The Most Abused IPs

From staggering incompetence, to extreme mismanagement, to sheer contempt for its own fanbase: What IP in the history of videogames has suffered the most abuse in its lifespan?

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Dungeon Keeper comes to mind.

Any Blizzard IP


Duke Nukem. There was a game for it on DS that was meant to get a PSP release as well as be a trilogy, 3D's Megaton edition was removed off because Gearbox was given full control of the rights only for a more expensive version with less content to pop up instead, and thats not even getting into the massive clusterfuck that was Forever's development where they continuously dumped their build as soon as the producer played a new game he liked and wanted it to be like that. How they even managed to get the game funded for 9 years was baffling.

DMC not only had the FUCK YOU of Donte, but the complete misunderstanding that was DMC2.

Any answer that is not


is objectively and irredeemably wrong forever.

Lara Croft


Sonic at least has Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 going for it.


It would have been best if monolith was still with Namco.

All the games came out fine though.

I should have remembered how bad sonic and megaman games have gotten.

some time after ff 9

Not that I disagree, but hasn't Sonic been on the upswing for a few years? Even heard the show is pretty good.


Call of Duty
The Elder Scrolls
Far Cry
Duke Nukem
Dungeon Keeper
Crash Bandicoot
Final Fantasy
Mega Man
Sonic The Hedgehog

For pure kikery and abuse of it's fanbase it would have to be Kingdom Hearts

Star Wars (all mediums)
Mario (same fucking games for 10 years)
Resident Evil
Half Life (neglect is abuse, too)
MGS in a year
Saints Row
Mass Effect
Far Cry

I'd say 8 was bad enough to make me reconsider playing any future titles. 9 was good enough to get me interested in trying X which was actually pure horseshit disguised to apparently almost the entire world as not horseshit. Fucking search me how that happened. But yes, FF is dead, rotting, and should be forgotten aside from its happy memories.

Oh I forgot add XBONE to the list of consoles as well.

FF turned to shit after the guy who did the crystal chronicles movie left the company, and Square's games turned to shit right at the moment they made Bouncer. I don't think FF has been drawn through the mud as most people who play videogames still think it's the best franchise there is. I don't though because I have played good JPRGs and DQ/FF are not good ones.

I hope to god you mean Spirits Within, because I never heard about an FFCC based movie
I'd kill to get another good Crystal Chronicles like the GC original
I had really high hopes for Explorers and it let me down

At least the memes and the non-game stuff has its moments. It's pretty much all I find interesting about Sonic, or really ever found interesting.

Duke Nukem
Many PS1 era Sony IPs

SonicTeam is trying to unfuck its shit up.
Sonic Boom has caused Sega to put Big Red Button on the black list.

At least its coming out I guess. Thats more than can be said for something like Half Life.


Final Fantasy

Hard to get more abused than that.

You know why

Oh my god, I didn't know this happened.

Mega Man also has good fan games going for it. 8-bit deathmatch and R4MI for example.

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Off the top of my head


Nintendo (console sales), Valve (e-sports skins)

Stalker, CnC, Halflife


Splinter Cell, Resident Evil (even lied multiple times saying it'd go back to roots since 5)




Did this cancer release yet?


Just remembered a few


Majesty, Spellforce

Did you niggers know that Thief 4 was going to be a futuristic game about hacking and guns before Ion Storm got bought out? It was literally going to be worse than what we got.

God damn, I hate this industry.




Yeah Spirits Within. The original Final Fantasy big team lead also was involved in the movie and was personally responsible for making the company go bankrupt making the movie so they fired him. From then on FF was terrible and he went to go make Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey which were good.


Why the fuck do you think most people here are bittet faggots?

Which is worse? IP abuse or like 1 good IPs a year? why do we have both

Anything Hudson Soft related; The Turbo Grafx bombed everywhere but Japan because nobody on the staff knew how to market the fucking thing, Bomberman act zero fucked the series over, and Bonk's first game in over a decade was canceled, along with a bomberman 3ds game that actually looked pretty good, all because (((Konami))) was getting ready to shut it down. These days you're lucky to see a fucking Virtual Console port of their games, or a shitty bomberman cash in.

