Were either of these any good? If not, what are the better Mario RPGs or good games starting Luigi?

Were either of these any good? If not, what are the better Mario RPGs or good games starting Luigi?

1. Super Star Saga
3. BiS
everything else

Luigi's Mansion

i heard super luigi wiiu was a bit more challenging. if i can figure out how to pirate games on that damn thing id like to give it a go

They were both crap.
list is good for the series but I'd personally swap 2 and 4 around.

Yeah, that's what I was worried about. The were well received by (((journalists))) but it was in that time period where they were going full cuck and began hating games for being games.

Is there any point in getting it now that Mario Maker is out?

thats some pretty obvious bait user

well, he does have an empty space for 5. Maybe you can squeeze it in there.

I'm gonna spare you the thread

Excellent games:
SMRPG - TTYD - Superstar Saga - PM64

Really Good games:

Good Games:
Dream Team - Paper Jam - PiT

Add Super Paper Mario to Really Good, except its not really an RPG

They were good in the sense that they were playable and inoffensive. Don't even compare them to the original Superstar Saga or Paper Mario/TTYD.

Paper Mario 64
Superstar Saga
Bowser's Inside Story

Partners in Time is alright but short and not as good as SSS and BIS

Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Wait no NSMBU: The lost levels?

Super Luigi U is a far better game than any of the nsmb games. Think of it as NSMB the lost levels, its a bunch of shorter levels that are either harder or have some unique twist (plus if you're a collector the greencase game is getting more rare)

Dark moon was probably my favorite 3ds game, but fuck having to tap the screen every time you get a call

No, Dream Team was a dull mess that never stopped forcing tutorials down your throat.
Paper Jam was broken as fuck and only fun to glitch out or watch any% glitched speedruns for the game

Seems like everyone generally agreed on the games worth playing, and lucky for me it looks like most of these can be ran through an emulator. I suppose my last question is if any of these don't emulate terribly well?

You weren't kidding. Most copies were going for 60+ dollars. Just snagged a copy for 36 though so I got lucky there. I like old school vidya but wasn't the biggest fan of NSMBU for whatever reason. Hopefully I'll like this though.

Also I figured Luigi U would be worth getting over Mario Maker considering Nintendo is already starting to kill the online for the Wii U

Dark Moon was a step down from the original.

Doesn't mean it isn't a fun game.

Dream Team is actually pretty fun, tutorials aside. It's not pure shit and definitely worth a go.

Paper Jam is a bit bland and boring, but if you somehow don't mind that you'll really like the quality of life improvements.

No, just a step down so it might be better to play it first before moving to the better game.

Dark Moon was not that bad to be honest, bad design choices a plenty but it's a solid 7.5\10, nice OST too. The multilayer tower was fucking hilarious with Holla Forums, too bad no one plays it anymore.

the 3ds had some really good, underrated multiplayer experiences. playing Kid Icarus Uprising online with a friend was a blast.

The Mario Tennis games for GBC and GBA were actually pretty fun, and yes they're also RPGs.