'captcha' => 'TFPR85',

The Insider seems to be a book containing flash examples, not familiar with the book format tho

sendmail 2014-05-01 01:31:11
array (
'name' => 'Reinhard',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Test on iPad 1st gen',


what the fuck
how could they not have their own executables
how fucking incompetent are thehy

Topkek gloating as usual.

Just a year later, wonder how he'll feel about this shit he called "tamper-proof"

Please use this log or one of the archives in the thread so one of the 100 anons downloading the hueg files can actually do it in our lifetimes.

Egypt on the scene as well

'name' => 'Eth Main',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+201126311190',
'message' => 'Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Eth Main the CEO and the lead programmer of the state studio , the state studio is an indie team based in Egypt and we make games for Steam and xbox store , so here is the question, what are your price plans if you have one? we are really willing to use Denuvo for our game. ',

JESUS fucking christ on a pogo stick
you just have to trust Denuvo not to send you fucked up EXEcutables back from their black magic processes? A curse of spyware on the lot!

It is most likely some wannabe cracker trying to fish for the unprotected .exe, mate.


Lone indie dev, inexperienced and using the royal 'we'. He did art assets for Journey, and I'm not surprised he can't handle proper archiving.

This exact same fucking message is repeated for 50x times.


pls deliver, denuvo's website a shit


Notice how the email address is at, not on their own domain as their official email address is [email protected]. It is more than likely someone trying to fish the unprotected exe.

Seen a couple of German game corps., but ignored because can't be arsed to translate.

Here's one

'message' => 'Hi Denuvo Team!

Ich hoffe deutsch ist für euch ok. Ich bin Sascha und der Geschäftsführer der Blazing Badger GmbH, einem kleinen Spielestudio aus Frankfurt am Main. Ich bin sehr an eurer Anti-Tamper Solution interessiert und würde gerne mehr über diese erfahren, insbesondere was die Lizenzierung betrifft.

Ich hoffe ihr wollt auch mit kleineren Entwicklern zusammenarbeiten ;)

Falls ihr solche Details nicht ohne NDA besprechen wollt, könnt ihr mir gerne eures per Mail schicken.

Beste Grüße,

Sascha Wagentrotz
Managing Director
Blazing Badger GmbH

Done, lets take a look at this shit

Shit, I missed that. Lack of sleep catching up with me.

sendmail 2016-02-29 14:56:35
array (
'name' => 'Kaustab Kar',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+919804912792',
'message' => 'I have heard a news that 3dm is trying to crack your latest protection, so please I earnestly request you to make your protection more stronger so they would never try to crack it.',
'captcha' => '8kc6pr',

Luckily for him 3DM never did try to crack it


Start an upload to mega if you can kind user.
Here's some tunes while we wait.

that uh, makes sense. why didn't i think of that

I need the big one for this.

both Introduction and Insider are SecuROM protected. How do we crack that? Could we use some old game cracker?

Tiny indie devs stupid enough to throw money away at some drm, like that would increase their revenue and not just motivate people to completely skip their cheap games.

Good thinking user.

Sauce on cute picture?

IS this
Related to FoxitPDF?

'message' => 'Dear MR or MRS,

My name is Mori, CEO of FoxitJapan, FoxitJapan is the joint venture of Foxit Corporation known as PDF expert.

I am very aggressive of excellent core technology and already have many reference about PDF core and

I believe you already have a customer in Japan, however If we will have a chance distribute your Anti-Tamper technology, please let us discuss about that.

Best Regards,

Mori, FoxitJapan

It's like seeing some poor sob fall for a pyramid scheme.
It's sad, but at the same time they have no excuse.

