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Ara's are superior.
Ara's are our greatest allies.


Archive of previous bread


it started


DEAD !!!

I dont get it

you want to bet on that?

I want that 15 seconds of bandwidth I wasted back faggot.

wew lad

What are they doing?

Fuck it ate my image


But sexually exploiting mentally retarded people is illegal!



Can you be any more anti progressive you nazi shitlord?

You implying Vivian is retarded?

I hear Harmful Opinions was holocausted.

that's not handholding, is it you sick degenerate fuck?

I-it's good…

Does Kukuruyo ever lurk here? When socjus is a completely joke that will never be threatening again I want to beg for Vivian and a drunk defeated Lilian to hatefuck.

Good Afternoon Gamergate



Honestly, when I first saw that shitty strawman comic back then, I knew it was only a matter of time before it actually applied to those fuckers.


Except that they scream DO IT, PULL THE TRIGGER

sorry about the fucked up face

Vivian is the best thing to ever happen.


Literally not anime tiddies.

Or the creation of Meow Wow.

Followed by Gilda


its supposed to be dead, but they keep bringing it up, like jews and holocaust, or Juliani and 9/11, or Democrats and Russia


the original one for those of you that didn't see it since it just got posted in this thread and was also posted in the last thread.

Was that supposed to be applied to GG, or something? I know what the edit applies to, but I feel like I forgot the context of the original.


No! Gilda is trash, cancer. Filth and lies.

3DPD get out.


Gildafag, you are wrong.

Does anyone have that image of Scott Adams with captions like "hypnosis kung fu", "persuasion master" and other stuff like that?

Gilda is for headpats and intense sexual bullying

This is how titty monsters would look in real life.
That's why DFC is objectively superior.

The tit freckles are cute though.

The amount of early shitposting in this bread is off the chart. Start digging, do some meaningful discussions, send those e-mails, and restraint your inner autism. Please release your inner shitposting desire when the bread hits at least 600.

idk to be honest, someone should check their website maybe. I found it used in a anti-muslim context.

GamerGhazi: the tale of one subreddit.

2014: "We stand against Gamergate, who want to drive women out of the industry, harass and dox anyone they disagree with, hate gays, and are pedos and violent domestic terrorists. We have no proof of this, but believe us because we're the Good Guys.

2015: "We're going private and holding our subreddit hostage until reddit's woman CEO is kicked out of the tech industry. And we stand with Sarah Nyberg, who was simply exploring her sexuality."

2016: "We hate Peter Thiel & Milo Yiannopoulos! They aren't really gay, they just have gay sex WHICH IS DIFFERENT. We love the Crash Override Network, and refuse to aknowledge their leaked chat logs discussing doxing, harassment, and faking evidence. We love our ZachAttack doxing crew who did the wrong thing for the right reasons. We love our mod who doxed a game dev! They did nothing wrong no wait please don't go…"


I really hate sandniggers.

Oh Straub, one of the many e-celebs for whom I had a modicum of support before they opened their pieholes to talk about GG.

I remember one strip in particular that was just the most fedora-tipping thing ever, but I can't find it in his site.

But… it always did.

And lest we forget, it has a statistically inlikely amount of pedo defenders.

Oh never mind, found it.
If only I searched for real stuff like I do for doujins and lewds

Well, yeah, I meant openly without a shadow of a doubt.

But right wing violence is more efficient.



Even the antifa go like "OH FUCK NO"


I can't see the video.

I don't get why the typically white-color so-called "intellectual" no-guns cityfags think it is a good idea to piss off blue-color oil-drilling gun-toting rural folk.
Surely they realize how badly that'd play out, right?

are you the user posting from an old ipod touch/iphone 4

Hover over it with your mouse and enable sound manually


Why do these people never have even a flicker of self-awareness?

The video refuses to start.
Also I'm on PC.

Ship her to Japan, they enjoy hunting whales.


Well, if you insist.
Continuing discussion from last bread. Discussing plans on making a redpill after the info dig is verffied, sifted, debated and distilled into a red pill. Using this post to start it off.

In all honesty, I don't know. Theres so many questions that need to be asked I don't know where to begin.
There's so many questions to ask, but I really don't think they're salvageable at this point…especially when they make a stinker about Trump's "ban."

You don't want to tbh


At this point I don't know if this is the Red Brigades or the Red Guards?

Previous thread recap.

Oh yeah, I just remembered. Didn't the FOIA FBI files on GG have the letter that got her to cancel that speech? And it was borderline pasta?




Fucking trash slow-ass connection

Both of them were hardcore muthas. Antifas are more like Red Diapers.

is french internet shit?
also do the french actually like snails?
i tried them once and i thought they were okay
then i realised i actually only liked garlic butter
anyway, please die

Is turning the frogs gay really violent or profitable?

Turkey, and all the other sandniggers need to get off this planet.

That's not how it works, you fucking faggot.

laughing on the inside though



French internet is not as bad as America's, but it's definitely subpar.
We do eat snails but it's expensive and more of a delicacy. Same with frog. They're not bad. Taste like meat, although less than actual red or white meat, which is why they're always covered in herbs.

What does truck taste like?

fuck that, i'll just bully you over the internet, it's cheaper
the on-train food looks good though


Wait, what?! I have several friends in Paris who have very fast internet, 250 mbits. I on the other hand get only 50mbits here in Germany.

It's because it's Paris, user. The rest of France would feel like a tenth of 50mbits is a miracle.


But don't you have decent internet outside of your capital too? I mean I don't live in berlin, I live in a rather small city and even here 100 mbits are possible.

According to shitapedia the ESA lobbied for both SOPA and PIPA and that's what made Kern make LFG.
I wonder what their stance was on TPP.

And that whole "We need less fun games and more pretentious 2deep4u walking simulators" is what stagnates the industry, this entire ESA group is fucking cancer from what i'm seeing.

Nigger just use the Channel Tunnel, it's faster and cheaper.

It's a bit slower than usual right now, but I feel like god is watching over me when I get twice better

>Local peak speed is 12Mbit

that is the tunnel

turns out flights are cheaper
why the fuck did we build a tunnel

I would have also accepted the answer "nice"" as well.

The threads usually get useful shit right around the middle, we always start with benis and some pointless argument from the previous thread (often sparked by some obvious newfag/baiter). But yeah, on this thread we are overdoing it a little bit.
What are you doing user? Maybe I can help.
Have some a qt and cheerful girl in return for being a dedicated GGer :^)

you guys really do have slow internet. I think back in 2010 I had 16 mbps but for some reason only 0.25 mbps upload (isp promised 1 but got only 0.25) and back then it was basically impossible for me to use my mic online because of my trash upload speed.

I wish people would focus less on social justice and feminism and instead worked on actual progression like giving us faster internet or self driving cars.

Oh shit it is, what the fuck why is a plane cheaper then a train?

That they did, they still give Lamar Smith money despite both the bills being a complete failure.
They supported it & knowing their comments on Trump's "Ban", it seems like they're beyond shooting themselves in the foot.
That is pretty much my take on the whole thing. They were helpful in getting the supreme court to recognize that video games have the same free speech principal as any other medium, but nowadays with how much censorship gets pushed as a good thing along with Gamification & the avocation of "Diversity", I don't have any hope in them being salvageable. But what needs to be done is compiling a list of questions that they themselves know they cannot answer to.

And to start the sparring debate \ devils advocacy until only the strongest undeniable facts and question remains standing.

This is a good question, the final version will likely not have swearing but right now we're sparring on the key concepts. The answer seems to be money and interest from gov't sector and large enterprise and institution. Gamification IMO is slightly different from something like simulator training, think pilot training sims. Although in one of the annual reports mentioned iirc the ESA or the publishers knows edutainment games usually sells poorly in the gaming marketplace. It probably wants to expand or get into the very large market of govt, and also the smaller, manufactured faux indie market.
We're going mobile-Bane.mp4

Now you have my attention. Is there any concrete info on how much profit gamification has brought in so far. Not promises of profit, but actual net profit. In hard numbers.
Vidya and you mysogynerds need to, get ready for it. Grow up. :^) Ok more serious. It is strange that game press and many devs and studios became that comic strip.
1990s This game rocks!
Early 2000 This game sucks.
Mid 2000+ You and your game are racist and sexist!

Friends of friends of a colleague and k street is relatively small, where everybody knows your name.
This one IMO will get things lost in the weeds and sidetracked. The MSM is running hard interference with you know what, and imo it has become a briar patch thanks to yellow journalism. If you are going to go there, it's better to go for a more solid connection like the donation to the clinton foundation. Even with that one it can be batted away with we donate to both lel. It's bullshit, but it's bullshit that still has enough plausible deniability. Basically, pick your battle, this one seems to be a poison gas swamp. I say wait a bit if the Emperah will make major moves on that front soon, or find another route.

To showcase the history of vidya, and to educate politicians and policy makers on the greatness of vidya. I think it's too much sidetracked possibility on this one. There might be a point if it's a question of "is this where membership dues are going into?", but even that one is not solid. What if the publishers members don't mind, or even want that space in DC to better lobby for them?

This has real potential. Needs further refining and focusing, but the key concept seems strong.

Because we want to expand our market. The first one will be swatted away like that. The parts after that however has more potential.

Has potential but might need a more verbal judo approach. How about comparing it to the hard numbers of how much money vidya as an industry brings in vs movies. How about the ESA's or publishers own words of how much passion the vidya fans and customers that is unique to the hobby.

Has potential for the main question of just how consistent the ESA really is. But needs some more analysis on how to craft that.

Questions, not accusations IMO is the goal. Yes, muhPR accusations. Here's the thing, I'm thinking of sun tzu approach at the moment. And practical. A concentrated redpill of undeniable facts and questions from a customer's POV, is the most practical option and goal I see right now.

Costs of actually operating the tunnel like ventilation, electricity and maintenance.

Forgot PDF

There still might be a very slim chance. How probable that is I am not sure. I hope the ESA returns to more of a lobbying group that only focuses it's effort on 1st amendment protection of vidya, yes piracy is bad and a legit concern for publishers and devs but not going full retard on it. Given what is happening so far in the industry itself though. I don't know. I -want- to be able to be somewhat hopeful, that's the most I can say in general.

Yep. I think there will always be some sort of lobbying group given enough money and size of any industry. The key question becomes is this particular lobbying industry trade group that indispensable, or still serving it's function sufficiently or well, in the current age of increasing digital marketplace.

Looking at the Video Games Voter Network image…can anyone think of anything that was successfully protected by them in 2015? Can you think of anything that got censored during that year? I'm still also getting "Off" vibes from the Start Democracy thing…

I hope by that it just means they got people to give them to sign up to a "newsletter" and they just send spam like emails no on bothers to read.
Oh now that's interesting.

3DPD not even once

Don't forget who sponsors the VGVN.

I have to look at that again. But the impression I got from Lowensteins initial blurb was I thought originally it was supposed to be an affiliate group that focuses on 1st amendment vidya related bills or issue and the like. What I saw with the website later seemed to be a rehash clone of "rock the vote" now with gamer edition! type of thing. But I probably should look at it again to check.
That one I seem to have missed in the dig and sift.

It's her again





Is it really the same person?

Aha! I found one game that was censored in 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X! Or as many call it Censorblade Chronicles! There's probably more out there but that refreshed my memory!

i doubt it, the one in the shinblade video looks shorter.

Here are these year's votes

And Nintendo are memebers of the ESA.
And so bloody are xseed

In entirely unrelated news, Holla Forums is getting flooded by by faggots from TRS.

Thus continue the great autism wars.

Where's Twitter?

You have been visited by


Good luck on love, Good Luck on Surgeries, Concentration, Smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic, faster Japanese learning and Salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words “FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE”

Remember to always be a big guy


Rotated the video for you retard gamergays.


And here are the results, simply ctrl+F Holla Forums
Best part is, reddit voted like once or twice this year, so they aren't even actually included
Also Holla Forums has sincerely an infinitely better opinion on vidya in general

I'd rather you wouldn't post it at all.

