4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite sports game?

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First for Based Mark


Sup faggots.



I need a tutor

Tutor is ded iirc.

…and on that night

I write


How about you stop being a fucking idiot and do it yourself? You ever think of that?

Morning everyone!

Played wind waker for the first time for a few hours today. Its art style is pretty nice, the world is interesting, but man so far its getting on my nerves. Hope the beginning of this game is just a bit slow and it opens up some soon.


nah, got my shit locked down pretty well, slept great today, got windows reinstalled on the laptop to and it's running fine
found out my 17 year old cat had died today tho, kinda figured when I didn't see her all week in the barn while I was house sitting
dogs probably got her somehow and my old man probably could not bring himself to tell me since that's how that last cat went

don't get rescue greyhounds
not really a fan of sports games, but wind jammers is good

You're so smart huh? I bet you have your degree and all.

it's always been an east coast thing fam, thats fine too

hey everyone

Did Mark meet Shia

whom /metal/ here.

i decided to text that tinder chick one more time before closing the book and she was much chattier so maybe i was overthinking but i'm not sure

can't think of any unless maybe kart games count? or maybe like a tony-hawk game

No I was smart enough to drop out of highschool and miss all that jewish propaganda. Enjoy your worthless degree or whatever though dude.


17 is fucking ancient for a cat, was probably just her time.

Sorry though can't imagine what its like losing a pet you've had that long.


Just chilling with a hot chocolate and some crackers. Finally got around to turning on the furnace in my basement today. It gets bitter cold down here but I hate all the fiddling needed to turn it on, so I usually spend half the winter with my feet feeling like blocks of ice. This is a comfortable temperature now, though.
I always liked Super Dodgeball Advance. I went to a Catholic school and we almost never got to play dodgeball because it was "too violent", but goddamn was I ever good at it.

What'd he do now? Or is this still about the Shia thing?

Yup that's why you make over 50k a year right?

You'll get out on the great sea pretty quickly. After you get the wind waker you'll be free to go wherever but you'd be better off saving that for when you start searching for the triforce shards


Hows your day so far user?

Yeah you probably were. Just giver the d already.


Ok, I didn't do much
How about you

something got a hold of her before and snapped one of her ribs making it a floating rib
would not be surprised is what I'm saying
it's fine fam, just needed to say it
thanks tho

You know there's this thing called "trade school", it's better than any marxist indoctrination centers.


Ah yes, trade schools are the answer to everything.


Thats the gayest shit I've ever heard. Dodgeball was the only time I gave a shit in PE class, so fun.

I'm at some dragon dungeon at the moment.

How many items are there in this game? Doesn't seem like a lot and thats always my favorite part about zelda games is the fun equipment.

Or not going anywhere at all and just doing manual labor. What the fuck are you doing in uni? Probably fucking computer science or some stupid bullshit right?

Sounds real comfy. The heater might dry the air even more though so be prepared for dry as fuck skin.

There's a fair amount of stuff and following the zelda formula you'll fight a boss requiring to use the thing you just got.

Had to have done something though right?

I'm good. Played about a half a dozen gamecube games today testing out dolphin.

Yeah I've had about 20 cats over the years so I know how that goes. Just recently in the past few months I turned my outdoor cat into full indoor because fuck that shit so much.

Worng! Plus why would I waste money at a uni when I can just get it cheaper at community college.

PE was boring as fuck, it was basically a bunch of those retarded "trust exercises", but every other day for 10 years. Switched to the secular school board for high school and the PE teacher was great. Encouraged those of us being bullied to just punch the guy, and the go-to activities, outside of the required stuff, was jogging along the bike bath to Tim Horton's and back, or, if it was too cold, dodgeball.

I'm not worried about my skin. Mostly just the bloody noses I usually get in the winter. They're usually pretty bad.


You guys tired of your same routine every night? I am

Wow your are retarded.

landing another hangout let alone like a date or something is going to be such a hassle with how radically different our work schedules seem to be, also she fell for the college meme and loses time to that too

fuck school

she would have been an indoor cat with old age but she has always been a house pisser

one time she took a dump under my brothers desk and tried to bury it with a pokemon card
everyone got a chuckle out of it

What games did you play

Who could tire of jacking off for hours?

You think just because one option is a meme that the others aren't. You've been jewed, cuck

Ahh good. How many dungeons are there then?

I've always had a really shitty heart so PE sucked as a kid. Running was fucking awful and about killed me every time.

Not even a tiny bit

Wew watch out. She might go all feminist on you.


They're all memes but one of them is less of a meme.

What trade did you gain? How did you pay for it if you're a drop out? Welfare queen?

This, the best solution would be getting an Apprentice

Custom robo, f zero gx, wind waker, megaman network transmission.

Also downloaded metroid prime and the lost kingdom series but didn't play those yet.

Ha thats pretty great.

I somehow lucked out on my personal cat being so good indoors. I forgot to put her up in the garage where she sleeps today and she chilled on the couch just napping the whole time. Didn't scratch anything up or piss or anything.