'name' => 'death', 'email' => '[email protected]', 'phone' => '', 'message' => 'Fuck you basterds your country theif all the world and your team make anti theif who is real theif we our usa and fucking isreal an zionist motherfuckers',

sendmail 2016-02-16 19:07:07
array (
'name' => 'Evan Icenbice',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '8183558420',
'message' => 'Hello - I\'m in the Production Department at 505 games US and we are looking into your solution for a few of our upcoming titles. I understand the ADR1FT development team already for that title that we are publishing. Can you give us more detail in how your pricing models works (retail price determines cost?) I would also like to know if you offer volume discounts or per unity royalty pricing options? Thank you!
'captcha' => 'ge2tya',

Japan's getting in on this
Probably their first priority since Nips are super afraid of the western PC audience due to pirates, instead of seeing a huge market of untapped weebs with single-man incomes

'name' => 'Jun Matsumoto',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Dear Sir or Madam:

This is Jun Matsumoto from CAPCOM Japan.

I have a interested in the Denuvo Anti-Tamper solution to protect our game software.
If you have a white paper about details, please send me.
(ex. platform, usage, price, etc…)
And, if you have a sales agent in Japan, please tell me the contact point.

Thank you for your cooperations.


Fucking crapcom!

sendmail 2016-09-10 09:43:23
array (
'name' => 'Peter Matus',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'Dear Denuvo Team,

recently I\'ve purchased a copy of Deus Ex Mankind Divided from my local reseller. DVD case contains code which cannot be used in STEAM installation but instead in Redeem aplication which is developed by you. When I try run it it pops error message: api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0.dll is missing.

I find it really unfortunate that you need a code to get to the right installation code for the game. This DRM policy makes no sense.

I hope you will provide solution for this matter.

Thank you in advnce.

Peter Matus

'captcha' => 'eprkeK',

poor bastard

you must provide a cute of equal or greater value

sendmail 2016-02-18 13:32:59
array (
'name' => 'Stefan Bosch',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+310226353581',
'message' => 'Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a business mathematican student aged 28 in my third year of college on the university of Amsterdam, and now I need to write a current resourcefully scientific article about a subject in my workfield. For example: the cryptographic technology.

thanks in advance if you can help me with information to write a nice academic article about the protection of games and more.

It is pure for academic purposes.

Hopefully you can help me with some more links or books which can help me write about this subject or this technology. Untill now I only have wikipedia denuvo.

I 100% understand that you can not give me information how the dunovo works, but I only need to write an article with GOOD scientific (atleast ten!! sources). Thanks in advance!!

Yours faithfully,

Stefan Bosch
Business mathematic 3rd year in Amsterdam.
Subject: professional skills in writing an article with academic sources.
studentnumber: 5006304080
telephone number: +310226353581

'captcha' => 'cveU8b',

Insider book is read using bSmart education software by Applix, maybe an unprotected bSmart start.exe can work? though it seems that its impossible to find one

I'm not sure why you are surprised by this when Resident Evil 7 already had Denuvo which was cracked within a week

Doesn't really look like much but what do i know
Uploading to mega right now, I'll let the bigger nerds play around with it

Poor loli, someone needs to tell her that flat is best

array (
'name' => 'Zack',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+81 90 5809 3014',
'message' => 'Hi Denuvo,

I am Zack from Arc System Works. My company has been venturing into Steam lately, and we are looking for viable protection for our games. We would definitely love to have a word with you if possible.

We look forward to your reply.

'captcha' => 'IMDFCu',


Check the guys at Holla Forums for this.

Only one I have on hand sir.

On the scene, because of course.

'name' => 'Chris Kim',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '82-10-7676-5814',
'message' => 'Hi,
I\'m Chris Kim, Global Project Manager at WipleGames. We are online game developing company based in Seoul, Korea. I would like to know whether your solution can be applied to online games to prevent players using any hack tools or protect server/client.',


Fucking Worse Korea, you only play gookclick always online grinding games! what the fuck, is cheating really this fucking bad for them? and goddamn it, starting to feel that rage against the industry again

Bump limit hit yo


We passed that one 100 posts ago

Looks like some guys at FacePunch already bypassed the protections in Denuvo_Introduction and Insider_prot. They're both some sort of book.
kek, so much for protection

sendmail 2016-01-21 12:36:10
array (
'name' => 'Fred Richardson',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '+4790683118',
'message' => 'Hi,

Would it be possible to get some information on your anti-tampering solution, both from a tech perspective as well as cost perspective?