In that case I'll keep posting it in every thread.

for her

isn't twitter the "t" icon?

that's tumblr

Tumblr, you retard.

is this bullying
are we being bullied

Holla Forums's were ? What are you talking about ? Reddit are the ones who didn't even bother voting more than once or twice.

You reap what you sow you commie bastards.

Oh fug i completely missed that.
So what is it, is the majority by far reddit or are the votes ironic?

That's bullshit and you know it, white flag.

No, that's just how their shitshow of an awards show is always run. Like, the very first Holla ForumsGAs had plebbit's votes filtered out. Not that it mattered, since apparently, the votes were similar enough.


As I said, reddit voted only once or twice so even in the end they weren't included.
Also the Holla ForumsGAs only include halfchan's votes. Even ours don't count. They are shown on the site's results page though. And they're much better in terms of opinions.

So…Did Harmful Opinions get back his stuff?

How butthurt are SJWs they have to hack you?

Well if you want to get technical, X-Seed is the American subsidiary of Marvelous, just like how Nintendo of America is the American subsidiary of the Japanese Nintendo.
It's still not good

Yeah, what the fuck was that shit? "Hey, we have your personal info, it would be a shame if something happened to it." What the fuck did antifa expect was going to happen, people just rolling over for that shit after people got beat with baseball bats? That they still get hounded by antifa in their place of higher learning after that "good work" the cops did at the riots? That the mayor of the city the school is at is already trying to label them as "white supremacist enablers?"

They have no ground to stand on, but they still act like they hold a trump card.

Was there even a thread here ?


They want a list of targets, now we have a list of people for the feds to investigate.

Why are you talking about ? SFV is in biggest technical blunder, and only fifth as best fighting game… mostly because there weren't that many in 2016 I'd assume.

No, this is Twitter.

Even so they have to know the lewd games they release come io direct conflict with feminazi retardation.

I saw a single one and it was quickly shitposted, no surprise though. It's still halfchan content.

Are they having fun with the list of all the inauguration day rioters that got arrested?

Maybe if you're talking about people on the site. If you are talking about people that participated in that shit show's poll then; god fucking no. The least worst was complete trash ignoring the multiple good releases form last year.

Anyone that gets involved with the VGAs has the worst taste, regardless where they come from.



Oh come fucking on.

By definition they don't include anons though. First off "sign in through steam", second off they're namedropping cuckchan and here togheter with the board's name.
It's like having a guy in a white veil claiming to be from the KKK but he's preaching racemixing and judaism.

Oh I'm not saying it's god-tier, I'm saying it's better than halfchan in most cases.

I had to double check to make sure it wasn't a parody account.


Please tell me someone is chewing them out hard.

No she fucking wasn't, she's based Libertas the Roman goddess of Liberty.


In 2013, she was black

In 2015, she was muslim

And in 2017, she's still muslim. It's almost as if they wuz kangz n shieet.

Are they even trying? What's next? Jesus was transexual atheist genderfluid gay muslim feminist woman?

Well, Mohammed was the world's first feminist, so that's probably accurate too.

Since goober gators are against doxing and harassment, are you going to do anything about your nazi friends doxing thousands of people and planning to murder them?



I await your response.

Learn to crosspost before posting you deep-fried cocksucker

It don't matter, it was already cucked tbh.


I'm canadian, and wasn't the statue a gift for thanks after ww1 or one of the many conflicts that france was in?

Eat shit commie.

I don't care about your fucking memes, people are going to get killed because of you fucking nazi pieces of shit.

shills are here


Why, so Chelsea and Methwhale can fuel their delusion that they can shit on people while simultaneously trying to use them as a personal army? Fuck off.



Most of us don't care anymore and are just watching the pissfight.
Enjoy your race war.
But if there's anything I've learned from history, the white guys tend to win.


I thought a shill showed up, but it didn't even register on the energy scale.


Good morning anons, so can anyone improve this image? It really looks great!

Nice baito, though.

Then stop attacking people, antifa.

Need to change the people to be sjws.

eat shit and die

Give the people rainbow hair.

I sure hope so

I legit don't understand, is this not over yet.

Like why are people still shitposting about something that happened 2 years ago

the shills are coming up


And I hope you're one of them.
Chug some bleach, nigger.

Who the fuck did they ask?

because the same pieces of shit that started it (journalist) have still not allowed their corruption to be acknowledged and therefore still have jobs that don't involve flipping burgers.

Look at the hitler awards

I'm almost certain that if they haven't admitted fault by now, unless they do something extraordinarily retarded, they aren't going to now.

When are we just gonna let it go?

Holla Forums isn't brave or stupid enough to do shit like that, and either way that isn't really our business since doxing isn't illegal and the global mods would get involved if they actually did plan anything illegal.

Besides, perhaps you should be more concerned about how the antifas did pretty much the same thing but already have in fact resorted to violence on numerous occasions.

Another one that contradicts the VGVN and this affects me because I enjoyed the trilogy: Fatal Frame 5! Technically it came out in 2014 in Japan, but I'm doing this based on the games that came out in America in 2015 and this happens to be one of them! Sure you still get the original Japanese voices with English subtitles, but what you don't get is the extra costumes after you finish the game! In the original Japanese game, you got swimsuits, but in the American release, they not only take them out, but they replace it with the Zero Suit Samus & Zelda costumes (They even toned down the breast physics.) So not only do you get less options on what you want your character to wear, part of the developer's original artistic freedom got stripped away in a already niche console! For an organization that defends the first amendment principle and the VGVN that says they defend the creator's works, where were they when this happened?! A lot of damage control happened!
To pour more salt in the wound, Fatal Frame 2 on the Xbox made a lot of improvements of the original game on PS2 by giving you more costumes such as the Ayane + Kasumi outfit from Dead or Alive (One might ask why I'm fine with that as opposed to the Samus + Zelda combo in V: Because not only is Dead or Alive another Tecmo IP, but at least the costumes actually fit the Japanese village setting, unlike science fiction & Hyrule but that's going off the realism tangent which is a completely different can of worms and it would be completely pointless as video game in my opinion should be treated as escapism.), the Deception costumes (Another Tecmo IP), and swimsuits! You get way more options to choose from while the artists still retain their creative freedom! Compare that to Fatal Frame 2 on the Wii, you still get the swimsuits but the character's ages had to be upped and the DoA + Deception costumes were replaced by Mario & Luigi!

This is why we needs wars and a draft.


Yeah, that was better.

a reason to download CEMU

Why are retards replying to clear shill b8?

Slim pickings in the best writing category.

No, it was post-Civil War as a token of the end of slavery. It also was close to USA's centennial, though it began construction beforehand and wasn't finished until a decade later.

Do you even play vidya?

Cause we're all addicted to baits, we cannot survive a day without bait
At first we resisted but day after days the power of bait took our minds and warped us into bait mongering whores

The red guards' faces have to be edited as her "employees" and her top supporters. Don't forget the logo of Feminist Frequency too. Then it's perfect!

I'm almost positive that I play vidya.

I'm just saying, at what point are we going to quit dwelling on some Goldberg's that did something retarded 2 years ago?

You don't drink poison and hope the other person dies.

That has got to be the most shameless attempt at agenda-pushing I have ever seen.

Isn't one of them a convicted pedophile?

>>>Holla Forums9151458
pol has the worst shills, stupid and incompetent and can only slander as an argument

Just in case some drawfag is listening…

How about an alternative ending where 'This is Not Fine' faces 'This is Fine'?

That cunt who screamed at cops to arrest Gavin Mcinnes is connected to Pizzagate.


You don't just ignore cancer and let it corrupt from the inside. Journalists and their belief systems are that cancer


Someone who posts a serious (or potentially serious, if you're feeling generous) argument should have that argument engaged and rebutted.

That's our due diligence that comes with not being an echo chamber or a sekrit club.

Valis77, yeah. I was surprised they didn't jump to his defense.

Yeah. And if you can, add people like "Katherine" Cross, "Kate" Edwards, Laurie Penny, "Carol" Petit, Max Tempkin, Tim Schafer or any game journalists that's sucking up to her.

Well, instead of sitting here and talking about cancer, how about doing something about it?

I know raiding isn't an option, but if this is truely a cancer, why is everyone in her just blindly arguing over nothing that has to do with why this even started.

In fact, I've been skimming, and no one is offering any solutions to this problem, if there even still is one. If this is just so that people can still have that nostalgia feel of the Exodus, then why is everyone pretending?

Where's the digger, he's got some real shady shit on the ESA.


I want to get off this ride


Dunno if I'm just being dense, but I don't see how she's connected to Pizzagate.

All I see is a bunch of her fucked up art and various SJW shit she said and did.


I'm still here, just looking up more games that got censored in 2015.

(checkaroo for Satan)

ESA digger, go WAY back from 2007, when 5G stepped in as president of the ESA. That could explain every censorship that have done to "problematic" Japanese video games throughout the years.

Fucking Holla Forums fuckers are too pussy to directly go Holla Forums and took a fight in that designated gas chamber, so they fucking occasionally sit here and releases their baits, and fucking stupid motherfuckers take their baits as some kind of anti-shill operation and here we goes, the eternal fucking political ideology slapfight, in a fucking Holla Forums
Wake me up inside

Keep it up, you're doing a great work.


what game is this


It was Gilda's skin that grew dull as dusk poured into the cell that I had reached my decision. First, of course, I would take my money’s worth. And Mammon begat Moloch. Thethought was enough to arm for the deed. I slipped the packet of condoms from my pocketand turned my back to sheathe myself: there was no need to alarm her prematurely, but Idoubt that she would have noticed anyway.As I gagged Gilda with the puffball on top of her winter hat (writing these words I feel again her limbs, thinand taut as wire, furiously, surprisingly, active under my hands), a sense of sudden irritation at the improvisation briefly possessed me; I overcame it, recognizing it for what it was, a symptom of my belief that I would be able to extricate myself from my current situation, and proceeded to take her twice, by cono, by culo, twice achieving orgasm,once throttling Gilda to the point of insensibility, once throttling her beyond it. Well beyond it. And how was it for you, my dear? I can only echo those ambiguous words of that nineteenth century co-mentalist of mine: it was fine and hot. Very hot. When I had finished I slipped the second condom from my subsiding prick, and swallowed it. I could taste Gilda's blood and shit on it. They didn’t do anything for me. You come across me five years too late for that. In a way, so did Gilda. I lifted her body to the other side of the cell, where there was the narrow, chuckling drain-cum-urinal I think I’ve already mentioned (looking back, I see I haven’t, but thisfailure of scene-setting adds verisimilitude to my story, don’t you think?), and started to try to bite Gilda's throat out. It wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated. I couldn’t get a grip, for a start, her skin was so slippery with sweat, and when I could the cartilage of her throat had a tendency to collapse under my jaws. In the end, I gnawed an opening with my incisorsand did the rest with my fingers.There wasn’t much blood in her, which was just as well because there wasn’t much water running through the drain. I held Gilda upsidedown by her ankles for ten or fifteen minutes(very easily, if you ask: she only weighed about five-and-a-half stones and I at the time was nearly three times that) and she drained as sweetly as she’d squirmed me to orgasm alittle while before.

Deus Ex


Here, you want something to do?

If you feel like e-mailing:
- Contact: [email protected].

If you feel like donating:
>Archive.is isn't sure you'll donate money to them. Prove them wrong: liberapay.com/archiveis/donate

If you feel like sifting for info:

Deus Ex: Hamburger Revolution


Gook always began with vaginal penetration, darting his penis as the corpse’s thighs, stomach, breasts with machine-gun noises before cupping his bands beneath the always meager buttocks and lifting the pelvis into position for entry. Turning his head to one side so that he could watch the map, he entered and began to thrust – sometimes, almost mantra-like, and most often as he approached orgasm, gasping out cries of old image macros he had copied from Google. At orgasm, he was fucking not the undernourished body of a teenaged refugee whore, but an entire thread. In her he was fucking all the recent posts, all the thousands, the tens of thousands killed in the week since he had last fucked a dead Japanese whore.

