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Playable Fenrir WHEN?

Reminder that Ferry is best girl.

next year is water dog. You'll get a knockoff fenrir for a divine general

What should my dark grid look like since I have Zooey? Like, ratio of Omega Celeste axes and fists, along with the bahamut dagger I plan on getting, and the last two weapons.

7 Claws, mang.

I feel like this is a meme though

Enmity on Zooey, is monstrous.

That's because it is a meme, even if you stack 10 enmity you will hit the damage cap that will make 10 claws pointless.

I don't know what the ratio is right off the top of my head, but last i recall dark magna only uses 6 magna weapons, so i imagine 2-3 claws is where you would draw your line

This is my setup right now, don't know if it's perfect though. Do your best to full uncap the EX sword from the current event, could be half a year or more before another dark EX shows up.

I don't want a knockoff, I want the real deal

This is what my grid looks like at the minute, I'm levelling Ogre but the dark tentacle sword is maxed.

I'm not gonna get them am I? done the entire event, used god knows how many token rolls, filled my inventory with weapons and a ton of the same summons.

This is suffering.

for what it's worth they aren't that good. The last event summon that had an rng buff was Dragon knights. The buffs they offered were drain, a shield, attack up and double/ triple attack up, and charge bar up. The levin sister's buffs and debuffs are weak in comparison and even if they were good, the rng makes it lackluster to use as you'll often get the buff you don't need at the wrong time.

It's ackchually pretty shyte. Youre not missin a shit.

Yea, but I would like to have them just for the sake of having them.

memes or not memes you wanna go hades later? do you have big tokage?

Both the sword and the summon drop from the raid boss, you can farm that instead. MLBed both of mine already, and I'm still at the 3rd box.

F71E1 daily coop

not even a good work sticker

good work


And now the Granfag thread dies because everyone has moved on to the next FOTM kawaii uguu gacha trash, FE Heroes. RIP closet furfags and pedophiles.

This event is pretty dull, aside from the titty monsters, and people were bound to burn out eventually.


this guy here

begone (you) demon

Why do I want him?

Better just make this a Cygames general to be honest to keep it alive.

Not that I think FE Heroes will last since it's about as deep as a puddle and all around terrible. I just want to post dank Im@s memes and talk about witch CG wuld u fug.

he's both a blessing and a curse… do you know those skills found on gacha and premium weapons? this guy increase the value of those skills by 120% while celeste is only 100 and for magna only

well for now the velocity of this general is okay we still haven't got cancerous people and besides fire emblem heroes looks bad i want to pat kozue's head

He works for the Mercenary, the masked man.



I guess i will be a dirty leecher and do this at work from the phone

Well , fuck

At least the mimic in the middle will go down quickly.

Metera or Feena?

metera is better but feena has giant drills (decent if you solo and in need of more def down)

Meanwhile this event left me with several dark swords and Danua/Zaja/Vaseraga/Diablo/Levin Sisters.

it's magnafest buckle up buckaroo (also if not mlb the sword is beyond worthless)

as a newshitter it's the best I've gotten besides a shitty Light famine party.

Should I be glad or mad?

Glad of course, you can use it with Bishop and Valkyrie(or it's C4)

neither …. it's a decent spear /placeholder but you won't make a pool with them

I want to impregnate Beato.

that's a common desire of most dark users

Speak for yourself

fucking windmemes

im jelly

I remember rolling this fucker with a desperate 300 crystals meme draw and damning myself since I'm a lightfag.

You must not be spamming the event enough.

A full drawbox has around 800 tokens worth of stuff in it, and at some point between 1 token and 800 you'll get the sisters from it.

Once you get them, reset the drawbox so that you can get them again for uncapping.

I've already gotten them twice from the drawbox, and at this point am up to 700k honor- at 1 million honor you get them from that instead.

Unfortunately they really aren't a top performer. Love the legs on Mona, but there isn't much else to show.

Pic unrelated, but I got Lamretta a while ago and am finding her to be one of the more whimsical characters on the roster. Such drunken schenanigans.



But of course

Kill me.


Always bring your own dispel

chev is one of those fights that imo is easier to solo MVP than to do with a proper raid with

Is there a Holla Forums crew?

Get it to 49% and then call nips, easier than say tran done thought, i still have troubles with it if she da a couple of turns in a row to the same target or if roa 3 misses.

There's three of them.
Captain of the Third Crew here, post ID.

there's a lot of granblue chicks I wouldn't mind impregnating



If you've been scouted by someone else, you're going to have to decline before I can send you the invite.

odd since i dont see any notifications especially when i go to crew. Is there a min level or something?

I didnt know the aztecs were white

If there is, I'm unaware of it. Did you make your own crew no less than 24 hours ago?

No this is the first time i really even clicked on it. Sorry for the trouble. Not sure whats up with that. I just see the info screen about creating/joining the crew and then buttons to search or create one.

Check the mailbox icon I circled in this screencap, make sure there isn't an invite there. If there is, decline. If there isn't shits fucked on your side.

Joining what crew?