We are considering options for protection for our next PC title.

Best regards,

Fred Richardson - CTO at Funcom
'captcha' => 'cWcEtU',

that was too lewd to be cute

God damn it.

gallery of Denuvo_introduction

link doesn't work

Let's skedaddle to the new thread


cute can be lewd and thanks for sauce

Such joy to see these smug cunts humiliated by a bunch of Moors.

posting an imgur
on an imageboard
that doesn't fucking work

Was working 10 seconds ago, someone deleted it. It was a marketing pitch in the form of four Powerpoint sliders (40% loss etc etc.)

Post the images here you chucklefuck.


what is:

They also mentioned how it took 272 days for someone to crack Lords of the Fallen.

To everyone in this thread:
We have enough problems in this industry right now without developers going out of the way to shit up their own games.

Head on over to the next thread and yell it there user, we need fighters.

Joke's on them, Denuvo has been reduced to nothing. They can pay tens of thousands of dollars to use this shit, won't do them any good.

Can't you double niggers just wait, I'm stilll downloading the Insider file.

Part 1

Computer Engineers of the future everyone.

I decided to denoise that shit. It will be up soon.

sendmail 2014-11-15 22:21:02
array (
'name' => 'Satan666',
'email' => '[email protected]',
'phone' => '',
'message' => 'I will haunt your children',

All these things a re copy protected. If you can figure out the serial, post it here.

Part 2

top kek


new thread

Fuuuucking shit.

It says it is. I think it's Denuvo for the paid versions of FoxitPDF and Foxit Reader. What a load of shit.

This reads like a fucking parody.

>Mileena will never do all sorts of freaky shit to you like lightly biting your neck
Feels bad, man.

VMProtect is another protection suite for general software (common programs). It's one of the best suites to protect stuff (along with Themida). Because of the message I imagine they're saying that VMProtect is suspiciously similar to Denuvo, but I don't think that would be correct since VMProtect has been cracked for long, and Denuvo is, supposedly, much more difficult to crack.

It's a possibility, but quite unlikely due to how painful it would be to maintain. I'd say C++ given how flexible it is.

godspeed future colleague

This isn't even going into the trash, this is going straight to the incinerator.

Has somebody tried logging into that Amazon cloud server?

please do
I'm about to faint of exhaustion

gee i dont know

There's three reasons why we don't program games in Assembly anymore, not even as an optimization.

One: It takes too fucking long. If you think writing your own boiler plate code in C/C++ is annoying, imagine how awful it must be in a language like Assembly where NO ONE HAS WRITTEN GAME CODE IN THE LAST 30 YEARS. There's no Unity in Assembly, there's no Unreal Engine in Assembly. If you want to write an engine like Unreal Engine in Assembly it will take you YEARS even copying the fucking Unreal Engine code.

Two: The compiler nowadays is more efficient at writing Assembly code than you are. This isn't even a fucking joke, the compiler has been optimized like fuck to give you the fastest speed you can obtain to do the things you want to do. This isn't like 1989-1996 where you have to write Assembly hacks to get the game to render to screen fast enough.

Three: Lack of support for all of the big name interfaces (APIs). OpenGL 4.0, DirectX 12, even XNA .. you're not going to get to use any of those in Assembly. The best you hope for is either GDI or OpenGL 1.5, maybe 2.0. So unless you want to write your own code to do the same shit that DX/OGL/etc. then you're shit out of luck up the creek without a paddle.

The reason we don't write Assembly code anymore is because there's no reason to do so. Assembly is as close to metal as you get. As such there's no high-level development kits, you might find a library someone wrote for something, but you're going to be writing your engine yourself.

Not really going to follow this thread but I'm going to weigh in on this.
Every time you increase a layer of abstraction you inevitably introduce some overhead that is difficult to account for.

