What is your favorite 3D GTA game?

What is your favorite 3D GTA game?

Mine has to be Vice City.
San Andreas is the most popular but VC is better in terms of atmosphere and background. I prefer Scarface over 90's gang-banging niggers.

GTA 4 has the best fighting mechanics, realistic physics and well grounded plot (even if it's linear).

I don't like GTA 5, it's so self aware and feels like a parody.
Best graphics though, it is refreshing to see vivid colours after the depressing and foggy GTA 4.

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GTAIV was my favorite, I know lots of people didn't like the story or the gray city but they did a really good job of mapping, especially in the starting neighborhoods. That start area was done very well and there's lots to explore there, even as you go north to Bohan (forgot what not-borough names they used for a second). If you look at screenshots of GTAIV even without ENB they are so spot-on with their design down to the dumpsters, window bars and trees that it's hard to distinguish the elements in the game from a real photo of the actual area. Research like that shows some real effort.

I stand by with the user that said first gta game you played will be your best. 3 was my first and it is definitely my favorite, next would be GTA 4. I dont like empty deserts

You could argue all GTA games had aspects of being "parodies", though with 5 I guess you can argue it felt too cynical and full of itself? I kind of enjoy it more over 4 because the PC port runs better but at the same time its a major step back compared to the PS2 era games, especially in terms of SA's map design.

This. gta IV is literally the best. pccucks will never know its taste like rdr. they still think their teenager–invaded gta 5 is the best.

Oh, I took the bait.

Sure individual buildings look good but overall it felt like a chopped frankenstein of NYC with jarring transitions between neighborhoods. The 3D GTAs and GTA V are much better at maintaining a plausible experience through their maps.

Thats not to neglect Red Dead Redemption, I personally enjoyed it more than 4 or 5 because of the wild west setting. But I'd love to see a port of it at 60FPS.

My first game was probably GTA 1 on the PC. Could not get into the limiting top down style so tried and mostly ignored every release until 3, which is my second favorite. GTA IV is the best one. As has been previously pointed out the environment is believable in a lot of locations, and still way more lifelike than V. Also I personally loved the way the cars handled. You actually needed to finesse your way around, especially to catch up to other players or outrun someone chasing you. Whenever I did play online in the stellar cops and crooks mode I always wanted to be a driver since I was better than nearly anyone else I played with, and it felt so good to leave people awful at driving in the dust.

Never take the bait.

Bully. it's technically in the 3D GTA universe so fuck you.

Having played several thousand hours of San Andreas I guess I'll pick that one. The level design of Los Santos together with the nrg-500 is very pleasant.

I have a lot more respect for 2 than any of the 3d ones. I wish they would go back to that style, but I know rockstar is not up for the task these days.

GTA 5 had way deeper problems, mainly that it wasn't as sandboxy as the previous ones.
While playing it the first time I really liked it.
When I replayed some missions though, I realized how scripted they were.
You have to chase someone and are actually catching up becasue you know how to drive and use the right streets for shortcuts?
Too bad the designers didn't want you to catch the guy at right this moment so he gets aspeed boost until you reach the checkpoint for the cutscene.
And shit like that happens way too often.

Individual neighborhoods look good though. Of course on a map that size you can't fit every neighborhood in. The entire east village in Manhattan is a 2-4 block square in the game.

San Andreas was my first GTA and it's my favourite so I guess you're right
I hope GTA VI is either in Florida again or somewhere new. But for new locations I can't think what would work best

please not another retard that thinks vice city is scarface inspired at all besides references. No. Its based off of actual events are was san andreas. It's a satire of the time, and history

You missing out on GTA 2 which is legitimately great game.

Problem with GTA IV it kinda looses it's steam in last third of it' story, about after diamond deal. Oh well. it's still has the best gunplay and and character animation in series and has really great attention to detail, in way it was more of a spiritual succesor to Mafia: The city of lost heaven. But hey if you wanted San Andreas 2, you have Saints Row 2 for that.

Vice City actually resembled Goodfellas more than Scarface considering who Tommy Vercety is and by whom he voice acted.

Is there any reason why GTA5 has some of the most boring music ever? I genuinely feel sleepy listening to its soundtrack, and I never felt that way compared to prior GTA games, or even shit like Red Dead, Bully, or Manhunt.

