RPG/Roguelike Recommendations

I just got 50 dollars on Steam, and I have no idea what to do with it. I bought a little platformer I've been wanting, but I've still got 45 dollars left and I'm itching for an RPG or a roguelike that's worth buying and isn't old enough to just warrant pirating the thing. Are there any games like this, besides the ones in my library already (pic related)

Hard Mode: It also has a good evil or villain option.

how about you pirate then buy if you like it

I don't know what I'd like, the store is clogged with tons of shit, and my DL speed is ass.

Baldurs Gate II.

Ideally, you play the first one and import that character into the second and continue from there. The first game is relatively short though and serves as a good introduction to the mechanics. Avoid Siege of Dragonspear. Be as evil as you want.

You have a part of the God of Murders soul in you.

It's like you don't know three main whoreswaifus are elves.

Thanks, I've heard good things about BG but never had the motivation to get it.

Kill yourself

Some of these are arguable if they're RPGs but fuck you.

It's oldschool. It's isometric. But it's everything you want, and probably very cheap.

If whiteknighting steam is my alternative I welcome death.

Decent games but you're really misapplying crpg.

Into the trash

As if CRPG means anything when Pool of Radiance, Isles of Terra, and Fallout are considered to be in the same genre.

In terms of roguelikes, One Way Heroics, Tales of Maj'eyal, and Neo Scavenger are good.
For procedural death labyrinths, Risk of Rain and Teleglitch stand out

Gameplay in baldur's gate is so impossibly bad and the resolution is shit. I can't get into it.

Why wouldn't they be? ib4 FIFA is an RPG because you roleplay muh playersseriously, I get muh faggots erping contrarians but what's up with this shit in the last couple of days?

I've seen people claim games before Fallout are not "reel see arr pee gees" just hack&slash because it doesn't shove story down your throat or bombard you with text.

I know there are a lot of contenders for the title, but I think this is the single most overrated game Holla Forums likes.

You might want to just get the originals, Enhanced Edition only adds donut steel OCs and widescreen you can mod in. You can't buy them without EE anymore, but they're on the share thread archive.

And I've seen "people" claim sex is defined by pronouns and not organs. All I'm saying is that it's generally more than appropriate to use the established/dev definition then to reinvent the wheel.

I mean, seriously?

Oh, EE adds a couple of other things as well.

Disciples 2 is pretty much a strategy/RPG hybrid. I always said some of the games are arguable if they're RPGs or not.

You should probably buy fallout 4

Divinity: Original Sin was bretty gud. So was Grim Dawn. The Witcher games were on sale recently too, but I don't think they are anymore.

tbh, you should probably just wait till the next sale and pirate stuff to see if you like it until then.

Oh, also Dungeon of the Endless is pretty neat. A sort of weird mix of roguelike, party-based rpg, and tower defense. Fun in co-op too.

I'm interested in a couple of those, already have Gothic 2

I have that from GOG

Noice, I'll give Risk of Rain and OWH a look

But that's trash and not an RPG though.

I don't like the first two Witcher games, first one has the worst combat I've ever seen in a game and the second was outright boring.
I'll get around to it eventually, it's just a single player game right?

Grim Dawn is single player, yeah.

I mean, it has multiplayer too. But you can play it single player.

The tranny was eventually cut out and the writer was fired. Still, that's Siege of Dragonspear, not the original pair. I'd recommend the Enhanced Editions just for the fact that Beamdog at least looked at the code and tried to fix some bugs that haven't been looked at by a developer by ten years, plus it adds the BG2 classes into BG1.

I dislike EE specifically because it changes the BG1 ruleset and gets rid of fun shit like unlimited summons.

How is it overrated?
If anything, BG2 is the one that's overrated.
In BG2, your race, gender, stats, clothes and choices don't matter.
You can't craft, you have companions that are either hit or miss and the game pushes you into a linear path in almost every quest.

Nuclear throne or risk of rain. Risk of rain is easy to pirate, and nuclear throne is a little harder if you a mac

Alright, cool. Asking since I have no friends who play the same games I do.

I must hate fun then


I'm 1/3rd into Wasteland 2 (bought from GoG sale) and it's alright
does it get any better/worse from here on out?

You know, I don't hate the OP. I think he's a lazy, newfag dumbass but I don't hate him. Lazy because it's a low effort template thread, newfag because intentionally inserting steam and dumbass over apparently being willing to spend money on the word of random assholes.