But my difficulties, of course, were but barely begun. Easiest first: I cracked Gilda's skull open on the wall, widened the opening with a piece of cement pried loose from the floor, and scooped out and variously sucked and chewed my way through its – her skull’s –contents. Still warm, of course, even a little steaming. My reader on Holla Forums, I doubt not, a citizen of the world (note my carefulness in avoiding gender offence), an educated and well-read being, and will have heard of the experiment (alas, now discredited) with the carnivorous worms (planaria), that had once seemed to demonstrate a cannibalistic transference of the brain’s memories possible. I thought of this as Gilda's video game addled brains spilled down my chin, as I chewed and swallowed and reached my hand within the small vessel of her skull for more. If it were true, what should I see, what feeling rising, as if from mist, into memory? The wretchedness of Gilda's life, the hunger, the privations, the glitter of the computer screen she used to browse Reddit, the buzz of disturbed flies from some victim of the SJW death squads near her childish place of video game play, if time for play she had ever had? The emotions of her life, or its sensations? Would the final, the sharpest memory rise into place first, my violation of her, my bursting of her immature, unripe vessels, the throbbing of my sticky hot seed in-but-not-into her? And would this be pain to me or would I, laying memory against memory, that of the violated against that of the violator, like two halves of some broken, before-perfect object, take fresh pleasures in the deed, feeding on the dolorous delight?

what's val doing there

I hate weekends

Being a fucking pork-sucking tafiole, as per usual.

cancer attracts cancer

I feel like throwing up.

embed related would help

You kinda deserve it

Drink some fucking water for once, user.


fucking bullshit, Burch DESERVED that award

Don't forget your insulin, fatty.

Dunno man, you seen the video for DSIS? That was some next level shit.

Was that made specifically for the music video? I thought it was an edit

This. You know what happens to the quality of your water during winter?

Put your mouth under the faucet and find out. If there were actually a government controlled substance in it, I wouldn't sound so fucking defiant, would I?



part gets me every time

It's an edit, but I'll be damned if it isn't still impressive.

What a surprise, who could have expected that SJWs would try to have something while at the same time banning other people from having it

I guess. I just wanted to see another Burch meltdown

It's really nice but the ironic poking is what brought big part of the people who actually believed it to imageboards and ultimately led to their death. I expected people in the CY+1 to know better.

Another 2015 game found to be censored: Criminal Girls Invite Only! This is a case of where people wanting the game uncensored, but NISA kept spouting bullshit to cover their asses! Funny enough, it just got a PC port this year and instead of doing the smart choice of porting the Japanese uncensored version, they went with the censored North America release even though the PC market is far different than consoles with more bullshit to cover their asses! Kids, this is why you defend your artistic freedom, even if it might spark a little controversy: Don't self-censor yourself and weasel your way out when you get busted!

If I remember right, didn't they also get the artist to redraw scenes, claiming Americans didn't want to see the original content?

All this obnoxious as fuck pathetic mudslime pushing has to stop.

At least nobody's taking it apparently.

of course it's a video… I am not in the mood watching it, can someone tell me why they think it's a muslim?

I'm not even fat but I feel bloated and my belly is sticking out.
It's getting a bit hard to breathe.

Because totally unbiased researches said so.

I'm going to do more than defend my right to draw tiddies all I want. I'm going to literally say straight up to any retarded feminazis to fuck off before casually talking to someone else friendly.

Call a fucking ambulance.

Maybe the "medieval PoC" Tumblr person got a federal grant and decided to expand.

is that the only thing they say? X said so, so it must be true? Do they not have any actual arguments?

Fun fact about the PC port; The Jap PC port is the censored US version with jap text because NISA is a lazy fuck and didn't want people to have access to the uncensored/edited CGs and cut audio. The Japs were pissed.

Toshi spotted in answers.

She's still showing way too much skin tho. And eye.

How pissed?

I want some damn backlash.

Might be an allergic reaction or a gall bladder problem, based on what you said earlier.

Best to call an ambulance just to be sure; difficulty breathing is a red fucking flag.

A few articles and mass refunds of the small amount of japs that bought it, just dig around in censored gaming's tweets for one of the articles.

I have no idea about the "American's didn't want to see the original content", but they did mention this in their blog.
Found an article about it.
It doesn't change the fact that if anyone wants to go around parading their free speech & artistic vision, then they shouldn't self-censor in fear because all that will do is attract more predators who will take advantage of you. But because of how much the industry indulges in self-censorship & says that censorship is a good thing, they're completely fucked in the head.

France was 60% Muslim in the 1700's though, so this might be real.

Is this what happens to women who don't get the D? Because that looks like sexual frustration, or at least someone who hates what sex they get. Like fifty year old virgin porn artist/writer level of sexual frustration.

They really are putting their ideals before their paychecks.

I know, but the Japanese need to make it abundantly clear they're not taking any of this western shit.

And I need to help exactly that connection being established.

Fucking faggot

I mean, good. I just found out what you told me and it's good to hear they're not taking it, but it's not loud enough.


put ya name back on val

I really doubt that Libertas, a Roman goddess, would have been a Muslim.


Another tranny, by the looks of it.

How dare you imply there were no Muslims in the Roman empire? You're exposing your bigoted wish to have a pure white Greco-Roman pantheon. Ugh, just ugh.

The ESA clarifies its anti-harassment stance, future of E3
ESA on GamerGate
Speaking of "prosumers," what about E3?

If someone wore that they'd be jihaded for crimes against fashion

According to Wikipedia I know, I'm lazy the guy behind the design for the statue later joined the local Freemason's group, if that means anything.

DMCA? Yay!


is this a sign from kek

Well the statue of liberty does look like Ishtar.

Are those feet… from an eagle or a frog?


It's either Val or an American that thinks 1700s France is eighth century Spain.

Does this mean we're taking back Rhodesia?

Monstergirls were a thing, even over 4000 years ago.

South of Italy, part of the Iberian peninsula were occupied by Muslims. I don't think France ever was.

>>>Holla Forums9153599

You don't see the bird wings?


Maybe that guy was just, you know, joking.

You never know, user. There are plenty of users on the board that have said dumber shit and actually meant it.

I thought it was a different goddess they worshiped? Minerva or something like that. Not that loving Ishtar is particularly wise, given that her love brings passivity.

wait, ishtar?

Have and of you guys seen what the fucking cuckloards at GameStop have been pulling? People are losing their jobs because they don't want to lie and cram customers.

News broke about this shit a few days ago about the new changes to Game$top's Circle of Life (ponzi scheme)"program".

They lie about new games being in stock.
They try and cram customers by including game warranties.
Corporate treats their workers like total shit.

Should this be a #GamerGate issue?
It's not ethics in games journalism, but it's all sorts of ethical violations of a major video game retailer that has allot of annual exclusive deals with video game publishers and developers, (I.E. A game has exclusive GameStop DLC for Pre-Order, etc)

I say we:
1: Mass-eMail developers and publishers and expose GameStop for the shady shit they do.
2: Mass-eMail complaints to GameStop corporate.
3: Spread anti-GameStop propaganda and persuade console peasants to use other means to get their games (digital stores, Amazon, etc)

Honestly, I've asked around, and it seems to be a district-by-district thing. Regardless, I do think that an email campaign to GameStop corporate saying this shit isn't okay might be a good idea. Hell of a lot better than Jason Schreier just whining about it for a quick click.

i hate to ask, but does any user happen to have a spare scarcrows nightmare code?

This one seems pretty solid, good evidence that the big cheese seems to have fallen for the Listen & Believe bullshit. If it is just happen to be only one person in the ESA that fell for the false narrative, well let's say that really was the case. Unfortunately that 'only one' happens to be the damn president and CEO.

not unless the journos are somehow involved, but any actions proposed would definitely gather attention from all gamers. personally, I don't see Gamestop being in business 5 years from now, most of their scams (which should be reported to the FTC if they are indeed scams) are desperate attempts to obtain any revenue they can.


Dunno what you're thinking of, but Ishtar was batshit insane.

She would toy with men until she tired of them and then turn them into animals and search for another to interest her. She also was vengeful as fuck, and destroyed entire cities if she felt slighted.

Also found pic related.

You're probably thinking of Libertas (Which is pretty much the Roman's Ishtar.)

This isn't an issue this is every retail job in the US. Retail employers are not there to sell the product, they are there to sell the empty air called a name. They all want to sell you warranties and replacement plans or service or agreements or reward cards or some shit. I worked for a few in my 20s and they're all the same. I can't believe you never had a job where they want you to do this shit. You always have a quota for the bullshit if you're at the register and if you're not at a register you're working shelves, simple as that.

So, Ishtar was a textbook example of borderline personality disorder?

Never have, never will. Whether that's physical or digital, I never pre-order.

Yeah, even the other nonevil gods weren't as crazy as she was.

And even Nergal and Ereshkigal mostly just stuck to their own realm.

I've worked retail for a few years myself. God, I'd fucking go on a killing spree if I did it for 20 god-damned years though!

Some places where I worked wanted me to push the store credit/debit carts and would constantly hound people about it. I would always refuse because I'm not a corporate drone.

I think it's disgusting that the USA has mostly service sector jobs that pay people so damn little that they have to sit on EBT yet expect them to push credit cards on other people that most likely are broke as well.

God, I hated that shit.

She is nicknamed 'The whore of Babylon.'
I am reminded of those sexual liberation movements in the 60s

Awesome! Now if only we could herd the sheeple in the same direction.

The last place I worked at that hounded us to push card wouldn't even give us bonuses for it at all! They point to our employment applications and say it falls under "performs other duties as necessary"

Shit man, you boss could tell you to choke on his dick and say it falls under "performs other duties as necessary"

don't do this

I could have sworn Gilgamesh accused her of turning anything she loved into something easy to enslave and kill, which led him to spurn her.

Might want to start with not calling people sheeple, and herding them. It sounds like some raging commie faggot tbqh fam.

They've always treated their workers like shit. Consider all the kids who grow up with vidya and want to do that when they grow up. You're disposable if you work in vidya shops, because for every worker there's some bright, hard working, gullible kid looking to take his place.
Gather info about it and spread the word a little, to see if it picks up. Worst that can happen is that some guys know that retail vidya stores aren't a good place to work. I wouldn't tie it into GamerGate though or we'd have "Gamestop attacked by GG" articles everywhere.

Pic related.

You got a point there. GG already has bad rep with the public thanks to the cucked media. I'd tie it with #BoycottGamestop unless I can think up a more witty hashtag

Gilgamesh was the original sexist MRA gaymergator shitlord pissbabby. Researchers say. :^)

I think we can go to bat for this.
Just hitting up the FTC and BBB (even though they have no teeth, they're annoying to deal with) should be enough.

There's a huge difference between pushing a bullshit service and refusing to sell new items to customers when you have them in stock.
Gamestop's current quota policies are horribly broken, because doing your job and actually selling vidya hurts you in nearly all aspects and leads to anti-consumer behavior.

Oh yes, Bethesda, yes!

some twitter artfag out of nowhere
the twitterfront has been a hell of a lot more active lately

Honestly tho, wouldn't that be in our favor? Our reputation pretty much can't get any worse, so the more attention we attract, the more people end up actually looking into it and seeing The Truth.

Guys, you think Trump will do something about Berkeley? Like stopping their funds and shit? Because they imo fucked up hard, their mayor told the police to not step in, one of the masked attackers worked for the school, they are basically deep in this shit.

My account got suspended AGAIN (first time was was actually by mistake - some automated purge, it got reinstated a day later). I sent them an appeal and it's being 2 days without a fucking answer

he from da veeeee klik btw

Gilgamesh did remind Ishtar of her previous lovers which made her angry to the point she went to her mommy & daddy that "Gilgamesh said mean things to me, release the Bull of heaven! I won't tolerate him anymore!"
History repeats itself

To be blunt, that's not actually Trump's call.

