PS4 Pro "Boost mode"

Are we at the point where this is now considered a feature for consoles despite being possible on PC for years?

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That's awesome imo, you PC mustards just can't appreciate it when Sony is going to steal your throne and get all the best exclusives to boot. Sony wins as usual

The vanilla PS4 already sounds like a plane taking off during normal gameplay, there's no way this is a good idea


It won't be any louder than it is in games with native PS4P support. So you have the choice between complete silence in unpatched games or almost silence with boost enabled.
Yes, it works on Bloodborne. No framerate drops anymore. Framepacing is still fucked tho, no improvement there.

So the vanilla is noisy, the pro is even noisier and over-heats.

PS4 just ain't worth it- is it?

Why not just post the webm of the fucking feature itself dumbass?

Reminder that Sony released the same console but slightly upgraded in the space of 3 years.
Reminder that the Xbone will do the same this year.
Reminder that consoles are now literal iPhones.
Reminder that theres barely any uproar about this.

Oh what terrible crimes have committed this day.

Thanks to the casual/dilettante audience.
Soon as we get another crash, consoles will have to make an effort when they are revived.

Hopefully it'll just be hand-helds. Home consoles are un-needed with PC.

They want the PC audience too, thats the worst thing about this. They think its just power people like, not mods, giant game libraries, sales, and more.

my ps4 is pretty silent dude. i don't have a pro though, just vanilla.

however, i gotta say that bloodborne is shit. for all the fuzz about it it plays awful. controls have massive delay between the button press and the movement, and it works at around 25 fps.

the crash is not coming, accept it.

A brief history of console gaming:

you forgot "install"

Didn't the PS2 have an option to play PS1 games with fast disc loading and basicly say it may fuck up some games (or more likely do jack shit because PS1 games liked to do shit like spin the camera around the battlefield for no reason so they could hide the load times)?


i had a slim PS2. it could run -some- PS1 games, but the problem is you couldn't save in them.

i tried to save my PS1 games on the PS2 memory card and it wouldn't let me. i remember that very well

Don't know about load speed improvements but PS2 has optional bilinear texture filtering for PS1 games.

That's all PS2s, you dongus. You need a PS1 memory card for PS1 games on a PS2. A PS3 can save to a virtual memory card for PS1 games.

I just think it loads faster because it spins faster. It doesn't load slower than the PS3, at least.

Yes. It's required to be noted for speed runs of PS1 games if it was done on a PS2/PS3 with that option.

You need a PS1 memory card to save PS1 games.

You need a PS1 memory card to save PS1 games. I still dont know why.

'member saves being measured in blocks instead of kb/mb?

good times


Is it pay-per-use or subscribe2use?

Sounds like PC, really. Except swap new console for new cards. Gaming is pozzed as it is and no platform will be safe.

Except on a PC you're free to install whatever hardware you want as long as the parts are compatible.

Oh boy, I get to choose between Nuvidia or AMWut! Or Intelonu vs nothing! Truest the freedom of choice! Or how about that freedom of drivers that windows can automatically update for you! Wait, you're using Unix? Then the freedom lies beyond that Steam! Please tell me more things I don't know! fuck you for making me depressed

Glad to see the Turbo button making a comeback in some form.

I bet this shit breaks more games than it improves.

Didn't the many teardowns of the PS4 Pro reveal that it is literally just an overclocked PS4 and that's why it can't play 4K Blu-ray because it lacks the dedicated hardware decoder?

For me to feel those boobies.

lol is that a white dude on the bottom?

Except PS4 games all run at 24.5 FPS unless you buy the new version of the console that's only available 3-4 years later.

We really need to meme the crash into reality

And this is why I abstain from buying things early.

A "boost mode" isn't going to magically uncap the framerate unless they go back and patch it, and they're not going to

Oh, that sucks
Guess I'll wait a littld longer to see if it happens

vidya crash never ever

How'd we do it with pepe? I think we tried with the whole 'rare pepe' shit, but did the Jews actually give it back to us by scaring off the normalfags and pearl-clutchers? The ADL were the first ones to say it was a hate symbol, even though they mention that pepe isn't just about racist shock humor. Still begs the question why they focused entirely on it and classified it whole as a hate symbol, but the point is how do we make vidya seem "uncool?" Or "uncool" again? We need some sort of honey pot for retards, and I was expecting it to be the mobile market. Instead of containing it, mobileshit and free till paywall games bled over into the main market and large scale productions. I guess if the industry crashed and came back to stay for decades, who's to say it can't happen again?

Why do they need to cap the framerate of a game running on a console that isn't capable of running it at a higher framerate, anyways?