This. Around that time it really becomes about Niko working as a mob soldier for reasons. Reasos why? ULPC is the only one who helped out with the person he tried to find, and Roman already won all the money they'd ever need. And then it gets worse later on, fuck the Jersey levels. I hated driving around in circles there, and Niko somehow goes from foot soldier to top confidante (killing his bosses personal guard, carrying out hits, etc) despite Phil Bell being shut out for not being Italian.

GTA V is the best 3D GTA tbh

Yeah, they removed some shit that was there in IV, but overall its still the superior game

you're the type of guy to call san andreas a bad game because it was "too big"
also you'd know GTAV is in the HD universe

Some of the new songs for Online are pretty catchy, but they don't seem to be made by the same people who made music for SP. SP has a few standout songs and a whole lot of forgettable ones.

Every GTA title is a parody on pop culture and stuff

Plot in GTA series has always been the weakest part. It's kinda an excuse for missions to tie them up together

That's garbage compared to IV. In two minutes the styles in this loading track symbolise the whole first part of the game, with Niko working for the Russians and for the local ghetto gangs later on.

One more reason to count down until the day earthquakes push your state into the sea, califaggian.

Even then some tracks like Liberty City Stories or GTA3 had great intro/loading songs to make you excited or at least interested in playing the game.

It makes me wonder why the soundtrack just isnt strong for 5 though, especially when they had a team work on something like Max Payne 3.


How would you figure that when my favorite GTA is the one with the biggest map of them all?
I will say that GTA San Andreas was a LOT of "empty space" it had a lot more empty/wasted space than GTA V has, and GTA V has a much bigger map. I think with V they were able to use the extra detail that came with the improved graphics to their advantage, so even the deserts aren't all empty space and are instead full of stunt jumps, hiking trails, and mobile homes. Wheras Bone County was more or less blank expanse of nothing

San Andreas for all the features, Vice City for the setting. Played IV at release and thought it was horrible, replayed it recently and I still don't like it much but wouldn't go as far as to call it horrible. Never played V, the Liberty City/Vice City stories and the DLC for IV.

If you hated IV than I think V would be worth the pirate, since V was Rickstars what of addressing all of what they felt was problems people had with GTA IV, like the bland and grey/gritty atmosphere, and uninteresting setting, unrealistically floaty ragdoll physics and floaty car physics.

On the other hand people have complained that GTA Vs car physics are too tight, they got rid of food stands/restaurants (you can still see Cluckin' Bell and Burger Shots but they're now just part of the scenery) NPCs have less health, and the cops are too aggressive. I think it all just depends on what you value more. I think GTA Vs soundtrack is also more memorable than IVs, but the GTA game with the absolute best soundtrack is still Vice City by far

I think gta 5 is a huge stepdown from gta 4 because driving and physics suck, the only fun vehicle in GTA 5 is the hachikou because of it's turning, otherwise driving is boring

There's an easy fix for the driving. Just use this guy's mod.


Though it's only for SP, the dude puts 3 and a half hours into being autistic enough to go really in-depth on the car handling models. It's good shit

This. GTA4 was the shit and still is.

I wish there was a mod to go more in-depth with shit like having cars coast/idle foreward when no brake is pressed for example
Thats not more realistic at all. In the stock game, the Adder, based on the Bugatti Veyron, is stated on the in-game car dealers website to have a top-speed of 260 but is limited to about 215 when driving it. This was intentional, because there is no fucking way the Veyron could go the full 260 mph on regular roads with less-than-ideal tires. They limit the speed to account for the extra drag and more worn tires from driving on less-than-ideal roads

5 is absolutely mind blowing. I hated 4. I hated Niko. I hated Liberty City. I hated the story. I hated the driving. I hated the shooting.

The characters in 5 actually have arcs and are likeable or at least relatable, the map is full of small details that are not even exploited or explored, it actually feels like it was made by some really autistic people that just love small details. Cars are fixed, there's a fuckload of weapons. I love it tbh. It's always funny to see how people say it's shit because it doesn't have the physics of 4 or because when you fly over water it doesn't move.

So I'd have to say 5 and San Andreas, SA mostly for the nostalgia, I probably wouldn't go back and play it again.

