Daily reminder you are a moralfag if you dont save morinth from her controlling mom

Daily reminder you are a moralfag if you dont save morinth from her controlling mom

And even though i love bioware they were fucking retarded for killing her in me3




wew lad

Shit thread, kill yourself




Remember to report ME threads and request an ME general to contain the shills and astroturfing

Why they are multiplying? Is bioware raiding us?

Nah the dumb cuck doesnt realize people are hyped for andromeda and replying old mass errect games in preparation

I started mass errect 2 on nightmare a day ago and will move to 3 once i am done

Don't tell me fagomeda is going to become new undertale/overwatch on Holla Forums?




t. moralfag

Why am I not surprised

Hopefully we are going to get a new morinth, they are really cool asari unlike the moralcucks everywhere here

leftypol has memes besides the cat?

Come on, EA. You're a billion-dollar company and this is the best shilling you can do?
I'm not even angry, just sad.

why are you bumping this shit thread then?

The same reason you felt the need to reply to me.
To send a message.

And I'm sending you the message that this is not EA and a single shitposter who used to do the same thing with WoW threads.

Post quality has gone down the shitter. Is it reddit or 4chan? My bet is 4chan, cause that's the only place this sort of Biodrone 'daily remainder' might float.

way to go offtopic cuck

Daily reminder you are a fag if you still care about Bioware games.

This thread does not merit effortposting.

Waoh really? how did you know i had a brain and prefer men and quality husbandos over worthless women

Seems every non-obsucre board is experiencing influx of very out of touch shitposters.


Fuck off back to spacebattles or whatever other shithole you crawled out of, nigger.

Yeah. Take a look at the board list, Holla Forums's PPH and post count has actually gone down (sane posters going into hibernation) while Holla Forums has experienced a 400+ uptick. So has Holla Forums, to a lesser extent. Therefore, I posit that someone advertised both the politics boards on some normalfag site and Holla Forums is experiencing the spillover. Shame, cause it feels like death by a thousand cuts.

I'm the last person to call out shilling because there's generally too much collateral damage but my god all these Bioware/Mass Effect threads lately just out of nowhere. It's too way too much to be a coincidence.

Friendly reminder: in Mass Effect your choices don't matter.

I'm not hyped for ME:Androgyny but I can't wait to watch a playthrough of it (I hope Brote will stream it) just to see if Bioware succeded to pozz another galaxy and destroy the lore forever.


Can it be krogan semen? ;^)

You are still a pathetic moralfag if you helped that controlling whore of a mother

Trump won