Yes, pretty much what you said is true…however…You have to consider that modern tools are built on these layers.
Layer after layer after layer.
To the point where they become bloated and inefficient. It seems to follow that the more "user friendly" a programming language gets, the more inefficient it ultimately becomes.
Java is a great example of this and once more because of this it became an industry standard. As such, it dominates and yet it is a piece of shit in all matters of optimization.

It all concludes back to, at a certain point, you have to return to getting to the metal. Otherwise you end up building abstraction on top of abstraction and everything becomes more delicate as a result. You go from building with concrete and steel to eventually stacking a literal house of cards!

You see this problem pronounced in the "multi-platform" considerations of development as of the recent decade. Remember, there were plenty of exclusives that MAY have been eventually ported to other consoles back in the "day" (PS2 era and before) but this was due to wildly different architectures and considerations. as a result…the games on any give platform were wildly different in quality because they were PRODUCED FOR THAT PLATFORM.
And towards the end of a system's lifespan you saw some wonderful things being squeezed out of it.
You won't see that anymore.

Anyway…we may not return to such a thing but sometimes we really have to. We have to dig back into the lower layers every now and then to clean up, remake, and re-purpose.
Really just because we are hitting bottlenecks we need not have.

Hello, fellow Computer Engineer here (B.S. in 2012).

Have you actually had courses in assembly yet?
I made a chat program in assembly. While tight and small and super efficient the writing of it made me want to kill myself and maybe any others around me.

That's some nice nonsense you're saying there. The Unreal Engine, for example, is written not by Software Engineers but by Computer Scientists. The Unreal Engine 4 isn't just Unreal Engine 3 with extra code on top. They overhaul and rewrite significant portions of it to reduce these "bottlenecks." We don't write completely system neutral code. That's just not a thing that we fucking do. The compiler has directives in it that we use for this kind of thing.

#ifdef __WIN32

This directive right here? We use this to poll if the system we're developing on is Windows. Yes even Windows 64-bit returns true when polled to see if it's 32-bit Windows. Because 64-bit Windows is actually x86-64 which means "the x86 architecture with the 64-bit expansion header." The only time you really run into a system that's either 32-bit or 64-bit (and can't be both) is either in Linux where they require your binaries be compiled specifically for one or the other (as stupid as that is), or in ARM which is kind of a dead architecture outside of cell phones.

__WIN32 is used to see if we're on Windows, if we are, then we load the proper libraries. It can be used for OS-dependent code such as code that only works on Windows/only on Linux/ony on ARM. Through the use of directives we don't have to worry about writing 900 different apps, because we've really moved away from middleware that was completely OS dependent. You write one function, you write it as system neutral as you can, and if there's steps that have to be done differently based on OS you can write those ifdefs in the middle of the functions. This has *0* overhead because the compiler IGNORES the code that doesn't correspond to its own directives. Code for Win32 is invisible to Linux. Code for Linux is invisible to ARM.

As an example, threading. Before C++ unified the process across different machines, we used to have to write some ass looking code to use multithreading. But in C++11 Bjorne Stroustrup and the rest of the assembly who is responsible for maintaining C++ decided "hey, you know what we should do? Fix this shit, remove the complication so everyone can easily use it."

There's lots of great headers for this kind of thing. There's chrono for timing, there's thread for threading… And so multithreading is as simple as either declaring a STL thread object OR detaching the threaded functions. Where you used to have to mutex and lock your threads, C++ now does this automatically. With detached threads, you write a thread that no other process is going to work on, and just let it run. And it will, it will run until the program is ready to quit or you set for the function to die (in whatever way you deem to do that).

There's also just calling a thread and the joining it afterward. The join function is your mutex, it will monitor the functions that you set to thread, wait for them to complete, and then synchronize your threads. So your threads won't write data to the same variables at the same time. This is why we don't have a vast ocean of exclusives and very few multiplats these days, is because we have plenty of good tools to work with in our already low-level libraries. But see, these are like a noose. They give you enough rope to tie it all together in one tight little fuckable obedient package or they give you plenty of rope to hang yourself with.