1 good IP per year if that is worse, IP abuse is a thing thats always happens because brand = more potencial customers.
But at least before we had creative efforts to beat said IPs or create something unique, nowadays its nothing but monopolies, iterations and throwbacks.

Its so bad that Call of Duty and Battlefield have been competing for nearly a decade because they'te both FPS games and popular.

Dude I play ootake all fucking day, that thing was like if the Dreamcast lasted the whole 1st decade in the 21st century. Mother fuckers were dense to not market that as it SHAT ALL OVER sega and nintendo for loooooooooong time. If you check game dates, even half of the SNES's lifetime the PCE-CD had it beat easily. Hudson games have not been good since they started publishing on the Gamecube exclusively though. Nintendo wasn't their first friend but it was one of their oldest and they let the old bee die a horrible death to Konami who notoriously hates its employees.

I'm not bitter

I said most



The whole of Dungeons & Dragons got fucked pretty hard.

she should turn that into a Jeb tattoo

I just want AAA to die, for it to migrate to mobile.




What a fucking miserable waste.

Really faggot?

make sure you screen this one good moment in your life you sack of shit

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I don't mind when Dan does raps for money but doing it for a pay-to-win mobile game that rapes a formerly love IP is pretty bad.

I'll be it is.

I don't think Battlefield is really that bad. At least not enough to say the IP is ruined and tainted. Battlefield 1 is a large step up from BF4, but DICE still has a special talent for making the worst user interfaces known to man.

Better luck next time! :^)





Any of Nintendo's IPs that aren't Mario or Zelda.


I said anything that ISN'T mario or zelda!

And C&C

Is English not your first language? You're saying that Mario and Zelda aren't abused.

Mario is to high fuck abused. Zelda to a lesser degree too.

Hey look, he's never even played them game.

Battlefield has been shit long before the WE WUZ game. The campaigns are always pure shit. Bad Company 2's campaign is literally just the devs bitching about Modern Warfare 2 with shooting and checkpoints. Half the games in the franchise are irredeemably broken and glitchy, and all the patches in the world have never fixed them.

BF1's campaigns were actually fantastic. Instead of one super-soldier tearing through the whole war changing it's course, it was a collection of vignettes from different dudes from the allied countries (And the DLCs will include other countries). Probably my favorite bit was that there were no "mandatory vehicle" sections. If you didn't want to drive a tank, just don't play the Tank Crew campaign.

fallout was never good

You could say that about the majority of the shitters on this board.

I'm saying Nintendo only seems to care about Mario and Zelda. Meanwhile, IPs like F-Zero, Metroid and Star Fox get treated like shit.

I just find it funny that he claims that, when I've been more impressed with the map design from BF1 more than any of the other ones I can remember.

Then you're an idiot because they abuse the fuck out of Mario.

What the fuck do you mean, there is only 3 games in the series

Tragic ending.

I forgot about that one doesn't change that there isn't a AoE game pumped out every year, because they don't make them any more which honestly is very good as it means that the series stays as a pretty good series and doesn't turn to shit

I think that guy is referring to the new DLC's that AoE2 has been getting, they're all about the niggers, the curryniggers, and the niggers'o'asia.

Why would they be making DLC for a 16 year old game

DLC is any sort of major update that is downloaded, could be free. Remember that Postal did it.


Neither was you're waifu.

But why are they making content at all for this game

Yes, but it's on HoloLens, a device so damn niche and crazy expensive that it makes VR look mainstream in comparison. So it might as well not exist.

I thought HoloLens doesn't exist

Pre-Production models are available for purchase.

Eh. 5 turned out to actually be pretty great, at least in terms of the core mechanics and map editor, and the books never stopped being good.

343 seems to actually be learning.


All that's left is The Sims. EA managed to give SimCity the double tap by stealing the name of the original and slapping it on a complete piece of shit.

They can reach out to the RTS community for sheckles without actually having to take a risk with an entire game.