I listened to the whole thing waiting for it to git gud. It didn't. RIP metal 1980-1995

Less than you'd hope. The Windwaker needed more time and lots of stuff got cut as a result. You'll see what I mean because it's really apparent where the funcutter was deployed.

And yet you still shill for them. You're indoctrinated.

I was always pretty clumsy but damn I loved dodgeball. Hated PE other than that game.

i have low tolerance for that stuff so i'd shut the book pretty quickly

i thought it was a solid track, but hey. looking more forward to warbringers new album than havoks though

Hope you're having fun

I'm already picking up that vibe just a couple hours in honestly.

Play any games today user?

The whole anti Trump thing was already enough for me to have dropped her honestly.


None, I dropped out and just got a job at a lumberyard when I was 18 and I was never a penny in debt and I have more money than you ever will. Hope you like working your shit job only to realize one day you've wasted your life doing it so you blow your fucking miserable brains out you fucking cunt.

Apprenticeships are the biggest meme of them all



not everyone gets redpill from osmosis on message boards like we do

yeah, smart cat too, understood tactics or some shit well enough to ambush a bigger bully cat in tight spaces when she got chased
rode on my shoulder and back like a parrot too
that sounds like a really cool chill cat man

I'm gonna stop talking about cats now, shits actually starting to get to me

Not really. One of those days where I just wanted to sleep all day. Might install something slower-paced overnight so I have something to unwind with.

Enjoy getting crushed by a tree. Oh and

Yeah its pretty great. Dolphin is a little finicky though. Seems like games work 95% of the time then start getting laggy on random levels or areas.

Meh still a bad sign she falls for the propaganda.

Ahhh sorry bout that.

Watch anything good lately? Oh I saw some toys for that exo show on amazon yesterday, was weird.

never seen a tree in any lumber yards i've bought material from

Didn't get crushed by any trees, and I didn't drop out because I was stupid, I was too smart for it.

Wish I had one of those days. Fucking woke up at 8pm yesterday. Was trying to go back to sleep when some church fucking texted me. The cock sucker who had my phone number before me handed it out like candy so I'm always getting calls from his shit and it drives me crazy.


I kinda spent most of the day working on the laptop to figure out why the image would not write to USB, turns out the image was corrupted
then I watched a few youtube videos as I chilled out downloading a couple drivers to get shit working better
the show was toyetic as fuck
was it exoframes or just action figures?



is it an android phone?

Still practicing guitar. Still not sure where or how I'm going to find bandmates, however. From what I hear there are literally no drummers in my city, and I can't think of many other people that share my basic taste in metal, much less any that actually know instruments.

Nascar Thunder 2003, just for the goofy sound track.

I guess it's different in America then

I just spend most days wanting to sleep all day. My bed's warm and comfortable and I don't feel lonely in it because apparently cold is scientifically proven to make you feel lonely or something. It's a nice bed and if I could just sleep all day I probably would.

Where are you?

Find anything good on youtube? Always looking for shit to watch while gaming.

And just the action figures I think.

Yeah. Why?

When I was a lad I'd go to this run down building under a bridge where lots of amateur bands would play and they were always looking for members.

Try looking for places like that.


a nigga smokin dat concussion weed. also ya boi might have a concussion, also high af tho boi u already kno let's ride

webm related friend

Yea dude most of them are like unpaid internships or minimum wage

why no practice stuff and post your work online so others can see it

Sounds comfy as fuck. Though your back and shit is going to hurt like shit one of these days.

Shiiiiet I got in a bad car wreck years ago then smoked through a concussion all night long. That can't be good for you.

Whats up fam?


the longer I stay awake, the more my soul hurts

Most people are on Minimum wage here

shieeet u kno jus slipped tbh but it was in front of a cop n made a nigga wait fo paramedics n shit but all mah numbers wuz good n wut not.

I've already got a messed up back. It's why I have trouble walking properly. Fell as a teenager and it messed my back up pretty badly. I try to hide it because for some reason I still have pride, but I own a cane.

Whats got you down user?

Where the fuck do you live? Commie hellhole Europe? Minimum wage there is fucking insane, you can hardly do anything on minimum wage in america.

My week:

If anything, every day I'm gaining more and more control. My 20s were hell but my 30s have been freakin' sweet thus far. I got all the option selects down now and all I have to do is press buttons.

As always hope you all are well.

ye ye monica

guess I ain't mos ppl ah

I'm getting there too. It's coming to be a year since the last meaningful relationship I had was kicked out from underneath me and gave me irreparable trust issues that keep me from being intimate with another person

That time I got in that wreck I was all loopy and shit after. Didn't realize until later that I had had a really bad concussion. The paramedics didn't say shit to me about it tbh

What kinda cane? I'd get a really nice carved wood one. With a flask built in. Do you get to use cripple plates?

Was she at least cute before?

what the fuck could that even mean

Nah Dingo Hellhole ran by the most out of touch people I can think of

Not even once.

She was a qt3.14 user. She turned into a house and went crazy, I don't know what happened.


Florida, in a city between Tampa and Orlando.