Everything to do with finances is ultimately controlled by congress, so the most he can directly do is float the idea in the legislature.

Full resolution.

Thanks for the reminder, user.


About that: Mr. Metokur uploaded a video explaining the latest communication disruptor put in place by Twitter's moderation committee, might be related.

Anytime. A funny thing though is this passage in the book.
And consider how so many people are going batshit insane over Trump tackling with immigration today! Funny that. Anyways, gonna find more 2015 games…

I can't do that one, I buy too many niche vidya and the stores around me don't stock them unless someone pre-orders.

Well I can't seem to find anything else regarding 2015's censored besides Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame 5, and Criminal Girls: Invite Only. If anyone knows something I missed, please tell me.
I suppose I could go by the "Three strikes and you're out" tactic.

I think it's better to just list them if it will be put as examples. Questions, not accusations IMO will be far more effective not because of PR, but because this is approached from a customer talking to a vendor pov. Though it doesn't mean it can not be strategically be used to show an overall pattern.

Infidels. She is out in public without her husband or a male relative. She should be stoned to death.

Build a statue of a neckbearded, taqiyah-wearing man behind her, his face screaming in fury towards her, and his arms lifting a massive rock.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say it was a slippery slope? Considering the number of games that got censored or not brought over to America in 2016 & "We're not taking your games away."

what was it?

Will Trump do something for the Superbowl tomorrow? It is bound to be crashed by leftards, they can't pass over th reach it has.

I closed the link a while ago, but if I remember right, it was an antifa professor with a lot of phallic crafts and some of them even with kids.

They'll get their skulls caved in by superbowl security. It's always been a major terrorist target, so there will be some very tight surveillance of it.

antifa is supposedly trying to have mass protests at it, really not sure what the fuck they're thinking, it'll just piss off the normalfags that watch nigger ball if they did manage to actually pull it off.

I told you that I was obssesed with Gilda and you all went "lol why even worry" but I just woke up from another Gilda dream

It was at first a normal dream, then it all went wrong. Some sort of… alternative or parallel universe in which our website was Reddit and not Holla Forums, in fact, Holla Forums was the cucked site, but Reddit an imageboard. Then GG happened and we made our own OC: Gilda Mars, while alternative 4reddit made Vivian James, which was forgotten pretty soon. In this world, Gilda was the cool tan and Vivian a retarded edgy tan, hated by 8redditchan, until a drawfag made her a moe edgy tsundere teenager, fixing her alternative personality.

As much as I prefer Gilda, this was pure nightmare fuel. And it's not the only Gilda nightmare I've been getting lately.


They can't do shit, the feds are swarming the place and god help me this city may be cucked compared to the rest of texas but we've still got balls compared to northerners. Although, it was funny, i did see a shot of one of the "marches" and saw the black flag faggots in there, it'll be a fucking turkey shoot if they try to re enact berkley

Yea, here's one.

This is why you archive faggot.

Part of me hope they try. I just hope this insanity is over soon. My parents are out of canada, in Florida, right now and I'm getting worried.


I want to see them get their fucking heads knocked in, and if they try it down here they goddamned will.


If the info and data checks out as solid, yeah that can work too. It might be possible to frame the question as, hey we like vidya games, you like selling vidya games. So wouldnt an increase in variety and selection of games be better for increasing the chances of profit?

Just realized somethingg!
So Michael's wiki page says this.
>Prior to his appointment to head the ESA, Gallagher was the Assistant Secretary for Commerce and Information in the United States Department of Commerce and Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. He was the chief technology advisor to former President George W. Bush.
By the time Doug Lowenstein left the ESA in 2007 & Michael Gallagher took the role of CEO, Bush was still the president for 2 more years before King Nigger came into play in 2009!

more "art"

May the Almighty God have mercy on us.

Any more information about ((Lowenstein)) regarding what agenda he pushed when was still president of the ESA?

user what



Sounds like a Quebecois name.

See, shit like this is what happens when you de-industrialize a nation. Vacuous artists, utterly superfluous social scientists and other generally unproductive types spring up from the ground like mushrooms.


In a way this means ypur society was successfull, too bad degeneracy is the next step after, and then the fall.

Still looking around.

I hope he doesn't, I wanna see these antifas getting their shit pushed in by a pack of drunk hooligans

wait the antifaggots are gonna try shit at the superbowl?

Some of us hope so.

This sounds a different version of a post I made, except it involves a supposed actual dream.

Top-tier Vivian checklist:
That's all I can think of.

People are guessing that they will seeing as it's a major national event.

Fucking service economy. "It's the future", my ass. There has to be a society that's more stable than this.


Abolitionists of what?


common sense


Government, they probably hated Obama as much.

was there any actual protest against Obama during his administration?

Then again, he did use the IRS to harass groups that he didn't like so maybe that helped

Protest, riots and chimpouts are the domain of the libtards.

Aha! Found an interview with Michael Gallagher just as he stepped in as the CEO of the ESA!
A Player of Video Games and Politics
>Michael D. Gallagher does not make video games. He doesn’t review them. He doesn’t sell them. But recently he became one of the most important people in the video-game industry and, by extension, a powerful shaper of the digital entertainment consumed by hundreds of millions of people around the world.
>In his first extended interview since taking his new job, Mr. Gallagher said by telephone that he was reluctant to set a specific agenda before E3 and until after he had had a chance to hear from all his constituents. But one priority will certainly be to fend off calls from some politicians and consumer advocates to regulate video games more like a drug and less like, say, books and films.
>“At the most basic level my job is to create opportunities for this industry to thrive,” he said. “We need to make sure the policy environment supports the growth of video games.”
>Mr. Gallagher said he considered Jack Valenti — the longtime chief of the Motion Picture Association of America, Hollywood’s Washington lobby — a role model for his new job. The Entertainment Software Association (founded in 1994 as the Interactive Digital Software Association), with its roughly $20 million budget, is a relative minnow among the K Street crowd.
>“Washington is very enamored with glitz and the appeal of stars,” he said. “Whenever Bono shows up he creates this bow wave as he comes through, and it’s true that stars do help drive messages. And it is true that Master Chief and Mario are not yet household words on the Hill, but wait for the years ahead.”

>Mr. Gallagher defends the industry’s record on regulating and monitoring itself. He noted, for example, that the Entertainment Software Rating Board, which operates independently from the Entertainment Software Association, recently effectively banned the violent game Manhunt 2.
>At some level, Congress is also meant to operate independently, but Mr. Gallagher has learned one of Washington’s most important adages: money talks. Until now the game industry has not had a consistent approach to political donations, something Mr. Gallagher said he planned to change.
>“The main challenge is connecting with decision makers and creating champions for the video-game industry in the policy-making arena,” he said. “So working to set up a way for the Entertainment Software Association to participate in the federal election process is one of my top priorities. Contributing on the federal level is a very important part of our success going forward.”

Lady Gaga will be doing a performance on superbowl. She'll be definitely doing an anti trump speech too, just imagine the chaos if everything goes according to KEiKkaku

Holy shit! These people.

If they do anything, they messed with the wrong crowd. One can't simply just shit on redneck sports fans who are too out of shape to play the sports themselves.

But rednecks are racists, user. That's precisely why antifags will be there. They need to be educated

Extend that to anyone who wants to do anything vidya related as a career, except VAs who hate vidya.

preordering through amazon is the only way I get shit cheap

Most of the police are redneck and probably sports fans too, so unlike berkly, they will be on duty.

Doubt it.

I'll say it again, if you are remotely good at what you do, be it programming or art, you are not wasting your time and talent 'working for videogames'.

baggy eyes


Shoo retard goblin, shoo


You can read your post 2 ways, but I assume its the "if you are good at programming or animation, you do not work in vidya" which dunno about programming, but animation, if you do not want to be fucked over, you work for advertising or not in north america. Tons of animators get fucked over in vidya nad movies, the problem was that animators never unionized early enough.

by the way, the other way your post reads is "if you do what you love, you are never wasting your time, which I disagree on if you get treated like dirt, well, I guess profesional masochist is an exception

wtf I love gilda now

Theres your reason

Hey guys let's troll those stupid neogaffers XDXD


Growth of gaming in 2007 far outpaces movies, music
>There were also some changes in terms of who was purchasing the games. Two groups whose game-buying habits changed drastically during 2007 were people over age 35 (guilty) and females. Much of that is due to the incredible popularity of the Nintendo Wii, which has made gaming accessible to a whole host of people who would otherwise have never picked up a controller. (You should have seen my 74-year-old father-in-law playing Wii Bowling last fall.)

It's corporate enforced corruption in gaming, so I'd say it's right up our alley. Is there a good writeup anywhere?

nice dubdubs btw

Oh boy.
Found this on pol.

Its those same exact fucking mass produced signs, that shit's down here in houston too, fucking soros

She's works there, she's a teacher

I hope someone sent this to trump and each of the sponsers.


Why did Holla Forums design a mascot that seems like it was a recurring villain from a cartoon series? Or rather, why did they go with that? At least Gilda has the excuse of being redesigned to look like an annoying sidekick, instead of an ayy lmao.

Growth is only sustainable for a period of time, eventually they start having to do things like what we are seeing now to keep up the numbers, like DLC. Even then, its no secret that modern movies have forgotten what made them good.

I also see that agenda pushing there with that. Between the section italicized, and the bit about the "rooted in family friendly" quote based on one year's worth of data, it seems 2007 is again the year things started going to shit.

I bring gifts of KEK and sad cringe


How the fuck does he keep getting games on that platform? Last I checked, he can't even collect investor money, even over a year after launch.

The first way was the right one, I have a background in programming, I did my internship at Ubisoft and worked on the tools for the first Assassin's Creed. I was good at it and could easily had a job there after graduating. The thing is, employees were overworked with meager pays and not so good advantages compared to what you could get somewhere else. I do government work now, better pay, better advantages and better hours without 'crunch' time and the sword of damocles over your head because you can be replaced by a beta nodding faggot or a diversity hire without notice.

UC Irvine to host female gaming panel

Tell me about it. When I look for animation jobs, I drift towards advertisment, sure, they ahve some crunch time there, but the pay is usually better, freelance I made about 19/hr and 40 hours weekday. About 750 a week.

wow, that's an extreme display of mental retardation


in what sense does she look like a recurring villain? anyway the idea is that she's a sabot cat catgirl with elements from catalonian anarchists from the 30s. She's basically what all those antifaggots going on right now romanticise themselves as




I have no idea what the fuck im looking at and I browse e621 daily, is that someone fucking an old god?

Of course. How could I have forgotten?


Red/Black color scheme, constant downward eyebrows, and the fact that it represents communists.

>>At the moment, however, most of the legal action around video games takes place at the state level. The Entertainment Software Association has successfully challenged laws regulating the sale of games in at least nine states, but more such bills are moving through statehouses, including the one in Albany. Most of the defeated bills have tried to make it a crime to sell games meant for adults to children.
Is there any similar legislature (criminalization of selling adult oriented material to children) for other media, such as books, films, or songs?

Why are they even trying to get woman into gaming? Gaming is cancer. If I wasn't addicted to this shit I would never touch a game again.

Because it's the "in" thing right now, so they want to dilute the demographic to take control. At least until the new "in" thing comes along, which might be VR, from the looks of things.

Its assburgers, not aspergers. speaking as an asspie

I'm done giving Josh Sawyer money.


eh, I guess I can see where "constantly angry rebel" can be a saturday morning villain, but seems to me would be a secondary character on the hero's side shown every so often to be wrong also technically not a communist, that's the other one, Rodina, who looks a lot less angry. Alunya's not meant to be any specific ideology, but she's more openly clearly cribbing from anarchist and an-com stylings, IE, specifically the kind of ideological drive now shitting about in the US

I can't recall any that I can think of other than the usual "Metal is for satanists!" & "This book taught this mentally ill person to do something!"