Not sure about MOST abused but Street Fighter sucks
Also Blizzard killed Diablo with D3 and Starcraft (with SC2: Sliced into Three). I guess I'll play LoD and BW forever

Why did you have to remind me of it? This game was my childhood back in the day, I still can't believe that they turned it into mobile garbage.


you do know that trailer was released on April 1st, right?

The game actually exists somehow, apparently the fucking US government owns a very early prototype the devs sent in to be archived.

I think he said at the time he was commissioned, he didn't know it was going to be a Clash of Clans rip off with Dungeon Keeper graphics glued onto it.

I haven't played the new Resident Evil but I've seen a bit of it and it looks pretty faithful to the old RE games. Limited ammo and healing supplies, limited inventory space, magical item boxes, complete bullshit puzzles that require random objects hidden around the house to solve. Apart from the tank controls and the camera, it seems pretty like RE1 and 2.

all of them at this point



So BF1 was your first AAA shooter? Neat.

Advance Wars
While they have done great in the West seem to have their sales judged only by how well it does in the East (Eg: 9/11 delay screwing over the Japan release of the first game, and then not even giving a proper retail Japan release for the DoR/DC even all the maps being unlocked from the start was because of requests from the JP audience).

Heck, the franchise would have been better off if AW2 could've been a NDS launch title instead of being released very quickly after the success of the first (and possibly to be able to finally release AW1 in Japan as the AW1/AW2 bundle cart).

Vid related is a nice animated French TV ad for DoR/DC.

No. And I played the undubs.

The new Mario game looks interesting though.

It looks like Sonic 2006. You've seen the trailer? The part, when he was jumping from skyscrapper and you could see an edge of the map?

Worse with new Zelda though. Compare it with Skyrim. It is scary empty. FFXV level of emptyness (well se game had more details). Only fun thing is maybe the fact that you can climb without asscreed fucking colored thingies.

Your favorite part of the game is that if you don't like it, you don't have to play it?

Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are pretty fucked


Just be grateful we haven't gotten a "F2P" "Half-Life Online" yet, I say.

You fucks don't even pretend like you're not newfag redditors whose forst Battlefield was Bad Company.
Kill yourself EA cuckhold

Hello Reddit

You mean Garry Mod and CS:GO and TF2?

Not even worth checking.


Ass Creed.
It got something 47 games in a single console generation.

I'm mad nobody wants to use FEAR's lighting/physics.

Dragon Age, BY FAR.
Then Dungeon Siege comes to mind, with obsidian creating an abomination of DS3 and then that fat german failure creating the shittiest movie imaginable.

how can one abuse 100% shit?

Yes, because nothing was more fun than treking through the map after getting stranded taking fire from the jackoff snipers. The maps are smaller, but they're more concise.
Because those would be useful on Battlefield maps with barely any water
Nigger there are Bombers which are heavier plans that can't be hurt by small arms fire, except for a select number. I'm sorry that it doesn't please your autism by calling them "Heavy."
They were shit in WWI and played almost no role in the war, why would they be in the game.
Kill yourself.

Thats not how you spell a clusteruck with no rhyme or reason for kiddies to shoot their their new unlockable
Wow, its not like maps can have unique vehicles and there aren't any maps with water, right?
Can you carpet bomb shit?
Then its trash
You seem to think I'm only talking about Battlefield Juan and not Battlefield 3 and beyond.
All I see is a newfag nigger that doesn't know what bot mathes are.



must be, correct me if I'm wrong

You're the retard who thought I was talking about any other game than Battlefield 1.

This serious could have been handled much better

Hey, many guys don't mind as long as she is cheap.

I mentioned M&M, thats pretty much all of them since Ubisofts acquisition.

They've all been the same watered down Call of Duty pandering shit with the same awful physics since Battlefield 3.
Battlefield Juan is just the same garbage with a new skin.
Kill yourself EA cuckhold.

I wish Battlefield Juan was just a reskin of Battlefield 3, its somehow gotten worse to where it feels like a horrible combination of the Battlefront reboot and BF Hardline.

Half-Life was never good, Redditors need to leave.


Fallout was never good. Neogaf needs to leave.