Those were made to stick your dick inside.


Ok that did it. Apparently some day and night crew scouted me. Im good now.

Sent. Get crackin', faggot.

Well I'm a fucking retard, I forgot to spoiler this two times in a row. But oh well, here you go.

fuck. I don't have her on my main account. Why do I torture myself?

The meme is real.

I've gone a couple months without getting a Tiamat Bolt, then today when my guild's drop rate buff deactivated I managed to get like 3 in a row.

I hate this game sometimes.

i hope you learned your lesson.

I got five Celeste SSR selfies, an SSR Harp in a row and the Axe from her all in the same day, she is now my wife.

Tell me about the Gisla, friends. Is it the Celeste Claw only better? It's skills are directly better than the Claw's with a medium boost to Enmity, a big boost to overall dark attack, stronger stats, and its a Hatred/Oblivion weapon.

If you can manage to get more than one of it without getting bored on the process and also have Hades, then go for it.


How many would I need? Six to replace all the Shalim/Celeste weapons?

Since it gives medium enmity, a Normal II and Hades amplifies both of them by 2.2x you'll probably need around 4~5 of them.

Normal II?

Large Normal Attack up skills have 2 versions, the regular version gives 5% base and maxes out at 18% at SL15, Normal II has a 6% base and maxes out at 20% at SL15.

I don't think you can get 5/6 copies of Gisla all MLBed unless your a super mega whale, as each Gisla needs 30 gold moons, and you'll need another 60 gold moons to MLB it via buying damascus bars in the moon shop. When you looking at making a Primal grid (Hades/etc.), your realistically getting a variety of F2P weapons that you can MLB. For dark your wanting to get Cerberus Order/Hellward Dagger from the Cerberus Showdown, the Diablo Bow from Diablo showdown, and Cortana from DAO. Your also probably looking to MLB one of your premium gacha weapons with the free damascus bars from events.

It's like you don't want anything to hold onto.

pretty sure he's talking about the dress.
also, checked

This video made me want to play fire.

What are the most ideal situations to use a Sunlight Stone?


good or core summons (ex. i play fire if i have shiva i should immediately mlb it)

Ah, so if I wanted to shy away from the 100 Ifrit Omega Anima grind because that's the last thing I need to MLB it, it wouldn't be the best time to use it. Got it.

pretty much… as a rule of thumb always use a sunstone on gacha summon and if you need them ALWAYS accumulate three stones before doing the MLB otherwise gacha could fuck you up

if you can grind it, you should never use a stone on it.

Also, for future showdown summons, try to grind the 100 animas first as you will often get a few summon drops along the way.

also it's possible the new ifrit showdown may have a summon attached to it…. (80% farmable summon?)


Will i roll Titan today?

you roll characterless R faggot

if you do have fun farming blind girl and baal

there's art of Razia already? nice

How much of a waifubait is she, anyways?

There's not much but it's something at least.

Well she does has big fat draph titties…


sorta rape bait considering her fates… also same va as

I can't get to 50%


Thank you based dank angel


Except you shouldn't uncap this event summon because it's fucking trash. Just take the quartz and move on.

I'm playing both, at least until I get all of the f2p orbs. Pretty easy considering how few stamina pots FE gives you right now. Deplete your stamina in 15 minutes and play Grindblue for 4 hours uninterrupted.

Is there a some sort of incentive to do stuff with your crew (like raid and co-ops), like bonus exp or something?

not really , unless they make new events using crews

There is. there something called share chest that drops from certain raids, like GO and HL baha the loot from it is only open to crew members.

well share chest are aviable even if you pub

She doesn't even have any competition beyond long loved characters and the Levin sisters.

at least thanks to shadowverse i get a steady supply of best dogo and bampy

Jesus, control your dogs, man.

I should get back into Shadowverse, stopped playing after i finished my bloodcraft deck. How's the new expansion?

it's okay honeslty

I have a thing for maids… if there happened to be a maid draph in the future I'll die

If there ever is; she's gonna be a shitty maid.

Poor Lyria isn't built for those powerful fists.

I'm sure they'll find a way…

So while we wait for the eventual maid representation from the other races (or, even more funnier, give existing characters maid costume alt versions), here's another maid to keep an eye out for.

So cool cats, got leviathans gaze on my first raid today for levi omega. Is that a good drop?

So apparently something called Celestials is coming up on the 9th? Can anyone explain what that is to me?

The dagger? It's the best of the four SSR Leviathan weapons you can get because it raises attack. Horde a few more daggers, level up their skills, stick 'em on your grid, and your Water grid is cool.

want the long explanation or the short one?

By the way, if you got the SR dagger and not the SSR dagger, then it's an "okay" drop. Good to use for an early grid, but'll ultimately turn into skill fodder for an SSR weapon.

Long, I want to know everything.