Every car in 5 feels like the same boring shit. In 4 getting a sports car actually fucking matters. You lean where they spawn and grab them every time you can.

Yeah but they're annoying to drive, and they all feel like shit. There's like 3 cars that are actually fun to drive.

GTAV even makes driving shitty cars fun, I feel like that's a major step up

San Andreas for all the side activities.
GTAV for the gameplay improvements.
GTAIV for online.

In terms of technology, IV is more 'advanced' with the little details they put into the water and area you're around. e.x. being able to pick up bricks and throw them or cans of soda/cups and whatnot. However V expanded on the 'little details' even more by letting you hide in bushes escape cops, gas tanks, and even more. Bear in mind I am not bashing on IV in any way, I loved the handling and how cars felt like they have weight, but they were a bit too slidey for my tastes

V is an alright game by many standards, graphics wise and gameplay wise. However the game needs mods to make it feel even more alive, handling mods, visual mods and so forth. The problem with IV is the optimization is absolute dogshit, and you get 43 FPS in the middle of Algonquin for no reason whatsover. I found that GTA V's default graphic's settings looked like shit, so I got VisualV and made the game look a little better

who cares, they were a dumb gimmick anyway
npc combat was better in IV, in V enemies are often too bullet spongey
the cops are fine, its the way they are spawned that's annoying
when you are running they will just constantly spawn right in front of you to the point where its often difficult or impossible to avoid being seen by this cop car that just dropped out of thin air
there's also too many police helicopters at higher star ratings, you blow 2 out of the air with a rocket launcher and almost immediately they are both replaced by new ones

The biggest problem I have with cars in GTA V are that for some reason they made regular shitbox/beaters and heavy trucks feel like sports cars and supercars by giving them the ability to corner well. So actual sports cars and supercars no longer feel special. Yeah, shitboxes have worse acceleration and top speed, but its not that noticeable. I want the shitboxes to actually feel like shitboxes

Are you high?

I just feel like the water complaing is dumb you know. I mean in 4 you have three islands, every time you take a helicopter it's very likely you're gonna fly over the water so the detail makes sense. In 5 there's just no reason for it, the times you fly over the water are very limited.

But I get what you mean. Although I found 5 visually stunning, especially for the hardware demands it requires.

This has to be the biggest flaw of the game. Despite having hardware that is at least double of all the relevant numbers of the hardware that was in your average gaming PC at launch I still can't get a steady 60.

Best argument against V's driving. Yeah, a shitbox like Roman's taxi will not corner well and you'll have to brake and slow down, but get in an entry level sportscar and you can feel the difference.

Mods like NaturalVision actually make GTA V look worse sometimes though. the game looks fine on its own

I don't think so

goddamn man get a grip

Are you ok user? You seem to be upset about something.

I'm just really surprised, the online for GTA4 was absolute shit. Like, real garbage, completely unsalvageable.

I don't even know what to say tbh

As opposed to.. No online and jewing the fuck out of everyone for Shark Cards?

Cops and Robbers and Escort the Boss game modes are better than anything else in V.

That's a good meme. You can get 11m by being good at the game online for completing a challenge. Not to mention all the CEO and Gang work that gets you 500k a pop.

Now it's my turn to be incredulous.

Yeah, the base game can look pretty fine as well, however I advise against using naturalvision and shit like that. From all the visual configs I've used, VisualV is the best. NaturalVision looks like absolute shit at night, and at sunset. The biggest problem I have with GTA V's graphics is the fucking AA. Even upscaling doesn't help the AA that much.

What I do love about V's graphics is that the brightness setting, You think it'd change your actual brightness of the game, right? Nope. It actually makes the game darker, shadow and lighting wise. Put that thing all the way down and everything looks fantastic, even on stock settings with no visual mod.

I feel you on this. I wanted the shitboxes to control like absolute shit, shitty outdated suspension, garbage topspeed etc, etc. But instead they just corner just as well as the supercars, with a lower topspeed and acceleration. Real bummer for me on that one.

Oh man, GTA 4 online was the shit. I don't think there was anything more fun than going in a freeroam lobby with a trainer, watching people drift around the airport with their drift handlings, and having drift championships. There were even map mods where you'd go into multiplayer and drift with other people down a huge fucking mountain.


