Would you mind trying to defend this sad, sorry fact?

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Frets on Fire is better.

it's also malware

Try a little harder next time faggot

As far as depth goes, every rhythm game I know of is inferior to Rock Band Blitz.


I disagree but you forgot to mention the data harvesting

What do you mean?

As an "anti-cheat" measure, osu will screenshot OTHER programs (including browsers, instant messengers etc.). You can probably google it to find out more.

Forgot to mention it sends these to their servers.

I used to play Stepmania. It's very simple at it's core, but people have done some ridiculous things with the engine. Embed related uses a negative BPM glitch.
There's a fork called In The Groove, which was used in commercial machines. It's got this weird scripting system that lets you draw the UI however you want, and people have used that to make ridiculous patterns that deliberately fuck with you. I think they put that into Stepmania 5 but it's been ages since I played.

Since you can only embed one video at a time, here's another Negative BPM song: youtube.com/watch?v=q5G6S1kICCc
And here's one that abuses the UI thing: youtube.com/watch?v=XebVLN_uhgg

I was "TTFAF on expert" good at GH3 and I disagree, OSU seems to have more depth overall and a higher skill ceiling.

can confirm this is 100% true
peppy is a scumbag hiding behind his "b-buh the cheaters!" excuse.

Even if he doesn't choose to do it to his regular users, which we will never know, he confirmed that he DOES do it to cheaters.
As if "because they cheated in my silly rhythm game" makes it justified.

the fuck is 'depth' in a rhythm game? You just click the circles to the beat, it's not supposed to be overly complicated.

The control scheme for a rhythm game greatly affects how complicated it is. I should get an MIDI keyboard for a Keyboardmania simulator.

In osu! there are many different types of maps and patters that take a variety of different techniques to execute. There actually is quite a bit of depth to the game. Compared to mania type rhythm games, which is basically just spamming your fingers as the bar come down, or up.

Some rhythm games have more to them. There's a rhythm roguelike called Crypt of the Necrodancer, and I remember there being a rhythm FPS concept that was demoed and then scrapped.

I wouldn't say adding on gimmicks to the core mechanics gives the game any more depth.

in osu!mania you can spam. in other games, no.

Osu standard doesn't have fuck-shit for depth.
Mainly due to the community's refusal to map for anything but "muh pp", but that blame could also be given to peppy as well for creating such a stupid fucking pp system.

The majority of maps in a map pool consisting of 1000 songs will have:
which can be broken down into: triangles, squares, sliderjumps, stars, and back-and-forths

which can be broken down into: spaced, stacks, or alternating slow-streams (where it's too fast to single-tap, but too slow to mash your keyboard).

seriously, that's fucking it. Jumps and streams. That's about as in-depth as osu!std gets.

t. top 1k standard player.

It's shit.

Phase Shift is better than Frets On Fire, and can even use FOF files. Would recommend.

which can consist of any geometric shape possible, so, billions of different possible jumps that all take different types of skill to execute. Hitting squares in a skill in itself. Low angle jumps, i.e. flow patterns can be really difficult, you can have small patterns with large jumps in between etc. CS and AR also play a big role in how jumps play.

So, you have spaced streams, technical alternating maps, stamina maps, high bpm bursts, stream jump patterns…

And there's a shitload of other skills as well, all concerning things like reading, alternating and finger control, singletapping, stamina and high bpm skills, accuracy and unstable rate, consistency and ability under pressure, low AR and high AR reading, high CS skills, memory and flash light skills, HD reading, square jumps and pattern jumps, etc.

I bet your top ranks are filled with farm maps. don't complain about maps if all you play are farm maps. I agree that most mapping is shit and so is the pp system, but just because of that doesn't mean the game is fundamentally flawed. osu! has as much, or more depth than any other rhythm game. And it's the only one that actually has physical aiming as a skill rather than just keyboard tapping.

Reminder that this game is spyware, it screenshots itself AND all the other programs you have open and sends it to the osu! servers.


like its not smart to do it on consoles with lcd, but at least all these other parts are minimized, and pretty much every modern game has correction for display lag but holy shit is there a more ill suited platform? fucking kill thine selfes

web browsers!!!


why do you hold mechanical variety in such high regard?

You know this isn't the 90s anymore.

Ever see those "10.3 DT only xd" shitters? They can't read fucking ar9, and don't need to because the pp system doesn't care if you can or not. They'll just play whatever monthly ar9 dt trash monstrata shits out.

every other rhythm game has this

Or alternatively:
And that's fine too. You can achieve the same rank as someone who can, because the pp system really doesn't care.

only applicable to HD/HR players, who can't compete with the DT players anyway unless you're fucking cookiezi, and he is an anomaly.

any other rhythm game. In fact most just plain games have this.

only high AR matters according to peppy, or whoever designed ppv2

only applicable to HR players, pp also doesn't give a shit, also hardly anyone maps CS>5.

no one plays flashlight, because no one is rewarded for playing flashlight

sure dude I'll give you that one, though the argument could be made that mania has HD as well.

again, when you've played one monstrata map, you've played them all.
Everyone uses the same patterns so their map will award the optimal amount of pp and people will farm their map.
See: No title at 18 MILLION plays.
Monster at 1 million
Max Control at 1.3 million
(the last two play exactly the same, the first is very similar).

My playcount was below 15k or something. It's been a while since I played osu so I've really forgot the exact number, but I could hardly be considered a farmer.
I knew faggots around my rank with 100k playcount, ~70% of those being from retrying 10.3 DT GOTTA GO FAST maps.
They couldn't play HR maps that I could, but pp didn't care because you can just practice one type of shit and be rewarded for it in this game.

Using all this as justification to claim std has depth is like saying dark souls is hard because you like playing it blindfolded.
It's artificial depth, because the game doesn't even reward you for practicing these things.

Also aim is legitimately the easiest part of the game if you have a tablet.
There's a reason why most cheaters use relax hacks instead of autopilot hacks.

osu std doesn't reward you for practicing mechanics other than what gives PP, so what depth it has can hardly be considered.

pp is the only reward? you don't set any personal goals?

Again, I'm sure dark souls blindfolded is pretty tough, and would be a cool personal goal if you're into that.
But that's ultimately depth that the game isn't actively trying to encourage. pp is the only thing according to osu, and it's why I stopped playing.

I already agreed with you on that point ppv2 is shit. But there's no rule that says you have to play for ranks, you can play for literally any reason you want. Players like GN, rrtyui and Cookiezi for example set lots of good scores on non-pp maps. Personally I like to farm score and play older AR6-9 maps.

Reminder that Peppy is also a piece of shit who bans people for things said out of game.


Happystick got banned for talking about cheating during a twitch stream.

osu! is inherently less deep than vertical scrolling rhythm games because it effectively only has one lane.

With rhythm games, the most obscure games are the best ones. Have you played anything other than osu?