It's only one of the best events in the game.
Wiki article:
Another, more thorough article:

sigh…okay here we go….

celestials consist in boss fights against elementals and primals killing them yield to tokens that can be redeemed for weapons, consumables and other neat stuff.

why killing them? some of the weapons are very good and be fully mlb (fire katana , wind spear , and water axe) , 10 sr tickets and you can grind for an item that can summon a boss that drops crystals, gold bars and one of the most broken summons in the game

If I can get Hades selfies during this event I'm gonna cream

not gonna happen

but there is a pitiful chance of dropping moon weapons

The only summons you can get from this event are from Qilin and Huanglong, both of which take a lot of time to even get the requirements to fight, not to mention that starting the raid requires rank 80 and joining the raids requires rank 50. You should focus on the hordes of items and great SSR weapons first, and then worry about giraffe raids later.

Which summon is the broken one? I'm not level 80 yet and i won't be able to MVP raids, how do I get the red chest drops?

quilin - on call refresh all cds
huanglong - on call 100% charge bar

You always get 1 red chest when you start any raid. With regards to the Celestials, you need to have reached chapter 69 to even be able to summon them, among the other requirements.

Both summons are absurd, though I see Qilin summons in the support summons list more often than Huanglong.

How do I get enough gold nuggers then before the end of the raid then?

you buy em

Do I have enough time to grind 80k pendants (50k for the nuggers, 30 for the honors knife)

i guess? but you gotta crack up the wwhip

I have 100 soul berries, 10 balms and 190 half pots, will that be enough if I no-life?

yes , but if you are not very strong join 1 bp primals

You can. I was at level 51 back on my first RotB run, got the dagger, the harp, the fire katana, and 1 copy of the SSR weapon drops. On my second run a couple of months later I got a gold brick and 3 of the other SSR pendant weapons (both fists and the wind spear), among other drops.

This run I'm aiming to hoard seals so I can summon burds at leisure once I reach chapter 69, as I'm still at 54.

Thanks Cygames.

Grand Order 1/2

fuck AAA45148 right id

its pretty dead user, are you going to pub it?

Good shit

So which dark omega do i need to do for a nice dark weapon?

Make Celeste your waifu, even if you have to fight this guy


come get your ganguro slut feathers

Fight me user, Celeste chose me!

Fine, I summon Candl

Thanks for hosting twice, user.

I just hosted one actually but good luck with grind.

ah my mistake, well thanks!

Game gives rewards the only times you don't expect them.

Ok, so my characters hit 40, I need to do trials to uncap them right? I'm still having a bit a hard time doing them fast enough though.

click uncap on one of them and have a look at the items you need. You can click on the item and it will usually tell you a common place where it drops

yeah they're all fire ssr I think all the items are rare trial items but I'm just having some shit luck.

if you need orbs and scrolls, if you can, try soloing normal and hard colossus since it's free right now. He can drop those too


Meanwhile, in Cygames' other other game that isn't Shadowverse or Granblue Fantasy…

How do you change outfits in this? It says I have some unlocked but cant figure out where they are.

This can't be real.

Dropping a GO in 10 minutes from now

once a class is level 20, there should be an icon over your pic when you click on your class from the party screen. You can only use outfits from the same type of class though (ie. bandit can only use the raider/hawkeye/bandit tycoon outfits, not weapon master or valkyrie, etc.)



Once it hits 75% the nips will be marching in, so come get it while it's hot

So what's the best way to get Rupees? Kind of running a bit low. And I need some for a five star uncap.

Thank you.

I finally got all the rare weapons for the Siero shop upgrade for this upcoming Guild Wars, I'm happy

Just leech co-op lobbies and sell all the drops

The Slime quests on the weekend are where I go if I'm desperate for cash.

Right, I forgot co-op was a thing. 5 star Vira here I come.

Another question: How do you access the pinboard. Im trying to see if i completed the strike time event but it doesnt want to pop up.

Main page -> tap 'Gameplay Extras' -> tap 'Pinboard Missions'

outside of selling co-op items. Wait for the weekend. Activate the shop skill for increased rupee drops. Run multiple slime search quests.

>Cute sweater girls holding hands comes to mind

I saw the lewds and doujins appear several months ago and then saw the first thread appear on here a few weeks later. Is this an actual quality game or is it just some meme game + lewds?

Quality rpg + hot memes + great doujins

All of the above. Also it's sort of nice having a freemium game that doesn't feel like you need to use money unless you want to get end-game shit faster.

Next time pretty decent lewds and doujins appear out of nowhere and are based on some new game I never heard of, someone sign me the fuck up.

to add on. The game has new events (some story events) every week, which along with the multiplayer aspect, makes it feel like an mmo. The devs are pretty generous too. They're giving free daily draws for characters at the moment (which would usually cost either money or crystals which are hard to acquire)

Not sure where that is because if you mean the home page well im not seeing it anywhere on there.

yeah on the home screen

Guess it might be blocked due to adblock.

I'm still upset I didn't get my sheep. 3k crystals down the fucking drain for no characters period, not even good summons.

if you used those 3k crystals for a 10 draw, you would have been guaranteed an SR character as a minimum

I know the pain.

Found it, but oddly enough its not allowing the strike time one to fall off. I did a few raids of celest with strike time active.