Well, I'm know of this one hole in the wall I watched my friend's band play the other night. The owner of the bar liked them so much that he might actually put out a Metal Monday idea he'd been mulling over beforehand. I'll probably try there if he follows through.

Hmm, I only really know covers at the moment, but I suppose something's better than nothing. I'll see if I can get something later on. For now I might consider putting out a Craigslist ad or some shit.

I had maths by deadmaus qued up on the linux because of laser moon machine so I ran that a bit while I was working on the laptop
felt kinda pissed about boomers when I was done working on my laptop so I watched some shit like that
then I browsed Holla Forums a few minutes and went to work, getting that shit done felt good
haven't watched much lately

Extreme Call Blocker

I paid the 5 for it and the guy still updates it
only people on my contact list can get through
lets me sleep through the day uninterrupted save for people I actually know, sends calls straight to message


yo when dis happen fam? thot u was all bout dat 3d tbh monica

u watched yo nycka's band through a hole in da wall monica

She said she identified as polyamory (as in she was born that way). Just sounded like an excuse to whore around to me.



Just some cheap thing. It's some kind of light metal, with a foam grip and a rubber bit on the bottom. It has a flower pattern on it because that's the only one I could find locally.
Yeah. Too proud to use them in town, though. Like, you ever know a really fat guy who tried to act like he could do stuff he definitely couldn't? Like you'd go biking somewhere or something and he'd spend the whole time pretending he wasn't tired when he's bright red and breathing real heavy? As if you couldn't all tell he was fat already? That's me and my cane. I'm just too proud to be openly crippled where someone I know might see me.

dat nigga autistic af but i luv em tho

Australia isn't even that bad, just finish the fucking job with the abos and you're set. What do you have a problem with? Chinks? Oh fucking no. Just fuck them and produce hot HAPA girls and Eliot Rodgers

I'm not a big fan of sports games, but Mario Golf Toadstool Tour is alright.

can't wait for the identity bubble to pop so people can't get away with made up bullshit

No thanks.

I wouldn't go back if thats what youre asking.

Just accept it. Get yourself a monocle, top hat, and rock the cane. Pride is a good thing when it isn't hurting you but it sounds like it is.

I'm not sure if you're actually this black or if you seriously don't know what a hole in the wall is.

good job user

hey buddy

Monocle would be pretty tough to wear with my glasses tbh. I could do a top hat, but not in the winter. I got a nice hat for the winter. Ear flaps and everything.

i'm blak af dat's y i played kangz's quest six dude

An Economy where it is near impossible for anyone to start off, degree or degreeless
and Hapas are fucking ugly you retard especially Chinese Hapas


good idea fam

it werks ritsu
either way consider at least getting a free call blocker


long time no see. it's been a while since I've been here.


>>>Holla Forums9160982

Those ear flap hats look so damn comfy but its not cold enough where I live to wear them without looking like a goober.

I'm going to call the church and pretend to be the guy. Say hes a satanist now and to stop bugging him. I know his damn name because every other fucking thing calls me asking for him.

Actually thinking back on it, it was more than that.

What she basically told me is she desires a set-up akin to polygamy without the marriage. Basically she wants to keep around a large group of boyfriends that all pine for her and she wants them all to be friends. One big fuck party pretty much. What I took issue with was not calling it what it is, at least most whores are honest.

When I say multiple boyfriends I'm talking an arrangement where everyone lives together and she does none of the work. She did nothing but shit on her boyfriend while I was there and spoke of him like one of her pets. For example she told me he always does the dishes and when she saw he'd done them before leaving she referred to him as a "good boy" like one would speak of a dog. She left me with the impression that she really didn't do anything. Also, the guy had no private space what so ever as it was obvious his "work area" was put together by her.

She put off a controlling vibe and acted as if she had no shame.

Economy is fucked everywhere who cares lets all just kill ourselves.
and fuck you most HAPA girls are hot as shit, would race mix/10 to be honest my dude.

What's shakin guys? Sorry I'm late.

So, you guys got any plans for the Superbowl tomorrow? I'm having hotwings with the family while watching the game. If you aren't watching the game though, what will you do instead?

Also I beat Resident Evil 7 last week, I rather enjoyed that. I may play it again on Madhouse just for shits n giggles, but I'm playing through the first two Banned Footage tapes now.

do fighting games count?

Hiya Hobo

mayne i thot i had dat job in da bank gottdayuuuumm

I bought a nice plaid one a couple years back because we had a brutal winter, then a couple months later my dad got a bunch of free ones that are better quality and gave one to me. I had a different one in high school but I guess I lost it at some point. It was pretty nice.


Sounds like you're really in control.

Ay yo monica

You own the toysheart fairy right? I'm thinking about getting my first onahole soon, pretty sure on toysheart but not sure which model

I only ever wear baseball caps. Got some ancient one thats super faded I got from my dad. Fits my head like a glove, love it.