If you ever want to really increase 5's replayability and feel of it being alive get these mods.


V online is the most fun you can have with friends in a multiplayer game. Tons of cooperation, opportunities to fuck with them and tons of customization to show off.
It's good

What? How the fuck does that work? You have to be pulling my leg here.

I disagree.

Go into the game and try it yourself. It affects the lighting and shadows, not the actual brightness

That's allright. But don't believe what Holla Forums told you in case you haven't played it.

They did a good job with Chinatown wars, although it would have been nicer with a second joystick and a more zoomed out camera. The drug dealing mechanic was really neat and I would spend hours just buying & selling stuff across the map. GTA games really need to find more ways to give players the opportunity to make money at their own pace. GTA5 is especially bad for this, the only real way to secure a large wealth of money for fucking around is to save the Lester assassination missions till the end of the game and play the stock market with each character.

I miss being able to make stacks of cash doing vigilante or firefighting missions, plus earning neat passive bonuses for finishing them was nice incentive but unfortunately its too "unrealistic" to include anymore. Same with the hidden packages that unlock weapons, can't have those anymore which really sucks ass.

I have played it. I didn't do too much of the newer stuff but even that just looks like "go here and steal this car while hackers try and blow it up"

I just preferred the game modes of IV.

No but you're right GTA online is fantastic. I sure to love grinding to get money, so I can buy shit to grind to get money, so I can buy shit to grind to get money, so I can buy shit to grind to get money, so I can buy shit to grind to get money, so I can buy shit to grind to get money, so I can buy shit to grind to get money and so on.

Yeah, nah. It's infinitely better than V MP, and only surpassed by SAMP.

Never play MTA though. Ever, in your life. I tried playing MTA once and joined a server, immediately bombarded by multiple spanish/portuguese speaking people in the chat and spamming it. It was an awful server where they use '.l.' as an insult if you kill them. Apparently knife matches and who can get the most knife kills are their 'competitive' scene in that server, and if you manage to kill one of them, they'll stalk you and teleport to you for upwards of 30 minutes so they can get that ONE kill on you back. I just ended up spawning a hunter and glitching it into their knifing arena and killing them all with the rotors

It's fucking horrendous, the community for it. I even found one of their 'knife clan' videos

What the fuck is that video.

Oh man those were the first days of the game where it was fucking broken, they've long changed how it works.

It's some pajeet who runs that shitty server I joined that made that video, I just named myself 'nig' and started killing them all and interrupting their knifing matches with the hunter. I got hardware banned from the server at least two times before just fucking off and deciding it not worth it. Like I said, they take that shit REALLY REALLY seriously, and will stalk you for upwards of 30 minutes if you kill them even once. So it's just fun killing them and saying owned and watching them try to warp to you

That's fake right?

The image


Unfortunately that is now the state of IV MP, now that scripts and the equivalent of trainers for consoles are now available to anybody with a USB stick.

The average lobby nowadays in IV has at least 5 faggots running trainers, acting like some sort of would be server admin, banning your via console crashes, locking your character in place and forcing you to leave the game, immolating your player character, and all sorts of autistic shit for just trying to have fun.

It's to the point now that if you want to play IV MP, you better have a friend with you who has the trainer to return the favor to these sperglords.

this shit is the worst.

Are you really going to post this same bait in every GTA thread you see


which one
there are like 2 or 3

Not for consoles.

Come on, mane.

san andreas for life. when i started i was so uninterested in it, didn't give a shit about some stupid coon main character, and within maybe forty five minutes i was ready to die for the grove and unironically listening to biggie smalls on my discman while walking around. awesome characters, voice acting, story, radio stations, fuckin wu zi mu was bro of the century, james woods put in an awesome performance, godDAMN that game was good


Rest are shit with shitty characters with shitty writing doing shitty things

GTA 4 is the worst one



Funny you embed that as I'm posting WebMs.

here we go with the retards




Reminder that GTAV fags can't stand being wrong. Double down fallacy yknow?

That's because he's fucking dead, user.


removing pointless shit to make a better game is not retarded

So tell me, why to random people on the street like to start punching you for the horrible crime of standing next to them? Oh boy just what I wanted, a One Star Wanted Level for no reason.

