The Game Boy Advance and its various redesigns is currently in the awkward teenage state

The Game Boy Advance and its various redesigns is currently in the awkward teenage state.

Not old enough to be considered "retro," but old enough that its age is clearly showing and the only just-so-slightly newer Nintendo DS eclipses it in almost every way.



Last christmas I bought two GBASP with flashcards for my nephews to learn them "power of vidya". After two months:

Handhelds are fucked.

Any gaming device that plays at sub HD resolutions is retro you fool. SD resolution gaming devices are an antiquated idea in the modern age, ergo, the Gameboy Advance and it's various redesigns are retro.

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Just gas the little shits.

I don't understand how people can enjoy touchscreens without physical buttons.

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Because all the "good" app games involve just poking or swiping at things and you just slap your hand across the screen like an idiot and win.

Nigga all 32bit game systems are defacto retro.
Fucking the Nintendo 64 is retro why would another 32bit nintendo system not be considered retro?

This. The controls are baby easy because it is usually just simple touching/swiping. Hell, some games are just watch your characters grind for hours on end so you can get a better character, the only thing you have to do is touch the screen to restart the grind.

I don't understand how that's considered "fun"

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Because it came out after the N64, duh.


The Wii U is a 32-bit system. Seriously, go read the specs.

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Normalfags consider PS3 - retro.

At first I thought you were talking out your ass like a retard. But you're right. The Espresso CPU is literally 3 PowerPC 750cl like cores. Nintendo just took the same core that they've used since the Gamecube and put 3 of them on one die

I remember reading that there are terms to define shit like this

"Retro" is anything that is at least 20 to 30 years old
"Vintage" is anything between 30 to 50 years old
"Antique" is anything that is at least 50 years old
and finally "Ancient" is anything at least a thousand years old
These are the definitions you will find shared among collectors and auctioneers

This means that the PS3 will be considered Retro in 2026, and will move into vintage territory in 2036 and will finally be considered an antique in 2056

I wonder how many games it will have then.

Clearly the SNES version of Skyrim simply wasn't equal to the Switch one.


To be fair, Holla Forums considered the SNES retro before the xbawks 360 and the PSTriple even came out.
People were playing ocarina of time on their gamecube and calling streets of rage retro.
Holla Forums has always had a vocal minority with objectively shit taste.

Well. Cuckchan Holla Forums was always shit. I remember times before exodus when people were protecting uncharted and last of us. And hyped for skyrim to the point of tears and rage.

It's not that it has always been shit, you're describing Holla Forums when it had already turned into shit.

GBA was always shit, and it will always be