I honestly don't find anyother race attractive and it isn't even the Holla Forums in me speaking, with the possible exception of Anime Grills but it's likely they're based more off Western Woman then Eastern Woman

I know man, was it school? hows that goin?

ritsu that will get them to call you more trying to save your soul
you dont want any of that do you?

shit whats with all the old faces showing up again?

shits rough monica


the reason it concerns me is because I'm living with my friend's familt since I got kicked out, so this is the first time in years I'm living with someone who's into football

Just gonna spend it on /sp/. I miss when /sp/ was on Holla Forums.

I've got a Led Zeppelin one I wear in the summer sometimes, but it's not super often anymore


ahh well best laid plans n all dat gay ass shit monica

Honestly, I'm a total degenerate and would fuck anything with a pulse, but I still do hate darkies, sea monkeys and chinks.

i don't even have cable in my apartment so i probably won't catch any of it, my roommates are surprisingly adamant about watching it even though they never talk about sports, maybe they just want an excuse to make wings or something

if u do a season or two of madden or ncaa football on like ps2 or sumn monica iz actually really easy to learn eything tbh w/u fam if u should care to dat is tbh

huh why not?

Maybe I didn't think this through shiiet

I want to find a more unique style besides regular hats but they all seem so damn faggy.


I bet that's why none of my fucking shows are airing new episodes this week. Forgot all about that.

Most of them kind of are, nowadays.

you clearly didnt

i played 08 and didn't learn shit.

I'd just want something that actually blocks out the sun. Regular caps only do if you are at the right angle at the right time of day, its stupid.

I never do really.

I dropped out because I got a job in Taco Cabana and didn't realize it was a full time job until I ended up flunking classes that I stopped caring about and felt more fulfilled by working. then I quit my job to get hired by Renewal by Andersen but that I had to quit 3 days into training because I got kicked out of my house.

right now I work in landscaping for a friend's dad
with my other friend and I'm looking for a part time job to do on weekends.
at least I'm finally back in my home town and it's comfy to be back

i'ma getchu sum real hookers monica like dem girls from dat louisville basketball shit

goddayuum ryt

rly, u couldn't put togetha shit like da positions n base formations ?

I'm going to sleep and work on projects
sports was never my thing fam partly because my parents didn't enable me much on that


Internet ads are how I put together my old band. From that I got more involved in the music scene and promptly dropped out when I got to meet some of the big ego's involved and saw how shit it was. Nothing kills your dreams faster than living them.

wut's da onahole fo then?

I know the basics, that's it. I just tried to pass to the dude that was most open.

>have awful dream that I fugged Nicki Minaj

I've been having queer dreams of late… dreams that wake me prematurely.

Shame only cute girls look good in these.

Somethings bugging you, figure out what it is and fix it.

Fair enough
Just keep your degeneracy to yourself Unless if you're a homo with AIDS then you might as well give as many faggots the "gift" as you can


I'm going out of my way to not get one of those ones branded off of some nasty nip porn stars pussy so its not cheating so theres that.

Drink some booze before bed. Never dream when I drink.



easier to cal block fam

I know this feeling all too well, not sure I'll ever quit this night audit gig
shit sucks man, what happened
looking up I guess
sounds good to me man, I don't ever want to move, would rather go to war with invaders

what is your diet like?

I'm not even a burger, I'm not even someone who watches sport and that shit is easy to get
The players try and get the ball to the end zone and they have to pass certain points along the field in a certain number of knockdowns in order to keep the ball

I can already see the meme potential

Booze works but it has a side effect of making you get up and piss. You don't dream because you never really enter REM/deep stage sleep. A benzo is better for this problem (xanax, ativan, valium) all other "sleeping pills" are kike tricks with horrible side effects. Benzos are basically no worse than drinking and probably even a little safer.

Best cure is figuring out what is bugging him enough to spill into his dreams though.

So is Tom Brady or Colin Kapernich in this one

now thats funny, i get weird ass dreams after a night of boozing when usually i have dream free nights

whatever goes on in the subconscious is some bastard shit

Some days I almost wish I was a girl because they can get away with a lot, fashionwise.

Pretty much, just add a bunch of pussy rules on top that took all the fun out of it and you have modern American football.

Tom Brady and professional ass puppet matt ryan white ass representin da atl nigguhz

Meh most of them are just "random anime pussy" anyway.

Not one for the easy life fam


I get those dreams a fucking lot. Drives me crazy. I was a dumb ass when I was a lad.

Seems like too much work tbh

Well If Brady is in it then I hope his the Patriots win or what ever team he's in
He's alright in my books as far as Monkeyball players go

If I drink I get up at least once in the middle of the night. If I get up to do that drunk I'm wide awake by the time I'm back in bed.

That's why I said if you have AIDS then you should spread it
That way they die of AIDS

the thread has an MP4 of a chinese commercial where a black guy gets cleaned and comes out attractive asian

ye i kinda wanna see him, cuz he was suspended 4 4 games at da start of da season cuz da nigga cheated two years ago but dey couldn't prove it. now he gonna get 5th super bowl ring potentially n i ain't know if dey announced mvps yet or nuffin.

Are you really old or have a tiny baby bladder?