The answer is simple my friend; The Power of RELIGION! You may not believe in the Church of the Almighty Frog God Kek And neither do I! But you'd be a fool if you disregard the sheer ability to organize and rally groups together towards a common goal that religion is able to bring.

Just trust in the power of meme magic. With most AAA devs getting salty over the immigration ban, Kek has surely planned something for them.

And those 3 companies have a decent range of products that you can choose.
Sure lad, next you'll tell me the range of inputs, software and performance on both platforms is also the same.

what the fuck is going on

Via APUs being practically unavailable outside Asia, leaving only 2.5 options of the theoretically available 3.5. NV being the .5 as they don't have x86 CPUs

A consolefag trying to make an argument.

You know that console hardware is mostly AMD apus made for low power laptops.

Also your bait is shit.

Well the PS4 and Xbone are just pre built PCs with their own OS at this point so no.

why is it wearing a mask?

I was more annoyed by the whole fragmented word that's replaced with a random word. So, Instead of "Nvidia" it's altered to have the word "Nu" inside like "Nuvidia". Similar how Doom (2016) is renamed to "NuDoom" because it made sense because the soundtrack sounded like "Nu Metal" and also making a pun with "Nu" with "New". But adding "Nu" and other words to everything for the sake of putting it there, This doesn't make sense anymore, Every word is altered for the sake of some form of forced humour.
I don't understand.

So now console users are a part of the master race

Well if fucking reddit and the steam boxes can be a part of the "master race" then so can everyone else.

Can this meme please stop?
The Xbox One and PS4 have CPUs that are binary-compatible with conventional PCs, this is true
BUT, "PC" does NOT refer to a set of hardware itself, the term PC is derived from the trade-marketed word used by IBM that eventually became genericized for its 5150 that eventually became a de-facto standard
What makes the PS4 and Xbox One not PCs then?
Simple, they use non-standard BIOS' that are not capable of booting IBM PC compatible bootloaders. Historically, ONLY computers that used an IBM BIOS or an IBM compatible BIOS were considered "PCs". In fact, it was the reverse-engineering of the IBM PC BIOS by companies like American Megatrends/Pheonix that led to the IBM PC platform becomming a standard

Non standard BIOS = Not a PC

its that simple

you can't play yakuza 0 on PC :^)

ps1 software can't read magic gate.

Handhelds would be great. The technology is so good these days.

well, it's not "literally just an overclocked PS4"; it's a new chip with a much larger GPU based on the Polaris design (GCN 1.4) rather than the old chip which had a GPU based on (but larger than) "Bonaire" (GCN 1.1). the CPU runs at 2.1 GHz instead of ~1.6 GHz but it is the same otherwise.

you aren't wrong about the reason it can't play 4K blu-rays though

You sound like Stallman cultist

Without the A20 gate it's not a PC.

sounds ok, but what games OP?

The turbo button slows down the CPU for some old DOS programs (practically, games) that had their speed based on CPU cycles, so you don't have something like soldiers units moving at the speed of sound on a RTS game.

You are either a stupid fuck or a baiter. Anyways, I hope you like this shiny super ultra pic.

please go back to cuckchan.

i love how nobody ever spoke about w101 after like the first 2 months after release.

man the wiiu was such a piece of shit. and it doesn't really matter. nintendo is immune to consequences.


My PS4 is completely silent.
In its box on the shelf.


What will this do to games that have framerate locked to game physics (like toukiden for example would run twice faster at 60fps )


Think before you post.

As a linux pirate, i find your post deeply amusing.

The Wii U will probably go down as one of Nintendo's biggest blunders, only being surpassed by the Virtual Boy.

I wonder, are normalfags even buying this shit? Wasn't the whole reason the big three made new consoles was because normalfags weren't buying enough of them(mostly because no gamez and the ones they had run like shit)?

Most people couldnn't even tell the difference between the Wii and WiiU, how do they even expect the average consumer to recongize the same console but different as an "up-grade"? The only console that seems to have a chance to avoid this is the switch, and that is likely to follow the same path as the WiiU..

Consoles are on their last leg, this is a desperate attempt to maintain their relevance, neither Sony nor MS have the confidence to launch a new system, they know it won't sell.

Its selling more than the Slim because 4K and being more powerful and at the same price as the old one.


You can already hear the "are you poor? I even bought the new even though I bought the last one"
Even though the problem here is the precedent that it sets and how these could figuratively become iPhone tier jewish in subsequent generations.

The same reason why they buy a new iPhone.

Some models could play PS2 games as well.