I bet you haven't actually played the game have you

i'm not saying that GTA5 is perfect or even good, but i'm saying that video is so retardedly biased that posting it is flat-out stupid

That's not the half of it. The hills have eyes And those eyes give you a wanted level for so much as shooting a rifle in the middle of nowhere They programmed the game so animals seeing you do crimes give you a wanted level

I bought it at release for the PS Triple. The scenario is demonstrated in the Crowbat video. Go ahead and launch the game right now, stand next to some people on the street, and watch as they get pissed off and your wanted level goes up.

I've been replaying the single player in these days and no, it doesn't happen.

The problem with the crowbcat videos, as much as I love the guy, is that they cherry pick things that happen maybe 1% of the time while playing the game. It's hard to take anything he shows as facts or proof that a game is worse, because you know that the footage he's showing was chosen exactly to prove that IV is better than V.

Truth is there are no absolutes. IV does some things better, V does others better. Taking that one single video as proof and posting it every time someone mentions V in a positive light to instantly shut down the discussion because someone is speaking out of line is boring and just kinda ruins the whole point of discussing it in the first place.


Yes it does nigger.

Alright well nice job completely ignoring the rest of my post, great discussing with ya.

Hard to take you seriously when you keep lying fool. The same shit happened to me before I uninstalled it.

I didn't ignore it, I just didn't have anything to add on other than the fact that you are wrong about the pedestrians. I remember it bothering the shit out of me on launch week as I played. Kept getting one star wanted levels for no reason.

If you can provide evidence that it was patched out of the game or something, then do so.

And again, I'm not saying it doesn't happen at all, there are few occasions where it does. But it's certainly not the norm.

Works for me, guess they must have changed something in a patch. Thanks for the proof.

Wew, OP might just be an actual retard.

I mean if you compare it to GTA "do a wheelie to fly" V then yea, it's a lot more realistic.

That is what is written on the cover

Not that you would know since there's no fucking bikes in 4 :^)


GTA "Do a flip half the time you go on the pavement" IV isn't much better.

Yes that's what you should take away from the physics.

Almost like doing a flip is dangerous. Or are you alluding to something else?

VC>2>SR3=3>Mafia>Mafia 2>SA=Mercenaries 2>VCS>LCS=4=Chinatown>WD
5 is probably between 2 and SA.
5o is probably between 3 and VCS.
SR4 is probably between Mafia 2 and Mercenaries 2.

Was Claude a white supremacist?

I would buy this song on CD

Explain this.

go away you shifty jew

Vice city, its like morrowind of GTA. Vice city has the greatest story, music and setting combination of all those games. It has best aesthetics and greatest execution of art style they made since gta iii.

There's no competition. GTA IV and V are for children who want graphics, physics and shit. SA is for niggers and degenerates. Vice city still remains as perfect example how to make aesthetically pleasing GTA game.

GTA4 made a parody name for the small neighborhood i grew up in, in "bohan" so i will forever call it my favorite.

also, the way you can interact with the AI makes it the most replayable.

Vice City > San Andreas > GTA III > GTA Episodes from Liberty City (BoGT > TLaD) > GTA IV > GTA V

This is the only and objectively correct power ranking.

basically this
VC is where the shit is and I'm proud that it was my first GTA.

The original, quite a revolution for it's time but looks so primitive nowadays.

Significantly improves on original. Also looks primitive nowadays, but is way more refined and enjoyable, and has plenty of shit to do.

Massive for it's time world map, but it tried too hard to be an RPG, which leads to unnecesseary grinding and some dull repetitive activities like picking a meal.

Tries too hard to be more serious and dramatic, while it succeeds at it, it's just not as "fun". The city feels real, but after San Andreas it just doesn't compare in diversity of areas to explore.

Multiplayer is teen kid zone, so I heard from people who don't pirate games, as for the singleplayer, it's solid. Can be both serious and comical, and the first person mode is quite an interesting experience.

I'm kinda torn between GTA 5 and Vice City, really. Vice City is no doubt, the classic, model GTA I am willing to compare any game in this subgenre with, but I must admit this might just be my bias as I spent so much time playing it from 4th to like 5th grade. And GTA 5, well, I guess I am more satisfied with it's direction that with that of San Andreas or 4, and it's truly massive and has lots of fun shit, so how can I hate it?