Wait til you're in your 30s, it's hell. Bladder shrank and I have to put more in me to even think about passing out. Why suffer with liquor/beer when I can eat two pills?

despite my mom and I supporting Trump, she didn't like the idea of her son celebrating that were were deporting illegals, she saw that I was making a list and checking it twice and what really set her off was that I don't care about illegals and my GF's family is on the list.
at least she gave me a day to pack and hopefully has not thrown away my shit, I'm saving for public storage.

it's the terms, rules and culture I don't understand, mostly because it never interested me.

I would probably be one of those frumpy girls who doesn't do her hair or much like that but has lots of cute clothes. With how forgetful I am I think I'd be pregnant a lot, though.


Thats the joke.

Never been huge on booze honestly. Always preferred to smoke.

Sounds like a really shitty 3dpd


jesus christ man thats fucking funny

do it already. every day you don't have one is another day without one.


Most of them are. The cute ones tend to have shitty personalities.

it's what they get for not knowing English and shitting on freedom. every insult they made to the US was written in my book of grudges.



Probably monday depending on if I have time while drinking.

Thats why 2d will always be superior.

I hate it too, that's probably why I hate it as a sleep aide. First drug I tried was smoke and I still like it a lot. I just can't fuck with that overly heady shit the young bucks life. I like to be couch locked.

Mornin senpai. How's life?

It sucks to have your family criticize you, but know you're in the right.

Ah shoot, sorry i was playing games


I did have one. I don't have any experience with any other ToysHeart onas, but that fair one was the fucking best. I'm gonna get another one sooner or later. I wore out the other one

I've been popping in and out every few weeks. I think this is actually the second time this week for me though.

It's the perfect excuse to, that's for sure.

eh, i'm not that big a fan of sports either, but I enjoy the Superbowl. Its more the people you watch it with than the actual event. I'm also curious as to how stupidly and politically charged the ads will be this year compared to last year's. Not to mention we won't have the fucking black panthers this year again i hope

So if I'm getting this right, he would of been a player for a very long time as I remember him being referenced in shit made in the early 00s

I don't know, I seem pretty at peace… I suppose the only thing that slightly bothers me is I don't draw as much lately and am trying to find other creative outlets.

I suffer from a tiny bladder, like the other user. Though I do get some of my best sleep when slightly tipsy.
Still, I imagine it's probably not the best idea to use alcohol as a crutch.

Usually what I can find around the house, though I eat a lot less now and started working out midway through last year.

Usually I'll eat white rice, a bowl of kix, some goldfish crackers, or a pbj/random lunch meat.


3d won't even have a chance once we get waifubots and artificial wombs. i still think anzu is pretty cute but god she's probably cunty

I love the mind fuck shit, makes watching cute anime and playing video games so damn good.

The body shit just makes me tired and makes me eat a retarded amount.

Its pretty great. Been emulating gamecube games all day. Whats good fam?

Hey Phil


Was the fairy dual layer? How long did it last before breaking?

Eh hes talking about bad dreams not trying to sleep. Just bash it out for a night and he'd be fiiine.

I've seen a couple of her pics before but know nothing about her. Why she a cunt?

fucking freedom mate

clapping cuz american

ah nice

I know I'm a total normalfag for having an active facebook account still but I wanted to post that .mp4 just to piss off some SJWs I went to school with. It's outright blocked. Gotta love them filters.

Yeah, my friend's band kicked out their bassist because, despite him having a really great setup and gear and space for jam sessions, he was kind of a prick and didn't really do anything. They actually picked up one of our other friends who happened to have a bass laying around and urged him to pick it up. I think being able to get along well is part of being a band, though. Why else would it be called a band, after all?

Wut games? (if you don't say Super Mother Fucking Monkey Ball it's the wrong answer). I've been doing decently. I've got a lot of work to do as always, but I hit a breakthrough in my writing, so I'm completely rewriting my script and I'm pretty excited about it.

You caught the clap?

Copy pasted from a post I made earlier.

Whats the breakthrough?

I'm just guessing. Once you hit a certain level of pretty, you seem to turn into a cunt. Especially if you're internet famous. Taking everything into account (net fame, cute, cosplayer, etc), I'm guessing she's probably either bitchy or has major daddy issues. Could be wrong, though.

Those rotten Gualo dare ban quarity comerciar from the great empire of China, those Jewish swine wirr pay

What is it that you're writing a script for

Honestly shes not even that cute. Shes got a weird fucked up face. She'd look horrible without the fake contact lenses and tons of make up.

Dual layer? It only had one entrance, and was a closed hole. The one I'm referring to is pic-related. I see the dual-layered one you're talking about though, haven't tried that one. I've got my eyes on other ones atm.

For some reason I cant' stop playing minecraft. it seems like my want to play it keeps coming back despite it being an unfinished piece of shit.
hope there's mods with cute girls in it.

ye fam 2000, 01 i think they won da superb owl
don't b hatin monica dat shit unbecomin of u monica u bettta than that tbh fam

Yeah being able to work with people is a skill you need in any field unless you're a savant or something. Talented assholes get shafted sooner or later because even though the work is priority having non-shitty coworkers is also one.