I think today's Sonic games (exception being the first two Boom games) are a giant improvement to the games around 2005-2008, where they didn't know what the hell they were doing. But Sonic's abused in another manner by being the whipping boy of the games journalism and e-celebs through pure bias. Even when he gets a good game, they keep reminding Sonic of 06 and keep hammering the decent but not great games as utter shit.

We will never get anything like Titan Mode again. Casuals are in favor for these generic as fuck game modes and it will piss me off to the grave.

TF2 is Valve's dumping ground for monetization ideas. They fuck with it and take the best ideas to implement in their other games. They stick promotions from other games into it to get people to buy those games. They add more weapons with barely a skeleton crew to balance them. They introduce neat ideas, like MvM, only to leave them half-baked and move on to the next idea. It's been hanging on for nearly a decade now, and the only way to fix it would be to start from scratch with a TF3, but they won't do that because it rakes in enough money.

No really, this game went from a fun cooperative shooter into something that draws its players in as a "fun coopertive shooter", to an unhealthy addiction and obsession to cosmetic items that don't actually do anything. Fuck valve. They basically lowered the bar so low the fucking government had to step in to get players away from gambling virtual items.


Assassin's Creed.

cowadooty and battleshit. oh and asscreed. then again, were they ever good?

Thread is about beating a dead horse.

Wasn't Titanfall's biggest problem something to do with the game's content or DLC, or am i just making myself look like a retard by responding to an imgur made meme image?

James Bond games have gone from being one of the most reliably good non-vidya IPs for vidya to being absolute trash. Maybe that counts.

In the first game it was multiplayer only with barely any content at launch along with a Season Pass. Granted they eventually made the Season Pass free, in Titanfall 2 no such thing existed with free map and mode updates, and they added in a single player by then.


Dammit, you reminded me.

RIP Team Silent.

Just like the movies.

I would say Sonic fits incompetence and mismanagement but contempt for its own fanbase no. If anything Sega has been trying to appease the Sonic fanbase to a fault at times. the reason Adventure 1 and 2 had shooting stages and that Shadow was given a gun was because of all the stupid kid fans sending fan mail asking Sega to give sonic a gun.

Sonic 4 has an 8/10 why? and then they still need to insult the game anyway.

Sonic Generations did have a sonic 3 level or is the fact that it's from the &knuckles half not count.
Fighting Metal sonic doesn't count as a Sonic CD level.
Sonic is too fast in one of the easiest Sonic games there is.

Lost world was bad for far more reasons then just Sonic was too slow.

Whenever I see such spite toward Sonic I can only think that they were Nintendo fanboys as kids and they took the "Genesis does what Nintendon't" commercials way too fucking seriously.

For me, abused IPs are the ones with way more shitty games than good ones, like Resident Evil and Metroid

Third most played gamemode that rivals Rush is Team Deathmatch.
Maps are small and you can pretend like you're playing Cowadoody and more easily unlock weapons.

Call of Duty and Battlefield are pretty much fucking FIFA without exclusive license.


Nolf will never make a return due to it being in ip hell.
Literally nobody knows who owns that franchise.

I hate when something like this happens

Funny thing, even though nobody will make a new one you'd still see multiple companies jumping out the woodwork to sue for infringement if somebody did try to make a new one.

you never played the old games did you?


i've played it. it's a more faithful resident evil game than any we've gotten since zero

I hope it takes 10 years to release

Mega Man has had better fan content in the last decade than the actual games that are being released. And now there aren't games being released.

Out of the five games from the first pic, the only one i've played was Sonic Generations but…
What about Sky Sanctuary?
Cry me a river
Yeah, thats one of the things that made the game so fun.
No he wasn't, i found him easy to control.
The guy who made that pic must of been a scrub.

At least try harder when you bait

Sounds like Deus Ex for me.
Sequel to Thief is impossible because industry moved far away from principles of modesty.

It literally was Deus Ex. I didn't even list half the shit. This was back around the time Invisible War was released, so maybe there was some hope? there was never hope

Remember how Hardline actually tried to add new gamemodes that were fun?
And then remember how everyone said these gamemodes were shit and the game died out in like a month?

Deus Ex. After Invisible War it was nothing but pain.