One of the guys behind PoE is one of Fig's board members or something like that

Just like Rock Band before it.


Have yourself a webm.

Well that clears a few things up. So the cat's similar to Protoman in terms of character, i.e. her heart's in the right place, but she takes extreme measures and is generally misinformed on important details.

I meant specific laws rather than general MSM whingeing.

Is their plan to actually turn everyone into Trump supporters?

Why do you think he went on the virtue signaling business? He has the clique doing the networking for him

Money, they want to be able to sell to every fucking person not just gamers and all the the time. I mean, it's not like gaming have ever being a closed thing but they want it to be something like even your grandma would want to waste her cash on it

eh, depends on your take. That'd be mine, since I've no love for antifa yet the character seems to me she'd lean that way. I can see a lot of the twitter anarkiddies instead having her celebrate "bash the fash" without regrets or misguided-ness. Guess that's the advantage of public-defined characters.


Ah. Well still, not that I know of.

I'm currently listening to Michael Gallagher speak at the Games for Change 2015 event. While the most noteworthy thing I got out of Huey's video was that "You don't have to compete for space at Gamestop anymore", there's a possibility of many noteworthy things that deserve further questioning such as these moments.
Who are these "Experts" you're listening to? And again with that fixation of "Improve our lives & society through video games." while the shitheads keep censoring and keep barring games here in America.
It's a no wonder games are shit nowadays, they have none of that creative energy because if you push the envelope too far, you get smacked in the face. Movies have faced this similar problem and "we see these other aspects of the industry the promise of technology and it's led by individuals like yourselves and the groups you represent." is a farce. Representation is a cancer that needs to die.
Is it any wonder they want to use video games for education & propaganda?
And we know how well all of them turned out.
I would like to again remind this clown that games keep getting censored & barred in America while the industry and the press shit on the gamers who buy their stuff.
I find the more competitive part hard to believe.

Link for those interested in jotting down stuff that needs to be questioned.

I think you've missed the point pretty badly, the Video Games Voters Network is obviously concerned with government censorship, not self-censorship. Voting doesn't affect self-censorship. Self-censorship can be discouraged by customers telling developers they want the game uncensored, but "we're gamers and we vote" stuff doesn't have anything to do with it.

Still, if they're opposed to censorship of having their video games be taken away or regulated, be it the government or the publishers, why do they rarely if ever make a stink about games not being censored? With numbers like that, they could probably let their voices be heard on having games come over or not be censored.

So much artificially sounding bullshit.


I hope they won't get shot or go away; They're entertaining as fuck. In fact, I'll launch a kickstarter to build the perfect zoo they belong to.

Fucking lying retards. Dismiss.

Well thats the gist of it, but there's many things that need to be used as questions. I even caught this one
>"We're with the ESRB to create IARC, which is a platform worldwide rating games on mobile because we all know how important that is, it's important for parents, it's important for consumers, it's important for a number of governments who take interest in this."
Been a while since IARC has been talked about, but I'm really not liking that particular bit, especially considering the politics in other places.

Not sure what Ghazi has to do with what I said about the VGVN making their voices more prominent on defending censorship and regulation instead of twiddling their thumbs and waiting for someone in the government to go after video games.

*defending their stance on anti-censorship and anti-regulation

How great is it that Japan supports Trump? This alone will help completely shut down retards that call themselves anime fans.

Meanwhile, a majority of webms from the streams were centered around dicks.

They represent and are funded by the publishers. If the publishers think it's more profitable to not censor, they can just choose to do that. They obviously created VGVN so they can "we have X number of gamer voters registered who receive our newsletter, do you want to lose their votes?" and pressure politicians away from laws regulating video games. Even if they weren't funded by publishers I don't think you can really expect a purely political group to expand to non-political consumer issues.

Ultimately discouraging self-censorship has to be the job of customers like us. VGVN is focused on politicians, not the decisions of the publishers that created them. The developers and publishers themselves need to be convinced that customers care about avoiding censorship.

Has this been causing asshurt on those infested shitholes?


All right, I can see why they're focused on politicians trying to regulate…but as I looked around on their site & Twitter page, I haven't seen any of them talk about the TPP. Logically, for a group that wants video games not to be regulated by the government or have politicians demonize the industry or referring to their 1st amendment rights, they didn't say much on that issue even though it would've fucked over many consumers hard.


Dont you guys ever get tired of being behind absolutely everything bad

Not really.


Found the font used for Elebits.

It still blows my mind how they look at absolutely everything that ultimately led to Trump being elected instead of themselves.

At the end of the day most voters are just average people, 9 to 5, have a kid or two, they don't give a shit about precious snowflake terms or bullshit, most of them used the net as some form of recreation.

The democrats lost all forms of appealing to normal regular people, they became bogged in retarded identity politics, they began pandering to globalism, they sat idly while rape/murder happy mudshits ran rampant across the world among many other things.

GamerGate was simply the first group people to say no, did we play some role in turning the tide? Sure but to say "geek culture" is responsible for Trump? That's just retarded, never mind the fact that you're dealing a marginalized group and wanting to isolate and marginalize them further.

Do they think this makes them look good? Do they truly believe they'll win this time?

The silent majority is silent for a reason, and we're still here watching.



I left GG to fight for Trump during the time ethicscucks came and neutered GamerGate, GG could have been so much more but it lost it's attack.

Look at r/kia vs r/The_Donald, KiA stared to lose users when they wanted to appeal to the left and become a Joke, The _Donald stood their ground and fought the cucks and is reddits top board.

KiA was always garbage.



Then get the fuck back to reddit.

Found revolt.

It's surreal how the left can simply just say Trump is doing something that they're doing instead. I look at this shit and my blood just boils. They are literally just getting angry about what they do and claim Trump is doing it instead. At this point I can't tell the difference between lack of self awareness and actual intentional lying.


Despite The Onion becoming shit after being bought out, I think you fail to realize that it is a parody on gun control or the unintentional jab at leftists knowing what fact are.

The Onion's a UW-Madison (university dead center in San Francisco Midwest) creation that went to NYC. The salt is very real.

Video Game Voters Network and Rock the Vote Partner for Mid-Term Elections (2014)
>Gamers interested in beginning the voter registration process can visit videogamevoters.org/rock-the-vote.

Gee, It sure is boring around here


Q&A: ESA president Michael Gallagher (2008)
GameSpot: Will having Barack Obama in the White House and increased Democratic control of the House and Senate make the ESA's mission any easier or more difficult?
>Michael Gallagher: First, the ESA looks forward to working with President-elect Obama and his new administration as well as the 56 new members of Congress and the other new leaders in states across the nation. Many of these new officials are younger and likely grew up with computer and video games. Therefore, they are better positioned to understand our diverse industry and its many positive contributions. The video game industry is a good news story for our nation and its economy. In a time of foreclosures, job losses, and financial uncertainty, our industry is a much-needed bright spot. In spite of the current economic woes, sales of our products our increasing; we are a growing source of employment in states across the nation; and we are making large contributions to state and federal tax bases. We are also working with academia to ensure that our young people have the math, science, and technology training needed to compete in this 21st century global economy. In addition, today's games are enjoyed by more Americans than ever, as we have more gamers than nongamers in the population. At the same time, games are now being used for more than entertainment. Educators, health professionals, corporations, and issue advocates are all harnessing the power of games to further their efforts. While there will always be controversies, many of our key issues–from encouraging and protecting creativity and innovation while educating and empowering parents–enjoy broad bipartisan support. As a result we feel our industry is well-positioned to succeed in this new political climate. With the powerful political winds of innovation, job growth, and broad-based support at our backs, we are looking forward to working with President-elect Obama and the other new leaders.
GS: A slight dip in September aside, US retailers have been posting record sales for the year. Despite that, we've seen an abundance of studio closures and publisher cutbacks, most recently with EA's plan to cut 6 percent of its workforce and THQ closing five studios and making layoffs at two more. If the overall industry is doing so well, why are so many developers suffering so much?
GS: Assembly bill 1179 is under appeal in California right now. What do you think the chances are that this will go to the Supreme Court? Do you want the matter to be resolved by the Supreme Court once and for all, or would you rather stomp out these legislative fires in lower courts one at a time?

GS: Do you think the amount of gaming-related legislation is going to trend up or down in the coming years?
>MG: We never know for sure what the coming legislative season will bring at the federal, state, or local levels, but we are doing all we can now to prepare for it. The ESA remains ready to stand up and defend the entertainment software industry and gamers, no matter what the legislative trends might be. But, we need the support of our active consumers to achieve our goals. Our grassroots action network, the Video Game Voters Network (VGVN), had great success this year, making thousands of contacts with legislators. For example, when restrictive legislation in New York, Mississippi, and Arizona was under consideration and throughout the presidential campaign the VGVN made the voices of gamers heard. However, there is much more to be done. We need more gamers and members of the entertainment software industry to join the VGVN and help us in this fight next year and beyond. We urge anyone who wants to join us and defend video games to sign up at videogamevoters.org.
GS: Was the ESA board of directors unanimous in the decision to revert to the E3 of old? Were there ESA members who still found the smaller E3 to suit their needs best?
GS: Do you want people to come away saying E3 2009 was exactly like E3 2006? Somewhere in between the big shows and the small shows? Bigger than the biggest shows?
>MG: We'd like people to look at 2009 E3 Expo apart from E3s of the past, including 2006. Each year is different and we learn more each time from the feedback we receive from attendees and exhibitors. We feel that the 2009 E3 will be more reflective of the current state of our industry and capture the creativity, excitement and innovation going on in computer and video games.
GS: What will keep E3 2009 from having all the same irritations and negative aspects people complained about with E3 2006?
GS: Can we expect the basic format of the show to stay stable for a while, or could participant reaction cause the show to be resized or moved once more for 2010, 2011, and so on?
>MG: Every year the show is going to change somewhat based on the qualitative and quantitative surveys we conduct. Right now we're focused on making the 2009 event a success and keeping it reflective of the robust and cutting age industry that entertainment software is today.
GS: Will the fully fleshed-out E3 conference program from 2006 and earlier be making a return?
GS: At last year's E3, Governor Perry's keynote and your annual address drew shockingly few people. Why do you think there wasn't more enthusiasm for the presentations, and what does that say about the industry?

Some vidya industry news if you haven't read about it.




Kotaku broke the COL story it's not really GG related unless we are siding with Kotaku now.

Shill is still here? go back to reddit, go out on the streets and fight Antifa.



Yeah great plan that was

It did work, we got Trump elected and really fucked with the SJW look at all Milo has done since he too decided GG was cucked by the ethics people and decided to move to Trump and Attack, Attack, Attack.

Remember after airplay and the ethicscucks giving out to Milo for not being leftist enough, KiA shitting on Milo no wonder most left to go attack the SJW under the Trump banner and not the GG Banner and all that we achieved from staying on the attack.

please elaborate on attack attack attack

Remember that screaming possible college professor at the antifa protest?

People found their pics. Like these people are mentally ill sexual deviants every time.

Keep fighting the SJW, Milo never gave up the attack. Ask him what he thinks of GG now, you will not be happy with the answer but can you blame him after the way KiA attacked him for not going full ethicscuck.

Saw that on Holla Forums and jesus user, spoilers that Liberal Arts degenerate

Please elaborate on "fighting the SJWs" Milo wrote a book and gives college campus talks.

Links? It's not like anyone stopped criticizing or made fun of SJWs here, even on reddit, so I don't know what universe you're from if you're not just talking out of your ass.



See the problem there is you think GG is KiA.

KiA is KiA now, locked in eternal battle with GamerGhazi. KiA is a nice place to pick up some info, but to call it GG at this point is a bad idea, since being on reddit, causes them to succumb to redditory.

So this slow thread is all that's left of GG?