It's a mixed bag for me. I like and dislike quite a bit from them all. I tend to just stick to the newest game released, since it's the one I haven't played the most.

GTA3 is the one I spent the most time with for sure. I had played the original, London and GTA2 before but GTA3 certainly sold me on the series. Aside from missions and random killing sprees, there's not a great deal to do in the game, so I found myself playing a new game more times than I would load up a completed file.

VC has the best direction. While I was disappointed that there were only two islands initially, it grew on me because it felt a lot more consistent than 3. Plus it has the best music, atmosphere and protag out of all the games.

SA I like for the scale. There is so much shit you can do in that game that it can keep you going on a single playthrough for a much longer time than any other game in the series. It has the best usage of planes in the game, since it makes more sense to fly to three different cities on different islands and the airfield, than an airstrip or an airport that aren't really that far away from each other and quite remotely located. I wasn't really a huge fan of the more whacky inclusions like the jetpack, but thankfully, it didn't make up a whole lot of the game.

4 has the best city, in that it feels like a proper city. It looks dirty, the scale is just about right and for the most part, the player models of NPC's aren't too recognisable so you don't normally feel like you've seen the same character over and over like in the previous games. I liked the physics engine (including the cars) and while I wasn't a huge fan of the more darker tones of the game, it didn't ruin the experience for me, like I've seen happen to others. I think when a game tries to be funny and whacky, it has a huge chance of falling flat (Saints Row 3 and beyond in that series). I have more fun in 4 just stealing a big truck and plowing into as much traffic as I can than I ever did with the entirety of SR3. It's more fun to do crazy shit in a more realistic setting, than in one where you're given practically unlimited resources or super powers.

5 is the newest, I guess. I mostly only play it to mod the singleplayer and fuck around with it that way than bother to do any missions. It's okay to fuck around in but I rarely get much of an urge to play it. I'm not sure whether that's down to the game lacking in certain areas or if I'm just burnt out on the series.

Can't wait for the new Red Dead

The 3D Universe generally refers to III-SA, at least in my experience. That said I'm fairly sure Bullsworth academy also shows up in a TV show in IV.

Basically in reality they're all in the same universe but muh universes was rockstar's answer when questioned about lorerape. Almost nobody who worked in the previous GTAs worked in gta 4, so that's why it's so shit and why they have no idea about what happens in the previous games.

Yes, it also helps explain the massive changes in the map between III and IV. It let them turn V into nostalgiabait without any continuity work too.

I like the soundtrack quite a bit outside the game. It's a bit too boring at times in-game.
If any of that makes sense.

SA > VC > 2 > IV EFLC > 3 > IV > V


Nah, the best is VCS.

Do you have no taste, user?

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But wait, there's more!

Ah, yes, Liberty City. Living the American dream.

It deserves an oversized GIF.


I seem to have stolen a fbi car and these cool fellas decided to ride with me.
What should I do with them Holla Forums?

Decided to reinstall GTA IV. Had to spend two days just to make the fucking GFWL work.
What are some good mods for the game with the latest patch (

Vice City for all the reasons you listed. San Andreas was just the LA news. I could get that shit for free on TV.

I played the originals first, but GTA 3 was the first 3D and ps2 game I played and it floored me for few hours as I just ran people over and flipped cars. VC was even better. SA was good but VC still holds the title and I suppose may indefinitely for me.

Pretty much


Why bother with such a boring and annoying game?


Because I enjoyed it back when I played it 7 years ago, so now I want to get the most out of a second playthrough.

My second playthrough was awful. I realised how boring and poorly designed that game is after finishing it for the 2nd time.

Can't crush them, if i drove them to the crusher they would just get out when i stopped.
People took to long to answer so i drove them underwater and watched them drown.

All the talent at rockstar left during the making of gta 4. With gta 4 which was a shit game it at least had things the previous games didn't have like picking up objects and improved gunplay, but in gta 5 everything is worse than every other gta game except graphics.