Simple you make it 200% more shit and then pretend your franchise isn't poorly written af

I feel your pain user. You are not alone.

They added Titan to BF4, only its just an aircraft carrier.

CoD isn't too bad, Blops 3 is good from what I have heard but Advanced Warfare, Ghosts and Infinite Warfare are weak.
MW1 and 2 are alright, all of the Blops are good with 3 being just okay.

Isn't it bed time for you already?

I remember people hating it because it felt like out of place as a cop game.
Just like Battlefield Juan felt out of place having nogs and no trench warfare.
Hardline new gamemodes were all shit as well though with the car physics being completely broken just like any Frosbite game.

And you can't move it or do with it.
Its a fucking building where you blow its doors and nothing else.

Why would you play BF for the campaign, that's like playing Thief for the combat.

Infinity Ward is shit now because all of their talent left for Respawn after MW2 I think but Treyarch games are pretty alright, still.
Blops 3 is the best new CoD game from what I have heard from CoDfags.

i'm genuinely bummed about how bad infinite warfare turned out to be. it was the first call of duty that i thought had genuine potential and they still managed to make it feel boring, samey and pointless

>nobody mentioned warcraft

Let's not forget TWEWY.

Jesus fuck that was painful.

It's just a copy of Blops 3. Get that instead if you want CoD with jetpacks.

After the shitty CGI movie I'd be hard pressed to mention it too for a bit

I try to pretend that SE didn't constantly tease us with bullshit after bullshit.

it may not be the worst thing Square has pulled (see FF13 for that,) but my god it came close.

They're all the same trash no matter the company developing it.
They don't give a fuck anymore, you're both fucking retards with shit taste.

See the very second post.

I know have to tell people why they're fucking retards for playing CoD games on h8chan.
What a time to be alive


This is actually great, though.

Dragon Age and Mass Effect drive all 3 home. From special snowflakes being given carte blanche to the whole "entitled" fiasco

All recent COD games are shit, does it matter?

Everything after MW2 save for Treyarch's games are, I agree.

Bioware was never good, it's why those games weren't in the rest of the thread.

that's not true; Shattered Steel was solid

Kill yourself you underage nigger

A fucking nigger in this very thread is still playing Call of Duty.
He thinks any game after 4 was good


Kill yourself Louie
I know you love Treyarch and their Blacks Cocks but telling me "its just like Quake" won't fool me.

Binding of Isaac.
I meant it.
In particular, the bosses. They're fucking shit, all of them.
They're not hard, at all. They're just tedious as fuck to fight against. And they don't even spawn in the right place. Rag Mega and Big Horn sorta look like the black demons, so they should logically show up in Sheol or Dark Place, right?
Nope, you can find them as the first boss.

Big horn is the biggest offender for me. See, BoI had a very simple philosophy before that it shared with most rogue-likes: if you die, it's always your own fault. And you can learn to avoid it.
Big Horner has a move where it spawns hands from the ground. You can tell where they'll appear because a small sprite shows up before expanding.
The thing is, the sprite is tiny and if it shows beneath your character you're fucked, because you only have half a second to react. Unless you're running all the time and risk running headface into one of the hands.
This could be easily fixed by simply making the hands NOT spawn near you (they already move towards you after spawning anyway) but that stopped being a priority for Edmund it seems.
Every update had it's fair share of shit items and good one's. Usually, you'd have to work for the good one's to keep the item pool not shit. Look at the item list. It's always either:
a)Shit everytime
b)Broken or buggy
c)So incredibly niche you'll find a use for it maybe one or two times in 100 runs.
There's a few new good items I like the Smelter. But there's just so much useless shit there you'll pratically never see those.

The best way to sum up what happened to this game would be to look at the final level and final boss of it right now:
The final level is "all other levels recycled" and the final boss is, I shit you not, "all the other bosses recycled".
It sums up where the game is pretty well: the guy is out of ideas or can't be arsed (because the money pours in anyway) so he just recycled a bunch of stuff and there you have it, a new expansion, cough up 20$ boy.

It's not the first indie game I liked to pull crap like this but it's the one most known around here so it's the best example.