Maybe I did unless I got a weapon I already had.

I don't think you're guaranteed a character weapon, just an SR item.

You have to host your own raid during strike time for that one to count.

Oh I didnt know. Thanks for the info.

Final happening is drawing closer…

Goddamn, I'm envious. Did you get the character associated with that sword?

Still need gold bar & rainbow crystals.
Afterwards I need to complete requirement battle
and then I get Seofon.

So you have to max upgrade it before you get the requirement battle?

Yes. Gathering all the materials takes long time.
Even longer if you are common working citizen and don't have all day to play.

I started playing during near end of November 2016 and Im almost done with this.

I love the fact I absolutely lack the necessary autism to perform well in this game.

No matter how small an amount of characters you have, you're still in the runnings for characterless SRs and other types of useless crud.

That's me in every MMO.

I'm jealous. I'm STILL at the first upgrade.

do your dailies user

I love Izmir. I have no water grid yet she can still put out an ougi this strong.

I've said it before, I'll say it again

You can add getting tentacle raped to Beato's list of ways she's been raped

Also, daily missions for the event are out. Do it 5 times for some crystals

They've been out for two days.

damn. I haven't been checking them. The app just updated and I saw that at the top of the list

I'm expecting someone to make a Loss edit featuring the Levin Sisters now.

Beato is pure.
Shut your filthy sewer mouth, mongrel.

Seems they're pissed and are trying to crush her instead.

Actually, invert that. Summoned Lucio, someone else summoned Levin Sisters.

Does anyone else wait for someone to join raids with the boss at like one hit away from dead, and then hit attack before they can?


Baha dagger is for humans until the coda upgrade.

baha dagger boosts human stats, not erune. (if that's what you were implying)

No that's dumb.

Always join bosses at full or near to full so you can have a chance of cucking someone out of MVP.

When the fuck do defense orders happen? I keep seeing all this good shit I could be getting but I've never actually seen a defense order.



10% atk and hp for both human and draphs afflicting 3 of your party member instead of 2
and besides he can use both here have a (you)

I have a few horns spare but no fully uncapped sword. I did however have a fully uncapped dagger. That is just the first tier.


Seriously, fucking kill yourself.

use both and upgrade the sword how hard is that ?


Any magna weapon past sl 5 bar the cane does better than a sl 1 Mixed weapon, you are way better skilling up the spear/gun/dagger and getting nova that why beside the hp mixed weapon are at best place holder but most likely just trash until coda upgrade, also do you know how hard is to get 10 of those hl horns to upgrade 2 baha weapons?

nigger he could have choose any other damage oriented baha weapon instead he chose the one that give erune boost at coda… WHAT IS BAHA AXE WHAT IS BAHA GUN so go choke on a dick

Faggot, quit being retarded.

no idea man you tell me…. (even shitty pubs that i joined for my first coda had a 60% success rate)


Fucking tryhard, what, you fresh from reddit when you found out 8/v/ plays this, or you from halfchan?

Well shit.

you can get nova upgrade before 101 it takes a bit of rng and hitting friday trials ( and the sheer amount of ssr fodder )

EB010 coop daily

if i'm not too late for this, 14921951
had to wait a day from leaving my own

Whats the friday trial and how do I get the legendary merits?

friday trial is the dragon one (you kill random element drakes and get one scale from each) , you can buy legendary merits from the shop under the class weapons tab (or drop them from baha hl first option is better)

For the love of god, I just want to upgrade the shop

Alright, what the fuck is the drop rate for rare weapons? I've killed this fucking water spic 30 times and it still hasn't given me the staff. The other rare monsters I killed dropped their item within 3 or 4 tries.

Got it on first try. Maybe your RNG is broken lad

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

It didn't help. I can't even get it to drop silver chests.


use tear shop buff and bounty hunter

Set your subskill at the highest bounty hunter you have, and consider grinding Galonzo Island for the Sylphid Belle summon, the summon helps rare monsters spawn a lot more. I finished getting my rares last night, the only one that really gave me trouble was the wandering goldslime in Albion. Best of luck!

As both posts above me pointed out, where the fuck are your bounty hunter stacks.
And are you using White Rabbit or Kaguya?

Thanks for reminding me about the shop, I forgot that existed.

It still won't fucking drop though. This is the right monster, right? Juanita Watersprite drops the Water Nymph Staff?

I had bounty hunter as my subskill, but I switched over to Hawkeye to apply both stacks. I don't have Belle/White Rabbit/Kaguya, but I've been grabbing them when they show up as supports.

I've embraced my shit luck.
I understand I won't get shit if I don't save those 90k crystals.

At just over 40K here.

Adding the tickets, I've got 12k. If I can keep this pace, I should have 90k by Halloween. It'd be nice if Sheep were available during Halloween

so I should save up my crystals instead of blowing them? I only have like 1k something, bought some elixirs cause im bad.

May your will hold.

Keep getting Mayan shit whenever I'm lucky enough to get something but fodder.
Got Tezcatlipoca from todays freebie; good?


