NeoGAF is raising $5000 to have their own GAF island (pic related) in the upcoming game Pillars of Eternity II:...

NeoGAF is raising $5000 to have their own GAF island (pic related) in the upcoming game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Because NeoGAF hates us and think of Holla Forums as "basement dwelling gamergate terrorists", should we beat NeoGAF to raise $5000 for a Holla Forums island just for the lulz?

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it's also on fucking fig LOL didn't even noticed

Low effort shit-tier attempt, though I will dough out the dosh if I get to see you and those faggots baked alive in an oven.

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That's a fucking GREAT idea! Where do I donate?
Never mind.

I appreciate the sentiment of shitting on Gaf, but

You're a good goy OP, keep on using our new service Fig™ so you may become an Investor™ to fight against Trump and those TERRIBLE NAZIS


I love the irony of your post

I rather them just waste their money and then watch them do damage control when the game turns out to be trash

you might want to look up what irony actually means

to be fair, the whole vivian situation was pretty much identical - giving money to a leftist crowdfunding group to "teach anita a lesson"
the game never materialized, and all those leftists just laughed at how easily they played Holla Forums

No, fuck you. Fuck FIG, fuck Pillars of Eternity II, and fuck FAG. They can burn their money if they want to.

It's been out since August 21st 2015

it's been out for a while now.

It was done for keks and benefited only the tiny dev group who made it, not some has been dev and his pack of scammers who continue to be a cancer in the industry. The game was fully funded and delivered (it was crap but then again that wasn't the point of funding it)

I stand corrected, then.


GamerGate was fairly successful and Trump won the election, did he not?

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GamerGate was successful in spite of itself, yes, and probably contributed to awakening the general populous to the two-faced nature of the left - indirectly having a minor hand in putting Trump in the oval office.

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yeah it sure would be a laff if we gave mr shitface 5000 bucks

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