If we want to get to metal, we use C++, because it's already close to the metal as it is. We don't go down to fucking Assembly. No one does, no one SHOULD, and no one will.

That's regressive, it's not helpful at all. There's optimizations to be made, but these are optimizations to be made in the right ways, and the wrong way to do it is to start writing Assembly black magic code in your render function, unless that Assembly code is part of a shader. We write shaders in a variety of languages, so sure that can work to write your shaders in Assembly. If you want to teach the computer how to walk with everything you do, then go for it.

And you know what? Python despite being high-level and interpreted is still far more suitable for games than Assembly is. So quit saying ridiculous shit.

Wow, that is a whole lot of advertisement to try to dismiss what I said.

Listen, its layers. Simple as that.
Now, the most powerful optimizations will happen at the lowest layers. however, those might be few and far in-between. The most ACTIVE optimizations have to happen from a TOP DOWN perspective.

What you wrote there means absolutely shit, honestly.
It sounds like you worked on the latest UE but to be honest it looks like some copypasta from the tech notes.
Especially since Multi-threading in videogames is a fucking rare occurrence and if it was truly exploited then AMD would be the king of gaming rigs because AMD has consistently beat Intel on multi-threaded process ability. Mainly because AMD chooses to make true multi-core systems while Intel likes to emulate them "hyperthreads"
Conclusion…games still rely on and comfortably love the single process domination.

Basically, go fuck yourself.

BTW, this is the quote that hangs that rant.

Go ahead. Write your fucking Assembly "optimizations." You'll write slower code than if you had let the computer write the assembly code. And you'll smugly say how good a job you did. Then your project will suffer code rot that much faster.

Have at.

Its not that. Its that you don't seem to understand the layers of abstraction that lead to an Unreal Engine 4.

Yes, these tools have made things so increadibly easy…but you must understand that they are far from efficient.

There was a point where hardware ability EXPLODED and as a result the software need not continually optimize to follow. Indeed, the hardware growth and explosion has really hindered software in many different ways.

Video games suffer this problem in a microcosm because they are limited by console generation but really, now, what is going on here?

I feel as though a standard will be demanded but it won't come from the video game companies.

It will come from the phone companies.

You're a fucking lunatic. Do you want me to buy you a couple more rolls of aluminum foil to finish that hat? I thought you were just a dumbass who thought "I can do better." Now I see that you actually think that there's some illuminati shit going on, and da AT&T is going to fucking standardize our software…

I don't know what you drink or what you smoke or what you inject to get you to this state of mental being, but whatever it is, I'm having no more part of it. You're wasting my god damn time, and you seem to have an endless supply to waste.

What a great refutation of what I said.
10/10 super great.
You sure put me in my place.
Clearly you are the be all end all and THE word in software.
How dare I ever say anything in comparison, compliment, or contradiction to you?

Holla Forums I want you to understand that these
are the type of retards you have making up the pool of the gaming industry.

If they're not home-grown idiots they are most certainly a Korean or an Indian code-monkey farm (or insourced labor) that is spouting this bullshit.
No innovation.
No novel thought.
Just straight follow of tech docs.

This. Is. Modern. Software.

fucking indian greedy ass cunts go back to your designated streets

the problem of coding everything in assembly is the fact that everything is reliant on these arcane GPU subprocessors that make effects like sharders and all kinds of 3d particle physics and insteod of just invoking "draw shadows and reflections filter effects and shit" you would have to do a 100fold of the work to make it as optimal as possible, no one is ever going to do that. its easier that they would rather become hardware designers and make better processors than to 'do all the work by hand'.

like this game seems to have ps4 devkit standard particle effects that even some launch titles like knack had, but the game still looks cool
lol im not even sure jews allow you to write all of the commands the console processors are able to do and utilize hardware 100%… just so that their in house devs can make "better games" than anyone else is able to make