All very good games. You should try super monkey ball though. My breakthrough is basically that using a zombie setting detracted from the story and raised distractions instead of reinforcing the story, so I kept most of the characters and put them into a college setting, which is what the story was meant to be symbolically. Basically I took a literal approach and it's very refreshing. I also know how it's going to end and I like it.

Senior film project.

Society teaches women that there is no greater achievement than begin a whore and having a career. They've sold them on the idea that men shouldn't expect anything from them but at the same time you'd better look pretty. But not for men, no, you're spending all that money on you girl 'cause it makes you feel good.

Women will follow any trend as long as they see at least two other women of their status or one woman above their status doing it. So they walk around lost all their lives seeking purpose in meaningless things. They fear the one thing that they were built to do (be mothers) and most of them don't know how because they didn't have one themselves.

I think she's pretty cute in the pictures, at least. Obviously not as cute when she's not done up. Would still like to wake up next to her and smell her hair and cuddle.

is dis a meme ya'll nigguhz fuk deez

not sure thats good mate


Thats the one with the loli right?

And that a pretty big change. Will be easier not having to do all that make up at least.


there are
technic mod adds a shitload of content tho

I don't mind skinny girls. Easier to wrap your arms around them and hug them tight.

is this FtB under a different name?

tbh ey bitch i eva let ride mah thang had a skeleton tbh. ya boi ain't fukkn w/ no invertebrates monica

On the other side of the coin, lots of people think bands are a bunch of merry men who are all equal, but, like in all groups, there is a hierarchy. A lot of losers will never succeed as musicians because they want their ideas to win every time, even if they're shit. Bands need good leaders to hold everything together and to steer everything in the right direction. In most successful bands, most of their songs are written by 1 guy with only fledgling contributions from the other members who know they are only a small part of a bigger picture.


Nyanners turned super cunt when she got popular too

What's skinny girls got to do with my height?

it's all proportional monica



Skinny is good but you need a little bit of meat there so shes soft and nice to cuddle.

I always went for THICC girls back in the day tbh

You sposed to be black, what are you doing.

Ahh yeah I remember her deleting that pomf vid and being a dumb ass SJW about it.

I've made it, boys.

Livin' the life.

Beautiful people are never forced to develop because they can get by on beauty alone. When thy age and become less beautiful they will soon find nobody likes them. This is why they collect cats.

I'm american
we clap a lot

Yeh, it's difficult to eat a proper diet when you're NEET as fug.

Whats good user?

The hardest part is that the weird girls who click with weird guys like me are all completely anti-mother. The only decent women are the super white-bread chicks who think I'm deranged.

loli? It's about monkeys, although you could say the baby monkey is technically a loli…
And yeah. It's kind of paradoxical to be relaxed about having to completely redo it, but I know it's the right step forward, and I'm more confident that this one is going to be good. As for the makeup I was going to get a makeup person to do it for me, which actually would've been fun. Maybe next time.

have you tried to invest the little money you have to learn how to cook?
it helped when I was NEET

Didn't she try to distance herself from a lot of her old stuff, too?

I just like hugging 'em, man.

I can live with pointy, though. I think I'm just lonely.

That's probably a lot of it. My theory is that that's how we got third-wave feminism. Pretty girls with bad personalities who got old enough that their looks can't carry them anymore. Never thought I'd be glad to be average as hell. Not getting me many girls but gay guys dig me for some reason.


There are. Lots.

yeah nyanners is a cunt for sure

like how?

rice and beans are cheap, vegies too
get a rice cooker fam

I take it back, she is alright

Playan Bravely Default right now - on chapter 5. Once I'm done I plan on taking a short break from vidya to focus on other stuff.

If gay men like you women probably do too, they're just less forward about it. I grew up fat but my face was never really what I'd consider ugly. When I lost the weight girls started throwing themselves at me but I was too stupid to notice. Once I did I could pick and choose.

That's a long time playing sportsball, is he getting to the point where he's thinking of retiring After winning a superbowl would be a good place to do so

What's the plot line

I get it

Whats the one with the girl with the net or something that climbs trees then.

How much time you have before you have to turn it in?

Just get a waifu brah

What other stuff?

play undertale instead tbh

the stuff that made her popular



School, work, etc. Mostly vanilla things I've been neglecting since I got addicted to good ole' vidya again.

how is bravely default anyway?


I love that feeling of really getting back into games.

cytube is fixed

Got around 400 dollars to my name. What did you do? Just watch some cooking videos and buy the materials?

I have that sometimes. It can be really good if you mix it with a bit of salsa

I was always kind of awkward but I got better at talking to people. Got a decent face, but when I ask gay guys why they like me it's usually "You seem really normal and reliable and strong". That and the facial hair.

It's ok until you get to chapter 5

don't get diluvion, it's trash

This meme needs to die. Feminism, from its very beginnings, has been a tool towards subverting our good and wholesome societies.

Kids are in college and have different character arcs and have to deal with pressure and stuff. It sounds abstract and unwatchable and if it doesn't work out I might impose a stricter plot structure on it to make it more about actions and things but for right now it's kind of up in the air.