Speed varies on the amount of happenings and information that is uncovered, which is then spread to other game sites like The Escapist, not to mention #OPFirefly and twitter. Finally, you have news sites and leftists still hilariously blaming Gamergate in addition to at least one ongoing lawsuit over the thing between The Calgary Expo and The Mary Sue, vs. The Honey Badgers. Any major results are going to take a lot of time, depending on how effective and receptive the authorities are now under Trump. Took years for the FBI to release what they had about the "threats" Anita received, teh IRS was notified about Nyberg and FemFreq, even Hogan's date with Gawker was delayed by months, etc.

Most people went to Holla Forums after they figured that SJW's were a systemic problem after being smeared and stonewalled by every mainstream media outlet, that operated out of New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Melbourne, Stockholm and Berlin.

I know, I went to Holla Forums too when I realized the ethicscucks won and GG was never going to be proactive again only reactionary. Sure through Holla Forumsmuch has been achieved but it is sad cause that could have been through GG and made Vidya Great Again but gg stood by and let the games be censored and SJW take over gaming.

But there was no way to win, they controlled the press, they controlled wikipedia, they controlled reddit.

How are you getting your message out and fighting SJW's when every point of access to the public is controlled by the enemy?

so not a derail.

Hillary controlled the press, the Wikipedia, the Reddit, we stayed on the attack and won with Trump. GG gave up and listed to the cucks. The reason you give why GG couldn't attack are way stronger for the fight we had after with Holla Forums but Holla Forums stayed on the attack and won.

I wonder sometimes if SJW's are actually a symptom of something else, I had a theory.

There is a theory, known as the population sink, which was an experiment involving rats, they had unlimited food, and an abundance of living quarters. The population exploded, and soon there was little room left for all the rats. When the population peaked, strange things began happening, mother rats would attack their young, rats would randomly lash out at other rats for no descernible reason, some rats would avoid all other rats and only come out to eat when all the others were asleep.

After this point the population plummeted, and never recovered. And the scientist theorized that at some point in the future, overpopulation could see the same effect on humans.

You still have leftists and jews firmly in place trying to hold on to their power and while Trump's certainly getting busy, he's only just started. We haven't even seen literal right wing death squads spring up from Holla Forums or any imageboard yet. Not to mention there's not quite any video game equivalent to electing Trump, which amplifies Holla Forums's desires in a reciprocal fashion.

It's also 5 AM on a Sunday morning, so it's a nice break to toy with before getting back to business. (My sleep cycle really needs to return to normal)

Reminds me of that liberal degenerate video where they were teaching sexuality to toddlers, only even more degenerate.

The difference there was, FOX was a major news corporation with which people could get their news from.

The Presidential Election was probably the number one thing on everyones minds, unlike ethics in the videogame industry, which no normal person gives a flying fuck about when their boss is fucking their wife on the side.

KingofPOL have fox lined up to do GG story but the ethicscucks at KiA disliked fox and shut it down.

You have to remember that the election is, as silly as this sounds, easy. Specifically the win condition is easy; get Trump elected. There's no simple win condition with GG.

I doubt it would've had much of an effect, thats one story vs the Presidential election which was constant coverage for a year straight.

wikipedia would have dismissed fox as a biased, and niche opinion, as would have everyone else in power.

well we know our recent work is doing good since shills are coming.

Mike Gallagher on Positive Video Gaming
>Inside an office in downtown Washington, employees spend part of their day playing video games. Their boss, Michael “Mike” Gallagher, alternates between his Nintendo 3DS (his go-to game is Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure), his PlayStation 3 (currently running the latest version of Tomb Raider), and his Xbox 360 (sporting BioShock Infinite). And they are all actually working.
>That is because Gallagher is president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the main lobbying arm of the $60 billion video game industry, and his staff needs to keep up with the products. The ESA office is modern and largely minimalist, except for the large screens and game consoles featured prominently within the space. And it is well lit—a sharp contrast to the dark family basement in which the stereotypical gamer, a nerdy male teenager, supposedly spends hours in isolation.
>At 49, Gallagher himself reflects gamer demographics. A former assistant secretary for communications and information at the U.S. Department of Commerce (where he worked on cyber security and Internet issues), he has headed the ESA since 2007. Video game production has since emerged as a fully grown sector of the entertainment business. It’s more than twice the size of the recorded-music industry and about three-fifths the size of the movie industry (both cinema and DVDs). Notably, the ESA’s membership of 35 game publishers includes the publishing arms of top companies in entertainment, such as Microsoft, Disney, and Warner Bros.
>High up in Gallagher’s job description is defending the industry against long-standing concerns by some parents, politicians, commentators, and behaviorists who contend that playing violent games, like those from the Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, or Doom franchises (the latter featuring a heavily armed first-person player on a demon-killing spree), blur the lines between reality and fiction. ESA’s policy is supported by scores of scientific studies and research to date, which assert that there is no causal connection between video games and real-life violence.
>This running debate became trench warfare (as it has in past instances) in December, following the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting. When investigators discovered that gunman Adam Lanza—who killed 20 students and seven adults, including his mother, before committing suicide—possessed violent video games, pressure mounted for stricter oversight of the gaming industry. “Major corporations, including the video game industry, make billions on marketing and selling violent content to children,” Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, said in a statement days after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. “They have a responsibility to protect our children. If they do not, you can count on Congress to take a more aggressive role.”
>And so Gallagher was called on to participate in Vice President Joe Biden’s new federal task force on gun violence in the wake of the tragedy. “The thrust of the meeting with the vice president was the potential connection between these crimes and video games,” Gallagher recalls. In January, Gallagher told the task force that the video gaming industry is already well regulated through ratings (prominently marked on games) that label some games for “mature” players aged 17 and up, and that the wide market choice means “[consumers] don’t need to choose games [featuring] elements that might be problematic,” he says.
>The vast array of games available on the market also means that entertainment software can appeal to a large swath of consumers—even those eager to exercise or learn something new.



Sort of like the "beautiful ones" theory by Calhoun?

Fox was/is viewed as controlled oppoistion for their history of going against video games in the past. Milo bemoaned the lack of other conservative outlets besides Breitbart not capitalizing on Gamergate, but both he and FOX are viewed with suspicion and disapproval from Holla Forums and others for being kosher. Fox had Megyn Kelly and other cuckservatives from within the GOP trying to take down Trump, remember? Everyone knew it would have been a similar situation had GG gone through with it, also, what

That does suck. Did he just have shit passwords?

Why would I think such an amazingly retarded thing ?..

I heard that it was a kotaku article by schreier that actually was completely full of shit that started the rumor though. Was like a week ago if I recall.

Anyway, as usual, praised be our diggers

So it was better to give up and not fight? /pol decided to attack and it's been great, GG now sits in a slow thread being reactionary never on the attack.

Thats the one
In the early 1960s, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) acquired property in a rural area outside Poolesville, Maryland. The facility that was built on this property housed several research projects, including those headed by Calhoun. It was here that his most famous experiment, the mouse universe, was created.[1] In July 1968 four pairs of mice were introduced into the habitat. The habitat was a 9-foot (2.7 m) square metal pen with 4.5-foot-high (1.4 m) sides. Each side had four groups of four vertical, wire mesh "tunnels." The "tunnels" gave access to nesting boxes, food hoppers, and water dispensers. There was no shortage of food or water or nesting material. There were no predators. The only adversity was the limit on space.

John Calhoun meeting Pope Paul VI on 27 September 1973.
Initially the population grew rapidly, doubling every 55 days. The population reached 620 by day 315, after which the population growth dropped markedly, doubling only every 145 days. The last surviving birth was on day 600, bringing the total population to a mere 2200 mice, even though the experiment setup allowed for as many as 3840 mice in terms of nesting space. This period between day 315 and day 600 saw a breakdown in social structure and in normal social behavior. Among the aberrations in behavior were the following: expulsion of young before weaning was complete, wounding of young, increase in homosexual behavior, inability of dominant males to maintain the defense of their territory and females, aggressive behavior of females, passivity of non-dominant males with increased attacks on each other which were not defended against.[2] After day 600, the social breakdown continued and the population declined toward extinction. During this period females ceased to reproduce. Their male counterparts withdrew completely, never engaging in courtship or fighting. They ate, drank, slept, and groomed themselves – all solitary pursuits. Sleek, healthy coats and an absence of scars characterized these males. They were dubbed "the beautiful ones." Breeding never resumed and behavior patterns were permanently changed.
The conclusions drawn from this experiment were that when all available space is taken and all social roles filled, competition and the stresses experienced by the individuals will result in a total breakdown in complex social behaviors, ultimately resulting in the demise of the population.
Calhoun saw the fate of the population of mice as a metaphor for the potential fate of man. He characterized the social breakdown as a "second death,” with reference to the “second death” mentioned in the Biblical book of Revelation 2:11.[1] His study has been cited by writers such as Bill Perkins as a warning of the dangers of the living in an "increasingly crowded and impersonal world."[3]

Literally never happened. Everyone here regularly shits on SJWs, exposes what they've done to normalfags whenever the opportunity arises, and Trump is on a whole other level that would've been the star of the anti-SJW show no matter what.

As Comfortable on Guitar Hero as on the Hill (2007)
>Microsoft's entertainment division president, Robbie Bach, who is on the board of directors of the ESA, told me that Gallagher was picked for the job partly because he has been on both sides of the fence in Washington. Also: "He's a guy who plays games and understands the space," Bach said.
>Our lunchtime game session included Wii Sports Tennis, Halo 2, Guitar Hero 2 and the boxing game Fight Night. At the end, I considered myself lucky to come away with a draw. Gallagher forgot to pack the DS that day, so we were both spared the tiebreaker. But if we do ever go head to head on Mario Kart DS, I'll practice first.
>Gallagher said the video game industry has parallels to when he was vice president of state public policy at Verizon, a time when the cellphone industry was facing legislation based on fear that cellphones lead to traffic accidents and media scares about the phones causing brain cancer. Cellphones were an industry that had been "accepted by society but still under attack politically," Gallagher said.
>Why put a Nintendo DS into the hands of politicians? Gallagher said it's because he's trying to dispel stereotypes that he still encounters about video games. One stereotype he's trying to crack, for example, is that games are primarily for kids, when research has shown that the average gamer's age is in the 30s. (Gallagher, by the way, is 43.)
>Among gamers, the ESA is mostly unknown. The organization makes headlines on game news sites only when there's been an anti-piracy crackdown or a new uproar over a game's rating. Neither of those types of story tends to win the organization fans in the gamer community.

>Gallagher says he hopes to raise the profile of video games among policymakers and thought leaders. "Video games are not getting the type of recognition they deserve as an entertainment medium," he said.
>That's a sentiment that's been going around in the video game industry. Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, said the same to me, via e-mail.
>Politicians, he wrote, don't understand games and often pick on violence as a way to polarize voters. "I think the next step is for us to raise our profile even further so we can garner the same respect given to other entertainment industries, such as the movie industry," he wrote.
>And on a more personal level, he says, he needs the practice because everyone wants to take him on these days – whether it's at the Wii, the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360.


Yes it did for a huge while before airplay1 and until airplay 2 scam got exposed anything that was not ethics only was shut down.

Remember you cannot boycott censored games. inb4 boycotts don't work well Trump supporters would like a word cause all our recent boycotts are going great.

Pretty much everything that we wanted to do for gamergate we did for Trump and it worked, fight the SJW, stay on the attack, boycotts it all worked.

Kellogg's will never be the same.

Speaking of Kellogg's their founder was one of the driving forces behind male genital mutilation in America claiming "it will stop masturbation".

This. You fail to take into account that just because boycotts weren't officially made doesn't mean Holla Forums is by and large willing to unironically fork over their shekels for SJW/cultural marxist infected games. Spreading the word of what the devs are like can suffice seeing as how many AAA games flopped or failed to break even after diversity pandering. Not to mention the last time gamers tried a boycott with COD:MW it failed, although they seem to have given Advanced Warfare the cold shoulder. I'd love to see KiA's reaction if you shilled Mass Effect: Andromeda to them after that anti-white Pajeet's tweets have been archived for everyone to see.