Why would you EVER want to run x86, 32 bit is fucking cancer fam

Except the majority get them through contract which means every two years they get to upgrade at barely any cost. The faggots spending $600+ a year on buying the newest smartphones are a small minority.

There are videos of the pro that seriously sound like a jet, loudest I've ever heard a console get and the original 360 was already pretty loud at times. I was really surprised the slim I picked up for the holidays is as quiet as it is.


You could take your Zoloft and stop being a fucking retard. If you researched what happened with nvidia you'd know why the 'nu' was added there.
And I can see the cucks here defended the current PC situation. I'm not saying console is better since it never was but PC has also went down the drain with all the added current year bullshit I have to go through just to play a game and still unoptimized even with the latest drivers and decent hardware. And linuxfags can shut the fuck up since they have no purpose in gaming other than piracy and weak emulation.
Bear in mind those are all sales not yearly upgrades.

Here's one of these wonderful (you)s you're craving almost as much as you crave something else. Have a nice day.

You literally have nobody to blame but yourselves, Holla Forums. Sooner or later, you'll run out of bogeymen to blame your shit taste on.

Clearly you haven't played Titanfall 2 or FFXV(Basically anything released in 2016 or beyond) on it then. Because those games make the thing fucking scream. That is just my experience on a friend's PS4. But I will say that if it's true that the PS4 slim has a quieter fan, than fuck the vanilla or pro I'm getting a slim come the day that you can PS4's for $200 or less

The A20 gate isn't a thing since Haswell, so this isn't really true anymore. Besides a lot of processors have different feature sets. You don't need the PIT, the PIC, or the KBC to run Linux at all, I don't think even Windows necessarily uses those. When Intel/AMD finally remove these old features are you going to say they are not PCs anymore? 3DNow stopped being a thing a long time ago too.

Maybe the anons who are dumb enough to install steam are also the ones with shit taste?
I haven't played either of those games, or any AAA release for the last five years, unless I pirated it.

Trying to explain to a normalfag that it isn't actually 4k but merely upscaled 1080p or 1440p (if the thing can even handle those resolutions) at poor frame rates is hilarious. They cannot even comprehend the concept of upscaling, in their minds it says 4K on the packaging so the system puts out actual 4K.

It's the same as the previous gens. They all promised 1080p but it's actually 730~900 upscalled.

After you buy your own PS4, post purchase rationalization kicks in and your brain completely stops processing the airplane engine's sound even if it's right in front of you.

The Slim and the Pro (to a lesser extent obviously) are actually quieter than the original PS4. Don't forget that the PS4 came out over 3 years ago, there's been time to optimise the hardware since then.

That's only because of shit marketing.

Like fitting a cooling solution that isn't equivalent to an asthmatic hamster blowing on a piece of aluminium foil?

No, but you're trying to put both platforms on the same level.

Hate how consoles are now all about specs and graphics. One of the reasons I quit PC gaming was all the technical bullshit.

Graphics make games more expensive too. That's why we see a lot of middle of the road triple A trash that has to appeal to everyone.

No, it's the hueg marketing budget.

PC and console play the same games. PC is just a premium console at this point. Times have changed. At least everyone's enjoying the same games.

Never buy hardware at lauch. I know people who had me smuggle in the first iPhone.

You mean to tell me consoles aren't missing whole genres?

you fucking retard, if i flash my pc's bios to a different bios that provides the same functionality, is it somehow not a pc? no.

There's a whole talk about how the PS4 is x86 but not really a traditional PC.

The Xbox One S was released last year. The Scorpio (this year) is next gen.

it's still x86 xddddd

The S has no game hardware improvements though.
Just support for video 4K and HDR

My old PS4 gets oddly noisy when running CoD:BO3. Not sure why, but it really throttles up the cooler.

Haven't played more recent games since it is a waste to throw money at this. I will only keep it because I want to play Yakuza, otherwise I'd have sold it already. Bloodboner was shit.

My PC is about to turn 7 years old. I managed to play TW3 on medium setting at @1080 with close to 60 FPS. I will buy a new rig this year. There is no real reason to change CPU, but if Ryzen is good and the price tag is reasonable I might do it anyway.

They probably tied some of the game logic to the drawing of the frames as usual.

the S is overclocked. its not an advertised feature though.

Yeah I remember this. Glad to see sony finally caught up.



I miss those buttons so much. I'm toying with the idea of creating my own case from scratch since I'm a /diy/nosaur. If I end up going that, I'll surely end up including a turbo button just for the heck of it (I could even use it as a switch for some RED_ leds).

Don't do it.

Can voice acting, lip sync and animations get even worse? Why are we going backwards?