Ouch man, don't ever do that.
The game is plenty generous with elixirs, so don't spend crystals on them.
Now, for saving crystals for sparking or not, that depends on your luck really:
I am a poor bastard that has done 5 10 draws and has no SSRs.
My friend started yesterday and he has 4 SSRs.

Grab belle as much as possible if you don't have it yourself, extra drop rate won't do shit if the rare monster isn't popping up.

I got Karteira today, yesterday I got a characterless SR, and the day before I got Yoda (R). When your luck sucks, you appreciate the little things in gachas.

Don't think about sparking til you have a solid team for two or three elements.

Light and Wind are carrying me through boss.
And though my gacha luck is shit, my drop luck is good enough I have one Tiamat Omega Fist and Spear

May the Emperor bless you with SSRs once you reach your goal.

Hold the line. Saving for 90k is a long road and requires self discipline.

Hao2 grind dark orbs as fast as possible?

kill olivia (reduce dark stuff)

Thanks guys, I am a firm believer in the shittyness of my luck.
I'll post results by year's end.

I'll just save them then, all I have is the characters from the story and that guy from the event.

And Walder. Never forget Walder.

The Elemental summon of choice on earth teams, since he grants 100%120% if all of front line are different races (MC counts as Unknown I believe).

How the hell do you use DMM to get into Granblue? Do they still give out that free SR/SSR draw from using it?

Since I'm going Spartan for my class 4, should I spend my casino chips on the Basilisk, the SSR Sword, or fury pebbles for upgrading my other weapons?

you don't use casino ssr and sr as fodder (except the fury stones) since they are considered gacha weapons so either keep em or reduce em

Can someone help me run some Co-Op quests on hard?

The SR Fury stone gives 4.8 points of skill fodder, so if you want to maximize it, you can get it to SL2, in return for doing so you get 9.6 points of fodder for 8.8 points total. I tend to use my fury stones in groups of 5, so it'll round nicely (5 fury stones at SL2 provide 48 points of fodder).

You don't need to build the T4 Class's weapon to unlock that specific class, you just need to complete any Class champion weapon to unlock the T4 quests. If you want to unlock Spartan ASAP, building the class champion weapon will actually delay getting it by 20 days, since you can only get 1 class distinction per day, and it takes 40 class distinctions to build the weapon, and another 20 to unlock the class.

It's not a total loss, I guess.

Room's timer expired I guess/ everyone left, I'm gonna use the bathroom and reopen the room in ten minutes and I'mm post the room code to the thread. Thanks Julay and L.F!

Room timer expired. We had about 70 seconds left before that last match started.

Oh yeah, I remembered where I got that Arondight now: It's from the time I did a cowtits memeroll and got a 3 bara love bomba. Then I did a ticket draw and got another one.


Good fights guys, I'll try to host again tomorrow.

Thanks for the help in co-op guys, I'll throw another one up tomorrow so we can get further.

Alright, I'll try and join then too.

Should I dump EMP into my Holy Sabre or my Dark Fencer if I'm planning on going Spartan when I hit level 101?

Will you only play Spartan when you get there?

Yes, besides possibly trying to level a few more classes for the tasty stat bonuses.

Well, you can always buy more EMP points for 50 CP a pop, and you still have to grind Spartan anyways.

True, and I've got 2.8k CP waiting in the wings. DF or HS? Which will benefit me, which will I need? I plan on doing co-op religiously for Blue Sky crystals and class distinctions, and I know using Holy Sabre will get me a few, but that Dark Fencer is best for mid-level content.

I also only got my first tia ssr bolter today via the flippy gold chest. Only been in the game for a week or so and I usually host about 3-5 Tia Omega raids and join all the ones whenever I have EP. So far all the flippy boxes have supplied with 4 tia SSR selfies (one per day until yesterday when I got enough to MLB) and the SSR bolter. For some reason the reds keep dropping SR gear to the point where I now have enough of them MLB-ed to form a wind grid. At what skill level should I switch over from Anat to Tia Omega?

Forgot to attach my pics

That's a good start, as you get more SSR guns you can start phasing out of the SRs.
You can totally level up your SRs to skill 2-4 since the investment isn't too large and you can just use them to level up your SSRs once you remove them from your grid.

1. Make sure you run the hard/ normal versions of the Tier 1 raid bosses, theyre free and when you get 5k renown pendants, you can buy another bolter from the Siero shop.
2. Don't combine the bolters until you have a few of them in your grid, the skill bonuses you get from multiple low-power copies are better than making one high-power copy.
3. You're lucky with the selfies and bolter dropping but not as lucky as I am to have a cute boat waifu who gives get four selfies and an SSR harp back to back all in a row, along with an SSR axe the very same day with my last EP :^)

As for your last question, here;

You want to move over to Tiamat once you get 80% in attack boosts from weapons. If you get a fist, you can put it in your grind as place holders until you get a grid full of bolts.