I can't think of any franchise that wasn't as benign and hard to fuck up as Worms and yet milked and deformed to such extremes I'm almost too disgusted every time a new game comes out.
Every single game after World Party is irrelevant, seriously, and World Party was already a stretch.

ITT basically every good IP ever

Well, yeah. It's not like they have multiplayer worth playing.

Worms Reloaded was sorta good.
Kind of a "go back to it's roots" thing.
Felt like moden World Party I could actually run without getting my screen all fucked up.
Yes, I know there's probably a patch but after trying to install two diferent fixes and having the monitor still fucked I gave up. Reloaded still has the Cyberworms voice and that's all I ever wanted anyway.

Armageddon has a DSP sound bank though so it's still the best.

Shit like this makes me wish large game companies would privately "hype" test their games to an internal audience just to see how they react.

Oh my god does this webpage suggest a new TWEWY game!
No, actually it's for an iOS port with some new music remixes
Then why don't you have any hint of that being a mobile port on the webpage then? You're just going to disappoint people who will think it's a sequel
Hmmm, we better fix that then . . .

Also might want to add that TWEWY characters got voiced cameos (by their original VA's amazingly enough) in Kingdom Heart 3D:DDD that was released a few months before the iOS game, so that didn't help in terms of "hype" for that teaser webpage.

What is Super Mario Galaxy?

Ok but the rest of their games aren't.

no it's not
4 worm limit belongs to the Amiga, there's no reason for it in modern worms games

MFW they snuck a tranny joke into the new Sonic cartoon

Big Horn also has that retarded boss armor shit, so no matter how good your damage is it'll stick take forever. What gets me is that despite how blatantly lazy AB+ and the 'new' final area and boss is that people defend them to death.


Didn't Worms 2 have 6 or 8 per team max? That's pathetic.


Warcraft is now full of microtransactions, p2w, and cash shop bullshit. The games went from "defend ourselves from foreign invaders" to "invaders trying to destroy us dindu noffin wrong". And yes, Sargeras and the Burning Legion were the good guys all along. WoW has went from being a fun game you played with friends to being a grinding simulator where you try to avoid other players and interacting with other players as much as possible. Go hang out in your garrison (or class hall as they renamed them) and grind more points for your artifact.

Starcraft 2 has been so bad that Korea is turning back to SC:BW instead. Remember Blizzard's dumb paid custom map policies? All your contents are belong to us? Ya. Way to rape a corpse, Blizzard.

And Diablo? The game's story turned into having the bad guys sending you text messages to tell you where to go and what to do. "Only by defeating us can you return to your own realm!". Gee, thanks Diablo. And now the multiplayer part has actually gotten MORE boring than it was at launch: you hit lvl cap and get your full set in like 3 hours after the new season starts, rest of the season is spent fighting RNG to get good rolls for items by chain re-rolling, grind for minimal stat increases and repeat boring ass "randomly generated dungeons" until you get good map/monster combination to beat your time.

Did you know when they shut down the mobile dungeon keeper they came with the excuse "well we just innovated too much". Also FEAR online makes me want to nuke the entirety of korea and exterminate the families of everyone involved.


Classic final fantasy has been completely usurped, but other than getting completely rebranded as bravely default, it's still completely intack.
Which actually is probably a good thing.

Castlevania had a similar thing where it's handheld games kept the spirit of the spirit of the series while the console titles were overbloated experiments on fundementally flawed game designs, and when the console games kept failing they took the handheld series down with it.

Overall is a tough one, but in recent years, definitely metroid.

Oh noes, they add a hat themed after another game twice in a year! What can possibly be bad about this?

Wasn't the last weapon added more than 2 years ago?

Also, the main problem is the fact that nobody at Valve plays the fucking game. Otherwise there is no way some of the balance changes (like Uber phlog, 3-pill Loch and Bison 'bug fix') could've gotten into the game. Also, every update releases with tons of exploits that a kid could've figured right away. Like, holy fuck, do they even playtest that shit?