I know what I'm doing, m8. The red led will attract the heat, that will speed up the dissipation from the CPU and GPU thus making everything run cooler.

Think of the environment, the Earth can't take many more red LEDs.

You're probably one of those green led faggots I heard about.

black led actually


nigga just turn the light off


Sure entire genres that nobody cares about let's be serious here. Of all the games made in the last 3 years few are PC exclusive. When I look at where PC was at in the 90s and early 2000s and where we are now I see a homogenisation taking place. Nobody even asks anymore if a game comes out on console it's just assumed.

And you see the same with games that used to be exclusively on console like the Tales series or Halo.


Total War: Warhammer sold over half a million copies on the first couple of days and PC sales don't dip to near 0 after a couple of months.
Civilizations VI is the fastest selling installment on the series with well over a million copies sold in a week.
I could go on to other strategy games and genres (ARMA 3 sales, simulator sales, etc), but that alone is enough to prove you wrong.

There are also other games that are worthless outside of PC, like Bethesda shit or M&B (yeah, both Warband and Bannerlord will get console release, or so the devs said). Regardless of being available on consoles, mods are what makes those games worth a while and the modding community will NEVER EVER be relevant on consoles, there are one too many limitations, even beyond hardware.

Spoken like a true ribbitor.

So if both are shit you'd eat the one with sugar sprinkles? Do you not get it? Both platforms fucked up and looking at the Denuvo thread there's no hope for recovery.

No, as fucking shitty as Nintendo is getting and while I'm not getting one, I hope the the Switch is a success and Sony goes under.

PS4 and the Bone are both complete trash and you listing a DRM thats now cracked in a question of days won't fix that.

You need to post more games from the 90's to prove you point.

As opposed to


You don't fucking get it or you're one of the 'PC is always great!' Retard club the latter most probably. There hasn't been one game post denuvo/feminists industry on the PC that's worth playing or even mentioning. Same goes with consoles. And if you're wondering I'm a smartphone gamer ;^)

I'm sure you're enjoying all those quality newer multiplats inbetween waiting 5 months for your 6 hour long exclusives.

It's funny that you mention the 90s, this very late 90s game had better voice acting, lip sync, animation and OST than this 2017 pile of crap .

Shitposting aside. You can't claim they are the same and not back it up with conclusive arguments. We have proven to you that recent release are relevant and exclusive to PC, bring evidence that proves the opposite or shut the fuck up.

Thanks for embarasing yourself

Why do you think I sound like a pessimist with the nuwer games?

I don't think that, you said
And I gave you PC exclusives from a -nearly- PC exclusive genre that prove you wrong.
Limit to what you read on my post instead of guessing what I'm thinking.
If you don't have any other argument, fuck off or talk about the topic at hand.

Aren't black LEDs just UV lights? Would be neat to use in a build if you used UV markers for patterns, or in a custom loop with Indian Tonic Water.

We have IDs here you fucking sperglord. Jesus Christ the condensed retardation in this thread. Don't give me that drunk in the morning excuse too.


The only retard here is you

There's another version of this right? I don't remember it being so shitty.

Why do people even care about 4k again?

Because they've been told it is the next best thing, even though I doubt most people have setups that are made for 4k


yeah but why? 4k is a meme resolution. 60fps I can understand but 4k is retarded.

Because at 4k/2160p resolution with some form of 2x AA, is apparently extremely crisp compared to 1080p with 8x AA. Also with the fact that there's a lot of OLED tvs coming in that are all at 4K

if you dont have a 4k set, you do have the benefit of downsampling.

lmao and people said crts are faulty

because its more pixels than 1080p.
how would sony sell a ps4pro if it didnt do a 4k output?

I don't know, I can't see myself caring about 4k and I don't know why anyone else would either to be honest.

I don't see it, faggot.

For reasons other than games, it has become the next standardized resolution on tv's.
Unless your questions is, why more pixels in general.

Remember the last time someone mentioned that 1080p was pointless? Or that anything beyond 16bit was too excessive? Yeah, me neither.

as someone who plays on 720p i'm one of those guys

never cared much for graphics and I don't see what's so appealing about them. If the game isn't good, why would I care if it's pretty?

Why 720?
Go 480, after all why would you care.

because if a game mostly runs at 33 but sometimes runs at 45 or 60, then they just cap it at 30 or else people would complain about "frame rate drops" just because every once in a while its faster than normal. this is my understanding of how consoleplebs think

i hear you man. my pc runs dark souls 3 on max settings at a solid 60 and it looks good, but as long as the game is fun, i don't care if my pc's capabilities are completely squandered and the game looks like an atari 2600 game because both experiences are equally enjoyable