No idea. And I don't really have strict deadlines, although I've been telling my actor friends auditions are Thursday so I need to get most of it done by Monday so they can have a few days to look it over before auditioning. So basically my self-imposed deadline is Monday morning. I don't really need to pull a late night tonight, but I got inspired and it kind of clicked so I'm doing it anyway.

I usually get rice and soy sauce it up a bit then throw on the steamed brocolli and some seafod on top

also organic canned black beans cooked in the microwave with the bean juice for 5 minutes at 30 percent power then put some on a burrito with cheddar cheese and nuke it again full power for 30 seconds to melt the cheese
then some nice spicy salsa
had a pair of burritos like that yesterday evening

If a woman isn't a total whore that's what she wants user. You're fine.

whats bad specifically at chapter 5?

Now that I'm pretty far into it and have been partially spoiled about the end, it's really not the best thing ever to be honest family. If you want a damn good JRPG that lasts 70+ hours with tons of content that doesn't disappoint, something like DQ VIII is a much safer option.

Pretty much this.

y e s

kinda yeah. at one point I just ate tangerines and ramen for a whole month.

That fucking vampire fight was brutal. Great class to have but I got bored after the first loop.

Yeah but you still need idiot broads to push it. It all ties in to "men like this thing too much and us not enough", though. Always been pushed by bitches with bad personalities.

Just gotta find a girl who doesn't mind a cripple who plays video games obsessively.

its really grindy in the beginning tho
you sure?

also if were talking JRPG with lots of content I suggest Star Ocean 2 and FF8

Fucking artfags

Basically you have to clear the 4 dungeon another 3 times

its at least easier that the first times right?

So are you going to have a subtle message about people facing the consequences of their degeneracy

pls explain

Nice quads there Pauline

That all sounds pretty tastey. I might give those a try.

Maybe I will then. My diet is very… basic and I eat the same thing day in and day out. I also have a friend who is a cook. Maybe I'll see if he can teach me anything, though he is a pretty big guy which leads me to believe he doesn't specialize in making the healthiest foods.

Depends. Bosses are harder but you've got more class options so your team can be more specialized. I've got a guy dual wielding axes who uses high-cost physical abilities to debuff and deal damage, and can then use blue magic to restore his mana.

This is probably one of my larger issues. I feel like I take too heavily from Metallica– actually, I KNOW I do to a point bordering on obsession, but I feel like they've got an example of everything good or bad that can happen to a band. Dave Mustaine thought he was hot shit (I mean, he was at the time.) but his general attitude led to him getting the boot before their first album came out, and we see how well his writing was on the songs featured in both Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning. On the other end of the spectrum there was also Cliff Burton, the only member of the group that had actually studied music theory and had the mind to understand how different pieces should be composed. I think it's why songs like Creeping Death and Orion could be so thematically fitting and dynamic in their composition. After he passed away the band made …And Justice For All, which was a decent album, but despite using some of Cliff's leftover material it felt like it was still missing something, something that's been missing in all the albums since. After picking up Robert Trujillo the band put out Death Magnetic, which was an alright album as well, but it felt like it had too much going on, it seemed more like a cacophony of sounds that happened to be on beat. Now that Hardwired… To Self Destruct is out and I've listened to it and studied up on the behind-the-scenes, it was pretty much exclusively written by James and Lars, with Kirk and Robert only coming in when asked to for solos and the like. The writing has calmed down and become much more focused in comparison to Death Magnetic. I can appreciate the simple but more impactful writing for it.

An artfag pissed me off the other night, same one I mentioned before. She said she goes into work whenever. When I mean whenever I'm talking she's supposed to be there at 7am and hasn't made it in before 10am in 2 years.

When I said I go in on time for my teammates (what I've always considered my co-workers) she acted like I was speaking nonsense. I'm lazy as hell but I'm not going to justify it or pretend it's okay. Pisses me off some artfag can slack off and keep a job but I screw up one time and I have to hear about it for weeks.

Tig right?


Dunno, I couldn't be fucked to play after that

Why hasn't she been fired?


I still have to get it done by the end of the semester and my professor might yell at me if I get nothing done. I think it's due in like 5 weeks too so I gotta bust my ass soon. But yeah it is nice to control my schedule.

Kind of. I do think degeneracy leads to unhappiness, so that causality will be there but I'm not trying to take a moralistic approach. Especially because my own experiments in degeneracy haven't been a lesson learned so much as a result of not knowing how to handle pressure properly.


That's the guy I specced into it, yeah. I think I made Agnes my healer/support caster, Ringabel's mostly for black magic Knowing what I now do about him I wish I'd made him my tank and Edea's my tanky physical character.

thank ya mista jay

the black beans are a dollar at my local fred meyer
the canned seafood is bumblebee brand salmon, shrimp and crab that I get on discount at one of my local stores that sells discounted stuff, probably because of the dings and dents in the cans
shits good tho

also I think jasmine rice is best rice and my rice cooker doubles as a steamer so that's how I steam my veggies as well


Hows that car of yours anyway?

If you are giving out free (You)s can I have one?