I know there are other games that also let me go fast but it's not the same. The series was at such a high point and poised to become even greater, but now all anyone knows Captain Falcon for is his meme status in a party fighting game. We will never see another racing game with the level of detail and fine-tuned gameplay like F-Zero GX ever again. Feels fucking bad man

yes but that doesn't change anything. I've never seen anything mismanaged as much as Sonic.

There are reasons that everybody goes autistic over sonic and one of those if that everybody has their own version of what they think sonic should be because even the fucking devs can't decide.

This is 100% true.

I grew up with the Sonic games where Shadow was always a main character and he ended up becoming my favorite. But Shadow is obviously a controversial character so after Sonic 06. Sega decided to listen to the Sonic Fans that demand that Sonic should be nothing but Sonic and Eggman and now as a Shadow fan I pretty much have no hope of him ever being a playable main character again.

same goes for comic or cartoon fans who will never have those characters in the games.

Who's worst at abusing IP's anons?
Micro$haft, EA or Ubishit?
Most fags round here are probably too young to know what Micro$haft did to the FASA IP's

Thief got crashed in one atrocious reboot.
Dungeon Keeper suffered immensely under that mobile crap as well.
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri cannot be pried from EA's jew hands never letting go of the IP no matter how much fans want Firaxis to make more glorious SMAC with Brian Reynolds.
Fallout suffered immensely at the hands of Bethesda. New Vegas was only an exception because it temporarily went back to the real developers. Bethesda considered this a mistake they do not want to repeat, because it exposed them for the incompetent hacks they are.
Command & Conquer was demolished under EA also.
Prince of Persia went from the original great 2D DOS platformers to some unrecognizable shit no one cared for.
Starcraft has been turbo-jewed and fucked over in the sequel.
Diablo has been declining quite a bit ever since the original, but D3 is total fucking trash.

I think EA used that excuse for Dragon Age 2 also.

First two are pretty bad but the second is best at demolishing studios and IPs. Ubishit's just mediocre most of the time.

this is how i know you haven't played battlefield 4

Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries better be open ended and have a decent whack at emulating the running of a mercenary company, or else I'm going to cry

Basically any big name franchise with plenty of games, for instance call of duty, battlefield, need for speed, gta, lara croft.

Yeah, no.

Btw, imagine the Holla Forumstard assblast if San Andreas came out today. They would've probably shit up this board with hundreds of nigger hate threads for months.

What the fuck are you smoking?

The only reason people get pissed about that is because it's always "WE WUZ KANGZ" rewriting history shit.

Firaxis already made a SMAC game, it was called Beyond Earth and it was shit, same as Civ V and Civ VI and anything else they're making these days.

You wot m8? It's about on par.
I would have agreed if you said BF4 is a large step up from BF3 but BF3 was shit.
The modern BF games add "features" to replace actual good features from the older games.

Yeah, on bfbc2 you could destroy everything on all maps but on bf3 only some stuff the developers picked, and then it's also scripted as fuck.

Whatever happened to Klonoa?

I will never forgive what they did to Silent Hill.

Shit's been on a steep decline post-Team Silent's dissolving anyways. The pachinko machine was bad but the horse was a bloody pulp that looked like SH3's otherworld even before that happened. To that end, it is most assuredly one of the most mismanaged IPs out there.

pachunko macheen?

Sonic hasn't been that bad. It has had plenty of ups and downs. Mostly it makes mistakes and doesn't reach it's full potential with some of it's games. I has been doing better lately.

Mario has been good for up to until the last 5 years at least. afterwards, it has lost some of it's charm. New Luigi U was an improvement.

Medal of honor games started to fall apart with Pacific assault. Nice idea, but it had plenty of flaws. Rising sun seams to be regarded as better. The wii Medal of honor games were alright, but the modern MOH is what killed the series.

Call of duty fell apart, imo, around 2 with regenerating health. After that, COD games occasionally had a few good standout titles among samey ones.

Thief 3 was a mistake of going after the consoles and the devs realized this too late. Thi4f though was a disgrace.

The last good one was nightfire, but even then it was no goldeneye 64 or The world is not enough 64. Activision just made it into a COD shooter clone.

You'd think anons would stop wishing on a monkeys paw.