And speaking of random assholes - you a malicious, lying piece of shit. That expansion character or the varied SJW faggotry inserted in the original campaign(s) was never removed, the bugs they (mostly) fixed were of their own making, the features they added involved straight up stealing a widescreen mod and calling it a day.

>BG2 ToB classes system into BG1
The effort they took to balance that is perfectly reflected on how most NPCs and creatures don't even have correct proficiency or innate abilities because muh difference between editions and who has those fifteen minutes to fix it in SK.

Epic level class kits available from level 1, BG2 spells that literally don't have/use the same saving throws in BG1, reducing the number of enemies, new broken ass characters and more just add to the clusterfuck that is EE.

Meanwhile in Arcanum:

That's kinda the point where it gets meh

you forgot to mention the combat and a level 1 spell being the most effective one in the entire game

Dungeons of Dredmore is pretty good.
Some combinations of Skills are OP.
And getting decent items can be a crap-shoot. But I've loved it.

Maybe true, but digging through the piles of shit that is the catalog for good stuff takes fucking forever and I'm a busy man. When I get home, I want to sit down and play video games, not shift through the store for two hours.
It's because there are some games that aren't available on Steam (stay triggered) and I wouldn't be able to get them with Valvebucks. Calling someone a newfag for saying a certain game client's name, oh how forbidden, is not only inaccurate in this case, but also shows your own herd mentality, falling for the "Holla Forums culture" shit.
1. I look at the games before buying, watch gameplay and read reviews before I even think about putting them in the cart
2. People here have taste and more often than not have kept up with the cancerous development of the video game industry more than I have, meaning they'd know some good games off the top of their heads.

Just play nethack.
It has good and evil options, and was updated not too long ago.
BOOM all criteria satisfied and you get to keep all your money.

The question is then what fork should he play

That is a good question
If he was only ever going to play one then I would say go for nethack 3.6.
If there was a chance that he would get into other forks then I would say start with 3.3 as it would probably be a gentler transition to forks based on it such as slash'em.
Not that I am an expert or anything so he should take it with a grain of salt.

No maybe's about it, it's at best a slight variation on the exact same low effort shit thread we get once a week on average. And you don't lurk so you can mindlessly conform, but rather you should lurk more so you don't stand out as the fresh of the boat cancerfag that you are or at least pretending to be.

Now whether you pay for your shit or not that's your money and your call, and I honestly don't care. Going muh steam is arguably as bad as going muh scurv because it derails the thread and changes the focus to unimportant shit and not the vidya.

You wouldn't be here if you were.

Also you should probably take a look at Thea, Eador or Hand Of Fate if you haven't already.

The only one derailing shit is you retard.

undertale :^)

I'm sure you'd be more appreciative if you got sagebombed, porndumped, had the topic changed to russian pogroms of the jewry or if the kike had low sugar level and straight up deleted it with no explanations given. I know it's a wasted effort but I've got to at least try.


Fixed it for you fam.

What are you doing? There's tons of completely free ones that you can extract some fun from. Hell, one simple one that takes zero brain power is DoomRL. Go from there.

Oh, I owe you guys an apology. I would have sworn Hand of Fate was another game entirely, that I couldn't believe anyone would actually call godly, so I went and looked it up. It wasn't the game I was thinking of. I can't recall at all the name of the game I thought - it was some kind of weird fantasy solitaire thing that sucked balls.

Thea is still super good, though.

Just found it, I was thinking of Runespell: Overture. Shit tier game right there. Sorry again for the confusion.

did you look at his list of "rougue-likes"? the guy obviously has no idea what a roguelike is.

Ancient Domains of Mystery are almost as good as NetHack with much less autism needed to play that game.

Pixel Dungeon and Quest of Dungeon are both very simple rogue-likes. Quest of Dungeon can be played 100% with a controller for maximum comfy if you want.
There's also Delver/One More Dungeon for a first person rogue-like experience, they're both quite good and a little bit different. There's a similar one called Barony that has a map editor and multiplayer co-op, but I haven't gotten around to that one myself.
Then there's Stardew Valley, also workable with a controller aside from some text input fields, which is a Harvest Moon style farming RPG with a simple dungeon crawling element.
And there's Thea: The Awakening, which is kind of a 4X hex-grid game, but also a rogue-like in that your villagers are your units are individual people who die and stay dead, and you have to manage the village and farm and shit while sending warrior parties out to scavenge and complete quests, with random events occurring along the way. It's really good, and based on Slav mythology, so if you like that stuff, or enjoy the Witcher's setting, it'll suit.