If you got a Wind Normal Attack up weapon to place in your grid, you can put one in until you get your Bahamut weapon/GW weapon. Since Normal modifiers stacks multiplicatively with the Magna modifiers (Tiamat)/ Elemental modifiers (Anat). Who do you have on your team btw?

Pic had my Baal from my daily draw today, thee game loves giving me earth summons (that aren't tez).

Yeah all my luck went there because I'm running with SR Rosetta and two rares (admittedly, Pavidus is completely immune to normal attacks and he counters every time and has dodge to negate ougi , but the other is just there to buff defense and contribute to overall dps).

See pic related. I have no SSR character rolls ever. Everyday the premium free roll gives me a rare crab. When I spent 3000 crystals to squeeze in what I could before the last legfest ended, I got dorothy (who has a fuck huge damage compared to everyone else) and shao. Every other character is rare is pretty useless so I went wind and formed a debuff/survive line up.

Got a link where I can see what skill bonuses give each level? The link the other user posted only have grid items in it.

I got Baal from the daily draw too… What are you playing at cygames?

Oh and basically I have no wind weapons aside from the tias. The only other alternative I have is the R wind halberd I'm saving for GW weapon shop upgrade.

Got this while spending the last ep before going to bed. What can I do with this extra selfie? I don't need a second MLB tia for some reason right?

p-pls respond qq

Generally each SL grants 1% in attack power.

The extra seflies are going to be reduced for the 20 wind quartz, which you'll need to 4* uncap the Omega SSRs.

Save the selfies, there will come a time when you'll need all the SSR summons you can get when you hit level 100+.

So I'm at a point where I don't quite know what to do and I swear I'm missing something important. How do I improve a grid to the point where I can actually start getting both chests from my magnas? By what means do I survive past the first ougi with how fucking stingy this game is with healing? Holy Saber only goes so far for surviving.
In short, how do I take this trash I have and git gud?
I'll keep grinding, but I just want to know if I'm missing something beyond just hoping for

What summons are you using? How many of your weapons are uncapped?

Not the same user, but I maxed Atk, Dblatk%, Debuff% on my DF and Atk, Dblatk%, Def, & HP on my HS. It helps quite a bit.

To switch to Omega Tiamat summon your grid needs 80% skill elemental damage and it's not worth to use that much fodder on SR weapons, so just keep using Anat and grinding for Omega Bolts/Fists.

Ideal wind grid is 7 Omega Bolts+1 Bahamut+1 Wind Unknown+Main Hand Weapon(GW Dagger, Sword, Seiryu Spear, etc.) and when you MLB your whole grid you want to replace the Wind Unknown for a Cosmos SPEC Gun.

Dark Fencer is the solo content king and his 4th Class(Chaos Ruler) is fucking garbage so feel free to use EMP on Memefencer since you are going to be using it forever.

Get ATK, Debuff Rate UP, Double Attack Rate.

You have to commit to one element and grind it religiously until you are strong enough to buttfuck all omegas with that team.

Pick a element and post your characters, weapons and summons so we can tell you what to do.

These are the summon grids, respectively.
Pretty much nothing is uncapped, save for the honor dagger and baha weapons that came uncapped. A couple of the SR magna weapons are uncapped to some degree from back before the inventory had a default 300 slots and I had to make room. I've saved additional copies of those SSR spears for fodder since their skills aren't very useful. I wish those had been better weapons but that's not how it works.

The parties, for the most part. I forget why I have the Water team set up in that order. I should fix that.

Stick to one element and get multiple copies of omega attack up weapons, and get their Skill levels up, Skill level being the biggest contributor to your damage. Make sure most of your attack up sources are magna, since your going to be switching over to an Omega summon once it overtakes your elemental summons.

First Giveaway draw happens in 1 minute, GL to everyone.

So where is it?

Focus on Water(Izmir+Socie+Yngwie) and getting Dark Fencer with Blind/Rain of Arrows III.

Just leech laffin snek for this whole magnafest.

Water is currently weak so you better start praying to the gods to get Dark, Light, Wind or Earth memes eventually.

Wouldn't DF be a bit redundant with Socie since mist-likes don't stack? Wouldn't it be better to run either Saber for Phalanx and Sub to protect Izmir?

In your case you need fencer for Delay+Gravity and to land EX skills like Blind, Defense Breach, RoA III, etc. more reliably since socie's debuffs are probably going to fail a lot on non-fire enemies.

Yngwie can protect Izmir fine most of the time so you will play saber only against really strong boss ougi's.

Also be sure to use a spear and Double Trouble III whenever you Saber.

Any reason to uncap a second ex sword from this event?

Nope, keep it for skill level fodder/sabre stones reduction/ other purposes.

Okay, will need to upgrade those yugu swords one day anyway.

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accessing in browser doesn't count does it?

How do i get the cerberus character?

Any way to get the mobile version to not run like absolute shit?

make sure it's set to beta in the settings, other than that, not much else you can do.

Draw it or ticket it.