Why is Samus so unattractive in this?


Because Samus is trans.

I could get down with samus with a dong.

It is and it's only salty 5/6 fags and fixed cam OBSESSIVE's that think otherwise.

Beamdog are fucking evil.

Warhammer 40k

Fucking Rare neglects their IP like nothing I've seen. Wasn't Jet Force Gemini a commercial success?

They don't even care about banjo fucking kazooie. When you want to piss people off you don't even have to mention hudson and konami just tell the Rare would rather be the team behind the kinect than make good exclusives for the xbone.

Was just about to post this.

The way you fucks act Resident evil literally went nearly 15 years with no good games.

although not the most abused, dead space received the full brunt of EAs dick in an incredibly short span of time. dead space 1 and 2 are solid and fun games, really set a good groundwork for future games, then dead space 3 completely shit all over that and killed the series in the same blow

I can't keep track of who owns what IP anymore. I guess Rare well, Micro$oft now owns Banjo Kazooie, but Nintendo owns Diddy Kong Racing which features Banjo.

cod's cancerous fanbase ruined the ip, not the game devs.

I just wanted a true Diablo 3, Brood War 2 and some day Warcraft 4. It wasn't so much to ask for.

I'm not a Sonicfag but surely that has to be up there with most abused. Team Fortress was raped too, just harder albeit less frequently.

Every Nintendo IP except Splatoon and Metroid

They are the definition of abused IP

It'll be a MOBA

pls no

They inadvertently created the shit, so they might as well make money off it. I wish we would get a decent RTS since that's where my autism is. On second thought, I wasted way too much of my life on Warcraft 2 & 3. Warcraft 4 would be bad for my health.

Mah nigga.

Custom Robo? Golden Sun? Sin and Punishment? F-Zero? Eternal Darkness?

c'mon son, I know they abuse Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Waifu Emblem, Wii Series and Pokemon, but they heavily abuse those while not giving a shit about anything else

Rareware in general has been raped massively when Microjew bought them out

Mega Man has hundreds of games, a solid mainline, and several respectable spinoffs. You're not still salty about Legends 3, are you? Like that had any shot at happening.
Also Mighty no. 6.5 =/= Mega Man

At least bad sonic is enjoyable on an ironic level. Silent Hill is the definitive case of handing off a series to a bunch of know-nothing theorists who want to reshape the series in their own image. A botched HD collection does a lot of damage too, considering either I'm getting old or people are too lazy to find a way to run PS2 games. But if Sonic is the worst you've handled, consider yourself blessed.

i pirated and played through DS3 recently. It's difficult to describe my rage at it in only a few short sentences. In essence, it completely raped everything the game stood for, and attempted to trash it in favor of casual Call of Dudebros bullshit.

The worst part for me was level design and enemy handling. It was clear no one tested level design, weapon balance, or enemy variety. They'd throw 6 necros that sprint (everything in the fucking game sprints at you, it's so fucked) at you, and you would try to kill them. You'd kill half of them, and they'd throw another half dozen. The weapons are so weak and/or reload so slowly that in every single area, almost always there is a net gain of enemies over the short span of the battle. Granted, I played on the hardest difficulty, but it just sucked. it was a painful experience that wasn't fun, they seriously just fucking zerg rushed you every area. Dull and stupid, half the time you'd need to spam knockdown shots or some other "crowd control" kind of stuff in order to keep from getting hit.

Fuck EA with a rusty rake.


Possibly Metroid. And that started with cancerous abominations like this.

Mega Man should have ended with the SNES.

I believe, that Nintendo owns any character that originated in the DKC games. In the case of Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo owns all the characters EXCEPT for Conker,Banjo,and Tip-tup. Since they were effectively guest characters from other gaes rare was working on. When Nintendo rereleased Diddy Kong Racing, those three were replaced.

And Pitchford alrady injected it with SJW rhetoric

Also Team Fortress 2, and any game touched by EA and Bethesda

We have a contender here. Been raped by greed since 2/2142. Everything after needs to be killed with fire.

Doubles, quints website. It's all checked, and it's a little bit for everybody.