GTA IV is fucking awful, i've been considering making a thread about just how awful it is.
The story is absolutely boring shit, the characters are all unimaginative annoying morons aside from Dwayne, the dying mafia guy and UL Papers and i guess Nico but he has his own major problems. All of the missions are so fucking repetitive and boring, the entire story of Nico was never truly explained and when there were perfect times to explain it, like when he meets with Florian, it instead turns into a big gay joke. Literally.
The game gets really annoying with its sarcastic humor too. The game is also very easy to complete, most of the missions only require you to kill like 3-4 guys max and the ''most famous" mission , Three Leaf Clover, is completely retarded because the setup is ridiculous(Nico agrees to doing something major without even knowing what it is or how much he is gonna earn), the scene that triggers the action is insulting to the players intelligence(a random guy decided to shoot at one of the heisters and then just sit there waiting for the others to shoot back while the hesiters have a moronic argument WHILE ROBBING A BANK) and the overall mission is nothing special aside from the fact that you are running away from the cops in an extremely scripted sequence, and don't even get me STARTED on the scripted bullshit with this game.
The only good things are the improved shooting, the driving mechanics(which are still fucked and went nowhere because R* decided to not use the car physics for the 5th game) and the physics which too got altered for the worse.

Got to pick my hometown and go with Vice City. No one fucks with Tommy.

My fav is still San Andreas. Dat 90s music and feel, plus the world was large but still fun to explore and fuck around in.

GTA3: dated
Vice City: probably #2 after SA
LCS: Never played it
VCS: Never played it
GTA4: Super disappointing to me. Too real, too gritty, too grey, too Jew York. I hate liberty city.
EFLC: Never played it
GTAV: It's ok, pretty fun I guess. I like being able to change characters. Very pretty. But it feels empty and boring, and the missions suck asshole.

Also, you forgot Chinatown Wars, which was also meh.

VCS has a more serious story too, but unlike IV, the story is handled much better.
The main problem with IVs story and setting isn't thats its too gritty, that wouldn't be a problem if it had good writing for it. Thing is IV story is incredibly boring and annoying and its characters are awful.


That's bullshit. You kill 4 guys minimum on Jackob's tutorial mission and it escalates from there.
It gets boring towards the end, but before that is more or less solid.
Actually Dwayne is the one that gets annoying with his whining and Gambetti is awkwardly introduced towards the end of the story without any reason, IRS already agreed to find Darko after helicopter assassination, so there is no point foe Niko to work for him. Also a lot of characters are meant to be annoying.
You don't just running away. You have to tear through police forces and shoot with everything you have. That's why that mission is so engaging.

I never said that there were no missions where there were actual shootouts, the problem is that there is a decent amount of missions where you have to kill just like a few guys. Just look at the Florian/Bernie missions, they were a complete waste of time.
No, its good at the start, starts to lose its steam at some point during Bohan period and become absolutely boring shit as soon as the McRearies start being a thing.
He may whine but with good reason and he rewards you the penthouse even tho you never asked for it nor did you expect it.
That may be true but he was likeable and didn't act like a moron like the rest of the mafia guys.
Yeah, IRS may be arrogant but he actually fucking does what Nico asked him to.
True, which is one of the many problems with the story, the fact that Nico keeps working for people even tho he has no real benefit from doing that. Again, the entire story becomes boring bullshit as soon as you are done with U.L. Papers.
And that is good how? How is that acceptable? THEY ARE ANNOYING AND THAT IS THEIR ONLY TRAIT, THAT IS BAD WRITING. It just makes the entire story unlikable and boring to go thru.
No shit.
Yeah, except the problem is that the game is very easy and there isn't anything rather special about the fight, it feels like just another shootout except this time after every wave of enemies you move up to a new place.
Maybe i would have found it engaging if i wasn't disinterested because of the stupid McRearies, the incredibly stupid cutscenes at the start and during the robbery and the fact that the cops proved no real challange.

I also want to add something that i forgot to mention in my previous post
The radio stations in IV are awful, the radio stations from all of the previous 3D GTA games were much better

GTA IV had this issue as well. If you keep on driving they'll tend to spawn somewhere where they'll intercept you.

Not that same user but that is only sort of true. They could sometimes spawn in front of you thus forcing you to keep going in a different direction but most of the time it was very easy to get away from them and, at least when i played, they didn't spawn right in front of me so much that it became anything more then a small annoyance.
I've never played gta v before so i don't know if the whole ''cops being too aggressive" is true or just exaggeration from people with shit skills at driving.