So I cant trade treasure for it? I see there is a summon for it and a few weapons, i just dont know if i can get it like that.

no. Christina is the only SSR character that you can buy (with poker chips). Cerberus is a premium draw character. The summon comes from a showdown event (like ifrit) that comes around biannually. Last time was just before christmas so it might be a while

What a handsome mothefucker.

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With $25 or a shitload of luck.

If you mean the app there is no way to fix that shitshow, just play the more stable browser version.

No, the summon and character are different. The character is your standard premium character.

So would I have a chance of drawing it without the event going? This is a bit of a bummer.

Ah fuck it, no point in playing a DMM game on desktop and the UI lag is fucking unbearable.

she is a normal premium character. You can draw her anytime. It's just her summon that is event tied

You can use any chrome based browser in your phone to play the browser version.

You have a chance to draw the character whenever you pull from the gacha

What you can't get outside the event is her summon

So tomorrow Gold Diggin' season begins, or will we have a day's respite from events?

idk lol

Also how do I see if I won the drawing for the summons/crystals? An user said the drawing was about to begin but there was nothing updated or granted to me.

it'll show up in your cache if you did win

I understand that I need to grind out daggers. I understand that. What I don't understand is how am I supposed to reach a magna-soloing power within this fucking century. Out of over 200 omega levi raids that I've kept track of not one damn dagger has dropped. I use TH3. I take the Rabbit or Kaguya support. And I get fucking nothing. There is something in the process that I don't get. Where the hell do you all get your magna drops? Should I get a Rabbit of my own? Will that help? I still don't understand how I'm supposed to survive past turn 3. I've been at this since before September and people on week 3 and a dozen ranks lower are outdoing me. I like this game but fuck me, this is the angriest I've been at a bunch of code in a long time.

they're buffing red chests on the 20th so maybe it would help.

i've probably done 300+ of them myself and find everything but daggers as well

If you get a pendant team and leech off others' magnas you can eventually begin to buy your omega weapons.
Apart from that the only real way to do it is to get an off element weapon in your main hand (earth if you're doing leviathan), unlock dark fencer and rain of arrows 3, host with a kaguya and pub it once it gets close to 50%

A full magna grid is not something you get in a week, it usually takes people a month+ to get a 0 star magna grid.

You are not going to be able to MVP laffin snek anytime soon because it's a hard fight, you need to understand that leeching other people's raids is your best chance to get SSR weapons for now.

It doesn't matter how long have you been playing if you are not taking the right steps to get stronger.

You are way behind in progression because you seem to be trying to play 3 teams at the same time and that's one of the dumbest things you can do as a newbie.

Right now you need to furiously host and leech laffin snek by simply doing your free normal/hard levi's, buying the golden anima from the casino daily and using your EP exclusively to leech public levi's.

Start your water grid with SR levi guns for now and replace as soon as you get SSR daggers from drops and pendant shop(you can buy 2 per month)

Whenever you have a doubt ask here before doing something retarded like spending thousands of crystals on 300 pulls outside legfest, feeding gacha weapons as fodder, playing swordmaster as your main class, etc.

Successfully mvp'd lumi today after getting Sage. This is gonna be fun.


doing every magna each day takes ages, but it's too lucrative to give up. What should I do with the summons they drop though? Are they worth reducing or should I just use them as upgrade fodder?

forgot pic

I reduce mine, but you can sell them too for some rupees.

Is Yyrkoon a bad choice to have on my weapon grid if I'm going to be using Korwa, or will her buff counteract the sharp hit to multi-attacks?

You should replace it, the hit to multiattacks is never worth it.


How important are the characters in the grand scale of things? I'm rank 56 and I don't even have one wind SSR (running ). The only hope I have now is to go grind casino until I can afford to be dommed.

Do I need better characters to actually be able to conquer the magna raids instead of leeching. If I leech at least a semblance of a grid with enhanced weapon skills, can I at least bring them down to half hp?

Grid is ultimately far more important than your characters. The majority of your damage isn't really going to come from your characters as much as it is going to be coming from the strength of your grid.

Now eventually you're going to WANT SSR characters, but they're really just an optimization and quality of life thing, and the fact of the matter is that everything before HL can be easily conquered with a good grid and SR characters, hell if you look on youtube you can find some autists that show off that they can MVP a magna raid with just their main character

You always start the game being a filthy leech, it is the nature of the grind.

Also if you want to grind the casino for Christina, don't let me stop you, but technically she's worse than quite a few SR characters

I'd say a grid is worth more than a full SSR team. However, I'd also say getting SRs over your Rs is also important. Grinding Casino would still be a good idea as Christina has bounty which will help you get a grid faster in the long run, plus she's an all rough solid starter character (good damage, attack bonus aura, has a heal, has a clear).

Getting good summons will also give you a good boost to your power. Grinding Anat from the casino is a must. You'll really feel the difference her 80% makes. You should also consider grinding the showdowns for their summons (if you get anat you can skip sagittarius). With those you'll find grinding weekly events easy, which will lead to you getting a grid that can help you get a magna grid.