Does anyone even care about Andromeda at this point? Even the most hardcore biodrones gave up on that company between ME3 and Inquisition.

Bioware will always have their agenda driven rabid fanbase that used to be on the bioware forums and now tumblr.

They are probably only 1000 people tops though.

Why push a boycott so, showing those tweets as the reason! Like we are doing with Starbucks atm.

Why are you responding to shills

Also reminder that revoltfags leader was a Holla Forums mod

It gets me giddy that Afterlife Empire from TFYC sold more than the Sunset devs' game, Revolution 60, Ladykiller In A bind, and a few other clique games combined. Wonder how much Mass Effect: Andromeda's going to bomb, I'd fucking love it if it's on Blunderborn's level. Fat lot of good that did you Randy after trashing GG, stealing funds from Sega, and being an all around useless prick.

Boycotts don't always work nor are they needed for reasons previously explained. The Starbucks boycott is also being operating under different circumstances compared to what could be achieved from within the industry.

Thread's not particularly busy at the moment, exercising my argument skills.

Holla Forums has mods? When I still lurked there to catalogue all of the cancer I could find, I didn't see anyone mention any mod other than the BO, is it recent?

I have no clue what you're talking about. It's just some of us ordinary gators.

We still should have organized boycotts for fire blade and xenoblade.

Why is leftypol oc so weak

Low energy.

What's the point if the same desired effect is achieved without saying that there's an official boycott?


So they know why we didn't buy thier games so they won't censor their new ones.


I think it might be because they think we are literally "Trump is president lets murder all the brown babies".
So they are trying to show a hypocrisy that isn't there in the first place.

Because they forge memes with a specific goal in mind, instead of letting them form on their own and then having them sort through natural selection as a result of discussion. It is pretty much the same reason why a comedian starting to get political makes him cancer, even though it is easily possible to be both political (even polarisingly political) and still be funny, but instead they refuse to let go of that low-hanging fruit in pursuit of something better. When I first started saving this kind of shit, I initially thought that I really wouldn't start seeing the shittier ones more than once due to how shit they are, but it became very clear after constant reposting that many see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

When a localizer states that it's near impossible to talk about his job in peace anymore due to a certain group of infamous people, I consider that message received. It's not like they don't have people taking in feedback that are bound to report gripes and criticisms of their games.

You need to let the Japanese devs know, not the American cucks.

Holy shit thats crap, if you need an explanation writter below what you call a meme, its not a fucking meme

notice how they latch onto something that works and completely fuck it up with their ideas

Good evening, faggots!

The last two are actually using it correctly, it is simply that the underlying premise is shit.

I'm fortunate to have Mombot and Ronin with us. Anyone else here know japanese? It's going to take awhile to have meaningful conversations with them about this, but hopefully it can be done, since Nintendo have conceded ground when it comes to region locking their stuff.

I think one of the archives featured in pics related explains it.

If I recall, Reanon isn't half bad at it. Several of us are still just learning.

Shit meme, but excellent trips.

If anyone is actually Japanese on here, if you want to bang Fuko shes working at the soaplands in the redlight district in Tokyo.

You can try to get in if you are foreign, just expect a beating from Yakuza.


Replies to this are hilarious

That second one aggravates me. In a visual medium you generally don't want wordswordswords because that takes up space and effort that could be used making the art convey the same message. I will admit to being a hypocrite about this with games, because the less visual a game is, the more options are available to a game designer for making the game, which suits RPGs well. The difference with a game is that you might end up having to program in an entirely new animation for one single scene or mocap a bunch more shit. It also gives an excuse to give more options to the player when creating and playing their character.

For what possible purpose and in what sane world does that make sense?

Did anyone ever find out who ethicssuck was?

Their "memes" are always forced with an agender behind them so they fail from the get go.

Problem is the vast majority of jap devs don't have any way of communicating with their overseas player bases and localizes are their only gateway and we know a lot of them use this power to manipulate devs into self censoring.
Look at Treehouse for example those fuckers flaunt the fact they meddle with developers.

Would be nice if there was some way to bypass them, like a twitter program that automatically translates stuff or something or a group of gamers who speak moon.

I fucking knew that was D&C tactic he got called out in both the Holla Forums and Holla Forums threads he was posting in and ran like fucking a coward immediacy after, glad no one on Holla Forums fell for that, they should stay vigilant.

If those examples are anything to go by, they also lack any artistic ability which keeps people from spreading it out of simple appreciation for the meme, they use completely outdated memes like the latter two (seriously, last time I saw those kinds of memes were 3 years ago), and they use terminology like bolshevik that no one but them use so nobody gets the joke.

Don't worry, they also have newer ones

you call those boobs?

The whole thing that makes these so bad is they're just not funny. Not to mention the third one making fun of the thing they're trying to defend, which is a questionable approach.

Seriously these are fucking awful.

Do they have any original content?

Only recognize the basic Hiragana & Katanas, and these three Kanjis (I picture the 2nd one in particular a citizen being stopped by a police officer.) Forming them into complete & understandable sentences is the bigger challenge & I'd hate to take the Common Core approach by getting it off games.

It's like they write down something that makes perfect sense in their own heads but as soon as it leaves their safespace it is inane gibberish.
First one seems to be a paranoid fever dream about how everyone who disagrees with SJWs is a rapist, second one just demonstrates their incapability to make their point in a short effective way.
They can only make their point in a cult-like mantra that repeats "all my enemies are rapists, racists, misogynists, homophobes, etc."

They don't know their enemy, so all their depictions of the enemy are outlandish and surreal. It's like seeing a schizophrenic scream about hobgoblins.

0/10 low effort

"I-if I give them what they want, they will like me, r-right?"


He fucking wishes.

They're pissed at his broken promises, but Tude weed lmao right?

What promises did he break? Because, considering the fact that they are arguing that he didn't do enough about immigration, he already did plenty by signing an agreement to having open borders with Mexico, which is in place since Dec 1st


Someone did a week or two ago and he said it was the first victory in the culture war by the right in ages and that it started the fire. Shoo shoo shill.

On another note he finally opened up applications for the privilege grant so go apply if you're in college right now.

He broke them, badpedalled, then tried to lower the cost of his idiocracy, then his promise of electoral reform before the next elections won't happen, that's the last thing that the maplelanders are pissed off.


Going to need a bigger trash can for this.

This is rich. Really rich coming from a tranny to get those victim bucks going.

KiA was neutered the minute the Administration banned Boycotts of the Day, it was not neutered by it's own internal struggle or general plebbitness despite what many will say otherwise.

That said, i still love how they are reeling from the effects of GG until this day. I pray we can continue to be a constant thorn to the journos and ideologues side always

Daily reminder, this bitch destroyed IGDA Puerto Rico just to bring anyone with wrongthink in line.


Having brown in your toilet isn't clean.

Is his new name Mr. Dirty?

I can't wait until actually causes a drop in sales in disgust and offence by the actual ethnicity. I really wish you'd hear about those exact demographics getting pissed at this shit.



Can someone please make a guide that doesn't require installing a ton of different shit?

KiA said they did it cause Admins would ban the sub but why did Mark and Cole ban boycotts?

His name is Mr. Clean!

>>>Holla Forums9161153

Forgot to link, Pajeet from HuffPo Canuckistan

Good excuse not to keep his promises, because muh Alt-Right.

Read this comment thread if you want get cancer/enraged. They sound like they came straight out of the indocrtination vats.



That one was posted quite a few times in here and on the webm thread.


you came before benis, thread will be saged

check my benis


I declare this to be the new name!

The Chinese already beaten us to it.



But we already knew we had autism.

Not really feeling much. Its to be expected. They care only about one thing, don't understand the consequences of achieving that one thing, and thus march endlessly towards their goal.

Honestly, this feels like a petty revenge against gamers for not buying their bullshit.

Isn't petty revenge all they do nowadays?

"I ain't gon wash that shit, bitch"

Literally WHO

Censored Gaming?

ah fuck now I got it, bully me

"I tryna keep it clean, but I always ridin' dirty."

no first for benis, therefore sage

blessed with dubs and wit.

dumb faggot

Could you try changing his skin color?

here you go

And give him blue eyes
If possible, narrow his nose a little

To prove he's black Kamiya?


Sounds like the perfect name for a comedy about affairs

Except my autism just causes me to be more emotional and sentimental as well as prioritized with entertaining myself.

Political screeds for me, but not for thee.

The chair of UN Commission of Human Rights, everybody!

So apparently china is funding antifa, who would have guessed that commies fund commies? Some really interesting shit about AAPA in here >>>Holla Forums9143089

Thinking about this some more. I'm seeing it from a different viewpoint. I'm not saying the ESA a goodboi, clearly there is at least inconsistency in there, and the president and CEO himself seems to have at least believed the false narrative of GG by the clique and MSM. Might have to fit that FBI report that cleared GG into the redpill. Anyhow, my take after thinking about is I don't see it as 100% unsalvageable, here's why.

The ESA is for publishers, publishers still needs customers. Now there is a 3, really 2 types if we boil it down further. There's the customer that buys vidya mostly for themselves, maybe occasionally for others but they use it for personal use and enjoyment. For the purpose of the discussion yes I am lumping casuals vs hardcore niche and this is platform agnostic. The main point is that this type of customers likely include most people who buys a game to play and enjoy them.

There is another type and this one is likely why publishers and the ESA have such a boner for gamification. Is the customer who represents gov't contracts, institutions or large enterprise. That person might be one person who may or may not be a gamer, or it might be a committee group that may or may not have any gamers in it. The point though is they don't necessarily have the same priority as the other customer types who plays vidya for personal enjoyment. They are there to see if gamification offers a benefit for them as an institution or business. Fun may not even be on their top list of requirement or at all.

Now if publishers and the ESA is pursuing that type of large gamification customer potential, even at the cost of the other types of customers. Ie: "entitled gamers", or people who previously bought vidya because they enjoyed the product. Not for social change through vidya and "making the world a better place. through vidya somehow". I think they are still bound by that rule of customer and seller, as long as both are in conversation mode. To break that rule would be quite the egg on their face, but by that same token if the customer breaks that rule they forfeit the protection of that rule as well. Which is why I say questions, not accusations for the redpill.

Anyway where I'm going with this is I'm not convinced the -situation- is unsalvageable. (situation =/=ESA necessarily) Because that would concede the outcome before even trying. If it is approached from a customer asking a well thought out questions and undeniable facts, there is still a chance of at least making more people aware of the situation.

Apparently they did an audition for the next mr clean a while ago




But it's true

Well, they are ragheads. They're just putting it in writing now.

All muslims are criminals, and if they aren't then they aren't true muslims.
Having beekeepers in the UN is already bullshit, but it's expected since it's just a jewish invention.

When talking the subject of gamergate, anti-SJW, the right, you know, the whole um, not sure what to call it. The whole spectrum surrounding gamergate, you know, the people who by in large oppose SJWs and their shitty ideas. Sorry if I'm not being clear. When thinking of the past 2 or 3 years and all that has happened, and all that might happen from here, would you say:

>We haven't won yet but victory is inevitable

My own view changes day to day. Some days I feel like number 1, and want to celebrate. Then riots break out or I see stupidity coming from a regressive on twitter that makes you wonder if we ever really did evolve past the monkey stage, and I want to deepthroat a shotgun. I can't trust myself to judge accurately. So what's the general consensus?

Going for this one

I would say GG gave up, but Holla Forums and Trump took over instead and We haven't won yet but victory is inevitable.

if just talking about GG I would say it's We haven't won and victory is unlikely, which feels bad to say but GG got coopted by cucks and went reactionary and gave up the attack.

Those are just embarrassing. Leftypol should feel ashamed.


kys tbqh fam

Can we please meme the house of Saud into the guillotine?

Well, if you keep ignoring shit like then yea he is right. At least theres anons digging on ESA

I'm going for this.
Every day the SJW (or whatever you want to call that kind of people) keep going more retarded than anyone thought possible, and I think the average person is tired of that bullshit.