I've been "reviewing it" in the diluvion thread and honestly it's a really boring game with nothing interesting going on for it other then it's "style" which gets really samey very fast since every place is copy pasta t

I'm trying to get a grasp on technic. what are some comfy mod packs? I want omething comfy to help me sleep

bonna put it farther on the backlog then

it's because your actions matter user, theirs dont


Doing great. Had to replace the ignition coil a few months back but other than that it's doing great. I should probably check my oil soon now that I think of it.


What was this for?

sounds like it really lacks content

I actually don't know fam
I just know an user recommended that because content but I just don't care enough to play it alone and don't really have friends to play it with


Shit I'm jelly. Been craving a real car a lot lately.

it lacks content, it lacks gameplay, it lacks story, it lacks characters

it lacks basically everything

FTL ripoff?


Artfags piss me off. They are the absolute worst people to work with or for. They can't even order their own supplies without turning it "a journey of personal exploration" or some other type of hippie bullshit. Everything is all free and sharing with them until you actually need their talent for something. If that happens they're going to expect you to pay through the nose while they fuck off all day "begin creative" and "getting inspired".

To hell with artfags.

hullo guiz i lik death grips do u????

they're alright

Shit man, I'm going to be an artfag/work with artfags soon. Anything I should doing so I don't come off as pretentious or look like a bum?

pretty much

you want to be on the artfags good side or regular peoples good side?

if they had actually ripped something off then it may have been good

it more seems like they had a half baked idea and then spend everything on make it for consoles so they padded the game out as much as they could

fucking consoles ruining shit again

It's like a club of smugness with them. Don't fall for the hippie bullshit and keep your head out of your own ass. I know a few artfags that I really like hanging around but most of them didn't make it their life/living.


I'm mostly gonna try and get Korean artfags, are they any different?

I don't know honestly, it seemed like it'd still be in the same state as it is in if the game was pc only instead

Oh and as far as working with non-artists. The best artists I've worked with did two things:

When you're drawing for a client it's about the client. You have a talent sure but your main job is customer service. Realize you can be easily replaced and whatever unique style you think you have can be replicated, copied, or someone with a similar one can be found. Just don't make it about yourself, artists tend to have a hard time working with others.

Do you not have a real car?

I have a jeep

I recently picked up a new car

for normal people its best to speak with them plainly and repeat a bit of what they are saying so that they get that you understand what they are saying
dont be above, be plainspoken

I should say shit devs then

I don't know what the fucks wrong with me, I'm not even that busy. Driving always seems like that thing other people did while I just walk, but its really hurting me right now not being able to drive.

artfags can be real drama babies and get easily swayed by little shit too

basically that I'd say too

Its easy. Borrow a parents car or go buy a junker for 1k. You can learn in a week no problem.

Parents made me take a written driving test when I was 18. I didn't study at all and failed. Haven't gone back to retry it. That was 13 years ago.

trucks are the best

money money money

Is that really that different?

It's ok, I didn't get my license till I was 20. You gotta start working on it though.

My car is basically a truck user. I wish I could find a small truck at a good price. Everything now is too big, I miss when S10s were cheap.


Really high center of gravity so you can't have too much fun without worrying about flipping it.

Sounds comfy as fuck.

US has cars out the ass. Unlike europe and japan where they force people to destroy older cars often. Plus everyone drives so theres a huge after market.

Huh. At least you have a vehicle. What car would you want to get?

whats cheap to you?

my dad told me a while back that cars lose their value a lot faster than trucks because trucks are always useful

It is, this is the third Ford Panther car that I've owned. All of them have been comfy as fuck to drive and not too bad to keep up. I used to have one with a 5.0 in it that I wish I never sold. They're fun to drive too, I wouldn't suggest going out and tearing one up if you get one but I can keep up with just about anything stock/common in mine. The cops drive them for a reason.

If you ever see a Marquis, Town Car, or Crown Vic in decent shape/near stock pick it up. It's like driving a boat until you decide to drive serious then it turns into a serious stock car. I get sideways in mine all of the time.

He's not wrong. Cheap to me is $2-3k but I'm a frugal dude that doesn't like to spend money. S10s are crazy in my local area now as are CRXs. Everyone bought them up 10 years ago, dropped in motors, and wrapped them around trees. When someone with one that's both stock and nice decides to sell it everyone shows up with money and it turns into a bidding war.

fuckign christ what happened, did the spics turn em all into low riders?

also check state actions, oregon had S10s for forestry service painted forestry green

No it was us white guys. We didn't have much to do other than race each other and for a time buying the lightest car you could and dropping the biggest baddest V8 that you could make fit in it was the thing. It was also right around the time all the early-mid 90s trucks/cars our parents had bought new were either getting passed on or put up for sale on the used market.

We wrecked so many of them they had a local (and later state) law that says you can't put a motor like that in a light car no more. I forget the details something to do with power/weight but it's based on cylinders. So now you have to get those types of cars registered one state over. Not a big deal if you live where I do but most couldn't deal with it.

ah cool

good, waste of good trucks

check this out, state auction


well goodnight