Thankfully my Anat is already MLB lvl 100. The only things I haven't buy from the casino is the 4 fire swords and Christina

Right now I am running 1 MLB Anat, 1 MLB Tia, 1 MLB Peridot and the other 2 can be fully uncapped once the casino refreshes next month and I'm just focused on levelling Tia and the uncapped peridot to lvl 100 for stats

I guess based on this I'll hold out until the next legfest then. If I don't get a better wind character by the end of the next legfest, I probably have to go down and grind for her to at least have some semblance of team mechanics going on. (Right now it's MC doing all the debuffing and other shit, Rosetta is only there to occassional poison, Pavidus doesn't do shit but he doesn't get killed either and his ougi is actually the strongest of the 3 and Hazen is just downright useless).

About fucking time you gave me something good, Ygg.

Yggy has been throwing herself at me while Tiamat just gave me her 3rd bolt today, even though I've been maining wind since I started.

colo-senpai will not allow the bullying

Quick question, is farming for flip chest with nezha and garuda raids better than straight tia leeching if I wanted the bolters to drop more?

not really but they can drop their weapons too (which are not great but can help a beginner pool)

I've hit a real slog. I've been farming chev for like a month straight and have got like two SSR weapons, not a gun or a sword, the entire time and I'm just totally stagnated. Why do weapon drop rates have to be so fucking low?

SSR Jessica?
Albert 5*?
Shadowverse collab?

Okay then.

light already got it's 5*, Feather.

It's Arisa and Luna.

Lady Grey/Luna Cross-fate when?

FF457 coop dailies

The idols tend to be pretty good SRs, maybe these will get 5 star as well.


So it goes user, but cheer up, there's still a week to go.

Wew, I can't pass that yet with my shit line up. I guess I better keep grinding for that grid now.

I'm guessing this isn't very good?

…Ah, nuts. There goes my brilliant plan to hoard seals for later summoning.

its useful for reducing :^)

heard they were buffing refresh summons though so maybe hold on for now?




5 PM Nip time, 02/09/2017, also known as 3 AM east burgerland time

Also known as 11 hours from now.

hao2 grind low dark orbs quickly?
hao2 grind rainbow crystals quickly?
hao2 grind blue sky crystals quickly?
I'm desperate

Do your 5 Celeste normal and hards. You'll get some there. Angel Halo will also give low orbs.

no real fast way to get those. Do raids and slowly accumulate them. You can also run violet trial today.

You can only get 1 a day from co-op dailies.

Alright, thanks mate.

Also, opening a co-op room in about 20 minutes, will post to the thread.

Room code, get the fuck in here
The How to for Slime Blasting

New room, July get back in here, it wasn't you who was making it so the quest couldn't start.

Got a super bingo the other day. ive only played bingo ~50 times, is this uncommon?

the chance of a super bingo is like 1/1250 something-ish so you lucked out


I hate you. I made all my chips with poker and lost them with bingo. So far I could still buy everything I need but buying Kristina is a pipe dream.

New room:



Next room:

It's been going on for a while. Is my game ded?

i'm not having any problems . maybe it's something on your end?

Ive gotta eat dinner, room will be back in 20 minutes

Got shit I need to do, will see if I can come back, not likely, though.

Better leave it for tomorrow, I'm getting kinda tired

just crew my shit up 15110620

needing a crew as well 14921951

You guys should probably try again in the new thread when it gets made, we're almost auto-saging.

Captain of the Third Crew here. You're lucky I'm still online. Usually I'm offline.

Scouted. Join, faggots.

got it, thanks


Nerds, don't forget we have a crew chat function. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

new thread when

I now wish the luchadore was the canon version of the MC in the anime. How hilarious would that be?

Not really while potentially making it into a husbando series.

page 15

It won't be shown in prime time, for one.

It would be. He just needs to channel the silent protagonist and occasionally pull out a metal folding chair when annoyed. The jokes would probably write themselves from the people around him interacting with him (and trying to reassure themselves they are doing the correct thing especially when the person in question isn't saying anything and can go from calm to suplex is 2 seconds flat).

Nothing funny about Mexicans, fuck mexicans.


Got an Illusion Scepter from the free daily draw. Already unlocked Magisa so I uncapped the thing. Honestly, it could have been worst.

Celeste: Waifu'd
Olivia: Fucked to submission in two days flat

How are you getting these rolls user? I'm getting maybe 2-3 flip chests a day at most and all my flips will be tia selfies.

you're getting some good dark luck. I hope you have a good dark team otherwise it'll go to waste


I would tell you if I knew myself, user-kun.

I started about 3 weeks ago with an account my friend gave me, and people here have told me I have the best dark characters in the game, so getting these dark weapons are really awesome.


oh you're that guy. well you already have enough luck


If it does come back they're better than regular Cortanas. Olden Cortana is the only magna with Trium. Do you even have Hades?

I don't, I'm going off the ideal weapons pastebin some user linked in the thread a few days ago and I've been grinding Olivia ever since

For your sake, go back to farming Celeste

The zoo is open lads, come beat up your tigers, birds, turtles, and dragons

New thread