As old as 2010, but another example of a game journalist being an actual racist.


I think you're pushing it. You know he thinks the Japanese style of vidya is like that, not the Japanese or their culture.

I wouldn't say this is proof of him being racist but they definitely have a hateboner for japan

you're as bad as libtards

Of course he'd say that, he can't even play nuDOOM properly.

That is the point. Its a short game. You are supposed to learn mechanics to get past challenges that seem ridiculous until you git gud. Besides, even a scrub like myself beat it and I was absolute shit at the game.

We haven't won yet, but victory is inevitable.

Because of sexy women who help perfectly demonstrate sex sells along with making actual games and not pretentious Hollyshit wannabe art project shit.

title: Sewer Shark Edition
vid embed:
Uploaded on Oct 16, 2007

I'm on standby so no need to shitpost to 700 just yet.

Y'know who else have a hateboner against the Japanese video game creators?


the whole clique really, even though some of them like the aesthetics of anime and try to emulate it in their garbage indie "games"

The jew fears the samurai too

At least he'll get a soapbox and a pat in the back, that fucking asshole.

I thought that guy disappeared shortly after numale lies got released.


Oh, oh. I think this can be a window of attack too regarding the GDC. Don't forget all of the OC's and the screencaps that you got from their indoctrination seminars since 2007 that contain the buzzwords that's from the feminist, social justice and Marxist lexicon. Everything! Because it's going to happen in 2 months time! Be ready!

There's bound to be a benis within the first 10 post in. It doesn't get anymore lewder than that.

It depends. For gaming journalism itself: Haven't won, but the collapse of gaming media, (and old media as a whole) seems to be inevitable, and we are witnessing it's death throes.

For SJWs in games itself, changes day by day, but that one looks like we are losing. NDAS prevent any publishers and devs from talking dirrectly to the consumer base, and the PR people and other gate keeper are almost inevitably SJWs. Each AAA gets more and more PC, and there doesn't seem to be any push back against it. Indie market is filled with shit, and the only way for a dev to get noticed is to spew SJW stuff.

On a national politics basis, it gets even more murky. There is definately a uptick of people sick of political correctness, and identity politics lost Dems every branch of government. But It's also perfectly acceptable for celebrities to tell normalfags to punch republicans, cuz their nazis, and our colleges are basically brainwashing strong holds, and Trumps education secretary hasn't said shit about cleaning it up.

And frankly with the shit ratcheting up between the left and the right, part of me wonders of civil war is coming.

Globaly, shit is even weirder, with the right rising in places in europe, while their countries fill with immigrants who hate them.

Some fronts we seem to be winning on, some fronts we seem to be losing on.

Just being able to play videogames is kind of bleak at the moment though.

Yeah, they seem to have a schizophrenic relation to Japanese culture that mirrors their relation to vidya in general. You know how they keep on saying just how damn much they love videogames, just to turn around and say they're all terrible and immature and why won't non-vidya journos invite me to parties abloo bloo? Same way with Jap stuff. They can't fucking shut up about Mario and Pokemon and some animes like Ghibli and whatever, but then they go and take a huge shit over them in reviews and by denying coverage.

Her opinion is just purely wrong in every fucking senses. It's so amazing.

Do you think they are trying to co-opt Sean now that he's a disgraced dev? He's still tecnically famous and managed to gather millions for his project so what better time than this to make him one of their own? I can already see him coming with another huge budget and press hyped project under the Fig umbrella

He got shilled by the clique, Rami, Dewritospope, that Sony PR pajeet guy, and the GJP, he might not be inserting his fucking politics, but he's fucking in bed with them.

there was also articles shitting on his game by them, so he wasn't really their darling

I wonder. Hasn't that been the template for most of the lazy, skill-less fucks 'indie' devs. It's like a corrupted union scheme. You just need to make one vidya, it doesn't have to be good or competent, just the absolute bare minimum to qualify, slightly above a shitty malware and only below a calculator 'app'.

Once you're in, you're in the clique of superstar indie devs. Now you can go on talks across campuses and conferences about racism and sexism in vidya, shitting on potential customers, virtue signalling on twitter all day errday. Because you're a dev. Who made one (barely a) game. So you're now qualified to give edicts on geopolitics and tell anyone who disagrees with you they're nazis.

They joined the hype train, then when 18 quintillion planets of shit was released, they threw him under the bus, they couldn't defend this shit after 2-3 weeks of silence and many of those who pre-ordered calling them out, this game still has fucking GOTY awards from them.

"The only thing I clean is my knife after shankin' some ho'."

I honestly think things are going to get bad. VERY bad. Both on the SJW front and on the political violence front. I too fear a civil war. I think the left thought they'd never lose an election, ever again. And now that they have, they will flip the table and destroy everything to get their way.

People are tired of SJWs, but at the same time, the MSMs propaganda is so powerful that SJWisim is seen as the default position it seems. I honestly can't foresee how it'll end. I just hope they eventually lose favor and history recalls them for what they are.

I think he was part of the cancer crew, but can't remember which one exactly.

I wanted him to crash and burn early on since Sean made a few tweets blasting GG, he was always a cuck.

KiA's boycotts were in name only. Don't think I haven't noticed you IP hopping.

Does the name "Roberto Rosario/@siloraptor" ring any bells to you all?

I just want to see nips straight up condemn the worthless insufferable piece of shit.

I think they hyped it because they are hacks and legitimately thought it would be fantastic, not because they had some relationship with him like the usual. Normally they go radio silence for their own instead of outright throwing people under the bus



whatever happened to him btw?

That's only going to further piss the masses off being called shitlords just for not conforming to any pathetic retarded bullshit.

When things come to people being regularly attacked just for not liking mudslimes or for praising anime tiddies, that's when the shit stops once and for all.


Yeah but KiA said Reddit admins banned them from boycotts or the sub would be deleted, but on the The_Donald we do successful boycotts all the the so if it was Reddit admins that forbade them they would do the same with The_Donald.

So we can assume KiA lied about why they would not allow boycotts.

Well, history is written by the victors after all. Shit is reaching a boiling point everywhere in western civilization, here in europe we have hordes of muslims invading and in america you have mexico and colleges cranking out waves of shit. Something big will happen, it is inevitable

GamerGate really is their Holocaust

I can't tell if this faggot is very, very, VERY slowly un-retard-ing himself with some of the shit he types.

holy shit he's still getting fucked hard

Well, its going to get worse, there's gonna be a big recession, if political differences aren't solved, maybe a constitutional crisis then a civil war, but hey, still got that national, cultural and ethnic suicide by altruism by being pro-immigrant, multicultural, open-borders cuck in the West.

They didn't give a shit about the people asking for refunds, calling them entitled, again.

That one is overall pretty popular, I think I even saw it on Reddit once in a non negative context.


Just like Mark Kern, jesus fuck, his twitter feed is really redpilled, SJWs, truly are greatest self-defeating allies.

Already explained good reasons as to why boycotts are not necessary. Did you also forget that other subreddits have been banned before? The r/altright one got the hammer recently. It's a crapshoot with the mods there.

Hehehe, Benedikt Benis.

wasn't altright banned because they shared information about that shit eating cuckold?

Not for boycotts

It's just like the new ShadowTweeting thing, companies are trying to strangle out anti-SJW MSM news.

Did you hear about the 500 Pedophiles arrested this past week in a state wide raid? No?

someone needs to get bullied

I have an idea. What if we start joking about Shitter trying to send shitlords to the Shadow Realm?

That sounds DESIGNATED.

you remember how sweden refused to report certain rape issues because they thought it would help the wrong people? They are doing the same here, since pizzagate pedos don't exist anymore.

Welcome to the… #GamerRealm? #GamerZone?

Sources, please?

Like just about every rule in every social site, the boycott thing was purely arbitrary. It was a specific admin who laid it down on KiA, and they did contact him to clarify it.

Also, T_D is much bigger and has much more clout, so it can get away with more. Forbidding boycotts would be enough to cause a chimpout.

wew lad, SJWs will keep tabs on his descendants to stop them from joining too.

Think I did on The Goldwater, but that's not exactly mainstream now is it?

Point is, reddit is walking on eggshells and different sects can do different things.

Like with Rosario as an example, SJWs can hurt and destroy themselves without needing official group boycotts. There are at least three different ways that can be countered: Exposed and mocked, financially through advertising arms, and legally through lawsuits and government entities.

This is all a-ok to do on Twitter.

So why did Mark and Cole ban them?


I can't tell if that's real or just a bunch of people acting way over the top to take the piss.

Oh yea we just need to learn to not be rascist, after all its just the color of the skin :^) fucking plebbit

It fucking disgusts me that Milo got banned for "inciting hate" by saying (from experience) that literally every public figure gets hatemail, but these fucks can threaten people's kids, dox anyone who disagrees with them, and say they're going to publicly beat and harass people, and still be considered "within the rules." Twitter needs to get fucking nuked.

Personal boycotts are fine. Official boycotts under the #GG banner aren't. They don't quite translate to the gaming sphere as well as they do with what's happening between Trump and Starbucks. It would've been closer to the aforementioned COD & Sonic boycott failures than with Starbucks.



Ah, I was going to ask, but I just remembered someone mentioning that some threads ago.
I just tried to search "pedophile" on google news and nothing recent about a raid came up.
Mind sharing a link?

I feel like if I was POTUS I would've just declared open borders, and paid for ships to come pick up immigrants, and then drop millions of them right in the center of san fran, new york, boston, hollywood etc. And then watch as some sjw celebrity tweets about how they've been invited to partcipate in other cultures practices, while being gangraped for not wearing her hyjab.



Honestly, I would have ceded the Bay Area to Mexico, if the politicians love it so much.

I remember when IrbyTremor was doxed, too bad she came back. How long before a more…'final' solution is applied?

Meh. We're 20 posts away from a new thread, anyway.

This has to be a fucking crime, can't the cucks at twitter be charged for this the last image clearly says they "reviewed" the report and found it okay so they can't pull the whole "we didn't know we don't condone this" when clearly they do.

As stupid as that crowdfunded lawsuit against twitter sounds, I hope it succeeds.


How long has it been since #Riptwitter? Will we live to see this site outlast them?

Reddit is a fucking mystery to me. What does this mean? It's a stickied comment on this thread about The mayor of Berkley being a lying sonofabitch. Is this fellow telling GG to fuck off?

Look up who is one of the larger holder of twitter stocks. The answer may surprise you.

It looks like a mod showing what users reported the thread for.

I get the feeling that Twitter will end up pulling a Gawker and have the Saudis bail them out. Because god forbid they actually learn any lessons.
On the note of that antifa account, apparently it's finally been suspended because whoever's behind it ended up spending DAYS after that initial report harassing that particular user.

What ever happened to /8diamonds/, they did good work.

I think Ghazi/sjws are mad and their butthurt reports from that thread are being posted.

Looks like ghazi is brigading again and a mod is publicly showing their reports.

Gotta love how Ghazi and SRS still lurk KiA to spout memes and generally hassle the mods with shitty reports. It's almost like they don't have a job.

That fucking nerd that quotes Paarthurnax oh my god





The most active participants on the web are kids, and the mentally ill, so you get a skewed perception.

I hope so.

Ah, it was reported as a trafficking ring. Half of them were children and half adult. That report doesn't say explicitly use the word "pedophile". Reuters and LAtimes reported on it, but likewise didn't use the term much. That's why I didn't find it.
Still, it's disappointing this didn't get much coverage nor spread that much on social media.


That they did. A good joint effort primarily between Holla Forums and Holla Forums. Shame certain provocateurs and mod drama have really done a number on that board, but at least there's pushback against goons and their shenanigans sitewide. I doubt we've seen the last of them though. Later.

By Kek's grace, we will.




Forgot to post this:

Subversive faggots can get bent


Needed more Carlos

Gonna have to request a webm of that.